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Chris tried to undermine Kendall's credibility as a witness. Ryan received a box of his late mother's belongings. Laura left town after dropping the suit that she had been planning to file against Greenlee. Hayley determined that Proteus was a woman. Vanessa decided that Larry would need to be killed.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 14, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, January 14, 2002

After saying that she'd rather be dead then talk in front of Edmund, Brooke chews Laura out. Meanwhile, Edmund's phone rings, and he runs off, allowing Brooke and Laura to continue their conversation. Brooke tells Laura that she is responsible for what happened to her own marriage. Laura's insecurity pushed Leo away. She made him into some sort of God, and demanded that he treat her the same way. Laura is stunned at Brooke's accusations. Brooke tells her that she's worried Laura will do the same thing to her. Brooke admits that nothing mattered except Laura when she was sick. She became blind to Laura's mistakes, and she was wrong for pushing Leo onto her. Brooke tells her she wants to make a future with Edmund. Laura tells her that she's made her choice, then. Brooke rips into her again and tells her that love means sharing. Laura tells her that she couldn't handle another person leaving her, after Leo and her mother. She doesn't want to be alone. Brooke tells her that she knows all about being alone, when her first daughter, Laura, died. She says she was afraid of loving anyone too closely after that incident. She hid her heart away. Laura tells her she never wants to be hurt that way. Brook responds by saying that she doesn't have to push everyone away, because of her fear. She is worthy of being loved, and she should recognize that. She doesn't have to test it. Laura tells her that she felt dead when she was in the hospital. After getting a heart, she wanted everything at once, just in case it didn't last. This is why she became obsessive with Leo and Greenlee, she explains. She tells Brooke that she doesn't want to be angry, afraid, or jealous anymore. Brooke says she knows how she can help her. Laura tells her she wants to do something first.

Simone calls Edmund and tells him that Mateo's missing, and she's worried about Hayley's actions. He tells her he's on his way over there. Meanwhile, at the courthouse, Vanessa asks Hayley if she's okay. Hayley tells her that Mateo left her for another woman. Vanessa continues to probe, when Hayley's phone rings. It's Edmund, and he warns her not to do or say anything that could hurt Mateo. She tells him she's scared, but Edmund tells her not to give up.

Mateo is looking for a way out of the locked room, when the doorknob jiggles. He grabs a chair, and waits for it to open. Greenlee and Leo walk in, startled at Mateo. He grills them, asking where he is. They tell him he's in an Enchantment warehouse that's about to be destroyed. Mateo asks who knows about this place, and Greenlee tells him that anyone with ties to Enchantment knows about it.

Edmund shows up at SOS. He grabs Simone and tells her to meet him by the car. Before they leave, however, Mateo shows up. Continuing to keep up the charade, Simone gives him a big kiss and says she missed him. Edmund whispers to Mateo that Hayley is at the courthouse and she might be blowing their cover.

Back at the Enchantment Warehouse, Greenlee and Leo wonder what Mateo was up to. As they make plans for later, Leo's phone rings. He answers and almost hangs up when he discovers it's Laura. Laura tells him that she needs to see him. Leo agrees to see her at Brooke's in a few minutes. Greenlee acts upset, but then tells Leo that he's not going to see his ex alone.

Edmund and Mateo show up at the courthouse, and immediately begin acting. She asks for a divorce, and says she'll take everything he has. Vanessa watches off to the side. Edmund escorts the two of them to a conference room that isn't bugged so they can discuss Proteus. Mateo tells her that skimming the profits didn't work, and they still aren't sure who Proteus is. He fills her in on what happened, and tells her that both Roger and Chris have access to Enchantment's warehouse. Edmund asks him why he was released, and Mateo tells him that Proteus told him he has to take a life. Hayley is stunned, and tells him that he can't. Mateo says he won't, but if he didn't go along, he would be dead. Hayley asks Edmund to be alone with Mateo for a few minutes. When Edmund leaves, they hug. Hayley tells him that this can't go on much longer. Mateo tells her they should make a deadline: February 14. Mateo promises Hayley that by Valentine 's Day, they'll discover who Proteus is, and end this case.

Leo and Greenlee show up together at Brooke's house. Laura apologizes to Leo, and says she wants to be friends. Greenlee laughs, and tells her that they aren't going to buy it. Laura says she made a lot of mistakes but the biggest was "stooping to Greenlee's level." Laura then rips up the papers for her lawsuit, and promises Leo and Greenlee that she won't go through with it. Leo thanks her, and Laura asks to speak to him alone. They walk into the other room, and Laura tells him that she's leaving town to take control of her life. Brooke told her about a place for people whose lives have changed due to medical conditions. Leo tells her, "I hope you find what you're looking for." Greenlee enters the room and Laura fills her in. Greenlee wishes her good luck, and they leave. Edmund walks in, and sees the change in Laura's behavior. She apologizes to him, and tells him that he makes Brooke happy, and that's all that matters. Outside of Brooke's house, Greenlee jumps into Leo's arms. He winces in pain, and Greenlee worries that she aggravated his injury from the mugging. Leo shrugs it off, however, and says it was just a stitch in his side.

On the stand, Kendall testifies that Erica hated Frankie. Chris objects to all of Kendall's testimony, and the judge puts it on record. Jackson asked her feelings for Erica, and Kendall says she's never hated anyone more. When Chris objects, Jackson says it speaks to her character. Judge Pearson continues to allow the testimony. Kendall testifies that Erica wanted her help to jump bail. She wanted Kendall to supply a jet, slush fund, etc. Kendall said that Erica chose her because no one would believe she'd pick Kendall. Erica even sent her a check for $50,000, and signed it. Kendall continues her testimony, and says she turned her in, because she didn't think Erica should get away with it. Jackson asks her when the call occurred, and Kendall said, "about a month ago." Jackson points out that Erica wanted to flee justice from the beginning. The judge has Jackson's comment stricken from the record, but Bianca jumps up and says it's not true. Kendall tells her it was, and Bianca storms out of the courtroom. Chris tells Erica that she needs a miracle, because Kendall just convinced everyone that she committed murder. The judge adjourns the court, and Chris speaks with Erica alone. Erica admits to him that she made the call to Kendall, and that she signed the check. He scolds her for not telling him sooner, and accuses her of sabotaging her case. Erica says she didn't want to go to jail. Chris then realizes that it wasn't self-defense. He walks out on her, telling the bailiff to "get her out of here." While in the hallway outside the courtroom, Kendall is telling a reporter that Erica deserves whatever she gets. Meanwhile, down in the jail, Erica is escorted into her cell. After sitting quietly for a few moments, she lifts her head and says, "I knew I could count on you, Kendall."

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

At her penthouse Greenlee is ready to celebrate Laura's departure with champagne. But Leo is lying in pain on the couch. "I need Jake," he moans.

Anna is at the hospital for a check-up when David comes into the examination room, having seen her name on the patient list. Making no effort to hide the display of her lacy bra, she tells him with a sly grin that everything is perfect. She teasingly asks him if he thinks he should have been present at the exam in case she has revealed his medical secrets. At that point, Jake enters and hears her remark. He asks David why he is in the room.

At the courthouse, Jackson tackles Kendall and tries to prepare her for the cross-examination by Chris Stamp. He tells her that her testimony probably wouldn't have been believable without the $50,000 check being presented in evidence. He warns her that Stamp will dig up all her previous scams against Erica, and will question her motives in appearing. Kendall insists that she just wants to see justice done. Jackson accuses her of enjoying her mother's situation, and Kendall retaliates by saying that Erica discarded her and that she got the shaft. Jack accuses her of enjoying being a victim. "So I'm just like my mother," Kendall retorts. "She'll survive any problem. It's classic Erica - do the crime, but don't do the time. This time she won't get away with murder!"

Meanwhile the mother in question is pacing her cell when an angry Chris Stamp shows up. He implores her to tell him the truth about what really happened the night of Frankie Stone's murder. "So you didn't come here to just tell me that you still love me?" she asks in a shocked tone. Stamp accuses her of playing him for a sucker, and that she has set him up. She stalls, saying she was frightened. But an angry Stamp rejects her feeble explanations, and storms off as Opal arrives to see her friend.

Anna asks both doctors to leave and allow her some privacy. Jake then tackles David in the hallway about his expenses for research and development and tells David the hospital is demanding a full detailed account of where the money went.

Just then, Greenlee brings in Leo, who is doubled up in pain. Jake explains that he treated Leo for superficial injuries the night before, but over Jake's objections Leo opts for David to examine him. While Leo is being examined by David, Jake tells a worried Greenlee that he thinks Leo's injuries were done by a professional, and that Leo is hiding something. He wonders why Leo didn't report the attack to the police. Greenlee is flattered when Jake tells her he doesn't want to see her hurt. As Jake leaves, Anna catches him, and says she was just joking about David's medical secrets. When asked, she says she has no idea what David is working on. "If you stick with Hayward, you'll regret it," warns Jake.

In the examining room, Leo tells David that it was Larry who beat him up and the conversation between them. "I'm sick of her dangerous blunders," David says of Vanessa.

Greenlee comes in to see how Leo is doing. David assures her that he will be all right even though his injuries include bruised kidneys, torn stomach and pulled groin. "Ouch, poor baby" Greenlee sympathizes. David warns them to take it easy, "And that means no sex for a week," he tells them. Greenlee tells Leo that on the way home he can tell her the real reason for the beating.

In his final advice to Kendall, Jackson warns her not to lose her cool under cross examination and just answer with yes or no. She leaves as Chris arrives. Jackson is surprised to learn that Stamp is staying as Erica's attorney to the bitter end. He tries to warn Stamp not to let Erica suck him in and call all the shots. "let the system do its work," he advises. "If I let her get to me it would be all over."

Erica admits to Opal that she called Kendall in the hope that Kendall would turn on her on the witness stand. Erica reiterates that she has to protect Bianca, so she is grateful to Kendall for acting true to form. A sympathetic Opal praises Erica for her devotion to Bianca, saying sadly, "You used the man you love to save your daughter, and now you're using your other daughter." Erica tearfully says that she's lost Chris, but Opal says that maybe it's not too late to tell the truth. "I can't sacrifice Bianca," wails Erica.

Back at the penthouse, Greenlee and Leo continue the conversation in which Leo has apparently explained to Greenlee the truth about the beating he took. "So Vanessa got herself in another jam," comments Greenlee. "And of course I had to get her out of it," Leo replies. He stalls about talking more about Vanessa, and when Greenlee presses him, he promises there is nothing illegal going on. "We promised we'd tell each other everything," she reminds Leo. Leo is reluctant to talk about his mother and her sordid past, saying he is embarrassed. When Greenlee wants to know where her carefree Leo is, he replies, "I guess he grew up!" She then adds, "I want to be as good for you as ..." he pauses, and Greenlee adds the unspoken words, "as Jake?" Then she gently adds, "You don't have to be anyone but yourself." Leo laughingly asks, "Even if I have a slut of a mother?" Even then, Greenlee says, cuddling up to him. Leo tells her that he and David will take care of their mother and her "Larry boy."

Kendall is in a fitful sleep at her motel. As she dreams, she sees herself at the prison gloating over Erica. But the tables turn when the guard grabs her and puts her behind bars! "You're the one with the life sentence," Erica says triumphantly. This is your life and always will be!" Kendall screams to be released, and wakes up in a panic!

Jake, meanwhile is off to meet his date at BJ's , where he spots Anna and David at a table. David sees Jake too, and mutters to Anna about "Jake breathing down my neck." Anna confesses that Jake overheard her remark about David's medical secrets, and David is furious. "I didn't tell him anything," Anna protests, but David won't listen. So, "You can go to hell," Anna storms, and flounces out in a huff, as Jake watches. Outside, she runs into an angry Chris, who grabs her arm.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002

Kendall was in her motel room asleep on her bed. She was having a nightmare about being put in jail and left there by Erica. She woke up screaming and Ryan ran into the room. She rushed into his arms. After she realized what she was doing, she ordered Ryan out of her room. Ryan wondered why she had a nightmare, and asked if her day in court wasn't that much fun. She said it was the "best damn day of my life" and again told Ryan to leave. He was disgusted by this and she went on and on about how wonderful it was to see Erica get what was coming to her. Ryan questioned her about Erica calling and asking for her help. Kendall said Erica didn't want Bianca to be with Frankie and admitted that she killed the girl. Ryan wondered if Erica had asked Kendall to go into hiding with her, would she? Kendall said it was a business arrangement, nothing more. Ryan told her she was a lousy liar. He then asked about the doll she has in her luggage. Kendall got very angry and said if he ever came into her room again she'd call the police. Ryan told her she was a walking disaster area. There was a knock on the door and when Kendall opened it she found Chris Stamp. Ryan asked why he was there and Chris said he wanted Kendall to fill him in on her history with Erica. Ryan started to hassle Chris and Kendall said whatever she has to say, she'll say it in court. Ryan told Chris to leave and Kendall repeated the request but called Chris "Buddy." Chris flew off the handle and told her to never call him that again. Kendall said the two men were just alike and they disagreed. Chris said he was wasting his time and left the room. Ryan told Kendall she was the rudest and most obnoxious person he'd ever known. The motel manager showed up and told them to keep it down and then handed Ryan a package. Kendall asked who it was from and Ryan said his mother. Then he said it was trash and put it in Kendall's trash can and left the room. Kendall picked it back up and said it was interesting that Ryan would call a package from his mother trash.

At the beach Chris Stamp led Anna roughly to a clearing. He said he needs her to help him and that he would make it worth her while. They argued for bit about David and Erica then got down to business. Chris said he has a case that he needs her on and offered his help to get her back on with the bureau. She said she's got another career move she's more interested in, she's heard that the Chief of Police position is available. He said that shouldn't be a problem and they agreed to the deal. Chris wanted Anna on a covert investigation into the death of Frankie Stone. He wanted Anna to get close to Vanessa Cortlandt, since she is the only person in Pine Valley that knew Frankie at all. He said he has some questions about Frankie's murder and that he believes if Anna can get close to Vanessa, she might be able to learn something that will help break the case. Anna trashed Vanessa, saying she was just an air-head. Chris said that it was just an act and that Vanessa might be much more intelligent than they think she is. Anna agreed to work on Vanessa and the two of them left the beach.

Vanessa showed up at David's hotel room at his request. She apologized again for having slept with Larry in her son's bedroom. David began yelling at Vanessa regarding her lover's attack on Leo. Vanessa stuck up for Larry, saying he was normally such a sweet man. David went nuts on her and demanded that she "take care of Larry." "From this moment on Mother, you will do as I tell you or life as you know it will be over!" David screamed at Vanessa. He told her he wouldn't let her compromise his research and she reiterated that she has Larry under control. David told his mother that she is a loser "as a mother and as a human being." He continued with the insults and Vanessa finally interrupted him saying she might just surprise him. He insisted that he won't let her take away the one thing that means anything to him. He then threatened Vanessa with Oak Haven, saying it wouldn't take much for him to convince the doctors there that she should be committed to the insane asylum. Vanessa laughed at David and he demanded that she get rid of Larry or he'll tell Palmer all about her affair with the chauffer. She began to get very angry and told David to stop acting like his overbearing father. David said he wouldn't commit suicide the way his father did. Vanessa replied "There are so many worse things I could have done to you. I could have you screaming for mercy in no time!." David didn't take her seriously and she said he's always underestimated her. Vanessa said that David is so wrong about her, "I'm not the half-wit you think I am!!! I am ......" and then she stopped herself from saying anymore. David prodded her to continue but she refused, saying she was just confused and upset. A knock at the door interrupted them and David opened the door to find Anna standing there. She walked in and tried to make conversation with Vanessa regarding Erica's trial. All Vanessa would say was that Frankie's death was so sad and she said her goodbye to David. David turned to Anna and asked why she was there. Anna said she was a glutton for punishment. He apologized for yelling at her at the hospital and she accepted. He told her what exactly happened to Leo and Anna was appalled. David noted that Anna seemed unusually upbeat and she admitted that she is up for the Chief of Police position. Then she told him that part of the deal of her getting the job is that she must investigate Vanessa. Meanwhile Vanessa is listening in on the discussion. David wondered why and Anna told him that Chris thinks there's much more to Vanessa than they think. David wanted more details and Anna said Chris believes that Vanessa's air-head routine is just an act. Vanessa raised her eyebrow at this comment.

At SOS Hank tried to get Opal to enjoy a glass of champagne. She refused, saying she was too upset about Erica. Hank was impressed with her devotion to her friend. Opal lamented about not being able to help Frankie and Erica, she thought maybe she could've done something the night Frankie was shot if she'd only been home. Hank told Opal that he thinks she's spectacular and poured on more compliments. He said talking to her makes him feel good and she said she felt the same towards him. Opal said that at her "time in life" a good gal-pal is very important and that's why she's so attached to Erica.. Hank said he believed that being loved by Opal would be the most wonderful thing in the world. This flustered Opal and she finally agreed to a glass of champagne. Hank was just telling Opal about a surprise he had for her when Palmer came over to the table. He asked to speak with Opal about Erica so Hank left them alone. Palmer sat down and said Erica wouldn't see him at the jail. Opal said that Erica knows what she's doing. Palmer wondered about Erica's motives and why she didn't get a high profile lawyer. Opal said Erica could take care of herself. Palmer then asked if there was something about the case that he didn't know about. She said there's always a part of Erica that she keeps to herself and that they just have to accept it. Palmer sadly agreed then said "She knows I'm only a phone call away, doesn't she?." Opal put her hand on top of Palmer's and assured him that Erica did know. Palmer was touched by Opal's gesture and it flustered him. He thanked her and left. Hank came back and said he was giving her something, a song he had written. He stepped up on the stage and began singing to Opal. Palmer watched from across the bar. Some of the words to the song were "I adore you, I'm falling for you, Let's fall in love." Opal was deeply touched. At the end of the song Hank stepped off the stage and kissed Opal. She hugged him back and told him he had a beautiful voice. He thanked her for making him use it again. Palmer watched jealously. Chris walked in and looked around. He sat in a corner and flashed back to the day he was in Ryan's room, when Ryan threw away the photo of his mother, then when he overheard Ryan asking Mia for help finding his father. Chris stood up and made a phone call, saying " I want you to run a background check on Patrick Ryan Curry."

Thursday, January 17, 2002

Greenlee tries to pamper Leo by making him breakfast. She wants to call off work and stay home with him, but Leo urges her to go. Even though Greenlee has an important meeting with Lacey's she's determined to stay and take care of Leo. They argue then wonder why every conversation ends up that way. Finally, Leo convinces Greenlee to go to the office. As she gets ready, Leo tells Greenlee he's feeling fine as he secretly pops pain pills. Greenlee leaves, then immediately comes back in to see Leo acting as if he's in pain. She knew he was faking and managed to catch him in the act. Worrying about his condition, Greenlee forces him to take another pill.

Greenlee decides to have her business meeting with Mr. Lacey at their place. By this time, Leo is woozy and acting silly from all the drugs. When Mr. Lacey comes to the door, Leo introduces himself as, "Hi, I'm Leo, the guy that used to do your daughter." Mr. Lacey isn't amused. He's ready to pull the plug on his deal with Enchantment when Leo falls over and passes out.

Ryan is sleeping when Kendall sneaks into his room. He wakes up in time to find her pawing through his things, trying to swipe his wallet. Kendall claims she was just looking for a razor. Ryan doesn't buy her story, he pins her onto the bed, feels her legs, then decides she doesn't need a shave. Kendall then admits she needs cab money to get to the courthouse.

Ryan tells Kendall he thinks she's scared, but Kendall pretends to be full of confidence. Kendall doesn't think that Chris is a very good lawyer and that he will get nowhere with her on the stand. Ryan begs to differ. He tells her Chris isn't the warm and fuzzy person she thinks he is. Ryan warns Kendall that Chris once killed a man: his father.

Erica asks Chris if she's lost him. He lists all of the surprises she's pulled on him during the trial, and tells her he's had enough of her shenanigans. In order to defend her, Chris says he has to know all the dirt she has on Kendall. Erica is afraid she can't tell him much and admits that even though Kendall is her daughter, she doesn't really know very much about her. She explains that they don't have much of a relationship because Kendall can't understand the circumstances that made Erica give her up for adoption. Erica tells Chris he can't possibly understand because he has no children of his own. At this point, Chris flashes to a scene where Kendall tells him how alike he and Ryan are.

Hayley comes by the beach for a few moments alone with her husband as Mateo waits for a phone call from Proteus. Today is supposed to be the day Proteus tells him who to kill. They discuss who the person will be. Mateo thinks it will be someone important to Proteus and that maybe he can get important information from that person. Hayley has a different thought. What if Proteus is planning the ultimate test? What if Proteus tells Mateo to kill Hayley?

Friday, January 18, 2002

At the beach, Mateo talks to Proteus on his cell phone. Hayley listens quietly. Proteus, in Enchantment's warehouse, tells Mateo "You want my responsibility-you want it all." Mateo questions Proteus, "Are you saying I know you?" He is trying to find out as much as he can about Proteus by asking many questions. He questions why Proteus has chosen him. Proteus tells Mateo to be in the park by the pay phone at 7 pm for her phone call. She will tell him then who he is to kill to prove his loyalty. Proteus tells him that he has been watched and that his wife has been also. How content and happy Hayley was. She had a wonderful husband and a beautiful baby. While Mateo keeps Proteus talking, Hayley quickly writes a question on a napkin and gives it to Mateo to ask Proteus. Proteus allows Mateo to ask one more question before the call is ended. "How does a woman like you get so good at reading men?" Mateo asks. Vanessa is speechless. She regains her composure quickly telling him to continue playing his little game of trying to discover Proteus' identity. Follow my orders, she demands. I do the thinking. She then ends the call.

Mateo looks in amazement at Hayley telling her she is a genius. How did she know Proteus is a woman? Hayley explained her theory: Proteus sounds like a jealous woman when she commented on Hayley's marriage and baby and men don't talk that way. Mateo senses Hayley's concern. He asks what's wrong and she replies, Proteus is going to use you to eliminate the enemy and then eliminate you."

Vanessa paces in the warehouse after she ends her cell phone call to Mateo trying to keep her composure, assuring herself that all her problems will be solved tonight. Larry enters the warehouse. Vanessa greets him warmly telling him he is going to be busy this evening but until then he is all hers. After that, she will miss him. Their lovemaking completed, Larry leaves to warm up the limo for Vanessa. She powders her face, commenting, "Oh, Larry, I won't really miss you that much."

Mateo tells Hayley to go home and promises her he will be careful. He assures Hayley he will be home soon. They embrace holding each other tightly not wanting to let go of each other. Mateo leaves to go to the park to wait for Proteus' phone call. He sits by the pay phone waiting for the phone to ring at 7 pm.

Leo recovers from his blunder with Rudolph Lacey, apologizing to him and Greenlee for making a spectacle of himself. He had taken too many pain pills. As he and Val leave Greenlee's condo, Mr. Lacey tells Greenlee he won't do business with irresponsible children but he might reconsider the ad campaign with only Erica.

Leo is feeling hopeless that he lost the Lacey account for Greenlee. Leo tells Greenlee he thinks he is messing up his life with her because of the pattern set by Vanessa when he was growing up in Europe. Vanessa would set up her scam and have everything in place until she would do something stupid. They would then run scared from that city to another to start over setting up a new scam. He comments on how empty Vanessa's life is and it would take a lot to fill it up. As Greenlee comforts Leo she promises to fill up his life. Leo smiles and then feeling the effect of the pain pills, falls asleep on the couch in Greenlee's arms. Greenlee vows she won't let Vanessa influence their lives. She leaves the condo, going to the Valley Inn to confront Vanessa. She pounds on Vanessa's door. When Vanessa opens the door, Greenlee pushes her way into the room, demanding that Vanessa talk to her now. Vanessa tells her she has plans and can't spare the time to talk. Greenlee insists she change her plans.

In the courtroom at Erica's trial, Kendall is waiting for cross-examination by Chris Stamp. He approaches her and then turns to stare at Ryan Lavery who is seated in the gallery oblivious to the court. The judge repeatedly calls him by name to get his attention. Chris doesn't hear him until after the judge has shouted at him several times. Chris suddenly turns to Kendall and asks her if she remembered she swore to tell the truth, the whole truth. She says she is telling the truth but Chris is not convinced. You hate your mother enough to lie just to nail her to the wall he accuses her. All you care about is ruining her. Isn't that the truth he challenges her. Kendall protests that isn't so.

Chris recaps Kendall's childhood and how well the Harts provided for her. He demands from Kendall a response to his question, "What has Erica Kane done to you for you to hate her so?" Jackson objects vehemently to the line of questioning. Kendall is ordered to answer the question. But Chris continues asking Kendall if she thinks Erica is cunning and stupid. Kendall doesn't understand where he is going with this line of questioning. Would Erica who runs a mult-million dollar cosmetics business be stupid enough to give Kendall a check made out to cash? Chris is now in Kendall's face shouting at her "Where were you when Mary Francis Stone was murdered?" Kendall is frazzled but quickly regains control and exclaims, Erica kills for fun, you kill for profit. Am I right, Mr. Stamp? Chris turns to look at Ryan sitting in the gallery. Ryan is stunned.

Chris turns back to Kendall and shouts at Kendall," Why would Erica confide in you about killing Mary Francis. Why would she tell you the biggest secret of her life?" He ends his cross-examination without Kendall's response.

Jackson, attempting to point out Erica's guilt to the jury, redirects by asking Kendall to say again the items Erica asked her to do for her and did Erica tell her she killed Mary Francis. Kendall replied Erica did tell her she killed Frankie. She then is excused, her testimony finished. She quickly leaves the courtroom and sits in the lobby, taking several deep breaths to calm herself. She tells herself over and over again, "It was worth it."

Summation to the jury begins with Jackson compelling the jury to find Erica guilty. Frankie's only crime was falling in love with Erica's daughter and Erica wouldn't accept that he tells the jury.

Mary Francis was a con artist who wanted to get as much as she could, argues Chris in his summation. As he describes Frankie's character as a wandering, promiscuous, drug-using liar, Bianca becomes upset with what she is hearing and leaves the courtroom. Erica sadly looks at her as she leaves, frustrated she can't comfort her. The only crime Erica is guilty of, Chris continues, is loving her daughter beyond all reason.

The judge sends the jury to the deliberation room.

Bianca knocks on Greenlee's door. Leo, awaken from his nap, lets her in. She tells him of the trial and the summation by Chris who painted Frankie in a bad light. Leo gives her a hug in comfort. He notices the book of Shakespeare that Frankie had given her, which Bianca has brought with her. She opens it looking puzzled. She notices one of the pages has been cut out of the book.

Kendall storms into Ryan's room at the Pine Cone Motel slamming the door. "You ditched me," she shouts. Ryan, reading a book on his bed, replies that Chris was finished at the trial so he left. They snipe at each other. I tell you one private thing and you blurt it out in court shouts Ryan. Kendall equally shouts back I didn't realize Chris' killing of your father was private information. Ryan demanded that Kendall leave immediately telling her she is a spoiled brat because your mother didn't love you. Kendall angrily leaves, slamming the door.

Ryan tries to get back to reading his book. Kendall returns, again slamming the door, bringing with her the unopened package Ryan had thrown away in the garbage can in her room. He told her he didn't want it. She is curious why. His mother, he replies, died a while ago and the nursing home is sending him what was left behind. Ryan shouts at Kendall to leave him alone and go away. Kendall snorts back that she will gladly leave when Erica's head is in the guillotine. She leaves slamming the door once again.

Ryan, once more, picks up his book, Look Homeward Angel by Thomas Wolfe. He becomes frustrated and throws it at the wall. He gazes at the package and decides to open it and begins to look at the contents. He takes out a picture frame with a photo of him and his brother when they were children. He pulls out the photo and discovers a second picture behind it. He stares at the photo.



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