All My Children Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on AMC

Bianca suddenly regained her memory. Vanessa was forced to admit that she had been having an affair with Larry. Greenlee told Mateo about Vanessa's strange behavior. Dixie and Tad went to the Caribbean to get a divorce. Tom left town to go on tour. Jake and Joe grew suspicious of David.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, January 21, 2002

While Ryan is studying a picture of his mother, he is surprised when Chris shows up at his room. Ryan tells him to leave, but Chris say's he needs to clear things up first. Ryan relents and lets him in. Chris apologizes for coming down so hard on Kendall, but it wasn't personal. Ryan says he wasn't defending Kendall, and he doesn't care what Chris does to her. Chris observed that they are always together, but Ryan says that he has nothing going on with her. Ryan than asks him, "Why do you care what I think!?" Chris then tells him he doesn't have to go through life hating everyone. Ryan accuses him of eavesdropping when he talked to Gillian at the Crystal Ball. Chris says that Gillian isn't here, but he can help Ryan get through whatever problems he has. Ryan says that he'll never get over his hatred for Chris. Chris says that Ryan has to get over who his father really was. He was trash, so why does Ryan care that he died. Ryan says it was because of what it did to his mom. She became a monster when he died. Chris says his mother had other problems. Ryan asks him, "You knew her?" He responds that he's already told him. If he knew that Ryan's father had a wife and kids, he would have told them. Ryan tells him that's a crock. Chris says that he's leaving now, and he won't be coming back. Ryan sarcastically responds, "What? You're giving up on me?" Chris says, "No, you're giving up on you." With that he walks out. Ryan lies down on his bed and looks at the picture of his mom again. As he flips the photo over, he notices the words, "Stamp of Approval" written on the back. Meanwhile, outside Ryan's room, Chris calls his contact to find out what information he discovered about Ryan. He reads back the birth date, "January 18, 1974." After he hangs up, Chris reacts in shock and says, "January 18, 1974? Damn you, woman!"

Vanessa tries to get rid of Greenlee, but gives her five minutes when she realizes that she isn't leaving. Greenlee observes Vanessa's nervous state and comments that she's probably waiting for her boy toy. She asks Vanessa how wicked she could be, letting her boy friend beat up Leo. Vanessa tells her that it was dealt with. She accuses Vanessa of not caring about Leo, and she threatens to keep her out of his life. Vanessa continues to try to get rid of her, but Greenlee refuses to leave.

Meanwhile, Mateo waits patiently in the park for the phone to ring. In an ear piece, Simone questions what's going on. She tells him that Proteus might be setting him up, and this isn't a good idea. Mateo tells her not to worry, after all she has his back. He hears some noise in the park and gets up to investigate. It's a man coming to use the phone. Mateo tells him to leave, but he refuses. Mateo pulls out a hundred and pays him off. The man takes the money and leaves. Simone asks him what happened, and Mateo fills her in. She tells him about the Hitchcock film, "The Man Who Knew Too Much." Just like in the film, she's worried that Mateo will be shot when the bells from St. Timothy strike at 7pm.

Back in the Vanessa's room, Greenlee continues to stand her ground. Getting nervous, Vanessa goes to call security to have her thrown out, but Greenlee pulls the phone out of the wall. She then blocks the door, refusing to all her to leave. She accuses her of wanting to get rid of her because loverboy is showing up. In the distance, Vanessa can hear the bells of St. Timothy striking at 7:00. A few minutes later, Vanessa screams, "You stupid little girl, you don't know what you've done!" Greenlee ignores her and says that Leo's worth a million of her. She better love him or kiss him goodbye. Vanessa finally cracks and says, "You're right." She admits to being an unfit mother, and a bad influence on Leo. She promises to respect their boundaries, starting immediately. She'll apologize to Leo, and make sure she stay's out of their lives. Greenlee says that if she steps one toe into the gutter, it's bye-bye Leo. After she leaves, Vanessa composes her self, and says, "You nosy little twit, you will pay." She worries that there's not enough time now. Everything was properly positioned at 7, but now it's too late.

Back in the park, Mateo feels a gun to the back of his head. It's the man from the pay phone, and he tells Mateo that he wants more then just $100. As he reaches for his wallet, Mateo grabs the gun and turns the table on his mugger. He tells the man to leave the wallet and take off, and he obliges. Mateo checks the gun and notices it was empty. Simone call and asks him what happens, and he fills her in. As he's wondering the why the phone hasn't rang, it rings. He answers it, and Proteus says two words, "Not tonight." She hangs up before Mateo can question her.

In Greenlee's loft, Bianca tells Leo that a page is missing from the sonnets. He observes that it looks like a razor blade sliced it out. Bianca wonders what she isn't supposed to see. Leo asks her if it was always like this, and she says she can't recall. After walking through how the sonnet was out of her hands for a little bit, Leo assumes it could have happened then. Bianca decides to log onto the Internet to see if she can find the sonnet. After searching for it, she reads the sonnet to Leo. It's all confusing to him, and she tries to interpret it for him. She thinks it's about a person torn in two directions, and unsure of themselves. She says it was probably Frankie's way of saying that she never expected herself to fall in love with Bianca. She was probably trying to come to grips with the fact that she was bisexual or gay, and the sonnet was sort of a secret message. That's why Frankie removed it. Leo continues to question her about her relationship with Frankie. Bianca tells him that Frankie really loved her. Leo asks if she thinks they would have made it, and Bianca tells her that they'll never know. When Greenlee returns, Bianca says goodbye, and goes home. Later, Bianca dreams about seeing Frankie's dead body. She dreams that she turned Frankie over, and saw the bullet hole in her shirt, directly in the center of the butterfly. Bianca wakes up, and opens the sonnet book.

Greenlee tells Leo that she went to see Vanessa, and says she put her in her place. Leo is grateful that she defended him that way. Greenlee tells him that Vanessa was waiting for her Limo driver. She says that Vanessa is acting strangely, by taking all these chances. In the end, though, she changes her mind and says that she's all hot air, and she doesn't scare her.

Mateo returns to Simon in the car. He acts irate that Proteus put him through this and called it off. He doesn't want to go through this again. Rather then respond in words, Simone kisses him. Mateo acts surprised, but can't respond before his phone rings. It's Hayley, and Mateo talks with her for a few minutes. Afterwards, Mateo ignores the kiss, and tells Simone that something went wrong tonight. "Proteus is getting sloppy. And, if he's getting sloppy..." Simone finishes his thought, "He'll be more dangerous."

Back in her room, Vanessa calls Larry and leaves a message that everything is off and don't come back here tonight. He shows up at her door, however, and says he didn't get the message. She tells him to leave before Palmer comes back. Before he can leave, however, he starts to have trouble breathing. He tells Vanessa to call 911, but she appears to not be taking it seriously. She slowly asks him, "Should I call an ambulance." He says yes, but she says, with a smile on her face, "It won't do any good, because you'll be dead before they get here." He stares at her as she tells him, "You were supposed to kill Mateo Santos tonight. Then, after you killed Mateo, you were going to succumb to a heart attack. A fatal one, I'm afraid." He stares in shock, and says, "You bitch," before he collapses at her feet. Vanessa bends over to make sure he's truly dead, and cracks a nervous smile.

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

At SOS, Mateo grumbles to Simone about Proteus's aborted plan. "I'm tired of being jerked around!" "Better get used to it," growls a rather inebriated Chris Stamp.

Ryan looks carefully at the inscription on the back of his mother's photo, "Stamp of approval," then angrily grabs his jacket and storms out of his motel room at the PIne Cone. Outside, he grabs a tire iron, upon which Kendall comes up and asks if he plans to murder someone. He hurls the tire iron into the bushes.
Their usual pattern of conversation follows - she taunting, he angry and yelling at her.

In David's hotel room, Anna kisses an apparently sleeping David, and creeps out. As she leaves, David opens his eyes, fully awake. Anna goes to Vanessa's suite and bangs on the door. Vanessa is inside with the body of Larry stretched out on the floor. When Anna picks the lock and opens the door, Vanessa rushes over and tells her to go away, shoving the door shut in Anna's face. Anna sneaks back into David's room, where he is fully dressed awaiting her. They kiss, and he tells her that she is becoming predictable - always sneaking out on him. Anna confesses that she went to see Vanessa. "So the investigation has begun?" David asks, and adds that he wants to know all about it, or he will rat her out to Vanessa. Chris Stamp believes Vanessa knows something about Frankie, Anna tells him, adding that Vanessa is behaving oddly and seems to be cracking up.

Meanwhile, Vanessa is struggling with Larry's dead body. As she drags the body, it falls onto her and she tumbles to the floor. Minutes later, she hears a loud knock on the door. She opens the door slightly to David and Anna and asks them to go away, but they push their way in. David is amazed to see a chair overturned and Vanessa looking as though she's been run over by a truck.
Vanessa puts on a great show for them - Larry was in her room and she fell down after he hit her when she told him it was over between them. She plays it to the hilt, and begs David to look at the cut on her head. As David looks at the cut, Anna watches closely and chews her fingernail pensively. Vanessa says she wishes she had never laid eyes on Larry, and pleads that she was only looking for a little affection. As she talks, Larry's body is stashed in the closet.

Tad is in the park, when he meets Dixie and JR on their way home after going ice skating. Tad says he has been meeting with his lawyer. Dixie tries to interrupt him, saying that perhaps now is not the time. But Tad continues, "You didn't tell him either, did you?" He expands on that, saying that he wasn't informed that Dixie had taken a flight to the Caribbean for a "quickie" divorce. "I'm trying to do what's best for all of us," Dixie claims. It's better to end this quickly than have a long drawn out court hearing, she says. But Tad is hurt and upset that she didn't consult him, or even tell JR. "I don't want this divorce," Tad tells her sadly. "You think I don't know what I'm losing," Dixie retorts. "But I just can't fight any more." JR listens to the exchange, then says he has to go. "I was going to tell you," Dixie tells him.
After JR has gone, she turns on Tad, "How could you say all that in front of him?" But Tad says it's not his fault, and tells her, "We got married together, we'll get divorced together!" and walks off.

Hank and Opal arrive at SOS, and Hank is about to tell Opal something, when Palmer comes in. Opal excuses herself and goes to talk to Palmer, who tells Opals that he is sorry he left it so late before trying to get a top-notch lawyer to defend Erica. Opal consoles him by saying it wouldn't have made any difference. "I'm not going to lose the people I care about," Palmer insists, as Hank closely watches their conversation. Opal is glad that Palmer is reconsidering certain parts of his life, and Palmer says he is also, then leaves.
Opal returns to Hank and asks him what he was going to tell her. He confesses that he's falling in love with her, then goes on to say that he has been offered a singing tour and invites her along. Opal reluctantly refuses, saying her home and her son's home is PV. Hank believes Opal has some unfinished issues with her ex-husband, which Opal doesn't deny.

At another table, a confused Mateo is puzzled by Chris's behavior. "I have never trusted you," Mateo said, counting off all the occupations Chris has had in Pine Valley. "Now you're Erica's defense lawyer. What's the real story, who are you?" Chris leans toward him and mutters threateningly, "You don't ever want to know, believe me!" Mateo is puzzled even more when Chris asks him what it's like to be a father. Mateo won't discuss his sons with Stamp, who goes on by half mumbling to himself, "She should've told me about the boy!" He stumbles to his feet and staggers out the door.
Simone asks Mateo what that was all about. Mateo doesn't know, saying Chris was going on about some boy. "When I look at him I don't see Proteus at all. I see someone who was hurt real bad."

After hearing Vanessa's tirade about Larry, David is eager to go and find Larry, but Vanessa begs him not to. She just wants her two sons to stop attacking her, saying she needs time to heal.
Palmer comes home at that point, and demands to know what's going on. He heads for the closet - Vanessa stops him in his tracks and recovers quickly, saying David and Anna are helping to plan a party. Palmer has never seen David as a party planner, but Vanessa says it's a surprise birthday party for Palmer. She takes Palmer's coat from him, thanks David and Anna, and hustles them out.
Outside, a bemused David is puzzled over Vanessa's mood swings. "She needs professional help." But Anna believes that Vanessa was fully in control the whole time. As they return to David's room, she explains how Vanessa cleverly kept the focus on herself. "A good con always controls the focus. She's so into something!" David decides to call for reinforcements. "I need to see you as soon as possible. It's about Vanessa," he says into the phone.
Palmer resists Vanessa's offer for an early night. "I want a cozy might with my gorgeous husband," she coos. But Palmer tells her he's restless and wants to visit Erica. Alone again, Vanessa mutters to herself, "So on to Plan B - find someone to remove the remains," and heads to an adjoining room. Seconds later, the door opens, and Palmer returns. "I forgot my scarf," he grumbles, and makes for the closet.

Kendall and Ryan continue their verbal battle outside the Pine Cone. Kendall picks up the photo of Ryan's mother, which he has dropped. Teasingly, she tucks it down her sweater and challenges him to get it. Finally, she hands it over. She tells him she heard to angry confrontation between him and Stamp. "Did he and your mother have a 'thing'?" she asks. Ryan is furious and tells her to go to hell. "Poor angry Ryan," she taunts. "You'd rather be mad than get out there and do something with your life. I may be vindictive, but at least I'm not a coward! Well, it's been nice chatting with you," and returns to her room.
As Chris puts on his crash helmet and gets onto his motor bike, a car come screeching up, headlights blazing at Ryan. He yells, "Slow down!" Ryan scampers away before falling to the ground ...

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Mia and Jake sat together at a table at SOS. He apologized for having to take a call from the hospital. The waiters all gathered around their table with a large slice of chocolate cake, complete with a candle, and sang Happy Birthday to Jake. When they were done Jake informed Mia that it wasn't his birthday, which she knew already. She told him she arranged this so that he could have a wish come true. Jake was touched and amused by Mia's actions, and said the cake looked decadent and very bad for him. She told him eating the cake was probably the biggest risk he'd be taking any time soon. Jake asked if she meant that he wasn't the adventurous type but Mia said he is a dreamer. They discussed Jake's past and she asked about his marriage to Gillian. Jake said it took him a while to realize that Gillian was supposed to be with Ryan. Mia asked what Jake's plans were now and he said sometimes he just feels like he wants to run away, the hospital just gets to him. Then he said that David Hayward especially is what makes him want to run away. Mia said she knows the feeling, and talked a little bit about her relationship with Liza. She blurted out "Life really stinks!." Jake agreed but commented that sometimes it can be really beautiful too. He showed Mia a brochure of sailboats and told her he wants to buy an old boat and fix it up. Mia asked why he sold his first boat and Jake said at that time in his life he thought he should get rid of his "escape hatch." But now with the stresses at the hospital he's been thinking about finding a way to relax. Mia told him this was just a "syndrome" and wondered if he'd really quit his job and sail off with "some babe." He asked if that was really such a bad dream and Mia said it was "just a dream." Jake got a call from the hospital again and said he had to leave. Ma asked if she could hold on to the boat brochure and Jake agreed. He admitted to being a lousy date this night and asked if they could try again. She said yes and Jake asked if she really thought he was a dreamer. Mia said yes again and Jake bent down to kiss her. He left for the hospital and Mia sat at the table smiling.

Leo and Greenlee went to David's room at his request. They were a little surprised to find Anna there also. David told them about talking to Vanessa and that she agreed to get rid of Larry. Anna said that David is concerned for Vanessa's mental health. David said that when he spoke to Vanessa about Larry she actually got chocked up, like she really cared about him. Leo said this wasn't possible but Greenlee said that even she noticed how differently Vanessa has been acting lately. David said that Vanessa needed a shrink and some medication. Leo said this conversation was making him uncomfortable and got up to leave but Anna stopped him. She said the four of them had never done anything together before and offered to order room service and drinks. David thought this was a good idea too and finally Leo agreed. Anna said "Good! We'll drink, eat and talk about the mother in law!." After the room service arrived, Greenlee and Anna were talking in one part of the room while David and Leo sat on the sofa and discussed their mother. Leo believed that David had been telling many people about Vanessa needing mental help but David assured him he had only told Leo, his fiancée and Anna, "the woman I'm seeing." Leo wondered about David's future with Anna, and David admitted to wondering about that himself but hadn't come to any conclusions. Greenlee and Anna joined the men, and laughed about Vanessa cracking up.

Meanwhile in Vanessa and Palmer's suite she stopped Palmer from opening the closet where Larry's body was hidden. She put on quite an act and told Palmer she had done something really horrible. Palmer acted a bit put out and told her to get on with it. Vanessa shook as she told him she had something to confess. Palmer asked if David had done something to her and she said no, it had nothing to do with her sons. She told him that she needed to write a very large check, one for $50,000.00. Palmer asked "What the hell did you buy!?." Vanessa said it was a severance check for Larry and told Palmer that Larry wanted to blackmail her. She then explained that she had "succumbed" to Larry and said it was a compulsion she couldn't help. She begged for Palmer's forgiveness but Palmer told her to pack her things and get out. He told her to be gone by the time he returned or he'd have security throw her out. Palmer left and Vanessa shut the door behind him. She said to herself "When I want to I can get you and your checkbook back!." She went to the closet and made plans to put Larry in the trunk of her car. When she was done she went to David's room and knocked on the door. She stood in the hallway pretending panic which stopped the discussion inside. David opened the door and Vanessa blew in and then stopped short, surprised and none too pleased to see Greenlee and Anna standing there. She told them she needed to speak to her sons alone but the two women refused to leave. Vanessa told them that Palmer evicted her. "What shall I do?" she cried to David. David told her it was too late for them to help her and asked what exactly happened. She told them that she had confessed to Palmer about her indiscretion with Larry. Leo asked her what she needed from them and a very distraught Vanessa told him that she needed their help one more time. Greenlee said no way was Leo helping but David and Leo agreed to go to her suite with her. Greenlee and Anna then discussed Vanessa's predicament and the fact that she when she came into the room and saw them she went from desperate to hate in 30 seconds. Greenlee commented that she only wants her sons to herself but Anna said in spite of Vanessa they didn't turn out too badly. Greenlee said she is crazy about Leo and that Anna and David look pretty close too. Anna just smiled. The women wondered why Vanessa decided to come clean now with Palmer, when she'd never confessed any of her other affairs before.

In Vanessa's suite she asked her sons to help take her trunk down to her car. She said she packed her most prized possessions and wanted to get them out first. The two men tried to lift the trunk but couldn't. David asked "What the hell is in this? It's dead weight!." Vanessa claimed it was her ball gowns and shoes but suddenly a phone rang from inside the trunk. Leo and David stared at Vanessa, who said she must have packed her phone in one of her bags. Palmer walked in and said he'd arranged for her to move to a suite on a different floor. She refused, saying she would make arrangements with her sons. David and Leo slowly dragged the trunk out into the hallway and Vanessa followed. Palmer slammed the door shut behind her. Vanessa told her sons to be careful with the trunk, that "some of my most treasured memories are in that trunk."

At the Pine Cone Kendall came out of her room to see what all the noise was about. She found Ryan getting up out of the bushes swearing up a storm. He told her he'd seen a car coming at him and he'd jumped into the bushes and hurt his leg. Ryan looked at his destroyed motorcycle and wondered who would do this to him, who would total his bike. He told Kendall the bike was the most important thing in the world to him and she made some snide comments to him and really made him mad. He demanded that she leave him alone but she stayed by him and told him he ought to call the cops and report it so he could get the insurance money. Ryan said he was going to strangle the guy who'd done this to him. Up walked JR, who admitted that he was the one driving the car that smashed Ryan's bike. Ryan couldn't believe it! JR told him that he'd been to a party and was driving a girl named Genie home. A very drunk Genie wandered over at this moment. Kendall took one look at her and said "You've been doing Jell-O shots, haven't you?" The girl said yes and that she felt sick. Kendall took her into her room and called the girl's mother. Kendall pretended to be another girl's mother and said that Genie would be home late. Outside JR told Ryan that he's on probation and was the only kid at the party not drinking so he had driven a bunch of drunk kids home. Genie was sitting up front with him and leaned over to grab the steering wheel, which caused them to crash into Ryan's bike. JR thought he had lucked out, hitting Ryan's bike, since Ryan wasn't "a cop or an old dude who'd want to teach him a lesson." Ryan was furious but JR kept talking, and tried to get Ryan to give him a break and keep him and Genie out of this. JR offered to pay for the bike in cash and then Ryan could also file for the insurance. "Name your price, I'm Adam Chandler's kid, I'm loaded!" JR told Ryan. Ryan got in his face and said "You have no idea what my price is!." Ryan almost couldn't control his anger. Ryan listed all the reasons he ought to go to Adam while JR begged him not to. Kendall came back out and told Ryan he was acting just like everyone he said he didn't like. Ryan then agreed not to tell Adam but said that JR still had to pay for the bike, just not with "daddy's money." JR was appalled that Ryan wanted him to get a job to pay him back. Ryan said it was his way or he'd tell Adam. JR agreed and left. Ryan told Kendall he did that just so he could watch Adam Chandler's son squirm.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Tad and Dixie stop by the Chandler mansion to ask Adam to keep an eye on JR while they are away. They announce they are going to the Caribbean for a quickie divorce. Liza is stunned by the news. She tells Tad and Dixie that they are the reason she believes "happily ever after" is a possibility. Liza goes on to say that maybe the reason they are getting divorced is because they are too lazy to work out their problems.

After Adam and Liza leave, Tad takes the opportunity to ask Dixie to give their marriage another try. He begs Dixie not to rush things. Dixie believes that maybe the reason they keep messing up is because they're really not right for each other. Tad reminds her of how it felt when they first fell in love. How he would do anything for her then and he still would. Dixie is not swayed. She knows she needs to walk away.

JR comes in with some sarcastic remarks for his mother and Tad. Dixie gives JR a list of places he can look for work. He is unimpressed with her list that includes Myrtle's Boutique and the Glamorama. Adam has a better idea. He thinks JR should come to work for him after school. JR says there is no way he'll work for Adam.

Bianca shows Erica the book of Sonnets from Frankie and speculates about the meaning of the missing page. Is it a message of some sort? Erica doesn't think so. She tells Bianca she should stop trying so hard. While Erica is talking, Bianca becomes entranced by Opal's butterfly pin. She sees a vision of a bloody T-shirt imprinted with butterflies. Erica notices Bianca's fascination with the pin and when Bianca leaves, Erica explains to Opal that Frankie was wearing a shirt decorated with butterflies the night she was killed. For Erica, this is a sign that Bianca should be sent out of town before she remembers too much. Erica thinks that maybe she should consider sending Bianca back to the clinic.

Chris overhears Erica's conversation with Opal. He doesn't agree with Erica's thoughts of having Bianca committed to the clinic. Erica tells Chris he can't possibly understand since he has no children of his own.

At SOS, Bianca asks Anna for help. If Bianca can remember the events of the night of Frankie's murder, maybe she can help Erica. Bianca knows Anna has been through a similar experience with amnesia. Anna tells her that the key to her regaining her memory was meeting and talking with her daughter Robin. That helped trigger her memories to return. Bianca knows the only person that can do that for her is Frankie.

Opal asks Palmer to watch Petey while she helps Erica. She asks that he try to keep Vanessa under control while she is around their son. Palmer tells Opal that his marriage to Vanessa is over. He is impressed that even though Opal knew about Vanessa's affair with Larry, she didn't use it to hurt Palmer. Opal says she didn't use the info because she had a feeling that Palmer would give Vanessa the boot sooner or later. Opal backs up her feeling with a quote from one of Hank's songs. When Palmer finds out that Hank is gone, he is pleased. After Opal leaves, Palmer makes a phone call and asks for Hank's tour to be extended indefinitely.

Ryan searches Chris's room. Next to the bed, Ryan finds a scratch pad with an impression in it. Ryan rubs a pencil over the pad and reveals a set of numbers - his date of birth.

The jury is back. Before the verdict is announced, Chris asks the judge if he can put on one last witness. Chris calls Bianca to the stand.

Friday, January 25, 2002

While in Chris Stamp's room, Ryan scratches with a pencil on a pad of paper he found to find out what had been previously written on it. He discovers that Chris has noted Ryan's birthday. Ryan is puzzled why Chris would be interested in his birth date. He becomes obsessed with finding what other information Chris might have so he searches the room. While he is throwing clothes on the closet floor, Anna enters the room and says that at the agency this is known as sloppy work. She tells him that Chris will guess in an instant that Ryan was searching his room. Ryan is surprised how Anna got into the room when he had locked the door. She holds up the tool she used to unlock the door, telling him she learned the skill in Spy School 101. Ryan tells Anna he wants everyone to leave him alone: Chandler, Stamp and her. He tells her to leave. Anna blurts out that she was married to Ryan's mother's cousin, Duke Lavery. Ryan is astounded. His jaw drops. He's not sure whether or not to believe Anna. Anna continues on saying that Ryan's mother, Gail, and Gail's cousin, Duke, were in touch with each other occasionally through cards and letters. She asks Ryan if his mother told him about Duke. Ryan retorts back he knows all he needs to know about his parents. He wants her to stop poking around in his family affairs. Anna tries to convince Ryan that she sympathizes with him as he has been through so much. She compares him with Duke saying they both are outraged when their basic rights are violated. You both have strong instincts about what is right and wrong she tells Ryan. While she is talking with Ryan, Anna straightens up the mess Ryan has made, hanging up the clothes in the closet. Anna tells Ryan she would like to work with him and would teach him how to search for information without being found out. Ryan firmly replies no thanks and leaves. Anna's beeper sounds off as she closes the door to the room.

In Erica's office at Enchantment Greenlee is talking with Leo telling him how hard she has worked at keeping the business running in Erica's absence. Kendall, unannounced, walks in not expecting anyone to be there. Arrogantly, she demands that Greenlee identify herself. Leo introduces the two women to each other. Kendall comments on how many more pictures of Erica have been added to the room. She compares Erica to Citizen Kane. They both want power and control. Erica wants her lackeys to grovel. Greenlee responds with "My goodness. Do you not like your mommy? Do you have issues?" Kendall cattily tells Greenlee she knows that the Lacey account is lost and the three other accounts that tie in with that account are on the line. Greenlee, in disbelief how Kendall knows this information, retorts back Enchantment is a well-oiled machine thanks to her hard work. Kendall ignores her and continues on saying Erica isn't coming back. She tells her that Enchantment is dead. She looks at her watch and comments, "Right now the jury foreman is telling the court their verdict is guilty."

Vanessa enters SOS and sits down at the bar. Continuing with the charade, Mateo briefly kisses Simone and then approaches Vanessa asking her what she wants. She asks him for a job as a singer because Palmer has kicked her out. She mutters that she's heard Britney Spears is popular and could possibly do a few of her tunes as part of a medley. Mateo can't quite believe what he is hearing and excuses himself. Stepping away from the bar, he calls Leo and demands him to come to SOS to take care of his mother. Mateo then continues his conversation with Vanessa as she explains her talents as a lounge singer.

Back at Enchantment, Leo finishes his conversation with Mateo and then leaves with Greenlee to go to SOS. Kendall sits in Erica's executive chair behind Erica's desk. With a smug smile, she pours herself a glass of champagne. Holding the glass, she toasts Erica's portrait. "Who's laughing last, Mama, me or you?"

Leo and Greenlee arrive at SOS. Vanessa glares at Greenlee. Leo takes Vanessa over to a private table to talk with her while Greenlee sits at the bar talking to Mateo. Greenlee tells him about how weird Vanessa has been behaving and that she is certifiable. She relates the previous evening events when Vanessa came completely unglued when Greenlee wouldn't leave Vanessa's hotel room. Vanessa was intent on keeping a 7 pm appointment and she couldn't because Greenlee was there and wouldn't leave. She would have killed me Greenlee tells Mateo. He gazes over at Vanessa talking to Leo.

Vanessa tells Leo she wants the three of them to leave town together. She wonders out loud if Leo is ever going to be on her side again. Leo asks Vanessa when is she going to be normal.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Jake is talking to Dr. Peterson on the phone in David Hayward's office. Jake is going through a file log and tells Dr. Peterson the file was mailed last week as David bursts into his office. He angrily demands Jake to tell him what he is doing there. Jake hangs up the phone and yells back at David that he has been covering for David and he isn't going to any more. The two bicker back and forth yelling at each other until Dr. Joe Martin appears in the doorway demanding what is going on. He admonishes them for arguing so loudly that they could be heard in the hallway. Joe demands $50,000 from David for his research project budget overrun. David tells him to roll it over into the next year's budget. Joe wants an explanation for what the money was spent on. David refuses saying the competition could review his invoices and would then know what he is working on. He tells Joe he'll pay back the money out of his own personal funds and storms out of the office. Joe looks in amazement at Jake and wonders out loud if David really believes the competition would look over the invoices. Jake tells him no-he's just covering something up and that he doesn't know what David is up to.

David and Anna go to SOS. Anna asks why did he page her and he tells her he is worried. He tells Anna about the confrontation with Joe and Jake at the hospital and that Joe wants an accounting of the budget overage. David tells Anna that there is no paper trail leading back to him regarding the research project but she knows everything. She tells David he can trust her. He replies, "No I can't."

Meanwhile at the hospital, Jake reenters David's office and begins looking though his desk wondering what David is hiding.

As the jury is about to enter the courtroom, Chris asks to recall Bianca, telling the court that he has new evidence. Jackson immediately and strongly objects. Erica talks with Chris and demands he not recall Bianca as a witness. Chris tells Erica he doesn't give a damm about what Erica wants. Erica realizes Chris doesn't really have any new evidence and accuses him of wanting to win the case at the cost of destroying her daughter. Chris is able to convince the judge to continue with the testimony from Bianca. Bianca walks unwillingly to the witness chair. Chris shows Bianca a picture of the crime scene and asks her if she remembers that night. Frankie is wearing a t-shirt with butterflies on it. Bianca says Frankie didn't own one like that before but she remembers seeing it previously. Chris asks Bianca about Opal's butterfly pin that she wears and when Bianca saw the pin what did she remember. Bianca replies that she remembers going back to Frankie's room at Opal's house to tell her how horrible she thought Frankie was for sleeping with a boy. She saw Frankie's body on the floor when she returned to Frankie's room. Erica interrupts Bianca, frantically shouting, you saw me in Frankie's room. Bianca shouts back, no, no I remember as she interrupts Erica's outburst. Bianca tearfully says to Erica you did not kill Frankie because.... She doesn't finish her statement. Erica looks stunned.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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