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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, January 21, 2002

Hal walks into his kitchen and sees Jenn for the first time since she left for the fashion show in New York City a couple of months ago and his face beams with love and excitement. Barbara is standing behind Jenn and you can see the monkeys in her brain working overtime trying to somehow manipulate this situation to her advantage. Hal asks what happened to all the phones in Europe? Jenn says she didn't want to hear that anything was wrong back home because if she did, she would come running back home in an instant. And since she truly loves being a model, and "I'm good at it," she didn't want to take that chance. Barbara says now there is no reason for her to leave town. Jenn is non-committal about staying in Oakdale and doesn't really care what her absentee mother has to think about getting the family back together again. Will comes downstairs and is excited to see his sister. They both run upstairs to get ready for Barbara to cook Jenn's favorite dinner. Barbara is happy that everyone is home together. However, she senses that Jenn might need a little encouragement to stay in Oakdale. Babs fishes for information from Hal about Jenn's Oakdale boyfriend Billy. He tells her a little about Billy, then Barbara announces that Jenn should have a welcome home dinner. She leaves to run to the deli to pick up Jenn's favorite petit fours. Jenn comes back and Hal tells her about what Abigail has been through recently. Jenn runs out of the house to find Abigail.

At Java Underground, Adam presses Billy to help him find a way to beat the lie detector test his mother and father want to administer. Billy suggests that he just not take the test. Adam says it's too late to back out now. Billy gets firmer with Adam and tells him that he shouldn't mess with the truth. Reflecting on what happened with Bryant, Billy says things will only turn out worse if he tries to hide the truth. Adam tells him to just back off. "There are certain things I could say that would put the people I care a lot about through hell!" Billy says that he'll try to see what he can do to help Adam out. They hug, then Adam runs out of Java.

Jack stops by Hal's with new information about Phil, the dead limo driver. It turns out that they've traced his recent travel activity and found that he was in Paris and Oakdale at the same time Carly, Emily, and Rose all disappeared. And Phil paid cash for all his flights. Hal thinks it is great news. Jack again brings Barbara's name up as a suspect. Hal for the first time reveals his plan. He asks Jack if he's heard of the old phrase, "Keep your friends close. But keep your enemies closer." Hal suspects that Stenbeck is involved. He knows that Barbara is holding something back, and if Hal acts like everything is OK at home, maybe Barbara will slip up and give them a clue. "I'm undercover in my own house." Hal painfully asks if Jack thinks if Emily, Carly, and Rose are still alive.

Barbara is becoming much more comfortable showing her scarred face in public, if it suits her purpose. She stops by Java Underground and finds Billy. Like a praying mantis, she suckles up to Billy and informs him Jenn is back in town. Billy's vacant eyes light up. Barbara says, "Unless you want Jenn to pack up and leave for Europe, you'll listen to what I have to say." Babs asks Billy about his feelings for Jenn. "You love her don't you?" "I care about her." "She belongs in Oakdale---with her family." Barbara needs Billy to convince her to stay. Billy asks why she can't do this herself. She says Jenn is young and confused and that she will listen to love. Barbara lays out the plan. She's going to have a coming home party and she wants Billy to stop by "unexpectedly." Closing in for the kill, Babs with a smile on her face and a twinkle in her eye asks, "You can do that, can't you? Please?" Billy gives in. Barbara is relieved and says, "Just show up and everyone will get everything they want. And this conversation never happened."

Craig is furious that Katie lost Lucy. He promised Sierra he would keep a close eye on her and now she's lost. Not only is she lost, but Katie says she saw Lucy get into a limousine. This freaks Craig out even more as a limo is a common denominator in the disappearances of Carly, Emily, and Rose. Craig throws on his jacket and races out to look for his daughter. He opens his suite door and not only finds Lucy, but Lucy in grandma Lucinda's arms. The two walk through the door and Lucinda let's Craig have it for not keeping a closer eye on Lucy. Katie says that it's all her fault. She was supposed to be watching her at the gym. Lucinda says, "You might as well leave her with a two-year-old Craig!" Craig says, "I think you better check your medication." This is the last straw for Lucinda. "I'm calling Sierra!" Craig says, "The hell you are!" Lucinda says that Sierra needs to know what's happening to her daughter. Lucinda turns to Lucy and says, "Your mother has lost her mind leaving you so close to him." Lucy finally speaks up and throws a tantrum of her own. She says she is not property to be divided among two people, then storms out of the room. Lucinda and Craig fight for control over where Lucy lives. Lucy comes back in the room fearing that if she doesn't give any input, her life will be decided for her. Craig tells Lucy it is necessary to compromise, and that she should spend some time with Lucinda. Lucy says, "One day?" Lucinda quickly says, "One month." Craig puts his foot down and says, "One week." After the sentence is agreed upon, Lucinda goes down to wait for Lucy in her car. Katie leaves to plan Lucy's future escape from the Walsh mansion.

Craig asks Lucy why she needed to be alone in the first place. She confessed that Billy told her about his relationship with Jenn and how Billy feels somewhat responsible for Bryant's death since he slept with his girlfriend. Lucy just needed to walk home to sort everything out in her head. Lucy tells Craig she wanted to leave home because it was getting hard being "Sierra's daughter" in Montega. She wants to be a normal teenager, and she thinks she can do that in Oakdale. Katie comes back with a small package. Lucy opens the box and finds driving gloves. Katie says she should borrow one of Lucinda's many cars when she feels she just has to get away.

At the spa, Rose muzzles an elderly attendant hostage with her hand. Rose wants info, but tells the attendant that if she screams, she'll be sorry. The attendant seems to pacify Rose, and Rose let's her talk. Rose tells a loopy Emily that they are going to escape. "Tonight!" The attendant is seriously doubtful saying, "No one ever leaves!" She also tells Rose that there are many other people (captives) here. Rose asks, "Where?" "They are simply just in other areas." Does James have other prisoners up at the spa, or is this a high-price kidnappers repository? Rose wants answers. Are there any phones? No. Are there any cars? No. Rose's prisoner says she mustn't ask so many questions. Emily can't handle the stress and goes to the vents. She takes off the towels holding the mist back and starts to deeply inhale. Rose flips out and tries to get Emily away from the "goofy juice." While Rose is distracted, the elderly attendant leaves the room. Moments later, a buff attendant comes in the room and asks if there is anything the two ladies needed.

In the other room, Carly is hallucinating and has a vision of Jack. Carly thinks she is at a big party at Java Underground. Across the room she sees Jack smile and reach out his hand to her. She wades through the crowd, but when she gets to the other side, Jack is gone. She turns around and sees Jack now on the other side of the room. Again, she sifts through the people, and then loses Jack again. Carly wakes up to a Dr. Weston examining her face and hairline. He expresses his satisfaction that the "treatment" is working. Dr. Weston tells Carly he wants to prepare her for Phase II, to have her ready to meet her host. Carly's ears perk up. "Host?" Dr. Weston says that Carly will be very comfortable is she continues to work together. Carly asks, "What if I don't want to continue this process?" The doctor snaps his fingers to an attendant, then looks at Carly. "That's not a problem. Not a problem at all." Just then, someone brings Carly another drink.

Rose and Emily get out of the jam. The older woman didn't rat them out after all. Rose thinks they may have a friend to use later down the road. Emily regains enough of her senses to know that she wants to get home to see Daniel and Hal. Now they just have to get Carly on their side too. They find Carly in the other room and they try to ask her if she misses Jack. Carly says, "Jack who?"

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Molly is released on bail. Meanwhile, Jake reluctantly agrees to allow Abigail to see Dr. Simon. While under hypnosis, Abigail begins to remember more about the night Nick died, including the fact that she had the music box in her hands while they argued. A horrified Molly and Holden interrupt the session and demand to know what is going on.

Simon returns from Paris with a picture of Phil Auster posing as a limo driver taken by the airport security camera. Jack's becomes even more determined to go after Barbara, but Paul defends his mother until he remembers that she referred to him as a Stenbeck in front of Phil. Paul comes up with a plan, involving Lily, to force Barbara to confess.

Isaac is hesitant in offering Billy some tips on how to beat a lie detector test. Bonnie overhears their conversation and accuses Isaac of being a gangster. Their argument is interrupted by Jessica and Ben, who invite each of them to dinner. Both accept, unaware that the other is being asked.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

While Abigail is being hypnotized by Dr. Michaels, Molly and Holden walk in and stop the session. Molly is upset that Jake let Abigail do this but Jake said she was determined. After Holden and Abigail leave, Molly asks Dr. Michaels if she would be forced to testify at a trial. Dr. Michaels says it is a possibility and leaves. Jake asks Molly what really happened the night Nick was killed. Molly is afraid Jake may have to testify against Abigail. Jake says he'll lie if he has to. Finally, Molly tells him what did happen. She says that when she went to Nick's room, the door was slightly open. She walked in and saw Nick laying face down, already dead. She heard noises and then saw Abigail huddled in a corner, in shock. Jake still isn't convinced that Abigail did it and thinks there may have been another person in the room that night.

At the police station, Lily can't believe that Barbara could be responsible for the disappearance of Rose, Emily, and Carly. They don't have enough proof to even question her but Paul says he knows a way to get information from her but he needs Lily's help. Paul says he knows a way to "scare truth out of her."

Jen wakes up to Barbara cooking in the kitchen. Barbara tells Jen about the welcome home dinner and says she is trying to pull the family back together again. She realizes it was all her fault. Jen says it would have been great to hear that a few months ago, but now she has a new life. Barbara tells her that she "can't work all the time." Jen reminds Barbara that Emily will be back but Barbara says Emily won't be back. At that moment, there is a knock at the door. A messenger delivers a note to Barbara. She tells Jen that she needs to go to Fairwinds to take care of the heater, and then she rushes out the door.

At Java Underground, Jen goes to visit Bonnie who asks about Billy. Jen says they have a connection but she has her career and he is not into the fashion business. He didn't want to go to Europe with her and she isn't sure what she wants - Billy or her career - maybe both. Billy overhears this whole conversation and after Jen leaves, Billy tells Bonnie that he doesn't want to complicate Jen's life so he'll stay away from her.

Jen then goes looking for Abigail. She finds her at Al's Diner where Abby is with Holden. Abby says she wants to tell the police what she remembers because she doesn't want Molly going to jail for her.

At Fairwinds, Barbara goes to the gazebo and sees "Rose" (Lily pretending to be Rose.) Lily tries to get Barbara to admit that she is involved with the disappearance of Rose, Emily, and Carly. Barbara plays it cool and says she had nothing to do with it. She then asks Lily, "Did you learn that at Hoboken High?" "Yes, Lily replies, Hoboken High." Barbara tells Lily she should have done her research because Rose went to St. Gregory's School, not Hoboken High. She asks if Lucinda put her up to this. Just then Paul comes out and says it was his idea. Then Jack comes out too and tells Barbara she is officially part of the investigation and she is not allowed to leave town.

At Al's Diner, Adam meets Billy to find out how he can pass the polygraph test. Billy tells him to keep his mind on something else, perhaps by pinching himself. Then, he will think about the pain instead. Margo walks in and tells Billy it is time to take the test. At the police station, Adam begins to take the test, with his hands underneath the table so he can inflict pain on himself. The test administrator begins to ask him some basic questions and then some questions about Nick. Margo sees Adam pinching himself under the table and they fight. Adam runs away but Hal goes after him and brings him back to the police station. Adam continues to argue with his parents. He is upset and angry and he says that Nick was a "scumball and he deserved to die." He continues, "I'm glad he's dead and I'd do it again." Margo and Hal are stunned. Adam says, "That's right. I killed Nick Scutter. Molly has been covering for me!"

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Katie is forced to reveal her plans of a workout video to Simon after he tracks her down at the gym. Simon and Katie argue when he expresses doubts about Dahlia. Later, Simon warns Dahlia not to take advantage of Katie.

Barbara has a nightmare where James ruins her family reunion. She later confides in John telling him that she misplaced her trust in someone. A distraught Barbara decides to go ahead with her dinner as planned, but Hal, Jack and Paul agree that the time is right to treat Barbara as a suspect and bring her into the station for questioning.

Margo decides to question Adam further about his murder confession and begins to point out inconsistencies in his story. Adam informs Jake and Molly of his confession, but they decide that now is the time to tell the police the whole truth. Meanwhile, Abigail tells Jennifer that she killed Nick and intends to go to the police with her confession. As Molly, Jake and Tom arrive at the police station, Adam finds Abigail and tells her he wants to take her out of town and they have to leave right away.

Friday, January 25, 2002


Rose and Emily are trying to get through to Carly who is totally out of it after drinking a blue drink. The lady with the accent comes in and tells Carly it is time for her treatment and she should excuse herself from her friends. Rose and Emily go across the room and sit and watch the lady and Carly. The lady tells Carly that if all goes well she will be transported to her new location today. Carly takes another gulp of the blue drink and she can hardly hold her head up. Emily asks Rose what she has planned to get them out of there. Rose says that they have to do something fast because if they move Carly to a new location, they may never see her again. As they are talking, the doctor comes downstairs. Emily and Rose try to figure out a way to find out his name. The doctor goes over to Carly, who is totally out of it and staring straight ahead, and starts to examine her. Emily tells Rose that she has an idea. Before Rose can stop her, she walks over to the doctor. Emily acts like she is still drugged and she says to the doctor, "I know who you are." The doctor says that he bets that she doesn't know. She says that he is Dr. Doolittle. He starts to examine Emily. He tells her that he is not Dr. Doolittle. He tells her that he is Dr. Weston. He tells her that he knows who she is and he says, "You are Emily Stewart." Emily asks how he knows that. Rose interrupts and starts jumping up and down and clapping her hands and says, "Yeah, a guessing game. Can I play too?" He turns to Rose and says that he knows who she is too. He tells them to say goodbye to Carly. Emily asks where is she going. The doctor says that she is going to a nicer spa than this. Rose asks if she can too. The doctor says that they can't go today, but all in good time. Rose, acting like a child, says that she wants to go now. The doctor says that that would be doing something ahead of schedule and they don't do that there. The doctor wheels Carly out. After the doctor and Carly leave, Rose asks Emily if the name Dr. Weston means anything to her. Emily says that the guy is so creepy that The Intruder wouldn't even speak to him. Emily adds that they have a plan, but how do they accomplish it. The towel woman comes in and Rose says that she thinks that they just got their answer. They force the woman into the aromatherapy room and tell her that they need to get a cell phone. The woman says that she can't do it because she could get in big trouble. Rose tells her that if she doesn't help them, they will tell the doctor what happened in the room earlier. The woman says that she will help but only under one condition.


Adam tells Abigail that they need to go out the back before Holden comes in. Abigail asks if something happened that she doesn't know about. Holden walks in and tells Abigail that they need to go. Abigail asks if he would give her a minute with Adam. Holden says that he will wait outside and he walks out of the diner. Abigail tells Adam that she is not going to just run away. Adam says that he is not going to let her take the blame for killing Nick. She says that she did do it and she is not going to let Molly take the blame for it. He tells her that they won't believe her and they will just think that she is trying to save her mother. He tells her that her mother is going to have to go to court and relive what she saw that night in Nick's room. He describes how Abigail looked when Molly found her. She stops him and says, "Adam, you were there?" Adam denies it. She says that she can see it in his face. He looks away. She grabs his face and makes him look at her. She tells him to tell her that truth. He says, "All right, I was there." She asks him to tell her everything that he had seen in the room that night. He looks away. She tells him that she needs to know. He finally gives in and tells her that he had gotten to the room after Molly got there and he saw Nick laying on the floor with blood oozing from the back of his head. Molly yelled to him to help her get Abigail up on the bed. After they got her from the corner and on the bed, Molly told him to take Abigail to the apartment and if anyone asked he was supposed to say that he found her outside in a daze. She tells him that they need to go to the police station right now and tell them what he just told her. Adam tells her that it won't work because he could get charged for obstruction of justice and Molly could get in trouble for confessing to a crime she didn't commit. He tells her that they need to leave town and go where no one can find them until she can regain her memory. Abigail says that she is not sure and they have family that will miss them. Adam implores Abigail to make a decision and finally she says, "Let's go." They start out the back and the waitress stops them and tells them that they are not running out on their check. Adam gives her some money and tells her to keep the change. They duck out the back. Holden comes in the front and he can't find the kids. He stops the waitress and asks if she has seen the boy and girl that he was with earlier. She tells him that they went out the back and they were in a hurry. Holden runs out the front.


Molly and Jake are at the police station with Tom Hughes and Molly tells Margo that she wants to tell her the truth about the night that Nick Scutter died. Margo says that she has given her ample chance to change her story and she didn't take it. Molly says that she is ready now. Margo asks if she should get the tape recorder in case the story changes again. Tom tells her that this is the truth. Molly says that she is worried about her daughter and before she says another word she has to know that Abigail will not be prosecuted. Margo tells them to go into the interrogation room. After Molly and Jake and Tom go into the room, Margo tells a policewoman to call the DA and tell her that they have a break in the Scutter case and she needs to get to the station. When Margo goes into the room, Jake tells her that it is good they moved to the interrogation room and they need to keep this among friends. Margo tells them that this is past being friends and she reminds them that she is the investigating officer on the case. Molly asks again about Abigail. Margo says that she will do whatever it takes to protect Abigail, but not because of what Molly has pulled, but because she would do it for any good 18-year old in this same situation. Jake nudges Molly and Molly looks at Margo and says that she did not kill Nick Scutter and he was already dead when she got to his room that night. She tells them that she saw Nick lying on the floor and then she saw the blood at the back of his head. She checked his pulse and realized he was dead. Then she heard something and looked around and saw Abigail huddled in a corner. She went over to her daughter and saw bruises on the side of her face. All she could think about was getting her daughter out of there before her mind cleared and she would see Nick's dead body. Molly is crying. Margo says that she removed Abigail from the boarding house. Molly says that is correct. Margo asks if she did it by herself. Molly looks at her. Margo tells her to say it because she has already figured it out. Molly says that Adam was there. Margo stands up and asks Molly how she saw fit to make her son an accomplice in her obstruction of justice. Molly tells Margo that she is sorry for involving Adam, but all she could think about was protecting her daughter. She adds that she cares about Adam very much and she never wanted to hurt him. Margo looks at Jake and asks if he knew about this from the beginning. He says no and that Molly was trying to protect him as well. Holden comes in and asks if Abigail and Adam are there. They tell him that they haven't got there yet. Holden tells them about the kids ducking out the back at the diner. Margo looks at Molly and says, "You let my son go after Abigail by himself?" Holden asks if she thinks that they ran off. Margo goes out and tells two officers to put out an APB on two 18-year olds, one boy and one girl. She tells them that their names are Adam Munson, her son and Abigail Williams and she will get back to them on a description. She goes back into the room and asks if Abigail carries a cell phone. Jake says that he will call her. Tom says that he will try Adam. Neither one answers their phone. Margo tells them to go home and see if they had been there. She tells them to wait and see if they hear from them. Margo tells them that they have to wait 24 hours and then they have to assume they ran away together. Holden asks, "And then?" Margo says that this case gets even more complicated and a lot less fun than it has been up to now. As Margo walks by Molly she tries to say that she is sorry, but Margo throws a file and walks out.


Hal tells Barbara that she needs to come to the station for some questioning about Emily and Rose. Barbara can't believe that they are bothering her with this again. She tells Hal that she spent a lot of time on dinner and she doesn't want it to go to waste. She invites Jack to sit and eat with them. He says, "Not tonight." She looks over at Paul and he looks away. Hal tells her not to upset the kids. He looks at Jennifer and asks her to take Parker and Will upstairs. Will asks if his mother is in trouble. Hal tells him to go upstairs with his sister and he will explain everything later. Jennifer and the boys go upstairs. After the kids are gone, Barbara asks why do they keep doing this to her. Hal says that they have more evidence than ever that she had something to do with their disappearance. Barbara tells them that they all have wounded male egos. She says that they all got involved with women who are beneath them and now that they have shown their true colors, they can't accept that they were so wrong about them. Jack tells her that she made a nice speech and asks if she is ready to go now. Hal tells her that this is police business and she has to make a statement for the records. She looks at Paul and points at him and says that he made her say things and they have distorted everything. Hal tells her to get her coat and when it is over, he will bring her back himself. She asks what will happen if she refuses to go. Jack tells her to stop stalling. Hal tells her to come with them willingly or he will book her on suspicion of being an accessory to kidnapping. Barbara is very upset and she tells them that when they find out that they are wrong about her, she will expect an apology from each of them. She stomps out of the room to get her coat. Paul says that if they don't have to take her in a police car, he will take her to the station. Hal looks at Jack and says that she might try to make a run for it. Hal runs outside in time to see her pull away in her car. Hal tells Jack to call the station and have them pick her up. Jack stops Hal and says that she knows she can't get away with this and he thinks that she is on her way to Fairwinds to warn Stenbeck and if they are wrong they can always pick her up later. Hal says, "Let's do it." Jack leaves to go get the car and Paul tells Hal that he will meet them there. Hal stops him and says that this is police business. Paul says that if his father had anything to do with Rose's disappearance, he wants to look him in the face. Hal tells him that he needs to stay behind. Paul finally agrees and goes back inside. Paul sits down at the table and Will comes downstairs. He sits with Paul and asks, "What happened to mom?" Paul tries to explain to him about serious stuff that comes up but everything will be all right. Jennifer walks in and saves Paul. She asks Will if he would like to eat his dinner in front of the television. Will says that he would and she sends him upstairs and says that she will bring him and Parker their plates. After he leaves, Paul says that he didn't do a very good job and thanks Jen for saving him.

Later, Jennifer is cleaning up the kitchen and Adam walks in. Jennifer is glad to see him and asks if Abigail is with him. He is looking around and asks if anyone else is home. She says that Will and Parker are upstairs, but that is it. He goes back to the door and tells Abigail to come in. Jennifer asks if they want to tell her what is going on. Adam says, "We need your help."


Barbara walks in and yells for James. No one answers her. She tells him that she pushed him away and she was wrong for doing that. She yells, "Please tell me it's not too late. Please accept my apology." She doesn't get an answer. She says that if it was revenge that he wanted, then he has got it. Then she hears Stenbeck's voice. "Barbara, Barbara, poor Barbara. They are closing in on you and there is nothing anyone can do." Barbara yells out that she can hardly hear him. The voice says, "You shut me out and that was a mistake." She says that she is sorry and she is ready to listen. The voice says, "You need to pay close attention, because it is a matter of life and death. Yours."


Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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