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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on GL
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Monday, January 21, 2002

La memoria:
The headlights of Phillip's rental car ignite Lorelei's panic as she hurries the actors out of sight. Edmund assures her that even though Phillip is a day early, they'll just have to improvise. Phillip arrives and looks the place over, saying, "funny... this is nothing like how you described the mission." Lorelei looks worried but explains that the mission is under major renovations - she hardly recognized it herself. Phillip asks what changed her mind about finding the mission. Lorelei says she was walking and saw a tree and something told her to walk down that path... and there it was - the mission where she recovered after the flood. Then the actor, Rafael welcomes Phillip to the mission, bungling the name a bit. He says Phillip must be the husband Beth spoke of so often. Phillip is confused - Beth had amnesia so she couldn't have told them about him. Lorelei stands behind Phillip making faces at Rafael to stick to the script. A nervous Rafael mentions Beth was recovering from a broken arm. Lorelei quickly covers by saying that Father Rafael didn't really spend that much time with her. She was closest to Father Diego. Right on cue, Edmund, dressed in a hooded robe enters and Lorelei, playing along, introduces him as Father Diego. To avoid speaking (in his very un-Mexican accent), Edmund begins a coughing fit, and Lorelei makes the excuse that Father Diego has a cold and can barely speak. Phillip agrees to come back another time to talk with him. The mission bell begins to ring ("in honor of Beth's return," Rafael says). Suddenly, Lorelei stares, trance-like into the distance, speaking perfect Spanish, "la esperanza es lo ultimo que se pierde" (hope is the last thing you lose). She goes on to say that Sister Francesca used to say that to her every day while she recovered, and a boy named Jorge used to visit her at the mission. He wanted to be a priest and Father Ramon was teaching him. Phillip interrupts, "you mean Father Rafael." Beth says no, it was Father Ramon. She begins to cry as she wonders out loud how she ever forgot them. Phillip reaches out to touch her, and she snaps out of it. She is scared and tells him she wants to go back to the hotel. He says he is very proud of her and leaves to start the car. Edmund removes his hood and tells Lorelei she was amazing. Lorelei looks worried. "You were improvising, weren't you?," Edmund asks. Lorelei isn't sure. She swears she's never been to Mexico before, but still she had those memories out of the blue... Lorelei changes the subject by yelling at Edmund for his improvisation (playing Father Diego) - he could have gotten them caught. Edmund said he was only covering for the faltering Rafael. He just wanted to help because he was scared for her. Lorelei sees he is sincere and apologizes. Hooded again, Edmund leaves, passing Phillip on the way. Phillip glances at "Father Diego's" shoes and looks puzzled. He comments to Beth that Father Diego was wearing expensive, wing-tip shoes, whereas Father Rafael wore sandals. Lorelei suggests they are a gift from the man sponsoring the renovation. Phillip seems satisfied with that.

Te amo:
Marah enters her dorm room with a stack of books, reminding Catalina that she needs the room tonight so she can study. Catalina says she was supposed to work but that the schedule changed, though she wasn't aware she had to clear it with her roommate first. The phone rings, and both run to answer it. Marah gets there first. It's Ben. Marah tells him she has a paper due, but that he can come over and help her. When she hangs up, she asks Catalina if she minds or is she waiting for Tony to call (she's been staring at the phone since Marah came in). Catalina insinuates that Marah is the one waiting around for Tony. Marah reminds her that she is over Tony. Catalina says she doesn't believe her even if she's with Ben now. Catalina can't believe Ben and Marah are together without sleeping together. Marah asks how she knows so much about their private love life. Ben arrives and Marah asks him how Catalina knows so much. Ben jokes with Catalina about "reading Marah's diary again." They both laugh, and Catalina leaves for the library so he and Marah can be alone. Marah didn't know that Ben and Catalina are friends. Ben admits that he has befriended Catalina in order to talk about Marah and Tony. He discloses that he is insecure about their relationship - he wants to be a "real couple." Ben doesn't want Tony to come between them but he feels like he needs to get the dirt on Tony through Catalina so that he can get him out of the way. Marah is attracted to Ben's sensitivity and honesty.

Marah takes a break from kissing Ben, insisting she has a paper to do. Ben leaves as the phone rings. An excited woman asks for Catalina, but before Marah can get out that she is not Catalina, the woman on the phone says she is Nurse Stevens with Catalina's test results. A curious Marah asks what they were. The nurse tells her "congratulations, Catalina, you're pregnant."

┐Te amo, te amo no?:
At Company, Maria and Tony discuss Catalina. Maria asks if she hears wedding bells. Tony looks taken aback and says that Catalina is great and he likes her a lot, but that he doesn't love her. Little does he know, Catalina is eavesdropping from the doorway. Maria insists that it is love and that Catalina is "the one" for him. Tony says he and Catalina have a good time, but he doesn't miss her when she not around - that's not love. Catalina walks in, a bit frazzled. Maria gets up to leave, insisting Catalina stay. Catalina says she has to go to the library, but Tony convinces her to share dessert with him. Maria leaves, telling Tony to remember that she "is never wrong."
After dessert, Catalina says she has to go to the library. Tony offers to drive her to the dorm. She says Marah and Ben are there. Tony says he doesn't like Ben; "he only wants one thing." Catalina says Marah can take care of herself. Tony says sometimes Marah can be hurting inside without showing it. Catalina says she knows the feeling.

El padre Cooper:
Holly surprises Buzz at Company with a passionate kiss and plane tickets. He guesses they are to some romantic, tropical paradise, but she tells them they are going to England. It's not what Buzz expected. Holly says it would be good for Buzz to see Rocky and Coop. He thanks her for the thought, but refuses to go. He says the timing's bad with Marina missing and all, and though he misses his kids, he just isn't ready to be a dad again. He admits a part of him is happy that they are growing up halfway around the world without him there to mess things up. Harley and Frank did just fine without him. Holly assures Buzz that he is a different man now than he used to be and that he'll be sorry if he doesn't take this chance. She leaves him with the tickets in case he changes his mind.

Te amo mucho:
Tory talks to a wallet photo of Stuart, telling him how happy she is that she has found love again. She promises that she will make it work. Holly spots her at the table and questions her about leaving town. Tory says she's going to stay in Springfield for a while even though she won't be attending college anymore. Holly tells her she should move on from Ross and Blake's lives. Tory says Ross will be thrilled to see her back. She asks Holly to trust her.

In Ross's classroom, Blake asks again why Ross thought she was Tory. Ross flashbacks to kissing Tory not long before. He changes the subject, "I thought we were meeting at Company or at home?" Blake confesses she lost her cell phone, then spots it on another desk. She asks again why Ross thought she was Tory - she did leave town after all. A very serious Ross says he has something very important to tell her. She tells him he doesn't have to say word - it's written all over his face. He obviously is sad because he just taught his last class, and he misses his best student , Tory. She tells him she understands why he said "Tory, you shouldn't' have come back" because he can no longer spend time with her - that chapter is over. Ross turns away and says he doesn't know what he's doing lately. Blake asks if he's sure about giving up teaching. He says he wants to. Blake tells him his face says otherwise; she asks if there's something else he's not letting her in on. Is he having second thoughts? He starts talking about their marriage and how things went wrong. Blake automatically apologizes for her past mistakes, but Ross says he is totally committed to her even though they are not legally married. Blake is brimming with happiness upon realizing that Ross is totally devoted to her and that she is the most important thing in his life - important enough to give up teaching (and Tory) in order to be with her and the kids. Not wanting to burst her bubble, Ross doesn't say another word.

At home, Ross sits, thinking when there is a knock at the door. It is Tory. "Aren't you happy to see me," she says, smiling. A morbidly serious Ross tells her Blake will be home any minute. Tory laughs at Ross's tone, telling him he's "cute" when he's flustered. She promises not to stay long and Ross resigns to let her in. Ross reminds her that what they did was impulsive and wrong. Tory implies he was singing a different tune when they made love. Ross says he was caught up in the moment and that it can never happen again. Tory tells him to stop patronizing her. He says he never wanted to hurt her, but she is more attracted to his honesty - that's why she loves him. Tory says she doesn't want to be part of some sleazy affair and that she will "be there" for Ross when it all comes down. He asks what she is talking about. She says, when he tells Blake the truth and leaves her so they can be together. Ross says he is not leaving Blake and says that he and Tory have no future together. He wants her to move on. In the midst of their conversation, Blake arrives home, surprised to see her, "Tory, what are you doing here?"

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Marah is shaken by the news of Catalina's pregnancy. When her roommate returns to the dorm, Marah confronts Catalina and gives her the news. Marah is sure that Catalina is trying to make Tony love her by trapping him; but Catalina thinks Marah's suspicions are nothing more than jealousy. Crushed, Marah admits that she is jealous, but she tells Catalina, she knows she must let go now.

Reva agrees to go to San Cristobel with Josh. After nailing down the details of the trip, the two agree they need to tell the children about their renewed relationship. The couple picks up Shayne and the trio heads for Marah's dorm. Although their children are happy to hear about the change in their parent's relationship, Marah is clearly distracted. Shayne tells his parents that his sister has Ben on her mind; this is the first Josh and Reva have heard about Ben being Marah's new boyfriend. Still, Reva can sense there is something more going on with her daughter. When she leaves, Reva tells Marah to trust her heart - Marah wishes she had, but now knows it's too late for that.

Tony has been talking to Romeo about his relationship with Catalina. It seems that his grandmother's encouragement that he marries Catalina has made Tony realize that she is not the girl for him. Although he doesn't love her, Tony feels badly about his plan to break up with Catalina none the less. Tony goes to see Catalina at the dorm and finds an upset Marah instead. When Tony suggests that the two make a date for coffee, Marah becomes visibly agitated and rushes out in tears. As she's leaving, Marah tells Tony she hopes things work out for him. "What things?" Tony wonders.

Catalina is glad to see Tony, but he isn't up for small talk - he wants to tell her something. Before Catalina can tell him that he is going to be a father, Tony breaks it off with her. A devastated Catalina tells Tony to leave, and assures her now ex-boyfriend that she will be fine.

Harley goes to the hospital to take her fiancée a sandwich, but is disappointed to realize that she didn't get it right - she used grape jelly instead of Rick's favorite, strawberry. Mel overhears Harley and Rick talking and realizes she interrupted their nuptials. The couple tells the young doctor that she should not feel badly. After Harley goes to see Gus, Rick gives Mel the sandwich, which she accepts in spite of the fact that it has grape, rather than her favorite strawberry jelly.

Grateful that her husband is alive, Michelle pays Gus a visit to thank him. The young Mrs. Santos tells Gus that although her husband is in a coma, it looks as though he will pull through, and she will find a way to thank the detective whether or not he wants thanks. Gus receives another visitor when Harley stops by. Harley tells her former partner that it looks as though the fire was an accident, but Gus is sure it was arson, and more sure that Carmen is behind it. While they are sparring, Harley tells Gus that she and Rick were in the middle of their impromptu wedding when they heard about the fire. She then proceeds to talk Rick up while dressing down Gus for his obsession with Danny. Harley tells Gus to "stop thinking all the time about what the Santos' took from you, and start thinking about why you can't get past it." Gus shoots back, telling Harley that it's not obsession he feels, but rather passion - something "Dr. Rick wouldn't know if it kissed him on the lips."

A surprised Blake comes home to find Tory there with her husband. Ross and Tory manage to cover up the real reason the young woman didn't leave town. When Tory continues to explain to Blake her reasons for staying, Ross is visibly nervous about what his young lover will say. Although she is in the dark about her husband's tete-a-tete with Tory, Blake is suspicious of her rival's motives for staying. After Tory leaves, a shaken Ross tells Blake he lied to her about Tory, but when the children bounce into the room, he is prevented from telling his wife any more than that. Hoping she will forgive him for not appreciating her, a contrite Ross later tells Blake that he has something for her - something he bought months ago, but never gave her. When he pulls a ring from his pocket and proposes, an elated Blake instructs him to put the ring on her finger. At that moment, over at company, Tory grins like a Cheshire cat, and removes her wedding ring from her finger.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Rick, Mel, and Michelle are with Danny at the hospital. Michelle wants to know how long will Danny be in a coma, and then apologizes for asking. Mel exited to update Claire on Danny's condition. Michelle tells Rick that they are going to get through this. She asked Rick if Danny could hear her. He said he believes that Danny knows she is there. Michelle talks to Danny and lets him know she loves him and to come back to her. Outside of Danny's room, Rick tells Mel that Michelle and Danny have not given up on each other. Rick said they deserve a break. When Rick's beeper goes off, Rick tells Mel he will see her later. Michelle is talking to Danny about how much he has been through and he will be home soon. Carmen looks in door window at Danny and says a prayer out loud. Gus shows up behind her in a wheelchair and says it is a miracle he can walk. He tells Carmen he can get back to work. She tells Gus she will always be grateful to him for saving Danny's life. Gus states that it is odd about the fire and he doesn't understand why Danny was at the warehouse. But he can track it to her. As Gus is talking to Carmen, she is praying and trying to ignore him.

Michelle exits Danny's room. She finds Carmen and Gus talking. Carmen asked if she could see her son. Michelle says that Carmen loves him. Gus exits. Michelle watches Carmen through the window in the door. Carmen talks to Danny about when he was a baby. She tells him if she loses him she couldn't go on. Michelle is quietly listening at the door while Carmen is talking to Danny. Carmen asked Danny to forgive her of everything she has done and she would give her life for his. Michele enters the room. Carmen says she is worried about him. Carmen tells her she will be back later. Carmen exits. Michelle promises Danny she will find out what happened to him and who is responsible.

Josh and Reva are at the palace in St. Cristobel. Richard is interested to know if they are back together. Josh tells Richard they are dating. Reva hopes she has not come to St. Cristobel at a bad time. Cassie said just them being there is enough. They decide to spend some time alone while Richard and Josh work. Richard and Josh exit the room. Reva wants to know what is going on. Cassie tells her that everything she has seen in the newspapers is nothing compared to what is really going on there. Cassie explains to Reva since Alonzo came to St. Cristobel everything has changed. She said that Richard is lying to her and it is hurting them. Cassie said he is not the only one lying, and Reva asked her to explain. She explains the situation concerning Alonzo has brought up feelings for Richard. Cassie said he plunged head first into a situation when they found out Alonzo was the father and it was decided that he had to be a part of Will's life. Cassie told Reva that Camille showed up and she is selfish. She gets Reva up to speed about Richard coming up with the idea of Alonzo and Camille going on the yacht to take Camille away. Cassie tells Reva that she asked Alonzo and he said he had feelings for her. Cassie said she lied to Richard and didn't tell him about the conversation. Cassie does not want to ruin a relationship between Richard and Alonzo. Reva pointed out to Cassie that they adopted a baby and then offered Alonzo a job to be near Will. Reva thinks the last person she would want to be near her son would be the natural parent. Cassie said she was the one that suggested that Alonzo stay. She cannot pretend that Alonzo doesn't exist. Reva mentioned to Cassie what would happen if Richard wants Camille to be part of the baby's life. Reva tells Cassie that she cannot forget that Will has two natural parents. Cassie knew that Alonzo would not take Will away and that she could trust him. Reva said she has not told her the whole story. Reva reminds Cassie that keeping things from Richard is not good.

Josh and Richard enter the room. Reva said for Josh to think about his meeting and later they would take a walk on the beach. Reva said her and Cassie will spend some time together and they can go check out the restaurants on the waterfront. Josh and Richard exit the room. Cassie doesn't want to make everything complicated. Reva tells Cassie to tell Richard the truth. Cassie thinks Alonzo infatuated with her, but not in love. She believes that he will get over it because she is a married woman. Reva wants to know about her feelings and that she has to face them. Cassie wants to protect her marriage and if she has to keep something to herself, she will. Reva tells her that any lie will find a way to come back and bite you. She tells her to trust her heart. Cassie exits.

Josh and Richard are in hallway talking. Josh tells Richard that he is sorry for what he is going through and he can relate. Josh knows that Richard had no idea that Alonzo is the prince. Richard believes the press is not exaggerating. Richard has no idea how the crisis is going to turn out and that he brought this on himself.

Alonzo is at the Anchor. Dax enters the room and talks to Alonzo. Alonzo grabs Dax and accuses him of not telling him the truth. Dax said he did what had to be done. Alonzo told him he is out of luck because he doesn't want the throne. He told Dax he ruined a lot of lives for nothing. Alonzo angrily asked Dax to leave. Camille enters the Anchor. She tells him he is a hard man to track down. She is worried about him because the truth is out. Alonzo tells her he wishes Dax had not found him, and he wants things to go back the way they were. Camille tells him she is there to help him through it and they cannot be selfish because the truth is out and changes everything. Camille wants him to take responsibility as the prince, but Alonzo said nothing is different and he wants his life back to how it was. Camille reminds him that his son is next in line for the throne. But, he said he deserves to be happy and he is happy being with Cassie and Richard. Alonzo tells her to go home and be happy and that they are not meant to be together. Camille said she would wait for him. Alonzo exits.

Olivia meets Sam at Company. Olivia tells him he will have a good year at the college. Olivia said she wouldn't be indebted to Alan, but the important thing is that he is going to the school of his choice. Olivia gives him some papers to sign that are for the Sam Spencer foundation, which is a charitable foundation. Sam wants to make sure it is 100 percent charity. Sam tells her that this thing is huge, and he wants to know why she is doing this. She replied that she wanted to do this and she wants the best for the people she loves. He says he can't go away and leave her. She reiterated she will be fine and she will miss him. Sam said every time she gets back from St. Cristobel, she is different. He tells her it is ok to mourn someone you lost, referring to Josh. He doesn't want her to close her heart out to the world. Olivia's cell phone rings, and she exits the table.

Josh and Richard are sitting at a table at the Anchor. Richard hopes that he and Josh can be pals. Josh says everything happens for a reason and some things cannot be changed. Richard comments that he is lucky to have Cassie in his life and could not imagine it without her. They toast to Reva and Cassie.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Michelle is suspicious of Carmen, who is, in turn, furious with her henchman, Maurice. Carmen lies to her daughter-in-law about the conversation she had with her son shortly before the fire. According to Carmen, she and Danny had a reconciliation of sorts that concluded with an embrace. Unimpressed, Michelle tells her mother-in-law that Gus is suspicious of the fire, and of Carmen's part in it. After Carmen has left the hospital, Michelle vows to Danny that she will find out if it was Carmen who did this to him. To that end, Michelle finds Gus and hires him to find out who set the fire.

Marina is picked up by the police for vandalism, but provides a phony name and phone number. While at the station, she nearly runs into her aunt, Harley, but manages to go unnoticed. When no one is looking, the young lady slips out. Meanwhile, over at Company, Frank wonders what happened to his life and blames himself for his bad fortune. Although he thinks he has failed as a father, Buzz thinks otherwise, and tells his son so. After his heart-to-heart about fatherhood, Buzz thinks about going to see his young sons who are living abroad.

Phillip is excited about Beth's spontaneous memory return in Mexico. He admits to his father that he has romantic feelings for his ex, and thinks they may have a future together. Still, in spite of Alan's encouragement, Phillip thinks it's complicated and should give their relationship more serious thought. Alan advises his son to strike while the iron is hot, and ask Beth for her hand in marriage.

Meanwhile, Lorelei/Beth admits to Naomi that she has feelings for Phillip. Naomi urges her friend to choose between Phillip and Edmund. Edmund overhears the duo talking about the scam, and jealousy begins to rear its ugly little head. When Lorelei tells Edmund that she's formulated a plan, he assumes her plan is to bed Phillip, and tells her so in less than delicate terms. Hurt and insulted, Lorelei slaps Edmund. While composing a lover letter for Beth to give to Phillip, Lorelei and Edmund seem to be speaking to one another. They share a kiss and agree that Lorelei/Beth will re-write the letter they drafted on the back of the play bill for the Mexican acting troupe, and plant it in the mansion where Phillip will find it. After Lorelei/Beth leaves the mansion, Phillip finds the play bill from Mexico and curiously studies the photos of the actors.

Friday, January 25, 2002

At the Rusty Anchor, Alonzo drinks alone at the bar, reading a newspaper when Camille enters and sits across the room. Alonzo says "I thought I told you to go home." Camille is defiant - she's not going anywhere. Alonzo apologizes for leading her on, but reminds her there is no future for them and that, "No one's really getting what they want these days." Camille asks snidely, "Are you talking about power, or are you talking about the president's wife?" An angry Alonzo says he is through talking to her. Camille says that it is useless for him to think he has a chance with Cassie - she's out of his league, even though she used to be a stripper. Alonzo screams, "Shut up!" and drags Camille outside. He says Camille is nothing compared to Cassie. Camille accuses him of being a hypocrite - he used to say he wanted to make something of himself one day - now he's got his chance and he's not going to take it because he's thinks he's in love. Camille insists that Alonzo will never amount to anything until he gets over Cassie.

At the palace, Reva accuses Cassie of avoiding her (and their conversation about Alonzo). She encourages her sister to just be honest and to tell Richard the truth about Alonzo and his feelings for her. Richard enters and Reva leaves them alone. Richard tells Cassie that with all they've been through, he just wants some alone time with his wife. Cassie agrees, wiping back the tears from her heartfelt talk with Reva, but says she has to deal with a few issues first, before she can move on. Richard reminds her that they have always been able to overcome obstacles in the past, admitting he should not have kept his suspicions about Alonzo from her for so long. He asks if Cassie is resentful and if that is the reason she doesn't want to spend a romantic evening with him. She assures him it is not. A palace aide interrupts them, reminding Cassie about a ribbon-cutting ceremony. As she starts to leave, Richard begs her to wait a few minutes so they can finish talking. Cassie says her head is spinning, and she needs some time to figure out what to say. They agree to talk when she comes home. Outside the door, Cassie tells the driver that her plans have changed - they will be going to the Rusty Anchor instead. They exit, as an eavesdropping Camille smiles in triumph. Richard enters the hall and asks Camille how she got past security. She claims security now realizes she is the real prince's... "friend." She sneakily asks Richard where the ribbon-cutting ceremony was to take place, because if Cassie's not going to show, someone else from the palace should represent her. Richard is confused. Camille says Cassie had something... or someone else planned.
Cassie enters the Rusty Anchor to find Alonzo. He asks her if Richard knows she has come to see him. She says no and admits she lied to him. She adds, "I've lied to him before... when it comes to you." She explains how Reva made her look at things differently and insists that they be honest with each other because she can't live with secrets... Outside the Rusty Anchor, Richard hurries up the steps, but hesitates as he reaches for the door.

At Company, Edmund reads the paper as Lorelei inhales her meal. She is anxious to find out if Phillip read her letter yet. Edmund is jealous - if the letter works (and he thinks it will) Lorelei will be with Phillip for good. Lorelei tells Edmund to be happy - she loved the letter he wrote and knows it will work - "just think of all that money," she says. Lorelei gets up for more pie when Tory approaches the sulking Edmund and reintroduces herself as Ross's former assistant. She says she is surprised to see Edmund and Beth together, and is especially surprised to see Beth so cheerful considering the divorce. She says's it's comforting to see that they've been able to "move on." Edmund watches Lorelei across the room, admitting, "One of us has." Tory sits down and tells Edmund she is no longer working for Ross because she wants to strike out on her own. Edmund takes her hands in his across the table, telling her he admires her independence and would like to have dinner with her sometime. Lorelei stands over the table clearing her throat to get their attention. Tory, taken aback by the proposal, says her life is complicated right now. Edmund (fully aware of Lorelei's presence) tells his new love interest, "When you life settles down, give me a call - we'll catch up." He smiles slyly as Tory, confused yet flattered, says o.k. and leaves to talk to Buzz. Lorelei looks down on Edmund with contempt and utters, "Are you kidding me?" She says Tory is not at all Edmund's type. Edmund says Lorelei is the one who can't wait to get into bed with Phillip, and that if they both are seen with other people it will further convince Phillip that their marriage is over. Lorelei implies Edmund just asked Tory out to spite her for liking Phillip. There is tension in the air as Lorelei shakes the thought and takes off to see Phillip's reaction to her letter. Edmund watches her go.

At the counter, Tory tells Buzz she wants to rent a room at Company. She needs something inexpensive now that she's left her job. Buzz says ok and leads her toward the back when Holly and Blake come in. Buzz explains that Tory in interested in renting from him. Blake, flaunts her ring in front of her face, saying, "I'm sure you'd enjoy Buzz as landlord." Buzz and Holly grab Blake's hand and ask if it's an engagement ring. She says it is, and a shocked Buzz offers champagne. Tory stops staring, daze-like at the ring long enough to mutter an unenthusiastic "Congratulations." When she leaves with Buzz to see the room, Blake admires her ring and says, "Tory gets a room, I get a ring - works for me."
Buzz shows Tory a room upstairs and gives her the key before he leaves. Tory sits on the bed, crying. She tells herself to get a grip, eying the phone. She gets up and lifts the receiver, but hangs up quickly, having lost her nerve. She tries it again, this time she dials Ross and leaves a tear-laden message. She says she is at Company and "we need to talk... clear the air..."
Downstairs, Holly tells Blake she is happy but suspects Ross may have proposed out of guilt. Blake assures her that Ross was sincere and that he is totally committed to her. She tells Holly that now that Tory's seen the ring, maybe she will get scared and leave town for good.

Phillip reads the flier for "Huevos Rancheros," studying Rafael's picture. Ross stops by to pick up Lillian's paperwork for the Breast Cancer Awareness Fund. He asks Phillip about the flier. Phillip is about to explain when he finds a note in his jacket pocket - a love letter from Beth. He is stunned. He tells Ross he's never gotten a letter like this from Beth before - it says she wants to get back together. Ross exclaims, "that's terrific," as the flier rests ominously on Phillip's table... Judging by his face, Ross asks Phillip what's wrong - is he afraid of a reconciliation with Beth? He tells Phillip to go for it, adding that he found a way to move on from past mistakes by proposing to Blake. Phillip is very happy and says this has to be the first time that there isn't anyone in Springfield who won't be happy about Blake and Ross getting together. Ross's expression suggests otherwise. Phillip picks up on it and inquires. Ross says he is worried about a client of his. He tells the story of he and Tory without names (not wanting to violate lawyer-client confidentiality). He tells how this (married) client is involved with a younger woman who reminds him of his first love, and now he's struggling with damage control. Phillip asks him what he (the client) wants - once he decides that, he'll be ok. Phillip also guesses that the client immediately went home and showered the wife with gifts or romantic dinners out of guilt, not love. Ross admits it is true. He tells Phillip he's made a mistake telling Phillip about his client's affairs. Phillip has been through it himself, so he admits he has strong feelings about the subject. He says you learn from your mistakes and most likely, this man didn't know he was getting into trouble until it was too late. He asks Ross why they always make life's important choices more difficult than they have to be - why can't they just jump in and say "to hell with it... if it feels right, it must be." Ross asks if Phillip is talking about his relationship with Beth and Phillip realizes he is. Phillip wishes Ross luck with his client and leaves the room while Ross checks his messages on Phillip's phone. He gets Tory's message and leaves determined to settle things with her once and for all.

Ross enters Company and asks Buzz which room Tory is in. Buzz seems confused that Ross isn't there to see Blake, but tells him Tory's in room #6. At her door, Ross knocks but gets no answer. He says "We need to talk." Tory tells him to come in. He does, but doesn't see Tory anywhere. She exits the bathroom and slowly removes her robe, revealing a tiny blank lingerie. Ross stands with his back against the door, stunned.

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