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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 28, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, January 28, 2002

Oakdale sizzled with action today. Barbara had a meltdown. Hal, Jack and Paul all found irrefutable evidence that Barbara is linked to Carly, Emily, and Rose's disappearances. While at the prison-spa, Rose and Emily plotted their escape. And Adam and Abigail made a run from the law, their parents, and the truth.

Carly and Emily decide their only way out of the spa is to get that old lady, Libby, to help them. Libby walks by and they tell her of their plan to escape. Libby agrees to help them, but on one condition. They have to take her with them so she can get back to the States and see her grandchildren. They all agree that the first priority is to get a phone and Libby says the head attendant, Hilda, is the only one who carries one. Rose comes up with a plan to lure Hilda into the aroma-therapy room to give Hilda a taste of the "woo-woo juice." Once she's looped up, they can get the phone, get Carly, and get out. Libby says there's one problem with that. "Carly has already moved on to the next level." Just then, Hilda walks downstairs. Libby tells Hilda there's a problem with the ventilation system in the aroma-therapy room. Hilda discovers that someone put towels in the vents to stop the mist and starts to leave the room to alert her boss. When she turns around, Rose and Emily are there. Rose knocks Hilda off her feet with a quick punch to the face. Hilda is not down for the count however, so Emily hops on her and forces Hilda's face near the steam. Rose and Emily both cover their mouths with towels while Hilda slowly stops fighting. Emily climbs off Hilda's back when they feel she's had enough of the goofy juice. Hilda groggily asks, "What happened?" Rose says, "Oh, we'll get to that in a minute. But first we need some answers."

Adam and Abigail stop by to see if Jenn is home. They are now on the lam and hit Jenn up for some money. They beg her not to tell anyone they were there. Jenn didn't want Abigail to go to the police station if there was a chance that she might incriminate herself somehow in Nick's murder, so she offers them $300. Abigail and Jenn hug, then Abigail and Adam hit the road.

Molly and Jake decide to go through Abigail's things to try to find a clue where she may have gone. This tears Molly up inside, as she never wanted to intrude on Abigail's personal things. They find Abigail's diary and think long and hard about reading this intensely personal journal. What will she find?

Margo visits Jenn and asks if she's seen Abigail and Adam. She swears she hasn't. Margo buys her story and asks her to call if she hears anything.

Abigail and Adam made it to an old cabin somewhere on one of Lucinda's many properties. The heat doesn't work, but the electricity does. Adam throws a log into the fireplace and they hug. Abigail wonders if she has done the right thing.

Barbara's meltdown began Friday when she ditched Hal and Jack at Hal's place because they wanted to take her down to the station for questioning. Barbara ran straight for Fairwinds, with her ex-husband and Jack hot on her tail. Babs gets in the house and screams for James. She hears his voice being piped in from somewhere. "Where are you!?" Calmly, James replies, "Barbara, you're not listening." "Can't we talk face to face?" Barbara walks into a room and draws close to a cabinet. "Sure. All you have to do is find me." She opens the cabinet door and James' face is looking directly at her on a television screen. "You have no one to blame but yourself Barbara. Don't hold those women anymore. You need to set your prisoners free and you need to do it NOW!" Barbara's broken face morphs into something much more horrific as she realizes what James is doing to her. "I should have known you'd try to blame this on me." James continues his pleading, "You've gone too far. You're the one who wanted to make them suffer. Carly and Emily have children. You're a mother. I implore you! Free them now!" Barbara's head is swimming and she doesn't know what to do except run. She bolts for the door and runs right into Hal and Jack. James' voice is still playing in the background and Hal's eyes fix on the TV set and his mouth drops as he listens to what James is telling Barbara.

Barbara gets a hold of herself and finds the remote. She turns off the TV and comes up with a lame excuse for James' performance, "You go to the video store and ask for IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE, and you get this. Go figure." She tosses the remote down, and runs past Jack and Hal down the hall. Hal tells Jack to grab the tape of James, while he stops Barbara. Barbara stops, pours herself a drink, then heads for the master living room. Hal finds her and demands to know where that tape came from accusing her of being involved with James from the very beginning. Barbara is livid despite the evidence, "Oh the fantasy continues! Barbara Ryan the criminal mastermind." Jake comes in the room and angrily says, "According to this tape, we all have the same fantasy!" Barbara swoops a 180 and says, "I don't give a damn about James' sick imaginings!" Hal asks why she gave them the slip. Barbara tries to plead for Hal to believe her, "It's all a setup! It's an elaborate lie Hal! I swear on the lives of my children!" Her pleas fall on deaf ears and Hal says she has to come down to the station for questioning. "Why?!" Jack has had enough of her rantings, "Because it's procedure, damn it!"

Hal, Jack, and Barbara arrive at the station and find Paul waiting there. He asks why she ran to Fairwinds. Babs doesn't have a satisfactory answer and Jack says that he has a tape that Paul "has to see." The two of them go off to watch the tape. Paul comes back and now knows how far his mother went to control his life. He tells her how disgusted he is that she tried to take away his happiness by being such a liar. Babs lowers her voice, shifts her eyes, and smirks, "I don't need to be lectured on the value of honesty from you, Paul! You lied to me about my own company." Jack threatens Babs, "Hear this Barbara...I will see to it you wake up surrounded by an 8 x 10 cell. Every lie that comes through those lips will come back to haunt you." Barbara is not scared. Paul cuts straight to the point, "Why did he turn on you mom? Did you double-cross him? No one is buying your routine. It doesn't work anymore." Babs has had enough. "I want to call an attorney."

Hal arranges for Tom to sit with Barbara during the questioning. Tom says he hasn't read the file so he's a little puzzled about what's going on. Babs gives her version, "I'm being railroaded by people who don't believe in me." Hal has had enough and can't contain himself any longer, "Can the histrionics!" Tom tries to calm everyone down and suggests that they all go into the interrogation room. Barb asks Paul for support, but he is still shocked over the new revelations. "What was is mom? You couldn't stand that I was happy, or was it because it was Rose that made me happy?" Hearing that she won't have an ally in her son, she turns dramatically and says, "Why should I make a statement? My son is here as judge, jury, and executioner." Hal sends Jack to get a search warrant for Fairwinds. Will he find the evidence James planted? Hal then starts the questions. "How many times in the last three months have you met with James?" Barbara and Tom confer over her answer, and she says, "I refuse to answer that on grounds that I might incriminate myself." Hal smiles and takes off his coat. "That's how you're going to play it, huh?" He says he kept going over something in his mind. "Who benefits? The person I keep coming up with is you. YOU benefit." Barb clams up and won't say anything else. Hal releases her, but tells her not to leave town. "Oh, and one other thing. Don't bother coming back to MY house. I don't want you anywhere near my home or anywhere near my kids."

Everyone leaves the interrogation room, except for Barbara. She stares off in the distance and says, "It's all for nothing." Then she breaks down crying.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Hal fills Jennifer in on Barbara being named the new prime suspect in Carly, Rose and Emily's disappearances. Jennifer admits to giving Adam and Abigail traveling money and that she needs to resolve things with Billy.

Using a cell phone they stole from a drugged Hilda, Emily calls Hal and tells him they are being held captive at a spa somewhere in the mountains and that Stenbeck is behind it. Later, Hal is knocked unconscious by Stenbeck. When Jack heads to Hal's house to get the details of the phone call, he finds Hal missing and his badge on the ground.

Molly searches for clues among Abigail's things hoping to find a clue as to where she and Adam might have gone. As Margo learns the kids were spotted in a Milltown grocery store, Adam comforts Abigail.

Brandy realizes Adam and Billy are cousins when she overhears Margo talking to him about Adam's disappearance. When Jennifer arrives to talk to Bonnie about Billy, he insists Brandy play along as his girlfriend so that he can make the break up easier for Jennifer.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Margo is upset because she still can't find Adam and Abigail and Hal is missing. She believes that Hal has been kidnapped. Jack tries to get a warrant to search Fairwinds but the judge won't give him one. Apparently, the judge is a friend of Barbara's. Jack says he will go talk to the judge himself and he will search Fairwinds to look for evidence. Jack also tells Paul about the phone call from Emily and warns Paul to be careful because they know the same information that Hal knew before he disappeared. Jack believes that James Stenbeck orchestrated the abductions. Paul doesn't want to believe that his mother may be responsible for the kidnappings but realizes it is possible.

Abigail and Adam are still at Lucinda's cabin. Abigail looks out the window and sees a hunter approaching. Adam makes her hide and manages to get rid of the hunter by telling him that Lucinda won't allow hunting and he already called the game warden. The hunter doesn't want to get into trouble and decides to leave. Abigail comes out of hiding and tells Adam that she is scared and asks him to take her home. Adam says he has faith in her and believes she will regain her memory. Abigail knows she can trust Adam and agrees to continue hiding out at the cabin.

At Fairwinds, Barbara packs a bag and gets her passport ready. She tells her maid she will be gone a short time and not to bother telling anyone that she even went away. Jennifer walks in and asks Barbara if she knows anything about Hal's disappearance. Barbara denies any involvement but Jennifer doesn't believe her. Barbara realizes that Paul has filled Jennifer in on what has been happening. Jennifer reminds Barbara how she once told Jennifer she didn't need a mother anymore. Now, Jennifer says, she doesn't need her mother but poor Will has lost a mother and maybe a father too. Jennifer tells Barbara that whatever James promised her, she hopes it was worth it. Jennifer leaves and Barbara starts to cry. A hand touches Barbara's shoulder - it is John Dixon who tries to comfort her. He says she should let someone in. Barbara says she already did that but it was the wrong person. John asks if she is talking about James. At that moment, Paul walks in and says he would like to know too. Then Jack walks in with a warrant and begins to search the house. He finds an envelope with the belongings of Emily, Rose and Carly. (James had planted this earlier.) Barbara tries to tell them she is being framed but Jack takes out the handcuffs and tells Barbara she is under arrest.

Ben and Jessica spend some time together. They have invited Isaac and Bonnie over to dinner to tell them about their relationship. Isaac and Bonnie think that Ben and Jessica are just playing matchmaker.

Margo goes over to Hal's to put a bug on his phone in case any one calls. Jen regrets lying to Margo and tells her that she did see Adam and Abigail. Margo is upset but understands. She says she knows what it is like to want to help your brother out.

Katie continues to look for men for her exercise video. All of the pictures she has seem too "California" - too perfect. She finally finds the perfect men when three firemen walk into Java Underground. Katie approaches them and tries to convince them to be part of her video.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Barbara is arrested for the kidnapping of Emily, Rose and Carly. Tom refuses to represent her after new evidence is brought forth. Under Jack's questioning, Barbara finally cracks and admits that James was behind everything.

Jennifer gets a modeling job in Italy. When Paul tells Jennifer about their mother's arrest, she tells him she has accepted a job in Milan. Paul initially is not thrilled with the idea, but in the end supports her decision. However, when a social worker arrives and says Parker and Will might have to go into foster care, Jennifer and Paul decide to stay with the kids.

Margo finds Brandy in Nick's apartment. Brandy claims she was there to find the money Nick owed her. Margo gets a copy of a grocery receipt and realizes that Adam and Abigail went camping. Meanwhile at the cabin, Abigail dreams about the night of the murder and awakens with a new memory: someone else was in the room with her and Nick that night.

Isaac and Bonnie, thinking Jessica and Ben are playing matchmaker, have dinner with them and finally realize the big secret, Ben and Jessica are seeing each other. Bonnie and Isaac leave, having grown slightly closer together.

Friday, February 1, 2002

Katie has more trouble with her exercise video today. The firemen try to check into the Lakeview, but Dahlia's credit card is no good so they can't get into their rooms. Lucy tells the front desk to send the firemen up to Craig's suite. Simon walks in and he is in the mood to spend time with his wife. Instead he finds a bunch of firemen in the room. Simon arranges for the firemen to go to the dining room and have dinner on Craig's dime and he and Katie run off to the bedroom together.

Jack questions Barbara about her involvement with James Stenbeck. She tells him that he showed up and gave her sympathy. He told her that he could help her get revenge on the three women who had ruined her life. Jack says, "Carly, Rose and Emily." She tells him that one was trying to take her company and one was trying to take her family and one was trying to take her son. She says that before she could stop him, he had a plan to get rid of them. She tells Jack that she knew it was wrong but she was confused and she thought that he cared about her. Jack asks if she knew that James was planning to try to get rid of the women then why didn't she contact the police. She says that she thought that James cared for her. Jack informs her that she has incriminated herself and she will pay for it. She stands up and demands to see Hal. Then she remembers that Hal is missing also. Jack tells her that James not only got rid of her enemies, he made sure that she didn't have a friend left to defend her. Jack calls an officer in to take her to a cell and she starts to throw a fit. He tells the officer to give her a minute to compose herself. She looks at Jack and says that it was not supposed to be like this. Jack walks out. She yells, "Jack, don't do this to me!" Jack walks out into the squad room and John Dixon walks in. He tells Jack that he hopes he was not questioning Barbara without a lawyer. Jack tells him to back off. Then, Craig walks in. Jack tells Craig that he does not have any patience for him tonight. Craig tells him that he just heard about Barbara and he asks, "Why is it that the ex-husband is always the last to know?" He rolls out a mock-up of the front page of The Intruder and it has a picture of Barbara on the front and says, "Glamour in the Slammer." Craig asks the two men what they think. "Too subtle?" Jack tells Craig to get that garbage out of his face. Craig demands to see Barbara. John says that he needs to see her because he is her physician and he is concerned for her health. Jack tells an officer to take John to Barbara and he tells Craig that he is leaving. Jack says goodbye and leaves.

Adam tries to help Abigail remember what happened in Nick's room the night he was killed. All she can remember is someone coming to the door and she can't remember past that. She wants to go back to Oakdale and tell everyone what she has remembered up to the present. Adam tells her that they can't go back until she remembers everything because no one believes what they will have to say. He tells her that he will be charged with obstruction of justice and she will be charged with murder. He tells her that he will have to testify against her. Abigail says that she just wants to go home. She misses her family and her horse. Adam comes up with a good idea. He tells Abigail that if they get married, they can't make him testify against his wife. She tells him that marriage is huge. He tells her that after the trial is over they can get divorced or get the marriage annulled. He tells her to wait. He goes over to the food and tears off a piece of tin foil. He forms the tin foil into a ring. He presents it to Abigail as a symbol of his affection.

Margo shows Tom the receipt that she had found showing some items that Adam had bought. They decide that he and Abigail are probably camping out somewhere. Jake and Molly stop by to see if they can help in some way. Margo is gearing the department up for a search for her son and Abigail. Tom and Jake team up and Margo and Molly team up to search for the kids. As Molly and Margo are driving around, Margo gets a call on the police radio that the state police had found Adam's car. They tell her where the car is located. She asks if they have located Adam or Abigail. They say no, but there is an abandoned hunting cabin in the vicinity that belongs to Lucinda Walsh. Margo asks if they have a search warrant and they say that they do. She tells them that she is on her way. Molly is smiling and she tells Molly not to get her hopes up. She says that Adam could have abandoned his car there just to throw them off. Molly says that she feels that they are there. The state police radio Margo again and ask how she wants them to proceed if they detect movement. Should they storm the cabin or wait for her to arrive. Molly grabs the mike and yells that they should not storm the cabin. Margo grabs the mic back and the police ask if that was detective Hughes. Margo tells them to wait until she arrives. She looks at Molly and asks if there is anything else. Molly says no. Margo says, "Over." Margo and Molly drive to the cabin. When they get there, Margo goes in first and then tells Molly that the kids are not there. They go inside and look around. Margo checks the fireplace and tells Molly that the wood is still warm so they must have been there within the hour. Molly says that they may have gone for more supplies. Margo says that it is a possibility. Margo continues to look around the cabin. She finds something and tells Molly to look. She holds up the ring that Adam had made for Abigail.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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