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Erica was declared innocent, but later charged with perjury, after Bianca remembered what had happened on the night of Frankie's murder. Vanessa had someone plant drugs in Mateo's safe. David and Anna rushed to the Caribbean to try to save Dixie's life. Joe was forced to fire David.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 28, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, January 28, 2002

In Erica's office, Kendall pours herself a glass of champagne and begins celebrating Erica's guilty verdict. Val walks in, and threatens to throw her out. When she tells him why she's celebrating, he fills her in on what she missed. Chris reopened the case and called Bianca to the stand. Kendall is irate, and storms out of the office.

At SOS, Mateo walks up to Greenlee and asks her how Vanessa was acting the night before. She tells him that Vanessa was acting postal, because she was waiting for her boyfriend to come. She was trying to push her out the door right around 7. Mateo thinks back to the night before, and remembers Proteus calling late, and saying that it was off. Greenlee tells him about her boyfriend, and what happened to Leo. He wonders why Vanessa would hang out with a guy like that, and Greenlee reminds him about Paulo. She said that Vanessa has a dangerous taste in men. Before they continue, Vanessa walks up. She had been paranoid that they were talking about her, so she walked up to put a stop to it. She tells Greenlee to quit trying to sabotage her singing career. Greenlee laughs and asks, "Are you on drugs?" While Mateo watches, Vanessa stammers and said she doesn't even take aspirin. She tells them that she's always dreamed of a singing career. Leo and Greenlee laugh, and tell her to keep dreaming. She turns to Mateo and apologizes for their behavior. She asks for some time alone with Leo. Greenlee and Mateo leave. She turns back to them and tells them she's been acting a little off. Leo tells her to be a little more realistic about her dreams; People aren't that interested in hearing her sing. Greenlee had enough and leaves Vanessa and Leo to continue their conversation. Leo asks her why she hasn't left town yet, like she normally does when the jig is up. She tells him that she needs him to come with her. She has a plan that will allow them to live comfortably anywhere they want. Leo reminds her about Greenlee, and says that he's already comfortable. Vanessa tells him to think hard before he gives up his life. Greenlee returns, and prepares to leave with Leo. Leo tells Vanessa that she's on her own. Vanessa asks him if he's leaving her, too. He tells her that he will continue to stand by Greenlee, and they are out of her life. They both walk out.

Leo and Greenlee return to Enchantment where they remind themselves that Vanessa won't leave them alone. Leo tells her that she's acting weird, but to try to forget about it. He says he has big plans, and he doesn't want Vanessa to interfere. He asks Greenlee to pick a day for a huge surprise he has planned. Greenlee goes to her date book, and Leo tells her to pick a sunny day this spring. Greenlee acts surprised, and Leo tells her that it's time to set a date for their wedding. Her face lights up and she jumps into his arms.

Back at SOS, Mateo tells Simone about his suspicion. He says Vanessa could be Proteus, and he tells her about all the clues. He says that she might be asking for a job just so she, as Proteus, could keep tabs on him. Simone seems unsure, and Mateo concedes that she could just be an accomplice. He decides to test her, and he offers a tryout to sing. Vanessa is ecstatic, and Simone asks him why he did that. He privately tells her that it's so he could keep tabs on Proteus. Meanwhile, Vanessa tells herself what her first song is going to be, "A little funeral dirge, Greenlee Smythe's swan song."

In the courtroom, Bianca repeats her thought, "You didn't kill her, because...," but Erica prevents her from completing her sentence. The judge asks Erica to sit down. Chris has Bianca start over, and she walks through what she remembers. She remembers turning Frankie over, and seeing the blood on her shirt. She remembers the butterfly, and the locket that was being clutched in her hand. Chris asks her if this was the same locket that was found in Erica's house. Bianca says, "Yes." She then puts the mystery together and realized that Erica couldn't have killed Frankie. The locket was in her house when she was arrested, because she apparently took it when she killed Frankie. However, Frankie was holding it when Bianca saw her dead body. Therefore, Erica couldn't have killed her. "You didn't kill her mom. You didn't kill Frankie." Erica tells her that she is confused. Bianca asks her why she would confess when she didn't kill her. Judge Pearson informs Bianca of her rights, and says she doesn't have to say anything else. Now, Bianca is confused, and can't understand why she has to worry about her rights. Then Bianca screams that she realizes what Erica did. "You lied because I killed Frankie!" Kendall, who had walked in a few minutes before, screams "Liar!" She accuses Bianca of lying the whole time to protect Erica. Erica's just playing her. Bianca tells Kendall that it was she who was played by Erica. Erica knew that Kendall would help her get convicted if she called her. Kendall says that it isn't true, and asks Erica to confirm it. Erica doesn't answer, however. Chris asks Kendall be removed, but Ryan stands up to defend her. The judge orders both Kendall and Ryan be removed from the courtroom.

Outside the courtroom, Kendall blames Ryan for getting them kicked out. He tells her that she's just bitter, because Erica beat her. She asks him why he's there. How could he hate Chris nearly as much as she hates Erica? She then tells him to go to hell, and stalks off. After she leaves, Ryan pulls the picture out of his wallet, and looks at the inscription on the back.

Back in the courtroom, Chris continues his questioning of Bianca. She walks through the night one more time, and Chris asks her if she hated Frankie enough to kill her. Erica tries to interrupt again, but Bianca says that she has to remember. She remembers arriving after Frankie was dead and says, "I couldn't have killed Frankie." When she left the house that night she drove away and didn't look back. Chris ends his questioning, and Jack says he has no questions. Neither man wished to amend their closing arguments, and the judge releases the jury to deliberate one more time. He then recess the court. Chris packs up and leaves without saying a word to Erica. Erica watches Opal lead Bianca out into the hall. She asks for Bianca, but Bianca looks back without stopping.

Back in her hotel room, Kendall is carrying a pint of hard liquor and cursing out her mother and Bianca. She then passes out on her bed, unaware that a cigarette is still burning on her desk.

Out in the hallway, Chris walks past Ryan, and Ryan stops him. Chris asks him why he's there, and Ryan says he just came down to see if Chris is really the "skank" he thought he was. His thoughts were confirmed when he saw him harassing a high school student on the witness stand. Chris says, "Don't!" and walks away.

Palmer approaches Opal in the hallway outside the courtroom, and asks her if she knew what Erica was doing the whole time. Opal says she did, and tells him that she doesn't care what he has to say about it. He tells her, however, that he's proud of what she did.

Erica remains in the courtroom, and hopes that Bianca will return. After some urging from Myrtle, Bianca walks back into the courtroom. Erica walks up to her and says that she's so happy, because they are both innocent. Soon, the jury will return with a not-guilty verdict and they can go home. She moves to hug her, but Bianca puts her hand up. "Stay away from me!" she says.

Ryan returns to his room, and sees smoke coming out from underneath Kendall's door. He moves toward her door, screaming her name. Inside the room, Kendall remains passed out with smoke surrounding her.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Jake is rifling through David's papers in his desk when Anna comes in and demands to know what he thinks he's doing going through David's things. Jake tells her she's welcome to go ahead and tell her boyfriend. She looks at him quizzically, "What's your secret? Everyone else in this town has one." Jake denies having any secrets.

At his cabin, David is on the phone to his stockbroker instructing him to sell some stocks. "The hospital I work for is all over me like a wet shirt," he says on the phone. After the phone call, he picks up a vial of clear liquid and as he looks as it, he murmurs, "Everything I'm doing, it's all for you, Dixie."

In the Caribbean, Tad and Dixie return to her hotel room soaking wet, having got caught in the rain. As they dry off, and Dixie tries to get Tad to return to his own room, she collapses and almost passes out. He carries her to the bed, where she rests. She admits that going through the divorce is taking its toll on her health, with lack of appetite and not sleeping much. But she assures Tad that she is basically OK.

A worried Tad insists on calling in the hotel doctor, which Dixie at first resists. When the doctor examines Dixie, he is concerned enough to want to see her medical records.

In the courtroom while the jury is out, Bianca is horrified to realize why Erica was "protecting" her. Erica tries to gloss it all over, saying, "I did it all to save you from prison!" and can't understand why Bianca pushes her away. "You thought I killed Frankie, and walked away and left her to die!" a shocked Bianca says. "I thought you were traumatized," Erica tries to justify. "You thought I was a cold-blooded murderer!" Bianca replies. She continues, saying that Erica had manipulated the whole trial because she was convinced her own daughter was a killer. "But it all pointed to you!" Erica protests. "Not to anyone else but you, mom," Bianca retaliates. The more Erica tries to explain and justify what she did, the more shocked and hurt Bianca becomes. "You wanted control over me, so that it would just be mommy and me," she accuses. When Erica reiterates how much she loves Bianca, Bianca responds by saying she doesn't want that kind of love. Erica accuses Bianca of just wanting to hurt her, and insists that she just wanted to protect Bianca. She adds that Bianca would never have survived in prison. "So that's it - you think I'm a loser!" Bianca cries. "The truth is you're ashamed of me!" As they argue at each other, Chris comes in and tells them the jury has reached a verdict again.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Ryan sees smoke coming out from under the door of Kendall's room. He bangs on the door and calls her name, but on receiving no answer, he goes in and sees her lying unconscious on the bed as the smoke swirls around. He carries her outside and gives her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. As she comes around, she shoves him off with an angry, "What do you call that - foreplay?" Ryan retaliates in kind, yelling that he saved her life, and what was she thinking? He accuses her of being ungrateful, and she says it's all Erica's fault. Ryan is amazed. Kendall says she wouldn't even be in Pine Valley but for Erica's stupid schemes. They argue about Kendall's motives for being in town, and Ryan then says, "You could have died, and all you focus on is Erica!"

Tad calls Jake, and tells him about Dixie. He asks Jake to get Dixie's medical records and fax them to the hotel doctor to see. Jake says he'll get on it immediately, and will contact Dr. Johanson, Dixie's current cardiologist. Tad and Dixie try to relax, as the hotel doctor has told Tad to stay with Dixie through the night. The storm has knocked out the television, so Tad explores the room's mini fridge. Dixie laughs at his delight in finding all sorts of his favorite snacks, as well as an assortment of drinks and soft drinks. But she tries to persuade him to go back to his own room. He tells Dixie that he will stay with her as long as he is still her husband - for the next 48 hours.

Anna asks Jake what happened, and he tells her about Dixie. "Shouldn't you ask David for a consult?" she asks. Jake tells her David hasn't been Dixie's cardiologist for more than a year, and gets busy on the phone and computer to get everything Tad requested. Anna quietly slips out and goes to meet David at his cabin. After she leaves, Jake goes through more of David's papers, puzzled over what they are.

When Anna arrives at the cabin, David asks her why she took so long to get there. She tells him she caught Jake going through his papers, but David isn't too concerned. "He's just so pompous and self-righteous," he tells Anna, and asks if there was anything else. "No, nothing at all," Anna lies, as David draws her to him in a kiss.

Ryan and Kendall are still arguing as they survey the smoke damage in her room, when Bianca arrives. Kendall is shocked when Bianca tells her the verdict. "So, she pulled it off," Kendall says. "The two of you did it. She used me to save you." Bianca is in agreement for once. "I know, I agree!" she says. But Kendall angrily rejects Bianca's sympathy.

Anna and David are starting to get passionate under a blanket by the fireside when the phone rings. The answering machine kicks in, and David leaps up when he hears Dr. Johanson say there's a change in Dixie's condition. David is stunned and frantically demands to know all the details. He hurriedly writes down the information of where Dixie is as he hastily gets dressed. Anna looks on with an annoyed look on her face. "Hello? I'm still here!" David tells her he has to leave immediately. "I don't think so," she replies. "This is very important," David tells her. "So is this," she scowls, and grabs his shirt from his hands.

Erica is delighted to hear that the verdict is "not guilty," and she turns around to Bianca with a huge smile, but Bianca ignores her and leaves the courtroom. Erica is devastated and turns to Chris for comfort. But Chris tells her he's through. Erica begs him not to go, "You didn't trust me enough to tell me the truth," he says angrily. "Miss Kane, it's time to rebuild your empire," and stalks off to the waiting reporters outside. Erica sits down and covers her face with her hands as she weeps. Suddenly, she feels a hand on her shoulder, and looks up to see Jackson. She immediately goes into his comforting arms.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Bianca and Kendall unsheathe their claws on one another as Ryan watches the sisters squabble. Appalled that Anna kept vital information about Dixie to herself, David angrily reminds his lover that they're dealing with a matter of life and death. Meanwhile, on the island, Dixie takes a turn for the worse. Unable to reach Jake or the hotel doctor, a panicking Tad learns that the airports have all been closed due to a hurricane blowing in. Consoling a heartbroken Erica, Jackson assures her he would have done the same thing for Bianca if their roles had been reversed. Anna decides to call in a favor to help David get through the storm and reach his patient in time. Erica admits to Jackson she was half hoping Kendall wouldn't betray her in the end. After Bianca storms out, Kendall suggests to an amused Ryan that his anger merely masks his lust for her. Tad tries to reassure a terrified Dixie as she fears she'll suffer the same fate which befell her mother. Certain she's about to die, Dixie begs Tad to promise that he'll always be there for JR. Erica is stunned to learn she's being placed under arrest yet again.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Jack Montgomery shows up at the Chandler mansion looking for JR. Adam takes this as an accusation of murder against his son. Jack tries to explain that he is not there to arrest JR; he only wants to ask some questions to see if JR remembers anything new. JR is willing to talk despite Adam's reservations. JR goes over the events of the night in question. He remembers that after Bianca left, Frankie was very upset and saying crazy stuff like how she couldn't do that to Bianca. Frankie then kicked him out, but JR stood outside her door listening. He heard her call Erica on Opal's phone, then afterwards, use a cell phone to make another call. Jack thinks that part is strange. Why would Frankie use a cell phone and not the phone in her room? No cell phone was ever found in the police investigation. Jack comes to the conclusion that perhaps Frankie had called her killer with that phone.

Leo admits to Greenlee that he had a nightmare. She finally gets out of him that it was a bad dream about his mother. Leo refuses to discuss the issue further until Greenlee reminds him that they are trying to have more open communications. Leo starts to tell her about the nightmare, then turns it into a joke. Greenlee is not amused that Leo doesn't want to share his feelings with her.

Greenlee leaves and Bianca comes to see her friend Leo. She tells him she is sorry she remembered what happened the night of Frankie's murder even though it cleared Erica. Bianca can't forgive the fact that Erica thought she was capable of killing Frankie. She feels Erica has never understood her.

Joe and Jake are looking for David who missed surgery on an important patient. As they search David's office, Vanessa comes in. She accuses the Dr's Martin of trying to bring down her son the genius and gloats that one day David will outshine them all when he wins the Nobel Prize. Joe and Vanessa leave as Greenlee comes by to visit Jake.

Greenlee breaks the news to Jake that she and Leo have set a wedding date. Jake wishes her all the best. As Vanessa eavesdrops, Greenlee tells Jake she can't pretend they are just friends. Greenlee goes on to say that something important happened between them and she can't forget that. Jake says he feels the same way, that's why he has made the decision to leave Pine Valley.

As Dixie lies on the brink of death, the hotel Doctor gets ready to administer a shot of digitalis. At that moment, David appears screaming that the drug will only kill Dixie. As Tad tries to push David out, David frantically tries to reason with him. Dixie hears the ruckus and asks David if she is really going to die.

The hotel Doctor agrees that David should treat Dixie because David is more equipped to help her. Anna begs David to tell Tad the truth about his research. Finally, David admits to Tad that he has been doing covert research on Dixie's illness. He has created a serum that should help her. Dixie says it's ok. She believes that since David loves her, he would never do anything to hurt her. Tad reluctantly agrees to let David inject Dixie with the serum. After a period of slipping in and out of consciousness, Dixie gasps for breath as David does his best to come to her aid. Tad vows that if Dixie dies, David will too. As they argue, Dixie's fever breaks. David is relieved that his serum has worked. Meanwhile, Joe Martin is delivering a letter of dismissal to David's office.

Friday, February 1, 2002

At Greenlee's condo, Vanessa sets up an argument between Leo and Greenlee by telling Leo about Greenlee's meeting with Jake at the hospital. Leo wasn't aware she had gone to see Jake. Greenlee tried to convince Leo and her purpose in seeing Jake was to tell him in person that she and Leo had set a date for their wedding. She didn't want Jake to hear it from anyone else except her. Leo turns the argument towards Vanessa and tells her to stop interfering in he and Greenlee's life. I know your tricks, he says. You've lost control. Vanessa accuses Greenlee of turning Leo against her but Leo tells his mother that she is the one, not Greenlee, who has turned him against her. Leo demands Vanessa to leave the condo and opens the door for her. She leaves reluctantly as Leo slams the door behind her.

Leo picks up the argument now with Greenlee about her meeting Jake at the hospital. Again Greenlee tries to justify why her meeting with Jake. Leo stops her explanation. We both know why you went to visit him. Greenlee's jaw drops. She begins to pace the floor. Leo argues that she wanted Jake to talk her out of marrying him. Greenlee argues back that it isn't true and then tells Leo that Jake is leaving town. Leo then storms out of the condo.

He goes to the boathouse to sort things out in his mind. He is unsettled and goes over in his mind his conversation with Vanessa where he told her she can attend he and Greenlee's wedding and then she must leave Pine Valley. His attention then focuses on his argument with Greenlee where he accused her of going to Jake to tell him about the wedding date they set so Jake will stop her from marrying him. Jake has to leave town to get over you, Greenlee, Leo tells himself. And you don't want him to go. Leo's attention is suddenly diverted to an object floating in the lake. He recognizes it is the trunk that he and David hauled out of Vanessa's room at the Valley Inn. He wonders out loud why is it in the lake. He pulls it into the boathouse and begins to pry it open with some tools he found. He opens the lid to find it empty. In his disappointment, he swishes his hands though the remaining water and leaves at the bottom of the trunk and discovers a chain link bracelet. He remembers he has seen it before. Larry, the chauffer, was wearing it when he beat him up in the park.

Jake joins Mia at her table at SOS. He tells her he is dissatisfied will all this never ending stuff in his life and those around him. He feels a need to explore his freedom and get on with his life so he bought a boat, The Good Hope, at Essex, Connecticut. He saw a picture of the two-masted, 36-foot sloop in a brochure and decided to buy it.

He confesses to Mia that Greenlee is driving him crazy because he's still in love with her. So he has decided that she isn't good for him. He also feels that the Martin family expectations have been handed down to him. He can't live up to them and they have become a burden he doesn't want. He wants to go somewhere where no one knows the Martin name. He talks about telling his family he wants to leave Pine Valley in April. Dr. Joe will have a replacement for him at the hospital by then. He knows it won't be easy for them to let him go to pursue his dream. Mia reminds him that Dr. Joe realized his dream of becoming a doctor in Pine Valley so she feels that Dr. Joe won't regret that Jake wants to follow his own dreams. Mia tells him that if he wants to live his life making everyone happy then he shouldn't follow his dream and leave Pine Valley. Jake is surprised Mia has such insight about his doubts. Jake realizes he can't fix everyone's problems: Dr. Joe's heart isn't good and that Tad and Dixie's marriage is breaking up. Mia mentions a few nautical terms much to Jake's surprise and then he realizes he needs company on his boat trip. He asks Mia to be his first mate. She at first is hesitant. She's not sure about spending all her time on the boat but she allows Jake to convince her it would be great if she came along.

Greenlee interrupts their conversation asking Jake if she can talk to him. She wants him to convince Leo that she and Jake are not having a relationship. Jake declines and tells Greenlee he isn't in the business of fixing Greenlee's problem. He and Mia decide to leave SOS. Greenlee is feeling dejected. She decides to get a table and orders a drink.

Simone enters SOS and gives Mateo an amorous kiss. Mateo whispers to Simone that today is the day they break up and he pulls away from her. Mateo wants to continue the cover-up by himself because he loves Hayley and the pretend love affair with Simone is hurting Hayley. Simone walks away from him to the back room and into the alley. She berates herself for actually falling in love with Mateo and criticizes herself for being so stupid to let her feelings get out of control. Hayley enters the alley and sees Simone. She asks Simone what is wrong. Simone replies that she wants her husband, Mateo. Hayley is speechless. She wonders why Simone is telling her this. Simone assures Hayley there are no bugs, video cameras in the alley. The alley has been swept. They are completely alone. Simone apologizes to Hayley for losing control of her feelings and kissing Mateo with a real kiss. She feels she has let Hayley down. Hayley wants to know what does Mateo think. As she is waiting for Simone to give her an answer, Mateo joins them in the alley. He replies, "I kissed her back." Simone tells Hayley that Mateo loves only Hayley. Simone promises Hayley she will leave Mateo alone and will keep her emotions under control. Mateo and Hayley continue to talk to sort things out. He tells her how scared he has felt and that he is getting more scared about Proteus. As they are talking Vanessa creeps into the alley and hides behind a wall unnoticed. She listens intently to Hayley and Mateo's conversation. Mateo tells Hayley that he is the one that has hurt her by going along with the charade of loving Simone. Simone wants to continue her job at SOS so she can be back up for Mateo and help protect him. Hayley tells her she is assuming Simone has a weapon of some kind to help protect Mateo. Simone promises to keep her emotions under control and she leaves the alley to go back to SOS.

Mateo and Hayley continue their conversation. He tells her she is the one he loves and wants. He implores Hayley to have faith in him. Hayley confesses how emotionally difficult it is for her to make the trips to Texas to visit their son, Lorenzo, who is staying with Mateo's mom and then leave him to return to Pine Valley. Mateo tells Hayley he thinks Vanessa is connected to Proteus but Hayley isn't so sure. Mateo promises to call Hayley to meet later at their secret meeting place. Hayley leaves the alley and Mateo returns to SOS.

Vanessa, now alone in the alley, mutters to herself that Mateo has conned her so far but now she knows. She promises to get even with him. She places a call on her cell phone with the voice-altering device. She asks if the excess baggage has been taken care of. Receiving a confirming answer, she gives her next assignment to deliver a surprise package to Mateo at SOS. This one will change his life forever she says.

Mateo goes into the back office at SOS and sees a package of white powder lying on the floor by the open safe door. Simone comes into the office and sees the package. Mateo puts his finger to his lips indicating to her to be silent because the room is bugged. He writes the word "planted" on a tablet of paper and shows it to Simone. She nods and then he writes "setup."

Later, Simone is drinking at the bar. Playing out their act of breaking up their relationship, Mateo pulls the glass away from her and they begin to snipe at each other. He tells her to leave. They argue loudly and now he demands she leave SOS. Simone threatens to call the police and give them a tip unless she keeps her job and gets a raise. Mateo gives in and agrees just as Vanessa enters SOS. She reminds Mateo about her audition. He apologizes for forgetting about it.

As Vanessa and Mateo pass by Greenlee's table, Greenlee jumps up to confront Vanessa about telling Leo about her seeing Jake. She and Vanessa bicker at each other. Vanessa tells her that if she ruins things for her, she will regret it. Police sirens outside SOS interrupt them. As Vanessa walks toward the entrance to SOS, she stops and doesn't believe what she sees. In astonishment she says, "You... you're alive."



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