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Passions Recaps: The week of January 28, 2002 on PS
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Monday, January 28, 2002

Sam questions Ivy, Rebecca, Theresa and Pilar of their whereabouts on the night Julian disappeared. We see each one of them in flashbacks vowing revenge on Julian as they go looking for him with murder in their eyes. Pilar reveals that Rebecca came back to the mansion smelling of fish. Theresa lets it be known that Ivy came back to the house that night with fish guts tracking up the house from the wheels of her wheelchair.

Miguel thinks Charity is pushing him away because she fears to stay close to him because of one of her premonitions. "Zombie Charity" tells Miguel she just doesn't want him anymore. She wants fun and that is not him. Miguel insists on fighting to keep their relationship and will not take "Charity's" breakup seriously. Kay plans on using one of Charity's premonitions to break up Miguel and Charity for good.

Ivy and Rebecca refuse to be questioned by Luis. They get outraged when they find out Luis is to question his mother and sister. Sam tells Ivy that he will be questioning their son Ethan. Luis forbids Pilar and Theresa from admitting they wanted Julian dead. They confess that they both left the party looking for Julian. He cannot believe that they both had access to guns.

"Diana" awakes and does not remember much of her dream except she took something important from someone. She also remembers the strong smell of tuna. The stewardess tells "Diana" that she seemed so convincing when she was sleepwalking that she really believed "Diana" killed someone.

As Sam questions Rebecca in the library, Ivy has a pain so severe that she drops her pain pills and passes out. Sam comes to her rescue. He is still filled with guilt over Ivy's injury. He comforts Ivy which makes Rebecca suspicious and angry. Doc urges Liz to dig into "Diana's" past.

"Zombie Charity" pretends to have a premonition that Miguel is with someone else and is very, very happy. She says he is with Kay and they are very happy together. He is the happiest he has ever been. Miguel refuses to believe it.

"Diana" goes to Brian's room and begs him to make love to her.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Timmy is upset to see Kay's new plan in action. "Charity" rejects Miguel by telling him she had a promotion about how happy he will be with Kay. She calls Kay his true love. Miguel dismisses the idea and tells "Charity" he loves only her and wants to marry her. he says he will do whatever it takes to keep what they have alive. Jessica catches Tabitha and Timmy eavesdropping. This raises Reese's suspicions. Tabitha makes up a clumsy lie that everybody believes except Reese.

Luis tells his mother and sister to keep quiet about the night Julian supposedly died. Luis goes on about how he and Theresa should have listened to Pilar and stayed away from the Cranes. He said both he and Theresa both have broken hearts. He damns the whole Crane family. He knocks a picture of Sheridan off the mantle and breaks it as his heart breaks for her all over again. Luis goes to Sheridan's cottage and relives some of their happier times. He lights a candle and the candle in "Diana's" room burns brighter.

Doc tells Liz that tonight the Bermuda triangle has special powers to play tricks. He says that it will make the real seem unreal and the unreal seem real. "Diana" goes to "Brian's" bed and begs him to make love to her as she tells him she loves him. "Brian" confesses his love to "Diana" as well. "Brian" doesn't know that it is his brother Luis that "Diana" keeps seeing. When "Diana" says, "Make love to me like you used to." Brian knows she is sleepwalking and tries to get her to go back to sleep.

Liz feels like she has been transported back to a garden to meet someone. A man calls to her and she calls him a bastard. She says what HE did to her was unforgivable and she will never forget what he did to her. Doc grabs her and asks her who she is yelling at. When Liz explains, Doc tells her it is the power of the triangle.

Tabitha tries to "help" Miguel by telling him to give Charity what she wants. She urges Miguel to ask Kay out on a date. She explains that it may make Charity jealous. Miguel decides to try Tabitha's idea.

Luis goes to the Crane pool for a swim and sees strange colored lights in the sky. "Diana" sees the same lights and jumps into the water. Luis sees her in the pool. They swim toward each other and kiss. Sheridan swears she will never let him go again. As they kiss, they both disappear from the pool. The Crane maid comes in to find the pool empty.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Gwen and Ethan share a cheeseburger at a local restaurant. The waitress asks Ethan where Theresa is and Ethan explains that they aren't seeing each other anymore. Ethan explains to Gwen that he has to go through Sheridan's clothes and auction them off as part of her estate. Gwen offers to help, reminding Ethan that Sheridan was one of her closest friends.

Sheridan (Diana) runs into the sea as Luis dives into the Crane's pool. Somehow they meet and kiss. They promise never to part again as Doc worries that the power of the Bermuda triangle could take them away forever. As Luis and Sheridan embrace, Sheridan hears "Brian" calling for her. She tells Luis that "He is coming for me. He is going to take me back."

Luis then hears Theresa calling for him as she stands on the edge of the Crane's pool. She thinks she sees Luis at one point. Hank walks in and tells Theresa he will try to get the lights to come back on. Theresa then thinks she sees Luis and Sheridan together. Hank dives in to "save" Luis as "Brian" thinks he is saving "Diana." Both Luis and Sheridan fight to stay together as they are being pulled apart.

"Brian" finally gets "Diana" back to shore. Theresa and Hank get Luis out of the pool. Luis is heartbroken. He tells them he just lost Sheridan all over again. He insists he held Sheridan in his arms. Theresa then confesses that she thought for a moment that she saw the two of them together in the water. Hank also explains that even though he felt Luis, Luis disappeared for a minute. They all try to come up with a logical explanation to explain away the strange happenings.

Ivy is still in a lot of pain. She asks Sam to get another one of her pain prescriptions for her. He cautions her about overuse of the pills. Ivy confesses that she would kill anyone who hurt Ethan. Theresa and Hank follow Luis to Sheridan's cottage. They run into Gwen and Ethan who have begun to go through Sheridan's clothes for the auction. Luis refuses to let anyone sell Sheridan's clothes. Gwen and Ethan leave as Theresa watches. Hank urges Theresa to try to talk to Ethan. When Sam leaves, Ivy goes to get more pain pills. She drops the bottle and falls out of her wheelchair again. Sam finds Ivy on the floor and picks her up and embraces her.

"Diana" doesn't remember much about her dip in the ocean except that she was with her lover.

Theresa tries to talk to Ethan. She asks him if there is any chance that they can get back together.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Grace has a premonition about Sam and Ivy. Sam finds Ivy lying in pain for a second time. He calls Eve. Eve comes to Ivy's bedside and tells Sam that Ivy must be in agony because she did not prescribe the pills Ivy just took. Eve says that Ivy must be in so much pain that she is doubling up on her pain medication. Grace accompanies Eve and finds Sam holding Ivy. Sam tries to explain as Grace assures him that she understands. Eve overhears David saying Ivy is getting what she deserves. This raises Eve's suspicions. Grace sees the pain that Ivy is in and believes that Ivy is in no shape to be scheming.

Gwen does not want Theresa to talk to Ethan. Hank goes to talk to Gwen. Gwen assures Hank that she is not the bitch people accuse her of being. She tells Hank that she feels sorry for Theresa right now, especially since she brought all her problems on herself. Hank says that if two people are meant to be together they can overcome the odds. Gwen says that no one can judge if two people are meant to be together. Hank agrees as Gwen can see he has been hurt by love more times than he can count. Theresa goes on her knees to Ethan. He tells her to move on with her life and find happiness somehow and walks away.

Luis and Sheridan "meet" again as Luis sits alone in Sheridan's cottage and as Sheridan sleeps in her bed at the hotel. They "meet" and dance. Liz, Doc and "Brian" see a shadowy figure at the open French doors of "Diana's" room. They cannot make out the face but Doc is certain that it is 'Diana's" dead lover. Then they see "Diana" dancing alone. Brian tries to explain it all away logically. Liz tells him that like it or not "Diana" loves someone else. Her lover is not dead in her heart and he cannot fight the kind of love they witnessed tonight between "Diana" and her lover. "Brian" says he'll fight the memories of her past by making new memories for her. He vows to make her so happy that she will not want to visit her past.

Theresa tells Hank she lost Ethan forever. Ethan finds Gwen crying. She is "crying" over Luis being brokenhearted about Sheridan and Theresa's suffering. Gwen claims that she feels guilt over Theresa's pain. Theresa witnesses Ethan holding Gwen.

Luis tells Hank about dancing with Sheridan. Sheridan calls out form her bed to help her. Luis can hear her voice and thinks he is losing his mind.

Ivy awakes from her medication and when alone with David gives him an ultimatum. She demands that he break up Sam and Grace or she will destroy him and his son.

Friday, February 1, 2002

Luis tells Hank about both times this evening when he held Sheridan in his arms. Hank does not know how it could be possible. Luis says he doesn't know either but he is sure of one thing. He feels in his heart that if he does not reconnect with Sheridan soon, someone will take her away from him forever.

"Diana" wakes up and hears Doc telling Brian that she was with her dead lover. When "Brian" says that it 's silly, "Diana" says that it was true. She swears that she was in her lovers arms tonight. Doc gives Diana hope that her lover may not be dead. Diana believes that since she does not remember him being alive that he must be dead. She is still determined to somehow return to him through the power of the Bermuda triangle.

Kay tells Miguel that she is looking forward to their date. Reese objects until Kay reminds him that everything has to look real to make Charity jealous. Jessica and Simone are sure that Kay is up to something. Kay goes off on how she is on the bottom of the sibling list. She says that everyone worries about Charity and John's feeling but no one gives a damn about hers. She says compared to her mother, she is a saint remembering how she walked in on David and Grace kissing. Jessica wants to know what Kay is talking about. Kay keeps it to herself and then orders Jessica and Simone to talk to "Charity" themselves. "Charity" tells the girls that Kay has been trying to keep her and Miguel together. She also says that she and Miguel are headed for a breakup.

TC goes to the Crane mansion, angry that Eve went there, even if it is for Ivy. Eve assures TC that Julian is dead.

Ivy swears to destroy David if he does not help her get Sam back and damn the cost! She shows David a blackmail picture of him that she will use if he does not cooperate with her plan. She tells David that she can destroy Sam and Grace as long as no one discovers their connection. David and Ivy get into a heated argument that Eve and TC walk in on.

Rebecca eavesdrops in on Sam and Grace hoping to get some dirt on Ivy. Sam tells Grace that he is full of guilt over Ivy's injury. Rebecca is caught listening. Sam decides to question Rebecca about Julian's murder. Rebecca pretends not to know how to use a gun when she is questioned and "cries" over her lost Pookey. As Rebecca walks away, her gun falls out of her garter.

Luis goes to the gazebo to try to reconnect with Sheridan. Sheridan hears Luis calling her name as Doc, Liz and Brian watch. Sheridan gets up and walks toward the open doors in search of Luis.

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