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Passions Recaps: The week of February 4, 2002 on PS
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Monday, February 4, 2002

Miguel and Kay go to a couples dance. "Charity" is there and could care less that the two of them are together. Miguel is still holding onto the hope that his Charity is being selfless and trying to push him away to save him pain.

Miguel explains to Chad why he is out on a date with Kay. Tabitha and Timmy are at the dance watching Kay's progress. Timmy is unhappy about the plan but Tabitha explains it is the only way to save them from the real Charity's full powers of goodness.

TC and Eve know that Ivy is threatening David. They ask David point blank what Ivy is up to. Ivy lies that she was trying to get David to get her another pain medication on the sly. She says that is why she was so angry with David and that is why she threatened him. Eve is buying the story but TC doesn't and tells Ivy so. David helps out Ivy by denying TC's accusations. Privately TC warns David that if he is involved with "Poison Ivy" in any He cautions David to run far and fast because the Crane's destroy everything and everyone they touch.

Sam sees Rebecca's gun fall out of her garter. She lies and says she forgot about it. Sam demands to know where Rebecca was the night of Julian's murder. He questions Rebecca after he sees that the gun has been recently fired. Rebecca says that she killed a rat that deserved to die. She then says it was a real rat scurrying through the Crane mansion.

Sheridan tries to go to Luis but his image fades. She searches for him as Brian tries to stop her, afraid that she will "cross over" to her dead lover. Brian says that when Diana was in the ocean she disappeared and he felt someone pull her. Brian tries to get "Diana" but Liz stops him by asking him if he is putting his feelings above "Diana's." Brian agrees to let Diana go to her lover.

Luis tries to reconnect with Sheridan and explains to Hank that their love is so strong it is trying to cross any and all barriers between them. Sheridan appears to Luis in their gazebo. They kiss. Luis handcuffs them together so nothing can tear them apart.

At the dance, Kelly begs Chad to dance with her. "Zombie Charity" flirts with all the guys and comes on to John. This makes John uncomfortable, especially since he believes them to be cousins.

Sam warns Rebecca not to leave town. She thinks to herself that she doesn't plan on going anywhere until "that bitch" Ivy gets what's coming to her! Rebecca plans on payback, beginning tonight.

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Rebecca listens outside of Ivy's bedroom door as Ivy threatens to destroy David's life. Rebecca plans on uncovering the connection between Ivy and David. Rebecca is sure that Ivy made Sam suspicious of her in connection with Julian's murder and for that Rebecca promises to make her pay. She goes into Ivy's room and tries to "bait" her. In the end, Rebecca promises Ivy that she is in the Crane mansion to stay. She also says that she plans on bringing nothing but chaos to Ivy's life as well as making it a living hell.

Sam, Grace, Eve and TC discuss Ivy's scheming. Sam, Grace and even Eve are sure that for the time being, Ivy has stopped scheming to get Sam back. TC has his doubts. He reminds Sam how Ivy tipped off the tabloid about Theresa's pregnancy. Sam is sure that Ivy is in too much pain to be a threat to his marriage to Grace. David tells Ivy that she is pure evil for trying to tear apart Sam and Grace who so obviously love each other. He says she is going straight down to hell.

Luis and Sheridan spend time together in the gazebo. They do not talk of their separation until Luis asks Sheridan where she has been. She says in a lovely place where no one has a past. After Luis listens to her, he thinks that maybe she is describing Heaven. Sheridan seems in a trance as the lights from the Bermuda Triangle get weaker. Brian says that if his "Diana" comes back then he'll know that they are supposed to be together. Doc tells Brian and Liz that when the power and lights die out, things will go back to normal and "Diana" may come back to them or she may have "crossed over" to stay with her lover forever

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Rebecca puts the clues together and guesses that Ivy is using David to break up Sam and Grace. Ivy asks Rebecca if she plans on killing her as she killed Julian. Ivy warns Rebecca that Sam is already suspicious of her and she will probably end up in prison. Rebecca vows to take Ivy down. She promises no more "Poison Ivy."

Grace gets to David when she thanks him for being so kind, patient and understanding with her. David feels guilty and he begs her to hold on to the love she has for Sam and her family. David makes Grace promise to be careful and guard her love for Sam and not let anyone come between them.
Grace tells David that he is really a good man. They hug and Sam walks in on them. David goes to Ivy and tells her that Sam and Grace's love is stronger than Ivy's need to tear them apart. Ivy reminds David that he has fallen in love with Grace. He can have Grace and John can have a mother if he goes along with her plan. David calls her evil.

The Bermuda Triangle lights go out. Brian (Antonio) is sure he lost "Diana" (Sheridan) forever. Sheridan slowly fades from Luis. Luis is brokenhearted at losing Sheridan all over again. Diana (Sheridan) slowly appears to Doc, Liz and Brian. She fully reappears to them before she can hear Luis tell her his name. She collapses. When she awakes Doc tells her that she did not dream about being with her lover, it was real. Liz asks if Diana went to Heaven. Diana is sure she will never see her lover again after tonight. She is sure she has lost him forever.

Luis tells Hank about Sheridan visiting him in the gazebo. Luis goes to the Harmony Observatory. He demands to know about the strange lights in the sky. He demands that the scientist make the lights come back. Luis gets angry and violent. Hank tries to explain to the scientist why Luis is so concerned about the lights. Hanks begs Luis to let Sheridan go.

As "Diana" sleeps Brian (Antonio) confesses his love and kisses her. He promises to make up for her past and her lost love.

Thursday, February 7, 2002

"Zombie Charity" dances suggestively with John. John tells her she is making him uncomfortable. Miguel cannot stand watching her anymore and tells her to stop coming onto John. "Charity" reminds Miguel that she wants to see other people. Miguel tells "Charity" he does not want to see other people. He says that he will never love Kay because he loves her. "Charity" tells him to move on.

Grace and Sam walk in Ivy's bedroom while she is having another conversation with David. Ivy gets David to hide before he can be discovered. David listens as Grace asks Ivy for forgiveness. She says that she is so sorry for lashing out at Ivy after she lost her baby. She confesses that finding her "son John" helped with that pain. David listens and hurts for Grace. Grace is convinced that the curse she put on Ivy that night is the reason Ivy is in such pain now. Grace asks Ivy if she is right in thinking that Ivy has finally given up on ruining her marriage to Sam. Ivy graciously forgives Grace as Grace tells her she hopes Ivy will find the same happiness in her life as Grace found with Sam.

Rebecca plans on using TC and his suspicions to expose Ivy's plan on breaking up Sam and Grace. Rebecca tells TC that if Ivy hired David that John is not Grace's son. She also tells him that the Cranes can manipulate anything except maybe a DNA match. Rebecca then pretends her imagination has run away with her and bids TC goodnight, knowing full well she raised his suspicions of Ivy even further.

Theresa realizes that she has lost Ethan forever. Whitney gets Theresa to realize that she must be strong for her baby. Theresa then tells Whitney that her baby and her family is all she now has left in her life.

Gwen takes Ethan to the dance at the Youth Center.

Kay comes up with yet another new plan for her zombie to put into motion.

TC voices his suspicions about Ivy hiring David, reminding Sam that Ivy has the power and money to pull off a scheme like that.

Friday, February 8, 2002

David cannot believe how Ivy can manipulate Grace when he can see what a truly good person Grace is. Ivy believes Grace is just putting on an act because she says no one could ever be that good. She then orders him once again to break up Sam and Grace.

TC tells Sam his suspicions about Ivy hiring David. TC point blank tells Sam that this whole thing with David and John is a lie. Grace gets upset when she hears this. She agrees to a DNA test for her and John. She says that in her heart, she does not need one but Sam being a cop will need proof. TC and Sam corner David with their suspicions. Ivy is livid when David tells her that Sam and TC are suspicious of her.

David agrees to the DNA test, hoping that it will end the farce he has been forced to participate in. He is almost glad that Ivy will be found out. Rebecca smiles in satisfaction when she hears the news about the DNA test.

Theresa and Whitney go to the Youth Center so Whitney can talk to Chad. Theresa walks in to see Gwen in Ethan's arms dancing.

Reese is suspicious of Tabitha. He asks her why she is at a dance full of young people since she is so old and probably cannot dance. Tabitha pulls "Ross" out on the dance floor and shows him some moves that he can't even keep up with.

Kay cooks up a new plan to get Miguel. She wants her zombie to deck her, so Miguel will come to her aid. Kay asks Chad to play a slow song and have everyone switch partners. Kay tells Miguel that she planned this so he can dance with "Charity." Zombie Charity tells Miguel that she does not want to waste time dancing with him. Then she says that she is going to pay back the person who set her up. She goes and punches out Kay in front of everybody, even a disbelieving Simone and Jessica.

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