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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 4, 2002 on PC
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Monday, February 4, 2002

Chris recalled where he'd met Amy before but Amy denied it. Rafe misunderstood the situation and Jamal told Alison he didn't love her any more. Eve and Ian worked to save Kevin. Ian induced a coma in spite of Eve's objections. Livvie was furious with Paige for not helping Kevin. Paige thought she understood why she'd come back into Kevin's life. Amy broke her date with Chris and told him he was a complete ass. She tried to get the picture of her from his locker but he caught her. Victor reassured Lucy. She believed the family's love would get Kevin through. Alison told Jamal to go and, when Rafe tried to comfort her, she told him to go too. He asked if she really knew what she wanted. Alison and Rafe went to help Livvie. Lucy told Kevin how much she loved and needed him. Kevin went into crisis and visited the other side where he found Paige who told him it was their destiny.

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Chris asked Amy to explain her reaction to the picture and asked her to tell the truth. She refused saying she could kill him instead and laughed at him. Kevin's family waited for word and Alison and Rafe arrived. Rafe couldn't offer a miracle but helped with prayer. Eve and Ian continued to disagree on Kevin's treatment. Rafe recalled Ed's words. Kevin wasn't sure he should go with Paige but took her hand. Amy offered to sleep with Chris to keep him quiet and he agreed. Alison asked what Rafe knew and felt her faith was faltering. Lucy told Kevin about her dream of their 40th anniversary and he heard her. Lucy refused to leave Kevin and felt he could hear her. Paige faded away and Kevin woke up and said Lucy brought him back. His family crowded around joyously.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Paige is distraught over the damage she has caused since coming back to earth. She confides to Amy that she thought her purpose was to have her portrait painted and find closure with Kevin, but all she has done is cause hurt and pain to Kevin and his family. Amy says that none of them are really sure what their journey is about. She told Paige about Chris finding her photograph. Amy has made up her mind to sleep with Chris to keep him from digging any further.

Ricky and Casey meet outside of the Recovery Room to go over their plan to steal Amanda Barrington's necklace. Ricky is worried because he doesn't want to be sent back to prison. Casey seems very sure that everything will work out. Despite Ricky's reservations, she doesn't think they will be caught. Amanda arrives and the two put their plan into motion. Amanda gloats with happiness over the fact that Alison has finally left her "hooligan boyfriend". She is pleased that her granddaughter will soon be moving back into the mansion. Casey moves to serve Amanda some tea, but ends up spilling it all over Amanda's designer outfit. In the ruckus that follows, Ricky sneaks in and steals the necklace not realizing that Jamal is sitting at the bar watching the whole thing. When Ricky passes the stolen gems to Casey, Jamal demands that they hand the necklace over

Jamal returned to the apartment looking for the baby book that Valerie made for Hope. Jamal says that as soon as he finds it he will leave. Alison informs Jamal that he doesn't need to move out because she is leaving. Jamal immediately assumes that Alison is moving in with Rafe. A heartbroken Alison explains that isn't the case, she told Jamal she is moving back in with her grandmother. Alison begins to cry over letting their love slip through her fingers. Jamal believes their love died along with Valerie.

Jamal leaves as Alison flashes back to memories of happier times. A knock at the door startles Alison from her reverie. It is Rafe. He overheard Amanda at the Recovery Room say that Alison was moving back to the mansion. He begs Alison not to go back to a place that will suck the life out of her. He refuses to let her go. Alison asks Rafe how it is possible for an angel to be so annoying. She angrily told him that his wings have been clipped. He has no more magic to offer. Unable to convince Alison not to go, Rafe picks her up over his shoulder.

Thursday, February 7, 2002

Alarmed to discover that her jewelry is gone, Amanda instantly accuses Jamal of the theft. Rafe drags a protesting Alison out to an abandoned barn and demands that she listen to reason. Amy asks Ian to meet her in the hospital's cafeteria for a long overdue chat. Casey frames Jamal by dropping the stolen necklace beside his foot. As Ricky tries to cover, Jack arrives and persuades Amanda not to press charges. Alison bitterly informs Rafe that she can't wait to revert to the spoiled little princess she used to be. Amy and Ian overhear Eve complaining to Chris about her husband's impulsive decision-making in the ER. While the Thornharts again attempt to hash out their differences, Amy pulls Chris aside and berates the doctor for the macho trash-talking he was doing behind her back. Jamal told Jack that Alison is no longer a part of his life. Meanwhile, an exasperated Rafe warns Alison that she'll sorely regret turning her back on the world. Ignoring Chris' attempt to blackmail her, Amy elects to call his bluff instead. Casey and Ricky grow closer.

Friday, February 8, 2002

At the hospital, Paige arrives to see Kevin, and, telling her friend that she believes that he and Lucy need time ALONE together and that she feels like she is intruding, Paige announces that she is leaving Port Charles. But Kevin insists, 'I won't let you go.'

As Ian is driving Amy to see the house-bound patient she asked him to help her with, Amy observes that she is sorry to see that Ian is having a hard time - especially in his relationship with Eve.

At the Recovery Room, Jack and Livvie are saddened when Jamal continues to tell them that he thinks it is time to 'leave Dodge,' and that he will sign the Bike Shop ownership over to them. Livvie adamantly insists that Jamal is 'not going anywhere.'

In the barn, Rafe has started a fire in the potbelly stove and Rafe apologizes to Alison for getting her cold and wet when he shoved her hand in the snow. But Alison told him that she realizes now that she DOES have the rest of her life ahead of her and that, if she does NOT make the most of it - it will be like a slap in the face to people who do NOT have much time left. Rafe asks: 'Like me?'

Alison asks Rafe how much time he DOES have left and when he says 'Seven weeks by the clock,' she asks him what he means 'by the clock.' So Rafe shows Alison the watch with 13 weeks marked on it, and explains to her that, each week, the hand moves backward one notch. Rafe explains that EVERY angel who gets a 'pass' back to earth gets just 13 weeks to complete their journey and has a watch to remind them of the time they have left. Rafe told Alison that, when his time is up - this time he will be 'gone for good' and will 'NEVER come back again.'

Alison asks: 'Was it worth it?'

Rafe admits that there have been times when he wished he had NEVER returned and that 'loving you and knowing I could never have you...sometimes hurt more than dying.'

At the Hospital, at Paige's suggestion, Kevin tries to remember his experience in the 'tunnel of white light,' and says that it was like being lost between two worlds. Kevin mentions that he remembers seeing Paige there: 'You were trying to help me cross over to a better place.' However, Paige becomes agitated when Kevin observes 'you looked like an angel.' Paige quickly told Kevin that he should NOT say that.

At the barn, Alison admits to Rafe that she read his journal and KNOWS that he loves her. Then Alison told Rafe that she believes she was NOT only running from Rafe's feelings for her - but... And Rafe finishes her sentence: 'And your feelings for me?'

Rafe reminds Alison that NO ONE ever really knows HOW much time they have left, then Alison begins to kiss him.

At the Recovery Room, Jack and Livvie remind Jamal how miserable he would be if Valerie HAD succeeded in her original plan and it had been ALISON who died instead of Valerie - Jamal would be taking flowers to ALISON'S grave and feeling like hell. Jack asks Jamal: 'What is the ONE thing that has changed your life?' And Jamal admits that it WAS Alison who turned his life around for him.

Meanwhile, back at the barn, as Rafe and Alison kiss, Alison admits that 'I've been hiding my feelings for you. I WANT to be MORE than just friends.'

At the Hospital, Paige insists to Kevin that he should NOT think of her as an angel and repeats that she HAS to leave Port Charles. Kevin asks her to stay and told her that he didn't mean to upset her. Kevin says 'Sit with me for a while,' and Paige returns. Then Kevin observes that no one believes in out-of-body experiences any way - except maybe Lucy. Kevin then told Paige that painting her portrait has become important to him -- that it seems Paige has brought something vital back to him -- something he believed he had lost forever years ago. Then Kevin begs Paige to stay and let him finish her portrait. Paige agrees.

In the car, Amy observes that the problem between Eve and Ian seems to revolve around trust issues. When Ian told her that it is not something anyone can do anything about, Amy suddenly insists that Ian stop the car. When Ian asks what is wrong, Amy says: 'Me - I've been lying to you.'

When Ian stops the car, Amy admits to Ian that she only said yes to a date with Chris in order to distract herself from.....Ian! Amy admits there is NO patient who lives outside of town; that she lied so she could spend time with Ian - alone.

At the Hospital, Paige promises Kevin that she will stay in Port Charles until Kevin is well again. But when she takes off her coat, Kevin appears shocked and told her that the dress she has on is the SAME dress he saw her wearing when he was in the 'tunnel of light.'

At the Recovery Room, Livvie implores Jamal to let Alison be there for him and Jack urges Jamal to at least TALK to Alison before he leaves town. Livvie suggests that, even if they can NOT patch things up, at least talking things out could 'make the ending gentler to swallow.' Jamal thanks them for their advice but, as he leaves, he does NOT promise that he will talk to Alison before leaving.

At the barn, Rafe asks Alison what she means when she says that she wants to be MORE than just friends - and Alison kisses him again.

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