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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 4, 2002 on GL
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Monday, February 4, 2002

Marah lays on her bed as there is a knock on the door. Expecting Tony, she is disappointed to see Ben on the other side. He asks her what's wrong and utters a sincere, "You can tell me anything." He massages Marah's shoulders and asks if she trusts him. He reminds her that he tells her everything. Marah says he is a "good friend" but she can't say anything until she "knows for sure." Ben is confused, but respects her privacy. But, he hopes they can be "more than friends..." whenever Marah needs him to be.

Tony finds Catalina in an exam room at the Women's Clinic. He rushes in, followed by a nurse who threatens to call the police. Catalina says it's ok and would like a minute with Tony. The nurse leaves and Tony explains that Ray told him everything. He said she wasn't thinking straight so he had to come find her. He can't believe she didn't tell him the truth. Tony takes in his surroundings and panics. Catalina says a heart-felt, "I'm sorry," and hugs him. Tony can't believe she went to the clinic to "take care of the problem" without talking to him first. He says it was a mistake. Catalina realizes that Tony thinks he was too late and tells him this was only a consultation visit - she is still pregnant. He asks her why she thought that was the only option. She says "because you don't want to be with me." An angered Tony demands that she promise she won't go through with it. Catalina exclaims, "What other choice do I have?" Tony says they will get through this together. Catalina says it is not his decision because he broke up with her and now it is her problem to take care of, even thought it goes against everything she believes in... But, she admits, "It's a way out." Tony wants to talk first, so they head to Company where Tony confesses his relief at arriving at the clinic on time. He knows that what Catalina did was not like her at all. Catalina says she could not do this to Tony - force him to stay with her because of her situation. Tony says, "Just because we broke up, it doesn't mean I don't care about you... we're still friends." Catalina reminds him that she has school and two jobs, and she can't raise a baby alone. Tony admits that if they stayed together, it would only be for the baby. He is flustered and says he needs time to think. He makes her promise not to return to the clinic. He apologizes and offers to take her home.
Catalina and Tony enter the dorm to find a concerned Marah. She tells her she is fine and that Tony got there in time. A bit uncomfortable, Marah leaves them alone. Tony apologizes, saying that Marah only knew what was going on because he was with her when Ray told him the news. Catalina thanks Tony for caring enough to stop her. They say goodbye. Tony meets Marah in the hall and he tells her he needs time to think about all that has happened. He promises to let her know what he decides. They go their separate ways, as an eavesdropping Ben leers in Tony's direction.

At Company, Phillip tells Edmund and Lorelei that the game is over. Edmund plays dumb, saying he never found Lorelei - she was the one who found him. Phillip grins as he tells Edmund that his partner in crime has sold him out and that he knows everything - "She's been playing you the way you've been playing me... fun, isn't it?" Edmund starts to scold Lorelei, who says Phillip found out on his own and confronted her. Phillip quickly takes over the conversation by accusing Edmund of killing Beth, and though he still lacks the proof, Edmund will pay for it. Phillip says Edmund never loved Beth, and if he had, he never would have done this to her family, especially to her kids. He orders Edmund and Lorelei to sit down - or else he can place one phone call that will "put you in jail for a very long time." He threatens to charge them both with fraud, but hasn't contacted the authorities because he wants to protect his children. He warns Edmund that if he makes "one false move... you'll wish you were never born." Agreeing to these terms, Edmund rises, telling Lorelei they are leaving. But Phillip insists Lorelei is coming with him... they have "issues to discuss." Lorelei looks back in guilt before following Phillip out.

Back at the mansion, Lorelei praises Phillip for the way he handled Edmund, saying it was "like a work of art." She talks very fast, apologizing, and promising to die with the secret that she is not the real Beth. Phillip tells her she misunderstood, "This is not going to continue... Beth is dead." Lorelei insists that Phillip has real feelings for her and that they were meant to find each other. Phillip disagrees, telling her to pack her bags and never to return.

At the Rusty Anchor, Camille threatens Alonzo that if he does not make a play for the throne (and make her a princess), she will file for custody of Will and destroy Cassie and Richard. She only wants him to claim what is rightfully his... she is trying to help him "open his eyes." Alonzo says, "If you really believe that, you're a hell of a lot sicker than I thought you were." Camille claims that Richard and Cassie are only pretending to be his friends so that he will not betray them - they would lose everything. She justifies that claiming the throne is a betrayal to no one. Alonzo cannot believe he how self-centered Camille is. She doesn't care what happens to him - she's only in it for herself. He promises he will never make her a princess. She gives him one day to change his mind. If he doesn't, she will go to the courts.

Olivia and Sam enter the Rusty Anchor for one last drink before Sam leaves for college. Sam praises his sister for the wonderful job of renovating the harbor - the Rusty Anchor was a dive before she came along. Sam goes to the bar as Olivia eyes a newspaper boasting an article about the creation of the Harbor Project, accompanied by a picture of Reva, Josh, Cassie and Richard. She notes that her name was not even mentioned. Sam returns and Olivia turns down his offer to fly home with him - she has business to take care of in San Cristobel. Sam asks if she is feeling left out of the Harbor Project festivities. He thinks it is unfair that Josh is taking all the credit. He tells her to be proud of herself and to feel good about what she's accomplished. Sam leaves to catch his plane as Olivia picks up the paper. "You're right, Sam. I will feel good about it." Determined, she heads for the door.

At the palace, Josh and Reva leave the party in Josh's honor for a private celebration of their own. They are finally alone when Richard and Cassie interrupt them, insisting that they introduce Josh to people interested in duplicating the harbor project in other countries. Josh gives in and leaves with Richard. Cassie tells Reva that she is worried about Camille taking Will. Reva promises that they will not lose their son.
Mr. Tana.k.a, a wealthy land-owner from Singapore, tells Josh that he is interested in hiring Lewis Construction for his own harbor project - he asks for a contract on the spot. Josh tells him to slow down; they just met and there are preliminaries to cover before taking on a project in another country. Olivia enters, stealing his thunder by introducing herself as the real visionary behind the Harbor Project. Reva and Josh look on in disbelief as Olivia schmoozes Mr. Tana.k.a and his wife. Reva interrupts to tell them that while Olivia may have been the one with the vision, Lewis Construction made it a reality. Olivia, slyly comments, "That's exactly why I hired them." Olivia leaves with Mr. Tana.k.a and his wife to give them a tour of her designs. Reva is enraged while Josh laughs it off, uninterested in competing with his ex-wife. When Josh leaves to get drinks, Reva vows, "I can't let her get away with his. I just can't."
Reva finds Olivia at the Rusty Anchor, where Mr. Tana.k.a, taken in by Olivia's charm, promises to call her soon with his decision. Olivia is giddy at how well she played him. Reva approaches her, "Quite a little stunt you pulled." Olivia claims she was only protecting her interests - "Something I've learned I have to do around you."

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Reva tells Olivia to stay away from Josh. Never one to let her rival have the last word, Olivia wonders aloud when Reva will hurt Josh again by remembering another former life, or driving off a bridge, or running off to fight for some cause. Reva, Olivia thinks, will crush Josh's spirit. After Olivia leaves, Josh asks Reva what the two women were talking about. Reva would rather just let it go - she will no longer let Olivia get to her, nor will she let her ruin the couple's good time.

Rick is packed and moving out of Harley's house. As they say their good-byes, Harley gives Rick her blessing to pursue Mel. Rick explains that he can't return the approval for Harley and Gus. Harley assures Rick that she will not get involved with her former partner. Just as Rick is walking out the door, Gus arrives. He wants Harley to work on the warehouse fire case with him, and tells her he now knows that the fire was set. While they're discussing the possibility of working together, they come close to kissing several times. After refusing to work with him, Harley changes her mind and tells Gus she will partner with him on the case after all - with one caveat "I will allow you to work with that I can keep an eye on you." The two share a kiss and after Gus leaves, Harley wonders "what am I doing?"

In spite of his repeated apologies, Shayne is still on Marina's "list" for letting slip that she had been in town for so long before calling her parents. He can make up for it though by telling her where she can go for some real adult fun. Shayne tells her about Inferno, but informs her that the club is for adults over 21. That's no problem for the enterprising teen - it seems she has a fake ID just for such an occasion.

Mr. Workman, the guidance counselor from Springfield High, comes calling on the Cooper family to discuss Marina's possible enrollment. While Eleni is promising that her daughter will do whatever is necessary to attend, Marina throws one of her now famous fits. All of her problems at her old high school were her mother's fault, the teen shouts. Frank goes after her and elicits a promise from Marina to apologize to Eleni - Marina promises to be "little miss perfect from now on" if she can stay with her father. But before the teen can even think about expressing regret to her mother, Marina goes ballistic on Eleni again for committing her to extra curricular activities. Unbeknownst to her parents, Marina sneaks out of Company and heads for Inferno.

Lorelei is saddened by the way Phillip is treating her. She wants to stay with him and the children, but Phillip will not hear of it. Phillip tells Lorelei "you think you can fill Beth's shoes? You aren't fit to scrape them!" and with that, orders her to leave the mansion and never return. Disheartened, Lorelei seeks Edmund out. She tells her partner in crime that she cares about him and extracts a declaration of love from him. When Edmund suggests that they go away together, Lorelei quickly agrees. Although he soon comes to believe that she is going with him only because Phillip tossed her out, Edmund and Lorelei plan to leave together just the same. But as he takes her arm, Lorelei turns, and in her Beth voice tells Edmund "don't touch me." For a moment she seems confused and disoriented, but soon returns to her old Lorelei self, much to Edmund's bewilderment. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Phillip is comparing Lorelei's letter with Beth's journal and is amazed that the handwriting is identical. He starts to wonder..."if I didn't know better", then realizes "but, I do know better."

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Michelle is with Danny at the hospital talking to Rick. She is anxious to talk to Danny and wants Rick to contact an expert in internal medicine. Rick tells her he is not sleeping these days because it isn't working out for him and Harley. Rick said that he and Harley are just good friends. Michelle wants to know if there is someone else who makes his heart flutter. Tony and Ray enter Danny's room and asked how everything is. Michelle asked Tony and Father Ray to stay with Danny for a little while so she can go home and feed Robbie. Michelle exits the room. Tony discusses the pregnancy with Ray. He admits he is in love with Marah and that is not going to change. Tony realizes he has a big problem with Catalina being pregnant. He admits he cannot see himself marrying Catalina. Father Ray wants him to calm down and reassures him that he has come so far. Father Ray shocks him by saying that marrying Catalina may not be the commitment he needs. He reminds him that marriage is special and tells Tony to just be a good father. Father Ray exits to return to the church. Tony says good-bye to Danny and runs into Catalina outside of the room. Catalina says the baby is ok and it was just stress. Tony is glad she is ok. Tony reiterates that he wants to be there for this child but he needs a little time to figure things out. She wants him to drop her off at the library to study. Tony was not happy about taking her to the library, but she commented that she wants to make something of herself.

Ashton, a football star, approaches Mel at the hospital and says he needs an expert. Mel said a little honesty would be good and that the meeting at Inferno was planned. He admits it is true. He said he saw her picture in Clayton's office and wanted to meet her. He said they need to decide which movie they are going to see. She agrees to go. Rick shows up Austin king. Mel tells Rick that he is her date.

Blake enters Company and sees Tory sitting at the table. She walks to the table and asked her what is new and exciting. Tory replied lots of things. Blake said they are bound to run into each other from time to time, and Blake wants to get a few things out in the open. Blake tells her that things have changed, and Tory agrees. Blake tells her that she can go anywhere she wants. Blake wants her to know where Ross' heart lays. Tory is going to tell Blake about her future. She tells Blake that the goal she has in mind she can accomplish herself. She said she could get what she needs by herself. Blake said she will find the man of her dreams, and Tory said her prince charming would show up. Ross enters Company. Blake informs him that Tory is moving on with her future by herself. Ross wants to take Blake to the Towers for some exotic drinks.

Eleni asked Frank where is Marina. Frank is going out to look for her. Marina is at Inferno talking to Romeo. Romeo will not serve her a vodka tonic. She shows him her id, so he said he would give her a drink on the house. She tells Tony that it doesn't taste as if there is any alcohol in the drink. Romeo wants to know where she is from. She explains to Romeo that she had a problem with her mom when she was growing up. Eleni enters Inferno and wants to know what she was thinking. Eleni wants to take her home, but Marina refuses and puts up a fuss. Eleni tells her she is worried about her. She admits to Marina that she screwed up. Frank enters Inferno and Marina runs to him and apologizes. Marina denies she didn't come to Inferno to find trouble. Frank reassures them there is no alcohol in the drink. Frank directs them to the door to go to Company and have an adult conversation. They enter Company and Marina sits at table with her feet on the chair. Frank breaks up the arguing between Eleni and Marina. He asked Eleni to get some baklava. He scolded Marina and tells her they have a problem. Frank tells her to grab a mop if she wants to be treated like an adult. He tells her that if she leaves again there will be no television for a week. He tells her to start mopping in the kitchen.

Catalina enters Tony's office. She tells him she is feeling weird twinges in her stomach. She wants Tony to go with her to the hospital. At the hospital, Catalina thinks they may get to the see the baby if they give her an ultrasound. Tony thinks that is the thing the mother should see the first time around. Tony exits to go to see Danny.

In the dorm room, Marah's tries to study. Her mind wonders to the kiss she and Tony shared. Ben enters the dorm room with a pizza and said he could not stay away. Ben wants to know what is wrong, but Marah won't tell him. Then Marah tells Ben that Tony wants to give it another try. Ben is slightly shocked, and said he thought something was starting to happen between them. Marah still wants to get back with Tony. She tells Ben that Catalina is pregnant. Ben says he knows what he can do about it. He reminds her about the situation she is getting involved in with Catalina being pregnant. He wants to know if she is willing to include this child in her life. He reminds her that someone will have to explain to this child later why Tony is not married to his/her mother. Marah becomes frustrated and turns away. He tells her she is getting involved in a bad situation. Ben said he would back off and give her space. He wishes her good luck. Ben said she couldn't have them both. Sam enters dorm room. Ben exits and says good-bye to Marah. Sam knows she still has feelings for Tony. Sam suggests she call Tony and put the rest of them out of their misery. Marah said to drop it. He tells her he is leaving to go to Journalism school and he came to say good-bye. She wishes him good luck and to write good stories. He tells her there is still some journey left between her and Tony. He kisses her on the forehead and tells her to take care of herself. He exits. After Sam leaves, Tony shows up at Marah's dorm room door. He tells himself that Marah deserves better. He leans against the door. Marah is leaning against the door inside of her room. Both are deciding what to do and how to deal with their feelings.

Thursday, February 7, 2002

Marah goes to Company to order a picnic lunch for her date with Tony. As she's leaving the restaurant, she daydreams about seeing Tony with his son and realizes that she cannot keep him from his obligations. When Tony arrives at Company, Marah tells him that they cannot be together, and gives him the St. Anthony medallion he had give her. Tony doesn't want to say good-by and tells Marah "I will never stop loving you." But Marah is insistent, telling Tony "we have to let go." Meanwhile an optimistic Catalina is tells Ben that Tony will give up Marah for the mother of his child.

Tony goes back to Inferno where he finds Catalina and gives her the St. Anthony medallion and tells her he plans to do right by her and the baby. It seems her plan has worked out, after all. Always the one to be at the right place, Ben arrives at Marah's dorm room just as the distraught young woman is returning home. When Marah tells him that it's over between her and Tony, Ben sticks around to comfort her.

Cassie and Richard mourn the son they lost a year ago. The couple arrives at the pub just in time to see Alonzo threatening Dax to call off his "attack dogs." While the prince visits with the president and first lady, Camille arrives and makes a bee-line for baby Will. Alonzo tells her go get away from him. Alonzo has something to tell Richard and Cassie, but they leave the pub before Alonzo can finish the conversation. Camille corners Alonzo and continues to try to use Will to blackmail the prince into taking his place on the throne, and bringing her along for the ride. If he doesn't agree, Camille will go to court to regain custody of their son.

Ross and Blake stop at Company on their way to the airport. Ross suggests to Blake that they marry while in San Cristobel. Tory stops Blake and Ross on their way out. Once she finds out that the couple is headed for San Cristobel , she waits for them to leave and then calls to book on the next flight to the island. Ross and Blake arrive at the palace primed for a romantic getaway. Little do they know that Tory is en route, and fantasizing about becoming Mrs. Ross Marler.

Feeling fortunate that Phillip is not going to prosecute them, Edmund and Lorelei make plans to leave town. While waiting for Edmund, who has gone to the Spaulding mansion to retrieve her things, Lorelei runs into Alan. Needing money, and realizing that Alan has not yet heard about her true identity, Lorelei can't resist one last scam. "Beth" gets Alan to give her a blank check. After Alan leaves, she makes the check out to her "old friend, Cash."

When Edmund arrives at the mansion, he interrupts Phillip trying to tell Lizzie the truth about her mother. Phillip throws $100 at Edmund and tells him that he and Lorelei should never return to Springfield again. Shortly after Edmund leaves, Alan arrives and informs Phillip that her took care of Phillips faux pas, and gave Beth a check for the florist. Phillip tells his father to stop payment on the check, and tells him that Beth is not Beth. Alan is livid that the Spauldings have been duped; he wants Lorelei and Edmund to pay. But Phillip just wants them out of town. Against Phillip's wishes, Alan takes action to stop the couple.

As Lorelei and Edmund are leaving Company, bag and baggage, the police show up and arrest them.

Friday, February 8, 2002

Alonzo storms into the Rusty Anchor and screams "That's it! I've had enough!" He says he doesn't know who Camille has become. Camille says that Cassie and Richard are playing Alonzo and even have him doing their work for them now. Alonzo says the only reason Camille wants Will back is because she found out that he is royalty. He reminds her, "You will never ever be a princess," and promises to fight her if she goes to court. Camille says the Winslows will turn on Alonzo in a heartbeat; "It's scary how you idolize them." Alonzo says she is only after their power, not her son. Camille says Alonzo was the one who abandoned her and she was left alone and confused, that's why she gave up Will - it was a mistake. Alonzo counters with the fact that he came back for her and she wanted nothing to do with him - never even planned to tell him he was a father. He says she will hate changing diapers and would resent Will. Camille says she would adjust, and warns Alonzo that he is forcing her to go to court. He says he will discredit her to the jury and say she is an unfit mother. Camille isn't phased as she shows him the Winslows' subpoena. She claims that she deserves to be a princess after growing up poor and abandoned by her father. She promises to get on the stand and describe how she was manipulated into giving up her son - she'll play on the people's emotions and show them how innocent she is - "I'll be the media's darling." She adds, "A lot of people want the monarchy back, so the Winslows can't afford a lot of bad press." She warns that they will suffer if Alonzo does not cooperate. Alonzo says going to court would "ruin us all." Camille claims that she and "Junior" will be alright, and Alonzo will be sorry he didn't "play ball."

In the palace bedroom, Cassie watches Will in his bassinet as Richard works at his desk. He sees Cassie's face and asks what's wrong. Cassie says she knows she will have so many stories about Will and Tammy and R.J., but someone will always be missing (the son they lost a year ago today). Will makes her feel better about losing their son but she is afraid Camille will take him away. Richard promises she will never lose Will and reminds her that their son is looking down over them now. Tammy and R.J. come in, bearing gifts - a bouquet of flowers and a drawing of Tammy and R.J. holding baby Will. Cassie tears up, and kisses her wonderful family. After the kids leave, Cassie thanks Richard for putting them up to it - picking the flowers. He knew today would be hard for her, and this made it better. She thanks him for loving her so much. They kiss, then head for the door where Camille stands waiting to serve them with a subpoena. Alonzo arrives and says he wants Cassie and Richard to hear everything from him. The Winslows stand confused.

Blake and Ross walk along the docks in San Cristobel and stop at the Rusty Anchor. Ross suggests they get married there. Blake refuses, saying it used to be a dive and she wants something fancy. They go inside for champagne as Tory watches from afar. Inside, Blake and Ross toast, "To life," and suggest wedding sites on the island - the palace, perhaps? Blake is excited and smiles wide as Ross tells her he is the "luckiest man on Earth." Blake's cell phone rings - it is a production assistant from her movie. She is going to send over some pages for revision. Blake leaves to get the fax. Tory enters and asks, "Is this seat taken?" Ross can't believe she followed him, but Tory puts his mind at ease saying she's in San Cristobel on business (Edmund hired her). She smiles slyly, saying "C'mon Ross, it's not like I'm stalking you." Ross finishes his champagne and gets up to leave Tory to her "business," as a young man in beach wear arrives looking for Tory. "I thought you got away from me," he says as he kisses her on the cheek. Tory introduces him as "Guy" and Ross excuses himself. Tory follows him out, asking what's wrong. Toss says he's on vacation and she followed him and is trying to make him jealous with that "cabana boy." Tory says that's ridiculous. Ross says he isn't jealous - he merely feels sorry for her.

Ross finds Blake laying in the sun and says, "You're not going to believe this." She kisses him passionately, and instead of telling her about Tory, he tells her that the Rusty Anchor had a rush after she left, so he decided to come find her. She says that her fax never came even though the production assistant on the phone said she had the confirmation slip in her hand. Ross asks, "the production assistant was a she?" He leans back, worried. Blake suggests they go swimming and describes the romantic evening ahead. She leaves Ross who looks off, worried.
Ross enters an outdoor shower, and calls for Blake. Tory disrobes and enters the shower with him. Ross is startled as Tory moves closer to him. Meanwhile Blake exits her room with anticipation.

Alan and Phillip argue at the mansion. Alan says he called the police and had Edmund and Lorelei arrested. Phillip is angry and says he was trying to protect his kids and now because of Alan, "they're going to find out their mother is dead on the evening news!" Phillip wanted to be the one to tell Lizzie, and blames Alan for breaking her heart. Alan says he wants Edmund in jail in order to teach Lizzie and James a lesson: "Never let an outsider hurt your family..." Phillip interrupts him, saying he had a plan and now Alan has ruined it. Alan accuses him of letting Edmund get away with murder and if he had taken action before, this never would have happened. Phillip picks up the phone to find Lizzie and Lillian before they hear the news. He doesn't want his father's help. Alan screams, "You would love for me to take all the blame for your mistakes, wouldn't you?!"

At the police station Beth insists that there's been a mistake. Edmund asks for his lawyer. Rick sees them and asks Frank why he's arrested Beth. Frank says he'll tell him later. Rick calls Phillip, but Lillian answers the phone. He tells her that Beth was arrested with Edmund Winslow. Lillian hangs up the phone and hurries to the station. When she arrives, she asks for "Beth Raines." She is told that there is no one by that name on record. She finds Rick and they both seek answers. Another cop tells them that the name of the girl arrested with Edmund Winslow was "Lorelei Hills." Lillian says they've made a mistake. Beth is brought in and she tells Lillian and Rick to go home and that she'll call them after she is processed. A cop tells her that they are finished but she's not going anywhere. Rick leaves Lillian to get some answers, as Lillian begs her daughter to tell the police that she is Beth, not this Lorelei person. She answers in her Virginian accent, "I can't tell them that I'm Beth... Œcause I'm not." Lorelei apologizes for hurting Lillian and the kids. She admits she is Lorelei, but Rick thinks she is delusional. Lillian is worried about Beth's mental state, reminding her of her memory relapses. Lorelei says she never had any memory lapses; she only used them as an excuse for not knowing enough about Beth's life. Lillian insists that she is her daughter, but Lorelei looks ashamed, saying , "I wish you were my mother... I have come to love you and the children." Lillian starts to panic, fearing for the children and Phillip to see Beth in this state. Lorelei says Phillip is angry and that he is the one who busted her. Lorelei says she really loves Lillian and the kids and says "know that my love for you is real." Lorelei suggests an unconvinced Lillian ask Edmund for the truth. Lillian slowly approaches Edmund, then slaps him across the face. He stands, handcuffed and defiant in his silence. Lorelei holds her head down and tells Lillian to go talk to Phillip.

At Company Frank informs Buzz of the day's events. Buzz can't believe that Alan called Frank in order to have Beth arrested. Frank says Lorelei is a con-artist and that she and Edmund were after the Spaulding fortune. Although the situation is depressing, Frank admits it was a nice diversion from Eleni and Marina's on-going crisis. Buzz says that when things quiet down, Harley really needs her big brother right now. Frank didn't know that Rick had moved out. He tells Buzz that life is strange, adding Beth & Phillip, himself & Eleni to the list of failed relationships, along with Harley & Rick. "Just when you think you've found the love of your life..."

Rick and Lillian arrive at the mansion hoping Phillip can explain. Phillip says he tried to call her, and admits that, yes, Beth is Lorelei. He regrets that he didn't tell her sooner, but was stalling for time... Lillian cannot believe Phillip thinks Beth is someone else. Rick remembers being at Company a few months back and seeing a woman with Edmund who looked a lot like Beth. He never put it together until now. Lillian cries, realizing her daughter never survived the flood in Mexico. She breaks down in Phillip's arms as Lizzie enters the room, asking, "What's wrong?"

In their cell, Edmund asks Lorelei if she's ok. He admits he feels terrible about hurting Lillian, but if it makes her feel any better, he thinks Lillian believed Lorelei's apology. An officer unlocks the door and leads Edmund out for fingerprinting. From across the bars, Edmund promises Lorelei that he'll find a way out. Lorelei starts to panic, holding her head, "I can't be locked up like this." Suddenly, she has a flash of memory - she is in the tower of the palace in San Cristobel , begging Edmund to set her free. Lorelei snaps out of it, asking in Beth's sophisticated voice for help. She tells a nearby cop that there's been a mistake... "I'm Beth. My name is Beth Raines."

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