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Passions Recaps: The week of February 11, 2002 on PS
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Monday, February 11, 2002

Grace is not happy about John taking a DNA test but agrees to it to put Sam's mind to rest. They talk about the future and assure each other that the results of the DNA test will not tear them apart. They promise not to let anything hurt their relationship. Grace gets a fearful premonition that something evil is out to hurt her and Sam. She is sure the worst is yet to come.

Ivy summons Eve to her bedroom. She demands that Eve alter the DNA tests. Eve is shocked and outraged. She refuses to go along with Ivy's evil plan to break up Sam and Grace. Ivy gets mean and throws Eve's past up to her. She tries to blackmail Eve into helping her. Eve stands up to Ivy. She flatly refuses to change the DNA results. She tells Ivy that her blackmail threats no longer scare her. She says that Julian is gone so TC won't go to prison for killing him. She says her marriage can withstand the strain. She also says that Ivy has just as much to lose when Ethan realizes how evil and manipulative she is if she were to blackmail Eve. Ethan would also find out how Ivy changed his DNA results to cover up his parentage. Eve walks out, leaving Ivy speechless.

Zombie Charity punches Kay. Kay looks helpless and Charity looks mean and evil to everyone else. Miguel comes to Kay's side and comforts her. Zombie Charity gives Timmy a veiled threat. Her eyes glow like a cat's as she tells Timmy that she is in control and he and his princess will be dancing to her tune very soon. This information frightens Tabitha and she takes Timmy home.

TC tells David that he knows he is a fraud and knew it from day one.

Ethan and Theresa come face to face at the Youth Center. Theresa is crushed to see Ethan and Gwen together. She urges Whitney to talk to Chad. Kelly won't let Whitney anywhere near Chad. Kelly goes up to Whitney and demands to speak with her alone.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

TC confronts David to come clean about working for Ivy. David doesn't say anything one way or the other. He does tell TC that he will never let anything hurt such a wonderful person like Grace. TC knows that David is in love with Grace. David admits this much.

Ivy still tries to get Eve to do her evil bidding and change John's DNA records. Eve calls it monstrous that Ivy let Grace think John was her son. Eve calls her evil and refuses to help her. She backs Ivy into a corner and tells Ivy that she will never get Sam. Ivy then threatens to tell Sam that she saw Eve with a gun the night Julian disappeared and that Eve is the murderer. The threat does not work because Eve reminds Ivy that she too had an gun and hated Julian more than anyone. Eve tells Ivy that she lost again. She says she can't wait for Ivy to be destroyed. Ivy then calls her "henchman" Marty to do her a little favor. She plans on using Whitney and Simone to get to Eve.

Kelly orders Whitney to back off of Chad and stay away from him. Kelly tells her that she knows nothing about men and now she is with Chad. Whitney is hurt when she sees Chad and Kelly together. Jessica tries to bolster Whitney and get her to try to go after Chad. Whitney says that he is what she wants more than anything else in the world.

Theresa is heartbroken to see Gwen and Ethan together and runs from the Youth Center without her coat. Ethan finds Theresa and returns the coat. He tells her he does not want her to get sick and that she must take care of the baby. Theresa is touched by his kind gesture. Theresa says her prayers were answered and hugs Ethan. Ethan tells her to get on with her life and that she must start looking out for herself.

Kay and Miguel grow closer.

Marty plants drugs in Whitney's drink.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

Timmy goes to the real Charity's ice cave and tries to come up with a way to free her. He begins to chip away at the ice.

Zombie Charity picks up a vibe that something is wrong and tells Kay. She leaves the party and goes to the ice cave. Eve almost confesses everything to TC.

The drug that Marty slipped to Whitney takes effect and makes her lose her inhabitations. She dances and flirts at the party. She begins to sing and then starts coming on to all the guys. Simone watches frightened over what has happened to her sister and calls Eve and TC to come get Whitney. Kelly enjoys watching Whitney flirt with the other guys as Chad makes an excuse to leave the party for a while.

Ivy wants Whitney to be drugged so Eve will want her drug past to stay hidden and to do Ivy's bidding by changing John's DNA results. Tabby uses her weakened powers to zero in on Marty and realizes what Ivy is up to.

Zombie Charity finds Timmy at the ice cave. Timmy screams when he sees her and her evil catlike eyes. Tabitha goes to the ice cave in search of Timmy. The zombie threatens her and Timmy. She tells Tabitha that Harmony hasn't seen enough pain and suffering yet. She has a lot more of both in store for everyone including them. She tries to zap Tabby and Timmy with lightening and causes the rocks in the cave begin to fall. Zombie girl promises Tabitha that she will end up being more frightened that she has ever been in her entire miserable life.

Kay and Miguel grow closer. Miguel wants to go to the ice cave and see what the flashes of light are all about. Kay tries to get him to come home with her instead for fear of finding the real Charity.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

Simone panics when she sees Whitney coming on to all the guys at the party and calls Chad to come back to the Youth Center and help Whitney.

Chad shows up and tries to talk some sense into a drugged Whitney. Meanwhile, Marty (Ivy's "Henchman") reports to Ivy that Whitney is getting in way over her head. Ivy says she's glad. She wants Whitney to act like a slut to help keep Eve in control.

When Chad cannot help Whitney, Simone makes another panicked phone call to her parents. All TC can hear over the garbled connection is "Chad." When TC gets to the Youth Center he mistakes Chad attempts to take Whitney home as manhandling her. TC goes after Chad before Simone can stop him and explain. TC punches Chad and Chad falls to the floor. When Marty reports this to Ivy, Ivy squeals in delight. Even Marty says she is "one cold bitch." When Chad sees TC standing over him, he has a flashback to his battered childhood and turns on TC.

Zombie Charity seals up the ice cave so Miguel cannot enter it and find the real Charity. She then creates a diversion to make Miguel think that the voices he heard actually came from inside the cave. Miguel wants to get Reese and the others to investigate. Meanwhile, inside the cave, Zombie girl is zapping Tabitha and Timmy with her own personal brand of fireworks. Tabitha questions the zombie as to where she got such strong powers. Zombie Charity replies that Tabby's evil friends in the basement gave her Tabitha's old powers.

Beth has a package for a hopeful Luis. It contains something from Sheridan.

"Diana" goes to the beach to try to reconnect with her lover. She is convinced that he still may be alive, even though Brian is trying his best to talk her out of it.

Friday, February 15, 2002

TC continues to beat on Chad. Chad goes back to his childhood when he was beaten as a kid and goes after TC with the same vengeance. Marty is worried that he gave Whitney too much of the drug. He tells Ivy over the phone that it could effect Whitney's heart. Ivy seems unconcerned and Marty says again she is "one cold bitch."

Miguel and Kay go back to the party and Miguel tries to break up the fight between TC and Chad. Reese and Miguel can see that Chad is not himself. They make Chad leave until TC calms down. Chad is really hurt that Coach Russell could believe the worst of him. He says nothing will ever change peoples' minds about him because no one will ever see him as anything more than a street punk. He can't believe that TC would ever think that he would hurt Whitney when he loves her so much.

Eve watches Whitney come on to some of the other guys at the party. Whitney even tries to come onto Miguel. Eve and TC take Whitney home. A worried Marty follows. When he sees Whitney pass out, he says, "Oh my god, I overdosed her."

Zombie Charity tells Timmy and Tabitha she was ordered by the friends in the basement to destroy them. Timmy begs for his Princess' life. Zombie girl is determined to destroy them. She says it is her mission now to cause the pain and suffering in Harmony. She was sent to do Tabitha's job starting with breaking up Charity and Miguel. She then begins to try to zap Timmy and Tabby to death with her fireworks. Tabitha makes one last ditch effort to save herself and Timmy. She tells Zombie Charity that she doesn't stand a chance of creating real pain and suffering because she does not know the history of the residents of Harmony. Tabby says that she can be of use to help Zombie girl's plans work out. Zombie girl is surprised to find out that Luis and Sheridan had a past in ancient Egypt. Tabitha buys some time by telling her the story of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra a.k.a. Sheridan and Luis.

Beth brings Luis a scrapbook made by Sheridan before she died. Beth says that it just came from the book binder and she promised that if anything ever happened to Sheridan before she could give it to Luis, Beth would do it for her. Luis looks at the book as a sign that Sheridan is still alive.

On the island, Sheridan is determined to find her lost love. She tells Brian that she knows now in her heart that her lover is not dead. Brian does his best to talk her out of believing it. Sheridan then sees a red rose wash up on the beach and calls it a sign.

Miguel takes Reese and the others to the ice cave because he is still convinced that he heard Charity inside. Reese has a sonar device to determine if there is a cavern on the other side of the rocks.

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