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Port Charles Recaps: The week of February 11, 2002 on PC
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Monday, February 11, 2002

As Ian and Amy stop their car by the side of the road, Amy confesses to Ian that she wants to spend time with him - alone. Amy went on to say that she has nothing to lose - that she will be leaving in six weeks to take a new job - her 'dream' job - and that she could NOT leave without telling Ian how she REALLY felt about him.

When Ian asks Amy what she wants, Amy responds: 'A passionate, grand affair with you.'

At the Hospital, Kevin angrily insists to Paige that he saw her in the 'white light' tunnel wearing the SAME dress she is wearing right at that moment. However, Colleen comes in just then to get Kevin's stats. 'There is nothing worse,' Colleen mutters, 'than a patient whose first name is doctor!'

When Colleen leaves, Kevin insists to Paige that he wasn't having a dream or a hallucination - that he REALLY saw her in the tunnel. As Paige continues to urge Kevin to believe he is mistaken, Kevin says: 'In every case I have ever studied - the people that describe the tunnel with the white light say the people they find inside the tunnel are people they've known before - people that they LOVED when they were still alive. But the people that turn up in the tunnel, who are supposed to help you get to 'the other side' - are ALREADY dead!'

At the barn, Alison and Rafe are STILL kissing and Alison admits: 'I fought my feelings for so long,' while Rafe observes that he had SO many arguments with himself but can NOT remember a time when he was NOT loving Alison and wanting her. Then Rafe says 'No more words,' picks her up and gently deposits her on a bed of fresh hay.

Meanwhile, back by the side of the road with Ian and Amy, Amy presumes that Ian is going to say that he MERELY wants to be friends, and is mildly surprised when Ian told her, that, under different circumstances, IAN would be the one suggesting a mad, passionate affair!

Back at the barn, Rafe and Alison make love for the first time. [The first stanza of the song played on the ABC version was: 'OOH, Baby, I give my all or not at all, there is no in-between, I'll give my best, won't second guess.' On SoapNet, the first stanza of the song was: 'I've seen stars in the night, too many to count, and Days when the sun never went down, I've seen thunder and lightning and countless silvery moons. But I've never seen Nothing like you.']

When they come up for air, Rafe says: 'You're my angel.'

And Alison replies: 'This is so magical.'

But Rafe told her: 'No, it's better than that. It's REAL!'

Back at the hospital, Paige says to Kevin, 'Maybe it WAS me that you saw in the tunnel. But maybe it was because I had the SAME kind of experience after MY accident!.'

Back in the car, Amy told Ian that she wants him to promise that he won't let her candor ruin the short time they have left together. And Ian assures her that it will NOT ruin anything, then suggests that they head home.

Back at the barn, Alison told Rafe that 'everything is perfect,' and Rafe agrees that it is 'glorious, wondrous, miraculous.'

Alison told Rafe that no matter how much or how little time they have left together, she plans to make EVERY second count. As they are cuddling together, Alison suddenly notices a scar and asks Rafe if that is 'where you got killed?'

Rafe urges her NOT to think about anything unpleasant just then, but Alison says that she WANTS him to be alive. And Rafe assures her that, at THAT moment, he feels MORE alive than ever before.

Back at the Hospital, as Kevin dozes, he says to Paige: 'I know you're real,' and Paige encourages him to sleep and told him that everything will seem different tomorrow. As Paige prepares to leave, Kevin whispers: 'Tomorrow, we'll finish your painting.' Then Kevin flashes back to his experience in the tunnel and remembers that, when he asked Paige what was going on, Paige replied that THIS was their destiny - together! And Kevin drifts off, saying: 'It was SO real - like she was an angel!'

As Ian and Amy are driving back to town, Ian sees a shooting star and Amy says she has made a wish on it. But, as Ian tries to get Amy to tell him WHAT she wished for, the car suddenly hits a patch of black ice and slides off the road.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002

Kevin dreamt of his encounter with Paige and woke to find Lucy there. Paige told Casey she couldn't find Amy and needed her help. Eve couldn't find Ian and Chris wasn't much help. Amy and Ian were okay after the car crash. Ian called 9-1-1 but had a bad connection and Amy worried about what might happen if they weren't found. Casey confirmed Paige's feelings about Kevin. Kevin was ready to go home and Lucy told him Paige needed to move on but Kevin admitted asking her to stay. Paige decided she wanted to fill Lucy's life as Lucy crawled into Kevin's hospital bed. Eve got word of Ian's 9-1-1 call as Amy tried to drive the car.

Wednesday, February 13, 2002

While Rafe sleeps, Alison prays out loud asking for more time. She wants Rafe to be able to have one perfect summer. Alison also prays for Jamal. She is worried about him. Rafe wakes up and hears Alison's prayer. She told Rafe that what she feels for him is unlike anything she's ever felt before. They have so little time that they vow to take advantage and enjoy every moment they have left. Alison asks Rafe to close his eyes and think of a place he would like to go. Rafe decides on a beach. Alison then begins to paint a picture of what a tropical beach would look like. As they lay together, lost in their imaginations, Ed appears. In the next scene, Alison and Rafe open their eyes to discover that fantasy has become reality. They are on the same beach that Alison described. Ed watches from nearby with satisfaction that they are enjoying his Valentine's Day gift.

Jamal takes on a gang in a fight. After taking down one of the members, Jamal is ready for more action until Gabby unexpectedly appears. She told Jamal she has been looking everywhere for him and begs Jamal to go home with her so they can talk. Jamal isn't interested in talk; he's ready to get back to the fight. Before he can take on the rest of the gang, one of them kicks Gabby to the ground. Jamal helps Gabby to her feet. She told him she is ok, but it is obvious that she is in pain. Jamal decides to take her to the hospital.

Ian's leg is stuck under the dashboard of his car so Amy is forced to drive. She works the pedals as Ian steers. Amy assures Ian she will be fine as long as he has his arms around her. At that moment, Ian jerks the wheel as he swerves to avoid a branch. The car comes to rest on the side of the road where Ian spots a call box. Before he can call for help, Eve is there at the car door, frantic with worry.

Amy is ready to confess as to what they were really doing in the middle of nowhere, when Ian jumps in with Amy's original story that they were going to see one of Amy's patients. Eve suspiciously asks for the patient's name. Amy is taken aback by the question, but Ian explains that they were supposed to meet a patient, but they never showed up. Eve accepts the explanation then informs Amy that from now on, a car and driver will be made available to her when she needs to visit patients outside the hospital. Amy apologizes for causing trouble then allows Chris Ramsey to drive her home.

Thursday, February 14, 2002

As they celebrate Valentine's Day at the Recovery Room, Eve can't resist asking Ian about his hours with Amy after their car broke down. Alone in the studio at the lighthouse, Paige fantasizes about having a family with Kevin. Thanks to Ed's heavenly intervention, Rafe and Alison enjoy a romantic day at the beach in the middle of February. Lucy hesitantly explains to Paige why she would like to spend Valentine's Day alone with her husband. Later, Paige volunteers to watch Christina in order to give the child's parents a chance for some private time. Eve arranges for a special surprise in hopes that she and Ian will be able to get their romance back on track. Rafe told a pleased Alison he's never felt more alive than when he's in her presence. Kevin comes home from the hospital early to present his Valentine with a bouquet of red roses.

Friday, February 15, 2002

As Ricky and Casey get hot and bothered in the storage room at the Recovery Room - Ricky suggests that they slip away to a little place he knows that is nearby, but Casey told him she thinks it would take too long.

At the Lighthouse in the playroom, Paige is reading a story to Christina that has a perfect ending, about the mommy, daddy and beautiful little girl living happily ever after. Kevin arrives and told them that Lucy left to pick up Serena and bring her back from a slumber party. In the meantime, it will be Kevin who puts Christina to bed tonight. But Christina says: 'No. I don't want you!'

At the hospital, as Colleen and Eve talk about Eve's emergency patient, Eve told Colleen that she plans to meet Ian in the On-Call room - then Jamal brought Gabriela in and explains that Gabriela has been in pain all night after being accidentally kicked during Jamal's fight. Eve immediately calls for a wheelchair and told Gabriela that she has to be careful, since she DOES have only one kidney left.

Meanwhile, in the darkened On-Call room, Ian's button is caught on Amy's hair after Ian mistook Amy for Eve.

IAN: I thought you were Eve.

AMY: Did you, Ian? Did you, really?

Meanwhile, back in the Storage Room, Ricky says: 'I never met anyone like you before.'

And Casey replies: 'You got that right.'

Suddenly, Ricky's beeper went off. Ricky is sure that it will be Mrs. Barrington, and since Ricky has designs on Amanda's diamond and emerald necklace, Ricky insists that he should answer the beeper in order to keep his boss happy. But, when Ricky looks at the beeper, he announces that it's his sister and that there is some kind of emergency involving her.

At the hospital, Colleen told Eve that all the exam rooms are full but they can put Gabriela in the Luxury Suite, which is available. As she heads Gabriela toward the luxury suite, Eve asks Colleen to go to the On-Call room and tell Ian that it will be a little while before Eve will be able to join him.

Meanwhile, in the darkened On-Call Room, Ian says to Amy: 'I don't know what you're implying.'

AMY: I think you do. You came here looking for Eve. You saw the shape of a woman and assumed it was your wife. Don't you know your own wife in the dark?

When Ian argues and says he made a mistake, Amy observes that Ian ALWAYS seems to be saying that he is sorry and that he has made a mistake! Then she lists the incidents - When she was staying at his place and he walked in on her while she was getting dressed. Then, in the stalled car, when his hand just mistakenly wandered as he was trying to steer the car...

Just then, Colleen enters the darkened on-call room and told Ian that Eve will be a bit longer.

When Colleen leaves, Amy says: "I'm sorry if I unnerve you.'

And Ian replies: You do - and I think you enjoy it!'

At the Lighthouse, Paige told Christina how great Kevin really is and promises Christina that Kevin will draw her picture. But as Paige and Christina settle down for Kevin to sketch, Christina begins playing with Paige's watch. Kevin suggests that he will put the watch out of Christina's reach, but , when Paige hesitates, Kevin adds: 'Unless there is some reason you don't want me to.'

Paige observes that the watch has sentimental value to her. But Kevin assures her: "I'm not going to hock it - just put it out of reach.'

Christina remains interested in the watch as Kevin finally takes the watch and saying: 'lest we tempt her,' puts it over on a shelf.

Then Kevin thanks Paige for helping Christina feel more secure around Kevin, observing that this is the FIRST significant breakthrough he has has with Christina since she arrived. Kevin went on to observe that Paige is good with kids and that she would make a wonderful mother.

However, Paige observes that she believes it is 'too late' for her. But Kevin assures her that EVEN a miracle like that COULD happen! Then Christina puts her head on Paige's lap and Paige decides it really is time for Cristina to go to bed. And Kevin picks up the watch!

At the hospital, Ricky and Casey arrive and Jamal immediately gets into an argument with Ricky. When Colleen arrives to take Gabriela out for some more tests, Ricky and Jamal BOTH want to go along, but Eve says no. Ricky told Jamal that he believes that Jamal conned Gabriela into donating her kidney to save Jamal's kid, and now there appears to be damage to Gabriela's remaining kidney as a result of a fight Jamal was in! As Jamal pushes away, Ricky picks up a scalpel from a nearby cart, but Casey sees him do it.

In the On-Call room, Amy admits to Ian that she DOES find his discomfort amusing - but she certainly did NOT plan it.

IAN: Not plan it per se. BUT, you ARE the one who wants to have an affair.

Amy moves away and told Ian that she is 'making room for his ego,' and reminds Ian that she ALSO told him she would NEVER act on her feelings and that she has respect for his marriage. Then she adds: 'I'm sorry I told you. I should have known you would get all weird.'

As Ian observes that they got very close in a short period of time, Amy insists that she would never put Ian in a compromising situation. Of course, Amy suggests, they could ALSO 'go for it' and get it over with -- have one big juicy kiss and get it out of their systems!

Back in the Hospital Hall, Jamal and Ricky continue to argue and then Jamal abruptly leaves and Casey told Ricky she saw him take the scalpel. But, when she urges Ricky to not be an idiot, Ricky told her to stay out of it.

In the On-Call room, Amy remembers Ed telling the angels that the Fifth Chair will be filled by someone close to them and the angel will help that person 'cross over.' Amy suddenly says: 'NO! It was a mistake. A kiss would be a mistake.' But, as Amy turns to leave, Ian briefly grabs her wrist and the cover to her watch suddenly flips open and Ian says, 'But I have a question for you,' as Amy pulls away and rushes out of the room.

Ian remembers Victor talking about finding the watch and mutters: 'It was the SAME watch!'

At the Lighthouse, as Paige puts Christina to bed, she told the little girl, 'This feels SO right - just like family. This is where I'm meant to be,' and Christina agrees with her.

Meanwhile, in the studio, Kevin looks at Paige's watch, and concludes that it's just an ordinary watch until a vibrating alarm went off, and the watch pops open as there is a flash of light and the watch moves back one more number. Kevin says 'this is the watch that Victor found -- PAIGE took it!'

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