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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 28, 2002 on GL
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Monday, January 28, 2002

At Company, Blake orders take-out but is forced to sit with Gus while she waits for her food (seems like everyone in Springfield is eating out tonight, a waitress tells her). As she sits at the table, Blake flaunts the diamond on her hand, blowing Gus away. He whistles and says it looks like she has an ice rink on her finger. He asks who proposed and Blake tells him Ross, of course. Gus proceeds to play his favorite game, Q&A with a reluctant Blake who claims Gus is suffering from "interrogation withdrawal" since losing his badge. Gus inquires as to why Blake called him asking him to tail someone, then called back to fire him before taking the job. She explains his services weren't needed after all. Gus explains that the only reasons people hire a private investigator are for missing persons, background checks... and cheating spouses. Blake looks guiltily away and Gus pats himself on the back for his powers of deduction.

In Tory's apartment, Ross appears stunned as his young lover disrobes and saunters toward him, telling him they can't deny their feelings and pretend nothing is happening between them. Tory insists they give in to desire, but Ross says a nervous "no." Tory loosens his tie and kisses him. Overcome by her seduction, Ross gives in and kisses her back... Ross breaks away, saying he has to go and that this can never happen again. Tory says she knows it will be hard for him to break things off with Blake, but Blake just doesn't fulfill him like she can. She accuses Ross of proposing to Blake out of guilt and that he must get out of Blake's "stranglehold." An angry Ross grabs Tory and insists he loves Blake and will "do the right thing." He heads for the door as Tory, desperately reminds him of Vanessa - "Here's your second chance," she offers. Ross says he should never have told her about Vanessa. Tory says she is happy finally happy again - like she was before Stuart died. She insists that Ross must feel something too. She moves closer to him, but Ross grabs her and sternly says, "Stop it, Tory." He reminds her that this can never happen again. Tory says she will not go away, and claims she can feel Ross wants her as much as she wants him. "My future is with Blake. I love Blake. I do not love you and I never will," Ross explains as he prepares yet again to leave. Tory warns Ross he won't be able to walk away from what they have. Ross tells her to leave Springfield and find a man who will love her as much as he loves his wife. Ross makes it very clear that if she stays, he will not see her or return her phone calls, etc. He wants nothing to do with her and doesn't understand why she is doing this to him. He says goodbye and exits the apartment. Tory clings to the door, crying.

Downstairs at Company, Ross frantically buttons his coat and hides his torn shirt and missing tie under a scarf. Blake approaches with their dinner and asks what he is doing there. Ross says he had a meeting - it didn't go well, but he thinks he got his point across. "All I want to do is go home," Ross says, relieved to be where he belongs.

Outside the Rusty Anchor, Richard reaches for the door as a palace aide approaches him. The aide explains that Cassie changed her plans at the last minute and came here to see Alonzo. Richard lets out a laugh and says he is going back to the palace.

Inside, Cassie tells Alonzo that he deserves the truth - Alonzo made her face the facts about her true feelings for him. Alonzo apologizes for causing trouble for Cassie and Richard. He explains how he jumped at the chance to take the yacht around the world so that he wouldn't "do something stupid" when it comes to Cassie... but at the same time, he wouldn't have been able to stand being away from her. Cassie says she insisted right from the start that Alonzo be a part of Will's life. He thanks her for convincing him because he would have missed out on so much. Cassie says that he has become a dear friend, and that she loves him... like she would a dear friend. She is sorry for giving Alonzo the wrong impression, but what she has with Richard is the real thing, something she could never have with Alonzo.

Cassie returns to the palace and tells Richard she has a confession to make. A sarcastic Richard asks how the ribbon-cutting ceremony went. Then he explains how he knew she went to the Rusty Anchor instead - Camille told him. Cassie apologizes for leaving Richard hanging last time they spoke, but she had to set Alonzo straight first. She admits she lied when she said Alonzo did not have feelings for her. Richard says he already knew that. But Cassie was afraid of Richard's jealousy and that she might feel the same way about Alonzo. She is sincere in her fears, and Richard accepts her apology. He confesses that he went to the Rusty Anchor to "collect" his wife, but never went busting in to break up the secret rendezvous. "What changed your mind?," Cassie asks, confused. "You did," Richard says, smiling. He realized he does not want to control her and that Cassie can do and see whatever and whomever she pleases. He doesn't want to risk losing her again. Cassie reminds him that he will never lose her. Richard admits he was relieved that he decided not to burst in on her and Alonzo as he would have looked like a fool. Cassie says she told Alonzo that she does not have feelings for him. She tells Richard how grateful she is for his love as she kisses him. They hold each other close without a secret between them.

At the Spaulding mansion, Phillip repeats his statement: "My name is Phillip Spaulding. What's yours?" Lorelei laughs, confused - it must be a joke. Phillip shows her the flier and points out the picture of Rafael. He recognized him as the priest from the mission. Lorelei asks Phillip why she should have any reason to lie. He says anyone masquerading as Beth would have a good reason to. Lorelei insists she is Beth, spewing biographical facts and Phillip agrees Edmund taught her well. Although Edmund forgot Beth has no Uncle George, and the fact that Lillian had cancer. Phillip says he was a fool for thinking Edmund was the one conning her. Lorelei insists she can explain, but Phillip picks up the phone, saying he will do it for her. He is calling Rafael to offer a donation to his theater group in return for the truth. Lorelei takes the phone and puts it back on it's cradle. "You're right. I'm not Beth," she confesses, seeing her trap. Phillip stands over his desk, devastated. He wishes his suspicions had been wrong. "Who are you?," he asks, sullenly. Lorelei introduces herself and says she is from Virginia, but met Edmund in Chicago. Phillip guesses the rest - Edmund saw the resemblance and decided to pass her off as Beth in order to get to the Spaulding fortune. Phillip admits he was played for a fool. Lorelei says she only told Phillip the truth because she made the first mistake in any con: "never fall for your mark." Phillip tells her to shut up and that he will never believe a word she says. He can't believe someone would be so cruel as to capitalize on his pain - the pain of losing Beth. He can't believe she could look Lizzie in the eye and tell her "Mommy's home." No human being could do that. Lorelei says she never had a family like this and that she didn't realize what she was doing until it was too late. Phillip wonders how he will break Lizzie's heart again. He admits he liked the new Beth and that he was starting to feel things he hadn't felt in years... "for Beth, not for you." Lorelei promises the con is over. Phillip interrupts, angrily, saying he believed every word of that letter she wrote him. Lorelei insists her feelings were genuine and that she's in love. Phillip says she's "very good." He plays with the option of having Lorelei and Edmund arrested, but decides it will be too difficult to explain everything to Beth's loved ones - especially Lizzie. In order to buy himself some time to figure out what to do, Phillip tells Lorelei that she must continue the charade. He orders her to keep her mouth shut and to not tell Edmund or he will have them thrown in jail. Lorelei agrees and Phillip tells her to leave. She does, reluctantly. Phillip looks at a picture of he and Beth in a frame. He stares in silence.

At Infierno, Lorelei tells her co-conspirator she has news. So does he. They sit down and Edmund tells Lorelei to go first. She says the letter worked and Phillip was so happy he said, "Let's get married!" Edmund can't believe Phillip Spaulding used those words, but says an unenthusiastic "well done." Lorelei asks about his news. He says it is unimportant now. Lorelei promises him that "everything will work out exactly as planned." But her smile is doubtful.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Tony goes to see Marah and tells her the news that he's broken up with Catalina. While Tony is trying to rekindle the relationship with Marah, she realizes that Catalina has not yet told him about the baby. Marah urges Tony to go talk to Catalina - there is unfinished business, she tells him. Tony is confused and is hard pressed to understand why he and Marah can't pick up where they left off, but agrees to go talk to Catalina.

Realizing that she didn't tell Tony about her pregnancy, Ben chides Catalina for keeping it a secret. Although she planned the pregnancy as a means to keep Tony, Catalina tells Ben it's her pride that's keeping her from telling - she doesn't want to get him back that way. Ben devises a plan to get Tony's attention while letting Catalina keep silent. The two agree that they will arrange for Tony to hear about the pregnancy from someone other than Catalina, and lead him to believe she intends to terminate it. They are sure that when he hears the news, Tony will rush to Catalina's side to keep her from terminating the pregnancy.

Ben's gambling buddies put him on the hot seat for taking so long to bed Marah. When he goes to her room, Ben finds Marah crying. He does his best to romance the heartbroken girl, but will he succeed? Meanwhile, Tony has gone to see Catalina and find out what this unfinished business is, but Catalina keeps mum.

While dining at the Towers with her family, Mel sees Rick and Harley. Mel's father makes a point of bringing up the impending nuptials, much to the annoyance of Mel and Felicia. Soon after Rick and Harley leave, a handsome young man stops by the table to say hello to the professor. Unimpressed that he is a college football hero, Mel is cool to him, but warms up slightly when he tells her he has since become and accomplished lawyer. Still, Mel declines to give him her phone number, but not one to be discouraged easily the young attorney leaves his card with her and asks her to call. After the young man has left, Mel's father proudly announces that her new suitor will be checking his answering machine every 15 minutes waiting for her call. It seems though that the young doctor recognizes a set-up when she sees one, and tells her father so in no uncertain terms.

Rick and Harley rush home when Meta calls to alert them of a prowler in the house. The invader turns out to be a hungry Marina. Harley convinces the teen to let her call her worried parents. Although Harley is suspicious of Marina's story, she convinces Frank and Eleni to leave the details for tomorrow and just be happy to see the girl. Marina makes it clear she would rather stay in her old room at her father's house than go to her mother's hotel, and the relieved parents let her have her way on this one.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Confirming that she lied to Edmund about their plan's success, Lorelei tries to convince Phillip that she cares about him and his children. But when she admits that she told Edmund that Phillip proposed to her, Phillip becomes furious. As they argue, Lizzie overhears them and is thrilled to hear they're getting married. Edmund catches Marina stealing money from Company's cash register. She defends her actions and then tries flirting with him until he admits that Frank doesn't care for him. She leaks about her party tonight and that Lizzie will be there but Buzz overhears and orders Edmund to stay away. After turning down a job offer that would require her to move to St. Louis, Tory agrees to accompany Edmund to Marina's party. As the guests arrive for the "Welcome Home" party, Phillip congratulates Ross on his engagement. Ross admits to Phillip that his story about the client who had an affair is actually about him. Rick's upset when he catches Harley kissing Gus. Michelle's surprised when Gus encourages her to have faith that Danny will be fine. She later fantasizes about Gus. Thanking her guests for coming, Marina congratulates the three happy couple who are getting married: Ross and Blake, Harley and Rick, and Phillip and Beth. Hearing from Shayne that Marina's been in town for days, Frank and Eleni force Marina to admit that her mother is the reason she stayed away.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Catalina has a plan. She feeds Father Ray enough information to let him catch on that she's pregnant, then lets him believe she plans to terminate the pregnancy. Realizing that Tony is unaware of Catalina's delicate condition, the priest rushes off to find his brother so that he will stop Catalina.

Tony tells Marah that he's finally free to be with her. Believing that he knows about Catalina's pregnancy, Marah lets him back into her life. Tony tells her he loves her, and Marah replies that she never stopped loving him. She wonders aloud "is this really happening? Are we really getting a second chance?" Tony assures her, "nothing is gonna stand in our way this time, nothing." Marah tells Tony that she is ready to take their relationship to the next level saying "I'm ready and I want you, Tony. Make love to me." In the throes of intimacy, the couple is interrupted by Father Ray.

As much as she tries to deny that the kiss between her and Gus was one sided, Harley can't convince Rick. He decides that the couple must face the truth about their relationship. Desperate to create a normal family life for Jude, Harley tells Rick they should elope again. But Rick won't be distracted from the truth telling Harley "if getting married were the right thing to do, it would have happened." The two finally admit that although they adore one another, they are not in love. They tearfully decide that they should go their separate ways. Although he is too young to realize what is happening, they sit Jude down and tell him that daddy will be moving out, but both parents will always be there for him.

Frank and Eleni are mortified to learn that Marina has been in town for two weeks, sleeping in doorways, begging for spare change, and stealing food. Marina makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with her mother, making Eleni sound neglectful. Eleni wants to start fresh with her daughter, but Marina wants to stay with Frank. The couple agrees that Marina can stay with her father, but the girl's joy is short lived when Frank asks Eleni to stay in Springfield as well. Witnessing all this has made Buzz realize that it's time for him to go get his boys, Rocky and Coop.

Alonzo has refused the throne, but Reva warns Cassie that there still could be trouble ahead.

Friday, February 1, 2002

Cassie and Richard make the most of a minute alone before Richardıs meeting with Alonzo. Cassie leaves for a meeting of her own. Richard tells Alonzo that there are things they need to sort out. Alonzo says, "I don't think that's possible." He tells Richard that he was right not to trust him... about Cassie. Richard knew Alonzo's feelings before he was aware of them himself. Richard tells him that Cassie defended him, even lied to protect his feelings. Alonzo takes the blame. Richard admits they've all lied. Richard tells him that he has decided to let Cassie have more freedom. Alonzo comments, "That is very presidential of you." Richard says he sees a leader in Alonzo and he always has. He asks, "What are we going to do now?" Richard admits, "We've all made mistakes," but suggests they move on. Alonzo says they can never wipe the slate clean, and that they should just "call it even." Richard agrees since they are brothers and they should get to know each other. Alonzo says he grew up an only child and now he has two brothers - one that he's never even met. Richard says he is better off there. They shake hands, "Even?" "Even."

At the Rusty Anchor, Cassie and Camille discuss the future. Camille's attitude toward the princess has not changed as she reminds Cassie of how poorly she's been treated since "giving you my son to raise." Cassie offers to start over. Camille says it's too late for that. Cassie says she has an offer Camille won't refuse. They sit at at a table as Camille agrees to hear the royal pitch. Cassie asks Camille why she has stayed in San Cristobel all this time - she must be after Alonzo. Camille denies it. Cassie reminds her that Alonzo does not want to be prince and so Camille will never be princess. A sarcastic Camille says "Hallelujah!" and thanks Cassie for setting her straight, helping her to "see the light." Cassie says Alonzo wants nothing to do with Camille and that she is fooling herself. Camille says she never had a chance with Alonzo because Cassie "kept leading him on." Cassie asks what Camille plans to do with her future and even offers to pay for her trip back to the states and to get her into a good college with paid tuition. Camille accuses Cassie of bribery and says she is only trying to get rid of her. Cassie reminds her that she is only trying to help because Camille has very few options. Camille stands up, angrily saying she does indeed have options, "none of which you'll like." Cassie returns to the palace and asks Richard how his meeting went with Alonzo. Richard says they have a long way to go, but this is a start. Cassie tells him her meeting was not so successful.

Alonzo storms into the Rusty Anchor, sees Camille and starts to leave. She stops him, saying they need to talk. He says it's not a good time, but she convinces him to stay, saying, "There will never be a good time to talk about what we have to talk about." She tells Alonzo that they've been on the outside looking in for way too long and that it's time Alonzo took what is rightfully his. Alonzo reminds her that he declined the throne. Camille threatens to take Richard and Cassie to court if Alonzo doesn't make a play for the throne (with her at his side as princess). Alonzo is angry, but is trapped, knowing losing Will would destroy Richard and Cassie.

At the Spaulding mansion, Lorelei comments on Marina's party when Phillip stops her. He is fascinated with how Lorelei talks about his friends and family as if she really knows them. Lorelei accuses him of getting up on the "wrong side of the bed this morning." Phillip is not amused, saying he woke up remembering the woman he thought was Beth is an impostor out to scam him. He reminds her that he hates going along with this farce but he is forced to until he finds the courage to tell Lizzie and James the truth. What's worse, he adds, half of Springfield thinks they are engaged! He says he should have thrown her out the minute he suspected she wasn't the real Beth. Lorelei asks him why he didn't. She says he is afraid to admit that he cares for her. Phillip stares in disbelief, telling her he is a fool, that's why. Lorelei wishes she could go back in time and undo the pain she's caused him. She really does care for him and reminds him of their connection in Mexico. Phillip admits he felt something too, but it was for Beth, not Lorelei. "I can be Beth if that's what you want me to be," Lorelei offers. Phillip is enraged and tells her to leave so he can think. He screams "Just get out!!," and tells her she is to never come near his kids or Lillian again. Lorelei leaves the room saying to herself, "You'll come around Phillip... "
Alan enters the room to find a disgruntled Phillip. He thought Phillip and Beth would be out celebrating their engagement, admitting he coerced Lizzie into telling him the news. Phillip says "no one was supposed to know because it's not definite yet." Alan reminds him "he who hesitates is lost." Alan agrees not to push because he believes Phillip and Beth are supposed to be together. He reminds Phillip that the family has been through a lot and that it is up to Phillip to keep the family from more pain. "Family first, and the rest will follow," he says as he leaves.
Phillip stares at a picture of he and Beth, then leaves the house, determined.

At Company, Edmund watches Alonzo on TV, giving his press conference. A waitress comments that it's strange how no one wants to be prince of San Cristobel. Edmund says, "You have no idea." Lorelei enters as Edmund busies himself reading the paper. He jealously asks about her engagement. She reminds him that getting Phillip to marry her was all part of the plan. Edmund says he is afraid Lorelei won't be needing him anymore and will cut him out of the deal. After all, she'd much rather cut him out than Phillip, the man she's fallen in love with. Lorelei tries to argue with him, but Edmund gets up to leave, saying he's "off to look over the want ads." He leaves as Lorelei picks up the newspaper, seeing Alonzo's picture and the headline, "The Reluctant Prince." Lorelei knows Edmund has another plan up his sleeve. He returns to the table a minute later, having neglected to his bill. Lorelei asks what he's up to, pointing to the paper. Edmund reminds her that he was exiled from San Cristobel and doesn't look forward to spending the rest of his life in prison. Edmund says he never had a backup plan if theirs didn't work but now wishes he had one. Lorelei says she was never planning on cutting Edmund off. Edmund doesn't believe her. He tells her she's different now and rarely sees her. She reminds him that it is part of the plan. He says that if she has feelings for Phillip, she should admit them. She does, but quickly adds that she has feelings for Edmund too. Out of her guilt, Lorelei is about to tell him that Phillip knows she isn't Beth, when Phillip arrives and pulls up a chair, "Well, isn't this cozy?" Edmund gets up to leave and Phillip tells him it's ok, "I'll just talk to Lorelei." Edmund stops in his tracks. He looks at Lorelei accusingly. Phillip says "The game is up... It's time to get serious - dead serious."

Father Ray arrives at Marah's dorm and tries to tell Tony that Catalina needs him but refuses, as a priest, to betray her confidence. He only says that Catalina has to make a difficult choice now. Tony doesn't know what he's talking about. Marah realizes Tony doesn't know the truth - she tells him Catalina is pregnant. Tony doesn't understand - he talked to Catalina and she didn't say anything. Marah says she thought he knew, or else she "never would have considered..." (sleeping with him). Ray says there isn't much time, "Cat's not thinking clearly." Tony realizes what he means, "The baby?" Ray nods.

Tony calls Catalina's doctor but gets nowhere. Ray tells him that the doctor is not going to give him that information over the phone. He suggests Tony go look for Catalina. Tony is angry and confused. Ray says, "It's your decision...I know you're gonna do the right thing." He leaves. Through her tears, Marah says "I thought you knew." Tony apologizes as he bangs the door in frustration. He can't believe Catalina lied to him. "This is crazy!," he screams. Marah asks him, "Are you going to stop her?" Tony is visibly upset as he tells Marah that everything he told her was true - he wants to be with her and want nothing get in the way. Marah says Catalina's condition changes things. Marah tells him that she realized Tony was the only one she loves when Sam told her about the picture of Josh and how Tony was responsible for saving him. She says she went back to Tony's birthday party that night to tell Tony how she felt, but found him in bed with Catalina. Then she thought it must really be over. Tony holds her as she cries, then lets go and says he has to leave. Marah cries alone in her room.

At the Springfield Women's Clinic, Catalina fills out paperwork as a counselor, Jane, tells her there are some formalities they have to discuss first. Catalina says, "No offense, but I want to see a doctor, not a counselor." Jane tells her there is no reason to rush, and that she has many alternatives. Catalina says she has no alternatives.

Later, Tony barges in asking Jane if she's seen Catalina. He describes her, desperately, begging to see her. Jane says he can't just come barging in like this. She threatens to call the police. Tony grabs the phone from her and insists on seeing Catalina. He calls out her name. Jane tries to quiet him, "Sir, we have patients here." Tony panics, "Patients?" He again calls for Catalina, rushing past Jane and into the doctor's office, screaming her name.

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