One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 4, 2002 on OLTL

Jen moved out of Cristian's apartment. Gabrielle blackmailed her way into a job. Al moved into the carriage house. Natalie pushed Jessica from a staircase as Viki walked into the room. Niki appeared as Viki was talking to Starr.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 4, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, Friday, 4, 2002

Viki watches helplessly as Natalie pushes Jessica off of the landing. Ben tends to Jessica and she is ultimately fine. Relieved but angry Viki warns Natalie that such behavior will jeopardize her place in the family. Seth vows to protect Jessica from Natalie. Ben shares the news of Roxanne's apparent illness with Viki. Allison insists that Roxanne tell Jessica about her "diabetes" as soon as possible.

Lindsay finds Jen moving out of Cristian's apartment, and Jen confesses that she will stay with Al despite her undying love for Cristian. Lindsay shocks Jen with the news of her pending elopement, and Lindsay believes Nora is to blame when Troy makes a prank call.

At Colin's gravesite, Nora overhears Troy confess his love for Nora, and Nora admits to that she fears for his safety. Touched Troy reiterates his desire to prove that Lindsay helped his brother inject Nora, and he tells her that he cannot see her again until he has completed his mission. Troy's good-bye hug turns into a kiss and Nora responds. Nora eventually breaks away and declares her love for Sam before rushing off.

Todd denies knowing David Vickers to Gabrielle, and threatens her if she tells Blair the truth about Jack.

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

Troy calls Lindsay and tells her he has a few more things to do and then he will be by to get her to elope. Lindsay tells Troy she is all packed. As Troy hangs up the phone he says to himself "let the fun begin"? Jen comes in – she has spent the night with Lindsay and says she did not sleep well because she is not used to sleeping alone. She is still upset about her breakup with Cris but Lindsay tells her it was the right thing to do so she can be with Al. Jen leaves the room, the doorbell rings and it is Cris with a box of Jen's things. Lindsay tells him Jen is not there but Cris tells Lindsay he is there to see her not Jen. Lindsay tells Cris she does not hate him but she does not want him in Jen's life. Jen comes into the room as Lindsay is telling Cris to stay away from her daughter. Cris tells Jen he has brought the rest of her things. Jen asks Lindsay to leave so she and Cris can talk. Jen tells Cris that Lindsay is marrying Troy and Cris says "poor Dr. McIver". Cris and Jen each tell the other they miss living together at the loft. Cris asks Jen to come back. She tells him she wants to but can't and Cris says he understands. He leaves. Lindsay comes back into the room to tell Jen good bye; she is off to Paris and the altar with Troy. She asks Jen if she has a problem with Troy becoming her stepfather because he is Colin's twin. Jen says she is trying to be fair.

Troy is planning to buy an old house with a secret room. The old house turns out to be a former "fun" house. He says he has everything planned to the last detail, takes some things out of a bag and holds up some cuff links. Troy calls Lindsay and tells her he still has some errands to do. He tells her he has had some harassing phone calls – she told him she had one and thinks it was a man. Troy says when they back from their trip they are getting new phone numbers. Unbeknown to Lindsay Troy is responsible for all the phone calls. After Troy hangs up Lindsay opens a package she received and it has a syringe in it – she is horrified. Back to Troy – he laments that Lindsay should be getting his "package" right about now.

Roxy is back at her house partying with her boyfriend when Allison comes to the door and tells her it is time to get their plan into high gear. Roxy is tipsy and is not happy Allison is there. Allison tells Roxy she has been to the hospital in Atlantic City and "doctored" some medical records showing that Roxy has a "condition". Allison tells Roxy this is the day they break the news to Jessica about her "illness" and that it is genetic. When Jessica arrives Roxy tells her she has a "medical condition" and shows Jessica the fake file detailing her "illness".

Al arrives at the gatehouse; Jessica greets him and tells him she has his room fixed up downstairs by the kitchen. Max asks Al if he is sure he does not want to stay at the Palace and Al says no. Max tells Al he probably does not want to see much of him because he will be seeing a lot of Jen. Jessica seems surprised at this news. Al tells Jessica that Jen and Cris have broken up. The phone rings – it is Roxy telling Jessica she needs to see her right away in Atlantic City. After Jessica leaves to go to Atlantic City, Max asks Al if he thought that phone call would be Jen. He asked Al if he was afraid Jen would not be coming. Jen did arrive just as Al was having a problem with his wheel chair being tangled in the rug. Jen tells Al everything is going to be okay that she is here to stay.

Max brings the rest of Al's thing in from the car he and Al talk about Al's situation with Jen – he had hoped that was Jen on the phone but he tells Max that she will be there. He tells Max that next year he will be walking, he and Jen will be skiing and that she will love him. Max of course is skeptical because he knows Jen is playing Al along, blaming herself for his accident.

Blair, Starr and Baby Jack visit Viki – Starr yanks at Jack's gown and Blair tells her that is not very nice. Viki tells Starr to go to the kitchen where Lois is baking cinnamon rolls. Starr stomps off. Blair talks to Viki about her concerns of Starr's jealousy of Jack. Blair tells Viki that Todd left to go to work that morning and she misses not getting to spend more time with him. She then asks Viki if she will watch Starr and Jack for a while. Viki is delighted. Blair leaves to go to the Sun to see Todd. Starr comes into the room pouting because Blair has left and asks what she can do – Viki tells her to ask nicely so Starr does that grudgingly. Viki suggests a game they can play that will include Jack. Starr has a mean vision of playing with Jack tricking him by jerking the football away after telling him to kick it causing him to fall (like in Peanuts).

Todd is at the Sun chewing his staff out because they have not been coming up with enough juicy scandals for the paper. Gabrielle comes into the room and tells them she has something juicy for them – something that happened at the docks the night before. She announces that Todd has hired her as the Style Editor. One of the female employees has a fit and tells Todd that the job was supposed to be hers. Todd denies this and Blair again threatens to tell the staff the truth about what happened at the docks where she learned from Todd telling David Vickers about Jack being their real baby. Todd tells the staff to leave the room and tells Gabrielle again he is not going to hire her. He threatens her by telling her she could end up falling from 20 stories. Blair is not scared by his "threat". Gabrielle then tells him she has brought her "body guard" and places an envelope on his desk. He opens the letter and tears it in half. Gabrielle takes another out of her brief case and tells Todd that if he does not give her a job that there will be many letters to Blair and Bo telling them of Todd's baby scheme. Blair bursts into the room and asks what Blair is doing there. Gabrielle says to Todd "do you want to tell her or shall I?" Blair tells Todd to have Gabrielle thrown out – that she wants to talk to him. Gabrielle is not about to budge. Blair tells Todd she wants to come to the Sun to work with him and Gabrielle remarks that they will all be working together. Blair is puzzled. Gabrielle continues to refuse to leave and when Blair asks again to throw her out – Gabrielle picks up the incriminating letter from Todd's desk she has written and tells Blair she should read her "resume". This was after Blair told her she was not qualified to work for Todd.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

While Cris works out, he imagines Al's face in the punching bag. Natalie happens to be there too and asks about it; thinking first it must be Lindsay he sees but realizes it's Al. Cris orders her away from him when she announces that she'd like to hurt Jess the way he wants to hurt Al.

Jen promises Al that she won't leave him as he bemoans his fate in the wheelchair. She has every confidence in him, she tells him. As he bends over to kiss her she pulls away, telling him she's not ready. He apologizes as Max looks on unseen and then heads their way. He suggests that he show Jen some of the physical therapy exercises, so Al leaves them alone, going off to practice with his chair. Max wonders if Jen was late due to being side-tracked by Cris and when she's silent he has his answer. He warns her about not breaking Al's heart. She makes excuses for not kissing Al and promises she meant what she said by sticking by Al. Al rolls back in as they pretend to have been speaking about the physical therapy. Max will drive them to Serenity Springs to start the therapy.

Roxy hands Jess her medical report, informing her that it's not good news. Jess confides that Roxy is important to her as her mother whines about hating to bother her with her problems. Allison lurks hiding nearby, coaching Roxy on what to say. Roxy breaks the news to Jess that she could be sick also. Her illness is possibly genetic; some kind of blood sugar "thing" is the problem, but she can't understand the report. Roxy cries that she might not make it so Jess had better be tested as well. Jess offers to call Larry but Roxy stops her by saying she doesn't want him bothered. There are loads of local doctors available to her though she's waited too long, not having medical insurance or money for the costly treatments, she says. Jess is feeling sorry and worried for Roxy and calls her mother.

Viki tells Starr that both Natalie and Jess are her daughters as they compare them to Starr and Jack-one biological and one adopted. When Starr asks her aunt which daughter she loves better, Niki suddenly appears, making comments to annoy and taunt Viki. As Niki continues to speak, Viki yells at her to be quiet, upsetting Starr who thinks Viki is yelling at her. Viki declares that she loves both of her daughters in different ways, while Niki prefers Natalie; she's more her kind. Ben walks in as Viki is yelling, Starr near tears and Niki is displaying her usual rudeness. Starr "tells" on Viki and Viki confesses when her husband can hardly believe she was being mean to her niece. Starr is sent to the kitchen and Viki admits that Niki's been there, talking in her mind. She can't understand why she's showing now and she's scared. She's the one to control the personalities though, not Niki. Ben promises that they'll both deal with Niki, together.

Gabrielle hands Blair her "resume" since she must be wondering why Todd has hired her. That piece of paper will explain it all, she smiles, as Todd looks on unhappily. Blair calls her a "bed-hopping, fortune-hunting, Brit-talking, con-bimbo who's in between prison sentences" and she has no doubt that Gabby has no skills to speak of. Gabrielle eggs Blair on, wanting to disclose the contents of the paper, until Todd intercedes. He grabs the incriminating information away while Blair wonders why he hasn't tossed Gabby out of his office yet. Todd claims to be waiting for security and as it's not a sight Blair would want to see, he suggests she get home to their children. After she's gone, Todd expresses his doubt that Gabby will ever say anything to anyone but Ms. Medina announces she has nothing to lose. She continues to push, wondering if Todd will hire her or if she'll spill the beans to Blair. Todd thinks she'll screw up eventually as Gabby advises him that she's got lots of copies of her letter. They finally agree to her becoming the new Style Editor though Todd assures her that her decision will be the dumbest she's ever made. She tells him his decision is a good one.

Cris arrives home, deep in thought about Jen, followed shortly after by Natalie who tosses his forgotten gym bag at him. Cris is pretty annoyed by her but Natalie complains that she's just trying to be friendly because they're both going through the same thing. They finally come to an understanding and even joke around a bit. He's just angry that Jen is with Al; Natalie can empathize since they've both been dumped, she says. Cris is adamant about the fact that he wasn't dumped, he just chose to do the right thing. When Natalie admits that it's really difficult to see Seth and Jess together, he comforts her by telling her it'll get better. She thinks there's something he can do about his situation and that's to keep fighting to get rid of the other guy. Cris doesn't agree with that. Natalie wonders how life can go on with their feelings the way they are. Looking at each other, they fall into a kiss.

Blair returns to Llanfair for her children, walking in on Ben and Viki kissing. Viki is perplexed that Gabrielle was at Todd's office. They're concerned that Gabrielle will show up at their door, now that Todd has obviously thrown her out of his office. Jess darts in asking to see Ben in private. She hands him Roxy's medical report and Ben looks it over. He states that the condition can be controlled with medication though it's possible that it's too late. Jess wants to help out but Ben has doubts over whether the whole thing is true or not. Starr is thrilled to be leaving mean Aunt Viki. Todd shows up claiming that he took care of Gabrielle "real good."

After Jess leaves, Allison and Roxy gloat over Roxy's great performance. Allison wants no more mistakes and wants no real doctors involved in this scheme. They figure that Jess is probably on her way to get some money as they speak.

At Serenity Springs, Al attempts to coax Jen into revealing the real conversation she had with his father. He wonders if she's feeling pressured to be with him and would rather be somewhere else. He wonders if Max made her feel guilty. She leans down and kisses him in answer.

Gabrielle leaves a message for Al, telling him that she's got great news. She spots a copy of The Sun with Asa's picture on front. He's due to be sentenced today.

Thursday, February 7, 2002

At the gym: Al is exercising and receiving physical therapy with Jen at his side. After sharing a kiss, Jen finds a watch on the floor that she had given to Cristian.

Cristian's Apartment: Natalie and Cristian are making out and begin to undress each other. Natalie stops and points out that they are only doing this because they miss Seth and Jen. Natalie leaves with her shirt half undone and Jessica is at the front door. Jessica accuses Natalie of taking advantage of Cristian. Cristian tries to stand up for Natalie, but she leaves without fighting. After she leaves, Jessica says that she can't believe that he was doing this just after Jen, and with of all people, Natalie. Cristian fires back that she did the same thing with Will a while ago. Jessica decides to leave, but not before telling him that Roxanne is sick. Cristian gets a call about his watch and says that he will come down to the gym.

At the gym, Al watches Jen stare at Cristian longingly.

Court: Asa tells Nigel not to worry because he has the trial rigged. When the trial does begin, Asa tells the court that they can't proceed because his lawyer is not present. The judge decides to appoint him an attorney from the courtroom: Nora Buchannan. Even though Nora says that she wouldn't defend Asa if it were "a cold day in hell," she decides that she can't convince the judge to change her mind. Without consulting Asa, she changes his plea to "guilty." Nora tells Asa that he has a better chance to receive a lenient sentence now if he pleads guilty, rather than during the trial. The judge decides to sentence Asa to 150 hrs. of community service: 50 under the supervision of Ben, 50 under Renee and 50 under Bo. But Nigel gets off scott-free.

At the campus: Keri and Rae are discussing Antonio and their past relationship. She explains to Rae that they can't be together because R.J. is her father. As they are talking, a guy grabs Rae's purse and runs off. She tackles him and Seth holds him down while Antonio walks in. He was just on campus and his partner takes the perp away. Antonio sees that Keri injured her wrist and as he holds it for closer look, he leans in and they kiss.

Troy's Loft: Troy examines the items he plans to take on the trip; handcuffs and a torn shirt identical to the one he is wearing. Lindsay enters telling him about the syringe in the mail and that she thinks Nora sent it. She says that Nora must be behind the prank calls too. Troy says that it's not Nora's style--- (Colin's)? An eerie chill comes over the room as Lindsay realizes what Troy is saying. Troy assures her that it is nothing, Colin's dead and that they will deal with Nora when they come back from Paris. Lindsay says outside Troy's door that she might not be able to wait that long. After she leaves, Troy messes with a gadget that records his voice and calls a number. He then picks up his handcuffs again as Sam walks through the door.

Bathroom at the Courthouse: Nora runs in and thinks out loud about how she's going to stop Lindsay and Troy from eloping. Lindsay overhears her and walks in with a syringe in hand saying, "or maybe I should (stop this)."

Friday, February 8, 2002

Jen continues to help Al workout at the gym. Meanwhile Cristian arrives to pick up his watch and runs into Jen. Jen and Cristian have a difficult time resisting their attraction to one another. Al tells Jen he saw her with Cristian, Jen says she was just surprised to see him.

Antonio attends to Keri's injured wrist and decide they need to talk about their relationship. R.J. arrives and reminds Keri that this was the weekend that she was going to move in with him. Antonio and R.J. argue over protecting Keri from criminals.

Lindsay tells Nora to stop making the harassing telephone calls. Nora swears to Lindsay that she is not calling her. Nora tells Lindsay that Troy is not going to marry her. Lindsay calls Nora an evil, sick woman. Lindsay tells Nora that she does not want to see her happy because Nora still blames her for losing memory. Angry, Lindsay tells Nora that if she could she would erase the rest of her memory, just as Nora was about to tell her why Troy is not going to marry her.

Blair walks in on Gabrielle sitting in her office. Blair calls security to have Gabrielle removed from the building, but Gabrielle tells security to have the "tall woman" removed from the building. Security explains that the "tall woman" is Blair Manning and the building belongs to Mr. and Mrs. Manning. Blair pays the security officer cash to physically remove Gabrielle from the building. Just as Blair and the security officer are removing Gabrielle, Todd arrives. Gabrielle threatens to tell Blair the truth if Todd do not stop them from throwing her out. Todd tells the officer to release Gabrielle. Gabrielle tells Todd when she returns she wants the "tall woman" gone and replaced with fresh flowers. Blair asks Todd for an explanation of why he allowed Gabrielle to talk to him that way. Gabrielle suggest Blair go home and be with her "bundle of joy" she just acquired. Todd explains that Gabrielle is blackmailing him.

Troy and Sam argue, Sam accuses Troy of faking his relationship with Lindsay. Sam also tells Troy that he believes he is up to something and it involves Nora somehow. Sam threatens Troy that if Nora gets hurt behind his plan for Lindsay, he would be very sorry. After Sam leaves Troy continues recording his voice.

Lindsay rushes home and calls Troy, but he's not home, so she leaves a message for Jen that she and Troy are going to Paris to get married. Moments later Lindsay receives a frantic call from "Troy" telling her "he's back". Lindsay asks "Troy" on the telephone "who is back" just as "Troy" enters the apartment.

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