One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 28, 2002 on OLTL

Natalie tried to frame Seth. Jen broke up with Cristian in order to support Al. Todd had David arrested. Bo paid for a dress that Gabrielle had stolen. Natalie and Jessica fought over Seth. Rae broke up with John Sykes. Troy proposed to Lindsay.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 28, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, January 28, 2002

Natalie feels more hurt and rejected when she see Seth and Jessica together at the gallery. Because of the pain that Seth has caused her, Natalie steals an expensive art piece on display at the gallery and slips it into Seth's coat pocket, where it later falls out of his pocket in front of Ben and Jessica, who is shocked.

Nora is more into Troy than Sam, she can't keep her eyes off him. Troy ignores Nora's advice to stay away from Lindsay. Troy, knowing that Nora is watching him, continues to charm Lindsay before he asks her to marry him. Nora is stunned and Sam is left wondering.

Knowing how much Al feels about her, Jen makes a promise to Al that she will always be there for him. Jen, feeling responsible for Al'S accident, breaks up with Cristian to go and comfort Al.

David Vickers is back in Llanview and wants more money from Todd to keep silent about baby Jack. Todd, furious with Vickers, tells him to back off him and his family or he will be dead.

Asa tries to reconcile with Bo by offering him the deed to his ranch. Bo rejects Asa's offer and asks him to leave.

Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Rae is at the college awards event - she is back from California where she saw John. Hank asks her about the trip and she runs to the bar to ask for a drink and starts crying. Bo is there and asks her about her trip. He told her he had talked to John; she freaks out and tells him about her break up with John. Bo told her they only talked about police business and John did not mention her. Rae got very upset and started sobbing profusely.

Bo talks Antonio he thinks he is going to win the award for his college paper – Antonio appears to be looking around the room expecting to see Keri who is supposed to present the award. They discuss Antonio's relationship with Keri; Antonio tells Bo that they cannot be together because he can't tolerate her relationship with R.J.

R.J. comes to Keri's house as she is practicing her speech. R.J. asks her to go to dinner if she does not have plans with Antonio. He asks if they have patched things up. Keri tells him she and Antonio have split up. Keri tells R.J. that Antonio cannot accept her relationship with him. She also tells him that Sam and Nora are getting closer and she needs to move. R.J. offers for her to move in with him much to her surprise. She agrees to do so until she can find a place of her own. R.J. is delighted. Keri then asks R.J. to go to the awards event with her. Rae is about to make the awards speech (Keri had asked her to because of having to face Antonio) – at that moment Keri ran into the room to make the presentation. R.J. is with her.

David Vickers came back to town and trys to bribe Todd for more money in exchange for not telling Blair about what Todd did in Mexico (giving Paloma the baby) then getting him back. David wants money not to tell Blair she really has her own baby not an adopted one. Todd gets mad and starts choking David. Blair comes back downstairs and pulls Todd off David and asks what is going on. Todd lies to her and tells her that David lost the money he gave him in Mexico as an investment in Starr's future and that now he wants more money. David says that he does want more money or it will end right here (he will tell Blair the truth about Jack). Blair leaves the room and David tells Todd he wants 1 million dollars to keep quiet forever. Todd agrees to meet him in 2 hours to give him the money. Blair returns to the room and asks Todd about his conversation with David. When Todd does not tell her the truth – she tells him she knows he is lying – that there is more to the David Vickers' story than Todd is telling her. Todd dodges again and Blair stomps out of the room. Todd makes a phone call for the 1 million dollars, then has a vision that David will come back for more – 5 million dollars the next time. Todd realizes that the black mail will never end and plans what to do next. Todd and Blair hash out their past mistakes, lies and deceptions against each other; Todd continues to have visions of how David will continue to black mail him. Todd decides he should finally tell Blair the "truth" about the baby.

At the hospital fund raiser at Lindsay's gallery Troy gave Lindsay a big rock and asked her to marry him as everyone looks on. Nora looks like a sick puppy). Lindsay is shocked. As Sam and Nora continue to look on – Lindsay initially tells Troy she cannot marry him because of her bad track record with men. Troy convinces her otherwise, tells her she has just been waiting for him. Lindsay finally tells him she will marry him. Lindsay rushes over to Nora and Sam to tell them the news about her and Troy (they of course overheard). Sam pulls Lindsay aside and lectures her about the pitfalls of getting involved and marrying Troy. At the same time Nora tells Troy she will not congratulate him if he will not tell her the details of the reasons behind the sudden proposal to Lindsay. Troy leaves the benefit to go back to the apartment – tells Lindsay they will celebrate their engagement. Nora leaves the gallery and goes after Troy who is at the docks – Troy tells her his proposal to Lindsay is part of his scheme to get Lindsay to admit to administering the drug to Nora. Nora tells Troy he is playing a dangerous game – that Lindsay is dangerous. She reminds him how Lindsay tried to smother him when he first came to town (thinking he was Colin returning from the dead). Unbeknown to both of them Lindsay is lurking in the shadows and hears every word. Nora stomps away when Troy won't listen to her. Troy leaves to go to the apartment to meet Lindsay. She is already there and when Troy tries to kiss her she turns her head – she is furious because she tells him she was at the docks and knows what he is up to. When Nora gets home Sam is there waiting and asked her where she ran off to.

Viki invited Natalie to go to the fundraiser with her and Ben. Natalie ran into Jessica and Seth. Natalie was mad they were together and put an expensive art object in her purse. Later she planted it in Seth's jacket and as he and Jessica were leaving it fell out. Everyone now thinks Seth is a thief. Seth is then openly accused of taking the art piece and is horrified – he looks at Jessica and asks if she believes him when he says he did not steal it. Jessica tells Seth she believes him – Seth is asked how the piece got into his pocket and he said he has no idea. Ben thinks they should call the police. Jessica and Viki convince him not to. Natalie speaks up and tells that she has known Seth a long time and that he is not a thief (hoping to get Seth back in the future). Lindsay finds out about the incident; everyone convinces her not to call the police since the art piece is not really missing. Jessica, Seth, Viki, Ben and Natalie all leave the fundraiser. Natalie is going to the Break Bar; Seth approaches here at the docks and thanks for her taking up for him; Natalie tells Seth she is not sure that Viki and the others are convinced. Ben also follows Natalie and tells her he wants to know what happened about the art piece. Ben may suspect Natalie was trying to frame Seth. Before he can talk to her Natalie runs off telling him she has to go.

Gabrielle goes to a local dressmaking shop to apply for a job. She is told the job is already filled. The shop owner tells her everyone that is anyone is at the hospital benefit and bought their dresses from her – Gabrielle spies a gorgeous beaded dress and asks to buy it with a personal check. She is told they do not take personal checks –the store closes and in Gabrielle's usually scheming way to get what she wants manages to stay in the shop after closing time. She then proceeds to put the beaded dress on to wear to the benefit. Gabrielle discovers the sensor on the dress and covers it with a shawl. She then leaves the shop just as the burglar alarm sounds. Gabrielle goes to the fundraiser in the dress and over hears David Vickers bragging about having money – she proceeds to introduce herself to him.

Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Troy arrives home and finds Lindsay waiting for him. She's onto him, she tells him. She saw him with Nora at the docks and his hands were all over her. Nora can't stand seeing her happy, Lindsay whines. When Troy tells her he was only trying to calm Nora down, Lindsay announces that she heard them talking. She overheard Nora tell Troy that he's playing a dangerous game, but she's just turning people against her as usual. Troy insists he loves Lindsay and told Nora so, that's when he was calming her down. He had to listen to her since she's a friend, he says soothingly. He lies further and says he was very adamant when he told Nora she wouldn't be able to change his feelings about Lindsay. Later in bed, Lindsay admits how happy she is though she doesn't feel worthy; she explains that she's a jealous, insecure and unreasonable person. When Troy admits that he's happy too, Lindsay asks him to promise to never see Nora again and aplogizes for being jealous. He agrees, saying he'd do anything for her and forgive her for anything. Anything except for what she did to Nora and Colin, he mutters as she goes off to shower. He then calls his phone number from his cell phone, answers the phone and pretends to have a conversation. After saying hello a couple of times and asking what the caller wants, he hangs up. Lindsay's overheard and asks him what that was about. He tells her it was nothing.

When Nora gets home from the fundraiser she turns on the lights and spies Sam, sitting in the dark and waiting patiently for her arrival. He inquires as to why she left without him and he's been wondering where she's been. She had to see Troy, Nora admits. She followed him to the docks. Sam realizes she's trying to stop Troy from marrying Lindsay; Nora insists that he doesn't love her. She tells Sam there are things going on that he knows nothing about and becoming furious, demands that Lindsay has to be away from all of them. It dawns on Sam that Nora still really hates Lindsay and she agrees, though she feels she really tried to change. Sam thinks it's all his fault, that after all Lindsay has done to Nora, he still let her back into their lives. Sharing children together is no excuse, he says angrily; he should have punished her more. He apologizes profusely and then admits that he's been jealous over Nora's reaction to Troy's engagement news. Nora reassures him and as they kiss, Sam's pager goes off. He has to leave.

At the awards banquet, Keri takes the podium to give out the award for Outstanding Academic Achievement in the Social Sciences. Antonio is the winner and as he goes to claim his prize, everyone but R.J. applauds enthusiastically. Keri tells everyone that at first he was her most difficult student but realized he was really self-assured and determined. Antonio thanks family and friends and especially Keri who had the same traits and made it all possible for him. Bo surprises Antonio with the news that he's promoting him and he'll be his new "right-hand man." A friend, Whitney, grabs Antonio by the arm and tells him all of their friends are waiting for him at Rodi's. He goes off with her and Keri tells R.J. she'll stop at Nora's and pick up a few things to take to his place.

While the fundraiser is still going on, Gabrielle introduces herself to David. They strike up a conversation which leads to her asking him to invest money in her new designer clothing shop. She will pay him back with interest, she advises him. He wonders about the tag on her dress and she deflects him by calling it "euro-trash." She informs him it's the latest trend. Renee approaches the duo and wonders which one of them is pulling the scam. They realize that they've each been leading the other on and David takes his leave. Gabrielle accuses Renee of spoiling things for her. Renee tells her she almost feels sorry for her for everything she's lost but she hates her too much. She deserves what she's got, which is nothing.

Blair insists she wants to know what Todd has done but will forgive him anything. He admits it's about the baby and when she asks which one, he tells her both. Blair still thinks that Todd is trying to tell her about taking Starr away from her but she's gotten over it and forgiven him. He asks her a hypothetical question then; what if he didn't bring Starr back? Blair tells him she knows that he would never do that. Todd firmly tells her that she has to know how he got Jack. Once again, he hallucinates and sees David, asking him for more blackmail money and then imagines himself telling Blair the truth and her telling him how much she hates him. He tries to back out of the conversation but Blair begs for the truth. He finally breaks down and tells her the "truth." He had to pay for Jack, not only expenses to his mother Nellie, but to move them up on the list at the adoption agency. David found out about it and is now blackmailing him. Blair is distraught, thinking that they'll lose Jack when someone finds out about this but Todd consoles her, telling her that will never happen. Just then, the phone rings and it's David. Blair answers and tells him off, announcing that he'll never get away with it and besides Todd has told her everything. Todd grabs the phone from her and yells at David that Blair knows it all. He pretends to tell David off as he agrees to meet with him with the money. Blair thanks him all over again for bringing Jack; her husband says their baby lives on in him. Nothing will happen, he again reassures her. She's just happy that he's been honest with her, she smiles. She goes off to tend to Jack and Todd makes a phone call. He has a job for someone.

Keri's car is stuck and she's alone. She raises the hood and hears a car approaching. It's Antonio.

Bo receives a call from Hank. There's been a robbery at the Silver Moon boutique and there's something he needs to see.

Gabrielle wanders to the dock, lamenting her fate and wondering if she should end it all. She hears a noise and hides. It's Todd, with a briefcase that he sets down. David shows up and asks if Todd has his million dollars. Todd wants more time; David will tell Blair everything he knows, he threatens. Gabrielle listens intently.

Thursday, January 31, 2002

Gabrielle spies Todd stringing David along about payment for keeping quiet. She watches as Todd has David arrested by foreign authorities, and Gabrielle overhears David revealing Todd's secret. Gabrielle plans to use Todd's secrets to her advantage, but Bo puts a damper on her happiness when he arrests her for stealing the dress that she is wearing.

Al gives Jen the opportunity to return to Cristian, and Cristian overhears as she explains to Al that her relationship with Cristian is over. Al lifts Jen's spirits with the news of his imminent release, and Jessica convinces Al to stay at the carriage house. Seth offers to help Jessica prepare for Al's arrival, but romance distracts them, and Natalie walks in to find Jessica in Al's arms.

Ben shares a heart to heart with Natalie after questioning her about setting Seth up at the gallery, and Ben encourages Natalie to focus on developing a relationship with Viki.

Allison is pleased with Roxy's progress with worrying Jessica about her health and the two schemers decide to step up their plans.

Meanwhile, Keri and Antonio appear to move closer, but R.J. arrives and puts a new wrench in the mix by mentioning that Keri intends to move in with him.

Friday, February 1, 2002

Todd joined Blair at Rodi's where they reminisced about their first meeting. Todd joked that she ran out when she saw his ankle bracelet. Blair serenaded Todd with her karaoke rendition of "Unforgettable" and after she finished everyone applauded. Rodi's manager, Paul, offered Blair a job singing at the bar.

Lindsay and Troy decided to head to Paris to get married. When Troy leaves to run errands, Lindsay calls Nora to tell her she can stop with the harassing telephone calls because Troy told her all about the conversation he had with Nora on the docks. Lindsay tells Nora that she finally found someone she loves who truly loves her and they are going to elope. Meanwhile, Troy visits Colin's grave and vows to help his brother prove Lindsay helped Colin hurt Nora and he was going to use Colin to do it. Nora secretly watches Troy.

Bo confronts Gabrielle about the stolen dress from the Silver Moon Boutique. Bo tries to get a confession out of Gabrielle, but she claims she was set up because she was in the store earlier. Bo finally tells Gabrielle that the entire dress switch was caught on the store's video surveillance camera. As Bo, Gabrielle and the owner watch the tape, Gabrielle confesses she needed the dress for a job. She offers to pay for the dress until she learns it cost $4000. Bo pays for the dress and asks the owner not to press charges.

At the Carriage House, Jessica and Natalie argue over their relationship with Seth. Jessica explains that she and Seth are together now and Natalie should accept it and move on with her life. Natalie slaps Jessica and they begin to fight. In an attempt to run away, Natalie slipped on the staircase and pretended to be unconscious. As Jessica tried to help her, Natalie jumped up and pushed Jessica over the staircase banister just as Viki entered the Carriage House.

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