One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on OLTL

Al learned that he was paralyzed from his fall and that Jen wasn't pregnant. Antonio and Keri agreed to split up. Natalie and Viki grew closer. David Vickers arrived in Llanview. Lindsay found Troy and Nora together. Todd had a nightmare.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 21, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, January 21, 2002

Todd arrives home to find Paloma telling Blair that he took her baby Todd admits to Blair that Paloma is right, he did take the baby. Disturbed by Todd's admission, Blair questions him. Todd with no defense continues to lie about the baby and convinces Blair to go upstairs and freshen up. Paloma strikes out at Todd for lying. Blair hearing Todd and Paloma yelling at each other goes down stairs with baby Jack, Paloma can't believe her eyes. "El bebe," she says, and is convinced that Todd gave Blair her son back and leaves for Mexico. Kelly dumbfounded and confused about Todd's unsettling performance about Paloma, seeks out Viki for answers. Roxy walks in on Viki and Kelly discussing plans for Jessica's adoption, Roxy tries to convince Viki that she really cares about her daughter Jessica, and does not care about the money, Viki not believing Roxy calls her a liar Jessica walks in the room and sides with Roxy. Lindsay is not happy when Max tells her that no charges will be brought against Cristian, because Al's fall was an accident. Natalie is at the quarry when Cristian walks up and sees her. They talk and confide in each other about their relationships. Jen about to tell Al that she is not pregnant is interrupted when Al blurts out that he can't feel his legs. Seth decides to back off from Jessica and give her some space to sort out her feelings for him. Larry tells Max and Gabrielle that Al is paralyzed from the waist down. Gabrielle is a nervous wreck since Asa threw her out of the house; she doesn't even have a change of clothing

Tuesday, January 22, 2002

Seth tells Jessica he loves her and hopes that in time she will love him too – Jessica seems surprised and does not know what to think. Seth had daisies sent to Jessica and when a jealous Natalie sees them, she makes fun; saying they are cheap. Natalie is holding a gift and when Jessica asks her what it is she says it is for Al. Jessica questions her why because they are not friends. Natalie tells Jessica about Al's accident and that Jen is not pregnant. Jessica did not know about Al's accident and leaves. Natalie reads the card Seth sent with the flowers, gets mad, tears up the bouquet and throws the torn flowers to the floor. Natalie leaves to go see Al at the hospital and tells him Jen is not pregnant.

Gabrielle tells Max that they need to "come together" for Al's sake – that he is going to need them since it is possible he may be paralyzed permanently. Max and Gabrielle go into Al's room to break the news to him, however Al already knows. Al is very upset but tells Max and Gabrielle that he has to be strong for Jen and the "baby"; that he will be on his feet in time to hold the baby. Outside Al's room Gabrielle and Max talk over whether Al should be told there is no baby. They agree he should not be told.

Jen and Cris talk about Al's condition – Jen and Cris continue to go back and forth each blaming themselves. Cris went back to the loft to bring Jen some clean clothes – they discuss their situation and Jen tells Cris she cannot tell Al she is not pregnant in his present condition. Max and Gabrielle come into the room and Max tells Cris that if anything happens to Al it is his fault.

Sam and Nora spent the night together and discuss their past and present relationship. Sam drifts off to sleep and Troy appears (not really) and tells Nora if a man and woman are meant to be together nothing can stop it. Sam had just said the same thing. Nora continues to be disturbed with thoughts of Troy. Lindsay comes into their bedroom asking where Jen is – Sam and Nora tell her to get out but she first tells Nora that she and Troy are in love – Nora seems upset.

Lindsay is at the hospital and is upset about the Al-Jen-Cris situation and puts her head in her hands - Troy sees her, comforts her and invites her to come to place for the evening. They make love and afterward Troy tells Lindsay he thinks he is falling in love with her – Lindsay is surprised and as she heads for the shower tells Troy she thinks she is falling in love with him too. Troy looks at an old picture of he and Colin; when Lindsay discovers the picture she questions Troy why he did not want her to see it.

Asa comes to the hospital and asks Larry about Al – Larry tells him Al has a spinal injury and may be permanently paralyzed; Asa tells Larry to do what has to be done for Al and not to worry about the cost. Renee is listening to their conversation. Larry asks Asa how he can pay since Bo froze his assets and Asa assures him he is still a wealthy man.

Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Todd awakens as his entire family joins him in bed. For the first time in his life everything is perfect, he tells Blair. Just then, little boy Jack (who looks like a young Todd) appears, but the strange thing is that everyone can see him. Todd assures Blair and Starr that it's just the paper boy but the boy urges him out of the room, announcing that there are a bunch of people waiting downstairs to see him. Todd agrees to go with him, though Jack tells him he won't like it. Todd insists that he did right by him but the boy is not accepting of this. Suddenly, Paloma appears (without an accent and speaking perfect English) to tell Blair the truth about the baby. Right behind her is the cast of assorted characters from Mexico involved in the baby escapade-the nuns, the baby buyer/seller and finally David Vickers. The group breaks into a song and dance routine (to the tune of "Bill Bailey") that tells the story of what happened when Jack was born. Todd tries to make excuses for his act, explaining that he didn't know Jack was his son. The group heads upstairs where they encounter Blair. David discloses that Jack is really her natural born son; not adopted, not dead. Blair is horrified and the baby begins to cry. Todd awakens and is thrilled to learn that he's just had a nightmare.

While Keri is thinking back to her last conversation with Antonio, which was an argument about R.J., Mr.Vega appears, wondering why she never returned his call. Keri doesn't remember a message but is sure that maybe she deleted it by accident. Antonio only glares at her and wants to know where they stand. She tells him that it depends on him, especially since his mother ordered her away from the hospital. Antonio apologizes for her, she doesn't speak for him. Keri reminds him that it's the same for her and R.J. so the two agree they should leave their parents out of their relationship. At the same time, Chad notifies R.J. that Antonio has just paid Keri a visit at her school office. R.J. thanks him, noting that "he's got it from here." When R.J. arrives at the office he interrupts a kiss between the two. He only has an invitation for Keri to his grand opening of Capricorn, he announces. He's had all of the violations checked and funny thing, none of the citations were legitimate. He notes that Antonio was the one who found all of these so-called problems. Antonio refuses to fall into the trap and discuss it but when R.J. shakes the phone at him and says that he got the message "loud and clear" it dawns on Antonio that R.J. erased his message to Keri. The two nearly come to blows as Keri separates them. The young couple begin to argue again thanks to R.J. who has completed his mission. On his way out, he notes that Antonio is welcome to the opening also but he needs "to leave his gun and badge" behind. Keri admits that R.J. has a problem but they all need to work things out. She wants the truth from Antonio about what happened at her father's club. Antonio will only say that it's because his other club wasn't on the up and up. Keri realizes that Antonio can't handle R.J. being her father.

Cris and Jen are on their way to see Al and Jen still thinks she should not tell him that she's not pregnant. As they make their way up on the elevator, Natalie is paying a visit to Al where she happens to spill the beans-Jen is not pregnant. She tries to cover when she realizes that Al didn't know before and is caught in the act as Jen walks in. Nat takes off and runs into Cris in the hall where she confides what just happened. She thought that Al would actually be relieved. Nearby, a livid Gabrielle hears the conversation and storms over to Nat. Al has been fighting for his life which is why they hadn't told him the truth previously, she yells. She accuses Natalie of being cruel since she had seen the real her at Asa's funeral. Cris tries to intercede for Natalie but Gabby doesn't want to hear it. In the room, Al is asking Jen for the truth and she finally admits that she was never pregnant though she thought she was at first. It was difficult trying to find the right time to tell him, she cries. He really wanted the baby but he's glad to hear the truth and she's probably thrilled since she doesn't really care about him, he says. He really has no family and wanted the baby to be his family; he wanted a life-time connection to her. As Al tries to let Jen off the hook, Gabby bursts in trying to comfort her son. Al verbally attacks her for lying and orders her out of the hospital. Cris urges Natalie not to let Gabrielle get to her; he knows that Nat really only cares about one person's opinion anyway. She doesn't know why though because she keeps getting hurt. Natalie wishes she didn't care about Seth. Cris hopes he and Jen get back together as Nat reminds him that Al will no longer be in the picture.

Roxanne and Allison lie in wait for Jess to appear as Roxy practices her sickly coughing. When Jess finally shows, Roxy claims to be there to see a sick friend, Mabel, as Jess indicates she's trying to find her Uncle Larry about her own friend. She rushes off and Allison comes from hiding and reprimands Roxy. She's got to be more sympathetic, she says, and cues her on what to say next time. Roxy notes that she's better with scams than being a mother but they'll get to take Jess for every cent they can get. When Jess reappears, Roxy mentions her friend Mindy again. Jess questions the name and Roxanne covers, coughing and staggering as she talks. She asks some questions about Jess' friend as her daughter again rushes off in pursuit of Larry. Allison runs over to remark on Roxy's performance. She suggests that with this apparent illness Roxanne will probably need very expensive medical treatment.

As Viki disposes of the torn apart flowers she sees Seth's card and looking up, she sees Seth himself looking for Jessica. She thinks Jess destroyed the flowers but Seth insists she wasn't upset by him; they pretty much figure it was Natalie who made the mess. Viki reminds the young man that she doesn't want either of her daughters upset but Seth wonders how he can avoid hurting Natalie when he wants to be with Jess. Nat arrives home and Seth accuses her of ruining the flowers. He tells her to get over it, he doesn't love her any more.

Al tells Jen that he doesn't want her pity. He wanted to be the strong one but he can't now. He urges her to get back to her own life. Jen whispers that she's there for him, always. Al wants clarification and as Cris walks in, he hears Jen saying that she cares about Al and wants to be by his side in the only way that counts, baby or no baby.

David Vickers looks at his watch-he'll be landing in Llanview shortly.

Thursday, January 24, 2002

Keri decides that she cannot choose Antonio over her father, so Keri and Antonio amicably split. Keri urges Antonio to attend the MacKenzie Award ceremony, but heartbroken Antonio declines to attend. Keri shares Antonio's sentiments and also decides not to attend, but both later cave to pressure from their bosses and agree to go to the event.

Nora visits Troy and orders him to stop his vendetta against Lindsay, while Sam questions Lindsay about her relationship with Troy. Lindsay grows defensive as Sam points out that Troy's feelings for her seem to have grown unbelievably fast. Lindsay retreats to Troy's where she walks in on him revealing his plan to Nora.

Jessica alerts Ben to Roxy's questionable health, and concerned Ben asks Larry to obtain Roxy's medical history to check for genetic illnesses. Viki confronts Natalie about Jessica's flowers that she destroyed, and Viki ultimately convinces Natalie to open up to her.

Meanwhile, Bo attempts to ease Gabrielle's worries about Al's medical bills by revealing Asa's wishes to cover the expenses, but she insists that Asa will do no such thing, and Gabrielle secretly ascertains Todd's whereabouts.

Friday, January 25, 2002

Gabrielle promises to tell Blair about Todd's plot to frame Blair for Asa's murder unless he gives Gabrielle a job, but Blair overhears the conversation and surprises both Gabrielle and Todd when she stands by her man. Victorious Todd refuses to listen to Gabrielle's subsequent pleas, but his streak of luck appears close to an end when David Vickers appears at his door.

Nora helps Troy keep his cover with Lindsay by claiming that she has come to warn Troy about Lindsay. Troy catches on quickly and declares his unwavering love for Lindsay. Satisfied Lindsay departs and tells Sam about Nora and Troy's supposed encounter.

Jessica tries to assure Cristian that things will work out with Jen, but his doubts seem justified when Max pressures Jen to support Al. Al places further pressures upon guilt-ridden Jen when he declares that he wants more than her friendship, and Cristian finds Jen crying.

Meanwhile, Viki and Ben encourage Natalie to join them at the Free Clinic Fundraiser, unaware that Jessica plans to attend the event with Seth.

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