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Kendall lured Bianca to SOS to see Frankie's twin sister, Maggie. Chris arrested Mateo. Tad and Dixie returned home. Dixie told JR that she needed to be hospitalized. Greenlee ran to Jake for comfort after Leo lashed out at her. Mia saw a body in Willow Lake. Chris told Anna that he was Ryan's father.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 4, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, February 4, 2002

Ryan hears music coming from Kendall's room and walks in on her. He expresses surprise that she's still here. She tells him that she decided to stay. Ryan asks her what her angle is this time. He accuses her of wanting revenge against Bianca or Erica. She tells him that she just might want to make things right. Ryan tells her that he can't believe a word she says. He accuses her of wanting money. She says that she has a little, but she might be looking for work. She asks him if he knows of any work. Ryan tells her about an opening at SOS, and is surprised when she tells him she's willing to work there. She asks him for a ride, and the two leave for SOS.

In the boathouse, Leo is holding a bracelet he found. He remembers the altercation with Larry, and seeing the bracelet on him. Before he can question it further, Jake arrives. Jake asks him what he's trying to hide. Leo accuses him of following him, but Jake tells him that he's meeting a man about a boat. Jake asks Leo what hold he has over women, knowing that he's a grifter. He goes on to tell him that he doesn't believe he's really planning to settle down with Greenlee. He tells him that Greenlee is worried about their relationship. Leo asks for more information, and Jake fills him in on the conversations he had with Greenlee. He told him that Greenlee wanted him to assure Leo that he wasn't a threat to their relationship. He tells Leo that he needs to control his own relationship, and quit dragging him into it. Leo accuses him of self-righteous and sanctimonious. He says that it's true love, and Jake can't stand it. Leo struggles with the crate in pulling it out of the boathouse, leaving Jake behind.

Vanessa is in shock as she comes face-to-face with Frankie's identical twin sister, Mary Margaret ("Maggie"). Maggie is accompanied by Donald Steele, with camera in hand, who set the meeting up. He was hoping to get some candid shots of the shock on Vanessa's face when Maggie walked in. Maggie informs everyone that Steele told her he had information about Frankie's death, and that is why she showed up at SOS. She takes Steele's camera and smashes it on the floor. Steele sweeps it up and leaves. Maggie immediately accuses Vanessa of setting it up. She rips into her and says that she never helped Frankie when she needed it, and even tried to get her to leave town. Vanessa stumbles over a defense, but Maggie calls her a "heartless bitch." Vanessa responds in a cold voice to never speak that way to her again. Realizing how she sounded, Vanessa immediately apologizes. Maggie says that Frankie was all alone, and Vanessa didn't care enough to welcome her. Greenlee, who was nearby during this exchange, tells Maggie that she wasn't alone. Maggie says that she came to find out more about her sister's death, but seeing Vanessa was a mistake. Leo then shows up, and runs into Maggie. Greenlee fills him in on what happened, and who she is. He immediately shows remorse that he didn't get to spend more time with Frankie. Maggie tells him that she didn't really know her sister that well, either. Leo asks Greenlee to get a table with Maggie, because he has a few words for Vanessa.

In the storeroom of SOS, Mateo attacks Chris and accuses him of setting him up. Before Mateo can get in much offense, Chris pulls a gun on him. Mateo accused him of putting the cocaine in his safe. Chris doesn't respond, as Derek and the several officers arrive. Mateo tells Derek that Chris set him up. Chris tells Derek to check the safe. Derek confirms that it's cocaine, as Chris tells him that it belongs to Mateo. Mateo denies putting it in his safe, and tells Derek that it belongs to Stamp. While Derek contemplates this, Chris becomes irate and tells him that it's his collar, and he demands that Derek arrest Mateo, now. Derek wants the facts first, but Chris says this is a federal case. Simone wants to go call Edmund, but Chris stops her, and says that she's wanted for questioning, and she can't call him. Derek reluctantly places Mateo under arrest.

Back in the boathouse, Mia arrives. Jake asks her how much she heard, and she tells him more then enough. She asks him the same question Leo asked him before leaving, "Do you think that he and Greenlee are truly in love?" Jake says he's not sure. She asks him if he wants to rethink the boat, because he's not ready to leave Pine Valley behind, or, more specifically, Greenlee. Jake says he is getting over her, but it's slow work. He then asks Mia if she wants to come with him on the boat, and she replies that she might. They then grasp hands, as Jake says, "Let's go see this man about the boat."

Ryan and Kendall arrive at SOS, just in time to see Mateo walked out in handcuffs. Ryan approaches Chris and asks him what's going on. He simply responds, "Drugs. Sound familiar?" Kendall jokingly asks Ryan what her chances of being hired are now. Ryan excuses himself, and says he'll be back soon. In his absence, she orders a bottle of champagne on his tab, and prepares to eavesdrop on the conversations occurring with Leo, Vanessa, Greenlee, and Maggie.

Leo asks Vanessa where the books are that were in her trunk. She gets all flustered and tells him, "I really can't take this anymore.", and she storms out of SOS without an answer to his question. Leo walks over to the table that Greenlee and Maggie got, and asks Maggie about Bianca. With Kendall listening, he offers to set up a meeting between them. Maggie says that would be nice. She'd like to meet her. When Leo steps away to call David, Greenlee walks up to him. She asks him what's going on, and why he's all wet. Leo tells her that her that he talked to Jake, and asks her why she went to see him. Rather then wait for an answer, however, he walks over to Maggie and offers her a place to stay. Greenlee agrees and they offer her a room in the loft.

Meanwhile, Kendall calls Bianca. She tells Bianca that she has some important information for her, and she needs to see her right now.

At the police station, Mateo asks Simone to see how this whole thing plays out. He tells her that he's still convinced that Chris is Proteus. Derek gets off the phone and tells Mateo that Chris is officially in charge, as this is now a federal case. They take Simone away for questioning. Jackson shows up, and demands to know what's going on. Chris tells him that Mateo has a private account in the Cayman Islands. He says that if Mateo's not Proteus, he's at his right hand. Mateo demands to make a phone call, but Chris refuses. Before they can argue further, Hayley shows up. Mateo tells her to shut her mouth, but she refuses, and says, "The game is ending. Right Now!"

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

The pandemonium at the police station continues, as Mateo tells Hayley to leave, Chris shouts at Derek to put Mateo in a cell, Derek wants to talk to Hayley, and Ryan shouts accusations at Chris. Hayley insists that enough is enough and although she knows Mateo wants to catch Proteus, the price is too high.

Anna and Tad are anxiously waiting outside Dixie's hotel room on the Caribbean island, as a sleepless and disheveled David watches over Dixie. Tad takes off. As Dixie comes to, she thanks David for saving her life, and gently puts her hand on his face. He leans over and holds her in his arms and tells her everything will be OK, as Anna opens the door and silently watches. Then Anna loudly shuts the door and enters, telling David that they have to leave because the plane has to be returned to the WSB. Dixie asks if Anna was responsible for bringing David to her, and Anna says it was all David's idea, and how lucky Dixie is to have such a devoted doctor. Tad arrives, and David tells him he must take good care of Dixie, and then tells Tad that he has the power to ruin his career if he reveals anything about the serum and research David had been doing. At first Tad refuses to keep his mouth shout. "So you get your patent, make millions of dollars, and Dixie is just a footnote?" he says angrily. But Dixie points out that they owe David so much for saving her, and eventually Tad agrees not to say anything. David says goodbye to Dixie and he and Anna leave. Outside the room David is struck by the enormity of what he's done, using a serum without knowing all the possible things that could go wrong. "If I'd lost her, I don't know what I would have done," he says. "She's going to be all right. And now it's back to reality."

Inside the room, Dixie remembers how Tad took care of her, but she hasn't forgotten ... "The divorce?" Tad asks, and sadly hands over the divorce papers. "That is what you want, isn't it?" he asks her. Dixie hesitates a moment, then agrees, "Yeah," as she softly strokes his face.

At SOS, Maggie tells Leo she will be all right on her own tonight, but Leo wants to talk to her privately. Greenlee protests, but goes to wait outside in the car. Maggie admits to Leo that she really didn't know her sister at all well. Maggie left home and lost touch with her twin. Maggie tells Leo that she never had any kind of psychic twin connection to Frankie. "And I forgot you had a twin," Leo admits. Maggie asks about Bianca, and Leo promises to set up a meeting and promises to call Maggie in the morning. He leaves to join Greenlee.

Kendall, meanwhile, is talking to Bianca on the phone and begs her to meet her at SOS right away. Bianca protests that it's late, but Kendall persists and tells Bianca she is sorry they got off on the wrong foot again, and has something to tell her. Eventually Bianca agrees to come to SOS. "Mommy's little sweetheart is going to get the surprise of her life," Kendall gloats to herself. As Kendall keeps checking her watch, Bianca comes in, and Kendall waves to her from the table. As Bianca makes her way over, she bumps right into Maggie, takes one look and gasping, "Frankie!" falls to the floor in a faint.

Leo and Greenlee arrive back at the penthouse, and Greenlee is still pushing Leo to tell her what the matter is. Leo is still trying to contact David, unsuccessfully. Greenlee says she knows that Leo is upset. "Upset? Why should I be upset? Because you went to see Jake twice in one day?" he replies. "You can't stay away from Dr. Sensitive for even one day?" Greenlee insists she loves Leo. They start to kiss, but Greenlee wants to get serious and wants Leo to trust her enough to tell her what's bothering him. He reminds her of the time she was worried about her father, Roger, and he tells her it's something like that, and that's why he can't talk about it. The phone rings, and it's David returning Leo's calls. Leo tells David that there may be some big trouble. David tries to get more information from Leo, who says that Vanessa is acting "like she did before." David asks if he means the strange way Larry took off. Leo just tells David to get home as soon as possible. After he hangs up, Greenlee says firmly, "I'm not going to let Vanessa hurt you!"

Mateo is demanding to see his lawyer when Adam's lawyer, Barry, shows up. As Derek starts to explain the charges to Barry, Chris takes over and tells Barry he's in charge of this case. As they talk, Mateo takes Hayley aside and tells her she has to go. He says that the drugs were planted in his safe and he thinks Chris Stamp is Proteus. Ryan interrupts and tells Mateo about his father's death, adding that Mateo should watch his back. Chris wants to talk to Mateo and Hayley and takes them with Derek, Jack and Barry into an office for questioning. Hayley says their whole family was threatened by Proteus, but Stamp says maybe Mateo just wanted a little extra cash. Chris tells an officer to take Hayley out, and takes her arm. As he does so, Ryan bursts in and tells him to take his hands off her. Then he says that they should know something about Stamp. He then goes on to talk about his father's death, and how he was executed, or assassinated by Stamp. Now he's trying to do the same thing to Mateo, Ryan claims. Jack is interested to hear more and has obvious doubts about Stamp. Stamp angrily reminds everyone that this is a federal investigation and says ominously that Mateo is going down. He insists that Mateo be taken to a cell, and Mateo is allowed a minute alone with Hayley.

At SOS, Kendall puts on a show of concern about Bianca, and pretends not to know who Maggie is. Bianca comes to, and looking at Maggie says, "Frankie! You came back!" When Maggie explains who she is Bianca says she didn't even know Frankie had a twin sister. Kendall pretends to sympathize with Bianca, saying what a terrible shock this must be. Maggie admits to Bianca that she knew very little about her sister's life, but has heard that she loved Bianca. Maggie is about to leave when Bianca stops her, and asks her if they can meet again. Maggie agrees to stop by at Myrtle's tomorrow. Kendall tells Bianca that she understands how much she must have loved Frankie, and gives her a hug while hiding a smug smile.

Alone with Mateo, Hayley explains that she just had to speak up, and that she's afraid for their son Enzo. Mateo assures her that he will get out of this, because the charges are bogus. Meanwhile, "I just want you to be safe," he tells her. Ryan comes in and Mateo asks him to take care of Hayley and get her out of town. Ryan says he will and leaves them together for a last goodbye. They kiss, and Hayley sadly leaves.

Wednesday, February 6, 2002

Erica was in her office at Enchantment when Val walked in. She barked at him not to interrupt her but he said he thought she'd want to know her daughter was there. Erica was thrilled, thinking it was Bianca and told Val to let her in. Kendall strolled in and Erica was not happy. She ordered Kendall to leave but Kendall refused. She told her mother that Jack Montgomery gave her money to leave town and she knew Erica was behind it. Kendall said she was going to cash the check but she wasn't about to leave town. Erica wondered why and Kendall said she was staying for Bianca's sake, that her sister needed her. Kendall claimed to have connected to Bianca and that she cares about her. Erica said she was so transparent and that she could see Kendall's attempt to manipulate her. Kendall started to tell Erica about last night at SOS, when Bianca saw Frankie's twin but stopped short. Erica demanded to know what happened and Kendall suggested she go ask Bianca herself. Erica ran out of the office as Kendall laughed.

At Myrtle's boarding house Maggie waited outside. Myrtle opened the door and was a little surprised to see Frankie's twin standing on the steps. Maggie introduced herself and asked if she could speak with Bianca. They went inside and Myrtle explained that Bianca was sleeping late, that last night was a bit of a shock for her. Maggie asked to wait for her and Myrtle tried to talk her out of it. Bianca came down the stairs and said she was ok and that she wanted to see Maggie. Myrtle left the two girls alone. Maggie asked Bianca if Frankie had ever told her about having a twin sister. Bianca said no but there was a lot about Frankie she didn't know. Maggie said Frankie was always pushing everything and everyone away. Bianca said she could tell Frankie was keeping a lot from her and asked when Maggie last saw her sister. Maggie said she had seen Frankie 4 years ago for about an hour and then 2 years before that for pizza. Bianca told Maggie about Frankie's desire to go to college and Maggie was impressed. She said they didn't have that "twin thing" going on so she didn't really know her sister well. Bianca said that didn't matter, it didn't mean they weren't important to each other. Maggie said she wished she could've helped Frankie and that when she heard about her death she felt like she'd lost an arm. Bianca said she felt that way too and then asked if Maggie knew that Frankie had liked poetry. Maggie said no but she did know that Frankie had loved music, especially the lyrics. Bianca showed her the book of sonnets Frankie had left and pointed out the missing page. Bianca wondered if it was some sort of message from Frankie, that maybe that particular poem was too intense for her. Bianca said she felt like maybe it explained why Frankie was with JR that night. Maggie said "So Frankie was saying she still loved you even though she did what she did?." Bianca was very sad and said she wished she could turn back the clock. Maggie asked what Bianca would say to Frankie and Bianca said probably nothing, she'd just hold her. Maggie saw Bianca's pain and gave her a hug. Just then Erica burst into the house and was horror struck by the sight of Bianca in "Frankie's" arms. Erica went ballistic, screaming "Get away from my daughter, you con artist, you witch!" Bianca had to yell "Shut Up!!!" before Erica would stop her tirade. Kendall was outside the door listening in and loving every minute of it. Bianca told her mother this girl was not Frankie and Maggie stepped up to introduce herself as Frankie's twin sister. Erica was stunned almost to silence. Erica then started asking Bianca questions, saying she'd heard something had happened last night at SOS. Bianca said she met Maggie there. Erica apologized to Maggie, who asked if she always spoke to her sister that way, and tried to say that Frankie was a good person. Erica started to list Frankie's shortcomings but Bianca stopped her and asked her to leave. Erica left reluctantly and Kendall was highly amused.

David met Leo at his loft. Leo told him about finding Vanessa's trunk floating in Willow Lake and showed him Larry's bracelet. David wondered what happened and then asked Leo if he thought their mother had killed Larry. They discussed Vanessa's story about Larry's dismissal and thought maybe there was a struggle and she had killed him in self defense. David said they have enough to have Vanessa committed and they left to find their mother.

In her room at the Inn, Vanessa was on the phone asking someone about Mateo's arrest. A knock on her door interrupted her phone call and she opened the door to find Greenlee. Greenlee swept into the room and said Vanessa's departure date from Pine Valley had been moved to today. Vanessa laughed and asked "Are you out of your mind?" Greenlee gave her a check for $100,000.00 payable only in Swiss francs, plus a one way ticket to Geneva and demanded that she start packing. Vanessa refused the offer and Greenlee pulled out a mock-up of a cover for the Intruder magazine. It showed Vanessa on the front with her dirty laundry. Greenlee said she'd give it to Donald Steele unless Vanessa left town today. Vanessa asked Greenlee if she knew what this would do to Leo and Greenlee said Vanessa didn't really care about Leo. She said Vanessa treats Leo not like a son but like a date. Vanessa laughed and said Greenlee was jealous and that "Leo will always be mine and always do what I tell him." Greenlee said he's a grown man and must be treated as such. Vanessa said if Greenlee kept up this attack she couldn't be held responsible for her actions. Vanessa turned to her desk and picked up a very pointed pair of scissors. Greenlee said with contempt "Don't cut yourself with those!" and then demanded that Vanessa choose one of her two options, leaving town or having Donald Steele receive the poster. Vanessa said there was a third option and caressed the scissors. Greenlee looked at Vanessa like she was crazy and told her to put the scissors down and grow up. She turned her back on Vanessa and Vanessa raised the scissors, as if she was going to stab Greenlee. But a knock on the door startled her and in walked David and Leo. Leo was not at all happy to find his fiancÚ there and ordered her to leave. Vanessa acted panicky and showed Leo the mock-up cover Greenlee had made. Greenlee tried to explain but Leo told her to just leave them alone for now. She stormed out. David and Leo turned to Vanessa and she began to get a little nervous. David asked her point blank where Larry was. She claimed that she didn't know, that he had been fired. David asked if Larry had physically harmed her and she said no. Leo told her he'd found her trunk in the lake and she acted very surprised and said it had been stolen. Leo held out Larry's bracelet and Vanessa was speechless. Leo asked if Larry was dead and Vanessa looked very frightened. She asked if they mean did she kill him but she wouldn't answer the question. David told his mother to say something real for the first time in her life and she started to break down and deny doing anything wrong. David reminded her that she pushed his father to commit suicide and that there's nothing they'd put past her. David picked up the phone to call the police and Vanessa was almost hysterical.

Ryan showed up with some clothes for Mateo at the police station. He listened as Chris and Derek argued about putting Mateo in federal prison. Chris saw Ryan and asked what he was doing there. Ryan told Chris they both know Mat was set up and wondered if Chris was using Mateo for a smoke screen. Chris yelled at Derek to get Ryan out of the station. Ryan blurted out "Stamp of Approval!" and reminded Chris that he wrote it on the back of a picture of Ryan's mom. He demanded to know what it meant and why Chris had lied about knowing his mother. Chris told Derek that Ryan was not to be allowed back into the station for any reason and ordered Ryan to be removed now. As the cops were dragging him out Ryan screamed "Nothing's worse than a dirty cop!." Anna had overheard the entire exchange and walked over to Chris. She told him she had Vanessa's file and then asked what happened just now with Ryan. Chris took her into an interrogation room and Anna told him that Ryan had asked her to help find out the truth. Chris refused to say anything and she said she'd find out what he was hiding and tell Ryan herself. Chris got very angry and said "Tell him what? Tell him I'm his father?." Anna was stunned and asked how that could be. Chris told her that he'd been working on a case and met Ryan's mother and older brother. She'd been physically abused and Chris promised her safety. They became involved and she and her son moved in with Chris. One day he came home from work and they were gone, along with some of his case files. Anna said Chris has to tell Ryan but he refused and said if she told him he'd ruin her. They argued and Anna said Ryan has lost everyone that mattered to him, that Chris is all he has left in the world. But Chris still refused.

Ryan went back to his motel room and thought back to many conversations he'd had with Chris. He became very angry and grabbed his suitcase. As he was packing Kendall bounded in joyfully. She looked around and realized what he was doing. She begged him "Ryan, don't go!"

Back at Enchantment Erica ripped Greenlee's head off for some small mistake. She began knocking things off of her desk and Greenlee asked if she was alright. Erica started sobbing and Greenlee tried to comfort her by putting her arms around Erica. Erica cried on Greenlee's shoulder.

Thursday, February 7, 2002

Greenlee tells Erica that she could make "getting Kendall out of town" her top priority. Erica is grateful for Greenlee's offer, but tells her it's too late. Kendall has weaseled herself into Bianca's good graces. Erica decides to give Greenlee some advice on her love life. She asks Greenlee about the Leo/Jake situation, then tells Greenlee she is playing it all wrong.

Erica believes that Greenlee has give Leo all the power in their relationship. She tells Greenlee that when Leo broke up with Laura, Greenlee should have made him grovel. She should have made him work a lot harder to win her back. Plus, Erica adds, Greenlee never should have relegated Jake to friendship status. Greenlee takes Erica's advice to heart and devises a plan.

At the police station, Hayley comes looking for Mateo. She begs Chris to give them some time alone. Chris gives them five minutes. Hayley uses this time to ask Mateo to turn over the computer disk that has all of the Proteus information. That is the only way he can prove that he himself isn't Proteus. Mateo refuses. He tells Hayley that if they give up the disk, he is a dead man. Mateo thinks that Chris will find a way to destroy the information. Ryan comes in and Mateo asks him to take Hayley to Texas so she and the baby will be safe. Chris comes back in with a search warrant for their home, the club, and Adam's house.

Ryan takes Hayley back to his motel room where she informs him that she has no intentions of going to Texas. Hayley plans to stay with Ryan while she tries to come up with a plan to help Mateo. She tells Ryan about the computer disk, and he offers to go get it for her.

After Mateo is taken away to lock-up, Anna tells Chris he is dead wrong. Chris disagrees. He tells her that he knows perfectly well that Mateo is not Proteus. He is putting Mateo in jail to keep him safe and out of the way while Chris conducts his investigation. Anna begins to see the logic in Chris's plan. If Proteus thinks the heat is off, he/she will begin to make mistakes.

Leo and David confront Vanessa. They demand to know what she has done with Larry. Vanessa gives them a sob story about how she tried to break it off with the chauffeur, but he didn't take it well. A tearful Vanessa explained that Larry threatened to hurt her if she didn't pay him off. When he found out she had no money, he took her trunk of jewelry. That was the last time she saw Larry. David calls her story laughable. He doesn't believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

Next, David brings up his father's suicide. He thinks that Vanessa drove his father to such a desperate act with all of her nagging. Vanessa defends herself by telling David that she was the strong one in the family. Because of her, David was able to attend the best schools. She even tries to take credit for his current success. When David disagrees, Vanessa threatens him that he has no idea who she is or how powerful she can be.

David decides that Vanessa needs to be committed to a mental institution. Leo vehemently disagrees. He thinks it is too drastic a measure and that there has to be an alternative. Greenlee arrives and is in total agreement with David. "Do whatever it takes," Greenlee tells David.

In the meantime, Vanessa is on the phone to one of her cohorts telling them that they need to find and properly dispose of Larry's body. She also makes plans for Mateo to meet with an untimely death while in prison.

Friday, February 8, 2002

David and Leo are at Greenlee's condo talking about Vanessa and whether or not they should commit her as her behavior is very unstable. Greenlee supports David's position that she indeed should be committed much to Leo's disagreement. Leo is angry with both David and Greenlee for wanting to commit Vanessa and they argue among themselves. Greenlee tries to convince Leo that David is right. Leo thinks David wants payback for the way his father died. David and Leo argue about David inheriting his father's estate leaving nothing for Vanessa and that she had to fend for herself. Greenlee tells Leo she thinks Vanessa is a very good actress and that it is all an act to cover up what she is really doing. Leo doesn't buy that explanation and tells Greenlee, in anger, to go run to Jake. She is shocked at Leo's statement and storms out the condo.

David and Leo continue the argument. Leo says he doesn't need a big brother. David tells him, yes you do. David tells Leo he wants him in his life. They talk about what could possibly have happened to Larry. David tells Leo that they both know Vanessa is capable of killing Larry. They both agree Vanessa needs psychiatric evaluation. David tells Leo nothing will be done without Leo's consent. Leo said he would think about it. They shake hands. David leaves the condo. Leo calls Enchantment on his cell phone and asks for Greenlee. She isn't there and he doesn't leave a message.

There is a knock on the condo door. Vanessa enters and sweet talks Leo into telling her what he and David talked about. Leo tells her David wants her committed. Leo said he defended her behavior but he also wanted to know what really happened to Larry. Vanessa lies and tells him Larry is probably romancing some other unsuspecting woman.

Bianca goes to Enchantment to see Erica. Erica is very pleased to see her but her happiness soon changes to sadness. Bianca tells her mother that tomorrow is her birthday and she will be 18. So she wants to take control of her trust fund and be on her own so she can be free of Erica. Erica is speechless. She decides to give Bianca her birthday present, hoping it will convince Bianca's that she loves her. Erica gives her a replica of the heart locket that Bianca's father gave to Bianca to replace the original one Bianca had given to Frankie. Bianca was pleased and touched to see the locket. However she continues the quarrel with Erica. Erica tries to put doubts in Kendall's mind about Kendall's intentions towards her sister. Erica believes Kendall set up Bianca by manipulating the surprise meeting between Bianca and Maggie, Frankie's twin sister. Bianca is not convinced Kendall set her up. In frustration she leaves Erica's office and runs out the door, almost pushing Chris Stamp out of the way as he enters.

Erica throws her arms around Chris and begins to sob. She quickly composes herself as Chris goes to her computer and begins to search Enchantments records. He is trying to find evidence of Proteus' dealings. Erica begins to argue with him that he doesn't care about her situation with Kendall and Bianca. Chris says she is the one who invited Kendall to Pine Valley as he types away on the computer's keyboard. The argument escalates as Chris frustration increased because he can't find what he is looking for in the computer and Erica goes on and on about her sadness concerning Bianca's decision to move out and Bianca's defense of Kendall. Erica rantes about Chris apparent lack of understand what a parent feels about protecting their children. Chris yells back at her he does understand. He knows what it is like to give heart and soul only to find out you are a part of a lie. Infuriated, Chris leaves Erica's office telling her on his way out that he can't accept how she didn't trust him.

Kendall sees Ryan leaving his room at the Pine Cone Motel and confronts him about her seeing him hugging Hayley Santos. Ryan threatens her to keep her mouth shut about what she has seen and not to tell anyone Hayley is in his room. If you tell, you're going to pay for it. Ryan leaves leaving Kendall wondering what is going on.

Kendall returns to her room but soon there is a knock at the door. It is Bianca. Kendall, surprised to see her, invites her into her room. Kendall, playing with Bianca's emotions, tells her she thinks Bianca is very brave for dealing with her surprise meeting with Maggie, Frankie's twin sister. Bianca asks Kendall to tell her the truth. Did she set her up by arranging the meeting between her and Maggie. Kendall denies she did, hoping Bianca buys her pretend sincerity.

There is another knock on the Kendall's door. This time it is Erica. While standing on the door step she begins to lecture Kendall about leaving Bianca alone before she enters the motel room. Kendall steps back away from the door when Erica's tirade ends to reveal Bianca's presence, who has heard what Erica was saying. Erica is not pleased to find Bianca in Kendall's room. Bianca storms out. Erica tells Kendall she has made a big mistake coming between her and Bianca.

Dixie and Tad have returned from the Caribbean, their divorce completed, and are at Chandler Mansion to see JR. Tad mentions that they stopped by on their way to the hospital to have Dixie's heart checked. Dixie tells JR she is ok and not to worry. She gives him a hug. She is so happy to see him. They are interrupted when JR's cell phone rings. He goes into another room to answer the call. It is Ryan telling him he needs a favor as part of the payback agreement they have for keeping the secret that JR demolishing Ryan's motorcycle with Liza's car he borrowed without her permission. Ryan wants JR to let him into Chandler Mansion without anyone seeing him. JR reluctantly agrees and when Ryan arrives at the front door, JR lets him in. JR returns to the living room as Ryan secretly enters the passageway.

Ryan finds the disc Mateo has hidden in the passageway at Chandler Mansion. He is hoping there is something on it that will nail Chris Stamp so Stamp will be out of his life. He is on his way to the front door when he passes by the room where JR, Adam and Liza are arguing. JR suddenly flings open the door to the room leaving Ryan facing Adam and Liza. Adam demands to know how Ryan got into the house. Ryan explains the door was open so he just walked in. Besides, no one would hear him knock as they were arguing so loudly he retorts. His excuse is that he came for some plans for Gillian's playground. Adam leaves the room, telling Ryan to see his way out.

Ryan briefly talks with Liza explaining he really came to see how she is doing. She justifies her staying with Adam by saying the family has problems right now with Mateo and JR. Ryan doesn't buy that. For a woman who owns her own TV station and multi-national company, she could make it on her own if she wanted to, Ryan tells her. There must be another explanation why you are still married to Adam. Ryan opens the front door to leave and discovers Chris Stamp standing on the doorstep. Chris tells Liza he has a search warrant and surprised to see Ryan at Chandler Manson he tells Ryan he can't leave. Ryan challenges him whether or not he is confusing him with his father.

Jake is at Pine Valley hospital at the nurses station going over patient files. He comments he is weary of getting the files in order for the accreditation team. Mia stops by and is surprised he hasn't turned in his resignation. She thinks he really isn't going to sail around the world with her as he promised so she tells him she is leaving town and will send him a post card. He tells her he has postponed his plans as David Hayward is about to be fired and he wants to be around to make sure it really happens. Mia renews her promise to go with him on his boat and promises to meet up with him later. She leaves the hospital.

Greenlee goes to Pine Valley hospital and when she finds Jake, she hugs him closely. She tells him she is so glad to see him. Jake is dumbfounded.

Mia is jogging by the boathouse and sees something floating in the lake. She finds a flashlight in the boathouse and in the flashlight beam sees a man floating face down in the water. She screams.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
Y&R's Max Page back in the hospital
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