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Port Charles Recaps: The week of January 14, 2002 on PC
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Monday, January 14, 2002

Lucy and Kevin made love for the first time in Kevin's studio since they were married. Lucy talked about this brilliant white light and Kevin joked about Victor and his theories that there are aliens in Port Charles. Ricky came upon Victor in the field and Victor thought that Ricky was an alien. Casey had hit Ricky on the head making Ricky confused and dazed. Victor thought that this was further proof that Ricky was from outer space. Frank got a telephone call from Detective Taggert asking him if he had seen Ricky. Frank confirmed that he had seen Ricky. Frank then detained Ricky for Taggert. Casey and Amy and Paige talked about what they were doing in Port Charles. Paige and Amy were mad at Casey for changing their plans. They each wore a watch. They also swore not to tell why they were there. Kevin tried to win over Christina by giving her some paint brushes. Kevin accidentally stepped on Christina's doll upsetting Christina who asked Kevin to leave. Frank tried to get Ricky to tell him where Casey is. Ricky pled his case to Frank and Victor. Paige and Amy blamed Casey for being in Port Charles in the first place. Kevin made matters worse by suggesting that they buy another doll for Christina. Christina wasn't buying Kevin's apology. Casey told Paige and Amy about being arrested. Paige told Casey to fix it or else. Taggert arrested Ricky. Taggert thanked Frank and Victor for their help. Victor decided to stay behind at the site to see if he can figure out why flowers had grown there almost over night. Kevin then tried to show Christina how to mix colors to make other colors for painting but she wasn't interested and wanted Lucy and only Lucy to read her a story. Christina told Lucy that she didn't like Kevin and Kevin over heard what Christina said. Casey said that she was leaving Port Charles and going to New York but Paige and Amy said no. Casey reluctantly agreed to stay. Paige's and Amy's and Casey's watch all went back one hour.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Victor was astounded by the vegetation at the formerly burned out crash site. Amy was chatting with Ian and Victor when her watch drew Victor's equipment and she tried to hide it. As Victor prepared to do comparisons with the soil samples and her watch, Ian caught her trying to break the equipment and asked what she was doing and why. Ricky was arrested until Casey arrived and confessed. Frank made a deal with Taggart to take custody of her. Alison asked Jack and Livvie if she could stay with them and told them what had happened. She told Alison about Rafe and her feelings for him. Jamal showed up to see her and she refused to see him but then relented and spoke to him.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002


Madonna's "Secret." You hear it in the commercials and every day at the conclusion of Port Charles. Now hear the song in its entirety and other Madonna hits on Greatest Hits: Volume II.


At the park, Rafe asks to Ed to take him back. Ed appears and told Rafe that he knows Rafe has fallen for a mortal. Rafe explains that his emotions are getting out of control. He is supposed to be bringing Alison and Jamal back together, but instead is driving them further apart. Ed refuses to let Rafe out of the deal then disappears. Rafe thinks about his situation then gets an idea. Maybe he isn't supposed to be there to bring Alison and Jamal together, maybe he's been given another chance to experience life. Rafe decides to tell Alison how he feels about her.

Jamal comes to visit Alison and work things out. He apologizes to Alison for letting Valerie come between them, then explains he's only helping Valerie out of guilt. He lovingly told Alison that she means everything to him and asks her to come home where she belongs. Alison agrees to meet Jamal back at their apartment. Jamal leaves, then a short time later, Rafe comes to the door. Before he can tell her his feelings, Alison told him she can't see him anymore.

Livvie feels guilty about bringing Valerie to Port Charles, but Jack has an idea. They go to Jamal's apartment to talk to Valerie. When they arrive, Valerie told them that Jamal isn't there, he went to break it off with Alison. Jack and Livvie explain that no, Jamal and Alison are getting back together. They ask Valerie to move in with them so Jamal and Alison can have some space.

Jamal returned to the apartment to find Valerie passed out on the couch with a bottle of pills in her hand.

At the Recovery Room, Ian accuses Amy of trying to take apart Victor's machine, but Amy told him she was just examining it. She sarcastically asks Ian if he really thinks she's an alien. He says no, but told her she acts as if she's hiding something. Amy bristles and becomes defensive. She invites Ian to run a background check if he doesn't believe her. Then angrily told him he's as narrow minded as her parents because he can't believe she can be both blind and independent.

Kevin and Paige come in just in time to hear Ian and Amy's argument. Kevin and Ian go outside leaving Paige and Amy alone at the table. Paige told Amy she's drawing to much attention to herself. She told Amy to move out of Ian and Eve's house if they're getting suspicious of her. Paige went on to remind Amy that if anyone finds out who they are and where they're from, it will be all over for them.

Kevin and Ian return to find Paige and Amy arguing. They cover by saying they just had a misunderstanding. As the four are having lunch, a waiter accidentally drops a cup of hot water on Amy's arm. Paige watches in horror as Amy's arm disappears!

Thursday, January 17, 2002

After convincing the cops to release Casey in his custody, Frank drags the protesting girl back to the Recovery Room to work off her debt. Paige hurries to cover Amy's vanishing arm with a napkin before the others can see the astonishing effect of the spilled hot water. Jamal is alarmed to find Valerie stretched out on the couch with a half-empty vial of sleeping pills clutched in one fist. Alison told a dejected Rafe she can't see him anymore. Trying to hide his disappointment, Rafe claims he was hoping she could work things out with Jamal all along. Paige and Amy both breathe a sigh of relief when Jamal rushes in and asks Kevin and Ian to come help Val. Ricky gloats to find Casey on garbage detail in the alley behind the Recovery Room. Later, it's Casey's turn to make fun when she learns how Ricky has been reduced to playing chauffeur for the idle rich. Amy accuses Valerie of making a play for attention and advises the embittered young woman to try standing on her own two feet for a change. As Alison returns home, Valerie angrily informs Jamal that he will never be rid of her. Paige receives an unexpected visitor, while Casey takes pains to avoid being spotted by Rafe.

Friday, January 18, 2002

An agitated Casey begs Ricky to help her make a getaway in his employer's limo. Alison and Jamal pledge to begin anew with their relationship. Though Ricky refuses to jeopardize his job, Casey sneaks into the limousine anyway. Lucy introduces Dr. Gordon to Paige, who's unnerved to learn that the scientist wants to take a skin sample for use by Jax Cosmetics. Later, Kevin backs Paige up when she insists that she'll allow no one to examine her. A dejected Rafe is unable to stop thinking about Alison and how close he came to finding true love. Ricky manages to distract Amanda long enough to let Casey slip out of the car unseen. Alison bumps into Rafe at the Recovery Room. After the angel beats a hasty retreat, Alison finds Rafe's private journal and is tempted to sneak a peek. Confiding how he surreptitiously obtained cell samples from Paige's hand, Dr. Gordon told Lucy the "middle-aged" woman's skin is no more than 25 years old. Skimming the pages of the journal, Alison is stunned to realize how much Rafe gave up for love of her. Meanwhile, Rafe is revealed to be in possession of the same strange watch as Casey, Paige and Amy. At a secret meeting, Casey told Paige and Amy that she saw another one of them in town.

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