One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 7, 2002 on OLTL

Al was seriously injured. Natalie warned Jessica to stay away from Seth. Starr was jealous of her baby brother. Troy tested truth serum on Gabrielle. Viki decided to legally adopt Jessica. Nora and Sam made love. Antonio learned that R.J. was Keri's father.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 7, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, January 7, 2002

Blair gets a phone call from Paloma. Todd grabs the phone from Blair and tells Paloma don't ever call them again. Paloma, feeling guilty about what she did, confides in a priest who helps her to decide to go to LLanview and tell Blair the truth.

Al runs into Jen at the famiy planning clinic and asks her if she is planning a family and where is Cristian. She tells him that she is there for a checkup and to renew her perscription for birth control. She leaves Al confused. Lindsay uses the nurse to lure Cristian to the hospital and is later surprised to find Rae Cummings will be Jen's counselor.

Nora asks Troy to stop seeing Lindsay. Troy suspects Nora of being jealous.

Todd surprises Blair with a family photo.

Al suspects Jen of being pregnant with his baby. Cristian overhears Jen tell Rae that she can't tell him she's pregnant.

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Jen is at the family planning clinic talking to Rae about her "pregnancy". Rae asked her if Cristian knows about it (assuming he is the father); Jen tells her she cannot tell Cristian she is pregnant as Cristian enters the room. Rae leaves them to talk; in the hall Lindsay asks Rae if Cristian has found out. Lindsay attempts to enter Rae's office and Cristian shuts the door in her face. He then questions Jen why she lied to him and did not tell him she is pregnant.

Rae finds Lindsay listening at her office door – trying to hear what Jen and Cristian are saying. They have a heated discussion and Rae tells Lindsay she is not leaving until Lindsay is gone. Lindsay pretends to leave, but returns after Rae has left.

In Rae's office Cristian tells Jen he knows what is going on – that Lindsay did not want Jen to tell him she is pregnant. He tells Jen he loves her and asks her to marry him. Lindsay is lurking at the door – her hand on the door handle – she goes into the room and tells them she thinks it is wonderful they are getting married. Cristian leaves to buy the ring. Jen tells Lindsay she does not know what she is going to do – that she has to tell Cristian the truth. Lindsay is no help because she set the whole fiasco in motion! As Lindsay and Jen continue their conversation Al calls Jen and asks her if she is still at the family planning center; that they need to talk. Jen hangs up on him and tells Lindsay she thinks Al knows he is the father of her baby. Cristian arrives back at the hospital, is in the hall and hears the news.

In the meantime Al has gone to the quarry to think – he cannot figure out why Jen has not told him about the pregnancy since she and Cristian are back together – it finally dawns on him that the baby may be his. Max finds Al there – Al tells him this is not a good time to talk – Max asks him if he can ever forgive him for not being a good father and give him another chance. Max talks to Al about being proud to be his father. Al asks Max about his other children and Max tells Al that Frankie has had an operation that restored his hearing and that Maude takes such good care of the twins that he hates to bring them to Llanview to live. He tells Al he would like him to go with him to see Frankie and Leslie. Max goes down memory lane with Al about the past and their relationship. Al is thinking he may be going to be a father himself and gets soft towards Max. When Max leaves the quarry Al told him good-bye and called him Dad. Max was very pleased.

Jess tells Viki she is confused about Seth – that she still cares about him. Viki questions Seth's motives but Jess tells her she cannot hold everything against him forever since she is trying to forgive Natalie. Viki realizes that Jess still cares for Seth and questions her. Jess tells Viki she doesn't want Natalie to get hurt because she still also cares for Seth. Viki is overwhelmed with Jessica's generosity. They continue to talk about Jess's feelings for Seth; Viki tells her to be careful; that he hurt her once before. Natalie hears the end of the conversation. Viki leaves and Natalie attacks Jessica for going after Seth. Viki goes to the university for a board meeting and runs into Seth. She warns him that if he hurts either Jessica or Natalie that she will ruin him.

Seth is sitting at the library when Natalie and Chad enter the room. Chad remarks about Natalie's new car, Natalie asks him if he would like to go up to Lantano Mountain sometime. Chad said he would. Seth warns Natalie to "watch out" and Natalie tells him she does not need to be warned about Chad. Seth said it is not Chad but Allison. He saw her at the hotel and she is not to be trusted. Natalie said she has already figured that out and told Allison she is not getting a dime of her money. She asks Seth why he cares anyway what happens to her and Seth tells her he does care, however he really has a thing for Jess. He tells her she should try to continue having a relationship with her new family. Natalie is thrilled thinking that she still might still have a chance with Seth.

Keri tells Antonio that he has been nominated for the McKenzie Award for the college paper he turned in. He asks if she will go with him. Keri tells him that he may not win but that she will go with him. Antonio invites Keri to dinner with him at the Palace to celebrate their newfound relationship.

Gabrielle is dining at the Palace Hotel and Renee discovers her and takes her food away – she tells Gabrielle that she does not like being cheated. Gabrielle tells her she is still Mrs. Asa Buchanan. Asa comes in with Bo and tells Gabrielle that she will not get anything from him; he is having their marriage annulled. Gabrielle throws a fit and Renee is amused. She tells Bo maybe they will end up killing each other. Bo offers to take them out of the hotel and Renee said no that she wanted to see their fight. Asa continues to yell at Gabrielle and Bo tells him to worry about what is going to happen to him in court. Renee continues to enjoy the heated exchange. Rae and Hank arrive and apologize for being late for their reservation – Renee tells them there will be a table soon (the one Gabrielle is occupying). Asa and Gabrielle continue to argue about money and Bo finally tells Asa that all his assets are frozen. Asa is furious. Rae tells Asa that the court has appointed her as his therapist, which makes Asa mad. He refuses to cooperate until he talks to the Judge. Max comes in spouting off about Asa and Gabrielle and Renee asks all three of them to leave her hotel and never come back. Bo asks Asa what Max has on him because he never pressed charges when Max was pretending to be his son. Gabrielle said she would like to know that herself. Asa asks Gabrielle if she wants him to drop her off at the homeless shelter. To everyone's shock Bo announces that Gabrielle does not have to go to a shelter – that she will be staying with him!

Wednesday, January 9, 2002

As Blair plays with Jack, Starr's jealousy is already obvious. Todd tries to locate Paloma in Mexico, but is startled when there's a knock at the door and she is there. Actually, it's Ben, Viki and Sam who have come to see the baby, but he keeps hallucinating and seeing Paloma. The visitors wonder why he's acting so strangely and he chalks it up to being tired due to the baby's late night feedings. While everyone fusses over the baby, Starr tries to make herself heard and seen. Viki has brought her a tiny gift but it turns out to be only a coloring book, much to Starr's disappointment. Sam suggests that Todd and Blair were able to adopt the baby rather quickly so he offers to go over any paperwork that Todd may have. He's also suspicious over Todd's willingness to adopt someone else's child and expresses as much to Manning. Todd jumps all over him, explaining that he wanted to help someone else so they wouldn't have a childhood like his own and besides, all of Viki's lectures have probably paid off. Blair pulls her husband aside to remind him that they'd like to ask Sam and Viki to be Jack's godparents. Todd gets everyone's attention and announces that Ben and Viki have been chosen as godparents, as Blair looks on rather confused looking. The Davidsons would be honored, though Ben suggests that perhaps Sam would be a better choice. Todd makes up excuses for not choosing Sam and while everyone oohs and aahs over the presents he excuses himself to make a phone call. He calls a friend in Mexico, now a police sergeant and requests that he locate and prevent Paloma from reaching Llanview as she's harassing them. Miguel agrees; Sam overhears Todd's end of the conversation and calls him on it. At the airport in Mexico, Paloma purchases a ticket for Llanview.

Bo states that he's taking Gabrielle in, much to everyone's astonishment. He tells Hank on the side that he wants to help the woman but also wants to spite Asa. Asa accuses him of harboring a felon but Hank assures all it's not criminal. When it's suggested that there could be insanity in the Buchanan line, Renee points out to Max that he must really be happy that he's not really a Buchanan. When Gabby asks Max if he has anything to say to her he calls her a "lying, treacherous thief."

When Jess refuses to discuss Seth, Natalie accuses her of plotting to get him back all along. In the heat of their argument, Jess receives a call from Al requesting Jen's home phone number. After hearing how frantic he sounds, Jess dashes off to meet him at the quarry, with Natalie following closely behind. Once there, Natalie hides to eavesdrop on the conversation between Al and Jess. After babbling on, Jess figures out that he and Jen slept together and also that she might be pregnant. She understands that they both needed someone at that time and tries to comfort him. He doesn't appear too comfortable talking about the whole situation but realizing how strangely Lindsay has been acting and how she accompanied Jen to the family planning center, he guesses correctly that Cris knows nothing about any of it. He admits that he fell in love with Jen. Jess thinks he should wait for Jen to contact him; she may not really be pregnant or it may not really be his. He'll keep it secret forever if he has to, he says. Natalie appears and the two are angry that she was there listening. Al screams at her to go away but not before she congratulates the new dad and reminds Jess of their own unfinished business. Jess reassures Al that she'll make sure Natalie is quiet about this whole thing.

At the Palace, Rae and Hank remain to have lunch together. When he excuses himself for a moment, Renee stops by the table to tease Rae and wonders if she's heard from John. She spoke with him briefly, Rae says, and he didn't even acknowledge their broken New Year's Eve date. She needs to speak with him face to face. Nearby, Asa advises Max that he'll get all of his holdings back. Max tells him he doesn't care as he's bought R.J.'s half of Break Bar. Asa thinks about suing Max since he never loses. Max advises him that he and Al are squared away, they had a long talk. Asa gloats over his plan with Gabrielle to destroy Max-they played him for a fool.

At the family planning center, Cris overhears Jen telling Lindsay that Al knows that she's pregnant with his child. He can't believe that she would hide something like this, she couldn't have really slept with Al, he says. Jen admits that she did and tries to explain but Cris really doesn't want to hear it. Lindsay reminds him of what he did to Jen and of all the girls he claimed to have slept with. He's angry that she would hide something and upset that it happened at their spot, the quarry. He calls her a liar-Jen reminds him of having cheated on Jess with Roseanne. He takes off. Jen wants to go after him but has no idea where he might be. Lindsay suggests Jen go wash up and while she's gone Rae returns. She immediately wants to know what Lindsay did to Jen this time since she just passed her in the hall and she looked awful. Lindsay retorts that she did nothing but she can get Rae in trouble for leaving one of her patients. Jen returns from the ladies' room with an announcement. She's not pregnant. Al calls and tries to find out if Jen is still there but Rae refuses to divulge any information on a patient.

Bo and Gabrielle arrive at his place where he straight out tells her he doesn't like her or what she did to his father. He admits that he wants to get back at Asa. She offers him the chance to rescind his offer of a place, she even agrees to go back to the shelter though she really doesn't want to, but he doesn't want to play games with her-she should stay there but she needs to find a job right away.

Back at Llanfair, Jess begs Natalie not to repeat any of what she heard at the quarry about Al and Jen. She doesn't even care about them, Natalie responds, but she does want to know Jess' feelings about Seth. She will never let them get together, she snaps.

At the quarry, Cris shows up, with hate in his eyes as he glares at Al.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

Sam pressures Todd to admit that he used Paloma to take the heat for one of Todd's devious deeds, but Blair backs Todd's story. Down in Mexico, the police handcuff Paloma and notify Todd that she will not be leaving Mexico. However, Todd's new family life faces another challenge by the name of Starr. Starr dreams that Jack has sponged all of her parents' attention, and she later poses as Todd's secretary and calls Nellie in the hopes of returning Jack.

Jen accuses Lindsay of altering her pregnancy test, but Lindsay maintains that Jen must have miscarried. Jen finds Cristian and Al fighting at the quarry, just as Cristian delivers a blow that causes Al to tumble over the edge of a cliff.

Nora reiterates to Troy that she wants to remain with Sam and that Troy shouldn't uncover Lindsay's past crimes with the hopes of gaining Nora's affections. Troy assures Nora that he only wants to uncover the truth in order to make up for what Colin did to her. Troy works on a truth serum for this purpose, and Gabrielle applies for the job as Troy's guinea pig. Gabrielle also applies for a job at The Palace, but Renee quickly declines her services.

Friday, January 11, 2002

Cris knocks Al down the quarry as Jen watches in horror. He is at the bottom and unconscious. Cris goes down to check him as Jen calls 911. The paramedics are not sure of a bloodied Al's condition.

Keri meets with Antonio, who surprises her with a weekend getaway. Renee comes over to tell her their meal is on the house, and apologizes for the previous incident with her father. Before Keri can tell Antonio who her father is, he gets called to work. So she visits R.J.

Max is skeptical when R.J. informs him that he's going legit. When he asks why, R.J. says that it is because of his daughter. R.J. fills Max in on Keri and Antonio. When Keri comes, R.J. tells her that his new club is legit and that he named it ‘Capricorn' after her birth sign. She leaves the room and Antonio comes in to tell R.J. that his club will never open becaus of ‘building violations'. When R.J. insults Cristian, the cop attacks him. Prompting a returned Keri to say: ‘Antonio! What are you doing to my father!'

Gabrielle informs Troy that she has signed up for his medical study. Troy and the ex-Buchanan get started as she drinks the product that is being studied... a new truth serum. She tells Troy that the only reason she is there is for money, Asa divorced her, her son won't speak to her, and the love of her life despises her. She goes on to tell him everything about Asa's plot. The drug wears off, Troy pays her for her services, and she leaves. He then goes to meet with Lindsay and prepares to give her the serum.

Sam and Nora make love.

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