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Passions Recaps: The week of January 7, 2002 on PS
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Monday, January 7, 2002

TC and Eve are surprised to hear that Grace and Sam plan on spending New Year's Eve at the Crane mansion. They are even more shocked at the news that Grace has another son named John. TC and Eve agree to give Sam and Grace their support and attend the party at the Crane mansion against their better judgment. Sam and Grace cannot get over the fact that Tabitha has a "grand nephew" that looks just like her Timmy doll.

Ivy arranges to have everyone in place for her New Year's Eve party. Ivy's private detective that is watching Theresa tells Ivy that Theresa is still at the abortion clinic. Ivy cannot wait for Theresa to show up. Ivy even arranges for Pilar and Luis to be at the party. Ivy is secretly hoping that Luis will kill Julian when Theresa's secret abortion is revealed.

Antonio calls home and Luis refuses to let him talk to Pilar. He tells Antonio that if he wants to see their mother he can attend the New Year's Eve party at the Cranes. "Diana" talks Antonio into going. He tells "Diana" that she must come too. "Diana" feels that the Crane mansion looks familiar as she walks on the grounds.

Tabitha cannot resist helping stir up trouble. She blows some magic dust from Hecuba's old lair onto TC. He once again sees his dead father, disapproving of TC being in the Crane mansion. Mr. Russell yells at TC that Julian is the reason for his death and the loss of TC's tennis career. He tells his son that he should be seeking revenge against the Cranes instead of partying with them. Rebecca and Julian crash the party. Rebecca dressed as Father Time and Julian as Baby New Year in a diaper.

Antonio takes out a gun and says the reason he left his family is at the Crane mansion.

Midnight strikes. John interrupts a kiss between his mother and Sam. Ivy watches Theresa and Ethan kiss. She smiles as she holds the photos of Theresa leaving the abortion clinic.

Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Julian wonders what the new year will bring as he looks over the past year. He confides to Rebecca that his nanny used to tell him that all his bad deeds will come out to haunt him every New Year's Eve. Julian worries that Sheridan's ghost is out there waiting to haunt him. He also confesses that he misses having Ethan for a son.

"Diana" and "Brian" share a New Year's Eve kiss. Luis walks by and assures himself that it is not Sheridan kissing some guy on the Crane grounds. Brian is waiting for a private minute alone with Pilar.

Ivy engages the help of Mort the tabloid reporter. She wants him to break the story about Theresa aborting Julian's baby. Mort calls it the story of the year. He does tell Ivy that this will sign Julian's death warrant. Even Tabitha cannot believe how cold and Ruthless Ivy is.

Sam confides to Eve that he is worried that John and David will take her away from him and the girls. John explains that the hardest days back in school for him was Mother's Day. This touched and hurt Grace. Grace tells John that she wants him and will never leave him again. "Diana" and "Brian" walk the Crane grounds and "Diana" feels that she has been in the gazebo before as Luis tries to exercise Sheridan's ghost from his mind. Luis decides to visit all the places he went with Sheridan while she was alive.

TC's father orders him to kill Julian Crane. TC tells his father that he isn't real, just part TC's subconscious. Mr. Russell assures TC that he is for real. He gives TC the combination to Julian's safe. TC unburies a secret. He finds a receipt for auto body work done on Julian's car the day after he ran TC off the road. Mr. Russell tells his son that this is the proof Julian caused TC's accident. Julian leaves Rebecca alone in his room to go to the library to get more for them to drink unaware that TC and his "Father" are there. Pilar tells Theresa she knows where she was before the party. Pilar tells her daughter that she will always love her no matter what. TC goes after Julian. Mort shows up at the party and asks Ethan how he feels about Theresa's pregnancy.

Wednesday, January 9, 2002

Eve and Sam stop TC from choking Julian to death. TC finally tells Eve and Sam the truth about his past with Julian. He blames Julian for his accident, the loss of his tennis career and his father dying of a broken heart. He shows Sam and Eve the receipt proving Julian caused his accident and vows to kill Julian.

Luis and Sheridan keep thinking of each other but still do not come face to face.

Timmy is sad over what is about to go down at the Crane estate. He tells Tabitha that he would rather be at the Youth Center. He then becomes the life of the party. Timmy dances with Jessica and some of the other girls at the center. "Charity" keeps tormenting Miguel as from Kay's orders. "Charity" also flirts at the party to upset Miguel further. Miguel tells her it is like she has become a different person. Reese keeps a close eye on Timmy because he does not believe he is actually Tabitha's grandnephew. Julian runs into an unfriendly stranger outside the Crane mansion. When Antonio sees Julian he tells him that he ruined his life. Julian laughs because he says there have been a lot of lives he's ruined and he does not know or recognize Antonio.

The tabloid reporter confronts Ethan with the truth about Theresa being pregnant. Ethan says that he will ask Theresa to put the reporters lies to rest. Theresa looks at Ivy and Ivy confesses to Theresa that her worst nightmare is about to come true and her secret is about to be exposed. Theresa looks horrified. Julian is also horrified to realize that the stranger confronting him is Antonio Lopez Fitzgerald. Antonio promises Julian that he will kill him. Antonio punches Julian and knocks him to the ground.

Thursday, January 10, 2002

"Charity" and Miguel argue at the party at the Youth Center. Zombie "Charity" turns the argument around to make Miguel look like he is being unreasonable. Miguel apologizes and "Charity" walks off. Kay is happy with how her zombie is maneuvering things when she sees her flirt with some guys at the dance to make Miguel jealous. Miguel watches as "Charity" does some dirty dancing with the guys.

TC is convinced that he did not imagine his father appearing to him. He tells Eve that if his father did not appear how could he have known the combination to Julian's safe and get the receipt that proves Julian ruined his life. TC swears to kill Julian.

Eve worries when she realizes what TC is saying could be true. She remembers a vision that she had. She remembers seeing someone at the hospital steal her newborn baby son. Eve is frightened that this too could prove to be true and not a vision from her subconscious. She picks up a butcher knife and swears that she will kill Julian if he took her baby.

Tabitha is enjoying the drama that is unfolding at Ivy's party. She is having so much fun that she asks the waiter to bring her some buttered popcorn so she can enjoy the show better.

Julian and Antonio go at it. Antonio wants to kill Julian but Julian's threats put Antonio in his place. Julian tells Antonio that if he does leave Harmony the threats he made against the Lopez-Fitzgerald's will still hold true. He blackmails Antonio into leaving by telling him that the past will be opened up and Antonio will not want to open up that can of worms. He tells Antonio to leave before he destroys his whole family. Antonio vows to rid the world of Julian. Timmy goes to Charity's ice cave. He wants to talk to her now that he is a real boy. He begs the angel girl to let him see his Charity. The cave opens up and Timmy goes inside.

Theresa admits that she is pregnant. Ethan tells her that he is happy about the pregnancy. Ethan even tells Luis and begs Luis not to be angry because he wants to marry Theresa tonight.

Mort the reporter warns Ethan not to plan on a wedding and a baby just yet. Mort promises that there is more to the story that will change things big time. Mort drops the bombshell that he has proof that Theresa had an abortion.

Sam tells Julian that he is lucky to still be alive. He says that when he looks at Julian he sees a dead man walking.

Friday, January 11, 2002

Eve finally believes TC when he tells her that his dead father appeared to him and told him how Julian ruined their lives. Eve fears that what she saw in the fog a few months ago could actually be true also. Eve gives TC something to make him calm down and sleep. She then leaves to confront Julian about the baby she had with him. Eve finds a distraught Julian drinking in his study. She accuses him of stealing their baby away. Julian gets furious and tells Eve he is tired of TC attacking him. He is sick of having their secret affair hanging over his head. He is sick and tired of being attacked and blamed for what he calls everyone's problems. He tells Eve he is going to tell everyone about their affair and baby. He could care less about the fall out. He says he's sorry but it is something he has to do.

Eve cannot believe that Julian is going to try to destroy her life for a second time. As she goes through his desk she finds his gun and threatens that Julian will die before she lets her secret come out. TC wakes up and pulls a gun out of his waistband and says he too is going to kill Julian. Timmy goes to the ice cave and the angel girl appears. She assures Timmy that he has the power to save Charity. She tells Timmy that his life is intertwined with Charity's.

Miguel attacks the guys that "Zombie Charity" is dancing with. "Charity" tells Miguel he is the one who has changed, not her. Kay tries to console Miguel as they go outside for some fresh air. They are joined by the others who see a light coming from the woods where the real Charity is trapped in ice. They want to go and investigate.

Liz and Doc show up in Harmony. They talk to Brian about his family and Brian tells them about the monster (Julian) who is keeping him from his family. Liz says that there is someone that evil in her past as well. Brian confesses that if this man were gone, he could be with his family again. He says that murdering this monster would be a blessing, not a sin. (He never comes out and calls Julian by name.)

Mort the reporter tells everyone at the party that Theresa is not pregnant because she had an abortion. Ethan and Luis go after Mort. He stops them from tearing him apart by showing the pictures of Theresa coming out of the abortion clinic. Ethan blames himself for the abortion because he has been telling Theresa so often these days that they are not ready for a baby. Theresa tearfully tells Ethan that the baby was not his. Ethan demands to know who the father is. Julian walks into the party and orders everyone out. Theresa looks frightened as she stares at Julian. Both Ethan and Luis realize at the same time that the father is Julian.

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