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Trey Kenyon
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Actor History
Other Names

James Henry Kenyon III (assumed name)

Ben Shepherd (real name)

Shep (nickname)


Born March 21st


Former legal counsel for FUSION cosmetics


Resides At

A Pennsylvania State Correctional Facility

Formerly 1421 Plumtree Road, Apartment 5F [also mentioned as 718 Valley Road]

Formerly, 1421 Plumtree Road, Apartment 3G [also mentioned as 718 Valley Road]

Marital Status


Past Marriages



Mr. Shepherd (adoptive father)

Richard Fields (biological father)

Vanessa Bennett (biological mother; deceased)

Kendall Hart (biological paternal half-sister)

David Hayward (biological maternal half-brother)

Leo du Pres (biological maternal half-brother; deceased)

Gwyneth Bennett (biological maternal aunt)

Mary Frances Stone (biological maternal cousin; deceased)

Mary Margaret Stone (biological maternal cousin)

Spike Lavery (biological paternal half-nephew)

Ian Slater (biological paternal half-nephew)

Arabella Carey (biological maternal half-niece; deceased)

Marissa Tasker (biological maternal half-niece)

Leora Hayward (biological maternal half-niece; deceased)

Adam Chandler III (biological maternal great half-nephew)



Flings & Affairs

Mia Saunders

Greenlee Smythe (kissed)

Janelle Anderson (kissed)

Crimes Committed

Ambushed Leo du Pres and zapped him with a stun gun [Apr 2002]

Robbed an unconscious Leo of a wad of cash [Apr 2002]

Drugged Vanessa Cortlandt with libidozone [Mar/Apr 2002]

Lied to Mia about her son being sick in order to get $20,000 from her [Apr 2002]

Arson; burned down Erica's home [May 2002]

Set Kendall up to take the fall for burning down Erica's home [May 2002]

Stole the Proteus files from Erica's home to get to Proteus' money [May 2002]

Theft; stole Kendall's cigarette lighter [May 2002]

Drugged Kendall so that she'd fail her lie detector test [May 29, 2002]

Broke into Greenlee and Leo's hotel room [Jun 13, 2002]

Planted a listening device in Leo and Greenlee's hotel phone [Jun 2002]

Fled from the French hospital to avoid criminal investigation [Jun 14, 2002]

Attempted to strangle and kill Vanessa [Jun 26, 2002]

Attempted to kill Vanessa by smothering her with a pillow [Aug 1, 2002]

Blackmailed Donald Steele [Nov 7, 2002]

Sentenced to 3-5 years in jail for torching Erica's house [Mar 7, 2003]

Health and Vitals

Hospitalized after a fall from the balcony of the Hotel de la Notre Dame; suffered a sprained ankle, cuts, and bruises [Jun 14, 2002]

Hospitalized for a head injury after Erica clubbed him with a pipe

Hit over head by Reggie [Feb 2003]

Brief Character History

James Kenyon III -- Trey (as in slang for the number three -- showed up at the door to Greenlee Smythe's penthouse hoping to get a look at a apartment she had for rent. Greenlee had bought a loft in her building in an attempt to give Simone Torres the boot. Things backfired and Simone got to stay -- but she needed a roommate. Trey answered the ad and mistook Greenlee for a landlady. Trey was obviously taken with Greenlee and shamelessly flirted with her.

When Trey showed up in Vanessa Cortlandt's room, he revealed that he was the son of a lawyer slated to represent Vanessa in court. Apparently his dad was busy and unable to help her out. On top of that, he was worried that Vanessa's case would sully his reputation.

As spring and summer 2002 passed, Trey secretly worked to uncover Vanessa's drug money from her days as Proteus drug lord. Leo and Greenlee, who had never fully trusted him to begin with, began working to find out Trey's motives. Leo discovered that Trey Kenyon had died several years earlier in a boating accident, and the man they knew was Trey's best friend, Ben Shepherd. Meanwhile, Trey revealed to Vanessa that he was the long-lost son she had given up at birth, and had been shuffled from foster home to foster home, neglected and abused by the rare temporary parents he did have. Vanessa, then under the influence of sweet alternate personality Nessa, welcomed her son with open arms and encouraged David and Leo to accept him. Leo and Trey were very wary of being anything other than adversaries, but worked together to find the Proteus holdings. When they realized the holdings were nothing more than worthless stocks, they collapsed in laughter and had their first bonding moment. Thereafter Leo was fiercely loyal to his brother and forgave him for all of his past crimes against Leo, Greenlee, and others. Around the same time, Kendall and Trey found out that Trey's father was Richard Fields, from an affair of Vanessa's during her Hollywood years. Although she was outraged when he confessed to her that he had set the fire in Erica's home and framed her for the crime, she also forgave her newfound half-brother. In late October 2002, Vanessa kidnapped Greenlee and Leo and Trey raced off to rescue her. In spite of his lifelong vertigo, Trey climbed to the top of the cliffs in order to save Greenlee's life. As he did so, Leo and Vanessa fell into the falls and were presumed dead.

Devastated, Trey tried to live his life the way Leo would have wanted him to, and helped Greenlee through her painful mourning period. But her constant abuse of him and rejection after he spontaneously kissed her led him to another direction. David asked Trey to represent Reggie, a young street kid who had held David's wife Anna hostage at a free clinic and was about to go to juvenile hall. Over the objections of Janelle Anderson, who ran the clinic and was close to Reggie, Trey became his guardian and worked valiantly to turn Reggie's troubled circumstances around. He even began to have romantic feelings for Janelle. But Trey's brief sense of happiness was eradicated when Reggie began to be menaced by Luis, his old gang boss. Reggie committed various crimes for him, and in his attempts to make Reggie see the error of his ways, Trey confided his arson in Reggie. Soon after, Reggie was dragged into DA Jack Montgomery's office, and knowing that Luis would kill Janelle if Reggie gave him up, he instead ratted out Trey. Trey was bewildered, but in exchange for a reduced sentence and Jack becoming Reggie's guardian, Trey agreed to 3-5 years in state prison. After a brief goodbye to Reggie and Janelle, he was gone.

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