All My Children Recaps: The week of March 10, 2003 on AMC

Simone quit her job at Fusion. A private eye informed Chris that Erica was cheating on him. Michael told his father that his old enemy, Chris Stamp, was in town. Laurie knocked out her drunken father, and Jamie was jailed after he took the blame for the assault. Adam considered ending his marriage.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 10, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, March 10, 2003


Kendall entered Trey's apartment and was furious to see its messy condition caused by the burglary. Then she spotted Reggie in the apartment and practically blew a gasket. "Trey saved your butt, and you thank him by ratting him out," she shouted. Reggie could barely get a word in edgewise. Kendall yelled that he was a coward and threatened to make him pay. But Jackson interrupted her threats. He informed Kendall that he was now Reggie's foster daddy. Kendall was shocked and disgusted that the man who prosecuted her brother was now housing the kid who ratted on him. Just then, Erica walked into the apartment. She thanked Reggie and called him a hero for turning in Trey. Kendall grew even more disgusted that Erica was grateful, and demanded that Reggie vacate her brother's apartment immediately. But Jackson stopped her once again. He told a shocked Kendall that no one was moving anywhere since he just bought Trey's apartment. Erica calmly told Kendall that she was sorry, but this was about justice. She said that Trey created his own mess. Still angry, Kendall yelled at Reggie some more, and told him he was fired from Fusion. Reggie nodded, and ran off to school. After Erica left, Kendall inquired why Jackson had been huddling so closely with Erica. Jack avoided her question, and sympathized with her a bit. He said he understood that she really cared for Trey, but Kendall didn't buy his sympathy She hastily grabbed some of Trey's things and ran off to Fusion.


"Welcome back!" Bianca and Lena yelled happily to Boyd as he walked into Enchantment. Bianca complimented Boyd on his coup with Erica. You managed to get Erica to do a favor for Kendall, Bianca stated with admiration. Lena, who was also impressed, coyly asked if he was sleeping with the enemy yet (meaning Kendall). Boyd quickly turned angry and told Lena to mind her business regarding his personal life. Lena apologized, but Boyd still looked annoyed.

Lena then went through with her false press leak about the Enchantment/ Cambias deal. As Lena spoke convincingly to the reporter on the phone, Bianca looked more and more impressed, while Boyd looked more and more suspicious. Bianca commented how good Lena was. She's a little too good, Boyd said cynically. Bianca ignored Boyd's comments and gave Lena big kudos for lying so well. Lena admitted being a fantastic liar and said that's how she gets what she wants.

At that point, Chris walked in looking for Erica. He said they had a lunch date He was annoyed that Erica wasn't there, but grumpily agreed to wait for her. While waiting in her office, Chris's investigator walked in. The investigator told Chris that Erica was playing him for a chump, that she was two-timing him. He showed Chris some photos and expressed his regrets about this discovery. Chris took the photos and went straight to Jackson's apartment. Jackson opened the door, and saw Chris was angry. "How could you do this to me - FRIEND," Chris asked sarcastically?

In the meantime, Erica arrived at Enchantment and wondered why Chris hadn't waited for their lunch date. Bianca explained that he had been there earlier. Erica panicked when Chris didn't answer his cell phone, and ran off to find him.


Greenlee's secret emailer struck again. After reading this latest message, Greenlee admitted that her mystery man seemed to truly know her. Simone tried once again to convince Greenlee to meet unmask this Sidney Bergeron. Just then, Michael Cambias showed up. The Fusion babes weren't too happy to see him, but were curious about what he had in his hands. He was carrying a box and explained that it was for Kendall, and only Kendall. They explained that Kendall hadn't arrived yet so he decided to wait.

In the meantime, Greenlee decided that she would confront Sidney Bergeron at his apartment, even if he were married. She primped briefly, and headed out the door. On her way out, she collided into Carlos. She angrily told him to stay out of her way, and ran off.

Seeing that Kendall still hadn't arrived, Michael wrote her a note and left.

Shortly after Michael left, Carlos told the Fusion women he had an errand to run, and also took off.

As the Fusion women wondered how Greenlee's rendezvous was going, Greenlee was standing tentatively at the door of Sidney Bergeron's apartment. She finally knocked on the door and a woman answered. Greenlee asked to see Sidney, and much to Greenlee's surprise, the woman answered, "I'm Sidney Bergeron!"

Back at Fusion, as soon as Kendall arrived, the women told her about Michael's gift. She immediately opened it, and saw it was a necklace with the words "Swamp Girl". Kendall chuckled and explained the significance of that nickname. She confidently told the Fusion women that Michael was the real deal, and telephoned him. Michael answered the phone from his bed. Kendall thanked him profusely. He replied that he couldn't wait until they made love again. Then... a major twist. As Michael whispered more sweet nothings to Kendall about how beautiful she was, Lena showed up in Michael's apartment. She quickly undressed and crawled into bed with Michael.


When Reggie arrived at school, he got a hostile greeting from Luis. Luis was angry that Reggie had moved in with the D.A. Reggie got scared and swore that he didn't tell Jackson anything. Luis started pushing Reggie and soon they were throwing punches. Just then, Carlos to the rescue. Carlos threw Luis off of Reggie, but Luis wasn't intimidated and just walked off laughing. Carlos demanded to know what Luis had on Reggie, but Reggie refused to talk and went off to school.


It was Home Sweet Home for baby Leora. Anna and David happily entered their apartment with their new baby and got a big surprise. Their apartment was decorated with all sorts of baby stuff. Just then, Maria/Maureen and Aidan emerged, smiling broadly. Anna thanked them for their surprise and Aidan went to play with the baby. Suddenly, David freaked out, and shrieked, "Don't touch her!" David grabbed the baby and left to change her diaper. Anna apologized for David's overprotective behavior. Maria said she understood and Aidan left to get another baby gift, leaving Anna and Maria alone for a minute. Anna remarked how content she and Aidan seemed. Maria agreed that she was very happy with their uneventful life.

After Maria and Aidan left, Anna tried to talk to David about how panic stricken he became earlier. She suggested again that they should reconsider the pacemaker for baby Leora.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Greenlee met Sidney Bergeron. Greenlee interrogated Sidney, who would only admit that she lives with a male...a cat named Groucho. Greenlee grilled her about why she's spent so many weeks trying to get Greenlee to fall in love with her. Sidney was very confused, told Greenlee she doesn't know any Mia or Simone and no one put her up to this. She threatened to call the police and Greenlee told her to go ahead, since there are laws against cyber-stalking. Sidney still played dumb, but when Greenlee read the latest email, Sidney turned pale. All she would say is that someone must have hacked into her account. Greenlee knew she looked guilty and begged her to explain what was going on and why she was making her life miserable. Sidney apologized and explained again to Greenlee that she did not write those emails, that someone must have hacked into her account. Greenlee said she was sorry too, since those emails had given her much needed hope. As soon as Greenlee left, Sidney got on the phone and called someone and said "the love of your life just left, no I didn't tell her."

Kendall and Michael. Kendall called Michael to thank him for the necklace, unaware that he was in bed with Lena. They made a date for later that evening. After hanging up, she waxed poetic about Michael being the most perfect man, and she decided to go to his hotel room right away and surprise him. Mia and Simone gave her some grief about only working a half day again and said they didn't mind being worker bees, tending the hive, while the queen went out to spread her honey. They only asked for all the buzz as soon as Kendall got back.

Michael, still in bed with Lena, was very surprised to hear a knock on his door. Kendall announced herself and said she had a surprise. Lena hid in the closet and Michael opened the door to Kendall, who brought massage oil with her. Michael wished Kendall had called first...Kendall wondered why Michael was in bed in the middle of the day, was it jet lag or was he sick? He politely refused Kendall's offer to get in bed together. Kendall became very suspicious and asked why he was acting like a pod man. Michael said he had to get back to work and that spending time with Kendall was costing him money. He sent her to the bar to wait for him to finish a conference call and promised they would have lunch.

Lena came out of the closet and congratulated him on his progress. Michael said he has no attachment to Kendall and will throw her away as soon as she's served her purpose.

At the Fusion Office. Simone lamented her lack of love life and motivated herself to go after Carlos. Mia tried to dissuade her, but Simone was persistent and suggested that Mia watch and learn from her. She called Carlos and said there was an emergency and he was needed at the office right away. Carlos rushed to work, looked for Greenlee and expressed concern that the emergency was about her. Mia left to count paperclips. Simone confronted him about her feelings for him and how the subtle approach has not been working. She asked an obviously uncomfortable Carlos if she had a chance with him. He avoided the question and tried to leave. Simone was very persistent and Carlos finally admitted that there is someone else. Simone tried to act casual and like she wasn't hurt. She encouraged him to go after the woman he really loves. They agreed to be friends and she told him to go ahead and continue the errand she had interrupted. Carlos left and Mia offered chocolate. Simone did not want a pity party, she only wanted to get back to work. The company was having financial problems and that was good news to Simone, who could now throw herself into work. Simone's strategy was to do the same type of advertising again, getting women excited about a product before they had one.

Joni bounced in to work to brainstorm teen advertising strategies. Joni was flush with excitement after winning a second term on student council which she won by plastering campaign posters all over campus. She gained access over the weekend because she had the security access codes. Simone was immediately interested and asked for the codes. Joni refused.

When Greenlee got back to the office, the other women were very curious but Greenlee only said it was a disaster. Carlos looked on, longingly. Joni and the others discussed other romantic scenarios and that Sidney may be covering for the real mystery man. Just then, Jamie entered and once again reiterated that the emails had to come from Sidney's computer. The Fusion girls scattered and Jamie asked Joni not to give him the Thou Shalt Not Hack sermon and said she is perfect and only loves herself. He told her to relax, it would be good for her, like bran. Joni accused him of being mean and he said at least he's not judgmental. Joni wondered why everyone picks on her and Jamie said she shouldn't act so perfect all the time, she might make some friends.

Next, Joni offered to assist Simone in breaking into the school and would enter the code herself, instead of giving the code to her.

Carlos gave Greenlee a handmade rose. Greenlee told him she felt like she's made a fool of herself over her fantasy. Carlos insisted the letters were real and asked what she would do if she found her mystery man. She said that she would have thanked him for leading her out of the pit of despair, but now she would spit on him and turn him into the police. Carlos told her she deserves so much more and walked away.

Aidan and Maureen went to the Valley Inn, where Aidan intended to return to work as a bartender. As they hugged, Maureen noticed that he was carrying a gun. She asked if someone is still after them. Aidan said it wasn't Julian, that part of his life is over. Maureen wanted to know what is going on. Aidan admitted he's only working at the bar as a cover for his real job, working for Jack to spy on Chris Stamp. Maureen wondered why the DA is after a federal agent. Aidan wants to help support Chris, who's always been good to him. He further admitted that Jackson is in love with Erica. Maureen tried to stop him and wondered if he was doing this to prove that the two of them belong together. Aidan said he wants to help Chris, in case he's being set up.

Kendall showed up and gave him a big hug for being her hero. Maureen wondered why and Kendall explained that she took Aidan's advice and got Michael back. She showed off her "swamp girl" necklace to an unimpressed Maureen. Kendall told Maureen she was brave for sticking with Aidan when the whole town wants her back with Edmund. Maureen was not interested in continuing their discussion and Kendall left to sit with Michael. Aidan said he had to leave for Philadelphia and Maureen asked to come along. Aidan made her promise to play it safe.

Jack, Chris, and Erica. At Jack's apartment, Jack played innocent while Chris was adamant and said he knew about Jack and Erica and their dirty little secret. He said knew Erica was playing around and who she was playing around with. He asked how could Jack, as a friend, stay silent. It was bad enough that Jack knew that Erica was catting around, but how could he not tell Chris about Erica - and Michael Cambias! Chris knew something was up and begged Jack to talk. Jack turned the tables and asked Chris to explain what he thinks he knows. Chris told him about the PI he'd hired, then fired. Jack wondered what he'd learned. Chris said he knows that Erica has spoken with Jack about cheating on him and asked Jack what kind of game those two are playing with him. Jack told Chris that the PI misunderstood, Erica was talking about Chris treating her as though she were cheating. Jack said he did not want to be in the middle, Chris said he was already there. Chris asked Jack to swear that Erica told him nothing about shacking up with Michael Cambias. Jack swore to him that Erica had never said any such thing and suggested Chris talk to Erica. Chris was absolutely certain that Erica is hiding something. Jack told Chris it isn't true, Erica would not go to bed with the competition. Chris paced the floor, perplexed, it just had to be Cambias, based on the evidence. If not Cambias, then who?? Chris begged Jack to swear to him that Chris is crazy for ever thinking that Erica would cheat on him. Jack said what he thinks is that if Chris doesn't trust Erica then that is the problem and the wedding should be called off. Chris looked stunned.

At her office, Erica left a message for Chris expressing wonderment about why he's not returning phone calls and suggested he not bother, ever again.

Boyd came in to express concern about Lena as an employee, but only because he doesn't want to see Bianca get hurt. Boyd told Erica he does not trust Lena and he gets a strange vibe from her and believes Lena is playing Bianca. Erica wondered if Boyd thought there was a chance Lena would hurt Bianca romantically. She continued to trust her instincts and was not alarmed about Boyd's concerns, since Lena and Bianca only have a working relationship. Besides, if Lena was up to something, she would definitely know about it.

Later, Lena arrived at Erica's office to report that Michael and Kendall are back together. Erica wondered aloud why Michael would be going after Kendall, if not to pursue Erica and Enchantment. Lena offered to plant another story. Erica wanted to try another tactic and suggested poison. Lena was horrified and did not want to resort to murder. Erica explained that she was interested only in a corporate poison pill strategy, to prevent a hostile takeover. Erica asked Lena to start laying the groundwork right away. Just then, Erica got a phone call and learned that Chris was with Jack and she rushed out of the office.

Soon after, at Michael and Kendall's table at the Valley Inn, he got a phone call from Lena outlining Erica's plan to use a poison pill strategy to counter his efforts. She acknowledged that she knows what to do next and he should consider it done.

Erica showed up at Jack's apartment, expressed her astonishment at seeing Chris there and was even more amazed when he said that Jack had just been explaining why they should not be married.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Erica stormed into Jackson's new apartment screaming at him "What did you tell Chris??" Jack said he told Chris that if he couldn't trust Erica he shouldn't marry her. Erica yelled at Chris for not coming to her if he had doubts. Chris said he thought Jack could give him some insight. Erica asked him why he stopped trusting her and Jack piped in "Maybe because he has reason to." Chris said he wants what Erica and Jack have, a close relationship that is binding and that he just wants Erica to be happy. Erica said that yes, maybe she did have an "unspoken connection" with Jackson but it was just a history thing. Chris said his love was the kind that could drive a man crazy because he thought Erica was cheating on him. Erica looked Chris in the eyes and said "You're right." She said she'd been cheating on him with Enchantment, giving the company all of her attention. Chris asked if she felt unfaithful by not putting him first and she said yes. She asked him to promise that if there was something bothering him about her to come to her first. Chris agreed if she would promise to do the same. They hugged and kissed and Chris said he had to go but they would continue this discussion at the penthouse later. He thanked Jack for listening and left. Jack said "I have to hand it to you, you still have your moves." Erica screamed at him that he was trying to ruin her life because of one mistake. He said her mistake was marrying Chris because he wasn't the man she thought he was. They argued more and Jack told her the real reason she came there today was because she couldn't stop thinking about him. She said she doesn't think of him and Jack called her a liar. She yelled at him that he didn't know a damn thing that she wanted and headed towards the door. Jack ran over and slammed the door shut and said "I know you want this" and kissed her hard. Erica pushed him away but then grabbed him and kissed him back.

In the Valley Inn bar Chris sat down for a drink. He looked over and saw Michael. He said "Well, fancy meeting you here" and the two men started to talk.

At BJ's Alison walked in and asked a waitress if Dr. Jake Martin had arrived yet, she was to meet him there. The waitress said no and Mia stepped up behind Alison and said he wasn't there but she was. Alison tried to leave but Mia threatened to tell the hospital about her affair with the chief of staff. Alison and Mia sat down at a table. Meanwhile across the room Simone talked with Joni. She told Joni to go bug someone else or find some friends or something. Joni admitted that her best friend stole her boyfriend. Simone asked if it was Laurie and Joni said yes. Simone said she understood why Joni would want to throw herself into her work but that she shouldn't make any stupid mistakes. Simone looked around the room and saw Mia with Alison. She went over immediately and heard Mia say she wanted answers to questions that Jake can't answer since he left town. Simone said "Jake's a jerk, Alison's a ho, what more do you need to know?." Mia said she needed to know why Jake slept with Alison. Simone said ok but asked if Mia had her number on speed dial. Mia said yes and Simone went to find Joni, except Joni had left BJ's. Simone looked around and then said "Oh no, what is she up to?" and ran out of BJ's. Alison told Mia that things just happened and that she was sorry Mia got hurt. Then she told her that they had done it in Jake's office and the thought of it made her blush. Mia asked who came on to whom and was Jake feeling threatened by Mia's job. Alison said they didn't really talk much and got up to leave. Mia asked if the sex was good and Alison replied that she was sorry Jake cheated on her but that she should pick up a spine on the way out and started to walk away. Mia yelled "Was the sex good?" and all heads turned. Alison said loudly it was the best she'd ever had and that she can't look at a mahogany desk without getting hot. "Happy now?" she asked Mia. Mia said not yet and Alison sat back down. Mia asked "When you were finished did Jake tell you how beautiful you were, how much he loved you?." Alison said no and Mia asked if she knew what that made her. "It makes you lucky, because he didn't play you for a fool."

Lisastrada had some workmen deliver some new furniture. After they left she went into a closet to put some thing away and Tad walked in. She talked to him from the closet, telling him he was early but that was good. She told him to lie down. He told her no and she replied from the closet that this would never work if he didn't listen to her. He sat down and she came out of the closet and sat behind him. She asked what brought him there and Tad turned around and said "I wanted to ask you out." Lisastrada was pleasantly surprised. She asked "When, now?" and Tad said no, for dinner. She thought now was better and said she had 55 minutes until her next patient. He grinned and said ok. But she asked why he was nervous. Tad said he never thought he'd be asking a woman out again. She asked if there was something else he was hiding, "I want to know what you're not telling me and until you do this isn't a date, it's a session. And I'm on the clock!." They sat back down and Tad tried to be funny. Lisastrada said he was using humor as a defense tactic. He tried to joke some more and she asked if he had a high opinion of himself. She said he thought people were drawn to him and Tad said it was a blessing and a curse. She asked a few more questions and Tad realized that Liza had told her about the kiss. Lisastrada said she couldn't tell him whether Liza had or not. Tad asked if Liza had also told her that she had tracked him down and kissed him again. Lisastrada jumped out of her chair and yelled "She WHAT?" She sat back down and asked Tad if it bothered him that Liza was a married woman. Tad said the truth was he wasn't looking to start anything with Liza. He said it was his turn to ask questions but she asked him where the man he used to be was. Tad looked a little confused and she asked if he wanted to come out again. Tad told her some of his antics from past years and she said he had alot of baggage. He said he preferred to think of it as "character." He said Lisastrada was a very interesting person and asked if she wanted to come out and play with him. Lisastrada said yes and Tad said "Let's go get drunk!." She said that was too juvenile and asked if he was into leather. He grinned and said he'd try it. Later they returned, decked out in black leather attire and headbands. Tad fell into a chair out of breath and said she was a wild woman. Lisastrada smiled at him and said "Did you ever think my hog could make you feel that way?." Tad smiled back.

Jamie joined Laurie by the high school lockers. She looked pretty down and Jamie asked what was wrong. Laurie said she felt like running away and never coming back. Jamie asked if he could give her a hug and she said yes. They hugged and Laurie pulled away. She told him that she hadn't talked to JR since the Fusion party. Jamie said JR didn't deserve Laurie. She started talking about college and how badly she wants to go and that without JR college is all she has left in her life. Jamie said "No, you have me." She told him she couldn't be with anyone until she talked to JR. Laurie said she had to go home and have her father sign the financial aid papers for college and started to leave. Jamie leaned over to kiss her and she stopped him. She left the school.

At Chandler Mansion Adam spoke on the phone with a school official who told him JR hadn't been in classes for a week. Adam hung up as Liza walked in and he told her what was going on. He told her no one had seen JR since last night. Liza wondered if he was at a friend's or at Tad's. Adam wanted to call the police to report JR missing but Liza thought he should wait. She said JR should learn some lessons on his own which infuriated Adam. He asked if she meant that he was too controlling, too demanding and wondered if she wanted him to roll over and play dead. Then he started ranting about the "stupid counseling" she makes him go to. Finally Adam said she ought to look at herself for a change and quit blaming him everytime she fails at something. Liza calmed him down and he apologized. She said maybe JR just needed some space and that they should check before jumping to conclusions. She said she'd go check the gate house and left as the phone rang. Adam picked it up and it was Laurie. She told him she had to turn down his offer to send her to Harvard. Adam demanded that she put JR on the phone and she told him she hadn't seen JR in a week. Mr. Lewis walked in the room and saw his daughter on the phone. He grabbed it and hung up on Adam. The doorbell rang and Adam yelled for Winnifred but then went to answer it himself. Jamie was standing outside and asked if JR was at home. Adam snarled at him "How dumb do you kids think I am?." He told Jamie that no one had seen JR since last night and Laurie just called and now he was here. Adam wanted to know where Jamie was hiding JR. Jamie said JR was avoiding him and Adam asked if it was because he kissed JR's girlfriend. Jamie was shocked and asked how he found out. Adam said he heard it at the Fusion party. Adam taunted Jamie and said he had always been jealous of JR. Jamie said JR didn't deserve Laurie because of the way he treated her and started to leave. Adam grabbed him and said he wasn't leaving until he told him where JR was. Jamie yelled that he didn't know but if he did he wouldn't tell. Adam said Jamie couldn't compete with JR "No Martin has ever bested a Chandler!" Liza walked in as Jamie said "Are you sure? You'd better ask your wife." Jamie past Liza and Adam asked her what he was talking about. Liza said it was probably something that he'd heard about. "I kissed Tad" she told Adam.

After Mr. Lewis hung up the phone Laurie told him she had turned down Adam's offer of Harvard tuition. She said she needed him to sign the aid papers. Mr. Lewis was drunk and told Laurie that he wasn't going to fork over all of his money so she could prove she was smart. He yelled and Laurie began to cry. He told her that money didn't buy everything and Laurie told him "It sure buys all of your beer!." He knocked her to the ground and screamed that she should show him some gratitude for all he does for her. Laurie said she does alot herself, like holding down 2 jobs. Then she got up and told him that she wished she had taken Mr. Chandler's offer so she could get out of there. Mr. Lewis told her this was her life and she was going to stay. She wondered why he wouldn't let her have her own life and then yelled "I hate you!" Her father came at her again and Laurie picked up an object from an endtable and whacked him on the head. He fell to the floor.

Joni took the newest Fusion posters to the high school and had plastered them all over the hallways. Simone came in and said "I told you not to do this!" She told Joni that the last time she had done this she got arrested and tried to drag Joni out. A security guard showed up and told them "Too late!."

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Erica and Jackson passionately kissed. Jackson told Erica that he wouldn't be able to stay out of her life and they kissed again. Jackson picked Erica up in his arms and they were headed to the bedroom when Reggie walked in, so Erica faked a leg cramp. Reggie didn't buy it he said he understood that people had needs. Erica tried denying it saying she was there on legal matters and walked out.

Reggie told Jack that he needed to put up a signal so that he wouldn't disturb him when he had a lady there. Jackson didn't deny anything but said it was complicated that Erica was getting married, Reggie said that would be a sad day but their secret was safe with him. Jackson told him that he wasn't asking him to cover anything up and Reggie said "that's why I'm volunteering" when a knock came to the door. Reggie answered;it was Opal. Reggie went to his room and Opal said that she saw Erica tearing out and Reggie must've walked in on them. She told Jackson she knew about the two of them and told him she was worried about him. She told him that she was the only one who knew about them and Jackson said he didn't care who knew about it. Opal said she knew that Jackson loved Erica more than Erica could love anyone else and that he was a good guy and Erica would survive if he stopped loving her. She also said that other women would be interested in him and asked if he thought he could be interested in her. Jackson told Opal that his heart does belong to Erica. Opal said that's what she wanted to hear and that he should go after Erica. Jackson complimented Opal's new look and said that he missed the old Opal.

Chris wanted to know from Michael what he was up to with Erica. Michael told Chris that he just wanted to join forces with Erica in business. Chris questioned the coincidence of Michael's interest in Kendall and then warned him to stay away from Erica. Michael accused Chris of not trusting Erica. Chris told him that he would be watching him and Michael asked if this was personal or professional and Chris replied "both" then walked out.

Michael called his father telling him that his old friend Chris Stamp was in Pine Valley and asked if he would like to settle an old score.

Erica went to her condo and was trying to compose herself when Chris snuck up on her. He told her that he was trying to figure her out. Erica apologized for not coming straight home and that she would start putting him first. Chris told Erica everything was okay while having a vision of himself grabbing her forcibly and asking if she was sleeping with Michael. Erica asked if he was alright and he said yes as long as she was in his arms, he told her that "he loved her madly" and they kissed.

Simone and Joni were taken to the police station to be booked. Simone wondered out loud where Kenny was when Joni said she phoned someone. At first she thought it was her dad that was called when Greenlee said it was worse. She started in on Simone with Joni trying to explain that it was her fault they had been arrested. Simone told Greenlee not to lecture her just bail her out. Greenlee told Simone she was fired. Kendall told Greenlee she couldn't do that and then Joni's mom busted in yelling at Simone accusing her of getting Joni in trouble. Greenlee went to Simone's defense saying that her daughter had a fine role model in Simone. Joni told her mom that it was her own fault and then her mom apologized to Simone. She told the officer that she would pick Joni up in the morning that if she was going to break the law she would have to pay the consequences and left her there. Mia was going to bail them both out when Joni said no. Simone said that she'd stay with her so she wouldn't be alone. Simone tried to thank Greenlee for the compliments when Greenlee tore into her again. Simone snapped and said she was tired of groveling over her and that she quit. Simone asked the officer to take her to her cell. Kendall and Mia looked at Greenlee and then Kendall said " I thought I was considered the biggest bitch in Pine Valley but I can rival you."

Laurie tried calling JR with no luck then called Jamie telling him that she needed him immediately, as she looked at her father lying on the floor. When Jamie arrived he asked what had happened and wanted to call for an ambulance when Laurie begged him not to saying they'll put her father in jail. Jamie called Janelle and she asked Laurie what happened, because of the strong smell of alcohol she knew he had been drinking and asked if Laurie's father hit her again. Jamie ended up taking the blame saying that her father caught them kissing and got mad and that he ended up hitting him. Janelle didn't believe them. Laurie's dad came to and apologized to Laurie. When Janelle questioned it again, Laurie's dad went along with the story Jamie and Laurie told then said he wanted Jamie arrested.

Jamie was taken to the police station where he ran into Mia, Greenlee, Kendall, Simone and Joni. Joni asked what had happened when an officer said that Jamie used his girlfriend's father as a punching bag. When Joni asked if it was true Jamie said it was in his interest not to say anything. Joni said she thought he was a nice guy but she guessed she was wrong. Jamie questioned why she was there and she said she broke into the school. Jamie then asked her why she doesn't practice what you preaches.

Laurie grabbed her coat to leave when her dad asked where she was going, she said to tell the truth. He begged her not to saying that the authorities would take everything away from them. Then hugged her saying "please don't."

Liza admitted kissing Tad and Adam told her to go do what she's already done in her heart, which was to become Tad's lover. Liza wanted Adam to understand that she wanted to try to figure out why she loved him and was attracted to someone else. She told him that passion was missing from their life. Adam wanted to know what she wanted and she said she didn't know. He told her she did know and needed to admit it to herself. He said that maybe they should end their marriage and she said she didn't want to but they needed time to figure things out. He told her not to tell him what he needed to do and stormed out of the house.

Friday, March 14, 2003

At Fusion the three ladies were each talking on their cell phone. They hung up together at the same time totally ecstatic. Pine Valley was sold out of Fusion Eyes. Mia reminded them the product sold out because of the hard work of Simone and Joni. Mia wanted to bail Simone out of jail but Greenlee told her that if she does she is fired. Greenlee commented she has no grudge against Simone, she just doesn't like her arrest record. Kendall and Mia told Greenlee she is frustrated that her mystery admirer turned out to be a woman and is taking her anger out on Simone. Kendall added that perhaps Greenlee can't forgive Simone for sleeping with Greenlee's father. Greenlee paused for a moment and then suddenly announced she has a meeting to go to and left the office. Mia and Kendall looked at each other and commented, "That went well."

It was morning at the Pine Valley Jail and Simone was lamenting no one has shown up to bail her and Joni out of jail. Simone commented she couldn't believe Joni's parents wouldn't bail their daughter out and left her to be locked up overnight. Tad rushed into the jail cellblock. Finding Jamie in his cell, he apologized for not getting there sooner but he was at the office and didn't get the recorder message from Laurie telling him where Jamie was. He was shocked to hear that Jamie was arrested for beating up Laurie's father when he had told Jamie to stay away from Laurie. He wanted an explanation from Jamie. Jamie tried to rationalize that Laurie needed someone to stand up for her. Tad told him he needed to think about consequences. Jamie talked back about Tad's and Liza's kiss and that Tad does this kind of stuff all the time. "Yea, now that they motorized my walker no woman is safe," replied Tad. Tad told him everything is not ok and then left to check on the paperwork.

Edmund entered the cell black wondering how Sam and Maddie's favorite sitter got arrested. He had come to post bail. Edmund said he would handle Joni's parents. Joni left with Edmund.

Opal and Petey were at the park when Laurie arrived apologizing for arriving late. Opal told Petey to join his friends playing soccer. Opal talked about Jamie's trouble and being in jail. Opal told Laurie she had checked on Laurie's background and commented she found out that Laurie's has had some problems with her dad and his drinking problem. Opal counseled Laurie that she probably can't save her father and that she needs to break free from her father. She can only save herself and if she stays with him, her father will destroy her. Opal told Laurie that she had the same experience with her marriage to Ray Gardner and how he broke Tad's leg and left him alone in the park. Opal wanted to help Laurie and Laurie said she would give it some thought. Opal left the park. Laurie stayed to watch Petey.

Joni came with Maddie to the park. Maddie was wearing a tiara and had a magic wand. She was making a wish. Maddie suddenly became sad. She wanted more magic so Maureen would remember she was her mommy.

Jamie met Laurie in the park. Laurie was upset her dad pressed charges against Jamie. They hugged. Joni saw Jamie and Laurie together and apologized to them for telling JR about their kiss.

David came into the park looking for Anna. He was frustrated he couldn't find her and was upset over the note she left for him saying she had taken their daughter to the park for a walk. Maggie and Henry stopped by wondering why David was looking for Anna and David showed them the note. David said a walk in the park could kill their baby. David was explaining how fragile Leora is and he feared she might catch a virus when Henry interrupted him mentioning that a newborn baby's immune system is pretty strong. "Did I ask for a consult from a know-it-all premed student?" retorted David. Henry backed off, apologized and then walked away. Maggie was very angry with David for insulting Henry and demanded David apologize to him. David retorted back that he has met a lot of Henrys who are kiss-butt brats. Henry is a wonder kid who will stab you in the back to get the best residencies. Henry is nothing but trouble, David angrily told Maggie. Maggie left the park and went to a Chinese restaurant looking for Henry. He told her to go away.

Meanwhile, at Pine Valley Hospital, Dr. Joe examined Leora. Anna expressed her frustration that David won't allow the pacemaker implant for Leora. Dr. Joe wondered why Anna isn't trusting David now when she trusted him with her life and the baby's life in the past. Anna explained that David is terrified the baby will die if the pacemaker is implanted now. Dr. Joe asked Anna if he recommended a pacemaker now for Leora would she sneak away and have the procedure done somewhere other than Pine Valley. Anna replied she would if it would save her baby's life. Dr. Joe was about to give his opinion to Anna about the pacemaker implant when David walked in. He wasn't happy to see that Anna was there and ask Anna what she and Dr. Joe were plotting. Dr. Joe left the room and David argued with Anna about what's best for Leora. Anna said that if Joe said she needs the operation Anna will have it done. David replied he will not sign off on that. Dr. Joe came back into the exam room. He agreed with David: Leora needed to gain weight before surgery was performed.

Aidan was sitting in a coffee shop disguised as a drifter. Maureen, in a short, black wig, chewing gum, dressed in a short skirt flirted with Aidan for a few seconds until he recognized her. He was furious she was there at his stakeout and wanted her to leave. She refused. She was part of the show and her name was Mo. A stranger walked in asking Aidan if he was Lou Moran. He suddenly grabbed Aidan and demanded to know who the broad was. Aidan broke away from the stranger. The stranger started to walk away because he didn't want Maureen there. Maureen stopped him and said that she was there because she knows some information. The stranger asked how does she connect to Flanders. Aidan stepped in and said Maureen broke up with Flanders. Maureen said she was in on the deal because she knows the goods on Flanders; i.e, "where all the bodies are buried." The stranger commented he knows where Flanders' kills are located. Aidan wanted to know if Flanders was put into the witness protection program and the stranger commented not yet until orders come from the top. He then became wary of Aidan and wondered why Aidan was asking so many questions. He then said that Flanders skipped town and when Aidan finds out where he is to get in touch with him. The stranger then left. Aidan and Maureen talked about Flander's escape and Aidan wondered why Chris Stamp who is the Reese's (the stranger) superior didn't know that Flanders left Pine Valley. Aidan didn't want Maureen to get any more involved because of her children's sake. Mo and Lou sitting in a booth at the coffe shop admitted their love for each other and kissed.

Greenlee visited Simone in jail. Simone asked her to get her out of prison. Greenlee wanted to talk about Simone's relationship with her dad. Greenlee's father died saying Simone's name and not Greenlee's. Greenlee asked Simone how was she to get over that. Greenlee left the holding cell as Tad came in to visit Jamie. Tad had been reading the police report and asked Jamie what really happened. Jamie stuck to his story Laurie's dad flipping out and went after Laurie so he hit Laurie's father. Tad didn't believe him and wanted to know why he was protecting Laurie. As Jamie was let out of the holding cell, Simone commented to herself, "And then, there was one." She was the only one in jail now.

Greenlee returned to the holding cell. She didn't come up with any ideas to make Greenlee's father's last moments all right for Greenlee. Simone told Greenlee she wished she could see the love that Roger had for his daughter Greenlee in her own father's face just once. Greenlee thanked her and left. Simone was speechless.

Mia was at Fusion angrily throwing the advertisement posters of her and Jake on the floor. She set fire to one of them and threw it in the trashcan. The fire burned a little too bright and she yelled for Carlos. Edmund had just walked into the office and quickly snuffed out the small blaze. Edmund wanted to do an article on Fusion and interview Kendall. Kendall wasn't there so Mia left with Edmund to do the interview over lunch. Carlos came into the office and saw a scarf left on one of the desks. He picked it up and was caressing it, lost in it's perfume when Greenlee came in and asked him what was he doing.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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