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Erica ended her relationship with Chris. Lena evaded questions about her sexuality. Erica blamed herself for Bianca's homosexuality. Aidan secretly taped Chris's conversations. Laurie's father dropped the charges against Jamie. JR boarded a ship that was headed to the Philippines.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 17, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, March 17, 2003


Michael was busy preparing a romantic lunch for two in his hotel room when he heard a knock at the door. He looked surprised when he saw Kendall standing there. Wearing her "swamp girl" necklace and smiling from ear to ear, she sauntered into his room. She started to explain that she was on her way to jail to bail out Simone when she suddenly noticed the romantic table settings. She looked hurt and asked Michael if he was expecting someone else. Michael smiled, and covered by pretending that the lunch was for her. Kendall readily accepted this explanation, and apologized for not being able to stay. They smooched a bit and then Michael offered Kendall a blank check for Simone's bail money. Kendall was blown away by Michael's generosity and said she didn't deserve him. Just then, there was another knock at the door. Michael glanced nervously at his watch. He opened the door, and saw that the caller was tabloid journalist Donald Steele. Ironically, he sighed in relief. Steele quickly tried to obtain a comment from Michael regarding Erica's recent comments to the press. Michael slammed the door in his face. He kissed Kendall goodbye, whispering that she made him forget all his problems with Erica. As soon as Kendall left, Michael called Lena on her cell phone and complimented her excellent work on the Enchantment press leaks. Smiling smugly, he hung up, and then called Erica.


Bianca and Lena were struggling with some heavy boxes for Boyd, who was moving into Myrtle Fargate's boarding house. Boyd headed for the kitchen so he could sign the lease with Myrtle. Back in the living room, Bianca and Lena were attempting to clean up some of the chemicals they had spilled on the floor. Lena leaned in towards Bianca's face, and they smiled awkwardly at each other. The moment ended when Bianca ran to retrieve more of Boyd's boxes. Boyd walked into the living room and noticed Lena carrying a heavy box. He ran to help her. They too exchanged awkward smiles, but this time Lena pulled away. Boyd looked confused and directly asked Lena "which TEAM she was on." Before she could answer, her cell phone rang. As soon as she hung up, Boyd was even more direct. "Which is it – Are you straight or gay," Boyd asked? Lena coyly wondered if he was asking because he was interested in her. Boyd said he MAY be interested, but was also curious if she was interested in Bianca. Lena smiled flirtatiously and described herself as "friendly." She leaned over and kissed Boyd passionately. Then she abruptly pulled away. Boyd got annoyed and demanded to know what kind of game she was playing. Lena replied that she had to run and quickly exited,

At that moment, Bianca entered, with another box. She immediately concluded that something had happened while she was gone. Before Boyd could answer, Kendall and Simone showed up at Myrtle's. Bianca and Simone scurried away, so that Kendall and Boyd could be alone.

Once alone, Boyd asked Kendall about the status of her relationship with Michael. Kendall told him that things were great. Boyd reminded her that if things turned sour, he was around. Kendall smiled and ran off for an afternoon date with Michael. Simone returned, and seductively asked Boyd if there was anything she could do for her new neighbor.


Aidan reported to Jackson about his progress on the "Get Chris Stamp" evidence. Once again, Aidan insisted that his sources had nothing harmful to say about Chris. Aidan questioned whether Jackson was motivated to bury Chris because of Erica. Jackson rolled his eyes and encouraged Aidan to continue his search for dirt on Chris. Aidan reluctantly agreed, and headed back to his bartending duties at The Valley Inn.

After Aidan left, Reggie walked into Jack's office carrying stacks of files. Reggie complained that "the scenery" was much prettier at Fusion. Jack reminded Reggie that Kendall had fired him for ratting out Trey. Reggie agreed, and reluctantly started to pore through the files when suddenly he laughed out loud. Jackson walked in, and Reggie excitedly showed him that there was a $50,000 reward for information on the Erica Kane arsonist. "You owe me fifty large," Reggie announced confidently.


Edmund took Mia to a small table at the Valley Inn and commenced his interview about Fusion. Mia gave him some background on the company, singing high praises of Greenlee, Kendall and Simone.

In the meantime, Chris Stamp had been sitting at the bar drinking alone. He approached Edmund's table and asked if he could speak to Mia. Chris took Mia aside and grilled her about why Michael Cambias was sniffing around Fusion. Mia explained that the only company Michael was interested in was Kendall's company. Chris chuckled mockingly at the thought of this, but his cell phone interrupted their conversation.

Mia returned to Edmund's table and resumed the interview. Edmund asked if Fusion truly knew what women wanted. "Yes. They want you," Mia answered simply. She explained that his devotion and passion for Maria was exactly what women want. They soon realized that they shared a common bond: they were both recently dumped by their true loves. Just then, Allison walked in. Mia explained to Edmund that Allison was ‘the one" who slept with Jake. Edmund then pointed out that Aidan the bartender was "the one" who stole his Maria. Mia and Edmund looked at each other, and decided that they were having lunch in hell. They got up and together, headed for somewhere else.

In the meantime, Chris returned to the bar and asked Aidan for a double scotch. Aidan remarked that it was a bit early for drinking, and wondered if Erica was the cause. Chris denied this emphatically. At this point, he seemed to be slurring his words.

Just then, he spotted Kendall, who was on her way to see Michael. Chris stopped her, and demanded that she give him information on Michael Cambias. Kendall refused to help him, and was anxious to head upstairs to Michael's room.

Meanwhile, upstairs in Michael's room, there was yet another knock at the door. Lo and behold – this time it was Erica. She too saw the romantic table settings and asked if he was expecting someone else. "Nope. Only you, Erica," Michael said, grinning


Greenlee couldn't understand why Carlos was in the middle of the empty Fusion office, clutching and sniffing her scarf. Carlos meekly explained that he had spilled oil on her scarf while cleaning her desk. Greenlee didn't buy his explanation, and demanded that Carlos return the scarf to her immediately. When Carlos refused to do so, Greenlee became enraged and lunged for the scarf. She pulled so hard that she fell backwards, and landed on the floor. Carlos became offended and said he couldn't work for someone who didn't respect him. Greenlee retorted that she didn't care and threatened to call Building Management so that he could be fired. At the mention of Building Management, Carlos changed his tune and begged her not to call. But Greenlee wouldn't listen. She dialed the number, and demanded to speak to the Building Supervisor. But she hung up when she was told the Supervisor's name was Sidney Bergeron. Slowly, she turned to Carlos. She asked him pointblank if he was her secret admirer.


Maggie managed to track down Henry. She found him waiting tables at his family's Chinese restaurant. At first, Henry was aloof and wouldn't speak to Maggie. He kept glancing nervously at his mother who was quietly staring at Maggie. Maggie apologized for David's rude behavior the other day. But Henry insisted that he wasn't angry. He begged Maggie to leave, but she refused. While they were debating this point, Henry's mother and young uncle approached. Henry's uncle was extremely friendly, while his mother was extremely unfriendly. The uncle left to prepare some of his famous Chinese food for Maggie.

Henry's mother ordered Henry to wait on some tables and sat down with Maggie. She essentially commanded that Maggie leave her son alone. Maggie replied that she and Henry were merely lab partners and there was nothing to worry about. His mother stood up, and walked away. Henry asked his mother what she said to Maggie. His mother replied that Maggie would only cause him trouble and stop him from getting into med school. Henry got frustrated and went over to Maggie's table. At this point, Maggie was ready to leave. She stood up, but Henry wouldn't let her leave until she tasted his uncle's food. Henry then explained some of his mother's background - that his mother's father was an American who abandoned her at a young age. Maggie listened intently. She told Henry that it seemed like he wanted to be a doctor for his mother, not for himself. He denied this. She then suggested ending their relationship, noting that his mother clearly wanted him to be with a Chinese girl. Henry got upset. "I don't want to lose you. Please stick around," he declared passionately, and grabbed her hand. "Okay," Maggie said with a smile, as Henry's mother glared from the other side of the room.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Jackson & Reggie. Jackson told an eager Reggie that he should not expect the $50K reward money for another 12 years. Reggie was not pleased that Jackson arranged to have the money put into a trust for him. Jackson told him he is only looking out for Reggie's best interests and told him to stay in school, but Reggie only wanted the money and to forget about Jack. Jackson remained firm and then asked if Reggie needs the money to pay off the thug he's been covering for. Reggie tried a new tack and told Jack he needed the money to take care of his sisters. Jackson assured Reggie that his sisters are well taken care of, in the best foster homes. Reggie told Jackson he wants to be an active older brother, but Jackson remained firm and did not want the money to burn a hole in his pocket. Reggie was shocked by Jackson's vision that someday Reggie would be able to buy a house for him and his sisters. They promised to see each other back at the crib, with a hip Jackson calling Reggie "dog." Jackson placed a call to Erica and was told she was out.

Michael & Erica and Chris & Kendall. At the Valley Inn bar, Kendall insisted to a suspicious Chris that Michael and Erica were not doing the nasty, because Michael is only interested in her. And he certainly wouldn't be with Erica, she knew. Kendall suggested that he talk to Erica if he doesn't trust her. She was adamant that Michael is only with her, no one else, and she would know it if he was. Chris didn't believe that for a second. He continued to express his suspicions and Kendall said until he sees Michael's tongue down Erica's throat, he hasn't seen anything. Michael and Erica have only had meetings, she said. Kendall admitted to being insecure and overreacting last time she saw them together. Chris wondered if their relationship is really exclusive and sarcastically admired her "swamp girl" necklace. Kendall insisted that what she and Michael have is real. Love doesn't stand a chance against temptation, he noted, and asked her where Michael is right now. Alone in his room, she replied. But Chris's doubt had Kendall agreeing to take him to Michael's room.

Meanwhile, Erica was in Michael's suite, where he had a private lunch planned. She accused him of hiding from Kendall if he was afraid to eat in the dining room, where the food is just as good. Michael said he only wanted privacy. Erica said she was only there to see what he had the nerve to do next. They got down to business and Michael expressed his concern about how the press is covering their deal. She reminded him they don't have a deal. Local Dirt Slinger Steele had already been by, he said, to turn their negotiations into a scandal. Erica assured him that she did not plant the story and furthermore, Donald Steele had it right, she is no longer interested in a business deal with Cambias. As Erica was leaving, Michael wanted to let Erica know that she was right, Kendall is definitely not the woman he thought she was. When Erica wondered why Michael was telling her this, he confessed it's because he has finally found the woman who has everything he wants. Erica looked aghast and said "you have got to be kidding." Erica accused him of trying to romance her only because the business deal failed. She gloated that she was better at business than he is and that his attempts to put a bearhug on Enchantment failed. He pretended to be honest and that his feelings have nothing to do with business. Incredulous, she asked if he really thought she would fall into his arms. He still insisted he was being genuine and she politely suggested he get over himself. He kissed her hand and Erica expressed her surprise that the meeting was not a complete waste of her time. He asked if she found him amusing and she called him delightfully frank. When he asked how to win her, she suggested he get in line. She reminded him that he is intelligent, very charming, rich and wondered what woman could say no. He said one with the same qualities, maybe more, someone like Erica. He confessed he thinks they are perfectly matched, as he moved closer to her. She asked what he thought he was doing. As he touched her arm longingly, he told her he is doing exactly what she's expected him to do and wondered if he would live up to her expectations. Just then, Kendall burst in, with Chris close at her heels. Chris was obviously dubious of this being a business meeting, and Kendall cried out "how dare you?!" Kendall stated that Chris was right, one man isn't enough for Erica and she had to go after Kendall's too. Erica tried to explain they were in the middle of...and Kendall interrupted to say they saw exactly what they were in the middle of. Kendall stated that it was lucky for her that Michael isn't interested in Erica. Michael said he is interested in a business associate. Kendall told Chris "I told you." Chris sputtered his doubts when Michael said it was only a friendly meeting and accused them of planning a merger. Erica was furious with Chris for barging in like that and Chris accused her of being afraid of what he might have found. She had to wonder if he wanted to find something to support his crazy suspicions. Erica stormed out and Chris followed her as Aidan strolled past the open doorway, having heard it all. When Michael and Kendall were alone, Michael pretended it was only a business lunch and thanked Kendall for believing in him. Not so fast, she said. Kendall was still very suspicious, and Michael led her to believe that Erica's business tactics are more "hands-on." Kendall wondered why he didn't bust her in front of her fiancé, but Michael didn't think that was his place. Kendall was thrilled and believed this means that Erica is finally jealous of her. Michael again told Kendall she's the only one he wants. Kendall begged him to promise that he'll never lie to her the way Erica lies to Chris. He said he could never lie to someone so beautiful, intelligent, and perfect for him. Kendall vowed to kill Erica if she ever put one hand on Michael.

Erica and Chris only got as far as the lobby before their fight started again. Chris ordered her to tell him, right here, right now, that she is not sleeping with another man. Erica cleverly replied that she is not sleeping with Michael Cambias. Chris was still jealous of the meeting at the plane, the business lunches in his room and Erica wondered why he is so threatened by the way she does business. He wondered what kind of business she is really in and asked if she can only put an offer on the table with cleavage and thigh. She accused him of calling her a tramp and asked if he really thinks she will sleep with anyone to get what she wants. If the shoe fits, he said. She told him he is out of his mind and tried to stomp away, but Chris grabbed her by the arm. Aidan tried to intervene at that point and Chris barked at him to back off. Erica told Aidan she was alright. Chris insisted that Erica is lying about something and that it is destroying them. Erica called him a caveman and said he is destroying them. He said he is the man who loves her and she wondered why he shows his love by humiliating her. He wondered why he isn't enough for her and why their love isn't enough to make her happy. They no longer have a relationship, only a war zone, she said. Chris still insisted they can find happiness and have a future if she'll only trust him enough to tell the truth. If not, he said, there is nothing worth saving. Erica blew up and shouted that she can't accept this, his jealousy, it's all too much and it's OVER. Chris was stunned. Erica told him if he's serious about a future, he has to take back all the horrible things he has said. Chris said he's not like all the other men she thought she loved, he can't give her a free pass. It was Erica's turn to be stunned and she took off her ring and threw it at Chris as a very interested Jackson looked on.

At the Chinese Restaurant. Henry and Maggie discussed his mother, Alma. Maggie told Henry his mother was giving her the evil eye and only wanted her to be history. Henry made excuses and said his mother only wants him to be happy, and that Maggie made him very happy. That pronouncement made Maggie happy. Henry's Uncle Lee promised to speak to his mother on his behalf. Later, Alma suggested that Henry talk to the professor and get a new lab partner. He refused and tried to assure his mother he can handle college and a girlfriend. Alma was not happy and doesn't think Uncle Lee worries enough about him. Later, she coldly ignored Maggie's friendly wave. Maggie told Henry her fears about how his mom hates her. He told her she'll come around. Uncle Lee told Alma he hasn't seen Henry this happy since he got a guitar.

Dr Joe and Maureen settled in for lunch. She told him about wanting to return to medical school and Dr Joe was very supportive. She doubted Maureen's ability and worried she wouldn't be as good as Maria. He suggested she audit some pre-med courses and take some mid-terms to see what she can remember. Dr Joe assured her she was once a brilliant doctor and she agreed with his strategy to audit organic chemistry.

Edmund and Mia came in. They tried to continue the Tempo interview, but talked about Maureen and the past instead.

After Joe left, Maureen asked to join Edmund (Mia had left the table). She wanted to tell Edmund how happy she was that he is moving on and he had to admit it was only an interview. When Mia came back, Edmund introduced Maureen. Maureen left the restaurant. Mia offered to leave also, and wondered if Edmund wanted to go, but Edmund wanted to stay...with Mia. They opened fortune cookies and Mia laughed out loud. She told him about the game to add the phrase "in bed" to your fortune. So hers was "your life will be full beyond her wildest dreams in bed." They giggled and pronounced the interview over. Edmund invited her to go horseback riding and she accepted.

Greenlee. She continued grilling Carlos and asked if he was the one sending her email messages. When he wouldn't answer, she told him she knows Sidney Bergeron is his boss and had connected the dots. Carlos finally told her he can tell the messages give her comfort. She said they make her crazy. She handed him a stack and told him to read them. He said they are beautiful words. She asked if he wrote them and he only said he could tell they make her happy. She wondered why he would notice, unless he was the one who sent them. She accused him of watching her read them, then sharing a laugh with Sidney. He said it's not like that and as his frustration mounted, he switched to muttering in a foreign language. An infuriated Greenlee told him to stop the "no comprendo English" and said he could speak English fine when he wants to. He said knowing English has nothing to do with knowing when Greenlee is happy. Increasingly infuriated, she asked WHY would he care how she feels? He said "when you are happy, you are not such a raving bitch." Shocked, Greenlee asked if he really called her a bitch? He said "raving!" That revelation convinced Greenlee that Carlos could not be the man writing those emails because the words are beautiful, not crude. Simone came back just then, with Kenny the lawyer and told Greenlee that Carlos is not crude. Greenlee wondered how she knew, since she was so busy with court dates, except for taking the time to admire the way Carlos wears his toolbelt. Simone started to tell Greenlee what a bitch she can be, but Greenlee cut her off, saying Carlos already covered that. Carlos said he was going to ask management for another work assignment and left. Simone asked Greenlee what was going on and Greenlee said she fired him and then she recalled that she'd also fired Simone and wondered why she was there. Kenny spoke up then and told Greenlee that Simone had better stay at Fusion unless Greenlee wants to get sued and pay a hefty settlement. Greenlee reluctantly agreed to let Simone and her bad attitude stay. Simone expressed her gratitude to Greenlee and the depths of her heart. She promised to make it up to Greenlee and Greenlee told her she won't be paid until all legal fees are paid. Simone groveled a bit and Greenlee suggested she cut down on the gin and tonics in order to pay her rent. Kenny then said that Simone is a pro bono client. Simone was surprised and very grateful. Greenlee was disgusted and accused Simone of being saved by a man...again. Simone said there is nothing wrong with accepting kindness, but Greenlee called her needy. Simone told Greenlee it was better than snuggling up with emails and wondered why the mystery man is afraid to come forward. Greenlee said he must be biding his time. Simone opined it was because he wasn't sure he wanted to take a chance on a bitter, old...Kenny interrupted to leave after confirming that Simone's job is safe and getting kiss from Simone. Simone sighed when he left and told Greenlee she'd scared off another decent man. Greenlee asked if Simone really thinks her mystery man is lying low because she is so impossible. Simone had to agree that he would have shown up by now, if Greenlee weren't impossible. Greenlee said if the mystery man is afraid and a coward, she doesn't want him. Simone thought that was good justification for sleeping alone...and Greenlee said it was better than sleeping with her father. Simone confronted Greenlee and told her to stop taking it out on Simone every time something goes wrong. Simone told Greenlee she can't deal with it when people don't do what she wants, like the emailer, and that Greenlee can't stand not being in control. Greenlee agreed with that and said if she was in control, Simone would be out on her butt. Simone suggested the Greenlee listen to herself and see how she was pushing everyone away, how no one can get close to her since Leo died, and how she just writes off the world as not being good enough, including the people that care about her. Simone told her if she feels like no one understands her, it's her own fault. After Simone left the room, Greenlee placed a call and made an emergency appointment and ran out of the office.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

At BJ's Laurie's father walked in and looked around until he found her. He offered her a ride home but she refused. She wouldn't let him talk and said she didn't want to hear anything he had to say because he filed bogus charges against Jamie. Laurie said "Now Jamie's life is wrecked because of you!." Jamie and Tad walked over and Jamie told her it wasn't wrecked because her father dropped the charges. Tad told her that Jamie's record was clean after Mr. Lewis sat down at a table away from them. She realized he must have been trying to tell her that but she wouldn't listen. Tad said he was going to talk to her father and Laurie asked him to thank his mother for her. Tad asked what Opal did for her and Laurie said Opal helped her realize she had choices. Tad joined Mr. Lewis at the table and thanked him for dropping the charges. Tad said he knows Jamie pretty well and has a good idea about what really happened, and that he and Mr. Lewis have alot in common. He explained that he lost his wife a year ago and so he knows what Mr. Lewis is going through. "We both know my son lied to protect your daughter and that's why you dropped the charges," Tad said. He went on to say that it wasn't the first time a man changed his mind in the cold, sober light of day and he said he wants to help Mr. Lewis. Mr. Lewis was suspicious and asked what was in it for him. Tad explained that his own father was the meanest SOB and that once the damage is done to a child, it's done. Tad said the next time Mr. Lewis felt like crawling in a bottle to give him a call. "When I finally shut up I'm really a good listener."

Liza and Adam called JR's friends trying to find him. No one knew where he was and Adam said it was time to call the police. Stuart walked in and said he knew where JR was. He said JR came to him and made him promise not to tell anyone until he was gone. Adam demanded to know where his son was and Stuart said he went to San Diego and joined the crew of a tramp steamer and their first port of call was the Philippines. Adam was furious and yelled "How could you let this happen?." Liza said JR was determined and no one could've stopped him. Stuart said JR promised to get his GED by mail and Adam was horrified because "JR was slated for Harvard!." Liza said JR could use this time to set new goals for himself. Adam turned on her and said his son ran away and she's giving him her blessing? Stuart said JR would return to Pine Valley a man and left the house. Adam looked at Liza and said his son had deserted him, was his wife next? Liza didn't understand what he was saying and Adam said maybe neither one of them had the guts to admit things were over. Liza said she understood that he was frustrated with JR and that he was taking it out on her. Colby walked in and asked them why they fought all the time. This prompted Liza to call Lisastrada and make an emergency appointment.

Greenlee rushed into Lisastrada's visibly upset. Lisastrada said she sounded desperate on the phone and Greenlee said she found out who her mystery emailer is but he walked out and her co-workers are furious with her. Lisastrada said "Halleluiah! You've finally hit bottom!." She went on to tell Greenlee that she's been in limbo since Leo died and Greenlee asked if she's hit an all time low. Lisastrada asked about the emailer and Greenlee admitted that he wasn't what she'd hoped for. She described him as "Mr. Fix-it" with grease under his nails and a poor command of the English language. Lisastrada asked if she thought he was too common, too lower class for her and then said that Leo shapes Greenlee's every reality. Greenlee asked if she was in her own way of happiness. Lisastrada told her that every journey started with a single step, "Are you ready to take it?" Greenlee began to hyperventilate and sat down. She realized she'd been suffocating everyone with her rants and raves. She asked if she should give Carlos a second chance and Lisastrada wondered if he'd give her a second chance. Greenlee said she owes him an apology and went back to Fusion.

Meanwhile Simone went into Fusion waving a white flag and called out for Greenlee. No one was there and she walked around Greenlee's desk. She found a beautiful wire rose and wondered if Carlos had a thing for Greenlee. Greenlee ran into the room and said she had something to tell her. "I'm glad you came back," Greenlee told Simone and then hugged her. Simone was quite surprised. Greenlee apologized and said Simone had been a loyal friend and a terrific Fusion team member. She asked Simone to forgive her for putting her issues with her father under Simone. "Could we start over?" Greenlee asked Simone. Simone was in tears when she replied "Most definitely!." They hugged again and Greenlee said she had to deal with Carlos now but that he probably hated her. Simone said she doubted that and handed her the rose she found on the desk. Simone told her to call him and apologize and left the room. Greenlee picked up the phone and called. She told Carlos she needed to see him at her apartment, to talk to him about a plumbing problem. Simone returned and Greenlee told her she asked Carlos to come to her place. Simone was thrilled and dragged Greenlee out to buy the trashiest lingerie they could find.

In Erica's office Lena used the phone to call someone. She told the person that she was making headway with the Enchantment chemist Boyd. Bianca walked in and Lena pretended to be trying to get reservations at a restaurant. She hung up and Bianca asked if she had big plans. Lena said it depended on whether Bianca would join her or not. Bianca happily agreed and they went to BJ's. As they sat down at a table Bianca commented that she was surprised Lena would like BJ's, she pictured her as strictly a 4-star kind of girl. Lena said she was acquiring a taste for all things American. After their food came Bianca said she couldn't believe she was eating so much, and then told Lena about her eating disorder. Lena said Bianca was so open and Bianca said she didn't want to treat any part of her life as a dirty little secret. Lena asked if it was hard for her to "come out" and Bianca said yes, in many ways. Then Bianca asked Lena the same question. She said that in Europe they were much more relaxed about sexuality. Two men showed up and flirted with Lena and Bianca. They asked if they could join the women but Lena told them "No boys allowed!." They walked away as the two women giggled. Bianca tried to get Lena to confirm her sexual orientation but Lena wouldn't commit either way. She told Bianca that she enjoys being with her "Isn't that enough for now?." Bianca smiled and said it was, for now.

While Tad talked with Laurie's father, Jamie stayed with Laurie. His cell phone rang and he answered it. He was happy to hear from Uncle Stuart but then was shocked speechless when Stuart told him where JR was. When Jamie hung up he told Laurie and they went over to their fathers. Jamie told Tad where JR was and Laurie said sadly that he didn't even say goodbye. Jamie said that was probably their fault. Laurie went back to work and Jamie told Tad he should've seen this coming. Tad told Jamie to think long and hard about trying to take JR's place in Laurie's life and then left. Jamie went back over to Laurie and asked her to go out with him. Laurie told him no, it was too soon.

Jackson walked into the lobby at the Valley Inn just in time to see Erica toss her engagement ring at Chris. He picked it up and said it looked like the lady wanted to return it. Chris looked at Erica then took the ring from Jack. Erica started to walk away but Jack began to follow her. She yelled at him not to think about following her and she walked out. Chris demanded that Jack tell him who Erica was sleeping with. Jack told him he'd better do "damage control" but Chris just screamed "I want to know who she's seeing!" and walked away. Jack found Aidan and told him to watch Chris because this breakup might send him over the edge. Jack left and Aidan went back to bartending. Chris came to the bar, sat down and ordered a stiff drink. Aidan poured it then stepped away as seedy looking man sat next to Chris. The man said "You must be desperate to meet in public" and Chris told him that "times change." In another room Aidan listened to the conversation from a wire tap. Chris told the man that he works for him and has to do what he tells him to do. But he warned the man to make sure he doesn't get traced back to Chris.

Erica went to Enchantment and was storming around her office when Boyd came in. She told him that her engagement was off and Boyd offered his sympathy. Erica told him to get Lena because they would have to do a press release. He told Erica that Lena and Bianca were gone already, together. Erica was frustrated and said she'd take care of it alone. Boyd left and she sat at her desk, starring at her bare ring finger. She thought back to happier times with Chris, then remembered making love to Jack. Opal interrupted her thoughts when she burst in, asking "Well, who's it gonna be?" She told Erica that everyone knows what happened and asked if Jack knew she was free. Erica told her Jack was there and saw it happen. Opal locked the office door and told Erica it was so she didn't go running to Jack for comfort. Erica told her she was over the line but Opal said she keeps playing Jack for all he's worth. Opal told Erica that the reason she won't give her self to Jack is because she can't forgive him for letting Travis take Bianca. Erica barked "Don't you dare go playing Southern Fried Shrink on me!" Opal said now Erica would go shake her booty around Jack and get his juices flowing and then shut him down. Erica said it was because of him she lost precious years with Bianca and Bianca lost time with her. "Look how she turned out!" Erica cried. Opal was appalled when she realized Erica thought Bianca was gay because she didn't spend enough time with her mother. Erica said she wondered how Bianca's life would be different if she had been with Erica when she needed her mother the most. "But Jack made that impossible!" she yelled. Opal told her not to yank Jack by the nose just for old times sake, it wasn't fair and she wasn't going to stand and watch her do it. Opal told Erica that Jack was looking out for Bianca back then and that now Erica had to make a choice. "Let go of the past or let go of Jack" Opal ordered Erica.

Tad went to Lisastrada's office and tried to get her to go on an impromtu date. She was nervous and told him itwasn't a good idea. He kept pushing the issue and in walked Liza and Adam. Adam strutted over to Tad and punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground. Lisastrada said "I told you this was a bad idea!"

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Due to extended coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode was not shown. There will be no lost episodes -- today's installment will be shown. However, it is currently not known how each of the networks will handle coverage of the military action. Stay tuned to Soap Opera Central for complete updates on when your favorite soaps will be shown.

Friday, March 21, 2003

Due to continuing news coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode did not air. According to a network spokesperson, no episodes will be lost; as soon as war coverage concludes, the schedule will pick up exactly where it left off.



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