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Passions Recaps: The week of March 17, 2003 on PS
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Monday, March 17, 2003

Liz peeks into the Russell's house and hears the fight going on between Eve and TC. TC can't believe that Eve does not seem to be on his side. He tells Eve that he will forbid Whitney to see Chad ever again. He claims that Chad is out and that is final. He promises to get a restraining order if necessary. He knows that Whitney has what it takes to be a real pro and he swears nothing is going to stand in her way, especially Chad.

Liz walks into the kitchen and sees Whitney. Whitney explains what happened between her Chad and Simone the night before. Liz sympathizes with Whitney and offers advice and a kind shoulder to cry on. Eve walks in and sees her sister bonding with Whitney. Eve gets angry and tells Liz off after Whitney leaves.

Liz smirks and gloats to Eve that after she gets TC away from her she is going to make a great mom for the girls. Eve calls her a bitch and slaps her face.

Sheridan and Luis continue to tell Antonio the truth about their relationship. Antonio jumps to the wrong conclusion yet again. He is sure that he was the one that had inadvertently kept Luis from his true love Beth. He is sure that since he left town Luis left Beth to take care of the family. He thinks that Beth found someone else and Luis has to fight for her.

Antonio calls Beth to come to the hospital. Beth can't understand what is going on but her hopes of keeping Luis come alive again. She tells her mother that it really doesn't matter. She will kill Sheridan if need be and then have Luis.

Mrs. Wallace laughs in Beth's face. She tells her daughter that Sheridan came along years after Luis left Beth. He wouldn't look at Beth if she were the last woman on earth. Mrs. Wallace then looks at Precious. She tells Beth that her only chance of getting a man is to call the agency that trained Precious and get a male ape. She then laughs that if Luis were Tarzan and Beth was Jane, Beth would end up with Cheetah. Beth gets angry and screams out that she will have Luis, even if it is over Sheridan's cold dead body. Mrs. Wallace tries to pick up the phone but Precious was trained to scream when she does. Mrs. Wallace puts the phone down. Beth tells her to enjoy her time with Precious because she is needed at the hospital. She warns her mother not to try anything or Precious will get upset.

Theresa's press conference begins and Gwen can't understand why it has gotten this far. She wants to see Theresa's life blow up in her face. She and Fox watch and wait. Julian bursts in on the press conference. He announces to the world on national television that Theresa is not his wife. Bruce then walks in and tells Theresa that she was never married to Julian. Julian orders her out of the mansion in 60 seconds. He wants her to leave with nothing, just the way she came. Theresa looks at him and panics.


Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Beth leaves her mother alone with Precious. Mrs. Wallace and Precious find themselves at odds. Precious shows that she was trained to take care of elderly patients. She even changes Mrs. Wallace's diaper. The two end up having a food fight in the Wallace's kitchen.

Beth shows up at the hospital trying to get a handle on the situation between Luis, Sheridan and Antonio.

Antonio sees Sheridan in Luis' arms and starts to ask questions. He says again that he could not live without Sheridan. Then he asks Sheridan what is going on. He knows that something is wrong and wants to know what it is. Sheridan looks at him and gets cold feet. She runs off. Luis tries to stop her but Antonio puts his arm on Luis and stops him. He demands to know what everyone is keeping from him. He also demands to know why his wife was in Luis' arms. Luis refuses to explain until Sheridan comes back. He tells Antonio that it is too complicated to get into without Sheridan.

Beth finds Sheridan sitting alone in the hospital waiting room. She asks Sheridan what is going on with Antonio. Sheridan explains that Antonio thinks that Beth and Luis are having problems. Beth tells Sheridan that she will talk to Antonio and try to straighten things out. At the very least soften the blow he is about to get from his wife and brother. Beth secretly thinks to herself as to how she can turn the situation to her advantage. She goes off to find Antonio. Luis finds Sheridan and she tells him that Beth is going to help them out. Both Luis and Sheridan thank God for their ""good friend" Beth. Sheridan is glad they have someone like her that they can trust.

Eve and Liz trade slaps in the kitchen. Liz says once too often that she is going to take Eve's husband, daughters and life away from her. Eve slaps her. She then says how much she hates Liz for being so mean and vindictive. Eve orders Liz not to speak Whitney or Simone's name. Liz then gets angry and slaps Eve in return. Liz tells Eve about the "sins of the mother." Liz is sure that she will be better for the Russell girls that their mother. She claims she will be saving them from turning into drugged out drunks like their mother or worse yet, whores. She then calls Eve Julian Crane's whore.

Julian is greatly enjoying the eviction of Theresa. As is both Rebecca and Gwen. Julian claims that he and Theresa were never married. He says that Bruce is his proof. Theresa then counters that Bruce is her proof that they were married. Bruce does nothing to prove that Julian is telling the truth yet. Theresa rants on and on about the wedding, the marriage certificate and her wedding photos. Julian and Bruce just chuckle as Julian tears up the marriage certificate. He then tells Theresa he will be calling security now if that is what it takes to get rid of her. Ethan and Fox rally behind Theresa.

Beth gets Antonio alone. She asks him if he truly loves Sheridan. He of course says "Yes." She tells him that Luis is the only man she loves and if they play their cards right and if Antonio follows her lead they can keep the ones they love. Antonio listens intently to Beth's plan.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Liz tells Eve that she has been a bad mother. Liz keeps claiming that Eve's family is falling apart. Liz even goes as far as telling Eve that she did know about Chad and Whitney's affair and if she wasn't so self absorbed and career oriented she would have known too. Liz then takes Eve down memory lane. She reminds Eve about the family dinners that they used to throw. Liz tells Eve that after she ran off, it broke their mother's heart. She was never the same and things just fell apart. Eve's betrayal ruined their mother's life and hurt her beyond words. Liz wants Eve to feel the same pain that their mother felt. Eve tore their family apart and Liz wants to see Eve's family torn apart the very same way.

After hearing Liz's speech, Eve dissolves into tears.

Chad calls Whitney from the tennis match. Chad can't understand where Whitney is. She explains about how her mother sided with her about not playing today. Chad does not understand why Whitney can't play tennis and have a boyfriend too. Chad wants to see Whitney. He decides to visit Whitney in spite of Whitney's pleading to stay away from her father. Whitney is sure TC will kill Chad given the slightest chance.

Julian is still trying to oust Theresa from the Crane mansion. Ethan assures Julian that he will help Theresa fight Julian on Theresa's eviction. Julian laughs in Ethan's face. He tells Ethan that neither he nor Theresa will have a leg to stand on in court.

Julian calls security. As the security guards close in on Theresa, Fox and Ethan close ranks. They stand near Theresa both ready to bodily protect her from harm. Gwen gets green with envy watching her husband ready to do battle for his former love.

TC tells Sam all his family woes. He explains about the love triangle between Chad, Whitney and Simone. As they are talking, Chad sneaks around to the side of the house. He begins to climb the trellis that leads to Whitney's bedroom window.

Theresa calls Alistair to help her from being evicted from the Crane mansion. Julian tells his unbelieving father that he is not married to Theresa. He claims that Bruce is his proof but so far Bruce has kept silent. A testy Alistair orders Bruce to speak up.

Gwen gets angry with Ethan and asks him why he would risk getting beat up over Theresa.

Beth begins to try to hatch a plot between her and Antonio. Before she can tell Antonio the whole truth, a nurse walks in and interupts them. Beth never gets the chance to get Antonio alone because Sheridan and Luis walk in. They are determined not to leave Antonio's side until they confess everything once and for all. As Luis begins to try the truth again, Sheridan gets sick. The nurse tells her that a woman in her condition should be taking it easy and sitting down. Sheridan just looks at the nurse and asks "What condition?" The nurse explains that Sheridan's test results indicate that she is pregnant. Sheridan and Luis look stunned while Antonio just smiles.

TC and Sam spot Chad trying to sneak into Whitney's bedroom window.

Thursday, MARCH 20, 2003

Due to extended coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode was not shown. There will be no lost episodes -- today's installment will be shown. However, it is currently not known how each of the networks will handle coverage of the military action. Stay tuned to Soap Opera Central for complete updates on when your favorite soaps will be shown.

Friday, MARCH 21, 2003

Due to continuing news coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode did not air. According to a network spokesperson, no episodes will be lost; as soon as war coverage concludes, the schedule will pick up exactly where it left off.

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