Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 17, 2003 on PC

Jack and Reese got closer. The hot spring cured Elizabeth but not Ian. Rafe realized that it was because Elizabeth had fed, but Ian had not. Elizabeth broke things off with Joshua.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 17, 2003 on PC
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Monday, March 17, 2003

In the cavern, Kevin and Ian work to revive Elizabeth after her plunge into the hot spring, but reluctantly admit that they must declare her dead. Alison breaks down and cries on Rafe's shoulder. When Lucy breaks down and turns to cry on Ian's shoulder, Kevin makes a few caustic remarks about the silliness of the vampire slayer crying on the shoulder of a vampire. However, as Rafe warns Kevin to watch what he is saying, Elizabeth suddenly reappears and urges them to all quit arguing. When Alison rushes to her mother's side, Elizabeth collapses and Ian checks Elizabeth out. As Lucy admits that she does NOT understand what is going on, Ian declares that Elizabeth is now fine. When Elizabeth appeals to Rafe for answers, Rafe announces that Elizabeth DID die! Elizabeth describes jumping into the water and remembering Caleb's song while major events of her life flashes before her eyes. Then Elizabeth describes that she heard everyone arguing and got up because they were annoying her. When Ian asks Rafe if Elizabeth is healed, Rafe admits that he does NOT know. To test Elizabeth's 'miracle healing,' Ian begins to invite Elizabeth to bite him, but Elizabeth admits that the very idea is repulsive and disgusting to her now. Alison and Rafe are thrilled as they announce that the water must have cured Elizabeth. However, when Ian suggests that he should go ahead and have a dip in the pool himself, Rafe cautions against it, and Kevin suggests that perhaps the 'miracle' cure might NOT have lasting effects! When Rafe suggests that Ian should wait until they have had a chance to monitor the progress of Elizabeth's recovery, Ian reluctantly agrees. Kevin, Rafe, Alison, Elizabeth, Ian and Lucy all decide that they need to search to find a way into the cavern that Caleb does NOT know about and Rafe thanks a stunned Elizabeth for helping them discover some important answers. As Rafe and Alison leave to take Elizabeth back to her hotel, Lucy and Ian stay behind at the spring. After the others leave, Ian declares that he can NOT wait to be healed and Ian plunges into the pool in spite of Lucy's protests. Kevin sees Ian go under the water but walks away, leaving Lucy alone to try to rescue Ian by herself.

When Jack walks in on Reese vandalizing his River House, Reese is stunned when Jack gleefully joins her in her effort to trash the place. Jack and Reese enjoy trashing Jack's Place to the tune of:

Oh, I thought love was true

Only in fairy tales.

Meant for someone else

but not for me.

Love was out to get me -

That's the way it seems.

Disappointment haunted all my dreams -

And then I saw her face!

Jack declares that, for the first time in days, he feels really alive. When Jack insists that Reese help him clean the place up after they have had their fill of destructive fun, Reese reluctantly agrees. In the cleanup process, Jack throws a picture of Jack and Tess into a trash bag. Jack finally writes 'Bite Me" on the wall and puts a frame on it, calling it 'great art.' Jack invites Reese to 'sign' her masterpiece and Reese writes: "Reese Mallory Black" beside the painting. Then Reese and Jack begin to kiss.

At Caleb's Villa, as Caleb announces that he wants to set Tess free, he bares his fangs. But, when Tess sees the fangs, she screams - and Caleb apologizes for frightening Tess. Tess apologizes for letting Caleb see that she was afraid of Caleb's need to feed and gently informs Caleb that she is convinced that they were brought together so they could both have a full, loving and normal life. However, Caleb tries to convince Tess that feeding is a wonderful part of expressing passion and declares that he believes that he could show Tess how to enjoy that part of passion. But Tess sadly informs Caleb that she can NOT let him do that to her and, in time, Tess believes that Caleb will no longer feel the urgent desire to feed. When Caleb seems to be stunned by the thought that he IS changing, Tess tries to comfort him and they hit the sheets again. Later, as Tess sleeps, Caleb flashes back to haunting memories of his early days with Livvie.

When Rafe, Alison and Elizabeth return to Elizabeth's hotel room, Elizabeth confesses that Joshua was the one who sent Elizabeth to follow Rafe and Ian to the spring. Elizabeth confides that she is now afraid that, WHEN Joshua discovers that Elizabeth is no longer a vampire, Joshua might be angry enough to kill her! Rafe assures Elizabeth that he will think of something to defeat Joshua when the time comes. After Elizabeth leaves to take a bath, Rafe confides to Alison that they do NOT know enough about the power of the healing pool and that Rafe is now worried about leaving Ian and Lucy alone at the spring.

At the same time, as Ian plunges into the healing pool and fails to return to the surface, Lucy prepares to go into the water to rescue Ian. However, Ian finally surfaces but stuns Lucy when he announces that the water had NO effect on him. Ian confides that he did NOT see his life flash before him and he STILL has his vampire cravings. As Lucy tries to reassure Ian that they WILL find a way to end the curse hanging over his life, Kevin lurks in the shadows and watches Lucy and Ian together.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

At Stephen's Studio, as Ricky practices, Joshua congratulates Ricky on his decision to stay in the band. An Invisible Angel Casey listens in as Ricky explains to Joshua that Ricky does NOT want to join Joshua's little vampire club and Joshua reassures Ricky that the feeling is mutual. As Casey tries to whisper some angelic advice in Ricky's ear, Angel Boss Ed suddenly shows up! When Casey declares that she believes Ed has shown up because Casey has botched her assignment and is being yanked back to the Here-After, Ed surprises Casey by stating that there IS a reason for everything and Casey WILL continue to act as Ricky's Guardian Angel. But Ed reminds Casey that her assignment STILL is to prevent Ricky from joining the legions of the damned! When Casey wonders WHY it is so important to rescue Ricky that Ricky rates an angel escort when no one else in town seems to rate one, Ed refuses to share and disappears. Casey suddenly materializes in front of Ricky to try again to talk Ricky out of his pig-headed decision!

When Joshua makes another angry call to Elizabeth and leaves an angry message, reminding Elizabeth that her silence is making him angry, Rafe, Alison and Elizabeth listen in back in Elizabeth's room. Rafe and Alison urge Elizabeth to leave town and visit Amanda's favorite spa - OUT of town - but Elizabeth protests that there is no place on the face of the earth where she could hide without Joshua eventually finding her. However, as Elizabeth decides to call Ian for some reassurance, Rafe stops her and informs Alison and Elizabeth that, since Rafe has already spoken to Ian, Rafe knows for a fact that Ian has NOT yet entered the healing spring. Elizabeth finally agrees to go to the spa. But, when Elizabeth leaves to pack, Rafe reminds Alison that, although they KNOW that Ian was NOT cured by the healing spring, they probably can NOT really trust Elizabeth with the truth. Later, Elizabeth convinces Rafe and Alison that she will call a cab from her room to take her to the train station and urges them to go ahead and take care of their errands. But, as soon as Rafe and Alison leave Elizabeth's room, Elizabeth calls Joshua!

While Lucy and Ian discuss the disappointment of learning that Ian can NOT be cured by the healing spring, Lucy offers Ian some of Caleb's Magic Water in the Blue Bottle, but Ian refuses to drink the water. As Lucy reassures Ian that they WILL find a cure, they are interrupted by the doorbell. When Lucy answers, she discovers a package, which she tries to hide from Ian. But Ian insists on seeing what Lucy is hiding. Lucy discovers that the package is from Kevin, and the note that Kevin enclosed reads: "Sorry the cure didn't work. Thought your boyfriend might need a little snack. Your Loving Husband." Inside the package is an emergency packet of blood from the Hospital! Lucy is angry that Kevin knows that Ian is NOT cured and Ian argues that Kevin COULD use the information to hurt Lucy. However, when Lucy insists that her friends all understand her situation, Ian protests that he feels like he is keeping Lucy prisoner. When Lucy still insists that she MUST stay with Ian, Ian admits that he could NOT survive his ordeal without Lucy. Lucy and Ian begin kissing passionately and soon hit the sheets.

When Joshua arrives at Elizabeth's room, he angrily demands to know WHY Elizabeth has failed to report on her excursion with Rafe and Ian to Caleb's apartment. Elizabeth explains about the discovery of the hot spring under Caleb's loft. Joshua shows Elizabeth a picture of the hot spring and admits he knew about the spring but did NOT know what the purpose of the spring was. After Elizabeth explains the legend that the spring brought back the dead, Joshua admits to Elizabeth that he knows that Caleb gets his water from the spring and adds something to it to mask the symptoms. When Joshua notices a bottle of the water on Elizabeth's desk, Joshua reminds Elizabeth that they had decided it was more fun to do things the old-fashioned way! Joshua appears stunned when Elizabeth announces that Joshua should start drinking the water because Elizabeth has decided she is in love with Joshua and can no longer allow him to feed off of her! But Joshua refuses to believe Elizabeth. However, when Joshua grabs Elizabeth, Elizabeth warns her partner that she WILL tell Caleb all about Joshua's plans for Caleb's downfall - unless Joshua leaves her alone! When Elizabeth orders Joshua to leave, Joshua goes. But, outside, in the hallway, Joshua observes to himself: "She is about as subtle as a truck!"

Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, as Rafe and Alison discuss Elizabeth's cure, Rafe promises Alison that they WILL make a family that Alison can be proud of - including finding Alison's missing sister. But Alison announces that she no longer wants to continue searching for her sister. As Rafe and Alison puzzle over the possible reasons WHY Elizabeth was cured by a plunge into the healing pool but Ian was NOT cured, Rafe gets a sudden hunch and rushes off to speak to Ian. As soon as Rafe leaves, Alison calls her private detective and orders him to discontinue the search for her sister!

At Lucy's Place, Lucy and Ian are interrupted in the sack by the persistent doorbell. When they answer, they discover Rafe, who announces that the reason why Ian was NOT cured by the healing pool is because Elizabeth HAS fed - but Ian has NOT fed!

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

At the Recovery Room, Alison spots Jack working on his campaign to stay permanently plastered and argues with Jack about the way he appears to be determined to destroy his entire life, including Jack's unfortunate choice to hang out with Bat-Girl, Reese! When Jack announces that he has no intention of listening to Alison, Reese arrives and also orders Alison to quit trying to run Jack's life for him. When Chris arrives, Jack leaves Reese and Alison arguing and offers to buy a drink for his brother. When Chris realizes that Jack is in a bad way and asks the cause of his brother's gloomy mood, Jack admits that Jack has already split up with true love, Tess. Jack went on to explain to Chris how Caleb created Tess by pulling all of the goodness that was in Livvie out and that Tess WAS that good part that Caleb separated from Livvie. And, like Livvie, Jack explains, Tess was ALSO drawn to Caleb and Tess and Caleb are now together. When Chris reminds Jack that Tess really COULD heal, Jack replies: "Don't even try to figure it out, all right? It is NOT worth it!" Jack went on to tell Chris that Jack used to believe that Chris was a jerk because Chris only thought of himself. But Jack declares that he now agrees with Chris' philosophy of life ~ that all anyone CAN do is take care of yourself! While Jack is talking to Chris, Alison continues arguing with Reese and again warns the Bat-Girl to stay away from Jack. When Reese guesses that Alison is afraid that Reese will bite Jack, Reese lies that Reese has ALREADY bitten Jack ~ because that is what JACK wanted! When Alison hotly informs Reese that Alison KNOWS that Reese is lying, Reese admits that she has not bitten Jack ~ yet! But Alison begins to describe for Reese how disgusted and tortured Jack was when he was bitten before and begs Reese to leave Jack alone. When Reese argues that Rafe has been feeding Alison a pack of lies about life on the dark side, Alison blasts Reese for acting as if feeding off of other people was some kind of hobby and Alison ends by calling Reese a nasty little monster! Later, Alison overhears Jack tell Chris that Jack feels like he ended up a sap when he tried to play the hero and Alison interrupts to tell Jack that she never believed he was a sap but, instead, Alison considers Jack to be her best friend! Chris admits to being shocked that Livvie is Tess and Tess is Livvie and that Caleb is alive and Chris announces that he believes he should move to Guam! Jack urges Chris not to move too far and Chris leaves, after admonishing Jack to "Keep your good news to yourself the next time!" After Chris leaves, Jack informs Alison that he does NOT want to resume their argument but Alison told Jack that she loves Jack, that he is her best friend and she just wants him to be safe. Jack reassures Alison that he can handle Reese and gives Alison a hug. But Reese casts jealous eyes at Alison and Jack hugging and leaps to the conclusion that Alison is telling Jack what a monster Reese is. Reese vows that soon, Reese will teach Alison what it like to be 'one of us!'

While looking for something at the Villa, Tess comes across Caleb's ring. When Caleb realizes that Tess has the ring, Tess admits that she believes Caleb should throw the ring away because it has dark powers. Caleb told Tess that he will put it away and Tess will never have to see the ring again. However, when Tess persists in her belief that Caleb MUST throw the ring away, Caleb explains that the ring is part of his heritage and that he can NOT just erase his past. But Tess argues that she believed that Caleb DID want to erase his past! Tess asks if Caleb is mad at her because she was frightened by Caleb's fangs and Caleb reassures her that he was never angry. However, Tess told Caleb that he does NOT need to be afraid that he will NOT be able to change and that he does NOT need his fangs to make love and he does NOT need that ring! But Caleb replies that she can't just throw the ring away. After Tess leaves, Caleb puts the ring on his finger and soon drifts off to sleep. As he sleeps, Caleb dreams that he sees Livvie, warning Caleb NOT to let Tess change him! Livvie reminds Caleb that Livvie loves Caleb the way he is and that Caleb will NOT need to change in order to 'earn' Livvie's love! Caleb argues that Tess saved him. When Livvie invites Caleb to bite her and Caleb begins to oblige, Livvie is shocked when she realizes that Caleb's fangs are gone! When Caleb starts awake, he is surprised to find Tess beside him. Making the excuse that he suddenly got an inspiration for a new song, Caleb rushes off to the Studio to work on the song.

At Lucy's Place, Ian admits to Lucy and Rafe that he is repulsed by the idea that he will need to feed in order to be healed by a dip in the healing pool. When Lucy argues that she is trying to save Ian's life, Ian insists that he is determined NOT to become just like Caleb! Lucy proclaims her love for Ian and reassures Ian that they WILL find a way out of Ian's situation. Rafe suggests that there may be yet another way for Ian to be healed. Lucy announces that she is going for a walk to clear her head and see if she can come up with a new plan to rescue Ian. After Lucy leaves, Rafe told Ian that he admires Ian's determination to resist going over to the dark side and promises that they WILL find a way out for Ian. But Ian points out that, since the healing pool heals those who HAVE fed ~ even Caleb COULD be healed! Ian asks Rafe to get rid of Ian permanently if all the other vampires end up being cured ~ except Ian! Rafe argues that loving Lucy will help Ian save himself, but Ian argues that, eventually, Ian WILL feed and they can NOT allow the whole destructive cycle of Caleb's victims to begin all over again! Rafe promises that, if worst comes to worst, Rafe WILL do whatever is necessary to protect the world from a new invasion of Caleb's victims! At the same time, Lucy ends up at the Blood Bank at the Hospital and begins stealing bags of blood, stuffing them into her purse. However, as Lucy rushes to leave the Hospital, she runs into Kevin, who asks: "Picking up some take-out for your boyfriend?"


Due to extended coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode was not shown. There will be no lost episodes -- today's installment will be shown. However, it is currently not known how each of the networks will handle coverage of the military action. Stay tuned to Soap Opera Central for complete updates on when your favorite soaps will be shown.


Due to continuing news coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode did not air. According to a network spokesperson, no episodes will be lost; as soon as war coverage concludes, the schedule will pick up exactly where it left off.

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