All My Children Recaps: The week of March 24, 2003 on AMC

Tad told Ruth and Joe why Jake had decided to leave Pine Valley. Liza didn't think that her marriage to Adam would work out. Reggie watched with alarm as Luis accosted Joni and Maddie in the park.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 24, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, March 24, 2003

Liza explained to Adam that she loved him but didn't know how to make their marriage work. Tad filled in a disappointed Ruth and Joe on why Jake had left Pine Valley so abruptly and without a word of farewell to his family. Later, Mia dropped by and asked the Martins if they'd heard from her former fiancÚ.

Boyd told a startled Kendall how her mother's engagement to Chris had reached a stormy end. After a plumbing disaster at the loft soaked them both to the skin, Greenlee was left tongue-tied by her first sight of Carlos without his shirt. Tired of Joni's superior attitude, Reggie confronted her, but Jackson intervened.

Liza warned Adam not to fight her for Colby then was pleasantly surprised when he assured her he had no intention of pursuing sole custody. After Kendall stalked out, Simone advised Boyd to stop chasing an unavailable woman and to cast his eye her way instead. Greenlee shared with Carlos one of her special memories of Leo. Kendall reassured Michael that Boyd was no competition for him at all. Carlos finally admitted to Greenlee that he was the one who had sent all the romantic emails.

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Anna grew weary of David's obsessively overprotective behavior toward their infant daughter. Aidan took Jackson a tape recording he'd made of Chris's meeting with Flanders. As Erica began canceling her wedding arrangements, Chris arrived and demanded an explanation for her decision.

After spending the night with Michael, Kendall awakened, gasping, from a nightmare about her lover getting it on with her mother. Edmund and Mia had an awkward encounter with Maria and Maddie in the stables at Wildwind. Aidan suggested to a bristling Jackson that his hunger to take Chris down was based on personal feelings rather than professional zeal.

Upset about her father's friendship with Mia, Maddie appealed to Edmund to return Maria to the family fold instead. Chris and a tearful Erica kissed and made up. Later, Jackson walked into Erica's office just in time to see her accepting Chris's engagement ring once again.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Kendall was all aglow after an afternoon session of lovemaking with Michael. Later, Michael headed to Erica's office to deliver a curt message for Chris. An emotional Anna confided to Jackson how stressful new parenthood had been in recent days. As Maria crammed for her first exam, Aidan dropped by to offer some much-needed moral support.

Henry and Maggie's friendship continued to flourish and took a turn for the romantic when the lab partners shared a lingering kiss. Carlos suggested to Greenlee that she secretly wished he was not the author of the emails because he was only a lowly handyman. Finally pulling back from Maggie's lips, Henry reminded her they should concentrate solely on their textbooks until after the chemistry test. A fuming Erica confronted Chris, who insisted he had not been harassing Michael Cambias.

Mia, Simone, and Kendall were intrigued to walk in on a cozy moment between Carlos and Greenlee. Alarmed to see Henry freeze as their exam began, Maggie surreptitiously offered him a look at her own answers. Jackson consulted with Janelle about the best prognosis for little Leora. Certain Michael had been playing mind games, Erica icily advised him to leave Pine Valley.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Liza informed her sister that she and Adam were getting a divorce. Insulted by Michael's cutting remarks, Erica slapped him across the face. Kendall pushed her business partner to apologize to Carlos, but Greenlee haughtily insisted she'd meant every word she'd said. Erica promised Michael he'd have a war on his hands if he dared to make a move against Enchantment.

Henry shakily admitted to Maggie how he often froze up during exams. Erica made a surprise appearance at Fusion to give Kendall a friendly word of warning, but her cautionary tale fell on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Lena filled Michael in on her employer's plan to use a "poison pill" strategy in a futile attempt to ward off a takeover.

Liza explained to Mia how Tad's kiss had made her realize she needed to simplify her life. Later, Adam and Liza steeled themselves for the painful task of telling Colby they were splitting up. Greenlee's mother returned to Pine Valley and quickly alienated her irritated daughter once again. Michael and Lena plotted to use Kendall as a vehicle for getting to Boyd and his formula.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Liza informed an astonished Tad that she was divorcing Adam yet again. Meanwhile, Adam was saddened to overhear Colby asking a costumed performer at a birthday party if he could fix her broken family. Chris instructed his private investigator to hand over all the materials he had gathered while tailing Erica. Jackson was flabbergasted when Erica entreated him to help her save her floundering engagement.

At Fusion, Greenlee and Kendall traded horror stories about their crappy childhoods. Laurie promised to keep Adam informed if she heard from JR. Later, Joni tried to mend fences with her best friend by begging Laurie's forgiveness. Mary again urged an irked Greenlee to give up her silly little cosmetics company and to forget about her ridiculous crush on such an unsuitable man as Carlos.

Laurie told a disappointed Jamie they couldn't be anything more than friends because she still loved JR. Reggie watched in alarm as Luis accosted Joni and Maddie in the park. Kendall eyed Greenlee with new respect after witnessing her latest encounter with Mary.



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