All My Children Recaps: The week of March 31, 2003 on AMC

Anna grew suspicious after finding Aidan's surveillance equipment. Greenlee opened up to Carlos and shared a dance with him. Laurie continued to rebuke Jamie's advances. Erica blamed Jack for her breakup with Chris. Jack warned Erica that Chris could pose a threat to her.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 31, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, March 31, 2003

At the Pine Cone Motel, Maria fixes a special dinner for Aidan, to celebrate her high score on the Organic Chemistry placement test. However, they are interrupted when Anna stops by for a visit and to report on Leora's progress. But, when Anna spots Aidan's surveillance equipment and asks about it, Aidan puts Anna off by admitting he has taken a surveillance job. When Aidan urges Anna to call him if she needs anything and points out that David often lives in his own little world, Anna angrily defends David as a wonderful father who is getting better and better at his job.

At the Free Clinic, a little boy named Georgie is brought in by his frantic father, because Georgie's pace maker is acting up. Janelle prevails upon David to look after Georgie and David insists that Georgie can only receive proper care at the Pine Valley Hospital. David stabilizes Georgie and reassures the boy that everything will be fine. As David chats with the boy, he learns that Georgie has had his pacemaker since he was 4. After Georgie leaves, Janelle urges David to go ahead and have a pacemaker implanted for Leora. But David insists that Janelle is wrong and Leora is NOT strong enough yet to undergo such an operation. David is thrilled when Anna stops by the clinic to pick David up and David confides to Anna about Georgie's case and promises to discuss Leora's future treatment when they get home.

When Mia arrives at Wildwind for her date with Edmund, he announces that they will need to cancel because Maddie became ill at a party and is en route home with Joni. Meanwhile, when Luis waylays Joni and Maddie in the park and tells them they are being held up, Reggie grabs Luis' hand and shows Joni that Luis has no gun and passes the 'stick-up' off as a joke. Later, Reggie explains to Luis that Joni might connect the two of them together and mention it to Jack, who is STILL looking for whomever ripped off Trey's apartment. Before he leaves, Reggie tries to convince Luis that he should visit relatives out of the country for a while. Later, when Maddie arrives home, Edmund is impressed when Mia helps reassure Maddie and helps get the little girl ready for bed. When Mia goes to the kitchen for some ginger ale for Maddie, Isabella arrives to bring back one of Sam's games. When Isabella learns that Maddie has not been feeling well, she catches Mia getting ginger ale for Maddie and insists that Edmund call Maria right away. Edmund urges Isabella not to bother Maria about something so minor as Maddie's stomach ache. Mia beats a hasty retreat and, after Mia leaves, Isabella and Edmund argue about whether or not Edmund should call Maria. When Edmund announces that he is moving on with his life, Isabella declares that she refuses to accept the status quo where her daughter's memory is concerned, and storms out. Later, Isabella interrupts Aidan and Maria's romantic dinner and informs Maria that Maddie is ill. After Isabella appeals to Maria to accept her responsibilities to her children, Maria decides to go to Wildwind. After Maria leaves, Isabella stays behind and warns Aidan that, once Maria regains her memory of the loving life she once enjoyed as Edmund's wife and Sam and Maddie's mother, Maria will be VERY hurt if Aidan contributed to any unnecessary estrangement between Maria and Maria's family. When Maria arrives at Wildwind, Maddie is thrilled to see her. As Edmund and Maria talk about Maria's plans for the future, Maria is upset when she learns that Edmund had a date with Mia. Later, Maddie begs Maria to spend the night at Wildwind.

As Jack and Erica kiss in Jack's office, Chris bursts in on them and accuses Erica of having an affair with Jack. Although Erica denies Chris' charge, Jack tells Erica that Chris deserves the truth at last. Chris asks Jack to leave so that Chris and Erica can talk alone. After Jack leaves, Erica swears to Chris that it was a one-time indiscretion and it is Chris whom Erica truly loves. But Chris declares that he refuses to believe Erica any longer. As he turns to leave, Chris warns Erica that, because she uses sex to get whatever she wants, Erica will NEVER meet anyone who will be able to love her for herself alone. When Jack returns, Erica blasts Jack for ruining her chances of a happy life with Chris. But Jack angrily retorts that he will NOT let Erica blame Jack for her recent blow-up with Chris.

Tuesday, April 1, 2003


Chris was packing his things at Erica's penthouse and picked up a picture of him and Erica and threw it against the door, shattering the glass in the frame. Just then, Bianca came in and wondered what was going on. Chris explained she should ask her mother...or her Uncle Jack. Bianca agreed that Jack and her mother are close, but it's not like Chris.


Erica continued to blame Jack for ruining her life and her last chance at happiness. He was confused and reminded her she'd just told him she loves him. She reminded him she'd also said she wanted to marry Chris. Jack asked her to back up and told her he didn't remember asking her for a roll in the hay the night Lily was sick and he went to her house. Erica blew up and said he knew how vulnerable she was. Jack sputtered at that and asked if that's why she wanted to talk to Chris alone, so that she could put her Erica-centric spin on it and tell him that Jack had forced himself on her that night. Erica continued to blast Jack for putting her in an untenable position and insisted that Jack had taken advantage of her. Jack couldn't believe his ears. Erica told him he'd taken away everything that matters to her. Jack emphatically reminded her that couldn't be true, because she was still there, and Erica Kane is the only thing that matters to Erica Kane. Erica said she knew that the one person she does not matter to is Jack. Jackson was frustrated that Erica could twist his words like that and Erica continued to berate him for taking away her happiness. She told him he did what he always does when she's ready to start a new life with another man, he blew it to pieces. He was incredulous and reminded her that she's the one who blows things to pieces. No, she said, he's the one who is determined to destroy her happiness and he'd done with Dimitri, Travis, and Mike. Jackson had to agree, that what he does is get the club, whack her on the head, drag her to his cave and make violent love to her. She said that sums it up. Jackson then told Erica he does not need to go to those lengths because she is mere putty in his hands and a woman who can't say no. Erica agreed that she can't, not when he plays on her sympathies. Jack got mad then that she would accuse him of using Lily's illness to get her into bed. He reminded her that she told him she only sleeps with men she loves and that she told him she loves him. She said she had no choice, after what he had said. Jack didn't believe she only said it out of pity and he took her by the arm and insisted she look him in the eye and tell him she does not love him. Erica couldn't answer him and said the only thing she knows is that Chris just walked out on her. Jack said she couldn't blame him for chasing Chris out, or Mike, or Dimitri. "You left out Travis", Erica said. Jack refused to be blamed for her bad choices and told her she has driven away every man who ever loved her. Why hadn't he left, like all the others, Erica wondered. Jack said he's not like them, he knows she doesn't want him to leave, that she's only testing him, she is looking for the one man who can take everything he can dish out and still stay. He reminded her that he has always been there, has never walked on out or hardened his heart against her. But it doesn't make me happy, Erica cried. Your father did this, Jack said, and we can prove him wrong. He's the one who made you think you are not worthy of love, would never find a love that lasts, and that every man will walk out on you. Erica begged him to stop and leave her father out of this. Jack said they couldn't leave him out of it and asked if she wasn't sick of feeling the way she does. She could stop, love him and let him love her, and prove that bastard wrong, he said. Erica only muttered "I can't" and walked out of Jack's office. He stewed and paced and remembered scenes of his past with Erica. He slammed his fist into his desk and rushed out of his office, only to come face-to-face with Chris in the doorway.

Meanwhile, Erica was lonely at home. Bianca confronted her mother and didn't let Erica lie to her. Bianca knew that Erica had slept with Jack and coldly suggested she grow up.


Isabella lectured Aidan about the past and how Maureen/Maria belongs with Edmund and their children and how Aidan should not interfere with the unbreakable bond between Maria and her children. Aidan told Isabella he only wanted to help Maria. Isabella wasn't buying it and accused Aidan of helping Maria avoid her children. He explained she was taking classes, with the dream of becoming a doctor. Isabella was adamant that one day her prayers would be answered and Maria will be back with the people who matter to her.


Edmund was touched to find Maureen singing to Maddie, the same lullaby she used to sing to Sam when he was a baby. Edmund apologized for Isabella ruining her evening, but Maureen assured him she was where she wants to be, with her sick daughter. Edmund apologized then for making Maureen feel like he was kicking her out of the house. He explained his broken date with Mia and how good Mia was with Maddie. Maddie woke up and had a bad fever. Maureen gave Maddie some ibuprofen and the parents anxiously waited for her temperature to drop. It finally did, and everyone was rejoicing as Aidan entered the room.


As Carlos listened to his voice mail from Greenlee in the office, Liza entered looking for the others. Just as Carlos explained the girls were gone, Liza's heel broke and Carlos comes to her rescue, catching her before she fell and offering to fix her shoe. Liza's leg bothered her, so Carlos rubbed it for her. Liza took the opportunity to grill him about his private life and deduced he has it bad for Greenlee, after he said Greenlee was not the one for him. Liza tried to explain Greenlee, how she suffered last year, and encouraged his interest. He admitted to sending the emails and that he thinks that Greenlee is only afraid of anyone knowing she knows someone like him. Liza continued encouraging words before she left. Meanwhile, the Fusions gals were all at the gym, working out and talking about men. Greenlee repeatedly called to check her voice mail and was disappointed there was nothing from Carlos. Kendall was upset that Michael had left town without saying goodbye and the others tried to be supportive. Kendall thought that Erica was behind Michael leaving her and the others tried to convince her that Erica has other things to worry about and Michael could not be made to do anything he didn't want to do. They also tried to talk Kendall out of chasing after Michael. Greenlee could only say that none of them should believe the Cinderella fairy tale, because no Prince Charming was going to come into any of their lives. The others reminded her that she was happy once with Leo. The others all still believed in love at first sight and won't give up. As Carlos turned out the lights and left the office, Greenlee was coming in and they met in the elevator.

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Due to the airing of a special General Hospital, All My Children did not air today. Broadcasting will resume tomorrow and the show will pick up where Tuesday's show concluded.

Thursday, April 3, 2003

Carlos tried to return Leo's shirt to Greenlee but she refused to take it back. She tried apologizing to him. He told her that he was as scared as she was but that she needed to meet him half way and she said, okay. Carlos said he wanted to show her something. He played some music and tried getting her to dance. She told him that he knew her well but she didn't know anything about him. Carlos told Greenlee that she needed to forget everything and feel the music and they started dancing.

Aidan showed up at Wildwind. He understood that she needed to be with Maddie. Edmund carried Maddie up to her bed. Maureen told Aidan she was staying the night because Maddie was sick, Aidan had her overnight bag ready for her. They kissed and the doorbell rang. Mia was at the door and Maureen invited her in. Edmund returned and told Aidan that he was welcomed to stay at Wildwind too. He asked Mia if it would be okay if they stayed at Wildwind because of Maddie and she was okay with it. However, Maureen said "Somebody has to leave and it wasn't going to be her." Mia asked her if she wanted her to leave. Maureen replied "Yes, and Edmund too." She told them to go on their date that she and Aidan would be there if Maddie needed something.

Mia took Edmund to the gym for a work out. They had on boxing gloves and Mia said that she'd like to go a few rounds with Mrs. Santos. Edmund laughed. He asked if she was sure that she wanted to go rounds with him and she said yes. He told her to pretend he was Jake, to let out frustration, so she decked him and fell down. Mia said "Oh my God! Edmund!" bent down to check on him, he grabbed her and kissed her.

Maureen told Aidan that she wished Maddie would come down and get to know him so she wouldn't be so upset. Aidan said it would take time and they kissed. Maddie saw this, got upset and ran upstairs.

Edmund and Mia returned back to Wildwind and Edmund asked Maureen where Maddie was and she told him that "Maddie was still upstairs, why?"

He said that Maddie called him and Maddie said "because mommy and Aidan were kissing and I knew you wouldn't want that." Mia and Aidan both left and Edmund told Maddie that things change but that doesn't mean they don't love her. She said she liked how it felt to have both of them with her earlier.

Bianca asked Erica when she was going to grow up. Bianca told her mom that she was falling into the same pattern of pushing people away who loved her. She also asked her when would she allow someone to love her like she deserves to be loved. Erica said she made a mistake and she was sorry. Erica tried blaming Jackson for what she was going through, that he didn't show compassion and forced her to tell Chris the truth. Bianca told Erica "why don't you face up to what everyone else knows, Uncle Jack is the only man for her." Bianca warned her that if she didn't commit to Jack this time she may lose him for good. Bianca put on her coat to leave and Erica asked why she was leaving, Bianca told her she wasn't listening to her anyway. Erica told Bianca she was being hurtful. Bianca told her mom that she was afraid that she would end up like her, lonely. Then she left.

Chris dropped by to see Jackson at his office. Jackson wasn't surprised. Chris asked "how could you sleep with my fiancée's and then pretend to be my friend." Jackson tried explaining to Chris what led to the affair. Chris told Jackson that he knew very well what he was doing that he should admit it. Jackson told him "yes, I wanted Erica. I want her in my heart and in my life." Chris punched Jackson in the stomach. Reggie stormed in and broke it up before anything else could happen and told Chris to leave. Reggie asked Jackson why he wanted to tangle with the FBI man. He also asked "Are you with his lady?" Jackson replied, "I don't know."

Erica was pacing in the penthouse when the doorbell rang. She hoped it was Chris but Jackson was at the door when she opened it. She told him that she wasn't talking to him. Jackson said "You don't have to talk to me." He took of his coat and locked the door.

Simone walked in to SOS and saw Boyd. She walked toward him and fell on her butt! Boyd helped her up and Kendall walked by saying she couldn't believe this. They all sat at table together and Kendall asked to speak to Boyd alone. Simone went to the bar and Boyd asked Kendall, "what did Michael do this time?" Kendall told him that she went to the hotel and Michael was gone. He didn't leave a phone number, a message or a forwarding address. That's when Michael said "I'm right here." Kendall walked over to him and he handed her a piece of paper with his new address which happens to be the condo across from hers. He said "he hoped they'd be more than neighbors." She told him that Erica tried warning her that he was using her. He said that Erica blamed him for her problems with Chris. Kendall said she wished that Fusion could diffuse Enchantment and Michael asked, "what does Enchantment have that Fusion doesn't?" then looked over her shoulder, she followed his gaze and said, "Boyd Larraby."

Michael suggested that Kendall go after Boyd. She said he works for Enchantment. He asked what Boyd did for Enchantment. Kendall said that he was the chemist. She told him that he keeps all of his formulas in his head so Michael said "well then those don't belong to Enchantment if it's not on paper." Feeding on Kendall's want to get back at Erica.

Friday, April 4, 2003

Chris was at the bar drinking and fantasized that that Erica walked in with Jackson. Jackson nuzzled Erica on her neck. Chris slammed down his drink on the bar and went over to the couple. He took a swing at Jackson. Suddenly Chris brought himself back to reality as he sat alone at the bar.

A package was delivered to Chris. He opened it at the bar, fingering the velvet box. He hesitated at first knowing what he thought it would contain. Erica had returned her engagement ring. Chris snapped the box closed and cursed Jackson.

Michael was talking with Kendall at BJ's. His cell phone rang and he told the caller they were making excellent progress. Michael ended his phone call and told Kendall he had some paperwork to finished at his new condo across from Kendall's. He left after giving Kendall instructions in a joking manner to steal Boyd from Enchantment. Kendall brought Boyd a drink to say she was sorry for the way she treated him. She explained she still wanted to be good friends with him. Boyd explained he felt like he was Kendall's second choice since she is involved with Michael. He tried to convince her that Michael is bad news.

Chris saw Kendall having a drink with Boyd and told her that Michael was not the one sleeping with Erica. She asked who was. Chris told her it was Jackson. Kendall wanted details but Chris refused and left. Kendall and Boyd talked about what Chris had told them. Boyd admitted to Kendall that all he cared about her was who she slept with. Kendall was surprised.

An unknown woman came into the restaurant talking on her cell phone. She was checking in and since she didn't have any more assignments she went to the bar for a drink. Meanwhile Jamie and Laurie were talking loudly at a nearby table. Jamie couldn't believe Laurie still loves JR. He accused her of needlessly waiting around for him when he isn't coming back. Jamie wanted her to say she was over him. She wanted to go back to the way things were when the three of them were friends. She reminded him that JR is his brother but Jamie said JR left so he doesn't have a brother anymore.

Laurie and Jamie continued to argue about JR. Laurie pointed out that JR left her too as well and that she misses him. When Laurie left the table, the strange woman approached Jamie and offered him a drink. She mentioned she went to PV high school and that Laurie knows her but Laurie didn't approve of the way the woman is putting herself through college. Jamie and the woman talked for a while. She flirted with him saying that he is very desirable. Jamie couldn't believe she was interested in him. She talked him into visiting the ATM and going with her to a room. They left BJ's together.

In her dorm room at PVU, Maggie downloaded her mail on her computer. She complained about all the spam mail until she noticed a particular piece of email. It was her grade in Chemistry class. She couldn't believe it: she aced the exam! She danced for joy, jumping upon her bed and bounced up and down chanting she got an A. Henry popped into her room wondering what she was so deliriously happy about. We aced the chem. test she exclaimed.

Henry was not happy he also aced the exam because he cheated by copying the answers from Maggie. He froze during the exam and Maggie helped him with the answers. He was feeling very guilty and wondered what kind of doctor he would make if he is already freezing up on exams. She told him he was putting too much pressure on himself. His cell phone rang. It was Regina. She told his mother the exam grades were posted and he better call his mom. Maggie assured Henry everything was going to be ok and Henry was pleased that someone cared about him. Maggie opened his guitar case that he brought with him and asked him to play for her. He played a classical piece for her. Maggie felt it was very beautiful. They kissed and moved to the bed. They kissed and then stopped. Henry admitted he had never had sex before. Maggie said it would be the first time for her as well. They talked for a while until Henry's cell phone rang. It was his mother. She wanted to know what grade he got on the chem. exam. Henry put her off and told her he would talk to her later. Henry decided he needed to go and left Maggie's room.

Jackson visited Erica at her penthouse. He told her in no certain terms that he would be spending the night. Erica was outraged and strongly disagreed that Jackson would sleep over in her penthouse. She demanded why he was planning to stay. Jackson told her it was for her protection against Chris. Erica empathically denied that Chris would harm her. After all he loves her, she rationalized. Jackson tried to explain how dangerous Chris could be but Erica would not accept his rationale. Erica continued to argue with Jackson that Jack was totally wrong about Chris' intentions. She demanded to know the real reason why he wanted to spend the night. She believed he wanted her and would say anything to get what he wanted. He denied it. He confessed he has been in love with her for a long time. "Everyone who loves me, I treat them badly," Erica replied. "Why do I push them away?" Jackson asked her want she wanted. Happiness Erica replied. She asked Jack to get her a glass of water and when he went to get it, she left the penthouse.

Erica went to the cemetery to visit her mother's grave. She confessed to Mona she did it again. She drove away the person who loved her and her chance to be happy. She's afraid she will be alone for the rest of her life. She talked about what she had done to drive Chris away. Jackson suddenly appeared at the cemetery. He told Erica let's go home. Chris watched nearby hidden behind the bushes.



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