Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 31, 2003 on PC

After the pool cured Caz, Reese, and Caleb, Joshua blew the hot spring up with Caleb, Rafe, and Lucy inside. Joshua convinced Livvie that Caleb was dead and that Joshua could protect her. Casey had visions of Lucy's death. A mortal Caleb escaped from the hospital.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of March 31, 2003 on PC
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Monday, March 31, 2003

At the Light House, Kevin struggles against his bonds and vows to pay Ian and Lucy back for their treachery. When Karen arrives unexpectedly, Kevin convinces Karen that he was attacked by a couple of intruders and Karen quickly releases Kevin. However, when Karen suggests that they call the Port Charles Police Department to report the home invasion, Kevin insists to Karen that they MUST leave the police out of it. Then Kevin rushes out the door, leaving a puzzled Karen shaking her head behind him.

At Rafe's Loft, Lucy and Alison try to persuade Ian to consider Rafe's plan for Ian to kill Joshua so that Ian could be healed in the healing spring, but Ian continues to reject Rafe's plan. Alison, Rafe and Lucy finally head toward the healing spring, while Ian heads toward Stephen's Studio, to lure Joshua to the healing pool. When Rafe and Lucy arrive in the underground cavern that houses the spring, they discuss their plan to lure Caleb's followers to the spring and throw them into the water, hoping for an instant cure. Meanwhile, Jack meets Reese in the alley behind Stephen's Studio and Jack immediately notices that Reese has been feeding. As Jack demands that Reese tell him WHO she has been feeding on, Alison suddenly arrives and informs Jack that Jack's latest girlfriend tried to take a bite out of Alison! As Alison and Reese begin to argue, Alison suddenly slaps Reese and runs away. Reese follows Alison and Jack decides to follow both of them to stop their fight. At the same time, Casey meets Caz outside the Recovery Room and promises to take him to a party. Although Caz views Casey's invitation with suspicion, he finally agrees to follow Casey to the 'party.' Down in the cavern, Jamal alerts Lucy and Rafe their their honored guests are beginning to arrive. When Caz and Casey arrive, Rafe snaps some vampire-proof handcuffs on Caz. As they make ready to throw the protesting Caz into the pool, Alison arrives, with Reese following close behind her. However, when Rafe grabs Reese, she slips out of his grasp and runs to Jack for protection. When Jamal explains that the pool will cure Caz and Reese of their eternal curse, Reese refuses to go in and Jack protests that Reese should NOT have to take a dunk in the healing pool if she doesn't want to go! Caz finally decides to take the plunge voluntarily, while Alison plays Caleb's music and Rafe and Lucy plug their ears to avoid listening to the music. When Caz plunges into the pool, the cavern is bathed in an eerie red glow. Lucy begins to worry because Ian and Joshua have not arrived yet. But Reese takes advantage of the distraction created by Caz's plunge to make a break for it. Reese grabs Alison once again and tries to bite Alison, but the Bat-Girl discovers again that she can NOT bite Alison! Rafe suddenly grabs the startled Reese and tosses Reese into the pool. The cavern again turns red as Reese bobs back to the surface.

Meanwhile, Ian breaks into Stephen's Studio, and, as he looks for clues about Joshua's plans, Ian finds architectural drawings for Caleb's building, including the hidden pool! But, before Ian can discover what Joshua is planning to do, Ian hears Joshua returning and hides. From his hiding place, Ian overhears Joshua ordering someone to make sure there are NO survivors at the pool! However, when Joshua leaves and Ian follows Joshua, Kevin suddenly steps out of the shadows and injects Ian with an instant-working tranquilizer. Kevin then takes Ian back to the Light House, where Kevin gleefully begins to seal Ian up inside a wall in Kevin's artist's studio. In the meantime, Joshua returns to Stephen's Studio with a suitcase that contains a device for listening in on the conversations inside the cavern ~ and a detonator for a bomb!

At Caleb's Villa, Caleb promises Livvie that, now that they are together and are complete ~ they will be unstoppable and untouchable. As Caleb and Livvie plan their future, Caleb is suddenly startled by something he senses. Caleb announces to Livvie that he knows that something has happened and he needs to go. Livvie begs Caleb NOT to leave her, but Caleb pulls away.

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

In Kevin's Lighthouse Artist's Studio, Ian regains consciousness and realizes that Kevin is bricking Ian into a wall. Kevin explains that he gave Ian a mega-dose of a sedative with an agent that would cause paralysis from the neck down! Ian tries to convince Kevin that Kevin needs to let Ian go so that Ian can save Lucy. But Kevin insists that it is KEVIN who is rescuing Lucy ~ from a life-time shackled to a monster like Ian! As Ian tries to reason with Kevin, Kevin announces that he has only one detail left before his finishes his project ~ and Kevin brought out a sharpened, wooden stake. As Kevin sharpens the stake, he informs Ian about what Kevin plans to do with the stake. As Kevin gloats that he will soon be rid of Ian for all time, Ian suddenly stands up, and, with fangs bared and red eyes flashing, Ian knocks down Kevin's brick wall and attacks Kevin! Kevin is shocked when Ian attacks him. But, as Kevin fears the worst, Ian suddenly shoves Kevin aside and rushes past Kevin and out the door.

In the cavern, when Jack and Jamal pull Reese and Caz out of the water, Jack believes they are both dead. But Rafe, Alison, Lucy and Casey assure Jack that Reese and Caz will soon recover and be OK. In the meantime, Lucy admits to Rafe that she is still worried because Joshua and Ian have not yet arrived. When Reese and Caz regain consciousness, Caz appears to be happy that the curse has been lifted from his life, but Reese is devastated that she has now lost her powers! Caz hugs Lucy, then leaves with Casey and Jamal. However, Reese tries to start another fight with Alison. When Reese suddenly slaps Alison, Rafe and Jack break the two women up. Jack finally convinces Reese to leave with him and Rafe implores Alison to go with Jack and Reese. Alison leaves reluctantly, after Lucy promises that Lucy will watch out for her cousin Rafe!

At Caleb's Villa, Caleb told Livvie that he MUST confront Rafe and Lucy, but Livvie begs Caleb to ignore the threat from Rafe and Lucy and stay at the Villa with Livvie. However, Caleb sadly informs Livvie that he has no other choice. When Livvie announces that she will go with Caleb, Caleb informs Livvie that she can NOT accompany him for the showdown! Caleb takes his family heirloom ring from his finger and gives it to Livvie. Caleb instructs Livvie to wear the ring close to her heart until he returns. Caleb reminds Livvie of the many times that Lucy has tried to destroy Caleb in the past and that each attempt failed! Caleb told Livvie that the ring will protect her, then he vanishes.

After Alison leaves the cavern, Lucy again expresses her worry about Ian to Rafe and Rafe urges Lucy to go look for Ian. However, as Lucy prepares to leave the cavern, Caleb suddenly appears! Caleb blasts Lucy and Rafe for holding a private pool party in HIS cavern. But Lucy and Rafe argue that it is selfish of Caleb to keep the discovery of the healing pool to himself! Rafe instructs Lucy to remember to turn the music on when Rafe gets Caleb where he wants him. But, when Rafe attacks Caleb, Caleb easily begins to knock Rafe around instead. When Lucy rushes forward to help Rafe, Caleb grabs Lucy. As Lucy struggles to escape Caleb's death grip, Rafe instructs Lucy to turn the music on. Then Rafe suddenly rushes Caleb, and both Caleb and Lucy fall into the pool!

When Jamal and Casey return with Caz to the alley behind the studio, Casey urges Caz and Jamal to join hands with her and say a prayer for the combatants below. At the same time, Reese, Jack and Alison also arrive in the alley and Reese blames Jack for her loss of powers ~ because hanging out with Jack made her 'too nice!' When Alison blasts Reese for NOT being grateful that the Bat-Girl has escaped unscathed from a deadly eternal curse, Reese argues that she LIKED what she was! Reassuring Reese that he likes her with or without fangs, Jack finally convinces Reese to go home with him! Alison warns Jack that he is just setting himself up for a repeat of the Livvie situation, but Jack refuses to listen to Alison and leaves with Reese.

From the safety of the Music Studio, Joshua listens in on the events in the cavern, biding his time until he hears Caleb baiting Rafe and Lucy. Meanwhile, at the Villa, Livvie begs Caleb to come back to her. At the same time, the cavern turns red and Rafe pulls Lucy from the pool. Caleb soon emerges from the pool, cursing Rafe for his interference. Lucy gleefully welcomes Caleb to the world of mortality and Rafe warns Caleb that there can be NO more killing! At the same time, at the Villa, Livvie breaks down in hysterical sobs as she senses that something has happened to Caleb. And, from his listening post in the Music Studio, Joshua gloats that, IF Caleb is now mortal, Caleb CAN be terminated ~ and Joshua will become the new King of the Undead! Joshua gleefully detonates the bomb hidden in the cavern!

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

In the alley outside the Music Studio, Caz, Casey, Reese, Alison, Jack and Jamal are knocked to the ground by the impact of the explosion in the cavern. Alison tries to run back into the cavern, but Jack and Jamal prevent her from going. Ian arrives and, learning that Lucy was in the cavern when the bomb went off, Ian rushes into the debris. Ian breaks through the scattered debris and discovers the fallen forms of Rafe, Lucy and Caleb. Back in the alley, Jamal promises Alison that he will go find Rafe, but Alison needs to stay with Casey and Jack. Casey tries to persuade Jamal to stay out of the cavern, but Jack offers to go inside with Jamal. Reese gloats that Caleb is still alive ~ suggesting that Caleb blew up the spring to rid himself forever of Rafe and Lucy! After Jack and Jamal leave, Reese and Alison argue again. While Caz tries to keep the two women separated, Casey slips away, and enters the cavern, unnoticed. Inside the cavern, Rafe begins to regain consciousness and Ian reports that Lucy is breathing. When Rafe checks Caleb, he announces that Caleb is still alive but has been rendered mortal by his dip in the healing spring. When Rafe asks for help to remove a beam pinning Caleb, Ian refuses. When Jack and Jamal arrive, followed by Casey, Ian gets Jamal and Casey's help to rig a rescue litter to use to carry Lucy to safety. Rafe tries to get Jack's help to move the beam that is pinning Caleb, but Jack refuses. As Casey tends to Lucy, the angel suddenly has a vision of Lucy in a coffin. Jack implores Rafe to just let Caleb die, but Rafe informs Jack that they might need Caleb and will need to save his life. Rafe urges Jack to do the right thing and Jack finally agrees to help Rafe move the beam away from Caleb. After Caleb is free, Jamal asks Rafe to help them move Lucy to safety. As Casey, Rafe, Ian and Jamal move Lucy out of the cavern, Jack waves them ahead and volunteers to stay behind with Caleb.

Meanwhile, back in the alleyway, as Caz tries to keep Reese and Alison from fighting with each other, the police arrive. While the police question Reese and Caz, Alison slips away and heads toward the cavern. Inside the cavern, as the others carry Lucy to safety, Jack takes advantage of being alone with Caleb. Jack pulls out his knife and prepares to slit Caleb's throat. But, as Jack holds the knife to Caleb's throat, Caleb's eyes suddenly open and Caleb sarcastically dares Jack to do his worst! But Alison suddenly arrives, looking for Rafe, and, when Alison realizes that Jack is about to do away with Caleb, Alison urges Jack to let Caleb go. But Jack argues that they ALL need to rid themselves forever of their evil enemy, so that Caleb can NOT continue resuming his powers to torment them and continue destroying their lives! As Alison argues with Jack, Rafe suddenly returns and pulls Jack away from Caleb. In the struggle, Jack knocks Alison down. When Jack tries to apologize, Rafe orders Jack to leave and Jack heads back to the surface. Rafe orders Alison to leave as well and Rafe assures Alison that he WILL be able to get Caleb out of the cavern alone. After Alison leaves, Caleb told Rafe that Caleb needs to get to Olivia. Rafe guesses that Caleb's slip of the tongue means that Tess is gone and that Caleb has turned Livvie into his Queen of the Undead!

In the alleyway above the cavern, Ian reassures Lucy that she will be fine and Lucy opens her eyes. When Casey is obviously surprised that Lucy is going to make it, Jamal notices the angel's surprise and asks if Casey knows something, but Casey puts Jamal off with an excuse. When Jack arrives in the alley, Reese demands to know what is going on with Caleb and Jack reports that, unfortunately, Caleb is still alive. When Jack again invites Reese to go home with him, Reese angrily refuses. When Alison arrives in the alley, Jack again tries to apologize, but Alison told Jack that she no longer recognizes him. Alison urges Jack to start getting his life back together ~ and points out that Jack's first step in the right direction OUGHT to be getting Reese out of his life! When Lucy regains consciousness, Ian reports that Joshua was behind the explosion.

Inside the Music Studio, Joshua gloats with satisfaction and contemplates what he believes is going to be a glorious future as the one and only vampire left in the world. Meanwhile, at the Villa, Livvie senses that something has happened to Caleb and, standing on the balcony railing, Livvie spreads her arms and takes flight. Later, as Joshua argues with a banker about taking over Caleb's assets, Livvie bursts into the Music Studio and demands to know where Caleb is. Joshua guesses that she is now Livvie and that Caleb has turned her into the Queen of the Undead! Joshua told Livvie that Rafe and Lucy stripped Caleb of his powers and then killed Caleb, Caz and Reese and that Joshua was the only member of Caleb's band who escaped alive. Joshua tries to persuade Livvie that they need to avenge Caleb and Joshua promises to protect Livvie. But Livvie shows Joshua that she has Caleb's ring, declaring that the ring is the only protection she needs. However, when Joshua reaches for the ring, the ring repels Joshua's outstretched hand! Joshua informs Livvie that the ring will only protect her from other vampires ~ that Rafe and Lucy would have ways to get around the ring's protection. Livvie insists that she MUST go to the site of the explosion to search for Caleb, but Joshua begs Livvie to realize that Rafe and Lucy would be planning to kill Joshua and Livvie next. Joshua claims that, since he and Livvie are the only two of their kind left alive on earth, Livvie needs to go into hiding with Joshua. Joshua explains that he was just making plans to go into hiding when Livvie arrived. Joshua begs Livvie to let him serve Livvie as he served Caleb. Joshua reports to Livvie that he knows a place where they will be safe and will be free to plot their revenge for Caleb's death. Joshua begs Livvie to let him take care of her. Assuring Livvie that she can trust him, Joshua finally prevails upon Livvie to go into hiding with him, and they leave the Music Studio together. Meanwhile, in the cavern, Rafe guesses that Caleb turned Livvie and may be hoping that Livvie will now return the favor for Caleb and restore all of his powers. Rafe promises Caleb that Rafe plans to see to it that Caleb gets nowhere near Livvie! When Rafe holds out his hand to help Caleb get up, Caleb refuses Rafe's help. But, when Caleb tries to stand, he falls. When Rafe extends his hand again, Caleb finally takes it and Rafe helps Caleb leave the cavern.

Thursday, April 3, 2003

At the Hospital, Alison told Rafe how grateful she is that Caleb, Caz and Reese appear to have been cured after being dunked in the healing pool. Rafe reminds Alison that the campaign against Caleb's followers is NOT over yet, since Joshua is still on the loose and free to infect even more victims. Later, Rafe stops off at Caleb's room and welcomes Caleb to the mortal world, stripped of his powers. Meanwhile, at the Nurses' Station, Casey spots Lucy and has another vision of Lucy's funeral. But, when Casey talks to Lucy, Lucy assures the angel that Lucy's injuries appear to have been minor. Later, MARY brought Lucy a change of clothes for Lucy's Hospital stay. As Lucy looks through her suitcase, she finds the good-bye letter Ian wrote to her, explaining that Ian had asked Rafe to do away with Ian once Caleb's curse had been eradicated. When Ian returns with reports on Lucy's progress, Lucy angrily confronts Ian with the contents of the letter. Although Ian tries to explain, Lucy refuses to listen. When Rafe arrives, Lucy angrily lashes out at Rafe for agreeing to go along with Ian's plan. While Rafe agrees that he WANTS to find another solution for Ian, Rafe gently reminds his cousin that they may find that they have no other choice! Rafe also announces to Lucy and Ian that, apparently, Caleb brought Livvie back from inside Tess and Livvie is now one of the Undead. Rafe explains that they will need to keep Caleb and Livvie apart to prevent Livvie from biting Caleb and restoring Caleb's powers powers for evil to Caleb once again. Lucy vows that she will protect Joshua and Livvie if it means that Ian would survive as well! But Rafe reminds Lucy that her Slayer's Oath would prevent her from carrying out her threat! Later, when Casey meets Alison at the Hospital Coffee Shop, Casey asks about Lucy's health, but Alison assures the angel that Lucy appears to be just fine. However, Alison wonders if Casey has some reason for being concerned about Lucy's health.

In Joshua's Hide-Out, Joshua keeps insisting that Caleb is gone and that Caleb would WANT Joshua to take care of Livvie ~ but Livvie refuses to believe that Caleb could be dead. Joshua assures Livvie that he has hired someone to look for Caleb's remains. As Livvie continues to insist that Caleb is still alive, Joshua receives a mysterious call from someone who reports: "He's alive!" But Joshua told Livvie it was a call from one of Joshua's underlings, confirming Caleb's death. Livvie asks Joshua for a spell to bring Caleb back, but Joshua regretfully reports that Joshua does NOT have that kind of power! Joshua mixes a drink for Livvie but adds something to the drink, and Livvie soon went to sleep. Joshua covers Livvie with a silken coverlet and tries again to take Caleb's ring, but the ring again repels Joshua's touch. Joshua vows that, one day, Caleb's ring will belong to Joshua ~ and that Livvie will ALSO belong to Joshua eventually! Then Joshua leaves.

At the Hospital, as CHRIS and COLLEEN check Caleb's vitals, Caleb regains consciousness and went berserk when he discovers that he is receiving a blood transfusion. When Caleb begins ripping his tubes out, Chris calls for Security and injects Caleb with a powerful sedative. As Ian and Lucy continue to argue about Ian's pact with Rafe, Chris arrives and reports to Rafe that Caleb is NOT handling being a mere mortal at all well. When Chris suggests they post additional guards, Rafe declares that he will take care of standing guard over Caleb and leaves with Chris to check on Caleb. After Chris and Rafe leave, Lucy continues to try to talk Ian out of his pact with Rafe, but Lucy suddenly admits that she is dizzy and Ian takes Lucy back to her room.

As Livvie sleeps, she dreams of being reunited with Caleb. At the same time, in the Hospital, Caleb hears Livvie's voice calling for him and dreams that Livvie is beside him in his Hospital room. However, when Caleb begs Livvie to bite him and so restore his powers, Livvie disappears. When Livvie awakens in Joshua's Hide-Out, she remains convinced that Caleb is still alive and leaves Joshua's hide-out to search for Caleb. At the same time, Caleb awakens in the Hospital and searches for Olivia. As Caleb tries to get out of bed, everything around him becomes blurry. But Caleb sees Joshua suddenly enter the room. Caleb declares: "You again!"

Friday, April 4, 2003

In the Hospital Coffee Shop, as Casey asks Alison about Lucy's health again, Alison suddenly asks if Casey is worried about Lucy because Casey has some inside information. But Casey denies knowing anything ~ but ends up remarking that, in every war, there ARE casualties.

When Lucy and Ian return to Lucy's Place, Ian tries to get Lucy to rest but Lucy insists on talking about Ian's good-bye letter. Ian is at first reluctant, but finally gives in. Lucy continues to insist that there IS another way to rescue Ian from Caleb's curse and that Lucy WILL find a way! Ian finally agrees to fight for his life and Lucy and Ian hit the sheets.

Joshua suddenly appears in the doorway of Caleb's Hospital Room and Caleb guesses that Joshua has arrived to finish Caleb off. However, as Joshua threatens Caleb, Rafe suddenly appears in the doorway. But, as Rafe challenges Joshua, a group of 'Stephen's' gushing fans show up, eager to get the autograph of the legendary Stephen Clay. Joshua uses the distraction to grab one of the teeney-boppers and, using the startled girl as a hostage, Joshua rushes into the hallway with Rafe in hot pursuit. Caleb uses Rafe's absence to ask one of the teeney-boppers to do a favor for him. Rafe finally convinces Joshua to turn the teeney-bopper loose, but Joshua suddenly turns a corner and disappears! When Rafe returns to Caleb's room, Caleb accuses Rafe of using Caleb as bait to set a trap for Joshua. Then Caleb appeals to Rafe to release Caleb from his restraints so that Caleb COULD at least defend himself the next time Joshua shows up! But Rafe refuses to buy into Caleb's latest ploy. Rafe told Caleb that Rafe suspects Caleb intends to find Livvie to con Livvie into returning Caleb to his former, powerful, but cursed state. However, when Rafe went to arrange for more security, Caleb easily slips out of his restraints and leaves his room.

As Kevin works furiously on a painting in the Light House Artist's Studio, Kevin is surprised when Livvie suddenly appears. Kevin is thrilled to see his daughter, but Livvie puts off explaining HOW Livvie escaped from Tess and shocks Kevin by asking if Kevin has heard any news about Rafe and Lucy's battle with Caleb and Caleb's followers. Kevin guesses that Caleb turned Livvie into one of the Undead and reports to his daughter that he HAD heard that Rafe and Lucy vanquished the vampires. Clinging to her father, Livvie tearfully admits that she is terrified of the prospect of a future in her current state ~ and without Caleb! When Livvie confides her fear that Lucy will be plotting now to kill Livvie, Kevin assures Livvie that he will protect her and then told Livvie about the healing capabilities of the pool in the cavern beneath Caleb's apartment. But Livvie reports that she heard that Lucy blew up the spring to destroy Caleb. As Kevin continues to reassure Livvie, the doorbell rings.

After Alison orders a sandwich from Frank at the Recovery Room, Frank receives a call from someone demanding money. When Karen arrives, she quietly blasts Frank for becoming involved again with gambling. Frank at first insists that he only owes a couple of hundred, but finally admits that IF he does NOT get money soon, Mary will lose the Recovery Room! At the same time, Elizabeth storms into the Recovery Room and reminds Alison that Alison DID lock Elizabeth in the bathroom of Rafe's Loft, then forgot to come back for her! Alison explains to Elizabeth that Caleb, Caz and Reese were cured in the pool but Joshua blew the pool up and is still on the loose. Alison warns her mother that Elizabeth needs to return to Rafe's Loft, because Elizabeth might be in danger from Joshua. But Elizabeth scoffs at the idea that Joshua would have any further interest in Elizabeth since Joshua got what he wanted ~ Caleb has lost his powers and Joshua is in charge of the Undead! Elizabeth suddenly seems very interested when she learns that Caleb is at the Hospital, recovering from the injuries he received in the blast. Then Elizabeth suddenly agrees to return to Rafe's Loft as long as Joshua is still on the loose! Meanwhile, in another corner of the Recovery Room, Karen assures Frank that SHE would have been willing to help him raise the money to keep the Recovery Room open if Frank had only come to her ~ but Frank complains that Karen was busy working ninety hours per week at the Hospital. Then Frank admits that he would refuse to even consider taking any money from Karen!

When Alison joins Rafe at the Hospital, Rafe confides that he almost nabbed Joshua but Joshua took a hostage and escaped. Alison fills Rafe in about her encounter with Elizabeth and confides that Alison believes Elizabeth is STILL obsessed with Caleb. At the same time, Caleb lurks around a corner and listens in as Rafe and Alison talk. Alison prevails upon Rafe to return home with her and get some rest. As Caleb watches Rafe and Alison leave, Elizabeth slips up behind her unsuspecting husband and announces her presence to a startled Caleb.

Meanwhile, as the doorbell rings at the Light House, Kevin instructs Livvie to hide in the next room. When Kevin answers the door, he finds Joshua there. Joshua demands to see Livvie but Kevin protests that he only knows about Tess. However, Joshua harshly warns Kevin NOT to be a fool!

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