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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 7, 2003 on GL
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Monday, April 7, 2003

Blake showed up at the hospital after hearing about Harley's gun shot wound. Cassie tried to calm her down. Buzz, watching everybody's sadness couldn't deal with it and left the building, passing Phillip on his way out. Cassie was telling Frank he was not alone. He had plenty of friends...and Buzz. Frank didn't even have to look...he said "Buzz is gone isn't he." Was Buzz on the run again? Overhearing this, Phillip went after Buzz and found him on 5th street. They had a heart to heart conversation about sticking around when the goin' gets tough. Buzz went back to the hospital.

Blake, Frank, and Cassie waited for Harley to get out of surgery. Gus waited in a room all by himself. Looking up, he talked to his dad and asked him to tell the people up there that it was not Harley's time.

Michelle was supposed to meet Danny at Company and tried several times to get a hold of him. She got frustrated that his cell phone was turned off. Danny was walking around 5th street promising to give back all the things the Santos family took from the people who live there. He went to meet Michelle and she told him that she hated it when she couldn't get in touch with him and asked for him to stop "disappearing" and to leave his cell phone on. He held her while she discussed Harley's condition. She felt the sorrow of her own mother's death when she thought of Harley's 3 small boys who could be left without a mother.

Alexandra told Olivia that Alan was not faking his illness to get out of possible charges of setting her up. Alan is really sick and that's why she needed Phillip at Spaulding. Olivia said to make it happen and she would make sure she had Phillip. Olivia received a call from one of Holly's reporters wanting information about Alan's condition and wanted to know if it's true that Phillip was not part of Spaulding Enterprise anymore. Olivia gave the reporter a piece of her mind then went to see Holly to ask her to call off the story.

Edmund tried to talk to Cassie about Richard's memorial but Cassie bit his head off. She didn't want to see or talk to him today. Edmund begged Cassie to let him be her friend and when Cassie asked why this was so important to him, he said that Cassie and her children were the only part of Richard he had left. Cassie told him she couldn't be his family or anything else and Edmund looked so hurt at that. Cassie told him about Harley's situation.

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

In the Spaulding parlor, Alan told Alex about some vivid nightmares he'd had overnight. When he looked back at Alex( who was standing with Lloyd), he envisioned them as monsters!. Olivia met with Ross, telling him that Alex is going to present evidence to Doris Wolfe (the D.A.) which incriminates Alan, in exchange for a "favor" Olivia's supposed to do for Alex. Ross told her to be wary of any promises the Spauldings make. Later, in Doris Wolfe's office, Doris wasn't swayed when Ross and Alex told her about the duplicate cell-phone, saying it's not concrete proof tying Alan into the crime. Alexandra then brought in a young man, Leonard, who works in a technology division at Spaulding, who swore to Doris that Alan ordered him to devise the copycat cell-phone. Leonard then showed the D.A. a voice scrambler, which he said Alan ALSO ordered him to devise. Alan's voice could be heard on the apparatus. Later, Ross, Olivia, and Doris descended on the Spaulding mansion, where Alan sounded and acted sane. Before Doris was about to walk out, Alan experienced hallucinations again. Doris announced that Olivia is off the hook and that Alan will be the one to face stalking charges---but first, a court-appointed psychiatrist will have to study Alan. Alex was thunderstruck to hear this, then later, reminded Olivia about their "deal." Olivia promised that she'd persuade Phillip to return to the Spaulding fold tomorrow. . . Rick informed Gus and Phillip that the bullet was removed from Harley during surgery, but that her liver was lacerated more severely than originally thought. Nadine's spirit told Harley she'll help guide her to "the other side." The thought of relinquishing her excruciating pain and labored health sounded appealing to Harley, but she insisted on saying goodbye to her loved ones first. Looking in on Gus and Phillip, Harley thought that Gus was about to tell Phillip that they're brothers, but instead, Gus told Phillip he feels responsible for Harley's shooting. Phillip told Gus not to blame himself. Harley told Nadine's spirit that she doesn't feel like leaving her loved ones yet, that she's not ready, but at the same time that Harley's physical situation worsened and her blood pressure was dropping, Harley told "Nadine" that she felt like she was slipping away. Gus told Marina to go and get pictures of Harley's children. Father Ray and Lucia met at "Company" and talked about her absence from the convent. Lucia began to confide in Ray about her connection to Gus. Later, after they arrived at Cedars, an anguished Frank asked Father Ray to say a prayer for Harley. Marina brought Gus the photos he requested and he sat beside a motionless Harley, reminding her about her children and how she'd risen above hard times in the past. After begging Harley not to leave them all behind, Harley began to regain consciousness. Out in the corridor, friends and family were relieved to hear that Harley was on the mend. Phillip sensed a familiarity towards Lucia, but she didn't reveal her connection to him. Before leaving, Nadine's spirit looked on lovingly at Buzz and then Frank. After saying her unheard goodbyes, Nadine's spirit evaporated. Alone with Phillip, Harley asked him how the boys were doing, and Phillip assured her they're okay. Beginning to drift off to sleep, Harley asked Phillip to be there for his "brother Gus."

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Phillip is confused by Harley's statement that Gus is his brother. Later, Phillip questions Gus, but receives no answer. With Rick, he puts together clues and begins to suspect there might be some truth to what she said. When Phillip confronts Gus, Gus lies and insists that a medicated Harley was hallucinating. Phillip turns his focus on Alexandra. Facing the questions of the Internal Affairs investigator, Gus is forced to turn in his badge and gun until the investigation is resolved. Meanwhile, Harley and Frank share emotional scenes where she tells him she had visions of their mother, Nadine, in the white light. Later, Gus confesses to Harley that he's the one who shot her. Michelle and Danny spend their first night in their new house and make love in the sleeping bags. As they drift off to sleep, Michelle is startled by a loud noise and she wakes Danny to investigate. At the same time in the museum, Bill uncovers a secret tunnel. Marina talks the rest of the gang into exploring. After miles of walking, they break through to the end of the tunnel and pour out into Danny and Michelle's living room.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Phillip gave Alex the good news about Harley's condition, but just as he was about to broach the subject of Gus, Olivia entered the room. Olivia and Alex filled Phillip in about Alan's guilt in regards to the stalking business, and that the charges against Olivia have been dropped. Alex told Phillip he needs to return to the helm at Spaulding now more than ever. After Alex left, Phillip told Olivia that the whole Alan/stalker scenario sounds fishy and that Alex must be up to something in order for her to change her tune about Olivia. Olivia leveled with Phillip about the deal she made with Alex, to try to coax Phillip back to the Spaulding fold. Phillip vehemently told her he'd never consider that. He then told her about the possibility of Gus being Alan's son. Phillip took delight in imagining what it would be like for Gus to be calling the shots at Spaulding and Alan and Alex jumping through hoops for him!

After Marah, Shayne, Ben, Marina and Bill came through the secret entranceway into Danny and Michelle's new place, they were all shocked that the tunnel spanned the distance all the way from the museum on 5th St. The group wondered about the history of the tunnel. Marah refreshed Danny and Michelle about the story of the curse from the Egyptian exhibit in the 1930's. Feeling uncomfortable around Michelle and Danny, Bill quickly left. Michelle told Danny that she wouldn't ever want to lose Bill's friendship, but Danny told her that friendships sometimes suffer when intimate feelings have come into the picture. Marah pointed out to Michelle how the wooden molding in their house has the same sort of faces carved into it as the molding over at the museum. Danny told Marah, Shayne, Ben and Marina it was okay to investigate the rest of their house. Later that night, Michelle had a nightmare about the eyes lighting up in the carved face in the wooden molding, then seeing a cloaked figure. Danny held her after she woke up screaming.

Gus told Harley that the bullet which hit her came from a standard service revolver, but when he told Harley he shot her, she told him not to assume that until ballistic tests were completed. She then told Gus she loves him and that it doesn't matter if the bullet came from his gun or not. Alex's arrival angered Harley. Alex pointed out to Gus how becoming part of the Spaulding family wouldn't be in his best interests and offered him a cash settlement to leave town with Harley. Outside Cedars, Bill shot a few hoops of basketball when Eden came around. When Bill mentioned that Eden should go and be with her brother, Eden informed him that Gus isn't her brother. The two were in a glum mood, and instead of talking, Eden and Bill began kissing instead. They left to go somewhere private.

Friday, April 11, 2003

While Marah, Marina, Bill and Ben told Remmie about the tunnel experience, they heard a noise in the house. Marina got a frying pan and stood behind the door where the noise was coming from. When the door opened, Marina hit the intruder in the head with the pan and knocked him out. IT WAS FRANK! They helped Frank up and put an ice pack on his head and Frank said he came in because the front door was left open. They didn't tell Frank about the tunnel. Marina tried hard to get her dad to agree to her moving into the museum with her friends but Frank said "no way." One reason is because of where it's located and the other is because he said the museum was a dump and Ben living there was the biggest reason.

Remmie told them he did some investigating at the Library to find out more information on the museum. His story was that when the owners were packing up and cleaning up the museum that there was a mummy missing. The mummy was supposed to be a child that should have been king. The mummy was worth money but nobody has ever come forward to claim money for the find. Was the mummy stolen or did he take up residence in the museum? Then they heard a scream coming from inside the museum!

Holly was looking for Olivia and ran into Phillip. She asked Phillip to tell Olivia that she won't sit on the story any longer and explained to Phillip the deal she made with Olivia. Holly tried to get information out of Phillip about Alan's condition but Phillip wasn't talking. He was not happy with what Holly was telling him.

Olivia met with Alex and told her she can't deliver Phillip and that he needed time to come around and needed a break from the Spauldings. Alex told her there was no time to take a break and Olivia questioned her about why there was such an urgency...Alex can run the company just fine. Alex said that it had to be Phillip and that she had "chosen" Phillip. Olivia asked her who the other candidates were and when Alex avoided the question, she thought back about what Phillip had told her about Gus. When Olivia told her that she was not worried that Phillip was set for life, Alex told her that was not true. All of Phillips money is tied up in Spaulding and his trust fund is dwindling. "The Spaulding's put a silver spoon in Phillips mouth and they can yank it out." Said Alex. Later, Phillip approached Olivia about what Holly had told him and she admitted she was worried about their future.

Bill and Eden spent the show having sex at Eden's place.

At this point, the show was interrupted due to the Presidents speech. At the end of the Guiding Light, it shows clips of what happened in the show and when the President speech was over, it was at this part. It showed a man holding a knife (or something) up to Marina's throat and she was pushed against a wall. It also showed Alex talking to the D.A.

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