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Passions Recaps: The week of April 7, 2003 on PS
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Monday, April 7, 2003

TC frets over the problems in his marriage; Liz uses the opportunity to subtly turn him against his wife. Liz asks TC about the shed, and he decides to let her in on his secret! Meanwhile, Julian opens his heart to a stunned Eve, who is skeptical of his words at first. Julian vows not to let anyone hurt her and confides he would like to be friends.

In an effort to put a stop to Beth's murderous plans, Mrs. Wallace writes a note for help. At the hospital, Beth steals the drug she needs to kill Sheridan, but is unaware someone has caught her in the act. Back at the cottage, Luis insists to a frazzled Sheridan that they tell Antonio the truth immediately.

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Whitney and Chad discuss the pros and cans of leaving Harmony for L.A. Chad points out to Whitney that he will be making enough money to support them in L.A. He also says that TC may come around and accept their relationship if they were farther away. Whitney points out to Chad that he came to Harmony to find his parents and did not yet accomplish that goal.

Julian and Eve continue the heart to heart. Eve confesses that she at one time believed Chad was their son. Julian agrees that Chad has some very strong Crane traits, like never giving up and going after what he wants. Eve tells Julian that she needed to satisfy her curiousity about Chad. She gave him a D.N.A test and it did not show that Chad was related to either her or Julian. Julian and Eve discuss their missing son. Julian confesses that he hired a P.I. to track the baby down. He sadly states that the investigation turned up nothing. Eve still feels Alistair took their baby away.

Luis gets angry when Sheridan and Antonio decide to go in the bedroom and lock the door. Luis tells Theresa that he can't stand it much longer, he has to tell Antonio the truth. Theresa stops Luis by warning him that just a few short minutes ago, Sheridan talked about disappearing from Harmony. She told Theresa that if she were gone, the Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers could get on with their lives.

A new nurse goes to visit Mrs. Wallace. She followed Beth to her house after she saw Beth take the drug to kill Sheridan from the supply room at the hospital. Mrs. Wallace spills all and tells the new nurse that her daughter tried to kill her and now wants to kill Sheridan Crane. Beth accuses her mother of being a crazy old biddy. She almost has the nurse convinced until Mrs. Wallace digs the stolen drug out of her daughter's purse. The nurse sees it and demands the truth. Beth breaks down and admits she wants to kill Sheridan Crane because she despises her so damn much. The nurse rushes to the phone to report Beth's evil intentions to the police.

Liz sets Eve up. She finds out the Eve is with Julian, awaiting her car repairs. She sends a worried TC after her thinking Eve was scared and alone. Liz knows full well the TC will go off when he sees the two together. She is hoping this will be the last straw that will break Eve's marriage.

Luis talks Antonio into keeping watch over Sheridan for a little while. Antonio takes a turn by the window. Luis then plans on sneaking into Sheridan's bedroom to talk to her privately. Luis scares her then she confesses she feels so safe in Luis' arms. Luis tells his love that he would die for her and never let anyone harm her. They embrace each other. Luis warns Sheridan that he knows about Sheridan's comment about leaving town. Luis makes Sheridan promise never to leave town or him. She promises Luis and tells him she loves him too much to ever leave him.

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

TC rushes into the cafe where Eve and Julian are having their talk. He looks angry enough to kill. Liz stands beside him and smiles hoping this will be the end of her sister's marriage. TC goes after Julian. He tells Julian that he is going to kill him. As the pair is fighting, Liz smiles. Eve guesses that somehow Liz set the whole scenario up.

Whitney tells Chad that she can't go with him right now. She insists that she can't leave her family. The talent agent calls Chad and asks him if he made his decision about L.A. yet. Chad tells her that he is taking the gig. She congratulates him on a wise decision and a new promising career. The talent agent then asks if she needs to get one ticket for Chad or two. She questions him if his lovely girlfriend will be coming to L.A. with him. Chad asks Whitney one last time if she'll go with him.

The nurse who followed Beth from the hospital finds out about her plan to kill Sheridan. She grabs her cell phone to report the crime. She gets put on hold and tries to tell Beth that she is saving her life because their is a death penalty for murder in their state. Beth grabs her purse away from the nurse named Charlie. Sheridan's picture falls out of Beth's purse. Sheridan is perched between Antonio and Luis in the photo. Charlie puts her foot on the picture and asks,"Who's the blonde?" Mrs. Wallace goes off the deep end by praising how beautiful Sheridan is and how much of an ugly loser Beth is. Mrs. Wallace goes on and on about Sheridan's beauty and money. She then tells Charlie that she should have had an abortion instead of having given birth to Beth. She admits that Beth is her punishment for sleeping around with any guy who would buy her a drink. Mrs. Wallace then goes on about how god should have granted her a lovely pure daughter like Sheridan instead of a loser like Beth. Charlie looks at the old ranting woman and hangs up the phone. She tells Mrs. Wallace that she had a mother just like her. Someone who called her a loser. She tells the old woman that she does not like her mother very much and that she is just like her mother. Beth can't believe that she was granted another stay of execution. Beth listens to Charlie go on about how her mother berated her and built up her blonde sister instead. Charlie's sister looks a lot like Sheridan. Charlie tears up the picture of Sheridan and tosses it in Mrs. Wallace's face. She then turns to Beth and states, "I'm on your side."

Luis hides under Sheridan's covers as Antonio walks in the bedroom. Sheridan manages to get Antonio to leave so Luis can make a clean escape. He begs Sheridan to tell Antonio the truth about them tonight. Luis refuses to leave and let his brother crawl into bed with Sheridan. She assures Luis that they will just go to sleep. Luis says that asking him to leave her with his brother is going against everything he believes in. He climbs out the window as Sheridan watches him with tears in her eyes. Luis watches Sheridan and Antonio from the window. Luis then says , "This is a nightmare." He makes a noise outside the window. Antonio grabs a gun and goes to the window. Sheridan begs Antonio to put the gun down.

Chad tells the talent agent that he only needs one ticket.

Eve tries to break up the fight between TC and Julian. The car mechanic who fixed Eve's car stops the fight. Eve then explains about the accident.

She tells TC that she hit Julian with her car. Julian takes the blame for the accident. TC says ,"Yeah it was your fault, just like the accident that ended my tennis career."

Charile asks Beth if her mother always talked about her like that. Beth admits she never ever in her entire life have her mother say anything kind to her. Charlie calls Mrs. Wallace a bitch. She then turns to Beth and calls her the victim in all of this. Not the blonde.

Julian tries to explain away what TC saw pass between him and Julian. TC looks at Julian and says, "I'm not buying it. Tell me the truth now!"

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Charlie the nurse sides with Beth. She turns on Mrs. Wallace because she can see how the old woman abused her daughter for all these years. Charlie believes that Beth killing this blonde named Sheridan Crane will help exercise her demons. Charlie grabs Mrs. Wallace by the arm and Precious steps in and makes Charlie back off. The old woman is grateful to the ape and tells her to help herself to a treat, anything she wants. Precious mixes herself a martini. She then goes to watch the home shopping channel. Charlie then announces that maybe she could exercise her demons by helping Beth kill Sheridan. Charlie wants to be good friends with Beth and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Mrs. Wallace says to herself that she has seen that kind of friendship in women's prison. Mrs. Wallace then warns Beth that she better keep Charlie from finding out that Beth is in love with Luis. If Charlie gets jealous, she will tell the police on Beth or worse yet, kill her.

Liz baits Eve once again. She tells her sister that it is only a matter of time before TC finds out about her tawdry past with Julian. TC can't understand why Eve seems to be protecting Julian. Eve keeps telling her husband that he is spoiling for a fight because nothing happened. Julian tries to cover for Eve and protect her secrets. TC then announces that he saw proof that Julian ran him down the night of his accident all those years ago. TC warns Julian that if he ever gets his hands on the receipt that proves Julian's car needed repairs the night of his accident, he won't sue him, he'll kill him. Eve and TC patch things up and leave to get Whitney. They leave Liz to take the repaired car home. Julian gets Liz alone and accuses her of setting Eve up tonight. He then grabs Liz's arm and tells her he wants to chat. Julian asks what it would take to get Liz to stop trying to ruin Eve's life. When Julian goes on about how good Eve is Liz can see the truth. She looks at Julian and says , "Oh my God. It is true. You really love her."

Antonio thinks he is protecting Sheridan when he grabs a gun and shoots at a noise outside her bedroom window. The police rush in and asked what happened when they see a hole in the glass window pane. Antonio thinks he shot the intruder because he sees a figure lying near the bushes. The still figure lying on the ground is Luis. Sheridan is in shock hearing that someone was shot dead outside her window. She tearfully asks Theresa how could her life have gone so wrong. The officers go out and see that it is Luis lying dead in the bushes. They tell Antonio that he shot Luis. Theresa and Sheridan both cry "No!" at the same time. The officers come up to Luis and he gets up. He explains he was playing possum because he thought the perpetrator was shooting at him, not Antonio. Everyone realizes that Luis is alive. Antonio apologizes to his brother for shooting at him. He does state again that he would kill anyone who tried to take his wife away from him. Sheridan hears this and faints dead away. When she comes to, she desperately wants Luis. Theresa covers for her. Antonio announces that he will never leave his wife's side again. Luis is going out of his mind knowing that Sheridan is in the bedroom with his brother. Luis then tells Theresa that maybe Beth can help him. He goes to get Beth.

Friday, April 11, 2003

Tabitha cooks up an anti-love potion in her kitchen. Kay scoffs at Tabitha's potion saying it is a really stupid idea. Tabitha turns on Kay and reminds her that it could work on Miguel to get him to stop loving Charity. Kay is sure that once she has Miguel's baby, he will fall in love with her and out of love with Charity. Tabitha laughs at Kay's fanciful idea. Simone barges into Tabitha's kitchen and asks what the god-awful smell is, unaware that it is one of Tabitha's witchy potions brewing. Simone goes to cry on Kay's shoulder. Simone is sure that Whitney will run off with Chad and she will never see either of them again. Kay gets nasty with Simone and accuses her of bringing this on herself. Kay insists that Simone should have had sex with Chad when Kay told her to.

Chad begs Whitney to change her mind and come to L.A. with him. She hears a song that he wrote for her and goes into his arms. TC and Eve show up as the pair share a romantic moment. Eve tries her best to talk to Whitney. She is apologetic to her daughter for not being there for her. She begs Whitney's forgiveness for not being a good mother.

Reese shows up at the Bennett's to help Jessica. Jessica has a great new plan to get her cousin Charity back with the love of her life, Miguel. Jessica asks Charity to accompany her to a midnight showing of a romantic old movie. Reese sets Miguel up for the same movie hoping that the pair will spend some much needed time together. Liz turns the tables on Julian and tries to get him on her side. She insists that she will succeed with her plan to ruin Eve's life. She says that Eve will have no one and will turn back to Julian. Liz is sure that Julian will have the love of his life back. Julian stares at Liz and then tells her NO. He does not want Eve to suffer that sort of pain. He loves her enough to want to see her happy. Julian tells Liz that Eve does not deserve the pain that Liz wants to dish out. Liz urges Julian to be a true Crane and go after Eve. Liz laughs at him and says that her slut of a sister is about to have her life come crashing down around her. Julian tells Liz that he is a true Crane and he will stop Liz from ruining Eve's life. Julian writes Liz a check for an obscene amount of money to leave town and to leave Eve alone. Liz refuses Julian's money.

Tabby hides in the bushes outside the Bennett's house. She hears part of Reese's conversation with Miguel and knows that something is up. Reese gets Miguel to agree to meet him at the movies. He makes an excuse for Miguel to meet him. Simone shows up and Reese thinks she is in on the plan. Simone does not say anything but Tabitha hears what is going on. Simone tells Kay the plan that Jessica and Reese put in motion. Simone enjoys twisting the knife in Kay's side. Kay tells Simone they are going to the movies. Kay grabs a vial full of Tabitha's anti-love potion and heads to the movies. Tabby cautions Kay about the potion since it has not been tested yet. When Charity and Miguel see each other, Charity wants to leave. She tells Jessica thanks but no thanks. Charity looks at Miguel and tells him that she will never get between him and Kay. Charity agrees to stay as Friends.

Whitney is thrilled that her parents have forgiven her. She says she wants to come home with them. Chad looks less than thrilled at the news.

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