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Monday, April 7, 2003

Katie and Chris Hughes keep running into one another at the hospital. Chris next sees Emily and Carly, but he avoids a conversation with Emily about Alison. Carly is there for her OB check up, and Mike, who is having his injured hand checked, spots her. They duck into an empty room for a conversation but are unaware that Katie is also in the room.

Carly tells Mike that the hard feelings between him and Jack are becoming a real problem for her. Mike asks to feel the baby kick, and just as he places his hand on Carly's stomach, Jack walks in and the usual argument ensues.

In the Woman's Reformatory, Alison is having a wonderful dream about Aaron. He is kissing her in the dream and stroking her cheek. She suddenly wakes to find her two roommates tickling and teasing her with feathers. They taunt her for calling out Aaron's name in her sleep.

Holden and Aaron meet, and Aaron tells him that Lucy is asking Craig if Aaron can attend the wedding of Craig and Rosanna. Holden offers to ask Craig himself, but Aaron prefers to let Lucy handle it. Holden warns Aaron about Craig.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna tells Lucy that Craig will not allow Aaron to come to the wedding but if Lucy insists on asking, to pick her moment carefully. Craig walks in and Lucy makes her plea, but Craig refuses. He becomes suspicious that Lucy has been seeing Aaron on the sly. He asks Lucy about that point blank and also asks if someone has been helping her. Rosanna keeps a low profile. Lucy lies to her father about seeing Aaron, and Rosanna intervenes in her support. She and Craig argue. Rosanna tells Craig that Carly is out as the designer of Monte Carlo and Craig resists Barbara as her replacement. The "about-to-be-weds" get into a screaming match.

Katie surprises Mike in the hospital room after Carly and Jack leave for the appointment. Mike realizes she has overheard the whole conversation and also that Katie has been crying. Katie tells him that she cries five times a day for Simon, and Mike tries to comfort her.

Emily finally corners Chris in the hospital and pleads with him to go visit Alison. Chris resisits, but finally gives in and agrees to a visit. He arrives at the jail at an opportune time for Alison; she is being tormented by her roommates again. The matron gives Alison some advice: tell Chris to stay away or the cellmates from Hell will never let up on her.

At Emma's farm, Carly and Jack return from the check up. Jack is still upset that Mike is still so much in the picture. Carly asks him if he plans to "move on" if the baby turns out not to be his. When Jack hesitates, she asks him to withdraw his divorce papers. She tells him that she prays every night that the baby is his. Jack tells Carly he is really angry with her. He does not know how he will feel once he holds the new baby. Carly has a dizzy spell and Jack rushes to take her blood pressure. It is normal.

Lucy meets with Aaron and they are both disappointed that Craig will not allow Aaron to attend the wedding. Lucy suggests that Aaron show up anyway.

Alison asks Chris to tell Emily she is fine, and Chris gives her a big hug and reminds her that a lot of people lover her. When she returns to her cell, she pulls up the mattress on her bunk in order to hide some of her private items. Hidden there already is a knife!

Craig wants harmony restored in his household, but Rosanna insists that he at least look at Barbara Ryan's designs for Monte Carlo. He agrees reluctantly.

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

The lurid picture of Marshall and Jessica is in the tabloids. Jessica is summoned to the City Times office by Lucinda and Kim, who urge Jessica to call a press conference in response, but Evelyn disagrees. At Java, Ben shares his anger at this situation with Isaac. It has to stop now! Bonnie sees the picture and runs to her mother's side. Bonnie adds her opinion as to what Jessica should do and Jessica unleashes her fury and frustration. Later, Jessica tells Bonnie she knows about the letter. She doesn't fault anyone for having doubts and that she fears Ben is losing faith, as is she. She will make the decision of whether or not she will hold a press conference but if she does, she doesn't want Bonnie there because of her link to the videotape, or Ben because he'd only be coming out of obligation. She is adamant, although privately she wishes Ben would be there. Bonnie and Ben argue. Bonnie declares that if he loves Jessica, he'll be by her side at the press conference. Ben, thinking Jessica is about to self-destruct, leaves on a mission to do something about it. Alison reels over finding the knife under her bed. Nicole and Kelsey discover she's found it and dare Alison to do anything it. Regina walks in and Alison covers. Nicole tells Alison she's learning. Craig outlines his plans to Emily and Rose at Fairwinds to temporarily "evacuate" Barbara from Carly's life long enough for her to design her line. Meanwhile, Barbara interrupts Carly's day with Parker and gloats about being Monte Carlo's new designer. Rose and Emily show up just in time to hear this, but pretend not to have overheard. They realize that Carly is devastated by this encounter and decide to help Craig.

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

As Jessica readies herself for the press conference, Margo urges her to call Ben for support but Jessica hesitates, insisting it is Ben's choice to be there. Marshall skips his meds and heads to WOAK, where Jessica is starting the press conference with Ben at her side. The reporters, including Marshall's investigator, grill Ben. Marshall stumbles in and calls out to Jessica why is she doing this to him? He collapses. Jessica reflexively starts to help him, but Ben holds her back. Marshall's investigator gets this on film. In private, there is distance between Jessica and Ben, who leaves, after Ben tells her he failed her. Later, Bonnie and Isaac fight when watching the news conference on TV, and she breaks up with him. Bonnie informs Jessica that she is moving back home. Marshall's investigator shows him the tape of Jessica reaching for him and Marshall vows to use it in court. Emily and Rose tell Craig that Carly can't work with Barbara hovering, so the kidnap plan is on for now. They recruit an unwilling Henry to help them. Meanwhile Barbara alerts Paul she is Monte Carlo's new designer, as Carly has opted out. Rose acts as the lookout, as Barbara invites Paul to see her designs, and relays Barbara's departure to Emily. Henry is waiting for Barbara and as she gets into the car, he chloroforms her. Rose and Emily pile in, and they're off. In an effort to secure his alibi, Craig gloms onto Rosanna, who's brought her wedding gown home. At Katie's, her roof is leaking and Mike answers her SOS. Craig and Rosanna arrive to invite her to the wedding. Katie freezes Craig out. He is persistent, tries honesty, and she lists his crimes against her. Meanwhile, Rosanna encounters Mike, who is checking the roof, in the garden. He agrees to come to Fairwinds and construct the wedding atrium she wants. Katie relents that she will come to the wedding. Later, Mike gives Katie bad news regarding the roof and Katie barters a week full of home cooked dinners and a car wash in return for Mike's work on her leaky roof.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

At the Lakeview, Dusty and Molly are having a discussion about their relationship. Dusty has to take care of something at the front desk and leaves for a few minutes. After he is gone, Dusty's cell phone rings. Molly answers it and tells the person that she can take a message for Dusty because she is his wife. She gets a funny look on her face and hangs up. When Dusty returns, she asks him why he is accepting money from Barbara Ryan. Molly explains that while he was gone, his cell phone rang and she answered it and the person on the other end informed her that his wire transfer from Barbara Ryan had not arrived yet. Dusty questions her about answering his cell phone. She says that he was so adamant about them taking their relationship public that she didn't think it was a problem answering his cell phone. He says she is right and he makes a fast excuse about Barbara making an investment through him. He asks Molly not to mention this investment to Paul. She asks if this would be a problem for Paul. Dusty says that he and Paul have been going through some changes and he would rather Paul not know that his mother and Dusty are doing business. Dusty asks Molly if this is a problem for her. Molly says no. Dusty asks her to get him another drink and he needs to call the bank. Molly takes the hint and leaves the table. Dusty calls Barbara's cell phone and gets her voicemail. Dusty leaves a message for Barbara about the money. He informs her that he needs the money and he asks, "Where are you?" Molly comes back to the table with Dusty's drink. She starts to bug Dusty about letting her invest her money. Dusty says that the he doesn't mix business with his personal life. John Dixon comes in and interrupts them. Dusty jumps up and hugs John. He asks John to join them. John says that he can't, but before he leaves, he tells Molly about seeing Carly. He tells Molly that Carly has no energy and is pretty much lifeless. Molly says that is because she is pregnant. John says that she is unemployed and has no permanent address and she is alone. Molly says that she is not alone. She adds that she has two men looking after her and three if you count Craig. John puts his hands on his head and says, "How stupid of me! Carly has everything that a woman would want." He excuses himself and leaves Dusty and Molly to go to the bar. Dusty sits back down and says that he doesn't know this Carly girl, but it sounds like she needs a friend. Molly says, "Great, why don't you give her a call?" Molly gets up to leave and Dusty asks where she is going. Molly says that she doesn't need him to tell her what to do. Molly walks out of the lounge.

At Fairwinds, Rosanna is setting out some food and champagne for Barbara's visit to show them her designs. Rosanna goes to the kitchen to get more food. While she is gone, Craig gets a call from Rose telling him that they have Barbara and they are on their way to drop her. Craig tells Rose that he will be in touch. As he is hanging up the phone, Rosanna returns with some caviar. Craig informs her that he will not be staying to see Barbara's designs. Rosanna tells him that this is all about Monte Carlo and she thought he would want to be involved. He says that he doesn't want to have anything to do with Bar-bar. Craig leaves Rosanna waiting for Barbara.

After John leaves from his visit with Carly, Emma walks in and says that John was right about her starting her career again after the baby is born. Emma tells Carly that she has to go out. Emma asks Carly to "punch down" her bread dough. Carly says that she doesn't know how to do that. Emma says that all she has to do is make a fist and rear back and make the dough beg for mercy. She reminds Carly that the dough doesn't strike back. After Emma leaves, Carly looks at the dough and sees Barbara's face. Barbara says to her, "The favor of the month. That is all you have ever been and all you'll ever be." Carly makes a fist and starts to beat the dough.

Katie meets Craig in front of Barbara's hotel suite. Katie still has keys to the suite and Craig tells her that he needs to get inside. Katie wants to know why. Craig says that he will tell her once they are inside. After they are inside the suite, Craig tells Katie that she can leave. Katie says that she won't leave until Craig explains why he needed to get inside. Craig tells her that Barbara is out of town and she instructed him to come inside and get her designs for Monte Carlo. Katie wants to know why. Craig informs her that he is Monte Carlo. He tells his sister to start looking for the designs. Katie isn't sure, but she starts to look around for the designs.

Rose, Henry and Emily take Barbara, who is knocked out, to the edge of a wooded area. Emily informs Rose and Henry that this is the end of the road and they need to carry Barbara a half a mile into the woods to find the cabin. Henry fakes a back problem and Rose and Emily end up carrying Barbara the whole way into the woods. When they find the cabin and take Barbara in and dump her onto the bed, Henry is hurt that Rose and Emily don't asks about his back problem. Rose and Emily shoot daggers at Henry. Rose's cell phone rings and when she answers the phone, Craig asks her if they found Barbara's designs on her. Rose says that she had nothing on her. Craig hangs up on Rose. Emily and Rose get Barbara situated in the bed and Rose finds some food. Rose's cell phone rings again and when she answers it she asks, "Do you have them yet?" It is Paul on the other end and not Craig. He asks, "What am I suppose to have?" When Rose hears Paul's voice, she makes up a story about waiting to hear from her shoe repairman. She asks how is he doing. He tells her that he is waiting for his mother at Fairwinds with Rosanna and they are going to see Barbara's designs for Monte Carlo. Paul adds that he is worried because his mother was so excited about showing her designs and he thinks something has happened to her. Rose reminds him that he has told her not to jump to conclusions. She reassures him that Barbara is probably late and will be there soon. Paul says that she is probably right and they say goodbye and hang up. When Rose hangs up her phone, she says that she just lied to her fiancé. Henry adds that she was good at it, too. Emily punches him in the chest. Rose says that she is going to leave and help Craig look for the designs. Then she remembers that they only have one car. Emily gives her a phone number to call a car service and tells her to give them directions to get to the edge of the woods and she and Henry will meet them there later. Rose leaves to help Craig. As Rose leaves the cabin in the woods, Henry yells out the door that if she and Craig find money in Barbara's hotel suite, they are to share whatever they find. Henry closes the door and Emily shoots him a look. Henry says that everything needs to be covered up front. Emily finds some paper and writes a note. Henry asks what is she doing. Emily says that she is leaving instructions. She takes the food and places it closer to Barbara and lays the note on top of the food. Emily goes over to Barbara and says, "This has cost me a lot, Barbara. But if is brings you a fraction of the pain that you brought me, I'll consider it a good deal." She pats Barbara on the shoulder. Emily and Henry leave the cabin.

At Fairwinds, Paul tells Rosanna that he suspects Craig of doing something to his mother. Rosanna says that she can understand why he would suspect her fiancé since everyone in Oakdale suspects him, but what possible link could he have to Barbara being late. Paul says that Craig has made it clear that he doesn't want Barbara designing for Monte Carlo and maybe he has distracted her to make her look bad. Paul picks up his coat to leave. Rosanna says that she is concerned and if Paul should hear anything to give her a call. Paul turns to her and says that he hopes he is wrong, but not for Craig's sake, but for hers.

Later, Craig shows up at Fairwinds. He finds Rosanna in the living room and asks how it went with Barbara. Rosanna informs him that Barbara didn't show up and Paul had suspected Craig of keeping Barbara away. Craig reminds Rosanna that he had been with her all day and how could he have detained Barbara. Rosanna says that he is right. Craig gives her a kiss and leaves the living room. After Craig leaves her, Rosanna says, "Please don't be lying about this, Craig."

At the cabin, Barbara wakes up and doesn't know where she is. She goes over to the window and pulls back the curtain to find the windows are boarded up. She goes to the door and finds that she is locked in. She sees the tray of food and goes over to it. She finds the note that reads, "You have not been kidnapped. Try to relax. No harm will come to you." Barbara starts to yell, "Help! Help!!" She runs over to the door and starts to bang on it. She yells, "Let me out! Let me out!!"

Friday, April 11, 2003

by Andy

Paul and Rose begin their day at the Lakeview Lounge sipping orange juice. Paul soon excuses himself for a meeting with Hal to talk about Barbara's disappearance. Emily stops by and frets about what will happen if they're caught. Emily wavers whether she should unlock the door and let Babs walk free. Rose tries to knock some sense into Emily by telling her there is NO PROOF linking them to the crime. The only way they will go to jail is if Emily let's Barbara walk. Emily decides to cool it for now.

Rosanna is excited that Mike finished building her wedding Paragon and invites him to her wedding taking place in a couple of days. He feels uncomfortable about attending, but accepts her invitation.

Carly tries to get rid of Emma so she can get in touch with Craig. Once Emma is on her way to the pharmacy, she calls Craig on his cell phone. He answers her call just as he walks into Emma's kitchen. They both hang up and Craig tells her that since Barbara is temporarily out of the picture, Carly should be free from any distraction and she should be able to design a line of clothes. Carly is skeptical, "Maybe you and Emily kidnapped her." Craig says, "What difference does it make? She's gone. You can't kill her...she's a cockroach. She keeps coming back." He ultimately convinces her to give designing another shot, and he leaves her to work her magic.

Craig finds a secluded roaring fire where he plans to burn Barbara's designs. He reviews her work one final time before he tosses them into the flames. He is truly impressed with Barbara's talent, but smugly smiles as he watches her work go up in smoke. Flames reflect on his dark sunglasses where his eyes ought to be.

Later, Craig returns to check on Carly's progress. She is frustrated because she can't find any inspiration. Craig is full of inspiration after sneaking a peak at Barbar's sketches, and whispers those themes into Carly's ear. Carly thinks it's brilliant and gets straight to work. Before Craig leaves, Carly plants a big thank you kiss on Monty's lips for all his inspiration and support. Craig's breath is taken away, and he accepts her compliment.

Hal and Paul drop by Barbara's suite and look around for any sign of foul play. Paul snoops through his mother's checkbook and discovers several checks signed over to Dusty.

At the cabin, Barbara tries to escape through the chimney, but decides she needs to be fifty pounds lighter in order to slip through that hole. Then she envisions Craig laughing at her at that very moment because she thinks he must have a camera or a microphone set up somewhere in the room. She scours her backwoods prison for evidence, but doesn't find anything. She stops looking, and yells into the air that Craig's plan won't work. "I'm going to get out of here and sell my designs to Rosanna, then you and Carly will go straight to jail!" Later, Emily stops by with a tray of food. She shoves it through the doggie door, then steps back. Inside, Barbar is playing with a fire poker when she spies the tray. She rushes to the door, and gets down on all fours. She pushes the hatch open and yells, "Is that you Craig!? You and Carly?! Oh, Craig. You aren't going to have a design empire. I'm going to send you to jail to rot for the rest of your miserable life!" She picks up the tray, shoves it back out the chute, and spits, "You can have it! I'm not going to eat it. And you can tell Hal that the mother of his children starved to death in the middle of the woods!" After Emily thinks it's safe, she tiptoes away with a panicked look on her face.

Molly and Dusty wake up in each other's arms and Molly offers to order up some coffee. While she's out of earshot, Dusty again tries to get in touch with Babs. He leaves a message asking her again for the $25,000. Molly returns just in time to hear that Dusty needs Barbara's money. He sloughs her question off, and explains it's for an investment. Now Molly wants in on the action, but Dusty declines her offer. There's a knock at the door. Hal and Paul stop by looking for Barbara. Molly gets dressed and lets herself out. Paul asks Dusty about the checks his mother has been writing to him, and Dusty explains that Barbara is a new client. Rose stops by looking for Dusty's investment money. Hal and Paul split and go looking for the next logical suspect, Craig Montgomery. Dusty keeps Rose talking about Barbar until she has a slip of the tongue. Dusty presses her for the truth. Rose makes him promise to keep her secret and tells him Barbara is alright, "She's been detained...just a little bit." Rose brings up the check again, but he says his investor is on a plane, and he can't get in touch with him until later. Rose's cell phone rings. Emily is unraveling on the other end. Em says Barbara wouldn't eat the food and is worried they're going to be guilty of murder after she starves herself to death. Emily says she's going to drop everything in Craig's lap and wash her hands clean of the whole mess, "I'm not cut out for this!" Emily hangs up, and Rose rushes off to do damage control. After Rose leaves, Dusty mutters, "Barbara you idiot! How am I supposed to get this $25,000?!"

Later, Dusty meets Molly in the lounge and she asks him about the investment he's making for Barbara. He doesn't give her any details, and cites ethical reasons why he doesn't mix business with pleasure. Molly is intrigued, and practically begs him to let her in on the deal. Dusty relents, and says it'll cost $25,000 to get started. Molly doesn't bat an eyelash, and dashes off for her checkbook. While she's away, Dusty says, "Barbara, wherever you are, you better get back soon."

Emma returns from her day of grocery shopping and Carly quickly hides her sketchbook. Carly yawns and tells Emma she's already eaten and feels tired, so she's going to turn in for the night. Emma is suspicious, but plays along. After Carly leaves, Emma says, "What are you up to Miss Carly?"

Hal and Paul stop by Fairwinds looking for Craig. Rosanna doesn't want to believe Craig would be involved in Barbara's disappearance, but doesn't think it's out of the question either. Just then, Craig returns home and quickly denies any involvement. The doorbell rings, and Gloria answers the call. Emily rushes in and blurts out, "Montgomery...we've got trouble!" Then she sees that Hal, Paul, and Rosanna are also in the room. Hal smirks and asks his wife what kind of trouble she's in. Craig reluctantly says that Emily is secretly helping him plan his honeymoon to Italy. Hal doesn't understand. Rosanna is stunned with the news, but ultimately likes the idea. Emily says that she is very familiar with a place along the Italian coastline, but she rushed over because she's been having horrible luck booking certain dates. There is one weekend available, but she needs Craig's credit card to book the deal. The doorbell rings, and Rosanna answers the door this time. Rose rushes in and is surprised to see Paul. He asks her what she's doing there. Rose looks around for an excuse, sees Emily, and says, "Emily called me." Emily sits with the hot potato for a bit, scratches her head, then smoothly stutters, "She's the only one here who knows how to speak Italian." She needed a translator with her contact in Italy. Emily swiftly changes the subject and asks Craig for his credit card. She mutters, "This is going to cost you!" Craig smirks, gives her the card, and loudly says, "Whatever you need." Emily snatches Rose's arm and drags her away. Hal and Paul soon follow. After the crowd is gone, Rosanna turns to her fiancée, smiles, and says, "If I find out you had anything to do with Barbara's disappearance, you are going to have a very unhappy wife." She turns and walks out of the room. Craig exhales, rolls his eyes, and says, "It wouldn't be the first time."

Back at the cabin, Barbara walks around wielding the fire poker. "All the comforts of home. How very thoughtful Craig!" She swings the poker and knocks over a lamp. "You were never one to really think ahead." She swings and smashes a vase to bits. She spies the dog hatch and says, "That can't be very hard to rip out." She starts to hack away at the door while laughing menacingly.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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