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Monday, March 31, 2003

Alison goes to court to accept the District Attorney's deal of 6 months in the Women's Reformatory. Chris Hughes comes to support her, along with Susan, Hal, Emily and Tom. Susan is still nagging at her to be sure that she wants to take the offer.

Rose and Paul check out the building Rose has leased for her beauty salon. Rose explains that she got an investor at the eleventh hour and was able to close the deal. That investor is Dusty, and when Rose tells Paul that, he is shocked. He is upset that his best friend is the one backing Rose's business.

Dusty reports back to Barbara that Rose has taken the money and Barbara writes him a check to cover that amount plus a generous bonus for his expenses. It needs to look as if Dusty is still a successful businessman. Dusty is unhappy about double-crossing Paul, his best friend. What good will come, he asks Barbara, of breaking Paul's heart? He does not see Rose as the evil gold-digger that Barbara does.

Mike is in Molly's room at the Lakeview, and it is obvious that she has had someone else there. Mike blasts her for trying to intentionally hurt him and defends his own transgression by saying he never meant to hurt anyone. Molly is being purposely hurtful. Mike talks himself into thinking Molly is just setting him up and that she didn't really make love to someone else, and tells her that he wants to take things very slowly with her.

At the courthouse, Tom tells Alison and the others that the judge makes the ultimate decision in this case, and they go into the court. Susan and Alison are horrified to realize that the presiding judge is the same one before whom Alison appeared in Family Court just before she took off with Aaron and Lucy. The judge tells Alison that the prosecutor is being very generous, and Alison pleads guilty. Hal speaks on her behalf and asks for leniency. Alison says she is willing to face the consequences of her actions and would like to get her GED while she is in prison in order to be better prepared to move on with her life. The judge then sentences Alison not to six months but to one year in the Oakdale Women's Reformatory.

Rose mentions to Paul that she saw Dusty in Molly's hotel room and it looked as if the two of them are more than just good friends. Paul then realizes that Rose went looking for Dusty to conclude the real estate deal. He tells her he hates the fact that she has teamed up with his best friend.

Molly and Mike continue to argue, and Carly and her situation come up. Molly suddenly realizes how difficult it is for Mike, not knowing if he is the father of Carly's unborn baby. There is a knock on the door and it is Dusty. Mike realizes that Molly has indeed moved on, and he leaves, very unhappy.

Rose asks Lily to meet her and to give her some advice. Lily tells her she should not ignore Paul's feelings. She reminds Rose that Paul has made many sacrifices for her and she needs to be aware of this.

Alison flips out at the thought of spending a year in prison. Tom addresses the court, but the judge tells him that the decision has been made. He scolds Alison who stands and screams at the judge that the deal is off. She tries to argue with the judge who gives Tom five minutes to talk some sense into her. Susan wants to fight with a team of lawyers, but Tom gives her a strict talking to about Alison's taking responsibility for what she has done. Alison agrees to still take the plea bargain, even though her jail time is doubled.

Molly doesn't remember inviting Dusty back this afternoon, and he tells her to stop using him in her mind games with Mike. Secretly, he is afraid Mike will tell someone what he saw in Molly's room and this could interfere with Barbara's plan that he seduce Rose. He leaves Molly's room disgusted. In the hallway, he is confronted by two goons from Chicago who represent whoever it is to whom Dusty owes money. They want payment now, so Dusty hands over the expense check that Barbara has just given him. The tough guys tear it up and give Dusty a bad working over.

The bailiff takes Alison away in handcuffs and leaves Susan and Emily in tears.

Molly makes a decision and puts on a sexy black dress.

Rose leaves a message on Dusty's cell phone that she has reconsidered and will not be needing his investment money.

Paul walks into the coffee shop and sees Rose fingering the keys to her new shop.

Dusty is hurt, but regains consciousness and listens to Rose's message on his cell phone. He is most unhappy that she is now turning him down.

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

As Jessica and Ben try to for a relaxing evening out, Marshall alerts Newman their secret weapon in calling off the rape charge is Ben Harris. Marshall finds Jessica and Ben out at the Lakeview and he taunts Ben, who almost slugs him. Pleased with the result, Marshall tells Newman they'll use the threat of publishing the scandalous pictures to make Ben explode, which will cause Jessica to drop her changes. Later, as they try to salvage their evening at home, Ben dances with Jessica and she becomes upset by their close body contact. Off of Lily's advice to put Paul first, Rose tells Paul she's dropping all her business plans until after their wedding. After Dusty recovers from the beating, he finds Rose. He is sympathetic to her, and the misery she withheld from Paul about losing her dream comes pouring out to Dusty. He urges her not to give up, but she insists that she has to put plans for the beauty parlor on hold. Later, Rose has second thoughts when she sees that Mitzi has fixed up the beauty parlor space. Meanwhile, after Dusty promises Barbara he'll secure the partnership with Rose, she gives him cash and demands he continue dating Molly. Molly tries to find a new guy, but is still upset about Mike. She opens up to Isaac, who reminds her that "I'm sorry" is a good place to start. Later, after Molly apologizes to Mike for flaunting her night with another man, he asks her to stay.

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

A thunderstorm is raging through Oakdale...

Dusty meets with Barbara again to discuss their plan to break up Paul and Rose. Dusty is having second thoughts but he knows he doesn't have a choice, especially after being beat up. Barbara reminds him that he should sleep with Molly so that Rose's "competitive spirit" will come out and then she'll want him even more. Dusty says he doesn't want to be "pimped out" and who he chooses to sleep with is none of her business. She tells him it is her business. Dusty calls Paul and he comes over so they can talk. Dusty asks why Paul won't let Rose choose her own partner. He tells Paul to stop being Rose's hero and to just let her do what she wants.

Rose and Mitzi are at the beauty shop/dog groomer tying to figure out a way to finance the business. Lucinda pops in and says, "Okay, let me be your partner." Rose doesn't want to take money from Lucinda, telling her that she wants to do it on her own. Lucinda reminds her that she would have had enough money to start her business if she didn't throw her diamond into the sea.

Paul goes to the shop to see Rose. Paul tells her that she can partner with Dusty. Rose calls Dusty and tells him that she will be his partner. Dusty feels horrible when he hears Rose kisses Paul and telling him that she loves him.

Mike calls Molly out of the rain and she apologizes to him for throwing it in his face after she slept with Dusty. She says that she got dressed up and went to a bar looking for a guy but everyone she "checked out" turned into Mike. Suddenly, Mike pulls off his shirt and asks Molly to have sex. She says she "didn't come here for sex" but to try to work on their relationship. Mike says that would involve love and forgiveness and he is "all tapped out." As Molly leaves, Mike runs after her, grabs her and they passionately kiss. He says he needed to kiss her to see if he felt anything and he says that he doesn't. Molly doesn't believe him. Mike says he thought they had another chance until she rubbed it in his face after sleeping with Dusty and he's not sure who the real Molly is. Molly says he finally met "the real me" and she is so far from perfect. She explains how she use to have sex to make herself feel good. She went nuts when Mike slept with Carly. Mike says that if Carly's baby is not his, then he is going to leave town. Molly says, "I guess there's nothing to keep you here - not even me." She gets very upset and begins to cry. Mike sits next to her on the couch and holds her. He says, "We started this thing as friends let's end it the same way." Molly then falls asleep on the couch and Mike covers her with a blanket. He says, "I love you and I probably always will." A little while later, Mike walk out of his bedroom and into the living room to tell Molly that she is right and he is wrong but he soon discovers that she is gone.

Carly is resting at the farm and Jack is visiting with her. Carly decides to come clean and she tells Jack that she is working for Craig again. Jack says he figured that out when he found sketches she threw away in the hospital. Jack is okay with her working as long as her blood pressure stays stable. However, when she says she still needs to do 30 sketches in 2 weeks, Jack thinks it is a bad idea. Carly tells him about Barbara and Rosanna teaming up together, trying to throw Carly out of the company. Carly decides that she won't let them throw her out - instead she is going to quit because she doesn't want to fight them anymore. She decides that her baby is more important.

Jessica and Ben try to spend some quiet time together. They begin to dance, Ben starts to kiss her and she has flashbacks to the night of the rape. She pulls away and she wonders how Ben really feels. Ben says she could be doing more to have Marshall locked up and that she should stop protecting him. Ben says that each time she felt violated, she should have done something right then. Jessica says it is not just black and white - it is a very gray area. She says that Ben is upset because she didn't run to him and the reason she didn't is because there is absolutely nothing he could do. Ben says she doesn't need him and leaves. He returns shortly to find Jessica sitting on the floor where she begins to recount exactly what happened the night of the rape. She says to Ben, "I sent you away. Don't go away again Ben, please." Ben goes over to her and holds her. A little while later Ben receives a package from a messenger. He tells Jessica it is ex-rays and that he has to get to the hospital. When he leaves her apartment, Ben looks at the package again - it is a picture of Marshall and Jessica having sex. Ben says, "Alright Travers, alright."

Thursday, April 3, 2003

Emma is catering to Carly but she has to go do some errands. Emma tells Carly that she feels guilty for leaving her alone. Carly tells her to go and do her errands and she will be fine staying alone. Finally, Emma leaves to do her errands and as soon as she is out the door, Carly takes off her robe and she is fully clothed. She puts on her coat and goes out the door.

Rosanna is still working in her garden trying to make things look great for her wedding to Craig. Craig comes out to see her. They talk about the competition between Carly and Barbara and who is going to gloat when they win. Craig gets a call from Jack and Jack tells him to meet him at the Lakeview. Craig tells him that he is all wrapped up in nuptial negotiations. Jack says that it is about Carly and Monte Carlo. Craig agrees to meet with Jack. Rosanna asks if that was Carly calling. Craig tells her that it wasn't Carly, but it was a related distraction that he needs to take care of so she can go on creating. Craig kisses his future bride and makes a hasty getaway. After Craig is gone, Rosanna takes out her cell phone and calls Barbara to see how her designs are coming alone. Barbara gives her good news. As she is hanging up with Barbara, Carly walks into the garden. Carly tells Rosanna that she is giving up. She informs her sister that she is putting her child first. Carly asks one thing from Rosanna. She asks that Rosanna let her be involved in picking a replacement designer. Rosanna tells her that they already have a replacement and it will be Barbara. Carly reminds Rosanna that Barbara has it in for her for showing her up in New York. Rosanna doesn't care, Barbara is in. Carly gets upset and starts tearing up Rosanna's flower garden. She yells at her sister and says that if she is going to ruin her dreams then she isn't going to have her own dreams come true. Rosanna tries to stop her. Carly fights with her. As they are struggling, Rosanna rips the garden tool out of Carly's hand and cuts her. Rosanna apologizes and tries to get her sister to come inside and put a bandage on. Carly says that she would rather bleed to death. After Carly runs out, Rosanna takes out her cell phone again. She calls Barbara and tells her that Carly has given up and Barbara is in as designer of Monte Carlo.

At Jessica's house, Margo is visiting and Bonnie serves them refreshments. Jessica tells her daughter that she doesn't have to wait on her. Bonnie tells her mother how much she looks up to her. She says that if she were in the position that her mother is in that she doesn't know how she would handle it. Jessica says that she hopes that Bonnie will never be in this position. Bonnie leaves to go to work. After she is gone, Margo asks Jessica why she didn't want Bonnie to know how she was really feeling. Jessica tells Margo about the night that she thought that Marshall was in her house and she took out her gun and it turned out to be Bonnie. She goes on to say that she could have shot her daughter. Jessica tells Margo that everything has changed and she doesn't like where her world is going. Jessica goes on to tell Margo about wanting to be with Ben the night before, but she couldn't go through with it. Margo tells her that Ben is patient and he understands what she is going through. Then she tells Margo about being trapped in the elevator with Marshall. Jessica tells her friend that she doesn't know what is going to happen to her life. Margo tells Jessica that all of this is not her fault. She tells Jessica that she has to let her friends and family support her now. Jessica says that she will try. Margo says that she has to get back to work and as she leaves she tells her friend to lock up. After Margo walks out the door, Jessica locks the door and puts the chain on.

Ben goes to Marshall's hotel room and confronts him about the picture of Marshall and Jessica making love. Marshall tells him that the videotape was ruled inadmissible in court and all he has to do is get one juror to see his side. He tells Ben that if this picture gets to the public then his case will be over. He suggests to Ben that he go to Jessica and persuade Jessica to drop the charges. Before Ben loses his cool, he stomps out of Marshall's hotel room.

At the Lakeview, Jack turns Carly's sketchbook over to Craig. Jack tells Craig that until further notice, Carly is on hiatus. Craig asks if Jack stole the items from Carly. Jack says that this is coming from the designer herself. Jack tells Craig that he knows that Craig doesn't care about Carly or his baby. Craig questions Jack about his baby. He asks if they have confirmation on the paternity of the baby. Jack tells Craig that he is such a good mood that even his barbs are not going to affect him. Jack says that he doesn't care what Craig does. He can go and get hitched to Barbara's star and he doesn't care what she does to him, he just wants Craig to leave Carly alone. Jack leaves Craig standing by himself.

Back at the Snyder farm, Jack catches Carly tending to her wound. When he asks what happened, Carly lies and says that she cut her hand while cutting into an apple. Jack tells her about turning over her sketchbook to Craig. She says that she is happy that he did it but she is not happy that Barbara is going to be taking her place. Jack gets a call about an accident that he has to go and investigate. After he is gone, Carly puts her hands on her stomach and says that she is sorry that her baby won't be able to come into the world meeting a successful, talented mother. She adds that she wanted her child to be proud of her. She says that she has made such a mess of things that she doesn't deserve to have her dreams come true any more. Craig walks in the kitchen. Carly looks up and tells Craig to not make this worst for her than it already is. Craig asks, "You gave up? Why would you do that?" Carly says, "Sorry Craig, it's all gone. Every spec of talent that I had is gone."

Margo goes to Marshall's hotel room and knocks on his door. When Marshall answers the door he asks if this is a surprise inspection. Margo says that she knows that Marshall and Jessica took an elevator ride together. She adds that she knows that Marshall trapped Jessica on the elevator and that is a felony kidnapping. She asks Marshall if the bullet he took erased that detail from his data bank. Marshall asks if this is an interrogation. Margo tells him that this is a warning. She says that if he pulls a stunt like that again she will have his bail revoked. She informs him that if he sees Jessica walking down the street, he is to cross to the other side. Her last words to Marshall are, "You stay away from her." Margo walks away.

Back at Jessica house, Ben walks in and comments about the people who are still on her lawn wanting answers and taking pictures. Jessica tells Ben that she thought about cooking dinner for them tonight. Ben says that there is something that they need to talk about. Jessica asks what is wrong. Ben says, "I think it is time to consider dropping the charges Travers."

Friday, April 4, 2003

by Andy

Katie is delivering meals to patients at the hospital, when Mike comes rushing up to her with a bloody towel wrapped around his left hand. He asks her where the emergency room is because he accidentally cut a piece of his finger off and he needs attention. Katie swoons and feints into his arms. Somehow Mike catches her, and carries her to a nearby bed. She wakes up a moment later and Mike presses the nurse-call button. Chris Hughes comes into the room, and then Mike heads for the ER. Katie tries to get back to work, but too much time has passed and her shift is now over. She's discouraged about working in the medical field because she feinted at the sight of Mike's blood. Chris tells her not to give up on her new job so quickly. He invites her out to Java with his buds later, but she's skeptical of his motives. Chris tells her to stop by if she changes her mind. After Chris leaves, Katie pouts and then screams "Simon!? Why did you do this to me!?" as she hurtles a empty bedpan behind her in frustration. The bedpan almost hits a patched-up Mike in the shins. He tells her he found the finger part attached to some gray tape. Katie starts to swoon again, but gets a hold of herself. Katie explains part of her frustration about throwing the bedpan, and Mike also encourages her not to quit after the first day on the job.

Emily and Hal walk into a holding cell at Alison's prison where a prison coordinator greets them. Regina advises that according to house rules, Alison isn't supposed to have any visitors for her first month in the joint. But since Hal has been generous with favors in the past, Regina looks the other way and allows one final visit. Regina tells them that Alison was judged to be fit enough to stay in Level 1 of the prison, the level with the least supervision. Emily is relieved to hear the good news. Alison is brought to the holding area and races up to hug Emily. She begs Emily to take her back to court so they can try to cut a different deal. Hal says it's too late for that. Alison says she'll be staying with two roommates. Emily tries to give Alison encouragement to stay strong. Hal and Emily leave, and Regina takes Alison to her cell. Emily looks at her bag of belongings, then the lockers along the wall. Next she sees something on her roommates bed. She sits down and picks it up. Just then her two cellmates walk in. Both have a gruff and superior attitude. The leader, a tough redhead named Nicole, brushes Alison's hand away when she tries to introduce herself. Nicole asks, "Who are you supposed to be? Malibu Barbie?" Her sidekick snickers. Alison again tries to make friends, but Nicole calmly threatens, "I don't care who you're supposed to be. You touch my stuff again, and I'll cut you." Alison starts to reveal her backbone knowing that these two girls won't be friendly anytime soon. She retreats to her duffel bag and continues to unpack. Nicole says they know she's part of a cop family and that Malibu will probably be getting special privileges. The dinner bell rings, and as the girls leave, Alison asks if she could sit with them since they're the only two girls she knows. They both tell her she can sit with them only if they she gives them her dinner. Alison scoffs, and Nicole tells her, "You try to sit with us and I'll shove your tray down your throat...sideways." Later, after dinner, Alison is looking for her teddy bear. Nicole and her friend play keep-away with it until Alison gets into a tugging match. The teddy bear loses and its arm is torn off. Alison curls up into a fetal position on her bed, as Nicole and her friend laugh.

Marshall's lawyer drops by with a private investigator to see Travers. The PI gives an envelope to Marshall and he finds a mock-up of his side of the story including an intimate photo of Travers and Jessica from his year-old sex-tape. The lawyer wants to distribute the story to every tabloid in the mid-west, but Marshall wants to wait and see what he can reap from the seeds he recently planted.

Jessica doesn't understand why Ben is asking her to drop her rape case against Marshall. Ben was supporting her 100% just one day earlier. Ben says, "I love you and I don't want to see you publicly destroyed." Jessica is shocked, "Somebody got to you, didn't they? Who?" Ben reluctantly says it was Marshall. He then goes on to explain what was truly inside the package that was delivered to him last night. Jessica doesn't care what Marshall plans to do. "If I don't go forward, he'll violate me all over again." Ben gets angry, "You can't win this trial! You can't win it!! My own brother doesn't believe you. How are you going to convince twelve total strangers?" Jessica looks as if she's just been stabbed with the truth. "At least I'll have my self-respect." She accuses Bonnie, Isaac, and Ben of conspiring against her behind her back. Ben pushes her further, "Bury this is some corner of your mind and move on!" Jessica stands firm, "This will hurt me until I see justice done. I've made up my mind. I am going through with this." Ben sighs, turns on his heels, and walks out.

Craig is again trying to coerce Carly into designing clothes while waiting out her high-risk pregnancy. Carly isn't filled with the same vigor as usual, and defeatedly tells him, "I have the desire to design, but no talent right now to back it up." He won't let up, so she starts throwing her sketch pencils at him. She finally drives him from Emma's kitchen when she throws her sketchbook at him. Later she pours herself a glass of water, and Craig pops up again from behind the refrigerator. He doesn't buy Carly's excuse that she's not designing because of her pregnancy. He says, "It's just the two of us here. You don't have to be motherly like for Jack. You don't have to be monosyllabic-like for Mike. Just tell me the truth." Carly relents and says she's afraid of not being special, "without inspiration, I've got nothing!" Carly swoons and Craig gets her to sit down. After Carly determines her blood pressure has returned to normal, Craig gets her to try a breathing exercise. She lies on the floor and takes a few breaths. Soon she falls asleep. When Craig is about to put a blanket on Carly, Jack returns from his wild goose chase. He wonders what Craig did to Carly. After all the confusion is cleared up, Jack asks Carly to make a clear decision. He asks her to tell Craig where she stands with Monte-Carlo. Carly tells Craig that she's out. Craig accepts this, and walks out. Carly sees him to the porch, where Craig pouts that Monte-Carlo is now over forever for the duo. When Carly returns inside, Craig echos something Carly said earlier, "Unless Barbar disappears..."

Later, Jessica finds Marshall in the Lakeview Lounge. She verbally abuses him, putting him on notice. "You are going to trial and then you are going to jail." After she leaves, Marshall calls over the PI sitting at the bar. Travers tells him to go forward with publishing the intimate photo.

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