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Passions Recaps: The week of March 31, 2003 on PS
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Monday, March 31, 2003

Kay can't resist helping Simone and stirring up trouble. Kay knows that Chad and Whitney are at the recording studio making love. She tells Simone and then calls TC anonymously to blow the whistle. She uses a disguised voice which makes her sound like a demon. Kay tells Simone that they should go to the recording studio to watch the fireworks. TC rushes with Liz in tow to find Whitney dressed only in a sheet making love to Chad. He grabs Chad by the throat and chokes him, swearing to kill him. Tabitha, Kay and Simone run into Hank outside the studio. They hear fighting and Whitney screaming. Hank tells them to stay put and he will see what is going on. Hank arrives in time to pull TC off of a bleeding unconscious Chad. Whitney tells TC that she loves Chad and if he is dead, she will never forgive her father.

Grace thinks back to all the problems she had this past year -- especially the problems with Kay. Sam walks in and tells Grace about the problems the Russells are having. Grace can't believe TC's attitude about Eve's job. Sam and Grace discuss their failing marriage.

Chad comes awake as TC glares at him with murder in his eyes. Simone blames everything on Whitney. TC wants Whitney to be ashamed. She reminds her father that she is an adult and that she did not do any sneaking around. She just walked out the front door of her house to be with the man she loves. TC forces Whitney to choose between Chad and her family.

Luis, Miguel and Pilar come to Theresa's rescue. Luis is glad to hear that Theresa is not really married to Julian. He wants to pummel Bruce for the horrible trick he played on his sister. Luis then gets angry when he hears that Julian has temporary custody of the baby. Sheridan tries to appeal to her brother and begs him not to keep a child from it's mother. Rebecca tries to smooth things over by saying she will take good care of the baby. Pilar calls her a slut in overpriced clothing. The Lopez-Fitzgerald's close ranks and try to take Little Ethan with them. Ethan stands by them. Julian threatens to not only fire Ethan but have him disbarred as well.

Gwen gets sick at hearing this and is angry that Ethan would jeopardize her future and their baby's. She is hurt that he is defending Theresa to the end.

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

TC forces Whitney to make a choice between her family and Chad. He accuses her of throwing away a promising tennis career. Whitney says that is not true. She insists that she can have both tennis and Chad. TC strongly objects. He tells Whitney that she needs to give 200% and that won't happen if she is hooked up with Chad. Whitney chooses Chad. TC leaves angry and heartbroken. Simone lashes out at Whitney. She calls her a selfish slut for breaking up the family. Simone slaps her sister across the face. Chad steps in and orders Simone not to hurt the woman he loves. Simone leaves and tells Kay that sooner or later Chad will see Whitney for the slut she is. Simone can't believe how torn apart her family is due to Whitney. Tabitha looks on the scene with a smile. She says under her breath that this is only the beginning. TC arrives home telling Liz that his dreams for Whitney are over. He can't believe that his daughter would pick a street punk like Chad over her family. Liz puts her arms around TC to comfort him. Eve walks in to see her husband in the arms of her enemy.

Beth realizes that the only way to keep Luis and Sheridan apart, now that she is pregnant is to kill her. Beth fakes a reason for the desk nurse to look up a medication in the medical journal. Beth then takes the journal when the nurse is not looking and goes to the chapel. She is looking for ways to kill Sheridan. She reads about a drug that when administered, will cause a heart attack. She feels this is the perfect way to get rid of Sheridan and not have it traced back to her. As she sits in the chapel plotting Sheridan's demise, the angel statue seems to be staring at her. Beth then fantasizes about getting away with actually killing Sheridan. She begins to smile. The stone statue tells Beth that it won't happen the way she thinks it will. Beth gets startled and tells the statue that she deserves Luis. She says that Sheridan doesn't not deserve him. It was Beth who waited for Luis all these years. The statue's eyes begin to glow red and lightening shoots out, striking the medical journal. Beth backs away and runs from the chapel. She finds Luis gazing into the nursery window at the newborns. He struck up a conversation with a new dad. Beth can tell that Luis will love Sheridan's baby no matter who the father is. She then says statue or no statue, she has to kill Sheridan.

Sheridan offers Theresa a place to stay. Theresa accepts Sheridan's offer to stay with her and Antonio at the cottage. Ethan finds a loophole in the custody document that Julian used against Theresa. Theresa is able to leave the mansion with her son. Ethan promises Theresa and Pilar to take on Theresa's case so she won't lose the baby to Julian. Rebecca reminds Julian that it is imperative that he get custody of the baby. Julian asks her why again, because he is not really interested in being a father to the baby. Rebecca explains that if he has custody, Theresa has no claim at all to any of the Crane money and have no ties to the Cranes. Sheridan is glad that Theresa is at the cottage, hoping she and the baby will put some space between her and Antonio. She also tells Theresa that maybe it would be better for everyone if she just disappeared.

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Beth arrives home to find the house a mess and her good china broken. She can see that her mother and "Precious" had a food fight. She gives her mother a hearing aide and orders Precious to clean up the mess. Beth lets it slip to her mother that she plans on killing both Sheridan and her baby. Mrs. Wallace is happy to hear that Sheridan is pregnant and hopes the baby is Luis'. Beth then tells her mother that it doesn't matter she will be the one to have Luis...not Sheridan. She smugly tells her mother that the angel she sent to scare her off did not work. Mrs. Wallace's eyes grow wide and her mouth hangs open. She can't believe that an angel appeared to Beth to try to foil her evil plans. The old woman gets on her knees and praises all the angels for their help. Beth orders her to shut up. She then orders Precious to stop her mother from leaving the house because she has another errand to run.

Beth goes back to the hospital and sneaks into the medication room. She steals the medication that she read about. She finds the one that will give Sheridan a heart attack. She smiles when she sees that there is enough of the medication to kill an elephant, let alone Sheridan.

Luis has a feeling that Sheridan may be in danger. He asks Hank to take a list to Sam of who can see Sheridan. He plans on having police guard her on the Crane estate. He gives the list which includes their "trusted friend" Beth.

Eve asks TC why he is in Liz's arms. TC explains that Whitney will not be coming home because she chose Chad over her own family. He calls himself a rotten father. Eve comforts TC reminding him that he was a wonderful father and she felt secure leaving the girls with him. She soothingly tells TC none of Whitney's problems are his fault. He looks her straight in the eye and says "Damn's all your fault for not being there for her."

Eve is hurt and speechless as he lashes out at her.

Gwen gives Ethan an ultimatum. It's her and their baby or Theresa. Ethan tries to explain that he needs to help Theresa. Gwen flies into a rage and begins to pack her bags for New York. She vows to raise the baby alone. Ethan stops her by assuring her that she and their unborn child will come first.

Whitney has a panic attack after TC leaves. She starts to cry asking herself "What have I done? What have I done?" Chad can't stand seeing her so upset and tries to take her home. She resists telling him that she will be alright and that she wants to stay with him.

Thursday, April 3, 2003

The subject of Chad's job offer comes up again. A talent agent offers Chad a very lucrative contract provided that he move to L.A. as soon as possible. Even Whitney is shocked at the amount of money that Chad will be making. The agent asks Whitney if she is in the business.

John makes his father squirm with about his honesty. John explains that he wrote a story using his dad as the hero. He explains that his character is honest and trustworthy. He is faced with doing something dishonest to save himself but he refuses and does the right thing instead. David wonders if John is just telling him this because he may have found out the truth. He then realizes that his son is looking at him with such adoration that it is genuine. John explains he modeled his character after the most honest man he ever knew...his dad.

Ivy celebrates and gloats when Sam explains that Theresa was never really married to Julian. She stops herself because she doesn't want Sam to see her in an unflattering light. Sam tells her she has a right to gloat after what Theresa pulled, by throwing her out in a snowstorm.

Eve refuses to accept the blame for Whitney's actions. She tells her husband that he needs someone to blame but it is not going to be her. Eve tells TC that she saw this coming because he wouldn't let their daughter have any sort of social life. He forced his dream down Whitney's throat.

TC stalks away in anger. He once again retreats to the mysterious shed. Liz asks Eve what is in the shed. Eve tells her that she does not know and it has been ages since TC has gone there. Liz is determined to uncover the mystery.

Ivy is celebrating Theresa's downfall as well as the wedge between Sam and Grace getting bigger. David confronts Ivy once again by telling her he wants out. Ivy won't listen because she knows they are close to getting their goal. Ivy turns mean and threatens David once again by promising to ruin his life and make his son hate him forever.

Sam and Grace discuss their failing marriage. Sam seems to have changed his tune. He explains to Grace that if their marriage was truly strong, Ivy and David would not be able to hurt them. Sam shocks Grace by asking for a separation.

Friday, April 4, 2003

Grace begs Sam to think over a separation. Sam agrees that if they follow some ground rules maybe they can get things back on track. Sam tells Grace to ask David to sign the annulment papers and leave town. Grace asks Sam to make Ivy leave.

Ivy is hopeful when Sam comes to her room. The last she heard of his private conversation was that the couple were separating. She is floored when Sam tells her she can move back into the mansion because he and Grace need to work on their marriage. He says that since Theresa is no longer there she can go back where she belongs. Ivy tries to make some lame excuse as to why she can't go back. Sam tells her he knows that it may be awkward seeing Julian with another woman like Rebecca.

Ivy snorts that Julian will never love Rebecca or any other woman because he is still carrying a torch for a woman from his past. Sam asks who it is. Ivy does not let Sam know it is Eve. She does tell Sam that she feels eventually Julian and his first love will find their way back to each other.

Meanwhile Eve has an accident while rushing off to find Whitney. She starts to cry and apologizes to the man she ran into. The man she hit happens to be Julian. Julian takes one look at Eve and can see she is really upset. He does his best to calm her down and orders the closest garage to fix her car a.s.a.p. They sit and have coffee while Eve pours out her heart and problems to her old flame. Julian begs Eve's forgiveness for helping ruin her life and putting secrets in her path to happiness with TC. Eve tells Julian not to put all the blame on himself. She shares the balk of the burden. Julian thanks Eve for the small act of kindness. He does his best to give Eve sound advice. Eve tells Julian that what frightens her the most is the trouble her sister Liz is stirring up between her and TC. Eve insists that it is not fair that her life be ruined after she worked so hard to turn it around. Julian tells Eve that he will do anything to help her. He says that she couldn't count on him in the past but she can count on him now.

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