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Erica told Mona that her engagement to Chris was over. Liza asked Mia if Edmund and Maddie were replacements for the son that she had lost. Jack proposed to Erica and gave her a huge engagement ring.
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Monday, April 7, 2003

Jackson and Erica are snuggled up together, sleeping on the couch in her living room, with only a blanket for covering. The front door opens and its Chris. He has a gun in his hand, raises it, takes aim at the sleeping couple and pulls the trigger. Bham! Jackson startles awake. He is alone, only an awful dream.

Bianca and Lena have lunch. Lena invites her out to SOS, Bianca asks "Will this be a honest to honest, woman to woman date?" Lena replies, "Yes, it would be." Bianca agrees to a date with Lena, Boyd walks up and Bianca tells him of her plans with Lena, Bianca goes to the washroom, Boyd joins Lena and inquires on what she is trying to pull. He says, "Bianca is my friend and I don't want her hurt." Lena tells him she likes men and women. Bianca asks Lori if she is still seeing JR, she says he left town and joined the crew of a cargo ship. Lori tells Bianca about JR getting mad and taking off with a hooker named Holly.

Jamie and Holly are kissing on couch. Holly thinks he is very sexy and says she knows it is his first time. She tells him not to think so much. Brooke walks in on them passionately kissing. She asks Jamie if he would like to introduce his friend! Holly leaves. Brooke is clearly not happy and wants to know what he is doing with a prostitute in their home. Jamie explains Holly just fell asleep. Brook believes him but says he is such a great kid he shouldn't need to go off with a hooker. Jamie leaves and Brooke calls Tad.

Greenlee is relaxing to music when she turns and Carlos walks in. He asks her to dance, Greenlee replies "no its business hours its time to work." A stranger walks in and serves Greenlee with papers. Her company is being sued.

Michael and Kendall are in bed waking up. Michael asks her what Boyd said, she says it was Chris not Boyd, and she explains Chris told her that Erica cheated on him, with Jackson..."Poor Erica" he says and she says "yeah poooor Erica."

Michael asks Kendall if she made Boyd and offer regarding bringing the formula over to Fusion. He wants to know what she is waiting for; she can stick it to Erica and help Fusion at the same time. Michael tells Kendall she owes Erica nothing but Kendall replies "I know that but Boyd thinks he does." Michael admits to Kendall that she has him wrapped around her finger.

Jackson puts on his shoes and Erica walks in wearing her black negligée...Jack tells her not to shut him out and he wants to know where she stands. Erica tells jack she doesn't know what he wants from her. He wants to know what this thing is she comes down wearing. Erica innocently says, " It's a night gown" - Jackson says "No, nightgowns are flannel with bunny things, this is a weapon, designed to make me crazy!" "Oh get over yourself Jack. This is not to benefit you, I don't do flannel," exclaims Erica. Jackson replies with eyes wide, "you do know you could wear a potato sack and I would still want to take you into my arms. Can we at least admit that hmmm?" Erica ignores the question and tells him if he knows her so well he should know what she wants. He says "For me to leave." Erica tells him he's right. Jack tells her he's there only to protect her although she claims that ridiculous. Chris loves her (loved her) and wouldn't hurt her. Jack continues to get dressed and Opal rings the bell, walks in and sees him tying his tie. She suspects they are back together already. Jackson leaves.

Erica tells Opal Jack slept on the couch. Opal is confused; Erica doesn't know why anyone can't understand her. Opal thinks Jackson can only take so much. Erica leaves to settle things with Chris.

Simone tells Mia how Kendall ruined her date with Boyd and she is sick of her. They gossip about Kendall, Boyd and Michael. She accuses Kendall of sabotaging her date. The girls are advised that the lawsuit could finish the company permanently. Kendall thinks they won't be taken seriously and Greenlee says Erica will laugh at them about this lawsuit and wants to know how much it will cost. They're told hundreds of thousands. Carlos suggests a call to the lady who is suing. Greenlee thinks it's a good idea. Simone places the call to Mrs. Stark - Mrs. Stark says she will see them in court or in hell. Carlos wants to help Greenlee any way he can, she thanks him telling him it means more than she can say. Kendall considers to herself what Michael told her about needing Boyd's formula. She calls Boyd, and he tells her if she needs to talk, call her boyfriend. Bianca is shocked he told Kendall no. Boyd asks Bianca if she wants to see something that will blow her mind.

Michael calls Lena to meet him. Lena leaves. Bianca tells Boyd she wins their bet because Lena has made it known she's interested in her. Boyd tells Bianca that Lena "swings both ways" and he thinks Lena is playing them. Bianca thinks maybe Lena really likes them both.

Aidan wants to know what Jackson is trying to pull. Aidan says he is out of the investigation, Jackson tells him Chris is more dangerous now than before. Jackson convinces Aidan not to quit and admits he is afraid for himself and for Erica.

Lena meets Michael in his room. She wants him to turn up the pressure on Kendall. He said he did and pretty soon Kendall won't be able to stand it. He says Kendall's integrity will disappear when her company does due to the lawsuit he set in motion.

Tuesday, April 8, 2003


Tad arrived after being summoned by Brooke for an emergency. He thought Brooke found out about Jamie's night in jail, and they exchanged some interesting miscommunication. When Brooke realized the confusion, she was only more upset. She explained to Tad that Jamie brought a hooker home last night. Tad was incredulous and upset that Jamie had lied to him, only to bring home a "pro." Tad continued with a fatherly lecture and asked Jamie how they could ever trust him again. He didn't believe Jamie that nothing happened with Holly. Jamie called himself a loser and compared himself unfavorably to JR, who seemed to get away with anything, every time. Tad figured out that Jamie was really upset about Laurie. After Brooke left the room, Tad told Jamie he was not the first man to try to forget a woman by finding another woman. Tad asked if Jamie was able to forget about Laurie when he was with Holly and the answer was no. Tad told him to remember that, for future reference. Jamie wondered if Tad was disappointed in him and Tad said he was only disappointed in himself as a father. Jamie said he didn't go looking for a hooker, it just happened, and the problem was that Laurie was still only interested in JR. Tad reminded Jamie that he is the whole package, with his mother's good looks and his father's je ne sais quoi and if Laurie doesn't realize it, Jamie should move on and stop competing with JR. Jamie still insisted he is a loser and went upstairs to do homework.

Brooke and Tad discussed their son and Tad laughed about Brooke walking in on them. Brooke wondered how their adorable little boy ended up on the couch with a prostitute. Tad guessed it was genetic and Brooke was not amused. They deduced whatever was bothering Jamie was more than just Laurie. Brooke made Tad promise to tell him next time their son is in jail. Tad expressed his concern that Jamie will end up hating his brother.


Boyd was giving Bianca a sneak peek at his new potion in Erica's office while Lena listened at the door. The new potion doesn't just slow down the aging process, it stops it, Boyd explained. Bianca tried some on her cheek and loved it. He explained that the formula still only exists in his brain, as a top secret project, and he plans to show the product to Erica any day now. Just then, Val offered to help Lena who only asked him to have Erica call her later. Boyd told Bianca that his heart belongs to Kendall, but he won't be used anymore. Neither of them trusted Michael and he hoped that Kendall would find out what Michael is using her for before it's too late.

Bianca and Lena talked in the hallway and Lena leaned over to kiss her on the cheek and commented on the scent. Bianca blurted out that it must be Boyd's magic cream, but that she couldn't say any more. Lena convinced her that the formula should be written down, just in case anything happens to Boyd.


Michael walked into the office, just as Simone and Kendall were fighting about Boyd with Kendall declaring how much she cares for him. Kendall explained the lawsuit to him and how dire the straits at Fusion are over it. He suggested she play her ace, Boyd. Kendall expressed her fear that she's lost her friendship with Boyd. Michael worked hard to convince her that she still had a chance with Boyd, to help save Fusion. He offered to break up with Kendall because Boyd said he won't help her while she is seeing Michael. Michael said he could only do that in order to help Kendall save her company. Kendall would not consider it, because she couldn't see a future without Michael. Just then, Boyd walked in and Michael left. Boyd came to apologize for cutting Kendall off earlier. He told Kendall that he doesn't like Michael, but she can still come to him anytime she's in trouble. Kendall did not want to take advantage of Boyd, but she wanted Boyd to come to work at Fusion to save them. He said he could only do it if he could have her too. She couldn't agree and he said that someday she would need him more than Fusion does.


Opal interrupted Jack's lunch at BJ's to encourage him to get off the dime and go after Erica, before it's too late. Jack said he was trying to respect Erica and give her some space. Opal said they weren't talking about respect, they were talking about love. She warned Jack about waiting too long and letting someone else sweep Erica off her feet. Jack remained confident that there was no one else going to get to Erica before him. Opal wanted to know what kind of hocus pocus he had planned. Jack said he didn't need hocus pocus, because he and Erica have taken their relationship to a new level. Opal was thrilled and encouraged him to seize the day and go to Erica right away to pop the question. Jack wanted to wait until Erica is ready and Opal reminded Jack that Erica will never be ready for commitment. Jack was confident that Erica realizes she can't say no to him again and that their love is strong enough to wait for the right moment.


Chris was morosely reading the tabloid stories about his breakup with Erica when she came to the door of his hotel room. Erica tried to explain and apologize, but Chris was not interested in listening to her excuses and lies. He thanked her for acknowledging that she ruined everything. Erica explained that she felt bad for making all of them feel bad and for the way Chris found out, but that only infuriated him. He didn't care about Jack and he didn't think there was a good way for him to find out about her and Jack. Chris congratulated her for being free now and suggested she realize that Jack played her for a fool. Erica continued to beg forgiveness and Chris accused her of only wanting to ease her conscience so she could move on with her life, with Jack. He refused to give them his blessing, but only warned Erica that getting together with Jack would be the biggest mistake of her life. Erica wanted to say something to take away the pain and Chris opined that "goodbye" would be a good start. He told her he has no heart left anymore and she agreed to leave. As she left, a photographer snapped her picture and wondered if this was a reunion. Erica defended Chris' privacy and promised to give the photographer more information from her office. Chris accused Erica of setting it up to let a photographer get a scoop. When they were alone again, Erica thanked him for helping her, protecting her, and letting her choose happiness, even if only for a short time. Chris told her to go to her new beau.

Chris went to the bar and Michael Cambias came in too. Michael discussed Chris's breakup with Erica and wondered if this wasn't the second time he'd been dumped for another guy. Chris punched him.

Erica went back to her office, only to have Jack burst in. Jack said he knew that she needed time and space, but also knew she needed something else even more. And he placed a ring box on her desk, with a huge amethyst ring. Erica's jaw dropped as she looked from the ring to Jack and back again.


Petie was trying to make off with Laurie's tips at BJ's until Opal came to get him.

Joni invited Laurie to go to a student council pizza party, but Laurie didn't want to go because Jamie might be there. Laurie explained that Jamie left last night with a hooker. The girls continued to discuss Jamie and the hooker when Holly (the hooker) walked up. She told the girls that nothing happened and Jamie only wants to do it with someone he loves and that she hoped the girl, whoever she was, deserved him.

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Due to coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode was pre-empted by war coverage. Broadcasting will resume tomorrow -- barring additional pre-emptions -- where Tuesday's show concluded.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Erica is overwhelmed when Jack presents her with a magnificent diamond engagement ring and asks her to marry him. Erica attempts to dance her way around Jack's proposal as a news crew arrives at her office for a pre-arranged televised interview. Jack then leaves, taking the ring with him. Erica is thrown off guard when the interviewer asks her if she and Jack have set a wedding date. Chris becomes furious as he watches Erica's interview on television. Chris later enlists Flanders help to settle the score against Jack. Opal and Myrtle are sympathetic to the mess Erica created with Jack and Chris. Jack returns to Erica's office with the ring and tells her that she has to make the next move. As Maddie and Colby play together, Mia tells Edmund about her son William and how she has the ritual of buying him a birthday present and writing him a letter every year even though she can't send them to him. Edmund understands Mia's behavior, relating how he sends a letter to Kelsey every year on Sammy's birthday. Edmund and Mia grow closer as they discuss their children. Mia and Edmund's flirtatious moment is interrupted when they overhear Maddie pretending to be Maria. Edmund's heart breaks when he hears Maddie act out the story of a mother who loses her memory, falls in love with another man but then returns home to live happily ever after. Mia is reminded of the fact that Edmund is still in love with Maria. Mia suggests that she and Edmund put any thoughts of dating on hold for Maddie's sake. Aidan plans a relaxing picnic for himself and Maria. Aidan admits he fears that Maria will return to Edmund if her memory returns but ultimately decides he wants to cherish every moment he has with "Maureen."

Friday, April 11, 2003

Maureen, Maggie, Henry, and Aidan enjoy an evening out at SOS. Henry is upset over flunking the exam but Maggie encourages him. Aidan and Maureen talk about her going back to medical school, and he tells her she really should give it a go. Maggie tells Maureen Henry has this artist trapped inside trying to get out. Henry tells Aidan that he doesn't play very good and that music is not practical. Maggie and Henry dance and share a kiss, as Maureen and Aidan slow dance also.

Edmund lets Brooke know about him and Mia, Brooke says his personal life is none of her concern, and that this is the last time she wants an update on his love life. Brooke says, "I didn't stop loving you, I just stopped expecting you to come back." Brooke tells him to be careful, but not too careful; life is too short to be afraid of taking chances.

Liza informs Mia that she missed a call while she was out, Mia told her that she was tired of the calls regarding the Fusion lawsuit. Liza said, "Mia, it was Jake who called." Liza would like Mia to explain if Edmund and Maddie are a replacement for the son she gave up. She tells Mia that when Maria gets her memory back she will want Edmund back also. There is a knock on the door and Mia open it up to Edmund. Edmund tells her they need to stop thinking so much and he starts kissing her.

David puts together a mobile and informs Anna they are not going out and that he cancelled the sitter. He wants a romantic dinner at home. Anna argues that she doesn't want to stay in. He doesn't want to leave the baby with a sitter. Anna tries to convince David they need some time alone together. David is too concerned over Leora to leave her with a sitter. Anna tells David he better rethink everything or they will be having a very different conversation. Anna threatens to get another surgeon to give Leora a pacemaker so that she can have a normal life if David doesn't stop being so overprotective. David promises no more decision about Leora without her input. Jack calls and wants to know if Anna will be available for dinner, she says right now!

Mona brings Erica a crock-pot of a stew Monda used to make. Myrtle tells Erica they will be having a conversation. Erica smells her soup and tells myrtle how much she misses her mom, Myrtle wants to know if the engagement with Chris is really over and Erica tells her it is. She starts to cry because she says she is hurting so much. She claims Jack is impossible and wants to know what to do about him. Myrtle said, "Love him or let him go completely." She tells Erica that Jack is her go-to guy. Myrtle said, "If Jack is the man you are with he won't be standing around waiting to pick up pieces!" "Oh God, Myrtle!" Erica exclaims, "You are right!" as the realization hits her. Myrtle muses that she is not "an old crackpot with a crock pot." Myrtle then tells her to forget about what her dad taught her. Myrtle says, "You can have any man you want. If give your heart to Jack can you really show yourself that you have not lost yourself? You have everything it takes to be happy inside yourself where it counts." Myrtle wants to know if Erica is going to wear the ring that Jack gave her or use it as a paperweight. Erica claims she doesn't know what she wants. Myrtle wants to know if Erica is going to wear the ring or use it as a paperweight! Erica says she doesn't know what she wants! Erica says to Myrtle "Do you suppose Mona is smiling down at us?" Myrtle kisses Erica for Mona, and says "remember to trust yourself and your power." Myrtle leaves Erica looking at the ring Jack gave her. Erica sits at her desk takes out the ring and puts it on her ring it sparkle, quickly takes it off and puts in her desk, opens the drawer back up and looking upwards says "Mother please tell me this is going to turn out all right, please."

Reggie wants Jack to lighten up a bit. Jack tells Reggie to be nice to Joni. After Jackson leaves she wants to know if the guy in the park beat him up after she left.

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