One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 7, 2003 on OLTL

Dorian married Mitch, but she revealed that she planned to destroy him. Bo learned that he was Matthew's father. Mitch dug up a box in Llanfair's basement. Jen teamed up with Rex to rob guests at the Palace Hotel. Antonio was reinstated on the police force.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 7, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, April 7, 2003

Invitations abound, as denizens of Llanview wonder what Mitch Laurence is up to now. Gabrielle watches as Nora leaves home, so that she can retrieve a letter from Sam, which reveals Matthew's paternity. Blair brings Cassie to see Dorian to find out what she is up to. She responds by giving them an invitation from Mitch Laurence. Cassie is shocked to receive an invitation from her mother, to a party thrown by a man who almost raped her. Dorian is obviously shaken by her daughter's reaction - lets them in on her plan to defeat Mitch. Blair also invites Dr. Troy.

Bo questions Mitch, but he deftly changes the subject, asking whom he will bring to his party - Gabrielle or Nora. Gabrielle faces twangs of guilt when Matthew says he wishes his father could have been at his soccer game. She is further shaken when Matthew asks her to read a postpartum letter from Sam his "father."

Jen in the throes of depression tries unsuccessfully to seduce Joey, who realizes that she is using him as substitute to feel good about herself.

Nigel and Roxy each hear a trigger word that will bring them together and each rush off to meet the other, as everyone else gathers to hear what the new Lord of the Manor has to say. Mitch, never the one to disappoint subtly taunts each guest in turn. The slime just oozes off of him. Just as Bo suggests that everyone leave, Mitch introduces his "special guest" Dorian, and announces that he will be marrying Dorian tonight.

Someone watches Jen as she sleeps.

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Viki welcomes Dorian back with a ferocious bitch slap that throws the bride off balance. Mitch inches closer to them as his intended cups her cheek with her palm to soften the sting. The guests in the library at Llanfair are deadly silent as they watch the two women exchange bitter greetings. Viki implies that Dorian must be suffering from senility as she takes inventory of Mitch's most profound crimes. It's all too much for Cassie (beautifully played by a svelte Laura Koffman). She runs out the door after her mother recounts meeting Mitch in Paris, where he apparently rescued her from some kind of "trouble." As Dorian proclaims her unique devotion to Mitch, Joey challenges her with the questions, "Did you really love me? Did you really love Mel?" Her icy exterior begins to crack slightly, her eyes quickly fluttering and looking away. She evades any sentimentality and shares an awkward introduction to Natalie, Viki's daughter and Mitch's previous wife. "He's all yours," Nat quips.

Outside at Llanfair, Max convinces Gabrielle, by example of their own relationship sharing a child, that she should not be threatened by Matthew's true parentage. She does the right thing and interrupts Bo's conversation with Nora in the library. She urgently drags Bo home where she tearfully confesses her criminal meddling and tells him that he is Matthew's real father.

The judge arrives at Llanfair and Viki and Jessica make note of the fact that it is the same judge who ruled for Mitch at the will hearing. Almost everyone leaves en mass, taking Asa's lead: "I am outta this freak show." Once again, Joey implores Dorian not to marry Mitch, but she glibly dismisses his wish. Joey desperately places a strong, heartfelt kiss on her high cheekbone and leaves with his mother. The only remaining guest is Blair. The ceremony is performed and capped off with an obscenely long and lecherous kiss. Mrs. Dorian Lord Laurence seems a bit stunned. Mitch escorts his attorney and the judge to the door, giving Dorian a private moment to reveal her plan to her niece. She explains that she went along with Mitch's plan to become Victor's sole heir because the thought of returning to Llanfair as Victor's wife was "too gruesome." When Blair disputes any merit to being with either man, Dorian finally spills, "Mitch cannot be gotten to from the outside. You, of all people, should know that. The only way to get him is from within." Before Blair can indicate her support or refusal of the plan, Mitch returns. Dorian covers, "If you can't give Mitch and I your blessing, then I'm going to have to ask you to leave. And, if you can't accept that we are man and wife, I don't want you to ever come back here again. Do you understand me?" Blair acknowledges, "We understand each other perfectly."

The newlyweds make their way to the honeymoon suite, but Dorian feigns fatigue. Graciously letting her rest, Mitch uses the opportunity to play with his power tools in the secret basement, ripping up the thick stone floor.

Roxy's teased tresses twirl to a torrid tango at her future Hair Haven. She hurls her red sweater at Nigel and he covers his face with it, inhaling. He flits around her quoting Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" perfectly. He climbs a ladder as if it were fair Juliet's balcony. Roxy climbs the other side of the ladder and steps up to reply, "Oh baby, I'm horny for you, too!" The construction foreman comes in unnoticed by the moonstruck couple. Nigel continues poetically, "Come away, come sweet love. Do not in vein adorn beauty's grace, should rise like to the naked morn." Falling onto his genuflected knee, she purrs, "I love it when you talk dirty to me." Snap! The rude foreman flamencos his fingers to get them out of his work's way. Roxy and Nigel try to regain their composure by insulting each other, but Nigel gets her goat. In response to his criticism of her mural ("three words: bad / hair / day"), Roxy picks up a broom and chases Nigel around the salon. They pause to catch their breath, but Nigel still has enough wind and wit to describe her hair as looking like "some dead Pomeranian that was left in the sun too long." Asa comes through the door and Roxy runs to him for defense. "He said my hair looks like a dead pomegranate!" she shrieks. But Asa has no patience for their squabble after the craziness of Llanfair. He instructs Nigel to accompany him home where Asa will "cuddle up with a bottle of bourbon." Bourbon. The tango music returns as they begin their beguine again. Roxy pines at the door as the gentlemen leave.

A while later, Natalie and Cristian find Roxy deliriously writhing on a tarp that she's painted with red hearts in a big circle. Natalie wonders, "How many beers have you had?" But Roxy has not imbibed. She muses, "Move over Ben ‘Affect,' because I am with the sexiest man alive!" Back at the Buchanan Mansion, Nigel is humming and cavorting, annoying Asa, who sends him to bed. Nig obliges, swishing a perfect pirouette at the base of the stairs.

Jennifer snaps up from her crisp neutral-toned sheets to catch thieving Rex latex-handed in her hotel room. She begins to call security, but decides to seek her justice via romantic trade. She quickly grows tired of their foreplay and tries to have a meaningful dialogue with Rex about her father's death. But Rex is too shallow to comfort her. Renee taps on the door with some tea for frazzled Jen. Rex hides. But through Renee, Jen learns of "a rash of burglaries" at the hotel and realizes Rex is no novice. After Renee leaves, he admits he's made a bit of a career with his hotel passkey. Jennifer decides she will become his new partner.

Antonio goes to the diner to tell Carlotta that he has been reinstated as a police officer. His mother tells him about a man named "Cole" who claimed to be a former pal. At a payphone nearby, the man is telling someone he's "out of Statesville, trying to put the old crew together," with "big plans," and a personal score to settle. Antonio warns his mother to avoid this new stranger. He uses his cell phone to call the prison but is interrupted. With a swagger, the parolee asks him, "Aren't you happy to see your old friend, Cole?"

At a table nearby, Marcie sweetly comforts little Matthew and takes his ice cream order. Nora joins him and his nanny. Matthew tells his mom that he encountered "the nice lady with the funny voice."

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

As Gabrielle divulges the contents of Sam's letter to Bo, Nora arrives to pick a bone with Gabby about her getting into her house and reading a letter to Matthew. An extremely irate Nora demands an explanation though Bo stands up for Gabby and convinces her that Matthew asked that the letter be read. Gabby departs after trying to explain how she got into the house to begin with. As Nora continues to gripe, Bo gently breaks the latest news to her that he is Matthew's real father. Handing her the letter that Gabby swiped from Nora's desk, she reads it aloud. "...motivation for what I did was love." Sam explains how he continued to love Matthew, even after he had another DNA test run from samples after an unrelated negligence suit against the lab revealed possible errors. He had the original DNA test run again as well and they proved conclusive. He couldn't reveal the results after Matthew drew him a picture of the two of them together, even if it was wrong. He concludes that "...I don't regret a single day." A crying, disbelieving Nora wails that Sam was the only honest person she ever knew and from shocked and in denial she progresses to confused and angry. They should have been told, she agonizes. An equally somber Bo calls it "surreal." He makes excuses for Sam though he understands his motives. Sam was Matthew's dad, biological or not, he affirms. Nora wants Bo to be a part of Matthew's life though the new dad doesn't think the boy should be told as yet. Reassuringly, he tells his ex-wife that there's time. Nora apologizes for time lost already; Bo is sorry too. Once Nora leaves, the revelation begins to sink in.

At the diner, Nat ends a cell phone call from someone and is about to tell Jess and Joey some news but they're interrupted by Marcie who takes a cryptic message from Cris for Nat. (This after pouring an overflowing cup of coffee for Al who has to snap her out of her daydreaming). Leaving it on the table timidly, she rushes back to the counter after taking a quick look at Joey. He goes after her and pleads with her to talk to him. He wants to be friends and doesn't want her upset over "the kiss." She's already found someone else, she admits to him. She looks longingly towards the radio from which the "voice of the night" is being broadcast. In a nearby booth, Gabby can't control her anxiety over her situation with Bo and wonders if Bo will forgive her. Max thinks she'll be ok, while Al stops by and admits how proud he is that he seems to have brought his parents together over their concern for him. Jess asks if Al is ok since Marcie seems worried about him. When he heads over to ask the waitress about it, she shushes him so that she can listen to the "voice." Joey receives a call from R.J. asking to reschedule the audition for Flash.

Cassie wants to leave if Dorian can't get Mitch out of their lives immediately. Dorian refuses with her silence, forcing Cassie to make the decision to go. She offers to keep Blair's kids and suggests that her cousin watch out. She doesn't want her hurt by Dorian. Dorian feels sorry for Cassie who is obviously not strong like she and Blair but she urges Blair to pretend to hate her for what she's done. Blair is quick to point out that she won't have a problem doing that. She will take care of Mitch from the inside, Dorian reminds her, as she readies to hustle back to Llanfair. She confides that she hasn't had to sleep with him yet.

Mitch continues to dig in the basement of Llanfair and finally locates a hidden box. He struggles to open it without success. He has everything of Victor's, he tells himself, except his power. Soon though, he'll have it all. Dorian arrives and sees that Mitch, newly up from the cellar, has a cut hand. He's just had a little accident, he tells her. She thinks he needs stitches. Mitch suggests that she's putting him off though he's perfectly aware that they haven't married for either love or sex.

Antonio encounters Cole and orders him to stay away from his friends and family. When the ex-con mentions Keri, Antonio grabs the man, wanting to beat him up but decides it's not worth it.

Nat follows the clues and ends up on the roof of their apartment building where Cris awaits. Unveiling a painting, it is revealed to ask, "Will You Marry Me?" He has a ring for her too.

Jess spots Antonio who has just arrived at the diner and they console each other over their latest problems. He asks how she's feeling about Dorian's marriage to Mitch and feeling sorry for him for asking, she begins to tell him. Cole is watching from outside. Later, Cole spots Jess outside and tricks her into revealing her name. Antonio continues to check up on Cole, trying to obtain information, via phone.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

Although thrilled by Cristian's proposal, Natalie doesn't want to wear his ring until they get Carlotta's approval. Cristian later tells Carlotta that he intends to marry Natalie with or without her approval.

Viki and Jessica are stunned when Natalie announces she used the last of her trust fund money to rent them a house. Natalie is grateful when Viki congratulates her on her engagement to Cristian. Carlotta admits to Natalie that she doesn't think Natalie is the right woman for Cristian. Natalie lies to Cristian about her conversation with Carlotta and tells him she will wear his engagement ring.

Dorian continues to avoid sleeping with Mitch. Still unable to open the box he discovered, Mitch consults an antiquities expert, who tells him that the box he's described is rumored to be cursed. Dorian and R.J. share a happy reunion as former cohorts. Dorian suggests she may need R.J.'s help in the future. Viki digs into Dorian's recent past and learns she was broke when she married Mitch. Lois informs Viki that Dorian and Mitch aren't sharing the same bedroom. Dorian sees a trail of Mitch's blood leading to what seems to be a solid wall inside Llanfair.

Flash hides her illness from Joey, who gives her a phone number to contact CJ. R.J. hires Flash and her band to perform at Capricorn.

Friday, April 11, 2003

At the Palace, Jen convinces Rex to let her help him in a theft. In the room, Rex swipes a pin off of the dresser. When Renee enters the room with an irate customer, Rex and Jen hide in the closet. Before the customer can show Renee damage done to his clothing from a leak in the closet, he realizes he's been robbed. While Renee and the man search the other room for his pin, Rex and Jen make their escape. Rex tries to warn Jen that she shouldn't get involved, but she threatens to tell Renee the truth if he doesn't allow her to help him. Joey shows up at Jen's door just as she and Rex are about to go inside to consummate their new partnership. At the Capricorn, Rae joins Joey and Jen for lunch and tries to counsel Jen. When she catches on, Jen storms off, telling Joey to stay away from her.

Jessica and Cristian continue to plan for his showing at the gallery, leaving Natalie feeling left out. While cleaning up the new house, Roxanne and Rex show up and are surprised when Natalie announces her engagement to Cris. When Roxy tries to warn her that Cris never got over Jessica, Rex throws her out. To show Natalie his support, Rex gives her the pin he stole earlier from The Palace. Later, Natalie defends Rex to a suspicious Cristian.

Certain that Bo will want nothing to do with her, Gabrielle tries to explain her actions. After assuring her that he forgives her, Bo warns her that he will be spending a lot of time with Nora and Matthew. Though Gabrielle agrees that it is the right thing to do, she later confides her fears to Max.

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