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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 14, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, April 14, 2003

Returning from a shower, Alison overhears her cellmates saying, ."...I say we stick the witch first chance we get!" When they force Alison to tell them what she overheard, Alison begins to hyperventilate. After the prison doctor treats her, Alison begs the doctor to contact her doctor, Chris Hughes.

Meanwhile, at Oakdale Memorial Hospital, Bob and Chris run into Susan, who thanks Chris for visiting Alison in prison as her doctor, since family and friends were banned from visiting her for one month. After persuading Susan to attend a medical conference in Orlando, Bob confronts Chris about his visit to Alison in the hospital. Bob reminds Chris that, as an intern, his license to practice medicine doesn't extend beyond the hospital. Bob tells Chris that he could be arrested and fined, and that if he visits Alison again, Bob himself will report Chris. In a few minutes, Chris is given a note asking him to visit Alison in prison. At first Chris wads the note up and throws it away, but then he picks it up and puts it into his pocket.

Out on the porch at the Snyder farm, Carly secretly sketches her designs for Monte Carlo. While Emma, who is suspicious, is out on an errand, Craig arrives to tell Carly that the deadline has been moved from 30 hours to 24 hours. When Emma returns to find Craig in her kitchen, she threatens to call Jack if he is not gone in thirty seconds. Emma storms out of the room, fuming, "Something is going on between the two of you and I don't like it one little bit!"

Trapped in the cabin, Barbara continues to try to break the door with the fireplace poker, starting with the doggie door. When Emily arrives at the cabin with a meal on a tray, Barbara sticks the poker through the door, upsetting the tray. Barbara shouts threats at "Carly" and "Craig" through the door. When she pokes the poker through the doggie door again, Emily grabs the other end. Their tug-of-war ends with Barbara holding the poker - and Emily's watch! Terrified, Emily hears Barbara declaring that she will use the watch: "I'm going to find out who you are, then you will wish you were never born!" After Emily leaves, Barbara sticks her head out the small door, shouting, "You'd better watch out, because here comes Barbara!"

At Fairwinds, Lucy and Aaron give Rosanna a bracelet as a thank-you gift for helping them see each other secretly. They all hope that Craig will change his attitude toward Aaron when he sees Lucy walk down the aisle at the wedding the next day. Just then, Rosanna receives a note by messenger which purports to be from Barbara Ryan, saying that Barbara is in Milan. Rosanna lets Aaron and Lucy know that she suspects that Craig might be responsible for Barbara's disappearance, but Rosanna reassures Lucy that they are already a family. Holden arrives and warns Rosanna that their plan to surprise Craig with Aaron's helping Lucy to walk again might backfire and hurt Aaron, and that keeping secrets is a bad way to begin a marriage.

When Craig returns to Fairwinds and Rosanna shows him the note from Barbara, he tries to persuade her to call Carly and look at Carly's designs. Rosanna begs Craig not to call Carly, and abruptly leaves the room. When Emily burst into the room to tell Craig that Barbara has her watch, Craig rushes Emily out the door. Craig paces the floor, aware that his plan to reinstate Carly as designer for Monte Carlo before his wedding takes place is in jeopardy, so he picks up his cellular phone. Carly's cell phone rings in the Snyder kitchen , where Emma answers Craig's call. When Carly takes the phone out to the porch to talk to Craig, Emma picks up the kitchen phone to call Jack to tell him that she thinks that Carly is designing again. Out on the porch, Craig tells Carly that she must turn in all her designs today.

Emily meets Hal for dinner, hiding her bare wrist under the table so that Hal will not notice that her watch is gone. Hal tells Barbara that he and Paul have determined that Barbara is not in Milan, in spite of the note Rosanna received. Hal reasons that Craig would not kidnap someone the day before his wedding. Emily muses, "The thing about Craig is that he never thinks he's going to get caught." Hal brightens, and declares that now Craig is his #1 suspect, unaware of Emily's horrified look.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Jessica is waiting for her trial to begin and Ben is conspicuously absent. Ben, trying to lose himself in his work, is at the hospital treating a man accused of rape. When he hears the man try to justify his actions, Ben goes ballistic and has to be pulled away by Margo and John. This sparks Ben to go to the courthouse. When he arrives, Marshall's attorney has already grilled Jessica. She is mortified, and accuses Ben of staying away to protect himself, not her. Jack goes to see Carly and finds Craig looking at Carly's finished designs. Jack and Carly fight about Craig's presence and Jack insinuates that Craig has information about Barbara's disappearance. Jack wants Craig to meet him at the police station later. Craig leaves to see Emily and Rose. Carly takes offence that Jack thinks she and Craig might be involved in Barbara's disappearance. At the station, Jack tells Craig he thinks that he is behind Barbara's disappearance. Later, Carly goes to Rosanna's to show her the finished designs. Rose learns from Paul that the letter from Barbara is bogus and the police suspect foul play. Rose tries to do damage control but ends up making Paul angry. Meanwhile, Emily takes Henry to the cabin to fix the doggie door. Barbara sticks her head out but Henry uses a super-soaker to drive her back into the cabin. He nails the door shut. Craig reassures Emily and Rose that everything is fine and they agree to ride his crazy plan through.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Jessica is very upset after testifying. Marshall approaches her and says, "This is not what I wanted for us." Margo pulls him away and orders him to stop harassing Jessica. Ben then goes over to Marshall to tell him to leave Jessica alone and Marshall hands Ben a subpoena to testify for the defense. A little while later, Jessica goes into the courtroom and Marshall walks in and goes over to the witness stand. He sits down and swears himself in. A "mock trial" then begins and Jessica asks Marshall questions. Marshall says that Jessica was very attentive to his needs and that they have an emotional bond and sexual chemistry. Jessica says she had not invited his advances for the last six months. Marshall felt that she did want his advances because she took care of him and let him stay in her house. Jessica says that in the past when they had a relationship, she never said no in bed – this time she did. She brings up Marshall's past and asks why his old girlfriend from college ran away from him. Marshall says the past is irrelevant and Jessica says it should then be irrelevant for both of them. They then begin to relive the night of the rape. Marshall says that Jessica "stirred and began to respond" when he went over to her. Jessica reminds him that her arms were over her head and not around him. She asks if he remembers her cries, the tears, and her fear that night. At first he can't recall but then he slowly remembers what really happened that night and he is horrified. Jessica asks, "Did you or did you not rape Jessica Griffin?" Marshall replies, "Yes" and she says she has nothing further for this witness. He apologizes and says he realizes now that he did hurt her. However, he says that when the real trial begins tomorrow, his plea will still be the same - not guilty – because he can't afford to lose the case. Jessica says she heard him admit the truth and he knows and she knows the truth and he'll have to live with that. Marshall says, "It's not the truth that matters it's what you do to it."

Craig and Molly talk and he invites her to the wedding. She agrees then goes to see Dusty. She invites him to be her date for the wedding. He doesn't really want to go but she says it will be worth his while because Rosanna is even richer than Barbara. Molly says she can't understand his connection with Barbara. Dusty says she was nice to him when he was a kid. She then asks how her investment is going. He tells her that she's already made 5% of her money.

In the woods, Barbara gets the idea to build a fire using gun cleaner and a match that she found. She hopes that someone will see the smoke and rescue her.

Carly goes to see Rosanna to show her the new designs. Rosanna tells her to get out of her house and that she wants nothing to do with her. She asks her if she eliminated the competition. Carly is surprised and tries to convince Rosanna to give her a chance. She says she finally knows what it feels like to be Rosanna – to truly be successful. Craig comes in and says it is too late for Carly and her designs. She gives him a "look" and tries to get Rosanna to look at her sketches. Rosanna asks if Carly is just trying to get back at Rosanna or if she really is serious about her designs and the company. Carly says that no matter what, Rosanna is her family and she still wants her to be a part of her daughter's life. Rosanna softens and finally agrees to look at the designs. She is pleased with them and even gives Carly a hug. When Lucy and Craig come in, Carly talks to Lucy about her dress for the wedding. She volunteers to mend it for her and Rosanna tells Craig, "I think we have a family." Rosanna then asks Carly to attend the wedding as long as she brings Parker with her and Carly agrees.

Lucy and Aaron sneak away for some quiet time. He tells her that he loves her and she says she feels the same way.

Thursday, April 17, 2003

At the cabin in the woods, Barbara wakes up and sees that her fire has gone out. She gets upset because she only had one match and now she thinks that no one will find her. Then she hears someone outside the cabin. She goes into hysterics because she thinks that it is Craig. She starts to hell and throw things at the door. The fisherman outside the door runs off.

Hal and Emily walk into the police station. Hal tells Emily that he has to check a few things and then they can go to Fairwinds to attend Craig and Rosanna's wedding. While Emily waits for Hal, she hears an officer take a call about a crazy woman locked in a cabin in the woods screaming like a banshee. Emily gets on her cell phone and calls Rose. She tells Rose that the eagle has been found and they are going to be dead ducks. Rose tries to calm Emily down. She tells her that they will just have to deny it all. They hang up. Rose is in Dusty's hotel room waiting for Paul. When Paul arrives, Dusty suggests that Rose and Paul and Molly and himself all go to the wedding together. Paul says that he needs to get to Fairwinds early. Rose asks why and Paul says that he wants to get there and search the tunnels underneath the house to see if Craig is holding his mother there. As Paul pulls Rose out the door, Rose rolls her eyes at Dusty. Molly shows up shortly after and Dusty tells her how beautiful she is. He reminds her that she had better not be using him as a pawn to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. Molly tells him again that he won't be at this wedding. The two leave for Fairwinds.

Margo meets Jessica at the courthouse. Jessica apologizes for having her come to the courthouse when she is supposed to be going to her brother's wedding. Margo says that she has some time. Jessica tells Margo that Marshall admitted to raping her. She tells Margo that there weren't any witnesses and he won't admit it in court, but he said it to her. Marshall opens the door and starts to walk in when he sees Jessica and Margo. Marshall's lawyer pecks him on the shoulder and the two men walk back into the hall. Marshall tells his lawyer that he wants to talk to the D.A. about a plea bargain. Marshall's lawyer reminds him that a plea bargain would be an admission of guilt and he would be a convicted felon. He asks him if that is what he wants. His lawyer goes on to say that they need to make Jessica look like a lady in public and a whore behind closed doors. He adds that she couldn't get enough of her doctor boyfriend and she came back to Marshall begging for more. Marshall yells at his lawyer and says that wasn't the way it happened. The lawyer says that is the way the game is played. He asks Marshall if he wants to quit or does he want to win. Marshall straightens up and says, "Win."

Before the trial gets started, Kim and Bob walk in and find Jessica with Bonnie. Kim informs Jessica that Ben has been subpoenaed to testify. Jessica says that Ben didn't tell her. Bonnie tells her mother that everything is going to be ok. The bailiff sticks his head outside the door and says that court is back in session. The four walk into the courtroom. After they are seated, Marshall's lawyer stands up and says that the defense calls Dr. Benjamin Harris. Ben walks to the front and is sworn in. The judge asks him to take the stand. Ben keeps standing and tells the judge that he can't take the stand. The judge asks if Ben is ill. Ben looks at Jessica and says that Jessica Griffin is the finest woman that he knows and she was raped by T. Marshall Travers. The judge tries to stop Ben. Ben goes on and says, "That man is guilty and must pay for his crime!!" The judge orders the jury out of the courtroom. The judge tells Marshall's lawyer that if he can't control his witness he will hold both of them in contempt. Ben says that they can lock him up, but he won't be used against Jessica. The judge tells the bailiff to take Ben out of the courtroom. As Ben is being dragged out of the courtroom, he is yelling at Marshall saying that he is guilty and he knows what he did to Jessica. Ben is forced out of the courtroom. After Ben is gone, the judge says that the jury has been contaminated and he rules a mistrial. The D.A. walks over to Jessica and asks if she wants to pursue this and Jessica says that she has had her day in court and she is now going to drop it. The D.A. walks away, but Bonnie questions her mother. Jessica tells her daughter that she has put all of them through enough and she walks out of the courtroom. Bonnie looks over at Marshall. Marshall's lawyer walks up and says that they still have the charges to deal with from Stenbeck, but this chapter is over. He adds that he should enjoy his freedom and then he walks away. Marshall shakes his head and says, "Yeah, freedom." Everyone leaves and Marshall is left in the courtroom alone with Bonnie. She walks over to him and says that a man of honor like Ben Harris has to jail and a reptile like him gets to go home. She asks where is the justice. She adds that he gets to keep manipulating the law, breaking the rules, raping women. Marshall turns to her and says that he was not found guilty of anything. She walks over to him and says that he wasn't convicted by a court of law but they all know what he has done. She says that he knows it and she knows it and Ben knows it and her mother will never forget it. She adds that she finds him guilty and she will see that he pays for what he has done. Marshall walks out into the hall and sees Ben and Jessica kissing. He drops his head and walks away.

Chris visits Alison in jail and tells her to stop calling him. He says that his father found out about his last visit and he could get in big trouble and lose his job. Alison tells him that he has to help her get out of jail. Chris tries to reassure Alison that she will be ok. Alison shows Chris the sheath that the girls had rigged up and put under her mattress. Chris looks at Alison and says, "We have to find a way to get you out of here."

At Fairwinds, Craig gets the call from Emily that Barbara is about to be set free. When he hears Rosanna approaching, he hangs up on Emily in mid-sentence. Rosanna tells Craig that it is freezing and she doesn't know what they are going to do. Craig says that they should have the ceremony early so it doesn't rain on them. Rosanna starts to freak out. She says that it can't rain on their wedding day. Craig calms her down and says that everything is going to be ok. He tries to kiss her and she pushes him away. She says that if they kiss before the ceremony it could be bad luck. She tells him not to let it rain on their wedding day. She runs off to get ready. Craig looks up at the sky and says, "Just don't let Bar-bar swoop down on her broom before the ‘I do's' are done."

Inside Fairwinds, Rosanna is looking for a bag containing her makeup. Lucy tells her that she hasn't seen it. Emma, Lily, Carly and Parker walk in. Lily tells Rosanna that Craig had called them and said that the ceremony was going to be earlier so they didn't get rained on and they decided to come early to help her get ready. Rosanna can't believe that everyone is being so nice to her. Rosanna looks at Carly and says that she can't believe that she is there too. Carly asks, "What are sisters for?" The women whisk Rosanna off to get ready. Lily stays back and tells Lucy to stay there. Lucy starts to question

Friday, April 18, 2003

by Andy

Outside the courthouse, a police officer interrupts Ben and Jessica's embrace. He is there to escort Ben to jail in accordance with his contempt charge. Jessica says she will stop by later to help Ben with the paperwork. Bonnie catches up with her mother and doesn't understand why she isn't pursuing justice. Jessica tells her daughter that it's enough for her that Marshall admitted that he raped her yesterday. Bonnie is taken aback and wants to know why he admitted his crime. Jessica says that once she made Marshall see the event through her eyes, he understood what he did. Bonnie says, "Nothing has changed! You still have to prosecute him!" Jessica doesn't have any more motivation since all that remains is her word against his. Bonnie is stunned, "That's it? He has his little emotional moment with you and he gets off scott free?" Jessica tries to defend her decision, "That's not how it happened..." But Bonnie cuts her off, "Tell it to the next woman he rapes!" Jessica is through and doesn't want to pursue it any further. Bonnie shakes her head and says, "You want to give up? Fine. But I'm not done. He raped you...mother, and he has to pay for that." With that, Bonnie turns and leaves. Marshall is in the shadows waiting his turn. He walks up to Jessica and congratulates her on the trial. He explains he was nearly going to change his plea, but it wouldn't have made any difference. "You still wouldn't forgive me if I went to jail, so what was the point?" Jessica thinks he should turn himself him because it is the right thing to do, not because he hopes to win her love. She tries to walk away, but he corners her, and says, "When I want something, it's very difficult to let go." Jessica struggles free and tells him she is going to the police.

All hell is breaking loose at Fairwinds. Barbara, ragged from being kidnapped and with Jack at her side, crashes Craig and Rosanna's wedding celebration. Babs commands everyone's attention and says, "I was kidnapped. Chloroformed! Held captive in a cabin in the woods and [pointing at Craig] THAT man is responsible! Craig Montgomery!" Craig calmly dismisses her allegations and says, "Barbara. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave. You're...not wanted here." Rosanna races to Carly and practically accuses her by asking, "Did you know anything about this?!" This time, Carly can truthfully answer that she had nothing to do with the plot. Rosanna then turns to her new husband and sizes him up with suspect eyes. Barbara assumes Craig has prepared an alibi, "It won't matter because you had help. Coconspirators. And at least two of them were women." Barbara pulls out the watch she snatched from Emily during their struggle at the cabin and holds it high in the air for all to see. "Now which of you darlings wants to claim this?" Rose averts her eyes, and Emily shifts hers too and bites her lip. Barbara slithers around the court sizing up women. "Rose? Is this yours? No...A little too refined I think." Rose doesn't hold her tongue, "Refined? You're the picture of refinement crashing a wedding like this." Barbara swoops around and accuses Carly next, but thinks twice as she reaches out to touch her belly, "Timing isn't your strong suit." Carly stops Barbar's hand before it reaches her belly and says, "Don't...touch me!" Barbara retreats, turns around, and says, "That leaves...Emily." Hal asks his ex-wife for the watch and wonders if she drew any blood in the struggle for the watch. Rosanna has had enough and steps in the middle of Barbara's hunt. Babs apologizes for the interruption. Rosanna won't hear anything Barbar has to say, "I'll make this short. You did fail to turn in your designs. We are using Carly's designs. Please show yourself the door." Barbara doesn't like anything taken from her. Jack steps up, looks at Craig, and summarizes the situation, "We found Barbara in a cabin with all the windows and doors boarded up and locked. Right now you are the main suspect." He gives Craig the option of answering questions right now at his home, or at the station. Margo pleads with Jack to put his questions off until the morning. Jack relents and tells Craig to show up at the station at 10am tomorrow for questioning. He apologizes to Rosanna for disrupting her celebration. Rosanna just wants him to take Barbara and leave.

John eschews Babs aside and tells her she may not be thinking too clearly at the moment and that she might enjoy a meal and a hot shower. He also advises her to write all of her experience down on paper to help get some of her anger out. Jack comes over to escort Barbara home, but she begs for five minutes with talk about Will. Jack gives her the time. After Barbara leaves, Carly comes over and scolds Jack for ruining Rosanna's wedding and asks him if he believes her when she says she has nothing to do with Barbara's disappearance. Jack deadpans, " 'Course I believe you Carly...Don't I always?"

Rosanna pulls Craig off to the side and says, "Alright Montgomery...Let's have it. What did you do to Barbara and who helped you?" Craig squirms and says that there isn't any proof that he's involved and even suggests that maybe Barbara made the whole thing up. Rosanna presses him to answer her original question; "We both have a talent for lying. We just promised to tell the truth. It would be a shame to break that promise just as we're starting our life together." Craig is saved from answering when Lucy wants to dance with her daddy at his wedding. Around the corner, Holden arrives a little late. He gets an update from Lily and Lucinda about the events thus far. He says he always misses the good parts. Emily finds Rose and thanks her for helping her replace the watch Barbara snatched. Dusty comes by and takes Rose home.

Bonnie meets Isaac at Java. Isaac is relieved that the trial is over and that a mistrial was announced. "It's better than an acquittal." Bonnie wants justice though and she asks Isaac for his help in trapping Marshall to admit that he raped her mother on tape. Isaac declines to help and says that even if they trick Marshall, the tape won't be admissible in court anyway. He says, "For a smart woman, you're a slow learner." Bonnie says that he promised to be there to help her. Isaac says that this isn't helping, "This is you on a crusade." He counsels her to believe that guys like Marshall ‘get theirs' sooner or later, but Bonnie can't wait. She says she's not afraid of him. "Then you're a fool!" Bonnie zones-out when Isaac lectures her why it's a bad idea to confront Marshall. Frustrated, Isaac walks away, and Bonnie whispers, "It could could work." Later, Bonnie unzips her purse in the Java lobby and nervously pulls out a gun.

Molly, with tears running down her cheeks, calls for a cab to pick her up. Dusty overhears her phone call and offers to take her home. She declines, and he walks away. Carly comes in a little later and Molly confides that Dusty called her on ‘her stuff', which she hates. Mike comes in and offers to take her home. He apologizes to her for not giving her another chance just as she gave him another chance earlier. Mike says, "I should have treated you better." A horn honks and Molly tearfully catches her cab.

Jessica meets Ben at the station as he's finishing up being fingerprinted. Margo stops by and Jessica tells her Marshall cornered her at the courthouse and that she needs to file a restraining order against him.

Barbara and Paul return to her suite at the Lakeview and find Jack and company dusting for prints in case anything might have been stolen while she was away. Babs freaks out, and zooms off toward her bedroom armoire where she stored her designs. She opens the doors and screams, "They're gone! They're gone! He stole them!" Jack doesn't seem too terribly concerned and tells her he'll check back with her in the morning. On his way out, she tells him, "You lock him up!" Later, after she's had a chance to clean up, Paul asks his mother if she recognized either of the two female voices she mentioned earlier. She tells him that he ought to ask his "fiancée to see if she had anything to do with kidnapping your mother." He instantly gets on the phone and calls Rose to tell her to meet him in the lobby right away.

Craig finally dances with his daughter. Rosanna spies him from a distance and whispers, "Please Craig, be a good father tonight." Lucy stops dancing and tells her father that she had special help and motivation with her recovery. Craig automatically thinks she's referring to Gloria, the physical therapist, until Aaron walks out from the shadows and takes Lucy's hand. Lucy says, "Aaron's the reason I'm walking today. If it weren't for him, I'd still be in that wheelchair. Would you please just give him a chance? For me?" Flames erupt in Craig's eyes, but he calmly says, "What else has been going on behind my back?" Lucy says that Aaron was there for her every single day, throwing more fuel on Craig's fire. Craig turns to Rosanna and says, "You let this lowlife see my child when I asked you not to?" He turns to Aaron and tells him he wasn't invited and asks him to leave. He reaches out to help escort him off the property, but Holden steps up and says, "Don't you touch my son!" Holden and Lily practically have to drag Aaron away from Lucy and off the property. Lucy is in tears and sobs, "How could you do this!?" Craig blindly says, "He's using you!" Lucy doesn't agree, and limps off after Aaron. Katie calls her brother a creep, then goes to comfort Lucy. Craig then turns to Rosanna and says, "You did this!" Rosanna tries to defend Lucy by telling him how hard they worked, and that it was all, "for you! And instead of admitting you were wrong..." Craig explodes with the most anger we've seen in more than a year and yells, "I am not WRONG! I am NOT wrong!!! You lied to me!" Rosanna sizes Craig up, then simply and surely says, "Yes." Craig calms down a bit and says, "I think you were right when you said starting off a life with a lie is a mistake. You couldn't even follow your own advice."


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