Port Charles Recaps: The week of April 7, 2003 on PC

Joshua took Caleb hostage. Rafe and Ian found photographs of Livvie and Alison at Joshua's. Livvie vowed to help Rafe get rid of Joshua. Rafe moved Alison to Lucy's for safety. Joshua attacked Frank.
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Port Charles Recaps: The week of April 7, 2003 on PC
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Monday, April 7, 2003

When Rafe and Alison return to their Loft, Rafe confesses that he believes that he is putting people's lives in danger because he is "off his game!" As Alison encourages Rafe to remember that he does NOT have to carry the entire weight of the world on his shoulders alone, Rafe muses that, perhaps, being happy is a dangerous distraction for him. Alison reminds Rafe that there have been many variables that Rafe could not possibly have planned for, including Alison's own mother's secret pact with Joshua. When Rafe supposes that Joshua would no longer hang out at the Music Studio or Caleb's apartment, Alison mentions that Joshua once tried to romance Alison's mother by taking Elizabeth away to a place called "Columbus Manor." Rafe becomes immediately ecstatic, kisses Alison and rushes out the door. Alison told Rafe that she wants to go with him, but Rafe doesn't hear Alison as he rushes away. Alison still dashes out the door, behind Rafe.

At the Light House, Joshua demands that Kevin let him speak to Livvie, but Kevin pretends that the last time Kevin saw Livvie was when Caleb destroyed the bewitched Music Box. But Joshua refuses to believe Kevin and gets Kevin in a death grip, demanding answers. Livvie suddenly bursts out of her hiding place and orders Joshua to let Kevin go. Joshua immediately becomes apologetic and pleads with Livvie to believe that Joshua only threatened Livvie's father because Joshua was desperate with worry that, when Livvie disappeared from Joshua's hiding place, Livvie had exposed herself to danger and was running right into a trap set by Lucy and Rafe to kill her! Joshua lies to Livvie and told her that Joshua just returned from the Hospital, where Caleb's body was taken. Joshua 'sadly' reports that Lucy and Rafe have already cremated Caleb's body ~ to make sure that Caleb was really dead! As Joshua attempts to convince Kevin that Livvie would be safer with Joshua than with Kevin, Joshua suddenly spots the canvas that Kevin was working on and becomes transfixed by the scene. Joshua suddenly decides that, perhaps Joshua and Livvie would BOTH be safer, staying with Kevin at the Light House, and Kevin agrees. Joshua announces that he needs to return to his Hide Out to pick up some supplies. But, before he leaves, Joshua hands Livvie a packet of blood. Kevin assures Livvie that he loves her and understands her needs, but Livvie decides that she needs to go into the next room for her snack. After Livvie leaves, Kevin answers the door and discovers Alison standing there. At the same time, Rafe breaks into Joshua's Hide Out and is shocked by what he discovers there.

At the Hospital, Elizabeth catches Caleb trying to slip away and threatens to publicize that her husband is making a break for it unless Caleb agrees to talk to Elizabeth about the state of their marriage! Caleb reluctantly agrees to go back to his room with Elizabeth. Elizabeth blasts Caleb for turning her into a monster and then coldly disposing of her as soon as Olivia turned up. The angrier Elizabeth becomes, the more apologetic and contrite Caleb appears. Caleb tries to convince Elizabeth that becoming human has also cured him of his obsession with Olivia. Although Elizabeth at first refuses to believe Caleb, her husband soon charms Elizabeth into believing that he wants nothing more than to try to put the past behind him and make a fresh start with Elizabeth and try to salvage their marriage. When Caleb begins to kiss her, Elizabeth responds eagerly. Later, Elizabeth helps Caleb disguise himself as "Dr. Carter" so that he can slip out of the hospital, undetected by Lucy or Rafe. Elizabeth reports that she told the security guards that she had seen Caleb up on the third floor and her ruse worked, so the guards have successfully been sent on a wild goose chase. Caleb promises Elizabeth that they will go anywhere she wants to go to start a new life. Then Caleb kisses Elizabeth good-bye and instructs her to wait for thirty seconds before following him and meeting him in the parking lot downstairs. After Caleb leaves, Elizabeth happily contemplates her new life with her charming husband. However, when Elizabeth gets ready to leave, she overhears two nurses talking about seeing 'Dr. Carter' on his way up to the roof to catch the Hospital's emergency helicopter. A fuming Elizabeth rushes to the window, just in time to see a helicopter take off from the Hospital roof!

Tuesday, April 8, 2003

When Alison arrives at the Light House, Kevin tries to get rid of her by claiming that he is busy, working on a painting. Then Kevin suddenly changes his mind and invites Alison to come in. When Alison admits that she is looking for Livvie, Kevin insists that he has NOT seen Livvie since Lucy and Rafe 'used' Livvie to try to get rid of Caleb at the Scenic Overlook. Alison gently informs Kevin that Caleb brought Livvie back and that Alison believes that Livvie has been turned into one of the Undead, but Kevin maintains that he is NOT even convinced that Livvie is back, much less ~ one of the Undead! When Alison insists that she just wants to try to help Livvie, Kevin suggests that it is more likely that Alison plans to try to help KILL Livvie! When Kevin points out that NO ONE is gunning for Ian, Alison argues that Ian has NOT fallen for Caleb's pack of lies, whereas Livvie has swallowed Caleb's entire line! As Livvie listens from hiding to the conversation between Kevin and Alison, Kevin suddenly grabs Alison and hustles her out the door. When Kevin returns to the room, Livvie emerges and told her father that he should have let Livvie kill Alison! Livvie confides to Kevin that she believes that she might as well be dead ~ rather than to be doomed to an eternal existence without Caleb! As Kevin tries to comfort Livvie, Livvie sadly flashes back to her memorable moments with Caleb. Later, as Livvie stares wistfully out the window, Kevin brought some tea for his daughter. When Livvie does NOT respond to the offered tea, Kevin told Livvie that he will leave it on the table. When Kevin puts the tea tray down, he picks up the newspaper and opens it. Kevin is shocked when he discovers that the Page One Story is that "Rock Star Stephen Clay Survived an explosion!" Kevin decides against telling Livvie that Caleb survived and takes the newspaper away with him.

As Rafe searches Joshua's Hide Out, Rafe is joined by Ian. As the two men search, Rafe discovers a hidden panel that leads to a secret, hidden room. When Rafe and Ian go into the secret room, Ian discovers Joshua's computer and tries to access Joshua's files. Meanwhile, Rafe discovers a book of Satanic rituals disguised as a Bible and, when Rafe looks through the book, he discovers photographs of various buildings in Port Charles. Then Rafe notices a painting on the wall that is of Port Charles and which includes all of the buildings in the photographs! Rafe is interrupted by a cell phone call from Alison, who reports that she went to see Kevin to see if she could find Livvie. Rafe warns Alison to stay put, then disconnects Alison. At the same time, Alison notices a pink rose on her bed, and picks it up. In the meantime, in Joshua's hide-out, a frustrated Ian kicks the painting of Port Charles, which causes the painting to fall over. When the painting falls, Rafe picks it up and notices that the paper on the back is covering up more photographs. On the reverse side of the canvas of Port Charles, Rafe and Ian discover a collage of photographs of Livvie and Alison! As Rafe wonders if Joshua has been stalking both girls for months, Rafe suddenly remembers that Alison is alone and dashes out of Joshua's hide-out. In the meantime, when Alison picks the pink rose up off of her bed, she is shocked when the rose suddenly turns black!

Caleb arrives at his Villa and discovers that Olivia is no longer there. As he searches, Caleb flashes back to the day he gave his ring to Livvie and promised her that he would be back for her. Caleb becomes convinced that someone has gotten to Livvie. However, as Caleb starts to leave to continue his search for Livvie, he suddenly hears Livvie's voice, calling him, and returns to the Villa, looking for her. But, as Caleb searches through the billowing white curtains, looking for Livvie, he suddenly becomes entangled in the curtains. As the curtains take on a life of their own and suddenly attach Caleb to the wall, Joshua strolls in, eyeing Caleb's predicament with smug satisfaction!

Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Due to coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode was pre-empted by war coverage. Broadcasting will resume tomorrow -- barring additional pre-emptions -- where Tuesday's show concluded.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

In Joshua's hide out, Ian calls Lucy to notify Lucy that Joshua has been keeping Alison under surveillance and they believe that Alison should move into Lucy's Place right away ~ for protection. Lucy agrees immediately. But, when Lucy hangs up the phone, Lucy suddenly realizes that she is suffering from a splitting headache and is feeling very dizzy. Meanwhile, Ian works at discovering Joshua's password so that Ian can access Joshua's computer files. Ian suddenly notices that many of Livvie's pictures in the collage seem to be focused on Livvie's ring rather than on Livvie herself. So Ian tries 'Ring' for Joshua's password and is surprised when Ian finally is able to access Joshua's files. Once inside Joshua's files, Ian discovers an encoded list in the file and begins working to crack the code.

When Rafe returns home to his Loft, he finds a shaken Alison, staring at the black rose in her hand. As Alison explains that the pink rose suddenly turned black as soon as Alison touched it, Rafe warns Alison that Rafe believes that Joshua has targeted Alison for retaliation. Rafe confides that he believes that Alison should move in with Lucy for protection. Alison at first protests any plan that would cause her to be separated from Rafe, but Rafe successfully persuades Alison to go ahead with the move to Lucy's Place. Later, when Rafe and Alison arrive at Lucy's Place, Alison warns Rafe to be careful, because she has a bad feeling about what is about to happen. Lucy confesses that she has also had a bad feeling about what is about to happen. Rafe promises Alison that it will all be over soon, and then Rafe leaves.

At Caleb's Villa, Joshua gloats at the way Joshua has succeeded in trapping Caleb in the Big Bat's own web! Caleb demands that Joshua cut him loose, but Joshua smugly informs Caleb that Joshua plans to make sure that Livvie moves on soon with a new man in her life ~ Joshua! But Caleb predicts that Livvie will do away with Joshua. Later, Joshua locks Caleb in the Villa's Dungeon and threatens to keep Caleb uncomfortably alive in the Dungeon for years to come, while Joshua enjoys Caleb's former life of wealth and power. As Caleb gleefully describes Joshua's plans to keep Caleb up to speed on Joshua's love life with Livvie, Caleb reminds Joshua that Joshua is really only a lackey at heart and predicts again that Livvie WILL get rid of Joshua, if Joshua manages to elude Rafe and Lucy!

At Kevin's Light House, as the wind blows through the window, Livvie announces that she senses that something is happening, while she holds on to Caleb's ring around her neck. Later, Livvie begins to whittle a stake, but hides the stake when Kevin returns to the room. Kevin tries to convince his daughter that she needs to begin putting her past with Caleb behind her, but Livvie protests that she will NEVER get over losing Caleb! When Kevin turns his back to pick up the teapot, Livvie strikes Kevin on the back of the head with a blunt object and knocks her father out. Then, declaring that Kevin will soon understand WHY Livvie did what she did, Livvie rushes over to Rafe's Loft. When Livvie arrives, she discovers that Rafe is NOT home and, while Livvie waits for Rafe, Livvie flashes back to memorable moments of her life with Caleb. When Rafe returns home, Livvie hands the stake to Rafe and asks him to end her life.

Friday, April 11, 2003

As Casey and Jamal chow down at the Pizza Shack, Ricky returns to town and excitedly explains to his friends that he has just been to New York and succeeded in interesting VH 1 in doing a documentary about the Stephen Clay Experience. Jamal and Casey explain to Ricky that Caleb, Reese and Caz were 'cured' by their dip in the healing spring and then Joshua blew up the spring. Ricky is surprised to learn that all the band members ~ except for Joshua ~ lost their 'mojo.' Ricky becomes ecstatic about the notion of marketing the vampire image for the band and confides that Joshua had already asked Ricky to be front man for the band ~ because Caleb was 'losing his edge!' Jamal informs Ricky that Reese and Caz left town as soon as Caleb lost his power and remind Ricky that Joshua is someone who tried to wipe out Ricky's own home boys. But Ricky expresses his belief that none of that is anything to worry about, so long as no one died. As Ricky reminds everyone that his music IS what is most important to him, Jamal begins to rib Ricky for believing that Ricky is NOT talented enough to be a music success WITHOUT a gimmick. Casey warns Ricky that Joshua will almost surely become determined to turn Ricky into one of the Undead. Then Jamal points out that, if Ricky tries to publicize the vampire image of the band, it would be JOSHUA who would get all the publicity! Ricky assures Jamal and Casey that Ricky has no immediate plans to join a Joshua-controlled dark side. Then Ricky brags that Ricky has enough talent to make it in the music business without a gimmick. When Ricky leaves, Jamal and Casey congratulate themselves for convincing Ricky to avoid making any deals with Joshua's Kingdom of Death. But, after Ricky is alone, Ricky told himself that getting to the top faster is always better!

At Rafe's Loft, as Livvie thrusts her home-made stake into Rafe's hands and demands that Rafe take her life, Rafe suspiciously declares that he needs to know the REST of her scheme first. With Rafe's gentle prodding, Livvie finally begins to describe her 'forever' love with Caleb. However, Rafe is surprised when Livvie accuses Rafe of killing Caleb and even more surprised when Rafe discovers that it was Joshua who told the story about Caleb's 'death' to Livvie. Livvie begs Rafe to drive the stake through her heart, but Rafe informs Livvie that she does NOT know everything. Livvie angrily slaps Rafe and tearfully demands that he do his duty and eradicate her immediately! Rafe grabs the stake and prepares to let Livvie have what she wants, but can't go through with it and lowers the stake. When Livvie demands to know WHY Rafe is backing out, Rafe points out that it was JOSHUA who set the explosives. When Livvie accuses Rafe of lying, Rafe reminds Livvie that Alison was also there when Joshua's bomb went off and Livvie KNOWS that Rafe would NEVER endanger Alison, even to finally get Caleb. However, Rafe does NOT tell Livvie that Caleb survived the blast! Rafe informs Livvie that Joshua blew up the spring after everyone had been cured because Joshua wanted to take Caleb's place. Rafe pleads with Livvie to help Rafe bring Joshua down. Livvie is angry when she realizes that Joshua has been lying to her and that she fell for all of his lies. Livvie confides that Joshua seemed to be obsessed with keeping Livvie hidden away. Rafe promises Livvie that, when Rafe finds Joshua, Rafe WILL get answers from Joshua. Livvie decides that she no longer wants to die until she has made Joshua pay for blowing up the spring and announces that she is willing to help Rafe ~ so long as Rafe lets Livvie take care of the final disposal of Joshua!

At the Recovery Room, Kevin tries to get Victor to tell him where Christina is but Victor refuses to cooperate. When Frank arrives, Victor snaps at Frank for being late and brushes aside Frank's excuses. Kevin tries to learn if Frank knows where Christina is but Frank pleads ignorance. Joshua arrives and blasts Kevin for letting Livvie slip away when Kevin knew how much danger Livvie would be in if the wrong people got their hands on her. Kevin reminds Joshua that it is KEVIN'S daughter who is broken in a way that Kevin does NOT know how to fix! When Joshua grabs Kevin and makes threats, Frank steps in and orders Joshua to leave Kevin alone. Later, outside the Recovery Room, Frank grabs Joshua and orders Joshua to stay away from the Recovery Room if Joshua is going to threaten customers. Joshua then reminds Frank that Joshua KNOWS that Frank is in financial trouble and has been gambling. Joshua reminds Frank of the brief taste of power Frank experienced when Frank was The Avatar. Kevin comes outside and notices Joshua and Frank's intense discussion, but Frank assures Kevin that everything is fine and Kevin leaves. When Kevin returns to the Light House, he begins drinking, listening to classical music and resumes his painting. Meanwhile, back outside the Recovery Room, Joshua told Frank that Joshua has a proposal for the former Avatar. When Joshua promises Frank 'New Horizons,' Frank angrily turns Joshua down and walks away. Joshua announces that he never could take 'No!' for an answer and bares his fangs as he attacks Frank!

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