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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 31, 2003 on GL
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Monday, March 31, 2003

A drugged Alan waves a letter opener at Edmund, whom he has mistaken as a thief invading his home. Alexandra arrives just in time to prevent bloodshed. Alan comes out of his haze enough to realize what he's doing and cover, but Edmund subtly blackmails Alexandra, knowing she's been covertly feeding Alan drugs. Once Edmund goes, Alexandra steps up the pressure on Alan by impersonating Beth, claiming she "loves" him. Alan doesn't know what to think. Eden and Gus share an emotional moment over the truth finally hitting them, they aren't brother and sister. Gus isn't sure if he is going to declare himself a Spaulding, but he reassures Eden that he'll always stand by her. Later at Company, Eden and Gus run into Lucia. Eden is primed to let her have it. After Tony and Marah have listened to Remy's spooky tale of her new home's history, Tony gathers all the roommates plus Ray, in order to stage an exorcism. An amused Ray gives them a standard blessing instead with a little prayer thrown in to keep the hobgoblins away. Danny and Michelle show up and announce they've agreed to remarry. Bill is unsettled, but he comes to a tentative agreement with Michelle. Later, Michelle recruits Marah to play a surprise on Danny, in part revenge for buying a house without even telling her. Edmund seeks out Cassie, and, using the money he extorted from Alexandra, makes a big show of donating it to Richard's memorial library. Cassie's moved by the plans for the library and Edmund is himself surprised by the empathy he finds for her. He reaches out to comfort her, but Cassie stops him. Edmund goes, but has clearly been affected - and isn't used to the feeling.

Tuesday, April 1, 2003

Edmund was at the gym fencing when Cassie showed up to participate in a yoga class. Edmund tried to strike up a conversation with her but she tried to dismiss him as usual. Edmund couldn't take his eyes off Cassie and kept staring at her. Edmund told Cassie he never pictured her as the "yoga" type. She said, "That's fine, don't picture me at all." Then Edmund said he pictured her more as the kickboxing type and THEN said he pictured her to have a "FIERY PASSION." That definitely made for an odd moment and Edmund thought he'd better leave. He briefly watched her through the window seeming to be mesmerized with her.

Alan had another delusion of Beth in a sexy dress coming on to him saying she loves him and always has. Alan, in a panic, yelled to Alex saying Beth had gone crazy! Soon after, Beth showed up and when she touched Alan's shoulder, he freaked out and ran to the other side of the room pleading with Beth not to touch him and saying that he couldn't make love to her! The look on her face was CLASSIC! She was thunderstruck! Alan just kept saying, "I can't make love to you, Beth! It's not right! Your like a daughter to me!"

Harley took Zach to see Phillip at his new place. Harley was surprised to see WHAT kind of place it was. When she realized that Olivia was sharing the place with him, she told Phillip how interesting it was that for MONTHS they fought over Gus being in Zach's life because of his criminal background and Olivia is being convicted of stalking Reva. Phillip also informed her of Olivia's pregnancy and him dropping out of the Spaulding family. (Harley mentioned that the Spaulding family isn't a soccer team, you can't just drop out.)

Phillip got a call from Beth and she said it was very important that he go see Alan, that he was "delusional." Phillip was not going to go but Olivia talked him into it. While Phillip was gone, Harley got a call from the station about a suspect she's been trying to find for a long time. They had a lead on where he was. She was going to call somebody else to follow up but Olivia insisted she could stay with Zach. Harley decided to leave Zach with Olivia and when she walked out, Zach cried and ran to the door, "NO MOMMY!" Olivia tried to console him. Harley called Gus to back her up and he cautioned her to not go in alone, to wait for him. She agreed but when she got to the apartment on Fifth street (right across from the museum) she heard a woman's scream and went up the stairs. She knocked on the door and a beat-up lady let her in. There was a small boy there named Darrin. Harley went over to talk to him and the man she was looking for came up from behind her and held a knife to her throat! He grabbed her gun, held it to her head and smashed her head up against the wall! The little boy ran out the door and downstairs where Gus had just arrived and Darrin told him there was a man upstairs with a gun pointed at a lady.

Back at the mansion, Alex made Alan another cup of "enhanced" tea and Phillip showed up. Alan said that he was not actually Phillip and kept yelling at him to "STAY BACK! You've only come to hurt me! Phillip is gone!"

Gus had reintroduced Lucia and Eden. Gus told Lucia that it was time to reach out to "Dear old dad." Lucia tried to talk him out of telling Alan the truth but Gus is insistent. When alone, Eden told Lucia to get out of town before she hurts Gus again. Lucia said Eden had not changed...she was a scared child and now she's a scared adult.

Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Phillip informed Olivia about Alan's drastic change in behavior, saying that Alan definitely seems delusional. He also told Olivia that Alexandra wants him back at Spaulding again in case Alan's not able to do his duties. Olivia, obviously unenthused over their living situation at the loft, told Phillip that it may not be a bad idea, adding that the two of them could work side-by-side, but Phillip told her he wants no part of the Spaulding money or power, saying that it's destructive and ever-consuming.

At "Company," Eden met with Ben, who was fretting over the expenses involved in living at the old museum. Eden pressed Ben, reminding him of the money to be made by "entertaining" women like Ramona. Ben left to go see Ramona at her suite at "The Beacon." Buzz left Marina in charge of "Company" after he got a call from Frank about Harley's perilous situation. Eden, who was worried about Gus, insisted on tagging along with Buzz. Rick dropped in and ordered coffees from Marina, who told him about Harley being held at gunpoint. Rick immediately left. Later, Shayne showed up at "Company" to give Marina a hand with customers. Marina wasn't pleased when Ben came back and told her he had to go off to "work."

Frank, Gus and a SWAT team set-up a command post at the museum, which was across the street from the building where Harley was being held. Gus tried negotiating with Steve Gidric (the perpetrator) over the phone, but his efforts failed. Gidric, who resented women, was livid at his girlfriend, Marie, for withholding the fact that he had a son. Later, Harley calmly reasoned with Gidric, persuading him to give himself up. Gidric allowed Harley to call Gus to notify him that the three of them were going to leave the apartment. Gidric held Marie in front of him, to act as his shield, as they began leaving the apartment, but Marie broke loose and took off. Gidric fired a shot after her. Across the street, after hearing the shot, Gus insisted on going in, but Frank ordered him to stay put. After Frank turned his back, Gus pulled out his gun and headed off. Gus climbed the fire escape outside Marie's apartment. Frank radioed Gus and ordered him to hold his fire and let Harley do her job. Inside, Gidric raged, telling Harley how all women were liars and was about to shoot her when Harley tried to grab the gun away from him. As the two struggled for the gun, Gus smashed-in the living room window with his elbow, aimed his gun, and shot. Harley reeled around and fell, Gidric falling on top of her...

Thursday, April 3, 2003

Alan blamed Alexandra for all the losses he's suffered ever since she came back to town: his company, his house, Olivia and Phillip. He then told her he suspects she's plotting something else, but Alex called him paranoid. Alan requested another cup of tea, and when Alex headed out to prepare it, Alan ducked out of the mansion.......Olivia was all frustrated at the loft, trying to clean and think of a fancy meal to prepare for she and Phillip, but at wit's end, she finally called a service to employ to do the work......Alan dropped in, bringing her a string of pearls she'd left at the mansion. Totally oblivious to Olivia's distant attitude, Alan began kissing her hand passionately. Alan seemed to be in a time-warp, believing he and Olivia were still happily married. Olivia, stunned and also concerned, took Alan back to the mansion, where Alexandra was. After Alan left the room, Olivia expressed concern to Alex over Alan's delusional state, and when she found out Alan hadn't seen a doctor yet, she told Alex to make an appointment---or she WOULD. Alex then called Mel. She panicked when Mel advised that Alan should have blood tests.....Later, a nurse came by to take blood tests---but Alex arranged for Lloyd to give blood instead of Alan!

After pulling Steve Gidric off of Harley, Gus realized Harley had been shot and severely wounded. Frank and paramedics rushed in. Buzz and Rick, who were at the command post, also rushed in and Rick tended to Harley before she was transferred to Cedars.....As Marah and Eden bonded, Gus called Eden and told her Harley had been shot. Marina was shaken by the news and Shayne tried to comfort her.....Ben arrived at Ramona's suite at the "Beacon." She had wine all ready and was in a seductive mood. Before too long, she and Ben had sex. Afterwards, she told Ben she'd like it to be a weekly occurrence. Ben seemed to go along with it.....Later, Ben returned to "Company" and didn't like it when he saw Marina and Shayne sharing a close moment. Marina told him about Harley's shooting......Eden and Marah arrived at Cedars, and as Eden fussed worriedly over Gus, Marah received a call from Reva, who was in Vienna. Before Marah had a chance to tell Reva the news, Reva told her she "feels" that Harley's in some type of danger.....Frank raged at Gus, blaming him for Harley's plight. Gus was distraught as Mel and Rick worked over Harley. Rick notified Harley's concerned friends and family that they were finally able to stop Harley's bleeding and that surgery would have to wait until Harley was in the clear......While on the phone with Marah, Reva expressed a sudden, intense fear for Harley just as Harley went into cardiac arrest. The crash cart was hurriedly brought into the treatment room where Harley was, and defibrillator paddles were used to try to get Harley's heart beating again, but the flat-line on the monitor persisted......As bright light enveloped Harley, she "woke up", hearing a woman's voice calling her. Sitting up, she stared straight ahead, and Nadine materialized. With a loving smile on her face, she approached Harley.

Friday, April 4, 2003

After Phillip returned from the zoo with Zach, Olivia told him about Alan's condition and how worried she was. Later, Alexandra showed up and told Phillip the family needs him more than ever..."the company needs you more than ever now or it will in up in the hands of the wrong person." Phillip didn't understand what she meant by that and said Alan-Michael doesn't want it anymore than he does. When Alex and Olivia were alone, Alex promises to get the charges against her dropped if she convinces Phillip to take over head of Spaulding.

Harley saw her mom on the other side while Rick was shocking her heart trying to bring her back. Nadine said she was beautiful and liked her hair long. Nadine said she could fight and go back, that it was her choice and that she needed to make it while she still had the chance. She said if she didn't want to go back though, she would never be alone and she would take care of her. On the operating room table, Harley flat lined and Gus pleaded with her to come back. Harley talked with her mom about Buzz and Nadine said she would give anything for just one more dance with Buzz. Harley said "Go back with me, Mommy! Come with me!" and Rick gets a heartbeat.

Marina was in the waiting room and told Eden to leave. Ben and Marah calmed Marina down. Frank called the station and told a fellow officer he wants to report a possible gross misconduct of a police officer in regards to Harley getting shot...he wants Gus to pay. Buzz prayed and told God to take him instead. In the waiting room, Ben is overcome with guilt from sleeping with Mrs. Hinden and told Eden he quits.

Nadine told Harley she couldn't go back with her and told her she needed to go, but Harley was so tired. Then she looked back and saw Gus's tears and realized she needed to go back and be with all the people that needed her. It was too late, a bell rung and Nadine said, "It's too late Harley, your time to make a choice has passed." Harley looked back and started to cry but Nadine told her it would be OK and reached out to get her hand and Harley reached out to her.

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