One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 17, 2003 on OLTL

Natalie agreed to an annulment. Lindsay was inconsolable over Sam's death. R.J. hid Keri. Todd was missing. Bo and Nora vowed to find Sam's killer. Roxy wanted Asa to invest in her beauty parlor.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 17, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, March 17, 2003

Blair is too confused and distraught to answer Bo's questions. Troy takes Blair back to his loft where she admits she thinks it is possible that Todd murdered Sam. Blair later gets a call from Mitch warning her not to testify against him.

Lindsay is beside herself with grief after realizing she shot and killed Sam. Lindsay is shocked when Mitch later arrives at the gallery. Bo finds evidence pointing to Todd as being the person who shot Sam. Bo tells Nora about Sam's death and she later breaks the news to Matthew.

Flash thanks Joey for helping her and Riley and gives Joey a tape of her music. Flash overhears Al telling Joey that a friend of his believes that CJ is in Hawaii. Jen is disgusted at having to serve her sentence of community service at the community center under Joey's watch. Rae accepts Joey's offer to head up the outreach hotline at the center. Joey assigns Jen to work with Rae. Joey puts Jen in her place when she insults one of the teens at the center. Al steals a bag full of pills that Riley threw in the garbage.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Mitch tries to reweave the basket case that is Lindsay Rappaport. He convinces her that Todd will take the fall. It's official: Todd has left the building. At Cristian's urging, Jen goes to see her mother and is bewildered by her mother's state. Mitch twines a few last reeds and leaves Lindsay, mascara streaming down her face, to tell her daughter that Sam is dead. Jen is mournful, then angry. She has to see her father.

Needing some sustenance before her big court appearance, Roxy stops for a quick and crunchy breakfast consisting of celery held up by a Bloody Mary. She explains to Rex the positive financial impact her false testimony will have on Natalie's divorce. In another corner of the Palace bar, another divorce is being discussed: Asa and Rae's. Renee applauds Rae for choosing her "self esteem" over money. Rae leaves distasteful of her own good character. Asa and Renee reminisce about their appropriateness for each other in the past.

"It's too pat, it's just too easy," Nora observes. Bo agrees. The typewritten confession supposedly written by Todd has many inconsistencies. And the evidence has been stacked too neatly. Bo goes to Viki's and questions both his sister-in-law and Blair. Pointing out that Todd was unable to kill Mitch, Viki concludes it's very unlikely that Todd could kill Sam. Blair concurs. She thinks Todd is being framed. Bo suggests the possibility that Todd could be protecting someone.

Bo returns to the police station where Lindsay and Jen are waiting to see Sam's body. "I'm going to make you proud, daddy," Jen promises her father's corpse in the morgue. A hand reaches out to comfort Lindsay and she hallucinates it's Sam. The basket begins to unravel in front of Bo and continues at the gallery. "That's what I should have done. I should have killed myself," she sobs.

Nora stops home where young Matthew is dealing with Sam's loss in a healthier way. He's content that his father is watching him from heaven. Nora returns to the police station where Bo tells her that Lindsay's reaction to Sam's death seems overly pronounced. Nora thinks it's simply understandable grief. A last piece of evidence comes from forensics: Blair's sole fingerprints on the gun.

"All rise..." the bailiff demands. But Natalie is already on her feet giving Attorney Williamson guff. Despite the fact that her lawyer is dead, Natalie wishes to proceed. Mitch makes a late but grand entrance announcing that he has "never known [his] wife in the biblical sense." As Jessica begs Mitch to reconsider, Natalie takes the stand. Her testimony is stumbled when she can't describe Mitch's tattoo. Viki arrives making it even more difficult for Natalie to continue lying to the court. Roxy gallops in like the cavalry charging that she can corroborate Natalie's testimony. But the tattoo that Natalie is led to describe does not exist. Flustered and embarrassed, Natalie agrees to the annulment.

Roxy returns to the Palace Bar for a liquid lunch and tries to enlist Asa's support for her beauty parlor proposal. But he's not interested in her business "preposition", citing that too much estrogen has infiltrated his day already. Roxy returns to the bar unfettered and committed to hitting him up again soon.

Blair returns to Troy's and describes Mitch's telephone threat. She speculates that Todd could be trying to cover for her like he did when she shot Max. After securing her children with Cassie, Blair ferociously confronts Mitch at the courthouse. In her angriest southern drawl, she vows, "You sick freak! I hope you rot in hell for killing Sam Rappaport and if you think that you are going to intimidate me, you better think again!"

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

As Antonio looks for Todd, he runs into Jessica who offers him a shoulder to cry on if he needs it. He turns her down cold but looks confused when she mentions missing him at R.J.'s memorial service for the plane crash victims.

At Capricorn, Joey finishes working out the setup with R.J. for Flash and her band to audition. They have to start over after some equipment failure.

Lindsay tells Jen she should have killed herself so that Sam would still be alive. A confused Jen questions her but she quickly covers up. They cry together; they only have each other now, and Will. Jen intends to find her father's killer.

Nora tells Bo that she's intent on working to locate the killer, as they go over the evidence collected thus far. Troy arrives to answers questions and extends his sympathies to Nora. Bo asks what Blair is hiding but Troy is positive that she didn't commit the crime. She was too drunk and out cold when he left her house, he tells Bo. He left around 12 midnight and Sam wasn't there as yet. On his way out, he stops to make sure that Nora realizes that he and Blair are only friends and that he still loves only her. She ignores his statement and thanks him for coming. Later, Bo tells her that he believes Troy. Hank asks Nora to take care of another case for him and advises her that she needs to meet someone at the Palace Hotel. Bo confirms with Hank that the time on Sam's machine, if accurate, was 1AM when Todd called him. They've learned that the murder took place between 11PM and 1AM. Todd wouldn't have called Sam AFTER the murder. Upstairs, Mitch continues to threaten Blair and her children. Blair physically attacks him but she is summoned downstairs to see Bo. Mitch smugly states that he knows she has nothing to say and to give his best to her children.

As soon as Flash begins to sing, Antonio shows up at Capricorn and goes after R.J. for daring to have a memorial without notifying him. They are pulled apart and R.J. leaves, warning Antonio to be gone by the time he gets back. Flash disappears.

Lindsay falls asleep and has a nightmare: she's in court with Nora the judge and Sam as the prosecutor. She tells them that it was supposed to be Troy and that Mitch made her, but a bloodied Sam tells her she will have to pay. He gets to haunt her forever, he advises her, until she gets what she deserves. She wakes up and races from her room.

Blair admits that her fingerprints are on the gun because she picked it up, forgetting to tell the police about it previously. Bo plays the frantic call that she made to Todd but she insists it was a family matter. She can't explain their evidence and has no idea where Todd is. Neither she nor Todd are guilty, she declares, but Mitch is. She tells them (Bo and Hank) about his remark of how "bad things happen to good people." She asserts that he probably did it to keep her from testifying against him though Bo wonders why he would go to so much trouble. Why not just kill her instead, Bo inquires? She begs Bo and Hank to arrest Mitch but she has to prove it, they tell her. Bo receives a call that Todd's car has been located at JFK airport, in the long-term parking area. Jen bursts in and she exchanges places with Blair, after some words with her. She demands that Todd be arrested for her father's murder as he is the only possible person with a motive. Bo promises to contact her if they have any information. She'll be staying at the Palace now. Bo summons Mitch and wonders why Jen accused Todd.

Nora runs into Lindsay at the Palace Bar and suggests that she have Jen come and visit with Matthew. She assures her that Bo is working hard to solve the crime just as she is with the DA's office (which piques Lindsay's interest). Lindsay becomes angry and on the defensive when she is asked if she saw anything suspicious at Blair's house. Is Blair accusing her of not loving Sam, she asks? She cries that she loved him more than anything and would do anything to get him back. Nora vows to fight for justice. Suddenly, a shaken Lindsay drops her glass; she thinks she sees Sam standing by Nora. She wants to be alone. Nora suggests she get help to get through this.

Mitch is questioned by Bo who wants to know where he was the previous night. Making a purchase, he says. He last saw Todd when he threatened him with a gun but never reported it because of Viki. Bo wonders if Todd is missing because of the threat he made to Mitch. Todd was violent, Mitch asserts. Bo immediately picks up on Mitch's use of the past tense but Mitch claims to mean the last time he saw him. He claims not to have seen or spoken to Blair recently. He admits to seeing Sam at Rodi's but their communcation at the time was brief. When Bo asks what his purchase was, Mitch gladly tells him. It was artwork from Lindsay's gallery. After he leaves, Bo makes a list of names and calls Lindsay. He wants to talk with her.

Blair has drinks with Troy at Capricorn and she laments that she mentioned Mitch to Bo because he doesn't believe her. Blair insists that she will go after Mitch herself though Troy thinks she should let the police take care of it. They don't believe her so she has no choice but to do it herself, she adamantly tells him. She wants his help but will do it without him. In a nearby booth, Jess suggests that Antonio have his own memorial service. She thinks that Antonio should follow the same advice that he once gave her-don't run away from your problems.

R.J. knocks on a door and is greeted by Keri! She's having second thoughts about not letting anyone know that only Liz was killed, she proclaims. R.J. replies that he wants her safe from Antonio and Toronto is a good place for her to live. He promises to visit often.

As Flash sits in an alleyway crying, she rips up a letter. She is approached by a man and after she tells him she has no food or place to live he informs her that he has a way for her to make some money. She agrees.

Joey seeks Jen out at the Palace and offers his help.

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Due to extended coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode was not shown. There will be no lost episodes -- today's installment will be shown. However, it is currently not known how each of the networks will handle coverage of the military action. Stay tuned to Soap Opera Central for complete updates on when your favorite soaps will be shown.

Friday, March 21, 2003

Due to continuing news coverage of the war in Iraq, today's episode did not air. According to a network spokesperson, no episodes will be lost; as soon as war coverage concludes, the schedule will pick up exactly where it left off.

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