One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 10, 2003 on OLTL

R.J. was distraught after he heard that Keri, Liz, and the baby had all been killed in a plane crash. Jen and Sam were concerned with Lindsay's behavior. Lindsay shot Sam, believing him to be Troy. Sam was later pronounced dead. Cristian was worried about Antonio.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 10, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, March 10, 2003

At the Mausoleum Viki, Joey and Todd have gathered with their own thoughts about the deceased Victor Lord. Viki wonders if Natalie will accompany Jessica when she comes. Mitch Laurence arrives and announces that this is now his property so he has a right to be here. Viki tells him, he will never own Llanview and asks him to leave. Mitch baits Todd, telling Viki that Todd tried to kill him and asks Todd if he is ready to "finish the job". Todd moves closer to Mitch as though he wants to finish the job at that moment, but Joey gets Mitch to leave. Mitch pauses just outside the Mausoleum to make a mysterious call telling someone that everything is going according to plan and assures that person they would be pleased with the progress, even though there is still one more glitch.

A distraught R.J. learns of the plane crash that was carrying his daughter Keri, her mother Liz and the baby. Nora arrives and attempts to comfort him. R.J. laments that Keri could not have died happy because of Liz and Antonio's affair, blaming it all on Antonio.

Mitch Laurence observes Dr. Troy and Blair in an intimate setting at Rodi's. Todd enters, demanding if Blair won't let him see the kids, she should go home and be with them and not out tripping the light fantastic. Dr. Troy intervenes as Todd threatens his life, telling him that he would not care if he or Sam dies.

Jennifer (I still have not learned my lesson) Rappaport tries to persuade Lindsay to enlist Sam's help in getting out of her Community Service Work, for her past misdeeds. Lindsay tells her to get over it, telling her it's better than going to jail.

Lindsay arrives at Rodi's and sees the closeness of Blair and Dr. Troy, and seethes with jealousy. It is obvious that she is losing her mind, yet again. Mitch adds fuel to the fire and pulls Lindsay into his scheme by playing on her insecurities he offers her a gun. She takes it.

Antonio arrives at the Commissioner's office and is informed by a grieving Hank and a sympathetic Nora, that Keri and Liz's plane has crashed and there were no survivors. R.J. arrives to tell Antonio that the tragedy was entirely his fault.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Antonio abruptly learns that Liz, Keri, and the baby were on the charter plane that crashed with no survivors. After one of the most remarkable performances of his career on One Life To Live, Timothy D. Stickney as R.J. Gannon mercilessly gouges into Antonio, blaming him for the loss of his loved-ones. Hank tackles Antonio, holding him back in the commissioner's office to keep the mutual rage at bay. Nora is helpless in the muck of testosterone and confused guilt. The situation is so intense that no one has noticed that R.J. referred to the baby as his grandchild. As Antonio begins to comprehend what has happened, he falls limp against Bo's desk. He recalls the restraining order against Liz leaving town with his baby, but R.J. bellows a harsh reality check, "Stop thinking like a badge! They're dead!"

At Rodi's, Al justifies his second round of amphetamines as Rex picks up a round of drinks by stealing money off the bar. Jen is amused by his moxy and dabbles in the same form of larceny, citing it as "such a rush!" She invites Rex to come over to her new apartment, once she finds one with her parents' financial help. Meanwhile, Al is suffering from his parents' financial help. His pre-paid tutor, Marcie, makes her new pupil a bet: if he passed his poly-sci midterm she'll back off, but if he failed, they get to work. Marcie wins the bet. Al's "Quadraphenia" days are not paying off. Antonio stumbles into the bar like a zombie, remembering his first kiss with Keri outside the door. A song on the jukebox disturbs him and he unplugs it.

Mitch's slow, hypnotic voice intoxicates an already vulnerable Lindsay. He appears in her gallery seemingly out of nowhere and says everything she wants to hear. "You understand," she murmurs. Mitch places Todd's gun from the trashcan on the table. Lindsay is drawn to it and begins to shed quiet tears. He seems to know a lot about her recent activities. Lindsay's fierce fear of prison forces Mitch to work harder. He strokes the gun like a gentle lover. He wipes the gun clean and continues to ply her with suggestions of "justice." She's dazed. He retrieves a luxurious pair of gloves from her dressing area, placing them over Todd's gun. The suppleness of the leather drapes over its barrel like a mother cat cuddling a kitten. Jen arrives looking for her father and is unconvincingly placated by the excuse that Mitch is buying art. The knight bearing white kid gloves leaves discreetly. After telling her daughter that Troy is no longer a factor in her life, Lindsay follows saying, "Well, I've got things to do." Lindsay goes to Troy's loft for some kind of final chance and instead receives indelicate words. "I'm starting to regret I ever met you!" Troy bids her a very firm goodbye.

Blair is vigorously dismissing Todd at her doorstep when she notices an uncharacteristic sniffle and Victor Lord's ring on his hand. As they argue, she allows him in the house as their children are with Cassie. Sam delivers the legal document that specifies Cassie as next in line for Jack and Starr's custody. Todd brashly rips it up, but Sam has additional copies, sarcastically asking Todd, "Ever hear of computers?" Blair goes to another room to sign it, giving Todd the opportunity to drop the Troy bomb on an ever wishful Sam. "What is it about all these girls that leave you for Troy McIver," he taunts. As he lists Blair, Nora, and even Lindsay, Sam pins him violently against the wall. Blair returns to break them up and is shocked to learn that Todd went after Mitch with a gun. Todd leaves with a cryptic reply, "You know me Blair. I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done." Together, Blair and Sam lament the close relationship that Sam once shared with Todd in previous years. Blair thinks Todd is "out of control," but knows that he would never cause her harm. Sam has additional reservations about Troy McIver. But Blair downplays the Troy flirtation, telling her friend, "I'm by myself and I like it that way." After Sam leaves, she bores herself with solitaire and calls Troy. He comes to her house to find her wrapped in a lavish fur coat. It drops off her supple figure to the floor, revealing her taut body in scanty lingerie.

In his office, Bo shares some new evidence with Nora and Hank: Mitch's phone records containing four recent calls to a Los Angeles area code. Still lingering outside Lindsay's gallery, Mitch makes a call that begins with the area code 310: "Things are going even better than we planned."

Jen is disturbed by her mother's odd demeanor and finally tracks down her father at his house. They are both very concerned about Lindsay having possession of a gun in her present state of mind. Lindsay returns to her gallery, puts on the gloves, and places the gun in her purse. Mitch watches from a crevice in the hallway. He slithers out after she takes the elevator and calls Todd to meet him at Victor's mausoleum to discuss a financial settlement of the estate. Todd agrees. Mitch pats himself on the back for devising a way for Todd to have no alibi in the potential murder of Troy McIver.

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Todd and Mitch meet up at the Lord family crypt where Manning is planning on negotiating for the return of the family fortune. When Mitch asks him why he hasn't killed him yet, Todd responds with a threat to do so. Suddenly he is knocked out from behind; Mitch verifies that the man responsible has Todd's threat down on tape. The men handcuff Todd to the wall and Mitch removes Victor's ring. A dreaming Todd suddenly sees Victor who wants him to listen. He wants Todd to give him immortality since Todd has the heart of a Lord. Todd at first says he's nothing like Victor but tells Victor that he's not a great man like he thinks he is; he's a rapist among other things. Victor lists his legacy but Todd finds fault with it all. He decides that he shouldn't be near his kids though so that they won't be tarnished like him. He is like Victor after all. Victor takes his ring back, snarling that Todd doesn't deserve his legacy and threatens to find Jack. Todd will die in the crypt he yells, locking Todd in. Todd begs to let him out; he's the one with Victor's heart. Todd awakens and notices the missing ring.

At Rodi's, Jess tries to console a heartbroken Antonio but he warns her to back off and leave him be. He takes off, leaving his jacket behind. The voice of the night wonders if you had dreams when you were a kid. Lindsay, searching for Troy, runs into Nora, who expresses her hate for her enemy. Lindsay warns her that it's not a good day to bother her and she'd better stay away from her. Nora continues to berate her, telling her that there's not anyone around who ever loved her since she only cares for herself. Everyone laughs behind her back, Nora snaps at her. She tells her that there are people who died while she is still around breathing their oxygen. When Mitch finds Lindsay, she asks him if he is laughing at her. Troy said he will never love her, she snivels, but she won't let him laugh at her. Mitch continues with his brainwashing of Lindsay and tells her that Troy should be with her, not Blair. "...should be struck down by God...sends a messenger to execute his will..." As a dazed Lindsay leaves the bar, Mitch can only smirk in satisfaction. When Sam charges in, frantically trying to locate Lindsay, Mitch tells him that he saw her about some art purchases. She's off to see an artist about some work being done, he says, looking pleased.

Cris and Nat move their belongings into Antonio's place, now their own. They discuss Nat's inability to communicate with her mother at Victor's service as well as her problems with Carlotta. They each decide to look for a job, though Nat tries to persuade Cris to continue with his artwork. He advises her that he needs to make some money first.

Blair greets Troy at the door, removing her fur coat to reveal only her underwear. The kids are at Cassie's for the evening and the guards are off for the night. He's reluctant to give in to her advances and tells her to slow down and talk instead. She proceeds to get drunk and kisses him as he tries to get her to put her coat back on. He finally manages to get her upstairs to bed and tucks her in. The voice of the night wonders about dreams that don't come through as she begs him to join her. He declines and she falls asleep quickly.

Antonio stumbles home in shock and wrecks whatever is in his path. He pulls some memories from his duffel bag; a stuffed animal for the baby and a picture of him with Keri in Hawaii. Jess arrives to return his jacket and bangs on the door until Antonio opens it. She suggests that he not be alone now but Antonio wants her to go. Jess tries to relate the loss of her own baby to Antonio's loss but he states that it's simply not the same. Her loss wasn't her fault, it was Dorian who hit her with the car. In his case, he had planned to call Keri but didn't. If he had, she may have missed the plane and not been killed. Cris arrives and expecting to see Natalie, is surprised to find Jess instead. She informs him of the deaths and of Antonio's condition, urging him to stay with his brother. When Antonio emerges from the other room, he's dressed and ready to leave for work, leaving two dismayed people behind.

Nat meets with Nora at the police station to get her ok on moving in with Cris. Nora advises her that with all of the charges that Mitch is now facing, she sees no problem with it. Nat reveals that she wants a divorce, explaining that her marriage was indeed consummated.

Troy receives a phone call telling him that he's needed at the hospital. At this time, Lindsay has walked into the house and is downstairs looking for her target. As music with the words "Beginning of the End" plays in the background, she walks zombie-like to the study to pour herself a drink. Unaware of each other's presence, Troy leaves the house through the front door. Lindsay steps outside through the French doors as Sam darts in through the busy front door. The voice of the night mentions broken dreams. Seeing Blair's coat and shoes strewn about, he's concerned but runs up the stairs to find her safely asleep and alone. Back inside again, Lindsay pulls the gun from her purse and moves to the stairs, crying.

Over at Rodi's as Mitch looks fondly at his new ring, Lindsay walks into Blair's bedroom, aims and shoots. "Good-bye Troy," she says.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Lindsay, believing she shot and killed Troy, is in a state of shock and doesn't realize she actually shot and killed Sam. Mitch waits and watches as Lindsay leaves Dorian's. Mitch then enters Blair's bedroom and plants evidence to make it look as though Todd shot Sam. Mitch would kill Blair as she sleeps but finds the gun out of bullets. Lindsay returns to the gallery, where she continues to reel from her actions. Mitch arrives at the gallery to calm Lindsay and make sure she doesn't incriminate herself. Mitch also explains he is framing Todd for murder.

Meanwhile, Jen pleads with Troy to check on Lindsay for fear Lindsay may do something to harm herself. Jen goes to the gallery and is shocked to find Mitch there. After Mitch and Jen leave, Lindsay suffers nightmares as she sleeps. Lindsay awakens to find Troy in her bedroom. Blair wakes from her alcohol induced sleep and screams when she finds Sam's bloodstained body. Todd remains trapped in the mausoleum. Mitch visits Todd and tells him his time on earth is almost up.

Joey is at the hospital when Flash brings in Riley, who has suffered a drug overdose. Joey waits with Flash and jumps to her defense when Antonio begins to browbeat her. Jen is miserable when Joey tells her they will be working at the community center together when Jen starts her community service.

Cristian is worried about Antonio in the aftermath of Keri's death. Bo urges Cristian to let Antonio grieve in his own way. Nora refuses to believe Natalie's claim that she consummated her marriage to Mitch. Nora tries to convince Natalie not to lie in order to try to get money out of Mitch in a divorce settlement. Natalie "admits" to Cristian that she slept with Mitch. Cristian doesn't buy Natalie's story but she refuses to back down. Roxanne offers to help back Natalie's story in court and suggests she and Natalie become partners in opening a hair salon.

Friday, March 14, 2003

At first confused by Troy's appearance, Lindsay assumes the shooting was a dream. Troy explains that he came to see her because Jenn asked him to, but Lindsay insists it is because he cares about her. Troy gives her the telephone number to a help line and leaves. Still confused, Lindsay calls and leaves a message for Mitch.

Blair wakes to find Sam's body next to her. Panicked she gets out of bed and spots Todd's gun and ring on the floor. After attempting to call him, she leaves to search his penthouse, where she discovers the bloody gloves that Mitch planted.

In the Lord crypt, Mitch tells Todd that Sam is dead and explains how he framed him. When Todd insists that no one will believe that he committed the crime, Mitch states that they will when Todd disappears. After binding and gagging Todd, Mitch's men put him in Victor's sarcophagus.

At Llanfair, Natalie tells her family that she has a plan to get rid of Mitch and keep their fortune. After explaining that she plans to tell the judge that she slept with her husband and regain half of his assets, her family refuses to support her. Enraged, Natalie storms out and runs into Asa, who warns her of her behavior. After she leaves, Asa joins his family in their plans to stop Mitch from taking everything from them.

After warning Antonio about keeping his personal life out of his job, Bo and the detective head to Blair's, where Troy has discovered Sam's body. As the police collect evidence, a curious Lindsay hides outside of the house, where she overhears that the victim of her rage was her ex-husband.

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