One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 3, 2003 on OLTL

Victor Lord died. Viki contested his will after it was learned that he'd left everything to Mitch. Al Holden was revealed to be the Voice of the Night. Carlotta tried to break up Cristian and Natalie. Jen slept with Rex.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 3, 2003 on OLTL
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Monday, March 3, 2003

As Todd stares at Victor Lord's shaky handwriting (which looks to be the beginning of a new will), Dr. Troy enters, and Todd asks whether Victor will survive. A skeptical sounding Dr. Troy says that he has a fighting chance. Todd tries to reach Sam, who is out with Blair, but Sam refuses to take Todd's call.

Flash asks Joey for help in locating CJ Roberts, Tina's son. Flash is insulted when Joey asks if she is pregnant. Joey explains that he has not seen CJ since he was a child. Flash has been searching for CJ every since they were separated a month ago. Jessica interrupts Joey and Flash as they are looking at family pictures of CJ and tells him that she doesn't think it is a good idea to have Flash in their home.

Natalie refuses to listen to Viki's pleas for her to come home. Natalie can't get over the feeling that Viki would have sacrificed her to save Jessica. Natalie demands that Viki admit her true feeling that she loves Jessica more. Viki insists that she would have given her own heart first, to save both her daughters. Viki gets a frantic call from Todd telling her to get to the hospital quickly. Natalie coldly dismisses her. Before Viki leaves she tells her that she will never give up on her. Although Roxy taunts Natalie about the tension with her biological mother she still asks for money.

Cristian confronts Todd about risking Natalie's life to save Blair. Todd leaves abruptly, but is obviously shaken over what could have happened. He interrupts Blair's date with Sam to ask for help to stop Mitch Laurence from inheriting Victor Lord's fortune. He shows him the paper with Victor's scrawl and asks if that is enough to stop Mitch. Sam tells Todd that because the Will is not finished it is not enough and warns Todd not to forge the rest of the Will.

Bo startles Gabriel when he arrives home early. They snuggle as he tells her Mitch Laurence received bail. They are getting cozy when he remembers he forgot to call Nora. As Bo and Nora talk over the phone, Gabriel suffers pangs of jealousy.

Nora receives a call from Hank Gannon and rushes over to Bo's house, much to Gabriel's dismay, who was enjoying a romantic interlude with Bo. Nora apologizes to Gabriel and discusses Mitch Laurence's case with the Commish; telling him there is a possibility of a dismissal of charges on Mitch.

Witnessing interaction between Natalie, her mother and then later with Roxy, Cristian's mother tries to be nice by sending over desert and coffee by an interfering, bumbling waitress (care to guess who).

Viki and Todd attempt to get Victor to record a new will to prove that Mitch Laurence should not receive his fortune.

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Jessica persuades Antonio to continue his quest to regain a relationship with Keri. They go to the university together where he learns that Keri is leaving her professorship and Llanview immediately. He makes a passionate plea to her that she rejects, adding that she hopes he's never allowed contact with the baby. Antonio is defiant as he tearfully asserts, "Nobody is keeping me from my daughter!" Keri walks away from him leaving him trembling.

Out of his brains on speed, Al shares an overly exuberant reunion with his old pal Joey. Despite his condition, he's able to remember the name of the town in Michigan where C.J. was last known to reside. Jessica joins them and notices Al's extreme agitation. She speculates that it is because Jennifer, mercilessly teasing Marci about her crush on Joey, is nearby. Rapidly rattling off his newfound ambition, Al declines a study date with Jessica but is open to meeting her later at the university's spring break party. Eventually he passes out. Upon awakening, he discreetly pops more pills.

No longer heirs, Viki and Todd are fruitlessly trying to videotape their father's revised intentions for the Lord estate. Victor reaches to take Viki's pen, but instead grabs her hand. She protests his touch. He gasps, "Let it go Victoria. It doesn't matter. The future, the Lords, that's all." With Todd at her side growling emphatically, Viki wraps his feeble fingers around the pen. But there isn't enough time.

Troy pronounces, "Time of death—8:32 pm." A massive stroke claims the life of Victor Lord. Mitch slinks around a nurse in the hallway to obtain the news he anticipated. Todd spies him in his peripheral vision and runs after him, threatening him. But Viki prevents Todd's pursuit. The brother and sister, hands clasped, share some of their closest moments together. Todd ponders, "Do you think he's in hell yet?" Viki doesn't think it matters anymore. She asks him to return to Llanfair with her, but Todd has other plans.

Flash sashays into the Palace bar and redeems her watering privileges by paying Renee for the broken vase. After being schmoozed by Rex, the overachieving bartender, Renee's amenable but still leery. A hotel guest buys Flash a refill on her soda, announcing his room number to be billed. He carelessly leaves his room key on the bar. Flash accepts his hospitality until he steps into the hallway for better cell phone reception. Meanwhile at adjacent tables, Lindsay leans over to Gabrielle and warns her not to fall for any of Nora's false friendship overtures. Gabrielle doesn't have to suffer Lindsay's unsolicited advice for very long because Jennifer arrives. Jen wants to move in with her mother, but Lindsay is holding out for privacy with the hope that she and Troy will rendezvous again. Jennifer bluntly tells her, "Troy would rather be alone than be with you."

Attempts to dismiss the charges against Mitch are thwarted by Hank and especially Nora's passionate persuasion. Attorney Williamson missed some of her bases, annoying the judge. Nora, Hank, and Bo arrive at The Palace to work over dinner. Bo uses the opportunity of seeing Jen to convince her to testify against Mitch. Lindsay maternally shepherds her daughter away with a brief word to Bo that Sam will contact him. Gabrielle is elated to hear that Bo's police work prevailed and forecasts no more problems from Mitch Laurence.

Flash's fast friend, the hotel guest, returns to the bar, only to find her gone. He later announces that he has been robbed. Flash is sitting outside when Joey relays the information he learned about C.J. As they make plans to further their search, Renee arrives with the police and Flash is handcuffed.

Viki returns to Llanfair and calls out for her children. They are not home. She wearily pushes open the doors to the library and discovers Mitch sitting on the couch. She quietly demands, "What are you doing in my house?" Mitch smugly oozes, "It's not yours anymore, Viki."

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Mitch toys with Viki about his expected ownership of her home. He lauds her decorating taste and touts his ability to beat the charges against him. He recalls Viki's hesitation when she was posed with the decision of choosing one daughter over the other and assures her their mutual choice was never in any real danger. But Viki maintains her equal love for both daughters. Mitch is looking forward to the reading of Victor's will in the morning and leaves Viki with a cruel comment regarding her molestation. Viki retorts, "This is a fight that you will not win." Alone in the library, she folds her arms by the fireplace and languishes in the majesty of Llanfair.

Joey champions Flash and, having none of the stolen items or money in her possession, she is exonerated. But his trust in her is overwhelming and she takes off to the garage where a lone guitar player strums an acoustic. Looking for booze, they decide to sneak into the party at Llanview University with fake I.D.'s.

Cristian takes Natalie on a brief tour of Angel Square before they hit the bash at the student union. Jen is already there drinking vodka snuck in by Rex. She is agitated by the couple's arrival and slugs more hooch. Molli and Shawna make an appearance and condescend to everyone. At last, The Voice of The Night kicks up the music and provides a cryptic narrative to the revelry. Al comes around a corner and makes a B-line to Jennifer. He's still buzzing on speed and Jen is not interested in his chatter. She cozies up to Rex again and slithers against him as he refills her cup. Rex's drug dealing buddy enters the mix and Al cops some new pills to "level off." Rex discreetly picks up his referral commission while Marci warns Jen to be wary of him. But Jen belittles Marci's crush on Joey and trashes her saying, "You're lucky because you've never actually been with a guy and you probably never will be."

Joey has hooked-up with Jessica and they arrive at the party together, giving him the chance to finally meet his half-sister Natalie. But Nat is sporting a big chip on her shoulder. She rudely evades them and bickers with Jessica occasionally, resentment spewing from every pore. Joey spends the rest of his time trying to recruit homeless party crashers, including Flash who eventually flees from his suffocating pitch. Jessica follows Flash to her squat and is paused by its dilapidated condition. On her way home, Jessica is mugged in Angel Square. She refuses to part with a bracelet from her father. Before violence ensues, Antonio rescues her. He tells Jessica, "You don't belong here."

Still at the party, Cristian is supportive of Natalie. He goes to fetch them drinks and encounters a cantankerous Jen hanging over the punch bowl. Loud enough to stop the student bodies from dancing, Jen bursts into a tirade about her dastardly deeds, blaming Cristian for her actions. She collapses in tears. Despite Jen's earlier vicious comment, Marci salvages her to the ladies room. But Jen is belligerent and dismisses her overly loyal friend. Natalie seizes the opportunity to confront her saboteur. Jen relishes the chance to recount a proud laundry list of hateful machinations. Natalie is aghast at the depth and impact of her treachery. "I can't believe you did all that to keep Cristian." Jen replies, "Wouldn't you?"

Riding high on her revelation, Jen returns to her slutty gyrations on the dance floor with Rex. Curfew is announced. Ignoring Marci's objections, Jen leaves with Rex. Al approaches a deflated Marci to compare their experiences with Jennifer. He implies an obsession not unlike his own and points out that Marci has no other friends. With false bravado, Marci insists she is a good friend of The Voice of The Night. She drags Molli and Shawna with her to the DJ booth to prove it. Al accompanies them, but they find no one there. Al excuses himself for the evening.

The crowd has dispersed. Some have gone to the garage to continue partying. Only Natalie and Cristian remain, slowly dancing to a comforting ballad. The Voice of The Night sits down at the soundboard, puts on his headphones, and pulls the microphone towards him. He concludes his show gently with sage advice about misplaced love. He is Al Holden.

Thursday, March 6, 2003

At Jen's- After a night of drinking, Jen wakes to find Rex asleep next to her in bed. Marcie comes to check on Jen after seeing her drunk the night before. She finds Jen in her robe. Then out walks Rex on his way out, kissing Jen on the cheek. Marcie asks Jen if Rex forced himself on her or if he drugged her? Jen recalls that it was her that was all over Rex! Marcie questions Jen about safe sex and Jen tells her that she has no plans of getting pregnant again. She and Rex have no strings and that it was just a good time, meaning that she was just using Rex.

At Asa's- Asa rants to Nigel about the loser, Mitch, and how he will take care of things to protect his family. Nigel tells Asa that he shouldn't put a strain on his heart, but Asa reminds him that his heart attack was fake to get rid of Rae.

At the Palace- Hank tells Rae about what Mitch is doing and Rae realizes that she is guilty of doing the same thing with Asa and that she needs to change that. Rae goes to Renee and tells her how sorry that she is. Renee tells her that she is still responsible for what she has done and if she is really sorry that she will do something about it.

At Asa's- Rae tells Asa that she will give him the divorce that he wants. Asa wants to know how much Rae wants for a divorce. Rae tells Asa that she wants nothing, leaving Asa's mouth hanging open!!

At Blair's- Blair comes down stairs to catch Starr in a rage and trashing the whole room. Blair tries to stop her, but Starr wants her Dad, Todd. Later, Blair calls to Starr that she had better clean up her mess that she made, but Starr is gone. Blair calls Troy in a panic to see if Starr is at his place, but she isn't. However, a few moments later Starr comes knocking at his door. Blair tells Troy not to tell Starr, but that Blair is on her way to get her. Starr tells Troy goodbye since she is planning to leave town. Troy wants her to share hot chocolate with him before she hits the road. Troy tells Starr that sometimes even if two people love each other, it doesn't mean that they will be getting back together. A lot is about lies and trust. Troy puts Starr down for a nap for awhile, while Blair arrives feeling bad for fighting with Starr. Blair and Troy share a glass of wine and talk things out.

At Llanfair- Sam, Viki, Joey, and Jessica gather for the reading of Victor's will. In walks Todd, telling Sam that he has the proof that Victor changed his will on video tape. Sam knows better and tells Todd that it isn't going to work since Todd doctored the tape. Todd tries to get Viki to say that she was a witness, but she refuses. Viki mentions that she wishes that she had got hold of Tina.

Mitch and his lawyers arrive to execute the reading of Victor Lord's will. They all sit down and the reading of the will begins by saying that all prior wills are null and void and that everything is to be left to Mitchell Laurence. With his creepy stare and smirk on his face, Mitch names all that will now be his- the newspaper, millions of dollars, Llanfair and all of its contents. Mitch wants to toast to Victor Lord. Viki tells him no way in hell. In walks Asa threatening Mitch. Mitch goes on sarcastically about all that he now has and that Viki now has nothing.

Jessica is informed by Mitch that since she is his daughter that the rules don't apply to her. Mitch tells her that everything that he has belongs to her. Jessica decides to take him up on his offer, but Sam stops her. Sam tells Jessica that she would have to sign an agreement that no money would go to her present family, and that she would have to live at Llanfair with Mitch. Asa tells Mitch that if he messes with his family that he will kill him! Todd leaves in a rush. Asa offers his home for everyone to live.

At Judge Fitzwater's courtroom- Sam explains that Mitch was double crossing Victor Lord. Viki says that Victor as much as told her and Todd that before he died. Sam says that they are contesting the will and that they are requesting a stay for Viki and family to remain at Llanfair. Judge Fitzwater grants the stay for Viki and family to stay at Llanfair.

At Llanfair- Viki looks around at all she could stand to lose, when Joey and Jessica come in and ask what they can do. Viki tells them not to worry and that everything is under control. Joey tells Jessica that they will fight together as a family. Jessica gets an idea and says that yes, family is the key and that she thinks there is a way for them to fight Mitch!!

At Blair's- Todd comes to see his kids, but Hedy won't let him in due to the restraining order against him and then tells Todd to leave.

At Mitch's- Todd blasts through the doors at Mitch's house, pulls out a gun and tells Mitch that he isn't leaving, and that he has nothing to lose!

Friday, March 7, 2003

Despite the restraining order that Antonio put in place ordering Liz and the baby to stay in Llanview, R.J. and Keri convince Liz to leave town. While Nora tries to convince Antonio that he and Keri can work out their problems, Keri and Liz leave with the baby. R.J. is shocked he later gets a phone call and learns that the plane crashed with no survivors.

When Carlotta suggests that Natalie move back into Llanfair to be with her family, Natalie demands to know why Carlotta dislikes her so much. After Carlotta finally admits that she doesn't want Cristian and Natalie together, Natalie informs her of all of the schemes Jenn used to try to keep Cristian. When the confrontation ends, Cristian tells his mother that he and Antonio have switched apartments and he and Natalie will be moving into Antonio's old place.

At Mitch's house Todd continues to threaten his nemesis with a gun until Jessica shows up and convinces her uncle that he isn't capable of murder. When he leaves, Mitch thanks his daughter for saving his life, to which she states that she didn't do it for him. When he insists that he loves her, she asks that he prove it by tearing up Victor Lord's will and leaving her mother alone. He refuses and Jessica leaves, going to the police station to tell Antonio that she is worried about what her uncle may do.

After spotting Troy with a woman through his window, Lindsay barges in, curious as to how he got Nora to forgive him, then is stunned to realize the woman is Blair. After Blair and Starr leave, Lindsay attempts to seduce Troy, but he refuses, stating that he hated having to be with her and demands that she leave him alone.

In the alley outside of Troy's building, Lindsay runs into a disgruntled Todd. After telling him how she found Blair and Troy together, she suggests that he kill Troy. Instead, Todd drops his gun in a trash can and walks away. After Lindsay leaves, Mitch retrieves the gun and calls his co-conspirator informing them that they are very close to getting everything.

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