All My Children Recaps: The week of March 3, 2003 on AMC

Michael made mysterious plans with his father. Palmer evicted Fusion from his building. Liza worried that Adam would learn that she had kissed Tad. Trey was sent to prison after Reggie revealed that Trey had set fire to Erica's house. Doctors determined that Anna's baby needed a pacemaker.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 3, 2003 on AMC
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Monday, March 3, 2003

At Enchantment, Erica scolds Opal for enjoying herself at the Fusion party. However, when Opal makes a spirited defense of her actions, she is surprised when Erica tearfully confesses that she hit the sheets with Jack. When Opal blasts Erica for sabotaging her engagement to Chris with the infidelity, Erica admits that she is afraid she will lose the one man who really loves her the way she needs to be loved - but Opal admits to being confused as to whether Erica means Chris - or Jack! Erica angrily accuses Opal of not understanding and storms out. Later, Chris arrives at Erica's office with roses to apologize to Erica but finds only Opal. When Opal cryptically announces that Erica is the one who should be apologizing, Chris waits until Opal leaves, then calls the private investigator he has hired to shadow Erica.

At Fusion, Kendall confides to Simone that she blew it with Michael, then rushes up to the roof to have a good cry. Kendall is surprised when Michael suddenly shows up on the roof. When Kendall apologizes for going Swamp Girl Psycho on Michael at the Valley Inn, Kendall is stunned when Michael hesitantly admits that he came to apologize to Kendall - because Kendal WAS right about Michael having something going on with Erica. Although Kendall leaps to the conclusion that Michael means that he has been in bed with Kendall's mother, Michael hastens to explain that he had a business deal going with Erica and did NOT want to mention it to Kendall because the mention of her mother's name pushes so many buttons with Kendall. Then, claiming that he believes Kendall has no 'fire' for him, Michael challenges Kendall to spend the night with him. Kendall balks at what sounds like an ultimatum to her, but Michael quickly explains that he has been blowing off important meetings for trips to Pine Valley and that he can NOT keep doing that if there is no hope for a future for his relationship with Kendall. Michael suggests that he believes that he might be wasting his time in Pine Valley. Michael gives Kendal a deadline and tells her that IF she does NOT meet him at his hotel in that time period, he will take it as a sign that Kendall truly wants NOTHING more to do with him, and Michael will leave Pine Valley and NOT return! When Kendall recites a list of the many times she has been hurt, Michael promises Kendal that IF Kendall DOES decide to spend the night with him, Michael will prove to Kendall that she has NOTHING to be afraid of! Kendall returns to the Fusion office and confides to Mia and Simone that Michael may be leaving - for good!

Liza arrives at Jake's loft and tries to convince Mia to move to the Gate House, but Mia refuses. When Tad arrives to see how Mia is doing - Mia slams the door in his face and then blasts Tad because he chose NOT to tell Mia about Jake's affair with Allison - until AFTER it was too late! Tad tries to explain Jake's actions, but Mia refuses to listen and slams out of the apartment. After Mia leaves, Liza blasts Tad as well! As Tad and Liza argue about Mia and Jake, they suddenly end up in a clinch!

Jack calls Aidan into the District Attorney's office and confides that some new charges about Chris' conduct as a Federal agent have surfaced and Jack wants them investigated. Aidan questions whether Jack is motived by jealousy, but Jack denies the charge and hesitantly shares his file with Aidan. Aidan agrees to investigate and Jack hands Aidan a gun - in case he needs it! After Aidan leaves, Jack is surprised when a tearful Erica arrives at his office, rushes into his arms and begins crying on Jack's shoulder. At the same time, Chris gets hold of his private investigator and orders Linus to call off the tail on Erica. But Linus reports to Chris that he SHOULD re-think his decision - the private investigator has a good view of Erica in Jack's arms but does NOT mention what he sees to Chris. Chris insists that he can take care of it and orders the investigator to leave. Chris leaves a note with his flowers on Erica's desk and heads to Jack's office. In the meantime, Erica and Jack argue and Erica storms out. After Erica leaves, Jack orders his contacts to go after Chris with everything they have.

After talking to Simone and Mia, Kendall decides to meet Michael at his hotel room. After Kendall leaves the Fusion office to meet Michael, Simone comforts a sorrowful Mia and Mia sadly takes off her engagement ring.

Meanwhile, at his Hotel room, Michael receives a call from his father and reports that he is still in Pine Valley because he believes he is on to something. As Michael assures his father that he can handle the situation and knows exactly what he is doing, Kendall arrives.

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Tad and Liza. Just like old times, they kissed at Jake's apartment. Liza wondered why that happened, Tad said it seemed like a good idea at the time. Liza asked Tad to let go of her, he asked her to let go of him. Liza freaked out, saying "I can't do this!" and ran out for an appointment with her marriage therapist, as Tad pleaded for her not to leave, just as the door slammed.

David, Anna, and Leora. While the proud parents were anxiously awaiting test results, Greenlee came to visit. They said they hadn't called her about the premature birth because of their fear for the worst and not wanting to put her through that. Greenlee was annoyed and said they should not have done that because she wants to share in all the family moments. The baby is tiny and has the lungs of Kelly Osbourne, according to Anna. They told Greenlee the baby's name, Leora, and introduced the baby to her special Auntie. Greenlee held the baby and thought it had Leo's heart and spirit. Greenlee gave Leora a teddy bear named Rupert that had belonged to Leo. The parents said Leora may go to med school or the police academy when she grows up, no pressure. Anna told Greenlee that someday she may hold her own baby and Greenlee said it may be sooner than they soon as finds out who her mystery man is. Anna and David asked some questions, but Greenlee really didn't have any answers. Anna and David were very concerned about Greenlee, but she thought she was close to tracing the secret admirer. They agreed she should follow her heart. David got word that the test results still show a problem with the baby's heart.

Kendall and Michael. Kendall came to Michael's hotel room and he assured her (with slow, steamy kisses) that she had nothing to fear. As Michael closed the blinds, Kendall began to undress and they fell into bed. In the afterglow, Michael confessed to Kendall that he's wanted her since they met in Aspen and how he has never pursued a woman the way he has pursued her . She was amazed and wondered if his villa in Tuscany is really a monastery, with him as a monk with all the right moves. Michael was full of praise for Kendall and she was very grateful and told him how right it feels to be with him, how she felt like she belonged with Michael. Michael asked if Kendall really pulled a gun on Erica once. Kendall then remembered Petie and being late to pick him up and had to leave right away. Michael, in Prince Charming mode, worked hard to convince Kendall that he'd still be there for her when whatever situation was straightened out. After Kendall left, Michael called his father again and assured him he can deliver everything as promised.

Liza. Lysistrata was seeing another patient when Liza stormed in and kicked the other patient out. The patient asked if this was part of his therapy. Lysistrata said they'd discuss it at the next session. Liza was distraught and asked for help as she feared she'd trashed her life...again. Lysistrata told Liza she can't interrupt other patient's in the future, Liza said it was an emergency and Adam can't know, she couldn't even talk about it. Lysistrata then instructed Liza to write down what happened. Liza scribbled on a piece of paper and handed it to Lysistrata. Lysistrata thought she wrote that she had killed a man, and Liza corrected her to say she'd only kissed a man, other than her husband. Liza said it was someone she had a long and complicated history with, someone she definitely should not have kissed. Lysistrata wondered if she'd gone to bed with him, which offended Liza greatly, as a married woman. Lysistrata reminded her she shouldn't be so indignant, since her marital status didn't stop her from the lip lock. Lysistrata wondered if Liza was expecting her to judge her, scold her, tell her to sin no more. Liza implored Lysistrata to tell her why she did this. The therapist only said it's her dime, she should tell her who the irresistible man was. Liza was offended and said she never called him irresistible, but she admitted it was Tad Martin, and that they have a long history, going back to high school. Lysistrata was clearly very interested, remembered meeting Tad at the Fusion party and thought he was a real "cutie pie." Then, Lysistrata was very eager in knowing more details and exactly what had rekindled the spark, besides problems with Adam. Lysistrata then grilled Liza for specifics about how Tad and Adam are different. Liza waxed poetic about Tad's qualities, sense of humor, how he can be crazy, wild, unpredictable, funny, a friend...and as a lover. Lysistrata was busy taking notes, then asked why Liza is married to Adam instead of Tad. Lysistrata suggested Liza feel, instead of think her way through this. Liza admitted that Tad is her best friend, going through the best of times and worst of times...Lysistrata recited the traditional wedding vows and said he sounds like a husband and Liza sounds more married to Tad than Adam. Liza protested, said Tad was only fun, very spontaneous. Lysistrata opined that Tad knows how to boogie, leads with his hips, has lots of eye contact, and wondered who can resist that crooked smile. She then asked Liza if kissing Tad had anything to do with her. She reminded Liza that she saw Tad dancing with Lysistrata at the Fusion Party, then after years of being just friends planted a wet one on him, and suggested that Liza connect the dots.

Lysistrata retreated to her hammock and Liza berated her for turning her therapy session into being all about Lysistrata. Liza warned her that if Lysistrata has feelings for Tad, she'll end up alone in her own hammock.

Lysistrata was ecstatic about the breakthrough and accused Liza of having residual feelings for Tad, and Liza replied that Lysistrata needed to have head examined. Lysistrata then reminded Liza that she was the one making the session about the therapist, and it should be about Tad. She asked Liza what's missing from her marriage. Liza simply stated that this was a waste of time. Lysistrata asked what Liza is afraid of, if not the grip of passion she can't control that Tad awakened in her. Liza finally had to admit that Tad gives her something that Adam doesn't. Liza tried to retract that statement, but it was too late. Liza then struggled to list Adam's qualities, concerned parent topping the list, followed by competent businessman, and the fact he loves Liza. Liza gave a perfunctory answer to the question does she love her husband. Lysistrata wondered if she'll tell Adam about the kiss. Adam made a grand entrance at that moment, very eager to get to work to make their marraige the epic union it was meant to be.

Fusion. Palmer burst into the Fusion office, looking for Kendall and Petie. Petie was there doing homework, with Laurie forcing him to behave. Palmer was amazed that Petie was doing homework and Petie complained of being kidnapped by a school marm. Laurie wanted to check his homework, Palmer was furious, and Petie agreed, except that Palmer was furious at Kendall for shirking her responsibilities. Laurie came to Kendall's defense, but Palmer was upset, although not too upset to recognize Laurie's way with Petie in getting him to do his homework. Petie begged his father not to get rid of Kendall, but Palmer's mind was made up, and he planned to do more than just fire her. Just then, Kendall called and spoke to Laurie about Petie who suggested Kendall get to the office right away. Palmer was very impressed with Laurie and asked to talk to her about a permanent arrangement. Laurie left to go to her waitress job at BJ's. Palmer talked to Greenlee about Kendall's lack of responsibility and how he is no longer willing to lease them the building for $1/year. Yikes, Greenlee doesn't know where Kendall is either. Palmer told Greenlee he plans to kick Fusion's derriere and leaves. Then, Kendall returns to Fusion and Greenlee lambasted her for ignoring her responsibilities. She further hoped that Kendall just had the best sex ever, since she just cost them all the company they love.

Tad. Brooke had an emergency trip to DC and called Tad to her house to ask him to take care of Jamie. Brooke recognized the guilty look on Tad's face and asked what he'd done. He confessed that he did something wrong, and that he didn't feel bad about it. Further prying from Brooke got him to admit to kissing Liza and that it wasn't an innocent peck, more of a tonsil check and lip wrestle. Brooke suggested he act like an adult and deal with it as she ran out the door to catch her plane.

Jamie heard it all and Tad is disappointed. Tad asked if any of his advice about women ever made sense and Jamie looked unsure, at best, of how to respond. Jamie was accepting of Tad's behavior and said he was intolerant of Brooke in the past because that was before he understood that things just happen. Jamie told Tad that if he wants Liza and she wants him, they should go for it. Tad was appalled and said "ohmigod, it's genetic." Jamie said if they have a chance for something great, they should take it. Tad asked him if this is the part where Jamie slips him a condom and the car keys and shoves him out the door. Tad was sorry he asked and said next time he needs advice, he'll email Dear Aggie. Tad also accused Jamie of wanting him to go after Liza only as a way to stick it to Adam. Jamie admitted it would be a positive side effect. Tad asked Jamie what if he were Jamie and Liza was Laurie. Tad immediately knew he had hit on something. Tad and Jamie talked, and Jamie admitted to kissing Laurie, his brother's girlfriend, and that he'd do it again in a heartbeat. Tad went into fatherly mode and asked questions about the kiss. He told Jamie this is a sticky situation and he can't blow the brotherly relationship with his built-in best friend. Tad reminded Jamie that JR was there way before girls went from cooties to cuties and he shouldn't risk the situation, Jamie should wait until JR and Laurie broke up. Jamie reminded Tad that he didn't wait for Liza to break up with Adam before kissing her. Jamie and Tad discussed playing by the rules. Jamie admitted he thinks about Laurie all the time. Tad reminded his son that the world is full of beautiful, amazing women and Jamie can't go around jumping their bones all the time. Tad urged caution and suggested Jamie do the right thing, if only because Laurie is his brother's girlfriend. Jamie asked Tad what he plans to do about Liza. "Touche", said Tad. Jamie was not interested in his father telling him to do what he says, not what he does. He left the house and was next seen kissing Laurie at BJ's.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Greenlee yelled at Kendall and told her that Palmer was kicking them out of the building. Kendall thought she was joking and said she and palmer had a deal. Greenlee asked what it was and Kendall said he would lease them the building if she watched Petey. It dawned on her then that she was supposed to pick Petey up from school and she forgot. Greenlee said she hoped playing mattress tag with Michael was worth it. She started packing up her desk as she berated Kendall. Kendall tried to defend her self and tell Greenlee what it meant to her to be with Michael but Greenlee didn't want to hear it. Kendall said she'd go talk to Palmer as Simone and Mia walked in waving an eviction notice. Greenlee grabbed it and read that they had 24 hours to vacate the building. Simone asked how this happened and Greenlee explained as Kendall looked very guilty. The women harassed Kendall about sleeping with Michael. Carlos came in and said he was done for the day. Simone told him they were evicted and that she'd call him to tell him what was going on later. He left while the women continued bemoaning the eviction. Simone said at least they had each other. Kendall said what she got out of this was self respect and that she was going to save the company and ran out the door. Mia, Simone and Greenlee stayed to pack. Mia said she felt sorry for Kendall but Greenlee told her they couldn't feel sorry for everyone. Greenlee logged onto her computer to find no messages from her mystery man. Mia said the situation sucked and was going to the bar. Simone asked if she wanted company and Mia turned her down.

At the bar Mia sat alone with a bottle. She saw Carlos throwing darts and went over to him, surprising him by putting her hands over his eyes. She asked him if he had a thing about not dating the women he works with. Carlos said Simone was smart and beautiful but not the woman for him. Mia asked if he felt that way about all of them at Fusion. Carlos said they were all beautiful. Mia grabbed a dart and tried to throw it but stumbled. Carlos caught her and told her to sit down. She asked him to come back to her place for a drink but he turned her down, saying he didn't want to take advantage of her while she was drunk. Mia told him he had his chance and went back to her seat at the bar. A sleazy looking fellow sat next to her and began flirting with some extremely suggestive comments. Mia ate it up until Carlos came over and told the guy she was with him. He took her by the arm and led her out the door. He took her back to her apartment and as they walked in he told her she shouldn't talk to strange men in bars. Carlos told her she should go to bed and Mia asked if he'd tuck her in real tight and smiled.

Jamie went to see Laurie while she worked at BJ's. She told him he shouldn't have come and he thought she was embarrassed because of the kiss they shared. He said it was no weirder than his dad kissing Liza. Laurie asked if that's why he kissed her again, because Tad kissed Liza. Jamie said no, it was because it felt good the first time and he wanted to. Laurie told him it didn't mean anything and wished she could talk to JR. Jamie said his brother would never forgive them. Palmer walked in and told Laurie he had a proposition for her. He said he wanted her to replace Kendall as Petey's nanny. Laurie said Kendall made a mistake but it wasn't worth firing her over. Palmer disagreed and Laurie said she had to go back to work as Kendall arrived. Kendall told Palmer that she stunk at being Petey's nanny and that Laurie should take the job. Laurie walked away and Kendall said "You can't kick us out of the building!." Palmer said he already had. Kendall told him he'd be a fool to kick out Fusion and that he was no fool. She told him the women of Fusion would be lost without the company. Palmer asked what she would lose and she told him the first friends she ever had and a purpose in life. Kendall begged him not to make them pay for her mistakes. Palmer asked "Why do you get to me?" and said they could stay in the building under 2 conditions. The first was that Kendall convinced Laurie to be Petey's nanny and Kendall said "Consider it done!." Palmer said the second wasn't as easy and smiled. He told her he wanted to bring about a reconciliation between 2 people he cares about. "I want you to make peace with Erica", he told her. Kendall was horrified and said it would never work. Palmer told her if she wanted the building back she would make it work. Kendall was speechless.

Adam and Liza were at the therapist's. He told Liza he was concerned about her and she said that made her feel inspected. Lysistrata said maybe that's because there were things Liza hadn't told him and Liza shot her a nasty look. Adam asked if there was something she wanted to say and Liza said it wasn't important. Adam insisted and she finally told him she didn't want to go to the charity dinner that night. They began to argue about going to the dinner and finally he told Lysistrata to jump in anytime. She reached into a closet and brought out a huge foam bat and handed it to Liza. Adam complained that he didn't get one and was told that Liza needed it more. Liza began ranting about Jake dumping Mia and Adam told her not to compare him to Jake. Liza said it reminded her of how many times he had cheated on her and began hitting him with the bat. Adam tried to defend his affair with Brooke by saying they shared a common and long history together. Lysistrata asked if Liza had sex with someone from her past how would Adam feel. Adam said "Are you insane? Nothing would justify it!" He said it would kill him if Liza had an affair. Adam thought that was a breakthrough for him and told Liza she had issues and should stay and work on them. He would go to the dinner alone and left. Liza told Lysistrata that this wasn't the time to tell Adam about her kiss with Tad. Lysistrata said now she knows how Adam would react to her sleeping with Tad and that Liza had control over the direction her life is headed. Liza smacked her with the foam bat and stormed out.

Jamie arrived at Fusion after getting a call from Greenlee. She sat him down at her computer and told him to find out who was sending her the emails. He began to work on it while Greenlee kept packing. A while later Liza came in and wondered what Jamie was doing there. Greenlee told her he was hunting for the "cyber-stalker" and told Liza to start packing because they were evicted. Jamie piped up "I found a name! Sidney Bergeron!" and the women rushed to his side.

In the hallway outside Anna's room the baby's doctor told David his daughter's heart still had some major problems. David was very upset when he was told the baby needed a pacemaker. He refused to do it and said she was having complications because he had performed in-utero surgery on her. The doctor tried to talk him into it but David argued. She offered to go explain things to Anna but David said he would do it and they would come to a decision together. He went into the room where Anna was holding Leora. She said the baby was so perfect and she wished she could freeze this moment, all of them together and safe. David sat down and started to tell her but Maggie rushed in with a bouquet of balloons and some gifts. She gushed about the baby and Anna just beamed while David looked worried. Maggie asked about the name and David explained that they named her Leora, after Leo. Maggie thought that was sweet and said Leo would've loved it. Henry showed up and Maggie introduced him. Henry was thrilled to meet Dr. Hayward the cardiologist and went on about him being an amazing doctor. David told him to come back in a few years and see if he still felt that way. Henry went back to the hallway and Anna told Maggie he was cute. Maggie blushed and said he was just a lab partner and went out to join him. Anna told David he could've been nicer to Maggie's friend. David sat down and said he had something to tell her. Anna got very nervous when she realized David was so solemn and serious. He tried to explain the baby's heart problems and Anna could hardly bear the news. She fell into his arms and asked if there was anything they could do. David told her about the pacemaker but said he didn't think Leora should have the surgery until she was bigger and stronger. Anna said maybe they should do it but David disagreed. She asked if this was someone else's baby would he recommend they wait. David said the baby has been through so much and he just wanted to take her home. He broke down in Anna's arms.

Henry and Maggie went to BJ's. Henry was still floating from meeting the great Dr. Hayward. He asked Maggie what David was really like and she said he was an egomaniac, very strong and incredibly loyal. She said she'd trust him with her life. Then Henry asked about Anna. Maggie described her, saying "She rocks!" and that she really loves David. She said they've gone through alot to get where they are and what they have together is really special. She asked Henry if she gets a couple more points with him because she's related to David Hayward. Henry laughed and said now he can't chalk up her grades to "dumb luck." She asked about his family and he said they were nothing special and refused to talk about them.

Thursday, March 6, 2003

Edmund met up with Joni at BJ's to pay her for babysitting the night before, when Aidan and Maureen/Maria walked in hugging and kissing. They saw Edmund and the moment felt awkward for the two, Edmund walked over, greeted them then and asked to talk to Aidan alone. Edmund asked Aidan to be good to Maria and Aidan said that he would be good to Maureen. Edmund said that to him he still sees Maria -- the woman he loved -- and that he still has to get used to her being Maureen. Meanwhile, Joni told Maureen/Maria that Maddie was trying to get used to calling her Maureen and that she was hiding her pictures because she was afraid Edmund would be upset with her. Maureen/Maria said that Maddie shouldn't be afraid, Edmund wouldn't be upset. Maureen/Maria explained that she was in an accident and lost her memory, Joni told her that she knew what happened to her and that was no excuse to abandon her children, Jamie stepped in and pulled Joni away and told her she was too judgmental of everyone. Aidan comforted Maureen/Maria telling her that he loved her. Edmund came over to remind Maureen/Maria about Maddie's recital and invited Aidan to come along to her surprise.

Simone, Liza, and Greenlee were at Kendall's condo going through boxes when Kendall walked in and told them she couldn't get the building back from Palmer because he wanted her to make-up with Erica. Greenlee told her to "crawl to Enchantment and make-up with Erica." The three tried convincing Kendall to do this even if she had to pretend is she wanted to save Fusion. Kendall was reluctant but did go. Liza suggested a break to Greenlee who didn't want to take a break, but Liza needed to talk so Greenlee asked what gives. Liza told Greenlee that Tad kissed her last night and it had awakened feelings in her that scared her.

Bianca walked into Erica's office to show her the ad she was working on when she saw that Lena and Erica were talking. Bianca told Lena she had a great time at dinner. Lena said she did too then excused herself. Erica asked Bianca if anything were going on between the two of them and she replied "not yet." Erica told Bianca to be careful she didn't want her to be hurt again. Then went on to tell Bianca that Lena was as gay as she herself was. Bianca laughed and said "oh you have your gaydar tuned in now."

Bianca told Erica to mind her own business they laughed and Erica told Bianca she loved her ad. Bianca left. Minutes later Kendall walked in to the office and apologized for her behavior the other day. She told Erica that Michael explained everything and that she overreacted. Erica told Kendall she wasn't out to get her. Kendall tried getting her to admit that she saw her and touched Michael's hand to set her off, that it was a test that she failed. Erica told Kendall that she wouldn't jeopardize her relationship with Chris to go after Michael. But Kendall got a little hot headed and went on how she was trying to ruin her relationship with Michael. Erica went to the door told her she accepted her apology to leave or she'd call security. Kendall then explained that she may lose Fusion and the only way she could save it was Palmer's condition that she make-up with her. Erica said Palmer underestimated her. Kendall told Erica that Palmer loved them both and wanted to see them get along. Erica told Kendall to solve her own problems while Boyd listened outside the door. Kendall pleaded with Erica saying she wanted to work it out and that she only wanted Erica to notice her. Erica said "how can I not notice you when you tell me that you are out to destroy me" that's when Boyd busted in and told Erica to lay off Kendall. Kendall rushed out of the room with Boyd behind her trying to talk to her but with no luck, Kendall ran out crying. Boyd walked back into Erica's office telling her that she should leave the past behind her, that Kendall was her daughter and she shouldn't treat her that way. Erica told Boyd to go home, regroup, come back tomorrow and apologize. Boyd said he quit, she told him he couldn't quit he was under contract. He told Erica to sue him then slammed the door behind him.

Simone went to Mia's apartment to check on her. She knocked several times when Carlos finally opened the door. Mia came up beside him a minute later and Simone looked at them with tears filling up in her eyes and had assumed that they slept together. Mia thanked Carlos for being an angel then he left. Simone accused Mia of going after Carlos knowing that she liked him first. Mia tried explaining what happened and that Carlos was being a friend. Simone asked if she was not her friend and Mia said that all the girls of Fusion are just looking out for themselves and told Simone that she was more concerned that she was sleeping with Carlos than for her. Mia went on about how she and Jake weren't meant for each other started crying and Simone told her it wasn't her fault and they hugged.

Greenlee was working on finding her mystery man when a knock came to the door. She said unless it's good news go away. But the knocks continued so she opened the door to find Carlos. He said he had no good or bad news but wanted to let her know that if she needed anything to let him know. She thanked him then he left. She went back to the computer and found out that "Sydney", her mystery man, was living in Pine Valley and said to herself it couldn't be that easy.

Tad was ordering food in BJ's when Liza came in and walked over to him. He apologized to her for kissing her leaving it up to kismet then she reached up and kissed him. Shocked, he asked her what that was about and she said "just checking" then left leaving him confused.

Trey and Reggie walked into Jackson's office, when Trey asked if there was a deal for Reggie. Jackson said no deal and Trey was ready to leave when Jackson told him he could go but Reggie couldn't his bail had been revoked. Jackson explained that the same gun used in Trey's apartment was used in an armed robbery the night before where someone was shot. Trey asked to talk to Reggie alone and told him that he needed to tell Jackson the truth that he would be protected. Reggie didn't want to and Trey asked who he was trying to protect. If it was him didn't need to. Trey called Jackson back in and told him Reggie was ready to talk. Jackson asked him if he was and Reggie replied, I don't know anything about the armed robbery but I know who set fire to Erica's house. Trey looked shock when Reggie told Jackson that Trey told him that he was the one who had set the fire to the house.

Friday, March 7, 2003

Greenlee was sitting in Kendall's condo staring at a piece of paper on which she had written the name Sidney Bergeron, her mystery emailer. Simone walked in busily talking about Mia's morning schedule. She asked what was going on with Greenlee. Simone was amazed Greenlee found out who he was and asked how she got it. Greenlee told her Jamie Martin helped her get it from Net. Simone wanted to unmask him right then and there. There was a knock at the door. Boyd came in looking for Kendall. She wasn't there. He announced he quit Enchantment and offered his services to Fusion. Just then Kendall entered the condo and told him Fusion doesn't want him and to go back to Erica. Boyd told Greenlee he wanted to work at Fusion and they were almost shaking on it when Kendall interrupted them she couldn't let Boyd ruin his future because of her. The other ladies tried to convince Kendall to let Boyd work for Fusion.

Simone and Greenlee left so Kendall could talk to Boyd. He wanted to know if her apology to Erica was genuine or was it just a ploy to get Fusion's building back. Kendall assured him Erica won't be happy until Erica destroys her and that she truly wanted Erica to accept her as her daughter, for herself. Boyd wanted to know how Fusion was evicted. Kendall explained she was supposed to be watching Petey and she was with Michael instead. Palmer wasn't pleased and evicted Fusion. She wondered where they go from here. Suddenly Boyd had an idea and rushed out of the condo.

At Erica's Enchantment office she talked to someone on her phone telling them to lock Boyd out of his office. Lena and Bianca came into Erica's office and was told Boyd just quit. "How long before Fusion snaps him up?" replied Bianca. Erica countered that everyone is replaceable and asked Bianca to contact the headhunters and Lena to call her European contacts in find a R&D wizard who wants to make a change. Bianca wanted to know if Boyd left the company because of Kendall. Val buzzed Erica on the intercom: Chris wanted to see Erica. She refused and returned to strategize about replacing Boyd telling Bianca to return at the end of the day. The phone rang again. This time it was Jackson. Frazzled, Erica asked if it was important as she was in a very important meeting. "I'm just about to arrest the person who burned down your house," replied Jackson. "Is that important enough?" Erica was pleased. Bury him so deep in the ground so he doesn't see the light of the day. How can I thank you? Erica asked. Jackson assured her they would find a way later. Chris told Jack he would go over to Enchantment right away to tell Erica the news about Trey himself.

Erica shared the news with Bianca about Trey's confession as Lena entered her office. Lena's sympathy prompted her to give Bianca a comforting touch on the shoulder as a wary Erica watched. The phone buzzed again, Donald Fields, trash newspaper reporter, barged into her office. He wanted to know why Erica was playing footsie with Cambias' Enterprises in Michael's private jet. Was there any truth to a Cambias-Enchantment joint venture. Erica angrily threw him out. Lena replied the joint venture was a ploy. They get friendly with a takeover target, propose a joint venture and then they strike and take over. It's known as a bear hug takeover tactic. Lena suggested Enchantment leak our own story. Suppose we say Cambias has nothing to offer. Enchantment has Erica Kane. Erica thought it was a brilliant strategy.

Chris knocked on Erica's door and walked in. Erica was a frazzled and didn't really want to see him. She explained about the takeover threat. Chris was waiting to tell her the news about Trey burning down her house and she said she already knew that because Jackson called and told her. Chris was very disappointed Erica already knew about Trey from Jack. He wondered how come Erica takes other people's calls and she has his held. Boyd interrupted their conversation and Erica welcomed him into her office. Chris muttered out loud if Erica plans these interruptions while he is there because she doesn't want to deal with him any more. He quickly left the office in a huff. Boyd said he would return to Enchantment on one condition: Erica has to call Palmer and convince him to give Fusion their office back. Erica tried to argue with Boyd but Boyd was adamant. If she wants him back, she has to call Palmer. She does. Erica welcomed Boyd back as Bianca came into the office.

David Hayward was holding his new daughter, Leora in his arms in the hospital. He told her she is a brave little girl and that he won't let anyone hurt her. Anna came in. She had been using the internet looking up website on Leora's condition. In almost every case doctors had implanted a pacemaker. She impatiently asked David why wouldn't he do the same for Leora. David tried to explain it wasn't the same situation. The nurse came in to get the baby. Anna immediately demanded an explanation from David why he won't help his daughter. They argued over the evidence Anna found on the Web. He won't risk his daughter's life. There are alternative treatments David countered. David wanted the baby to get stronger before a pacemaker is implanted. He doesn't think she needs one right away based on her EKGs.

Aidan meant with a stranger at BJs asking what he had. The stranger told he the guy is pretty clean. Aidan replied it's not me who's looking. The stranger commented that someone sure has a rage out for Chris Stamp.

Jackson asked Reggie to repeat what he just said. Did Trey burn down Erica Kane's house. Reggie confirmed what he said by saying it again that Trey told him he (Trey) burned down Erica's house. Jackson glared at Trey and asked if his foster son was telling the truth. Trey said Reggie was doing just what he taught him to do-to take care of himself. Just then Chris Stamp barged into Jack's office saying he had the papers they were looking for just as Trey confessed he burned down Erica Kane's house. Chris looked stunned. Jack gritted his teeth and told Trey to stay put in his office while he went to get a court stenographer to take a statement. He glared at Chris and told him to behave himself while he was gone. As soon as Jackson left, Menacingly, Chris grabbed Trey with his hand around his throat and told him eyeball to eyeball the only reason he was still alive was because Erica and Bianca are still alive. He quickly released Trey and left Jack's office slamming the door behind him. Reggie looked at Trey and began to justify why he told Jack about Trey's confession. He said he didn't plan on telling anyone "You are looking out for yourself right said Trey. Jack lays off you, I go away for a while. This doesn't solve the real problem does it Reggie? Your problem shot an innocent man. Every time you give into this man you give away your power." Reggie didn't want to hear the lecture. Trey told him we're not that much different. Trey told Reggie to take charge of his own life and don't let the rage eat you up as it has to him. Reggie finally admit that Janelle would be killed if he ratted.

Janelle was paged to come to the DA's office. Jack explained Trey had confessed to arson . Trey made a deal because without his confession Jack has no case. Jack had to be a foster parent for Reggie and Trey's sentence would be reduced. Jack agreed 3-5 years in state prison and that Trey would never return to Pine Valley. He will be Reggie's foster parent and he will go after the person who threatened Janelle. Trey is taken away in handcuffs.

Simone and Greenlee went to BJs and talked about Sidney Bergeon. They agreed his name sounded like a 'hottie.' They began to eat lunch and Simone finally convince Greenlee to call Sidney A woman answered the phone. Greenlee quickly hung up. "He's married!" she exclaimed. Greenlee's phone rang. As soon as the call was ended, she jumped up from the table, grabbed Simone and ran out of the restaurant. Kendall's phone rang. "Oh my God" she said and quickly ran out of the condo. The three Fusion ladies opened up the door to the Fusion building exclaiming "Welcome back!"

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