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Adam assaulted David, and Liza fainted after witnessing the hostility. Mia and Liza bonded. Someone taunted Vanessa. Trey arrived in town and made plans with both Greenlee and Vanessa. Greenlee helped Leo evade the police. Ryan and Kendall independently accepted positions at SOS.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 25, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, March 25, 2002

Leo finished moving into Kendall's old room at the Pine Cone, with some help from Simone. He thanked her for all the help she gave him when she casually mentioned that he should write a book about his "adventures with Proteus." Thinking she spoke out of turn, Simone began to apologize when Leo interrupted her and said it was brilliant. He told her that he wants to write a book about Vanessa, and he wants her help. Against her protests, Leo began getting excited about the prospects. She told him to slow down and think about it. Does he want to relive what his mother did? He told her that he is willing to relive it, and, with her help, this can work. She decided to help him with the at least the first chapter. Together, they began writing. Later, they were reminiscing over some of the con games he and his mother played. Leo got serious quickly as he realized that his mother was Proteus the entire time they were playing these games. Simone told him that this sounds good, but readers are going to want to know more about Proteus then Leo can tell. He told her that he's always known something was wrong with his mother, and he should have seen it. He grabbed his coat to leave, as Simone told him not to do this to himself. He left without an explanation.

Outside his room, Ryan comforted Kendall. He told her that he doesn't want her to be alone, but she wasn't listening. She told him that he doesn't have to do this, but he moved closer as he said, "I know." Kendall stopped and said that she doesn't want to be like her mother. She doesn't want to snare a man using tears and vulnerability. Ryan argued that that isn't what's happening. She said that she doesn't want to end up with him because of stupid head games. She accused him of pitying her, but he denied it. He said he feels a lot for her, but not pity. He repeated that he doesn't pity her, and she's nothing like Erica. He told her that he recognizes her as a manipulator, because he is also. He said that his entire world had been turned upside down in the past year. He lost his wife, and he still hasn't gotten over her. He next told Kendall that he can't begin another relationship, not now, maybe not ever. She acted upset at first, but then rebounded and told him that she wasn't coming on to him, he was coming on to her. Before Ryan could respond, she walked away. Ryan followed her.

In the hospital, David repeated his request to Adam that he be allowed to speak with Liza. Adam grilled him about his relationship with Dixie, but David sidetracked and again demanded to speak with Liza. When he refused to tell Adam what it was about, stating that it was none of his business, Adam told him to go straight to hell. Adam received a call on another line, and placed David on hold against his wishes. Marian was on the other line, and she informed Adam that they can't find Colby. He hung up and raced out of the room.

After being given the subpoena in Jackson's office, Anna said that it must be a joke. He filled her in that his office has gathered enough information on David Hayward, and he will convene a grand jury to investigate. She told him that he can't do this, but Jack responded that she better get smarter and start doing her job. He told her that she took an oath to support the justice system, and she better not let David Hayward use her to manipulate the system. She accused him of purposely waiting until she was sworn in before moving against David, and she prepared to leave his office. Jackson stopped her, though, and told her not to let him cloud her judgment. He told her that David's using her, and she has to see it. As he told her that she can't let David get away with it, David walked into the office. David apologized for being late, as Jackson left them alone. She began asking him what took him so long, and he responded that he was with a patient. When she told him that it was Dixie, he denied it and said that it was Liza. He asked her to forget about Dixie, but she said she can't "while she's pregnant with your child." David reacted in shock at her accusation, but he denied it. Finally, when she pressured him, he admitted that Dixie is pregnant, but Tad is the father. He filled her in on Dixie's fears and motives. She began to wonder why he is always involved with Dixie, and why he didn't tell her sooner. He told her that he made a promise to Dixie not to say anything. She couldn't believe that he would keep his word to Dixie rather then tell her. She said that he made a big mistake, and he can't afford to make mistakes. He apologized for keeping Dixie's secret, but Anna asked him if this whole affair between them is just a game to him. He said that it isn't, and that they are truly husband and wife. She reminded him that they are married to protect him from criminal charges. She then told him that she was subpoenaed to testify against him, but she could still refuse because they're married. She said that the grand jury convenes on Friday, and that is when he will find out if she will still stand by him.

In the park, Liza was screaming for Colby. Marian grilled her about what happened after she left her with Liza, but Liza told Marian that she doesn't remember her leaving Colby. She doesn't remember anything. She resumed running around the park looking for her daughter, while Marian continued grilling Liza about what she remembered. Marian picked up her phone to call the police when Adam arrived. He grabbed Liza and screamed in her face, "Where have you hidden my child?" He accused her of staging this in an attempt to get Colby away from him. While he screamed at her, Liza grabbed her head and collapsed in his arms. The paramedics arrived to take care of Liza, and Mia showed up, telling Marian that she heard it on the police radio. Mia ran off to look through more of the park, as Liza regained consciousness. Marian stopped Adam from grilling her further, and he accused her of helping Liza steal Colby. Marian informed him that something is obviously wrong with her, but Adam told Marian that Liza's been skimming money from Chandler Enterprises. Ryan, seeing the commotion, walked up. When Adam saw him, he walked up to him and said, "My wife is going nowhere with you!" He began to accuse Ryan of conspiring with Liza to run away together. Ryan responded that he's paranoid and needs to snap out of it. They both stop arguing as Liza stood up and yelled for Colby. She began to repeat that she can't remember what happened to her. Adam moved to her, and she threw her arms around him. Ryan left, stating that he'll find her.

Kendall walked back to the Pine Cone, holding Colby's hand. She began asking her who she is and where she's from, but Colby isn't talking, because Kendall's a stranger. Colby led Kendall back to the place in the park where she was sitting with Liza. As Colby finally opened up and told Kendall that she left because her mom stopped listening to her, Ryan saw them and noticed how Kendall was bonding with her. He walked up just as Colby told Kendall her name.

Adam changed his tune and began comforting Liza, finally realizing that she really didn't remember what happened. Mia returned and told them that she didn't find her. Finally, Ryan walks up carrying Colby, with Kendall at his side. They quickly thank Kendall for finding her, and Kendall turned to leave. Ryan followed her and tried to tell her how wonderful she was with Colby, but Kendall wasn't listening. Meanwhile, Marian and Mia leave with Colby, leaving Liza and Adam alone. Adam told her that she's not well, and he wants to help her. She said that she isn't going to leave Colby and go to the hospital.

In the hospital, Leo breaks into an office and walks to the filing cabinet. He pries it open with a screwdriver and pulls out the confidential file of Vanessa Cortlandt.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

David goes to answer his door at the Valley Inn. It's Anna. He asks if she's forgiven him. Anna says that now isn't the time to discuss their marriage. David pulls Anna in and gives her a kiss. He says that he was lonely without her last night and wants to make love to her. Anna informs him that she's there on official business and has a warrant to search his hotel room. She summons two officers into his room to start the search. They come up empty handed and Anna tells the men to report back to the police station. Anna tells that she found exactly what she expected to find in his room. "Not a damn thing" spits David. Anna apologizes for showing up unannounced with the officers and thanks him for cooperating with her. Anna is about to leave, when David blocks her away from the door. He asks her if she finds it exciting to flash her badge around in front of her cops and try to see him squirm. Anna thinks his assumption is ridiculous. She reminds him that her job is to dig up evidence on him and prove whether or not he's guilty of the charges being made against him. David accuses her of still being mad because she thinks he betrayed her with Dixie. She denies it. David tries to assure his wife that he only hid Dixie away from Tad by her request, nothing more. Anna feels that it's never over with he and Dixie. David says that Dixie is not a threat to them anymore. Anna says that he knows she did not come to search his hotel room because of Dixie and says that he's threatened by her authority and is more accustomed to "needy little wilting flowers" like Dixie. He says that if that was true, he wouldn't have married 007. Anna asks him if he realizes that he's given her a lot of control regarding his freedom since they're now on different sides of the law. David raises his hands up and "surrenders" to his new wife, telling her that he's at her mercy. Anna advises him to cut the sarcasm-he's not funny. David says she's being way too serious. When he calls her "chief", she orders him to stop calling her that. He asks if she has a problem with the reference to her source of power. Anna says it's a better weapon than an accidental pregnancy. David is upset that she's throwing the Dixie situation in his face again. Anna says she'll stop that once it stops being a problem in their relationship. David says that since she knows that he's guilty of everything, she should go ahead and testify against him with the grand jury. When she doesn't reply, he accuses her of not being gutsy enough to do it. "Watch me," Anna spats and heads out the door. David asks her not to leave and says that he really needs her. Anna asks if his statement is supposed to reduce her to jelly. He denies it. She says that he's not needy. David states that there's a big difference between being needy and needing someone. Then he spontaneously kisses his wife again. Anna finally gives into temptation and the newlyweds make love. Afterwards, Anna comments on their terrific lovemaking. She then tells David that she's not as easy as he thinks. David says that she's the most complex woman he knows. Anna assures him that their great sex has not clouded her head regarding her job to testify against him tomorrow. Anna gets out of bed as David looks defeated.

Adam wakes up a sleeping Liza in their den. Adam tells her that she slept on the couch after reading Colby to sleep. A worried Liza thinks Colby is still at the park and tries to get up. Adam assures her that their little girl is fast asleep in her bed. He mentions that since Colby's not going to nursery school today, she can see him when they get back from seeing Dr. Greenberg. She refuses to go to the doctor. Adam says that she's not well. A paranoid Liza says that he's only trying to accuse her of being crazy so he can get custody of Colby. Adam denies her accusations. Liza says that he tried the same thing with Dixie, but she's smarter than his Pigeon Hollow ex-wife. Adam tries to apologize for his outburst yesterday and assures her that after it took half of his life to find her, he would never do anything to take Colby away from her. He would die for either one of this. Liza wonders why he's done a complete 180 from last night. Adam admits that her actions made him scared and caused him to act irrationally. He notes that he knows about the money being taken out of Chandler Enterprise and about her firing Doug Mitchell. He also mentions her visit with Ryan. All of these things caused him to believe that she was leaving him for Lavery and taking Colby with them. He begs her to let him take her to the hospital. She thinks that she only needs an aspirin. Adam begs her to just go to the hospital and get examined. Liza wonders what will happen if they find something wrong with her. Adam suggests they find out what it is and get it fixed. Besides, Colby needs both of them in her life, and prolonging the doctor's visit could prevent them from being there for her.

At the hospital, Mia runs smack into Jake. They discuss Liza's doctor's appointment and the fact that she had no recollection of leaving Colby in the park by herself. Jake tells Mia that he has business to attend to regarding one of the new residents. Mia asks for the resident's name. Jake asks why is that important. Mia claims that she should know his name since they will be working together and she's bad with names. Jake says that he shouldn't be discussing anything about the residents yet because he has to interview all the potential residents before the official acceptance letters are sent. Before Jake leaves, Mia asks Jake what he thinks is wrong with Liza. Jake says Dr. Greenberg should be able to determine the problem. Mia's now even more concerned since she remembers that he's a neurologist. Mia says that Liza's young and takes good care of herself-she can't be sick. Jake advises her not to jump to conclusions. Mia says that she just found Liza and that little Colby needs her mommy. She thought that she could never care about Liza, but now she's part of her family. Jake hugs an upset Mia.

At the park, Donald Steele reads the latest headline for The Inquisitor. It reads, "ERICA KANE DEVIL MOM!" Donald asks the person beside him if he did a good job at making Kendall Hart look like the suffering martyr victim of her vengeful, she-wolf mama. "Delicious! I can't get enough", coos a very satisfied Erica. She tells Steele that no one makes muck like him. Donald suggests she should consider writing. She agrees that she's good and that her first book was a best seller. Donald volunteers to help her out with volume 2. Erica suggests he don't hold out for writer credits on any of her books. He asks why is she trying to bash herself in the press. Erica says it's none of his business-part of their deal was no questions. Donald says he has a way of finding out things. Erica asks him if it's worth their new friendship and his career. Donald backs down as Erica reminds him not to tell anyone his source or that she paid him off to write about her in the tabloid. After Donald leaves, Jack walks by on his way to his office. Jack wonders why she seems to be in such a good mood after she just talked with Donald Steele. Erica badmouths Steele and says that he's not important. Jack's still not convinced. Erica shows him the tabloid article and claims that she told him off for the article and is ready to put the issue behind her. Jack wonders why she's still so calm. Erica tries to assure Jack that she threatened to sue if he didn't retract the story, but he said that he had sources that said the article was true. She would rather not sue since she's had enough court battles to last a lifetime. Ms. Kane changes the subject to Bianca. Jack says that he had breakfast with his niece and she's doing fine. She asks if they mentioned her name. Jack says that Bianca's eating well and is getting along fine with Kendall. Erica is upset that he's mentioned that her daughters are getting along. Jack says that Bianca trusts Kendall and she should deal with it. Erica feels that Kendall is manipulating Bianca just like Frankie did and she's too young to handle pure evil like Kendall. Jack tells her that Bianca has gained some inner strength over the years and can handle more than she could before. In the middle of their talk, Jack's cell phone rings. It's Agent Hammer, a superior to Chris at the FBI. He wants to set up a meeting with Stamp at Jack's office immediately. Jack says that he's making a big mistake and should at least wait until Chris is okay before he drops the bomb on him. Hammer hangs up on Jack. Erica asks if Hammer was on the phone and if he's Chris' superior. Jack says she's right on both counts. The nosy Ms. Kane asks what's going on. Jack says it has to do with office space-and confidentiality. Erica continues to probe, and Jack says that it's his business. Jack gives Erica a kiss on the cheek and heads to his office. Erica says to herself that it's her business as well and follows Montgomery to the D.A.'s office.

At S.O.S., Kevin the bartender asks Ryan to tend bar for him while he goes to the hospital with his wife, who's in labor. Ryan agrees to help out. Ryan goes in the storeroom with Kevin. Meanwhile, Kendall rolls Chris into the club for breakfast. Chris asks what they are celebrating. Kendall says she's showing a hero a good time. She also mentions getting out of Myrtle's boring house. Chris disagrees-Myrtle's a good old broad. Kendall mentions that while the two of them were playing canasta, she was saying to herself that he's really a poker man. As Kendall pulls out a deck of cards, Chris tells her that he didn't bring any betting money. Ms. Hart assures him that she can just take the shirt off his back-literally. She asks if he's up for a game of strip poker. Chris tells Kendall that if his cards run cold, he won't be taking his pants off. Kendall says that if her cards run hot, she'll be happy to help. Kendall notices Ryan spying on them. Chris calls Ryan over and mentions that Kendall has challenged him to a game of strip poker. The waitress comes over with Chris and Kendall's food. Ryan wonders why his father's eating such a bad breakfast since he's recovering from a gunshot. Kendall says that Ryan must be trying to bore his father back to walking. She makes a toast to Mr. Stamp. Ms. Hart says she's taking Chris "club wheeling" after their meal. Ryan wonders if it's too early for that. Kendall tells Chris that Ryan thinks that she's using him to make Erica upset. Ryan walks away from the conversation. Chris doesn't want to talk about Ms. Kane. Kendall continues to talk about Erica and also mentions self-pity to annoy Ryan. Lavery tells her to leave him out of her games. Kendall asks if he's afraid that she'll try to seduce him again. She goes on by saying that he mistakes self-pity for a pass. Ryan calls her annoying and says that they should save their rematch for another day. After Ryan leaves, Chris says that there's something going on between she and his son. Ms. Hart denies it and suggests the whole town mind their business. Chris thanks her for the breakfast. Kendall says that she has a way for him to repay her. Chris asks her if Ryan was right about her using him. Kendall asks if he's tight with Mateo. He admits that they respect each other. Kendall goes to the front of the club and picks up a "Help Wanted" sign. She asks him to score her the job at S.O.S. for the waitress position.

Kendall escorts Chris to Jackson's office for his meeting. She asks why he's having a meeting with his boss in Jack's office. "Because he's the D.A." answers Chris. Kendall holds a tie in her hand and tells Stamp to turn around. Chris says that her bossiness is reminding him of her mother. Kendall threatens to use the tie as a noose if he tries to compare her to Erica. Kendall asks Chris to put on the tie. When he asks why, she goes to him and puts the tie on him herself. Kendall admits she overheard him talking to Myrtle last night and that he thinks that Agent Hammer is going to promote him. She thinks he should look good for the papers. Chris begins to think about something bad that he did and said during Erica's trial when he cross-examined Kendall. She says bygones are bygones. Kendall says that he'll be much celebrated after the FBI promotes him. Kendall is about to leave when Chris tells her that just because Erica thinks the worse of her, it doesn't necessarily she can't change. "Yeah, when hell freezes over," Kendall quips before she leaves. When Jack and Agent Hammer arrive, Chris tries to assure his superior that he'll be back in action in no time, despite his temporary paralysis. He'll be back in action within a month. Hammer says his future is the reason for their meeting. Chris says that he'll have the Proteus case wrapped up in no time. Hammer says that he's no longer needed on the Proteus case. Chris asks where he wants to move him, besides up. Jack tries to convince Agent Hammer to reconsider his decision. Chris asks what's going on. As Erica arrives at Jack's office, she overhears Hammer tell Stamp that he let himself get sidetracked with Ms. Kane as well as Ryan. Chris argues that despite the distractions, he stayed on the case and he caught Proteus. Hammer says that his distractions almost got Ryan killed. Stamp reminds him that he took the bullet meant for his son. Hammer is well aware of him finding out Ryan was his son and that it was also tied in to the incident that put him on desk duty for two years. Chris thinks Agent Hammer is enjoying making him squirm. He disagrees and announces that the bureau wants him to take a leave of absence with disability. Chris knows they won't let him back in the bureau. Hammer says retirement wasn't discussed. Erica decides to go in Jack's office. She walks in just as Chris stands up, pulls out his gun, and calls Hammer a "bastard." Erica begs him not to do what she thinks he's going to do. Chris tells them to get Erica out of the office. Jack goes to Erica and tells her that the bureau wants to put Stamp on disability leave, and Chris thinks it will be permanent. Chris unloads his gun and tells Hammer that he's gotten rid of the competition. Hammer says that it wasn't his call. Chris tells him to go to hell before he falls to the ground. Erica goes to him, but Stamp says he's okay. Erica tells him that he's the strongest man she's ever known and no one can change who he really is.

Liza, Adam, and Mia wait for Dr. Greenberg to arrive. Liza becomes impatient and suggests she just come back another time. Adam goes to find him and asks Mia not to let her get away. Mia asks Liza if Colby's okay. Liza says that she's fine, but she can't understand how she could lose track of her daughter. Mia tries to assure her sister that she's okay and that tomorrow Colby will think of yesterday's incident as an adventure. Liza disagrees and recalls reading a scared Colby a story on the couch because she couldn't get to sleep last night. Mia mentions that Colby thinks her mother has magical powers and that she makes even the bad things fun. Liza thanks Mia for being at the park and helping everyone search for Colby. A modest Mia says Colby is her favorite niece. Liza says that she just doesn't know what she went through last night when Colby was missing. "Yeah, I do" says Mia, who also says that if she or Colby ever need her, she'll be there. Liza hugs her sister. Just then, Jake and Adam come in with Dr. Greenburg. Jake and Mia leave to let Dr. Greenberg examine Mrs. Chandler. Adam offers to stay with his wife, but she assures him that she's fine. Adam kisses her and says that he'll be right outside. After he steps out of the examining room, Adam has a worried look on his face. Dr. Greenberg asks Liza if she's felt any numbness or odd sensations in her hands. Liza says she hasn't. In the middle of the exam, Jake comes in to see if Liza's okay. Dr. Greenberg asks to speak with Jake outside. After the doctors step out, Adam comes back in and asks Liza if she's okay. She assures her husband that she's fine and that her problem is probably a vitamin deficiency or stress. Adam promises to relieve some of the stress in her life by being a better father to Colby, lightening her workload, and spending more quality time with her. Meanwhile, Mia overhears Dr. Greenberg telling Jake that they will need to do a few more tests to make sure they know what's wrong with Liza.

Back at S.O.S., Kendall reports to duty as a waitress at the club. Kevin the head bartender tells her that he's leaving for a family emergency and a new bartender is starting today. Kendall wonders if he's cute. Kevin shows her to the ladies room so she can change into her uniform. After Kendall leaves, Ryan gets back with the horse radish he needs to make his perfect bloody Mary. Kevin mentions that Mateo called and says that he's happy he's on board at S.O.S. He also mentions a new waitress has been hired and she may need his help since she's new at the job. Kevin heads out to help deliver his wife's baby. Later, Ryan asks a co-worker where the new waitress is that Kevin hired. Ryan hears a voice telling him to stop wasting time and give her a pitcher of alcohol to sell. Ryan turns around and sees that Kendall is the new waitress. Kendall's equally surprised to see Ryan's the new bartender.

Dr. Greenberg, Jake, and Mia rejoin Liza and Adam in the examining room. Liza looks at Jake's face and guesses bad news. Jake says that he's using his new chief of staff poker face and doesn't mean anything. Dr. Greenberg explains that she could be experiencing some cranial pressure, which would explain her memory lapses and headaches. Dr. Greenberg says that a MRI will let them know what is causing this pressure. Adam asks when they can have one done on Liza. Dr. Greenberg will schedule one as soon as possible. After Greenberg leaves, Adam asks to speak to Jake in private. Mia tags along with Jake. Adam asks Jake what he expects the MRI to show. Meanwhile, Liza grabs her coat and walks out of the examining room. She spots Adam and Mia looking very disturbed over Jake's news about her condition. Liza sneaks out the other way without being seen.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

At SOS Ryan and Kendall realized they were now co-workers. They argued a bit about who was hired first then Ryan had an idea. He suggested that he make the drinks and Kendall deliver them and they don't talk to each other. Kendall agreed with this plan. Just then a very drunk and loud Leo stumbled in. He sat down at the bar clutching a bag close to him. He asked Ryan to make him a drink and told him he was celebrating. Ryan asked why, "Did you buy a new pair of leather pants?." Leo said he may write a book about his life with Proteus. Kendall went to a phone and called Bianca, telling her that Leo was at SOS and in trouble. Bianca said she'd be right there. When she arrived she sat down with Leo and tried to talk to him. Leo told Bianca that Vanessa had confessed all of her evil deeds to Maggie when she had her tied up. Bianca was confused and Leo opened his bag and whipped out a folder and told her it was all in there. He said he had every scrap of evidence they have against his mother. To Bianca's horror, Leo said he had stolen it from the DA's office. Leo went on to say he was writing a book about his life with Vanessa/Proteus and he wanted the insiders info on her case, since she'd never told him about being a drug lord. He was upset with himself for not having seen what she was doing and now he wanted to know why she did what she did. Leo said he knew he was probably going to be in trouble for stealing the file. Bianca told him he could fry for this and that he'd better get it back to Jack's office now. He said ok, he had to go think of a plan and grabbed the bag and went to the restroom. Inside the men's room he locked himself in a stall and took out a few papers. He tore them up and flushed them. Meanwhile Bianca thanked Kendall for calling her. Kendall tried to brush it off, saying "Why thank me, now he's your problem!." Bianca told her she was so irritating and that she didn't know why Kendall can't admit that she actually cared. Ryan listened in and was very amused. Bianca went back to her table and Ryan told Kendall that her sister wanted to think the best of Kendall. She tried to twist his words and he just handed her the drink order she needed and went back to work. Leo returned to the table with what's left of the Vanessa file and told Bianca he'd put it back tonight. Bianca said that was too late, he needed to do it before someone realized it was missing. She had a plan and placed a call to Uncle Jack, telling him she needed to see him right away and asked him to meet her at SOS.

Greenlee walked around her loft sadly. She went to the fireplace mantel and opened a box. She removed a Christmas ornament, looked at it then put it back as her father walked into the room. Roger thanked her for letting him move in with her. He admitted to being nervous, since Jackson Montgomery was coming over soon to talk about his involvement with Proteus. Greenlee tried to deny that any charges could be pressed against Roger but he said they had to face reality. He said his public defender told him he could face jail time. Greenlee again offered to pay for a "real lawyer" but he turned her down. Greenlee said she needed her father, especially now. Roger said she deserved so much better than Leo and Jake but Greenlee said it's not about them. A knock on the door interrupted them and Greenlee opened the door to let Jackson in. Jack told Roger and Greenlee the way the DA's office sees Roger's involvement with Proteus, "You aided and abetted a drug trafficker." Greenlee went off, saying her father only did what he did to protect her. After short discussion Jack left. Roger went to the bedroom to call his "legal aid guy." Greenlee went back to her box just as Simone walked in the open door. They threw barbs at each other regarding Leo. Simone told Greenlee that she is not interested in Leo, he's not her type. She didn't understand why Greenlee bought the loft out from under her and was kicking her out. Greenlee said her life was too stressful right now to have her ex-fiancÚ living in the same building. Simone started to walk out but Greenlee stopped her by demanding her first month's rent "I'm your new landlord now." Simone was confused and Greenlee said if she could cover the rent without Leo, she could stay. Simone said she always figured she'd be paying the rent without Leo's help. She again told Greenlee that she isn't interested in Leo as anything other than a friend. She offered to keep an eye on Leo for Greenlee as Roger walked back into the room. Greenlee introduced them and Simone left. Roger told Greenlee that the DA's office had just called and told him they'd made their decision. They were offering full immunity if he turned state's evidence. Greenlee was thrilled and Roger said the nightmare was over. He went to the bedroom to call his public defender. Greenlee took out the ornament again and remembered when Leo gave it to her. She remembered how they planned their future together that night and looked completely lost. She started to throw the ornament across the room but stopped herself. She sat down on the floor and just stared at the glass globe in her hands.

In Jack's office Chris asked Jack and Agent Hammer to help him back into his wheelchair. Jack then left the office and Agent Hammer said he'd talk to Chris later, but Chris told him angrily that there was nothing left to say. After he left Chris looked at Erica. She said "Ok, let's speed things up. Isn't this where you tell me to get lost?." Chris looked at her and then looked away. They began to argue and he said he was tired of fighting with her and listening to her. Erica promised that there would be no lies or deceptions this time and Chris yelled "There is no this time!." He said he didn't want Erica's help and she knelt in front of him saying she was offering him her love. He said he didn't need it, that he has one person who's treating him the way he needs to be treated right now - Kendall! Erica was stunned and couldn't believe he would trust Kendall before trusting her. Chris said he trusts Kendall and everyone else before her. Erica ran out in tears and bumped into Anna, who offered up a little sympathy. Erica shot her down and left. Anna went in to see Chris and told him he did a good job of running Erica off. She asked why he couldn't accept love from a strong woman like Erica. Chris said there were too many strings attached. Anna said if he wants Erica he'd better get her before Jackson steps in. Chris told her about being taken off the force, that the FBI felt that he was unfit to perform his duties. Anna said she was sorry to hear it. Chris began ranting and yelling about everything wrong in his life. Anna told him it was his pride that was keeping Erica out of his life. "She's not perfect, but neither are you! Why are you turning away from the one thing in your life you could count on?" They argued about Erica some more and then Anna asked if Chris had thought about what his life will be like without Erica in it. Chris snarled at her, wondering if this is how she said thank you after he got her the chief of Police job. Anna said she didn't owe him anything, but he did owe himself and left him alone. Chris sat in his wheelchair and thought about Erica, especially New Year's Eve when they danced in her house. Meanwhile at Enchantment Erica sat alone in her office, thinking about Chris.

Kendall gave Ryan a drink order and waited for him to fill it. Ryan smiled at her and she wondered why. He told her he was amazed at her doing "gainful employment" and then told her she was almost appealing. She returned the off-handed compliment.

Jackson met Bianca at SOS and asked what the emergency was. She tried to pretend that she just hadn't talked to him in a while but Jack reminded her that they'd just had breakfast this morning. He pressed on but his phone rang and he had to take the call. Jack stepped away from the table. Kendall rushed over and asked if she'd caused her problems by getting her involved with Leo's problems. Jack came back and asked Bianca what was going on with Leo.

In Erica's office she stood looking out the window. Chris opened the door and rolled himself in. He said he was sorry and that he was doing his best right now, "Don't ask for anymore than that" and rolled back out. Erica smiled through tears and said "That's a start."

In Jackson's office Leo tried to open the cabinet drawer to put the file back. Finally he got it opened but heard footsteps at the door. He tried to hide but Anna walked in and caught him.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Adam found Liza in the hospital chapel. Liza was fearful that her prognosis might not be good, but she refused to submit to an MRI until at least the morning. Adam explained that it was important for Liza to get checked out as soon as possible. Liza, however, feared that Colby might still be traumatized from the incident in the park earlier in the day and asked that she be allowed to spend the night with her daughter. Mia and Jake entered as Adam and Liza embraced. Liza told Mia that she wanted to see her daughter "one last time." Adam tired to assure an unconvinced Liza that she had her whole life ahead of her. Jake checked with Dr. Greenberg to see if delaying the tests by a day was okay. Jake wished Liza would get the tests done immediately, but Dr. Greenberg have permission to hold off. Adam and Jake left the room. Mia sat next to Liza and tentatively reached out to hold her hand. Liza thanked Mia for her support. Mia told Liza that she had many people around her that love her. Liza wondered if Mia's finding her was part of a bigger plan.

In the hospital corridor, Adam received distressing news from Barry. Adam angrily yelled, "I'm gonna kill him!" as he slammed down the phone.

Anna assumed that Leo was poking around Jack's office in order to steal something. Leo was surprisingly candid and revealed that he'd already stolen something; he was now there to return it. Anna listened as Leo explained how he'd wanted to take a look at Vanessa's file to see what made her tick. He then revealed that he needed to keep some of the facts in the file a secret from David. Anna remained unhappy with Leo's actions until Leo revealed that David's father - a man he believed could walk on water - had been Proteus before Vanessa. A stunned Anna agreed that David could never learn the truth about his father. As they talked, Jack and Bianca entered the office and Jack demanded to know what was going on. Jack snatched Vanessa's file from Leo and demanded to know what was going on. When he referred to Anna as the police commissioner, Leo babbled on about how he'd been "entrapped." Anna tried to silence Leo before he said anything he shouldn't, but Leo refused to listen. Anna tried to go to bat for Leo, saying that "attempting to steal" the file was wrong. She claimed that Leo had "extenuating circumstances." Leo told Jack that he had wanted answers to explain why his mother snapped. Anna allowed Leo to go, but asked that he show up at the police station in the morning to discuss what had happened. Jack sternly informed his niece that he would be talking to her about what she'd done. Later, Jack paged through Vanessa's file and realized that Maggie's deposition was missing. It took him but a second to realize that Leo had taken it.

Practicing a musical scale in her hospital bed, Vanessa David flashed a photograph and Vanessa lost her composure. She yelled angrily at David to take the framed photo off of her bedside stand. "Where was all this talent when you made your rounds around Hollyweird?" David quipped. Vanessa demanded that David take the photo - which she finally revealed was a photograph of David's late father- away. David blasted his mother for marrying his father when she knew that she could never love him. "If it hadn't been for your father, I wouldn't be the woman I am today," Vanessa snapped. With a sneer, Vanessa beamed that her psychological tests showed that she "mad as a march hare" and unfit to stand trial. David warned his mother that she could not keep up her act forever. Vanessa snarled that David didn't know his father as well as he thought, but David refused to play into her game. David recounted how Vanessa had snapped and latched on to Jamie Martin. While David doubted his mother's claims of insanity on all other fronts, he truly believed that her encounter with Jamie was legit - she truly was insane. Vanessa blurted out that she hadn't seen Jamie - she'd seen David as a young boy. "You were my world," Vanessa chirped. "You were just about that age when my world fell apart." David lashed out at his mother, saying that his father was everything that she wasn't. "Your father and I were not that much different," Vanessa laughed. When asked why she married Charles Hayward, Vanessa confessed that her late husband had been "good in bed," plus he wasn't "bad to look at" and was "loaded."

A knock of the door startled Greenlee and she dropped the glass ornament on the ground. A heartbroken Greenlee hovered over the shards of glass. Greenlee stormed toward the door and screamed at a tall, young man with dark hair and glasses to take whatever it was he was peddling somewhere else. The man, who repeatedly referred to Greenlee as "ma'am" and introduced himself as James H Kenyon III - Trey, for short - explained that he was interested in looking at Apartment 3G. Simone had apparently placed a classified ad looking for a roommate. She had left a note on the door for Trey explaining that she might be a little late and advised him to seek out Greenlee in order to check out the loft. "I'm young. I'm gorgeous. When did I turn into Myrtle Fargate?" Greenlee sassed under her breath as she agreed to show Trey the apartment. After checking out the apartment, Trey took pleasure in poking fun at Greenlee's nonchalance towards the apartment and Greenlee in turn jested over Trey's apparent country upbringing. Greenlee was concerned about her dowdy appearance. Trey commented that Greenlee looked fine as-is, but accepted her challenge that she looked much better when cleaned up. While Greenlee was away, Trey found a broom in the closet and started to sweep up the fractured ornament.

Greenlee and Trey ended up at the hospital. There, Greenlee bumped into Leo. Trey wandered into Vanessa's hospital room. Upon seeing Trey, Vanessa sighed that it was about time that he'd gotten there.

Anna arrived at the hospital and frantically tracked down David. Meanwhile, Liza and Mia approached David from his other side. As the three women all vied for his attention, Adam stormed up to David and flashed an angered look at him. Without warning, Adam's fist connected with David's jaw, sending David tumbling backward.

Friday, March 29, 2002

David and Adam continue to shout at each other in the hospital waiting area by the nurses' station. David soothes his jaw where Adam hit him. Adam accuses David of pushing through an agreement with Liza knowing she was ill. David denies this. David confirms to Adam that with this agreement he has with Chandler Enterprises he could walk away with Adam's estate. David asks Liza to tell Adam she knew what she was doing when they signed the agreement. Mia implores both David and Adam to stop badgering Liza. Before Liza can answer David's question she faints and slumps to the floor. She is rushed to a hospital room.

Adam joins Liza in her room. She has recovered momentarily. She's sad because she broke her promise to Colby that she would tuck her into bed and she isn't able to now because she is in the hospital. Liza thinks she has broken Colby's heart. Adam suggests Liza call Colby at tuck her into bed by phone. Liza agrees with Adam and talks to Colby. Adam leaves. Mia visits Liza for a few minutes. Liza confesses to her that she purposely siphoned money from Chandler Enterprises in order to destroy the company

Anna and David talk in the hospital corridor. They quietly quarrel. David is angry with Anna because he thinks she doesn't trust him and believes what others say about him. He tells her that if he doesn't go to jail she will be very wealthy from the agreement he has with Chandler Enterprises.

Vanessa sees a shadowy figure enter her darken hospital room. She comments it is about time he showed up. When she turns on the bedside table lamp she realizes she doesn't know the man standing in her room. She demands his identity. His father is Vanessa's attorney, James H. Kenyon, Jr. He goes by the name of Trey since he is James H. Kenyon, III. At first Vanessa continues with her charade of not knowing reality until Trey calls her Rosie. She then stops her pretense and demands where is his father. Trey explains his father is busy with other clients. He has lost the killer instinct, Trey continues. But I haven't. Vanessa says she's been declared incompetent and won't see a jail cell. Trey tells her that a padded room is just as much a prison cell and he can get her freedom. Vanessa is wary of Trey and reluctantly agrees to let him represent her. Vanessa asks Trey to have Mateo Santos followed because he is trying to drive her mad by calling her on the phone as Proteus. Trey can't believe she is getting phone calls when there is no phone in her room. He promises to find out who is pretending to be Proteus.

Greenlee bumps into Leo at the hospital while she is waiting for Trey. He notices she is dressed for a date and assumes it is with Jake. Greenlee hautily tells him it isn't but doesn't reveal who it is. Leo suddenly pushes Greenlee into an empty room as a policeman walks through the corridor. Leo and Greenlee continue to snipe at each other briefly before Leo asks Greenlee to help him out by distracting the guard outside the room so he can go to Maggie's hospital room. Greenlee at first refuses his request. But she can't help herself. She just can't say no to Leo so she gives in. Leo fluffs her hair and admires her dress and comments all the equipment is in order and he hopes the policeman is straight.

When Greenlee leaves to distract, er.. flirt with the policeman, Leo looks around the room and suddenly realizes he is in the chapel. He tells God that he wants to give him some advice. He believes if God made it easier for people to do the right thing, more people would do it. Leo wants to give David a break and not let him find out the truth: his father was a coward and drug dealer. Leo sneaks out of the chapel to Maggie's room.

In the meantime the policeman is questioning Greenlee and she mentions she can send his wife/sister/mother a gift package of products from Enchantment. The policeman realizes Greenlee knows Leo and detains her just as her date, Trey, appears. Trey demands the policeman leave Greenlee alone as he is her attorney. The policeman leaves. Greenlee is now curious as to who is Trey. She feels something isn't quite right and her suspicions are confirmed when he tells her he is representing Vanessa. Greenlee is astounded. Trey explains he got the short straw. He doesn't really want to represent Vanessa. Trey teases Greenlee about her relationship with Leo du Pres. He's the son of Gorgon, Greenlee replies.

Leo tells Maggie he destroyed her deposition to the police about the information Vanessa confessed to her. He realizes the cops are after him because he broke into the DA's office to get the deposition and flushed it down the toilet. Leo tells Maggie when she gives her deposition again to the police to leave out the part about who David's father was. She promises she will. David enters Maggie's room. A security alert sounds over the PA system. Shortly after, the policeman and Anna, the police chief, enter Maggie's room. Leo is arrested. David is surprised.

Vanessa leaves the bathroom in her hospital room and enters her bedroom, singing to herself. Pulling back the sheets on her bed, she suddenly screams. A snake crawls out.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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