One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 25, 2002 on OLTL

Gabrielle agreed to keep Al's secret. Seth believed that Allison had been the one who had set him up. R.J. plotted in order to force Keri to leave town. Seth overheard Roxy and Allison planning to get money from Jessica. Niki returned.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 25, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, March 25, 2002

Allison gleefully informs Roxy that they're going to scam Jessica out of a cool one hundred grand. An inebriated Sam flirts with Blair, who decides to drive the intoxicated attorney home. Todd is outraged to learn that he and his wife are being investigated for child endangerment. "Niki" chortles to Rae that she has no intention of restoring control to Viki. Natalie attempts to bribe Allison into leaving Llanview for good. Al breathes a sigh of relief when Gabrielle elects to keep mum about his secret. Rae attempts to rein "Niki" in but the alter gleefully refuses to cooperate. After Starr inadvertently makes matters worse, Janet hands Todd a summons to appear in family court. Gabrielle again warns her son that he'll regret using lies to win Jen's heart.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

After Lindsay was arrested, she panicked and said she would go crazy if sentenced; then got an idea of pretending she is crazy; Jen fell for it but Bo is suspicious. Hank told Bo they had no choice but to have Lindsay committed to St. Anne's for evaluation. When they got there, Bo wanted Rae to do the evaluation because she could see through Lindsay. However, unbeknown to everyone Viki is in a room with Rae having a therapy session to "bring out Niki" and find out what she knows that Viki does not. So the nun told them Rae was unavailable. Niki ended up getting angry with Rae and knocked her out; stole money from Rae's purse and was leaving the room when she ran into the nun and an orderly. She told them something happened to Rae; that she had a seizure and said her medicine was at home so she had to go get it for her. Viki (Niki) runs off and the orderly chases after her. They bring Niki back and Rae convinces them to leave them alone. She then asks Niki again what it is she knows that Viki does not know. Niki says that Viki will not like it when she finds out what it is. Rae continues to work with Niki and finally brings Viki back. Viki asks what it is that Niki knows and Rae tells her it is about Natalie.

Nat went to Allison's and gave her $5000 to get out of town; Allison said she would but after Nat left told Roxy they were going for the big bucks and showed Roxy a picture of a "sanitarium" where Roxy will be going. This is part of the scheme to get more money out of Jess.

Jess is at home and Roxy calls her and tells her she needs her; Jess is leaving to go see Roxy and Seth is at the door. Seth has come to talk to Jess about their relationship after he was accused of stealing money from Max (which was set up by Nat in a scheme to get Seth back). Jess tells Seth she wished there was someone who could prove he was at the library. Seth tells Jess someone set him up and he thinks he knows who it is. Nat and Al are listening at the door inside the Library. Seth thinks Allison set him up but Jess still doubts his story about the money and questions Seth about the incident at the art gallery and how the art object got into his pocket. Jess leaves the house; Nat sends Al back to the gatehouse and comes out of the library. She tells Seth she believes him. Natalie then works on Seth to make him believe Jess has lost faith in him and tells him she knows he did not do anything wrong. Al is listening at the library door and gets nervous about their conversation.

Jess goes to Roxy's house and Roxy shows her a brochure for the sanitarium where she wants to go and get treatment for her drinking problem. Jess tells her she will get a cashier's check to cover the costs - Roxy asks Jess to have the check made to her.

Sam goes to the Palace Hotel and gets drunk. He is upset over finding Troy and Nora's house. Todd, Star and Blair are at the hotel to treat Starr for saving Troy; Todd and Starr leave the room and while they are gone Blair finds Sam at the bar in a drunken state; Sam comes onto Blair; she ignores his advances but insists on driving him home. When they get there Sam pulls Blair down on the couch and is kissing her when Todd comes in and punches Sam out. Blair pulls Todd off Sam and asks Todd what he is doing there. He said he came for legal advice but would go elsewhere. The child protective services are investigating Blair and Todd for Starr going alone to the Fun House, etc. When they get home Todd tells Blair about the investigation; Blair panics that she could lose Starr and Jack; Todd tells her not to worry – that he took care of everything. He tells Blair that he bribed the judge. Blair still is nervous about losing both children and tells Todd they need Sam. Todd tells her they will have nothing more to do with Sam. Todd returns to Sam's house and threatens him to stay away from Blair and to say nothing about Jack's adoption or he will be dead.

R.J. goes to the college to see Keri; he tells her he hopes his past does not upset her and that he is trying to start over. They talk about Lindsay's arrest. R.J. is nervous Lindsay is going to tell the police she got the drug she injected Nora with from him. Keri tells R.J. she would like to know everything about the case so she could write an article about what Lindsay is capable of. Antonio walks in. R.J. manages to get Antonio to tell him he is not involved with Lindsay as he had been accused of in the past and Antonio said there was not enough evidence back then. He then tells R.J. that Lindsay has been sent to St. Ann's. R.J. leaves and is relieved thinking that Lindsay won't spill the beans about his letting her have the drug. After R.J. leaves Antonio gives Keri a "present" – inside there is a key to his apartment.

R.J. meets with Shauna – they have a plot to get Keri out of town; R.J. pays Shauna money and tells her there will be more money for her part in the scheme. She asks why he wants to discredit his own daughter and he tells her he his only protecting Keri. Shauna arrives at Keri's office to give her a legal document accusing Keri of improper conduct. R.J. is listening at the door – he has planned the whole thing to get Keri out of town and away from Antonio.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Natalie and Seth discuss the fact that Jessica does not believe him about the missing money at Max's bar. Natalie tells Seth she is sure he did not take it; that he has always been honest and that is what she loved about him when they were together. She tells him that Jess was raised with money and would always think of him differently because of their backgrounds.

Seth and Natalie embrace. Natalie tells Seth she gave Allison $5000 to leave town. Seth gets mad and tells Natalie he will never be able to prove his innocence if Allison leaves town. Natalie then questions Seth about who he wants to prove his innocence to – Jessica? Seth tells Natalie he appreciates her support and leaves Llianfair.

Rae has brought Viki back from Niki and tells her that Niki told her something that has to do with Natalie but that Niki may not have been telling the truth. Rae tells Viki they should go somewhere else to talk about it. They decide to go to Llianfair to have some privacy. When they get there Seth has left but Natalie is still there. When Rae and Viki are finally alone Rae tells Viki that Niki said she thinks Viki wishes Natalie was not her daughter and that she hates her. Viki is upset to hear this. After Rae leaves Viki starts thinking about the whole Niki/Natalie thing. Natalie comes into the room and asks what is the matter and Viki tells her she wants to be alone.

At St. Ann's Sanitarium Lindsay and another patient get into an argument. Bo tells the sister he thinks Lindsay s faking her condition as Lindsay overhears their conversation. He tells the sister that he has brought in another doctor for an additional exam and Troy enters the room. The sister insists that Bo should not let Troy examine Lindsay because of their history but Bo insists. Troy and Lindsay go into a room so Troy can evaluate her, but Lindsay does not budge – still talks like she is loony. After Troy finishes talking to Lindsay he and Bo are outside Lindsay's door. She is listening as Troy tells Bo he thinks Lindsay really has lost it and Bo tells Troy that means they have no case. They walk away and Bo asks Troy he thinks Lindsay took the "bait". They are setting her up making her think they believe she really is not in her right mind. Troy and Bo talk about giving Lindsay the drug she gave Nora that erased her memory. Lindsay hears their conversation. They come into the room and Lindsay tells she does not want the shot.

Allison calls room service for food; they tell her they don't have room service; she leaves to get some food and Seth is waiting in the bushes. He breaks into Allison's room to find proof that she set him up for being accused of stealing the money. Of course he is unaware that Natalie set him up not Allison. Seth hears Allison coming back and ducks into the closet. When Roxy arrives he hears their scheme against Jessica.

Roxy has called Jessica to tell her she needs to enter a sanitarium for her drinking problem and needs the money to pay for it. When Jessica offers to get a cashier's check made out direct to the hospital Roxy freaks out. Roxy tells Jessica she needs it made out to her; that it would be simpler. Jessica leaves and says she will be back with the cashier's check but it will be made to the hospital. Roxy calls Allison and Allison has a fit and tells Roxy to come over right away. When Roxy gets there she tells Allison that Jessica is going to make the check to Green Hills. Allison tells Roxy not to worry that she filed for a DBA and they are in fact Green Hills so the check will be good.

Shauna has presented Keri with the papers about her improper conduct with Antonio and giving Cristian good grades while she got a failing grade. They argue and R.J. enters the room. He pretends to be mad at what Shauna is doing even though he set it up and throws her out of the room. Keri tells him that her career could be ruined and that maybe she should take the offer at Stanford. R.J. tells her he thinks it is a good idea. Keri seems surprised. Antonio arrives and when he sees Keri and R.J. – asks what is going on. Keri tells Antonio she has to move to California to take the job at Stanford because Shauna is trying to ruin her. Antonio tells Keri to stay and they will fight the charges together. R.J. is not pleased and begins to think what he can do next to make his scheme work to get Keri away from Antonio.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

At St. Anne's, Bo holds Lindsay down while Troy tries to inject her with the drug. Lindsay resists when she recalls the conversation she overheard earlier between Troy and Bo. Troy told Bo that he believes that Lindsay is ill, but he can help her with an experimental drug. However, if she is faking her regression, she could become brain dead. Lindsay struggles harder and says, "I don't wanna be brain dead." Bo tells her that they've figured out her con and he's going to get a court ordered transfer to move her to a holding cell. When Bo leaves, Lindsay tells Troy in a normal voice that he tricked her. She emphasizes that he would have injected her with something that would make her brain-dead. Troy says, "After everything that you've done, is there anyone left who would care what happened to you?" Lindsay attacks Troy and in the struggle, the needle accidentally sticks him.

Before the hearing, Todd tries to calm Blair down as she wildly paces back and forth. He tells her that everything will work out because of the bribe and the judge will dismiss the case. Blair worries that the judge just took the bribe and now has evidence that they are unfit parents. Todd assures Blair that the judge has to be crooked because the money was wired to an offshore account. Todd says, "I'm a criminal. I don't even have a offshore account." Blair continues to worry and notices the board that lists who the residing judge of the day. The judge listed is Howard, while the judge who Todd bribed was an Elizabeth.

Sam packs away a group picture of him and Nora when the doorbell rings. Nora is at the door and asks Sam if he has talked to Jen yet. Nora expresses her concern for Jen after Lindsay's breakdown. Sam tells her that she going to get through it and she has other things to worry about, such as planning for a wedding. Nora tells Sam that she's having a hard time excepting how things are between the two of them. She reminds him that she still loves him and he agrees that he also loves her, maybe too much. Sam tells Nora that it hurts because he realizes that he's not the right man for her. He didn't have enough to offer because he wouldn't go after Lindsay like Troy. Nora tries to explain and defend herself but Sam asks if they could not to rehash this issue right now. He offers to call her when all her personal belongings from his house are packed. Once again, Nora says, "I love you, Sam." With no response, Nora leaves. Sam receives a phone call from Blair asking for help in family court.

Jessica arrives at Roxy's with the check while Roxy is with Allison at the hotel. Allison explains to Roxy how she has registered herself as the Sanatorium (business wise) and a check made out to the Sanatorium, is essentially made out to her. For Roxy to get a cut in the money also, Allison has named her as a subsidiary. Meanwhile, Seth overhears the plan from the coat closet and tries to figure out how he's going to make Jessica believe that Roxy is fooling her. Jessica calls Roxy's cell phone to find out where she is. Roxy begins to tell her that she is at the hotel but covers by saying she felt ill and stopped for a snack. After Allison and Roxy leave, Seth searches around the hotel room for proof of the plan. He finds information regarding the fake handout and calls Jessica.

At the courthouse, the social worker arrives and Todd tells Blair the he can fix this problem. He approaches the social worker by making a sarcastic comment about her suit. He then asks her, "What is it going to take to make this go away?" He offers to pay her five times the amount she makes in one year. She tells Todd that he needs a lawyer. The trial begins and the social worker describes everything that Starr has done in the past weeks (such as the poisonous spider in Jack's crib and sneaking out to the abandoned Fun House). Todd explains that it's all a big misunderstanding and the hearing can't continue because his lawyer is not here. The Judge agrees to delay the hearing but also feels that the children are not in a safe environment. He decides that until the next meeting, both Starr and baby Jack should be placed in foster care. Blair begins to cry and pleads with the judge just as Sam enters the courtroom.

Troy clenches in pain but tells Lindsay that the drug in the needle was harmless. She tells him that he is worse than Colin and that she will get her revenge eventually when Nora destroys him. Troy tells her that if that is so, she will be hearing about it from prison. Outside the room, Bo thanks Troy for his help and Troy leaves to visit another patient in the building. In the main area, Troy runs into Nora. She came to check on Lindsay's condition but Troy informs her that it was a trick. Nora seems agitated and Troy tells her that he has finally figured out what is bothering her. Troy was the one who made Lindsay confess, not Sam. If Sam had made her confess or Troy had not done it at all, then Sam and Nora would still be together. Troy confesses that at her house earlier, he sensed that Nora still had feeling for Sam "but I sensed that you also had feelings for me."

Seth calls Jessica but she says that she doesn't want to discuss this right now. He tries to tell her but Jessica figures that this is about Chad's sister again. She tells him that she has to take care of her mother right now and they will talk about it later. She hangs up as Roxy arrives. Jessica offers to pack Roxy's bags and they discuss life at the Sanatorium. Just as Jessica is about to hand Roxy the check, Seth comes in pushing Allison along side.

A police officer tries to drag Lindsay away from her room. Her friend Sandy stops by to show Lindsay a glass cage for her to put the clay animals in. Lindsay switches into a child's mode and pleads with Sandy to help her. The girl takes some sand from the case and throws it into the officer's eyes as Lindsay runs off. She escapes into a laundry room where she finds some nun's clothes.

Sam defends Blair and Todd with evidence that they are fit parents. He describes to the court how they punished Starr after the spider ordeal and how they were worried for her safety when she sneaked out. He also presents signed statements from teachers and friend's parents about how well adjusted Starr is. He reiterates that no one could love their children more that these two, or do a better job of raising them. The judge decides not to place the children in foster care, but have in-home observation beginning tomorrow. Alone, Sam tells Blair and Todd that if they sincerely want to keep their children, the incessant fighting needs to stop and they need to seriously consider legalizing Jack's adoption.

After Troy leaves, Nora asks the nearest nun where Lindsay is being held. The nun acts suspicious and emphasizes how she has no idea where she is. Nora figures out that Lindsay might have escaped and begins to look around. A nun runs by quickly and Nora runs after her and yanks off her veil. Realizing the nun is not Lindsay; she apologizes and returns the veil. She spots another nun and when she makes eye contact, she realizes that it is Lindsay.

Friday, March 29, 2002

In the Llanfair parlor, Natalie is busy doodling hearts and multiple "Seth"s all over notebook paper. Ben comes in and Natalie informs him that Viki is back from the fundraiser meeting. Natalie brings up Viki's odd behavior and how she is worried about her. Ben seems concerned and says that Viki tends to keep her troubles to herself and it is up to her loved ones to look for signs of trouble. Meanwhile, Viki is outside the parlor listening to parts of their conversation. Rae pays a visit and the two discuss the validity of Niki's story. Rae brings up the possibility that Niki could have her own agenda and just enjoys making Viki suffer. Or, that Niki really does believe that Viki hates Natalie. Viki points out that Niki has done a lot of terrible things, but she just can't shake this claim. She loudly reminds Rae that this is all said under confidentiality and Ben cannot know what is really going on. Ben overhears and asks, "What can't I know?"

After Nora spots Lindsay at St. Anne's, Lindsay makes a run for it. The two meet up in the lobby and Nora finally grabs a hold of her. Lindsay screams that she can't go back to jail and they begin to wrestle on the floor. Lindsay grabs Nora's throat and tries to strangle her. Troy reappears and pulls Lindsay off. Nora passes out and while Troy tends her, Lindsay tries to escape. Bo and Hank stop her and place her into custody. Lindsay swears, "I didn't mean to." Troy comforts Nora as she regains consciousness. Hank asks Nora whether or not she'd like to press charges for this recent assault. Nora refuses and says, "Justice comes with a price that's not worth it." After Lindsay is taken away, Nora comments on how Troy is always there whenever she needs him. She calls him her guardian angel. Troy disagrees and says he's just a man. He convinces Nora to let him take her to the hospital to get checked out.

At Roxy's, Seth arrives with Allison at his side. Jessica wonders what's going on and Seth informs her that both Allison and Roxy have been scamming against her. Allison makes up the lie that she hasn't seen this "broken down barfly" in 20 years. Jessica reminds her of the time in the parking lot and begins to question her mother. Seth pulls out the documents he stole from Allison's hotel room and tries to show Jessica. Dazed and confused, Jessica doesn't know whom to believe: her mother or Seth. Seth tells her that if she doesn't believe him then at least she can get a lawyer to check out these documents regarding the Sanatorium. Seth remembers the phone number listed in the fake information packet for Green Hills and calls the number. Allison's struggles to grab her cell as it rings in her purse.

Viki emphasizes to Ben that she's just tired and overworked and needs to be left alone. Ben stands firm and exclaims that something has been going on and demands to know what it is. Viki breaks down and says that she's been lying but now wants to tell Ben everything. Rae offers her assistance and leaves Ben and Viki in the parlor. Outside the parlor, Natalie runs into Rae and asks what's wrong with Viki. Rae describes how hard, but wonderful it is to find out that a lost daughter has been returned. Natalie figures out that Viki must be upset over her. Rae reminds her that Viki is resilient and can face what she is going through. Viki confides to Ben that the fundraiser meetings were really therapy sessions with Rae. She's been having bad dreams that have only been getting worse. Viki says Rae has helped her she who she really is. "I am a terrible mother, worse than Roxanne!"

Bo returns Lindsay to her holding cell. He comments on how he had to use her own tricks against her to prove she wasn't having a breakdown. He reminds her that she can make one phone call. Lindsay says solemnly, "Who would take my call?"

Troy and Nora arrive at Troy's office. He notices messages on his answering machine and begins to play them back. All the messages are from Nora when she was trying to find Troy while he was locked in the Fun House. After three messages, Nora hits stop and states that there are probably several more. Troy begins to exam Nora by first checking her pupils and under her ears. He instructs her to unbutton her blouse and he checks her breathing through a stethoscope. He concludes that everything is normal and he can call her a cab. Nora says that she can get one for herself and begins to walk out the door. She hesitates and says, "I don't want to go."

Jessica finally realizes that it has all been an act. She looks at the legal papers and sees Allison's registration as the Green Hills Sanatorium. She also figures out that that time in the parking lot was a set up and also the blanket. Roxanne tries to cover by saying Allison made her go along with the plan. Jessica threatens to take everything to Bo and get them put in jail for everything. Jessica tells Roxy that Natalie was right about helping her mother. Helping her won't do anything until Roxy hits rock bottom. After Seth and Jessica leave, Allison becomes hysterical. She decides that the two of them are not going to ruin this scheme. She has been planning revenge for along time and she's going to put a stop to this and leaves the house.

Viki describes to Ben her immense guilt that has been building up inside over the fact that she hates her own daughter. She continues that she had never had to try to love her other children because they ARE her children. She concludes that she will never be able to look at Natalie in any other way except for this wild thing---- Ben tells Viki that "hate" is not in her vocabulary, it is just fear. Viki doesn't waver and says that she can't say it anymore, not to herself or ever to Natalie. Natalie shows up and Viki walks away to another room. Inside closed doors, Viki keeps on repeating that she can't say it anymore. Suddenly, her mannerism changes and she yells victoriously, "Yes! It worked!" (Niki is BACK!)

Nora tells Troy that he's wrong. He is her guardian angel; halo, wings, whole nine yards. She tells him how she was happy to see him at St. Anne's but she is more conflicted and confused than anything. She tells him, "I do have feelings for you Troy. More than I want to admit."

As they drive back home, Jessica thanks Seth for helping her realize what has been happening. Jessica confides to Seth that she realized awhile earlier that he could never have stolen the money and she trusts him completely. Seth decides to take the back roads home so he can make this trip last as long as possible. Jessica reveals that she wants to spend the night with him and calls Ben to let him know. Meanwhile, Seth anxiously glances in his rearview mirror and comments on a vehicle that is approaching quickly. Awhile later, the vehicle tailgates them and its Allison! Allison yells that they two of them will not ruin her plan. Allison rams their car and Seth looses control as it completely veers off the road.

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