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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 1, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, April 1, 2002

by Andy

At Katie's big video party at Java, bystanders had to keep an inebriated Simon from attacking Dahlia after she gave a speech similar to one Simon gave to his dead ex-wife Monique at their wedding. Dahlia repeated Simon's words to try to get under his skin, and between he and Katie. Both Simon and Dahlia trade barbs and Katie is totally confused about whom to believe. You could see Katie count 'one-potato, two-potato' in her head before she finally chooses Simon. This sends Dahlia to the deep end. "After everything you know about him, you're choosing him? Once the money starts rolling in, he'll kill you Katie! Just like he killed my sister!" Simon shoots back, "I haven't killed anyone Dahlia! But if you keep this up, you'll be the first!" Isaac interrupts and shuffles Simon off to get some coffee giving Katie and Dahlia a chance to say good-bye. Dahlia tells Katie she's leaving town and that someone else from her production company will be Katie's contact from here on out. "You're on your own now Katie. God help you." Katie sidles up to Simon and asks, "Something's eating away at you, and I want to know what it is. You lost control and I have never seen that side of you before." Simon gets up and walks out of the room. Margo comes in and calms Katie down, then confesses that she is the reason why Simon has been so cagey lately. Katie can't believe she's hearing this from Margo. Katie says, "Now I have to go find Simon and tell him everything is OK."

Rose came up for air from her first deep kiss, in what seems like months, with Paul. She wants to talk about what's going on, but Paul just wants to prove his love. Paul says, "I will help you in any way I can." Rose says, "Then help me by being my friend. A friend...nothing else." Paul gets a sad defiant look in his eye and says, "I'm sorry Rose. I just can't do that. I'm willing to live with" your condition. Rose snaps back, "I don't want to be someone you have to 'live with.'" She calms down and tries to explain that all she can handle right now is being friends. It's too much for her to think about romance and a lover after all she's been through. He takes her hand and settles on friendship, for now.

At Hal's house, Dr. John reveals to Barbara and Craig that the nefarious Dr. Weston is actually George Townes. (The anagram is solved.) John lists his bio: He was born in Austria and researches aging using "methods that are routinely condemned by his colleagues." After hearing the rest of Dr. Weston's dossier, Barbara collapses realizing what she sent Carly, Emily, and Rose off to. John gets her some water, and she recovers. John says he's informed Margo and her contacts are working on this new information. Craig bristles and asks if anyone has told Jack. John says no and Craig decides to call Jack directly.

The truck Jack is hitching a ride with stops at the spa and the two delivery men get out. Jack waits until it's safe, then cocks his gun, and mutters, "Hang on Carly. I'm coming." Gun drawn, Jack prowls his way through the lobby of the spa when his phone rings. Jack tells Craig he's in the spa, and Craig fills him in on Dr. Weston. Jack hears some voices, and walks into the spa living room. In Oakdale, Craig hears three shots, then the phone goes dead.

Back at the spa, Jack comes down the staircase hollering for Carly and Emily. He makes it downstairs and approaches the two truck drivers who are now tied-up and gagged. He takes the gag out of one of the men and demands answers, but he doesn't' know anything. Craig calls again. Jack tells Craig the place is deserted. Jack hears a voice from the steam room, "Jack? Jack? I need you. Jack? Help me, please. Hurry!" The voice sounds like Carly. Craig leaves Barbara's house to confront the "rat" that alerted Dr. Weston that Jack was on his way. Jack only found a tape recorder playing a pre-recorded message of Carly's voice. He throws the recorder against the wall in frustration smashing it to pieces. After calming down, Jack bends down and picks up the broken tape, then calls the local inspector asking to get Hilda ready for a personal interrogation. The inspector gives Jack the grim news that Hilda killed herself in her cell with a cyanide pill.

Paul and Rose are interrupted by Barbara who has come with the new information about the spa and Jack. Rose is hysterical that the spa is deserted. Babs says, "I'm trying to explain..." But Paul cuts her off, "You've delivered your message, you can leave at any time." Barbara meekly says, "I know you despise me, Rose, but if there's anything you need. I'd like to help." Rose won't hear it, "It's too late to switch sides Barbara." Babs turns and looks at her son, "Paul?" He sternly says, "Go home." Babs nods, turns, and leaves the two alone.

Dahlia followed Simon home. She says, "I know what you did, and I'm never going to let you forget it. Your marriage is contaminated Simon. Soon it will become toxic and she'll be running for the door!" Simon loses it again and screams at her to get out of his house. Dahlia confesses that she turned Katie into a star to exact revenge on Simon. Simon says, "I feel sorry for you. You're a lot sicker than I thought." Dahlia scoffs and pulls out all the newspaper clippings and other info she's accumulated on Simon and promises to send it all to Katie so she can read it at her leisure. Simon tries to grab the papers away from her, but she pulls away in time. On her way out, Dahlia says, "The whole world is gonna know the truth about you!" Simon mills about the room in anger, giving her a head start, then runs after her screaming, "Dahlia!"

Later, Katie gets home to the cottage and finds the door wide open and Simon nowhere in site. Simon runs back to the house with a guilty look on his face. "Are you alright?" "Yeah, you?" Katie feels terrible about not trusting Simon and not being able to help him with his work. "Where have you been?" "Dahlia was here. But, she can't hurt us anymore Katie."

Off to the side of a road, newspaper clippings are blowing in the wind near a car that has crashed. The camera pans over a punctured tire and lands on an old newspaper with a picture of a young Simon under the headline, "IS THIS MONIQUE'S KILLER?" Is this the start of another murder mystery?

Craig visits the "snitch." "Hello James. Sorry I wasn't able to come by sooner. I know you're faking your coma. Now let's prove it." Craig reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter. He flips the lid back and forth near James' ear. Craig has designs on smoking out a clue from James. He lights the flame and moves it closer to James' hand and asks, "Feel anything James? No? I've got time."

Tuesday, April 2, 2002

Tom meets up wit Abigail, Molly, Holden and Jake at the court house to give them some news. The D.A. has put an offer on the table. Tom told them if Abigail pleads Guilty it will end the trial and because she has never been convicted of anything before, she may get off on probation, however it was not guaranteed. Moll, Jake and Holden were against this seeing as this would hurt Abigail's chances of a job, school, credit cards, etc. Abigail then wanted to ask Tom a question off the record as a friend...she asked him what he would do. He told her this would end the trial and Molly wouldn't have to testify against them. Molly intervened saying how she was going to discredit nick on the stand telling the jury how he treated her when they were younger and then tell them how he used Abigail, however Tom informed Molly she couldn't use her past with Nick because then they can say Abigail premeditated Nick's murder to get back at him for what he did to Molly. Abigail then asked Tom again about what he would do...Tom then said as a friend, he would go to court because if he didn't do something he wouldn't want to admit to it just to get off, he would want to prove his innocence.

Margo and Adam go to visit Hal at the hospital. Hal is happy to see them. He then explains to Adam that he turned his back on a dangerous man and this is what happened. he couldn't see what was real, but now he can. While there, Margo receives a call from the station telling her she needs to go to a scene of an accident which may involve Katie. Upon arrival, she is not happy about being called away from Adam, but the officer shows her the persons ID only to find out it is Dahlia's, but she is no where to be found.

Hal and Adam talked about Abigail's trial and then they talked about Will and Barbara. Barbara was getting the house ready for Hal's return, and in walked Barbara. Adam then left and Barbara explained why . She wanted to have an intercom put in so Hal could call down for whatever he needed. Hal explained he wouldn't need anything since there isn't anything physically wrong with him.

Katie wakes up with a nightmare where Simon tries to get her money and attacks her card board cut out. Simon wakes Katie and she tells him about her dream and they figure it back to Dahlia and how she got to Katie. Simon reassured her they don't have to worry about her and he doesn't want anything to hurt her again.

Craig goes to see a comatose James only to find out he is faking it. Craig tries to get him to tell where Carly is and James said he will give him information in exchange for help. Craig was reluctant but then agrees to help in order to find Carly since if he didn't agree to it James may kill Carly and Emily.

Wednesday, April 3, 2002

In Scotland, Bonnie and Billy arrive at Ian's 16th century castle only to discover that Ian has gone on a hunting trip. Billy is excited by the whole experience of the castle - the paintings, the suit of armor, and Paddington, the keeper of the castle. Bonnie, on the other hand, is upset that Isaac hasn't called her. Billy tells her that Isaac is "too cool" to run after her. As Billy looks through the castle, he goes over to a bookcase when a book accidentally falls on the floor. It is Ian's journal. Bonnie doesn't want to read it but Billy tells her it is a good way to figure out how Ian really feels about her.

Meanwhile, at Java Underground, Lisa tries to convince Isaac to go after Bonnie. Instead, Isaac makes a date with another woman and tells Lisa he doesn't want to play games anymore.

At the courthouse, Molly takes the stand. She is asked to explain what she saw when she entered Nick's apartment the night he was killed. She says she saw him lying on the floor facedown and she knew he was dead. She then saw her daughter huddled in a corner, in shock, and moaning. Molly begins to get upset with the questioning and refuses to answer questions. The prosecutor makes Molly read her initial statement to the police, which is the lie Molly told to protect Abigail. The prosecutor says that Molly will do anything for her family and anything to protect her daughter. Finally, Molly is forced to admit that for a moment, she did believe Abigail had killed Nick.

At the cottage, Katie is making curtains and calling their home a "love shack." Simon apologizes to her and leaves to apologize to Lisa and Isaac. As Katie is dreaming of opening a Lifestyle line, Margo arrives. She asks Katie about the newspaper she found near Dahlia's car and asks her if Katie or Simon saw Dahlia after the party. Margo explains that Dahlia's rented car has been found with signs of a struggle and Dahlia's wallet and purse still in the car. Katie manages to avoid Margo's questions and quickly leaves to find Simon.

At Java Underground, Simon apologizes to Lisa and Isaac. Katie runs in and tells Simon they need to leave, quickly. Margo walks in behind Katie. She followed her sister right to Simon.

At the penthouse, Craig receives a call from Carly. She says, "They made me call you" but she doesn't know why. Craig can't believe it is really Carly. She tells him she has been moved around a lot and she's very tired. Craig asks about Emily and Carly says she hasn't seen her in a while. Carly abruptly ends the call. Immediately after, Craig receives a call from James. James says he held up his end of the bargain, now Craig must hold up his. Later, Craig finds Brandy and tells her that she owes him a favor, and that he will now cash in on that favor.

Thursday, April 4, 2002

by MJ

Bonnie dreams of Isaac while at Ian's castle. Awakened by Billy, Bonnie concludes that Isaac is good while dreaming, but Ian is the real deal.

Back at Java, Margo questions Simon as to the events that led to Dahlia's disappearance. Simon is very cooperative and tries to answer all Margo's questions. Meanwhile at Java, Lisa does her best to convince Isaac to phone Bonnie at her father's castle. When Isaac finally relents to Lisa's pleas, Lisa discovers after calling Jessica that Bonnie is staying with Ian. Hurt, Isaac tells Lisa that if this is true, his and Bonnie's relationship is truly over.

Molly testifies that Abigail admitted she thought she might have been Nick's killer. During the trial, Abigail remembers Nick and Mary arguing over airline tickets.

Simon and Katie return to their cottage to find a few moments of relaxation. Deciding to build a fire in the fireplace, Simon searches for wood, while Katie looks for matches, she comes upon Dahlia's keys in Simon's travel case.

Craig recruits Brandy for one thousand dollars to act as a patient and fake a seizure in front of the guard at James's door. While working out the details in Craig's suite, Lucy enters wondering what her father is up too. Craig explains that he has business with Brandy and needs a couple of days to find Carly. He asks Lucy if she would mind staying with Lucinda. Lucy halfheartedly agrees. Craig also receives a visit from Jack, who questions Craig if he leaked any information out about his (Jacks whereabouts). When Craig denies this, Jack shows concern for Carly's welfare. Craig tells Jack that Carly is alive and received a phone call from her. Jack asks Craig, who readily agrees to put a trace on his phone. Jack leaves to order phone traces on his, Hal's and Craig's phone lines. Craig along with Brandy leaves to the hospital to act out his plan for James's escape.

At the police department, Margo overhears Jack ordering a trace on Craig's phone line. Margo questions Jack as to whether Craig agreed to the trace. When Jack states Craig agreed, Margo wonders about the motivation for this, because as she offers, two things Craig hates is to cooperate with the police or let anyone know his business. Margo and Jack conclude that whatever Craig is up to, it's probably no good.

Friday, April 5, 2002

Margo is at the police station and she gets a call from Tom. He tells her about Abigail remembering something more about the night that Nick was murdered. He tells her about the plane ticket and Margo says that she will check into it for him. When she hangs up, she goes over to Jack. Jack is on the phone getting bad news. He hangs up and tells Margo that when a girl made a distraction in front of Stenbeck's hospital room door, he made an escape. Jack rushes out the door to go and investigate. Margo gets on the phone to make a call to check out the plane ticket in Nick Scudder's name.

At the hospital, Jack questions Brandy. Brandy explains that she only did it as a prank to get her name in the paper. Jack doesn't buy her explanation. A policeman comes up and shows Jack a red tote bag that he found in the ladies restroom. Jack takes it and holds it in front of Brandy. He asks her if the bag belongs to her. She says that is could possibly be hers. Jack asks if he can look inside. She tries to stop him. As he is holding her back, he remembers seeing the same bag in Craig's hotel suite. He tells the officer to take Brandy into custody and he will deal with her later. Jack has a hunch and he leaves to go see Craig.

At Craig's hotel suite, James is putting Craig off. Craig tells him that he held up his end of the bargain and James better come through on his end or he will be dead. James orders some food and begins to eat. Craig is pacing the floor, trying to figure out how to get to Europe without James being seen. There is a knock at the door. Craig tells James to go to the other room. When Craig answers the door, Lucinda is standing there. She forces her way in and tells Craig that she had a talk with her granddaughter and heard that he had some whore in his room. She starts to berate him and he stops her and tells her that she couldn't be more wrong. Lucinda doesn't believe him. She notices that he is eating halibut and reminds him that she knows that he doesn't like halibut. She tells him that she knows that because she detests it also and she always had to have it fixed for James. Just as she says this, James pops out of the back room. Lucinda is flabbergasted. She asks Craig if this is what he has come to. Is he now working with James? Craig tells her that he is only working with him because he knows where Carly is being held. Lucinda tells them that this is going to stop right now. James asks Lucinda if she still has her Worldwide jet. Lucinda informs him that she will not be party to any plan that he has. James tells her that she will do it for little Rose's sake. Lucinda tells James that he has been in a coma and probably hasn't heard that Rose has come home and she is going to be ok. Craig tells her that they need to make a rendezvous with a George Townes. He explains that he is the mad scientist that has done the dirty work on Rose and Emily and Carly. James tells her that they need to get to him by using her jet. Lucinda refuses and as James grabs her, there is a knock on the door. Jack is outside banging on the door. Lucinda runs to the door, but Craig gets to her before he can open the door. He tells her to be very quiet.

Margo shows up at the courthouse with good news. She tells Tom, Abigail, Molly and Jake that there were two reservations in Nick Scudder's name to leave the night that he was murdered. She goes on with more good news. She tells them that one of the reservations was cancelled. Jake surmises that Mary had done all Nick's dirty work and then he was going to run out on her. Tom says that in Mary's testimony she had stated that she believed that she and Scudder were going to go off together after the scam was over. He adds that if they can connect Mary with the missing airline ticket, they will have a motive. Tom and Margo tell Abigail, Molly and Jake that they have some work to do and they leave. Jake tells Molly and Abigail that he is going to take them home and cook a big dinner for them. Molly notices that Abigail is deep in thought. Molly asks her daughter if she is ok. Abigail says that she was thinking about when she heard Nick saying, "Did you really think I was going to take you with me?" "Did you really think that I loved you?" She tells Molly and Jake that maybe those words were meant for Mary and not for her.

At Lily's house, Rose is in her robe and Lily walks in and surprises her. Lily tells Rose that she took the children to Emma's house and then she came back to spend time with Rose. Rose informs Lily that it is really hard to spend time with her sister, because her face reminds her of how she used to look. Lily looks sad for her sister. There is a knock at the door and Lily tells Rose that she will get rid of whoever is there. When Lily gets to the door, Susan is there and she has some news for Rose. Susan walks in and says hello to Rose. They make small talk and Rose tells Susan that the last time she saw Emily she was doing well and she reminds Susan that her daughter is a fighter. Susan thanks her for the uplifting words and then she tells Rose that she has brought her some good news. She tells Rose that all the blood work that they did on her has all come back normal. She tells Rose that she is in very good health. Rose gives Susan a big hug and thanks her for bringing her such good news. Lily walks Susan to the door and before Susan leaves, she tells Lily to take care of Rose. Lily says that she won't let her out of her sight. Susan leaves and Lily walks back into the living room where Rose is. Lily asks her if she has any idea what she wants to do next and Rose tells her that she has a few ideas. Rose goes upstairs and gets dressed and packs a bag. When Rose returns to the living room, Lily has popped some popcorn and tells Rose that she thought that they could watch a DVD. Lily sees that Rose is dressed with her coat on. Rose tells Lily that she promised Emily and Carly that she would do everything that she could to help them get home. She informs Lily that she is going to go back to the spa and find Emily and Carly. Lily tries to talk her out of it, but Rose won't listen. Finally, Lily gives in and lets Rose go. After Rose is gone, Holden comes home and tells Lily about the events of the day. Lily tells him that for a change they are getting good news. She tells him about Rose. Then, Holden realizes that they are home alone and that has not happened for a long time. They start to kiss and cuddle on the couch. Lily hears a noise and Holden tells her that she is just hearing things. They start to kiss again and Lily hears something again. She tells Holden that she is hearing something. Holden tries to pull her to him. She turns and looks at the front door and she can see someone peeking in the side window at them. When the person sees them, they run away. Lily turns to Holden and asks, "Did you see that?"

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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