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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 8, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, April 8, 2002

by Andy

Holden ran out of the house to chase after the person snooping at his front door. He didn't catch up with them because they sped away on a motorcycle. Later, Emma calls Holden because the mystery person is now at the farm. Everyone meets up at the barn and they all hear the motorcycle coming down the drive. Someone drives the bike inside. Aaron steps off and says, "Hey dad. How's it going?" Aaron says he ran away from his family in Seattle, but didn't say why. Later, back at the house, Holden calls Caleb to find out why Aaron left. Caleb and Julie were very worried, but had no idea why 17-year old Aaron ran away. Aaron walks in fresh from a shower wearing only a bath towel. Lily is washing all his clothes and offers to get him some of Holden's things to wear in the meantime. Holden stops her and says he and Aaron have to work something out first. He tells Aaron that he can only take refuge with him for a few days, then he's going back to Seattle. Aaron says it doesn't matter what Holden thinks. "I'm not going back."

Isaac decides to call Bonnie in Ireland when Simon stops by looking for Dahlia. Isaac says if he hears anything, he'll be the first to know. Simon leaves. Isaac then spies Katie disguised in a trench coat lurking about looking for Simon. Isaac demands to know what's going on. Katie says, "Simon's in trouble. The worst trouble he could possibly be in." She fills Isaac in on the Simon-Monique-Dahlia triangle. Katie can't figure out how she found Dahlia's car keys in Simon's bag. Isaac says she should trust him and tell him what she found. "If he says let's go the police, then you'll know he's not involved." Simon walks in and Katie confronts him. He acts surprised, but thinks it's best to keep the keys secret. Katie doesn't know what to think. Simon convinces Katie to give him the keys and then he leaves so he can make them disappear.

Rose shows up at the cop shop and asks Margo for info about Carly and Emily. Margo tells her James escaped. Margo sees a police officer bring Brandy in the station, so she asks her why she's there. Rose overhears that Brandy was involved in helping James escape and she goes for Brandy's throat. Brandy tells the cops to "get this crazy old bat outta my face?!" Hearing the truth freezes Rose in her tracks...for a second. "Call me an old bat? I'll bat you over your head!" Rose swings her purse at Brandy's head. Jack walks in, restrains her, and pulls her into the interrogation room. After he settles her down, Jack tells Rose that Craig heard from Carly. Rose is relieved to hear that she's alive. But then he tells Rose he found Libby dead. This makes Rose more determined to find Carly and Emily before it's too late. Jack counsels her to stay in town. Margo interrupts and asks Jack to help her with something. After he leaves, Rose says, "That's very good advice...that I can't take." Then she calls the airport and tries to book a flight on Lucinda's jet.

Earlier, Jack continues to knock on Craig's door. Lucinda runs for the door, but James pulls her away while Craig muzzles her mouth shut with his hand. The two men trust her to keep quiet and let her free, and she heads for the door again, but James grabs the back of her jacket. Craig pleads with Lucinda to go along with a plan that could bring Carly and Emily home, and restore Rose to her old self. Lucinda knows better, "You cannot give him a jet filled with fuel!" A desperate Craig says, "I can make this work." "You can't! You can't!" Craig says, "If we don't get James to Europe soon, Carly and Emily will die!" "We don't know that they aren't dead already!" James shakes her menacingly and says, "They're not! But they can be soon if you don't give us that jet!" Lucinda breaks free and runs for the door. Craig and James hide in the bedroom and Lucinda opens the door for Jack. He asks, "What are YOU doing here?" She deflects his question and asks, "What brings you to the lower depths?" She tells Jack she came by to collect evidence for Sierra on Craig's poor parenting skills. Jack seems to buy her story and leaves Lucinda alone in Craig's apartment even though she admitted she broke in. James and Craig come out of hiding and pressure Lucinda to use her jet. Against her better judgment, she makes the call to the airport. James gets close to Lucinda while she's on the phone and says, "It must make you feel wonderful to finally do something good for someone." Lucinda sizes him up and then stomps on his foot. She books her jet, then James congratulates her on getting her way, "even more often than I do." Lucinda shoots back, "No. If I got my way, you would be six feet under." The three amigos leave for the airport while at the police station Rose is on the phone trying to book a flight on the same jet. Rose finds out Lucinda has the dibs on the plane, but no one will tell her where she's going. Rose decides to find out where they're going herself and heads to the airport.

Margo tells an officer to lock Brandy up until she gives up the person who put her up to the stunt to break James out of the hospital. Jack walks in, pulls Margo into the interrogation room and tells her he thinks Craig put Brandy up to the stunt. He tells Margo he found Lucinda at Craig's and he left her there, but he put a tail on her because she was acting suspicious.

Rose walks on the jet looking for Lucinda. "Anybody home?" James comes out of the cockpit behind her, smiles, and says, "Welcome aboard. This is your captain speaking." Rose's jaw drops in fear and anger.

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Lily and Holden try to find out why Aaron doesn't want to go home, but Aaron takes offense and thinks Lily doesn't want him there and decides to leave. He ends up at Al's only to over hear Adam and Abigail talk about Lily and Holden and Abigail's trial. He figures out Holden and lily are related to Abigail and decides to leave when the waitress brings his coffee. He goes over the Emma's who then calls Holden. She tries to talk Aaron into going inside to get some of his favorite food which Emma has made, while back at Lily and Holden's Lily announces she is pregnant and that is why she wasn't really big on the idea of Aaron being there.

Jack finds out Lucinda's plane is at the airport ready to take off only to arrive and find the pilot just regained consciousness. Jack then finds out James, Rose and Craig too another plane but no one knows where it is going. Margo, back at the station finds out from John there has been a robbery at the hospital to which a bottle of Ether has been stolen. Margo calls Jack and informs him about the drugs only to find out her brother is involved. Jack then puts a call out to the plane, informs Craig James has Ether and then James attacks Craig with it and Rose is left stuck in the chair next to a passed out Craig.

Meanwhile in Scotland, a ghost who later tells them to leave spooks Bonnie and Billy but not before they find out the Duke may not be the Duke. However, back at Java, Isaac talks to Ben who tells him to find Bonnie, but Isaac decides to flirt with another girl. This doesn't work since all he sees is Bonnie and even hears the girls name as being Bonnie Recap --->

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Lily and Holden spend time together discussing Aaron and the new baby. Holden apologizes for not seeing the "signs" of pregnancy. Lily convinces Holden that Aaron should stay in Oakdale. She wants to give the same commitment to Aaron that Holden gave to Luke last summer in Malta. They feel it would be nice to live in a "peaceful, stable environment" so they decide to ask Aaron to live with Emma on the farm.

At the farm, Emma arrives at the stable with a glass of milk for Aaron. She encourages him to open up. He silently remembers hearing Lily and Holden talk about the new baby and about his inconvenient arrival time. Luke walks in excited to spend time with Aaron and his motorcycle. Luke tells Aaron to stay because they are brothers and Luke says he always wanted one. A little while later, Holden arrives and sees Luke is still up. He tells him to go to bed. He then asks Aaron to stay in Oakdale.

At the hospital, Susan maneuvers an after-hours visit to Hal. She tells him that Emily needs his help. She believes that her daughter is alive and that she is waiting for Hal to rescue her. Susan tells Hal that James has escaped. Hal realizes he needs to be home with his family. Against Dr. Lynn Samuels advice, Hal decides to be treated as an outpatient and to live at home and to look for Emily.

In the skies, James uses ether to "knock out" Rose and Craig. He parachutes out of the plane and leaves them there unconscious. Luckily, Jack continues to yell into the speaker system and it jolts Rose back to reality. Jack assures her the plane is on autopilot. He tells Rose it is okay. "No, not okay, " she says, "the opposite of okay." Rose wakes up Craig by slapping him and he says he can land the plane. At first Craig refuses to land back in Oakdale. He wants to continue and try to find Carly but Jack manages to convince him it is useless. Craig relents and lands the plane.

Jack arrives at the police station with Rose and Craig. Brandy is there and Craig tells the police that Brandy knew nothing about James Stenbeck. She is finally released and tells Craig her price just doubled. He agrees without argument. Jack yells at Craig telling him he is not as smart as he thinks - he was duped by James just like everyone else was. Rose actually stands up for Craig (although she hates doing it) but she says he only did what he did so that he could help Carly and Emily. A phone call comes in for Jack. It is James Stenbeck. He tells Jack he can arrange the safe release of Carly and Emily for something else in return - he wants Barbara.

Meanwhile, Barbara is spending time with Will at the house. Paul still doesn't trust her and doesn't want her spending too much time at the house. Barbara tells Paul that his father escaped and that she is afraid of being alone. Just then, Hal, newly released from the hospital arrives home, with Susan. Barbara, Will and Paul are very happy to see Hal. Before Susan leaves, she tells Hal to bring Emily home. Hal then turns to Barbara and tells her that they need to talk about the two of them.

Rose goes home to Lily and Holden's house. Lily is thrilled to see Rose. She tells her about Aaron and Rose is surprised. She said she didn't know about Aaron. Rose says, "You guys breed like you know what..." Actually, Lily says, there will soon be another Snyder running around. Rose is so happy to learn that her sister is pregnant. She says she will be an aunt again but this time, "from scratch."

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Katie tells Simon that he failed her little test. Simon explains himself and insists that they will never make it if they loose faith in each other. Katie assures him that she loves him and they make love. Later, Margo learns that traces of Dahlia's blood were found in her car. Luke runs home and tells Lily that he wants Aaron to stay. Lily shares the news that she's expecting with her son and Emma, but Luke remains disappointed that Aaron is leaving. Seeing how important it is to her son, Lily decides to talk Aaron into staying. Meanwhile, Holden tries to get Aaron to open up to him, but Aaron remains distant and insists on leaving. Lily arrives and asks him to hang around. Aaron eventually relents and agrees to stay at Emma's. Hal tells Barbara in no uncertain terms that Emily belongs in his house, not her. He makes it clear that they have no future together and he sets some ground rules for her to visit with Will. At the police station, James reiterates his offer to trade Carly and Emily for Barbara. Craig grabs the phone and ruins Jack's chance to trace the call. Paul arrives and overhears them arguing about whether or not to offer Barbara up as bait for James. Craig is persuasive and finally gets Paul to agree to talk to Barbara about doing something to help end Stenbeck's reign of terror. Jack is determined to make a plan where no one, not even Barbara, will get hurt. Craig goes to see Barbara and asks her to turn herself over to James. When Barbara refuses, Craig points out how selfish she is being.

Friday, April 12, 2002

Jake calls Dr. Michaels to find out if there is another route they can take with Abigail to help her regain her memory. Dr. Michaels says that she will check into it and get back to him. The trial begins and Tom calls Mary to the witness stand. Mary is reminded by the judge that she is still under oath. She nods her head in agreement. Tom starts to question her about her relationship with Nick. The DA objects and says that all this is on the record. The judge asks Tom where he is going with this line of questioning. He tells the judge that it will be pertinent to the line of questioning. The judge tells him to continue. Tom asks Mary who had bought the airline tickets. Did she purchase them or did Nick. Mary replies that she doesn't know. Tom asks if she bought them. Mary says that she did not. Tom says that Nick must have purchased them. Mary looks uncomfortable. Tom walks over to his briefcase and picks up an envelope that usually holds airline tickets. He looks inside the envelope and says that they were going first class. Tom looks at Mary and asks how she felt when she found out that Nick had cancelled her ticket and wasn't taking her anywhere. Tom goes on questioning Mary and finally Mary gets upset and says that it was not about the tickets. Tom asks her what it was about. Mary points at Abigail and says, "It was about her. She killed him! I saw her kill Nick with the music box!" The judge tells her to control herself and Tom says that he has no further questions. The judge says that the court is in recess until tomorrow. Tom walks over to Abigail and Molly and Jake join them. They tell Tom that he was terrific. Jake says that he thinks that Tom established a reasonable doubt. Dr. Michaels walks in and Molly tells Jake that she is there. Jake walks out with her. Abigail asks Molly why Dr. Michaels is there. Molly explains that Jake is trying to find a way for her to regain her memory. Tom and Molly and Abigail walk out and join Dr. Michaels and Jake. Dr. Michaels explains that there is a new procedure where Abigail will be fully awake, but her brain would think that she is asleep. Abigail is excited and wants to try the new procedure. Abigail asks Tom about the tickets that he used in the courtroom. He puts the tickets in his pocket and says that he is going to Cleveland next week. The all laugh and Tom says that he will have to put Abigail on the stand. Molly says no, but Abigail says that it is ok. Tom says that the jury needs to hear from Abigail that she is innocent. Abigail tells Dr. Michaels that she needs to remember what happened that night and fast. She says that she needs to schedule an appointment.

Simon and Katie are working around their cottage. Katie starts to clean up and finds a watch on the floor. She remembers seeing Dahlia wearing the watch the night of her celebration at Java Underground. Simon walks up behind Katie and asks what is she doing. Katie turns around and hides the watch from Simon. Katie starts to ramble and Simon stops her and asks if everything is ok. He tells her that she is rambling and can hardly breathe. She blames it on the dust and says that she probably just needs a mask. The phone rings and Simon answers it. Margo is calling to tell Simon that Dahlia's case could possibly be considered a homicide and she needs to question him again. Simon hides this from Katie and tells Margo that he will meet her at Java. When he hangs up, Simon makes an excuse to Katie and leaves. Katie talks to herself and says that she will trust her husband. She waits a few seconds and then heads out the door to follow Simon.

Craig shows up at the police station and tries to convince Margo that he is needed in the search for Carly and Emily. He tells Margo that he visited Barbara and tried to convince her to go for Stenbeck's offer. Margo says that she will add harassment to his list of charges. Craig ignores her and asks where he can find Jack. Margo tells him that she is going to meet Simon at Java and suggests that he come with her. Craig says that he will stay behind and hold down the fort and wait for Jack. Margo gives him a choice. He can either be locked up in a cell or come with her to Java. He decides that going to Java with her will be a good experience and they head out the door.

At Java, Craig takes a table away from Margo and Simon. Margo explains to Simon that some blood had been found under the floor mat of Dahlia's car and the blood type matched the blood type on Dahlia's blood donor card. Margo tells him that she needs an official statement. Simon tells her that he will give her whatever she needs. He tells Margo about the keys that Katie had found. Simon confides in Margo that Dahlia is a psychopath that is harboring ill feelings toward him and will do anything to destroy his life. Dahlia's lawyer hears Simon and walks over to him and tells them that Dahlia is not a psychopath. She states that Dahlia only loved her sister and he couldn't stand it so he killed her. Craig is watching all this drama from his table and then he sees Katie looking in the window at him. She motions him to come outside. Craig mutters, "Why are all the women in this family so high maintenance." He gets up and goes outside. Katie starts telling him about Simon and Dahlia and finding Dahlia's car keys and her watch. Craig asks if she thinks Simon killed her. Katie shushes him and says that she totally trusts her husband. Craig suggests that she hire a private detective. As Craig is talking, Katie realizes that if Dahlia were stealing her money, she would want to create a diversion like setting up Simon for a murder. Katie takes off. Craig walks back inside and yells over to Margo, "Rain check on that jail thing, I have lives to save!" Craig runs out and Margo lets out a huge sigh and rolls her eyes.

Katie goes back to the cottage and an express mail package arrives. When she opens the package she finds a check for a very large amount of money. She looks at the check, dumbfounded. She says, "Well, there goes the cheating theory."

Paul shows up at Lily's house and asks Rose to marry him. After trying to talk him out of it, she gives in and accepts.

Jack shows up at Hal's house and talks with Barbara about James' offer. Barbara says that she will help. Jack tells her that they will have an undercover officer go to meet James instead of Barbara. Barbara says that James will see that coming a mile away. Jack convinces her to take the phone call from James, but the undercover officer will go in her place. Barbara reluctantly agrees. Jack tells Barbara that he will wait for her in his car and will drive her to the police station. After Jack is gone, Barbara takes some of Hal's sleeping pills and puts them in her pocket and walks out the door. They go to the police station and before James' call comes through, Jack informs her to keep him on the line as long as possible. Barbara takes the call from James and they banter back and forth and finally James tells her to meet him at the old mill in one hour and he hangs up the phone. Barbara tries to keep him on the line, but it is too late. She apologizes to Jack for not keeping him on the line long enough. The undercover policewoman comes in and she looks a lot like Barbara. Barbara gives her some clothes that she can wear so she will look like Barbara. The policewoman heads to the interrogation room to change clothes. She tells Jack that she could use a hot cup of tea. Jack tells her that it will be waiting for her in the car. After Jack walks away, Barbara prepares a cup of tea and adds the powder from the sleeping pill she stole from Hal. She takes the tea in to the policewoman. Later, Jack comes back and knocks on the interrogation room and tells the policewoman that it is time to go. The woman walks out all shrouded in black. Jack asks if she is armed. The woman pulls back her cloak and reveals her gun. Jack says they need to go and walks over to the door. The woman turns and looks back into the interrogation room and the policewoman is passed out on the floor. Barbara turns and follows Jack out of the squad room.

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