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Monday, April 8, 2002

Lucy arrives at Ian's loft to ask why he sent the Nanny packing after Lucy had hired her. When Lucy starts to clean up and starts to blow Ian's COMFORT candle out, Ian surprises Lucy by stopping her. Ian told Lucy that he believes there is something special about that candle.

In Jack's Dark Room, Jack develops the picture of Alison that he took at the barn with the old camera Alison gave him. - and is surprised to see Rebecca standing BESIDE Ali in the picture! Jack then begins to believe that maybe it is LIVVIE who is right about there being something spooky going on with Alison's relative, puts the photo in a pouch and hastily leaves.

At the Bike Shop, Livvie and Jamal talk about the research they have done which reveals Rebecca's past, including the suspicion that she practiced black magic, was a witch, was accused of killing someone and was hanged.

Alison, in the barn, is feeling lonely, when her great-great-great-grandmother Rebecca suddenly comes to life, comes out of her portrait and told Alison that Ali has NEVER been alone. 'I've ALWAYS been real - to you!' Rebecca told Alison.

In the Bike Shop, Jamal keeps reading to Livvie some of the facts about Rebecca that he has picked up from old newspaper articles. According to the articles, Rebecca went crazy after her true love left her. She then locked herself away and made those magic candles until the townspeople became afraid of the candles. So they sent the town minister to speak to Rebecca and ask her to quit making the candles. The minister was never heard from again. All that was ever found were his bloody clothes in the woods outside MISS Barrington's candle shop. Livvie is amazed and has come to believe that Rebecca was not only a witch, but a cold-blooded killer as well.

LIVVIE continues to read some of her research: "Right before Miss Barrington was hanged, she placed a curse on the town.' Livvie then suggests to Jamal that, after all the things that have happened in Port Charles, it is quite possible that all the evil surfacing suddenly in the town COULD be the result of an ancient curse coming home to roost. Livvie told Jamal that she hopes they have learned about all of this in time to stop it before it gets worse.

LIVVIE continues to read her research: "After Rebecca was executed, they placed her body in a room to prepare for burial. When they came back to retrieve it, her body was gone. - She disappeared!'

Just as Jamal and Livvie are discussing the strange things that seem to have been associated with Rebecca, Jack arrives to see Jamal, but Livvie immediately notices that Jack is holding an antique camera and asks him where he got it. Jack hesitantly admits to Livvie and Jamal that Alison gave him the camera and that it was among Rebecca's things.

LIVVIE: "So - you found all of her old stuff?'

Jack told Jamal and Livvie that Alison DID locate Rebecca's discarded things. Then Jack told them about taking the picture of Alison at the barn and that, when he developed it, the picture included Rebecca as well. However, when Jack pulls the photo out of its case to show them, they all see that NO ONE is in the picture except Alison!

At the Barn, Rebecca explains that Rebecca is real for ALISON because Ali is capable of BELIEVING! Rebecca went on to tell Alison that it was ALI'S love and need for Rebecca that brought Rebecca back to life. Alison told her dear friend that it was RAFE who taught her about love and faith.

Rebecca looks around and asks if that barn in special to Rafe and Alison and when Ali told her the barn WAS special, Rebecca told Alison that she could feel THEIR love in the air. Then Rebecca asks Alison how she got there from the attic. So Alison told Rebecca how Amanda had everything hauled away and how Alison miraculously found them again when she came to the barn.

REBECCA: 'Did your grandmother tell you WHY she was so upset?'
ALISON: "Yeah! She did. I mean, she told me that -- that you were - a witch! But you're not - right?'

Meanwhile, back at Ian's loft, as Lucy and Ian talk about the COMFORT candle, Lucy told Ian that she thinks she could get him another candle like that one, but Ian told Lucy that he thinks there is MAGIC in the candle. Ian confesses to Lucy that he believes Eve left the candle for him. When he lit the candle, it was like Eve was holding him in her arms and then he was able to find the gift that she had given to him just before she left. Then, when he got back from the memorial, he was looking for Danny's blanket and couldn't find it anywhere. But when he lit the candle, the blanket just appeared out of nowhere!
IAN: 'Who else could have left the candle but Eve?'
LUCY: "Nobody!!'

Lucy guesses that Ian is afraid that, if he blows the candle out, he would not be able to feel Eve's presence so strongly. Ian told Lucy that he KNOWS the candle won't burn forever and he WILL have to accept that Eve is gone - but he is just not ready to do that yet. Lucy holds his hand and told him that she understands.

Meanwhile, back at the Bike Shop, Jack insists he saw Rebecca in the photo next to Alison. When Jamal suggests it might have been a double exposure, Jack told them that, if it WAS a double exposure - there would just be TWO pictures of Alison - so a double exposure would NO explain why REBECCA was standing beside Ali in the picture.

Livvie observes that the image of Rebecca in Jack's photo 'disappeared - just like the real Rebecca." When Jack asks what Livvie means, Livvie told Jack that she and Jamal had found that Alison's ancestor was a witch and murderer who put a curse on the town before she was hanged and then her dead body disappeared after she died.

Livvie urges Jamal to go try to talk to Alison about all of this before she gets in too deep - and Jamal leaves. As Jamal leaves, Livvie says to Jack: "I hope Jamal can get through to her before she takes it too far and we can't go back!'

However, in the barn, Rebecca told Alison she was NOT a witch - just a candle maker. Rebecca told Alison that her candles had powerful scents that could alter emotion. But the candle would only enhance what was inside somebody's heart - there was nothing sinister about them. Rebecca went on to explain that when someone lit a candle and it had an effect on them, they called it black magic. Alison told her ancestor that she is sorry that Rebecca lived when she did - because, now, 'everyone pretty much BELIEVES in the power of candles these days I mean - it's called aroma therapy.' Alison went on to explain how there are now shops that sell nothing but aroma therapy candles, bath salts and the like. Alison mentions that HER favorite is JASMINE AND ROSES!

Rebecca is surprised that Alison noticed that the candles had names etched in the bottom of them because MOST people do NOT notice the bottom of a candle. 'But,' Alison went on to tell Rebecca, 'I noticed SOME of the candles had names etched in the bottom that were NOT so nice!'
REBECCA: 'When the townspeople accused me of being evil - I got a little mischievous with the candles. But the candles are only as powerful as people allow them to be. If your heart is pure, the candles can ONLY do good.'

ALISON: 'But what if people's hearts aren't pure?'
REBECCA: "Well, let's just say - the candles help them to See the Light!'

After Lucy helps Ian get Danny to bed, Ian admits to Lucy that he has NOT had much sleep because 'it hurts to wake up.' After Lucy leaves, as Ian looks at a picture of Eve - the COMFORT candle suddenly went out. Ian frantically searches for a match to light the candle again, but tears up the place as he looks. Finally, exhausted, Ian sinks down in a heap beside Danny's play pen and says: "How am I supposed to live without you?' As Ian speaks, the hot wax from the candle melts and melts away the Name of the Candle - COMFORT.

At the Bike Shop, Livvie told Jack that she is afraid of what might happen if the fear the people of Port Charles once had about Rebecca Smith Barrington and her candles turns out to have been well-founded. When Jack told Livvie that whatever Rebecca did - it WAS in the past, Livvie asks Jack to just 'leave it all alone.' When they get ready to leave, Livvie asks Jack to leave the camera at the bike shop and tomorrow Jamal will get rid of it. Livvie does NOT want the camera in HER house.

Alison told Rebecca that Ali has her box of candles, and, as the two of them look through the candles, Ali told Rebecca about Ian's COMFORT candle and how Alison felt closer to Rafe when she lit the LOVE candle. Rebecca told Alison that Ali 'has a great gift for making the impossible - possible!'

Just then, Jamal enters the barn and says 'Ali,' - and Rebecca disappears.

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Ricky looked for Casey and talked to Chris who lit the "Lust" candle inspiring Victor and Mary. Jack and Livvie discussed Rebecca and Livvie destroyed her "Trouble" candle. Jamal found Alison talking to the portrait but she said she was talking to herself. He tried to tell her of Rebecca's history but she insisted she and Rebecca had never talked about that. Jamal was concerned for her. When he left, Rebecca promised to bring Rafe back to Alison.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Lucy comes running into the Recovery Room to find Chris about to be arrested for fondling an officer while Victor and Mary are half undressed chasing each other playfully around the bar. Though she has no idea what is going on, Lucy explains to the police that Chris has just suffered the loss of a friend and Victor and Mary are just having harmless fun. After the officers leave, Lucy demands an explanation. Mary blames it on the candle. When they look for the candle, it is missing. When Lucy asks what makes the candle so special, Mary told her it makes her feel "out of control." She gives Victor a lustful look and they both giggle.

Victor believes the candle has some sort of power. Chris told them that Ricky has a candle as well. Every time Ricky lights the candle, he sees Casey walk by. Chris thought that if he lit Victor's candle, he might see Eve walk by. Instead, it had a different effect and caused Chris to come on to the female police officer. Lucy thinks there must be some connection between the candles. She wonders where the rest of the candles are. Chris leaves and runs into the police officer outside. She has the purple candle. "Confiscated evidence" she explains with a smile. She told Chris to give her a call sometime.

Kevin stops by to check on Ian. He finds the door unlocked and Ian sitting in the dark watching videos of Eve and Danny. Kevin turns on a light, then takes the remote control from Ian and stops the tape. Ian tries to tell Kevin he is not ready for help. He asks what he should do? Should he forget that Eve ever existed? Ian feels a tremendous amount of guilt. He fells he wasted so much time playing hero to other women like Arianna and Amy when he should have been taking care of his own wife.

Kevin asks Ian to come and stay at the lighthouse for a while. Ian turns down the offer, so Kevin leaves a key behind in case Ian changes his mind. After Kevin leaves, Ian turns off the lights and starts the video again. He watches Eve and Danny for a while, then reaches for the key.

Alison wants the truth about why Rebecca was hanged for murder. Rebecca explains that she was helping a friend. He was a Reverend who asked for her help in faking his death so he could run away with the woman he loved. She never murdered anyone, but the townspeople refused to believe that. Alison is confused. She doesn't know what to believe. Rebecca told Alison to light the *love* candle and Rafe will come to her. She leaves Alison alone to decide what to do. After giving it some thought, Alison lights the candle then asks Rafe to appear.

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Karen is alone at the Scanlon House, looking at Eve's picture and missing her friend, when she suddenly hears a strange noise coming from the basement. When Karen calls out to see if it is Frank and there is no answer, she arms herself with a frying pan and lays in wait for the intruder, cracking him on the head when he emerges from the basement door. Once her intruder has been knocked out cold, Karen realizes that it is Casey's friend, Ricky Garza.

At Jack and Livvie's, as Livvie sleeps upstairs, Jack is in his Dark Room, continuing to fool around with Rebecca's antique camera and determined to get another picture with Rebecca showing up in the picture with Alison, like the one he had seen earlier.

In the Barn, as Alison lights the LOVE candle for Rafe, the door suddenly opens and LUCY walks in!

Back at the Scanlons, Karen takes care of the bump on Ricky's head and demands he explain what he was doing creeping up from the Scanlon basement. Ricky explains that he came by to pick up some of Casey's things to keep them for her, should she ever decide to show up again and want them. When Karen demands to know WHY Ricky did not at least CALL before invading the basement, Ricky explains that, in his experience, Frank does not exactly roll out the Welcome Wagon for Ricky.

When Ricky begins to talk about his relationship with Casey and tries to decide whether it was love or not, Ricky told Karen that if he told her EVERYthing, 'You'd think I'm crazy.'
KAREN: "I ALREADY think you're crazy. So - tell me!'

Ricky then went on to explain to Karen that, whenever he lights this candle (and he has the candle with him!), he sees Casey EVERYwhere - but when he runs to catch up with her - she is NOT there. Ricky asks what Karen would call something like that, and Karen told Ricky that she would call something like that love. Then Karen talks about how she has been missing Eve and Ricky told her that he was sorry to hear about Dr. Lambert.

In the Barn, Lucy sees the portrait of Rebecca and is amazed at the resemblance to Paige. When Lucy guesses that Alison was expecting someone, Alison admits that she was hoping against hope that it was Rafe who would walk through that door. Lucy then begins to told Alison that she does NOT understand WHY Rafe would leave so abruptly when it was SO obvious that he was SO much in love with Alison. However, when Alison told Lucy she really does NOT want to talk about it - Lucy promises to zip her lip about that topic.

Then Lucy rushes right on to her main topic - which was that she came about the candles. Lucy went on to explain to Alison that the candles seem to exercise a very strong influence over people - for example, when Victor and Mary light the candle they have, they 'get inspired.' Then Lucy mentions the candle that Ian had - and guesses that Ian's COMFORT candle came from Alison. Lucy ends by telling Alison that her 'candles have extraordinary powers!'

But Alison quickly explains that the candles have 'Only the sort of power that you held in your own heart. The candles don't produce anything out of the ordinary. You have it within you.'

Lucy is amazed and asks Alison who told her that, and Alison mentions that she found it written down in some of the recipes for making the candles that Rebecca left. As Alison and Lucy talk about Rebecca, Lucy looks closely at the picture and mentions that she thinks it looks like Rebecca could step right out of the picture. Alison says that the painting has been known to have that effect on people. Lucy went on to explain to Alison that she has always believed in the power of crystals and aroma and incense. Then Lucy told Alison that she would like to try one of the candles. Alison gives Lucy a yellow candle and, as the lights it, Alison told Lucy to tell her the very first thing she thinks of when she first smells the candle. Lucy told Alison that she feels all warm and tingly all over - as if she were in a warm, heavenly bath. Alison shows Lucy that the Name written on the bottom of the candle is WARMTH. Lucy suddenly becomes very excited and told Alison that she has a GOLD MINE!

At the Scanlon House, Karen and Ricky talk about the possibility of Ricky being in love with Casey. Then Karen offers Ricky something to drink. Ricky asks for a beer, but when Karen doesn't have a beer, she gets out some wine that Frank had bought, but first asks Ricky if he is legal. Ricky assures her that he is. As they talk, Karen told Ricky that 'If you want to feel this incredible love stuff - you have to feel the rotten stuff too.' And, if he is able to do all of that, 'there COULD be something JUST as amazing right around the corner.'

But Ricky told Karen that that is NOT for him. Then Ricky begins to talk about Casey, telling Karen how Casey had a tough girl act, but deep down inside, she was sweet and cool. Ricky points out that he broke in and got hit on the head with a frying pan, but, instead of landing in jail, he ended up talking about stuff like love. Then he told Karen he thinks she's nice and takes her hands and thanks her for listening to him.

Back in the Barn, Lucy insists that Alison has a gold mine and that Alison HAS to share the Magic of the Candles with the World!! Alison admits that she DOES still have Rebecca's recipes, and Lucy enthuses that Alison SHOULD open her own candle shop. Warming to her subject, Lucy told Alison that Lucy would back Ali - put up the money to get the candle shop going. When Alison thinks that maybe it would not be right to take money for the candles, Lucy mentions that, well, they could always GIVE them away, and Alison agrees that maybe they COULD make a LITTLE money from the candles. When Lucy begins thinking about WHERE the candle shop should be located, Lucy decides that the Barn would be PERFECT! But, when Alison points out that it is NOT her barn, Lucy waves her aside, saying that Lucy will just buy the barn - and soon everyone from miles around will be flocking there to buy some of Grandma Rebecca's Wonderful Candles!

Alison thanks Lucy for NOT thinking Ali was off her rocker because she kept hanging out in an old barn with her great-great-great-Grandmother's OLD stuff. When Lucy looks at the LOVE candle, Alison admits that she was just getting ready to light a candle for Rafe. Lucy asks if she can take the WARMTH candle along with her, and Alison told her to go ahead.

After Lucy leaves, Alison lights the LOVE candle and calls to Rafe to 'please come back to me!'

Meanwhile, as Jack continues to work in his Dark Room, looking for some evidence of Rebecca in the photo, Livvie begins to have a bad dream about Alison being trapped behind the candles and telling Livvie that the candles are too powerful and that Alison can't get out. But when Livvie tries to move past the candles to rescue Alison, Livvie finds that she can NOT get IN to rescue Alison.

Meanwhile, at the Scanlons, as Ricky and Karen talk about love and about Karen missing Eve, Karen admits to Ricky that Love Hurts - but - like bumps on the head - 'we mend.' And - there are always wonderful memories that no one can ever take away. Ricky thanks Karen for her Words of Wisdom and Karen gives Ricky a little peck on the cheek - just as Frank comes in and demands to know what is going on.

In Jack's Dark Room, Jack makes one last attempt to find a picture of Rebecca and is finally successful. And, as Rebecca shows up in the photo, Livvie wakes up from her nightmare. But, as Livvie walks around the living room, she walks past the fireplace and sees a vision of Alison there, calling to her: "Help me, Livvie. You've got to help me!'

In the Barn, Alison asks Rafe to come back to her and as she drifts off to sleep, the door opens and Rafe walks in.

Friday, April 12, 2002

As Frank enters the Scanlon Kitchen, he finds Karen giving Ricky a little kiss after they have enjoyed a heart to heart talk about the pain of losing loved ones, and Frank jumps to ALL the wrong conclusions. When Ricky protests that NOTHING was going on, Frank told Ricky that it looked to him like they were kissing and Frank explains that he thinks Ricky is taking advantage of Karen's kindness.

In Jack's Dark Room, Jack gets a picture of Rebecca to appear - but by the time Jack has hung the picture up to dry, the image of Rebecca has disappeared. Meanwhile, upstairs in the Living Room, Livvie wakens from a nightmare and believes she sees Alison in the fireplace, begging for help from Livvie. But when Livvie reaches her hand out to help Alison, Livvie gets burned.

Meanwhile, in the barn, as Alison dozes before Rebecca's LOVE candle, Alison is awakened by Rafe. As Rafe takes her hand and told her it doesn't matter how he got there, so long as they are together, Alison told him how happy this moment has made her.

At the Scanlons', Karen gets Frank and Ricky to call a truce and Ricky soon leaves, but forgets the box of things belonging to Casey that he left on the table - and the box includes Rebecca's DESIRE candle.

After Ricky leaves, Karen jumps all over Frank for his rude behavior and told Frank that she believes Ricky is just a sweet, confused kid who is trying to deal with loss - the way they ALL are! Frank and Karen kiss and decide it is time to set the scene for some romance. Frank starts the music and Karen turns off all the lights and lights Ricky's DESIRE candle.

Meanwhile, at Jack's place, Jack went running to Livvie in the living room after she cries out in pain from her burned hand. Livvie told Jack that she believed she saw Alison in the fire and reached out to rescue her when she got burned. Jack agrees that they have ALL been worried about Alison. As Jack brought some ice for Livvie's burn, Livvie told Jack about her nightmare - how she saw Alison trapped in a burning ring of candles - and when Livvie woke up, she could still see Alison's face in the fireplace - and Alison's face had a terrified look on it. Livvie told Jack that she is SURE Alison is in trouble. Jack counters that he does NOT think Alison is in REAL trouble right now - but she COULD be HEADED for trouble. But Livvie repeats that she is sure Alison is in trouble NOW!

In the Barn, when Alison sees Rafe, Rafe and Alison luxuriate in the simple delight of being with each other again. As Rafe takes her hand, Alison asks: "You ARE real?"
RAFE: "What does your heart tell you?'
ALISON: "To love you and never you let go.'
RAFE: "You'd better listen to it!'

At the Scanlon house, as Frank and Karen begin to kiss passionately, Frank Begins to pull away and told Karen to 'Stop it. Get away from me.'

At Livvie and Jack's, Jack surprises Livvie by telling her that he agrees with Livvie that Alison COULD be in trouble, but Jack believes they need to know just exactly WHAT they are up against before they can be much help. Livvie asks if that means that Jack is going to keep on fooling around with the camera and Jack emphasizes to Livvie that he believes the Camera may hold the key to unraveling the mystery of Rebecca and her candles. Jack told Livvie that he plans to see if Alison has any other photos, especially of Rebecca. But Livvie points out that it is not likely Alison would actually cooperate with Jack and give him the photos just because he asked for them - after all, Livvie points out - when Jamal tried to tell Alison she was into something over her head, Alison kicked Jamal out.

Livvie told Jack: "If it's got her in its web - what if Alison isn't even really Alison any more?'

As Rafe and Alison hold on to each other in the barn, Alison mentions that she feels like she is finally home.

RAFE: "You are home,' and he produces a pink rose for her.

ALISON: "Oh! You have your magic back!'
RAFE: "When I have you, I have magic. That's the way it always was. And always will be.'

Rafe and Alison begin to dance and as they play around and Alison asks Rafe to NEVER let her go, Alison suddenly wakes up, sees that the candle has gone out, and decides she just had a dream. But she says: "Rafe - please make this real for me. Please!'

Meanwhile, at Jack and Livvie's, Jack told Livvie he knows WHY Livvie is upset - because of all the bad things that have happened to them before. And Livvie agrees with Jack that it COULD be just a case of Livvie blowing things way out of proportion. When Livvie asks what they should do, Jack told her they will 'Take it one step at a time. And do it MY way!' Then he kisses her and she agrees he could be right, ESPECIALLY when he puts it THAT way!

However, when Jack returns to the Dark Room to have another look at the photographs he was working on, Livvie remembers seeing Alison trapped in a ring of burning candles and suddenly douses the fireplace with water. 'Sorry, Jack,' she says, "I won't let Alison make the same mistake I did. She isn't going to like what I'm going to do, but I HAVE to help her!'

At the Scanlons', Frank can't breathe and backs away when Karen tries to help him. Finally, Frank gets his breathing under control and apologizes, but Karen says she is flattered. As Frank and Karen begin to get close again, Ricky returned for the box with Casey's stuff in it and Frank suddenly shoves Karen away, saying: "Get away from me, you whore! You make me sick! Look at you! You think if you stand there half-naked, I'll give you what you want. Cover yourself up! You're disgusting!' And Frank tosses a blanket to Karen. Ricky is immediately angry and tries to defend her and, when Karen reaches out to help Frank, Frank won't let Karen touch him. Then Frank suddenly collapses.

In the barn, Alison looks around and told Rebecca it was just a dream: 'Rebecca, what happened?" Alison asks. But, when Alison turns around again, she sees there is a pink rose beside the LOVE candle. 'You WERE here! You were REAL!' Alison whispers to herself.

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