One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 8, 2002 on OLTL

Cristian decided to tell the truth to Jen before she married Al. Starr was suspicious of Viki. Jack ended up in the hospital with the same illness that Starr had as a baby. Keri was cleared of all charges. Lindsay had a difficult time in prison.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 8, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, April 8, 2002

Gabrielle hastily covers for Al after Jen overhears her fianc‚'s odd comment about Natalie ruining the wedding. Meanwhile, Natalie entreats Cristian to help her find Jessica and Seth. Inside the cave, Seth assures a worried Jessica that his injuries are minor. Roxy calls Allison to complain about the car's faulty steering. "Viki's" refusal to take her brother's kids infuriates Todd and baffles Blair. Allison gives Bo a handy tip on how to track down her stolen vehicle. "Niki" finally gives in and agrees to care for Starr and Jack until the hearing. Upon learning of Al's plans to marry, Asa offers to let Gabrielle's son hold the ceremony in the Buchanan mansion. Fighting back tears, Blair and Todd reluctantly bid farewell to their children. A sputtering Roxy is arrested for grand theft auto. Natalie orders Allison to reveal what she's done with Seth and Jessica. Blair entreats Todd to let Sam do whatever he can to retrieve their children. Jessica declares her love to Seth. Back at Llanfair, Starr is startled to hear her aunt yelling at baby Jack to shut up.

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Natalie continued to worry about Seth and Jessica, as they were missing. She and Cristian both got together to search for the two. Meanwhile, in the cave, Jess and Seth grew even closer, and made love. Jen was surprised when Al planned a honeymoon to Europe. He planned that his "miracle recovery" would take place there. Antonio reassured a worrying Keri about their court date. Starr questioned Viki ("Niki" now) about her behavior toward Jack, when she told the baby to "Shut up", and didn't even know how to change his diaper. Trying to protect Jack, she threatened to tell Ben, but Vikki scared her into staying quiet. Jen went to visit Lindsay in Statesville, and they talked about her wedding to Al. Lindsay was then sent to her cell. Allison's plot to frame Roxy was going as planned, and Allison prepared to leave Llanview so that Roxy would be blamed for Seth and Jessica's accident.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Antonio and Keri arrive for the hearing; even if she's found innocent it'll harm her, Keri laments. Antonio tells her she'll be fine with a little justice. Nearby, R.J. approaches Shawna and urges her to withdraw her complaint. He threatens her when she refuses which catches the attention of Hank and Carlotta. Shawna only says that she thinks it's sweet for R.J. to be so concerned with his daughter's welfare, while Hank orders R.J. to back off. Rae announces that only involved parties may attend the hearing but she'll keep everyone informed. She mentions that she knows it will be fair. Dean Baker conducts the hearing and mentions how serious an offense a student-teacher relationship would be. Keri says that the charges are all false and admits that she went to his apartment one time to discuss a paper. After futher discussion she also admits meeting him for a blind date because the person who set it up didn't know and that she had dinner and danced with him the one time. They had no personal relationship until after Antonio was no longer a student. Shawna enters with other students close behind her, claiming that these are all witnesses. She tells several stories about Antonio and Keri; Keri jumps up to accuse her of lying. She doesn't recognize any of the so-called witnesses, she cries out. Antonio leaves the room to get the truth.

Natalie and Cris have spent the night looking for clues to the whereabouts of Seth and Jessica. Nat finds Seth's car license plate which causes her to go into hysterics. Cris tries to calm her down and decides to head back to his car to call the police. In the sheltering cave, Seth and Jess awaken after spending the night together making love. She'll always remember this night, Jess says glowingly. As Nat is wandering around continuing her search, she gets close enough to the cave to hear them speaking. She stalks off when they mention their love and trust for each other and remembers previous conversations with others, telling her that she'd never get Seth back. She goes back to the cave and surprises the pair-they are happy to see her and she mentions how she and Cris have been searching for them. Jess tells her that Roxy ran them off the road and shows her proof. Jess gives her a hug as Cris shows up too.

At the carriage house, Jen looks at her wedding dress, imagining Cris as her groom. Al knows just what she's thinking about, he says. He knows she's in deep thought about her mother but he thinks it'll ease the pain if they make sure that lots of pictures are taken of their special day; it'll be just like she was there. He leaves Jen alone as he needs to get to Asa's to get dressed. Later, Sam arrives to visit. He reassures his daughter that Lindsay wouldn't want her sad on this day but wonders if she's sure about this marriage. Jen says she is though Sam prods and tells her he knows she really loves Cris. Jen believes it's better for Cris anyway, he'll get over her faster, she says. Sam wonders about her own feelings and tries to convince her not to hide the truth, but Jen is insistent that she loves Al. Sam will support her if this is what she wants, he says, and will be there for both himself and Lindsay.

Renee supervises over the preparations for the wedding of Al and Jen. She enlists Asa's help but he's encountered Bo who has arrived early with a question. Why is Asa having the wedding at his house when he hates Max and Gabrielle so much? What's he up to? Asa takes offense and swears he will be on his best behavior. As a workman approaches with questions on the ramp he's building for Al, Gabby catches up with Bo. She thanks Bo for his concern of her; she overheard his conversation with the senior Buchanan. She'd like Bo to be her escort for the wedding but he questions her motive. Is it as a friend or is it to make Max jealous? Gabby insists she's not trying to make Max jealous. Bo receives a call he has to take and Al arrives. She suggests that her son disclose his secret to Jen but he refuses. When she goes off to change her own clothes, Asa returns. Al admits he enjoyed being Asa's son while Asa says he was a true Buchanan and is eager for him to walk again. Al confesses that he had some feeling in his legs. He spies the carpenter installing the ramp and realizes it's the worker from the university who helped him get his wheelchair out of the locked closet. Al wheels away hastily. Gabrielle has finished changing, refuses help from Max but asks Bo to help her fasten her necklace. He hates to tell her but he has to leave right away for L.A. for a case he's working on; he won't be able to make the wedding.

Lindsay is shown the laundry and introduced to the other prisoners at Statesville. The guard suggests that they give her a real welcome. One of the women, Tillie, eyes her very obviously and grabs her hands. These hands will become red and raw, she gloats, and orders Lindsay to take care of the infirmary sheets, the worst ones. All of the inmates begin to make fun of her when they learn that Lindsay's daughter is getting married. They begin to frolic and sing until the guard walks in and orders them all back to work. She accuses Lindsay of being a trouble maker.

The Dean wants proof that Keri didn't do what the witnesses say she did. How can she prove something she didn't do, Keri wonders. Antonio arrives with that proof.

The cops arrive to take Jess and Seth to the hospital. When Jess inquires about Roxy, she's told that the woman is being held. Nat refuses to take credit for being a heroine. She cries to Cris that she's lost Seth forever.

The carpenter spies Al and asks him why he needs a ramp when he can walk. Just then, Jen walks in with a gift she has for Al. In the other room, Asa wants to know what Gabby is up to.

Tillie warns Lindsay about being a squealer.

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Niki reads, "Child born with third elbow," from a tabloid paper. Mean while, baby Jack cries and Niki tells him to "Shut up!" She wonders why he is still crying and discovers that he is hot to the touch. Ben comes in and delivers the bad news that the baby sitter has called in sick and they will have to miss Jen's wedding. Niki suggests that she should stay but Ben should go enjoy the wedding. He disagrees and decides to stay and help Niki with the baby. Niki says, "Tell me what you're really thinking Ben. You don't want me to be alone with this baby because I am a bad mother."

Blair and Todd arrive in court at the same time as Ms. Major and the Judge. The Judge informs them that this hearing is in regards to the disclosure of a second child. The discovery motivated him to take the children away. The Judge notices that Todd's lawyer is not present and Todd tells him that he is defending a very public trial in Seattle. The Judge asks why they didn't ask to postpone the meeting; the reason was so they would not be separated from their children any longer. Todd begins an emotional soapbox speech on how they are good parents and just want their children to be happy. Then, he insults the Judge and threatens that he will not let anyone take his children away. Sam has entered the courtroom by now and listens to Todd's threats.

At the college hearing, Dean Baker and the panel begin to summon evidence and witnesses. Antonio emerges and announces that he has enough to discredit Shawna and her friends who plan to testify. Carlotta, Hank and R.J. arrive and listen to Antonio's evidence. Antonio names each witness by name and reveals the information he has gathered on each one. One was a late transfer student who didn't arrive till months after he allegedly saw Antonio and Keri. Another, was in a drug rehab center at the time; drug arrest record for drugs and petty theft for another; and yet another who has a long history of making allegations against teachers since the 7th grade. The last flatly tells him that Shawna paid her $50 dollars to lie.

The Janitor, Tony, approaches Al and asks if he is the one who needs the wheel chair ramp built. He says, "We both know that you can walk." Jen walks in at that exact moment and asks if this is true. Al flat out says that Tony indeed saw him walking. He continues to say that he saw him before the accident before he was able to walk and never heard of his current condition. The Janitor leaves and Jen gives Al a present for the wedding. It is a gold pen that reads "Jen & Al, April 12, our wedding day." The two hug and she tells him that he can use it to sign the license.

Outside the parlor at Llanfair, Cris speaks to Natalie. He notices that she is upset and figures that it must be because Natalie had seen Jessica and Seth happily together. He offers his help and Natalie tells him that she doesn't understand why is didn't work. She pulled every trick in to book to get him back. Cris asks her what she has done and she reveals the time she made it look like she slept with Seth when in fact, he was passed out drunk. She decides not to tell him everything and tells him that she just want to be alone.

Ben tries to ease Viki (Niki) and tells her that she did a great job raising Jessica. Niki replies that Jessica isn't her daughter, but Natalie is. "If I were a good mother, I couldn't hate Natalie as much as I do." At that moment, Natalie enters the parlor and overhears what her mother just said. Natalie asks her to repeat but Ben tells her that she can't believe what she has just heard. Niki agrees and says that it was only what Rae said, nothing else. Near tears, Natalie tells Niki that she should visit her real daughter who is in the ER right now and leaves. After attempting to call her back, Niki shrugs her shoulders.

Asa confronts Gabrielle and threatens her. He reminds her of what she did to him and he won't let her do the same thing to Bo. The only reason that she is living with Bo is to get back at Asa, Gabrielle says. He threatens her once again and she answers that he doesn't have to worry because she knows her place. Ben and Niki fuss over what happened but Ben reminds her of Jessica. Niki leaves for the hospital while Ben stays to look after Jack.

The judge calms Todd down and tells him that he realizes what he's going through. He asks for Jacks adoption papers and Todd hands him the falsified legal work. The Judge shuffles through and pronounces that everything seems in order. Sam says, "Not exactly." Todd panics but Sam only reminds the Judge that the adoption will be legal in one year. Sam confirms that he is a friend and here to speak on the Manning's behalf for their children. Finally, the Judge reaches his decision. He rules that the Manning's can retain the custody of their children while still under super valiance by Child Services.

Antonio also provides several drafts of the infamous paper that he wrote for Keri's class. The paper was first deemed "unacceptable," but after four drafts, his paper improves and so does his grade. The panel agrees that the witnesses were false and drops all claims against Keri. They recommend that Shawna receive disciplinary action for her behavior. Inside, Keri cries with Carlotta and Hank offers his congratulations. Meanwhile, outside, Shawna brags to her friends that she will probably transfer from this stupid school. R.J. approaches her and tells her that they have something to settle.

Jen leaves Al to go try on her wedding dress. Tony returns and Al thanks him for not blowing his cover. He offers Tony more hush money but Tony refuses. It's the same amount as before, but now he wants more. Al gives him everything he has and tells him to remain quiet. Tony says that he's now in this scam too and they continue to discuss the money. Meanwhile, Max overhears "scam", "here's more money" etc. and enters the room asking what's going on.

Niki arrives at the hospital commenting on how much she hates sick people. While she casually looks for the ER, she ponders on how she can get Ben off her back.

Sam meets Todd outside the courtroom. Sam tells Todd that this was a close one. He tells Todd that he will make Jack's adoption legal, with or without him. He will hunt down the birth mother and make everything right. Todd says, "Good luck finding Nellie. I've made sure of that."

Tony leaves Max and Al alone. Al makes up a lie that he has a surprise for Jen and doesn't want her to know about it. Max pressures him for information and Al becomes very angry. While he yells, his legs jump up and down in his wheelchair and Max notices. Max marvels at the sight and Al tells him, "I can walk. It's been for awhile now." Al matter-of-factly tells him how he needs to remain disabled so he can marry Jen. Max tells Al that's he's been up for nights worrying about him and calling doctors. Al asks him to keep his secret, but Max doesn't comply. He walks out into the foyer where Jen, Asa, Renee, and Gabrielle are. They've heard the yelling and ask them what's been going on. Max asks Al if he would like to explain.

Cris sees Natalie run back to the Llanfair carriage house. He asks her why she is so upset and she describes what Viki (Niki) said. He tries to calm her down but she says that she deserves what she's getting. She tells Cris that he doesn't know the truth about what's been going on. What's she's done to Jessica, Seth and even Cris.

Shawna threatens to tell everyone about this lie that R.J. has paid her to say. She tells him how everything blew up in her face and she not going to leave it at that. R.J. tells her not to cross him, just as Antonio walks up.

Friday, April 12, 2002

Todd takes baby Jack to the hospital because he is sick and has a fever. The doctor informs Todd that baby jack is sick with aplastic anemia. Todd recalls being told the same thing about Starr when she was a baby.

Niki realizes that she can't keep pretending to be Viki because Ben will catch on sooner or later. Niki plots to get rid of Ben once and for all.

Al confessed to Max that he can walk and begs him not to tell Jen. In fact Al tells Max he can't believe his attitude considering all the things Max has done wrong. Max tells Al he doesn't want Al to be like him. He doesn't want his life to be full of lies. Al tells Max he would lose Jen if she knew.

Meanwhile, Jen and Sam are having a discussion regarding Jen's feelings for Al and Cristian. Jen admits she still loves Cristian, but notes that she also loves Al. Sam tells Jen he just wants her to be happy.

Natalie tells Cristian she has done something unforgivable. Cristian pleads with Natalie to tell him what she has done. Natalie tells Cristian about how she loved Seth so much that she would do anything to get him back. She now realizes she has lost him for good. Cristian continues to beg Natalie to tell him the truth. Natalie starts to tell Cristian the truth as Jen and Al?s wedding begin. Just as Jen starts to walk down the aisle, Natalie confessed to Cristian that Al could walk.

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