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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 15, 2002 on GL
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Monday, April 15, 2002

Outside Company, Gus and Harley embrace. Between kisses, Gus asks why she keeps doing this to him, "It's killing me." He asks what she wants, but she only kisses him harder. They move behind the bushes as Marina spies them. Smirking, she knocks on Company's window and motions for Frank, Eleni and Buzz to see this. Before they come out, Marina says, "Yeah, I thought J-Lo's new video was HOT." Harley comes out from behind the brush, slightly disheveled, and says, "This is not what you think." When she hears her father's voice, she begs Marina not to tell anyone. Gus emerges, straightening his tie. All look at the two lovebirds with apprehension.
Gus takes Harley aside and says, "You don't owe these people an explanation." Harley reasons that this is her family, and they're going to make her life a living hell with this new ammunition. Buzz chimes in, "Truer words were never spoken." Marina is about to laugh when Harley asks her to leave them alone. She whines, but Frank orders her back to work. Harley takes Gus by the hand and leads him inside as well. Marina wants to listen to their conversation, but Harley tells her to get coffee for Gus. She whines again, "I have to miss this, too?" Her aunt snaps, and Marina resolves to leave. Gus says he doesn't understand; he wants to stand by Harley's side and help. Harley knows he means well, but he won't be helping. Gus feels cut out, but she begs him to let her do this on her own. He halfheartedly agrees. She goes back outside to face the firing squad.
Frank sits on the bench, holding his head, "It's disgusting, just disgusting." Harley sarcastically begs them to get it over with - tell her how she's making a huge mistake and that Gus is no good for her, etc. Buzz says Gus is just "no good," period. Frank comments on his sister's adolescent display of public affection. Eleni stops the barrage of criticism and reminds the guys, "You've never been in lust before? You've never done anything foolish because of it?" Buzz argues, "You're saying it's GOOD she has the hots for this loser?!" Harley can't get a word in. Eleni says whatever Harley is feeling is natural and they've all been there. She suggests that after disastrous relationships with Phillip and Rick, maybe Harley just wants something "uncomplicated" right now. Buzz knows what she's getting at and yells, "Sex?! She wants sex?!" Harley covers her ears, "I cannot believe we're having this conversation." Buzz says he hopes Gus is just a diversion, although it seems like there's more to it "a lot more." Gus watches from the window.
Harley wishes her family and friends (and exes) would stop trying to run her life. Frank says they love her and don't want her to get hurt again. Harley reminds them that she is an adult and as for making mistakes, they're all guilty of that. "So you admit Gus Aitoro is a mistake!," Buzz hollers. Frank calms his father, and tells Harley that none of them honestly believe Harley is in love with Gus - it's just a fling and they should stay out of it. Buzz is unconvinced; he thinks there's more to it. Harley is defensive, "Maybe it's not a mistake?" Frank looks at his sister, "You're not falling in love with the guy, are you?" Harley's face scrunches as she admits he's probably wrong for her, and will hurt her, etc. Harley's comments create a simultaneous trio of moans. She admits it's more than physical and she needs time to figure out just how much more she wants. When they start in again, Harley throws her hands in the air and leaves, she has to "think."
Inside, Marina approaches "Casanova" and says she's not surprised he's with Harley after crashing her party "so you could stalk her." Gus tells her to go do her homework. Marina cringes, not looking forward to her chemistry assignment. Gus says, "Chemistry is a beautiful thing." Marina knows what he's referring to, "You've really got it bad for Aunt Harley, don't you?" Gus sighs, "Yeah, I got it real bad." He peeks out the window again, but doesn't see Harley. Marina suggests she passed out from the pressure. She pounds her text book and complains that chemistry has nothing to do with real life. Gus disagrees - a chemist made her nail polish and the mousse in her hair. And, as a cop, he uses chemistry all the time. Marina quizzes him from her book, "What is a chemical reaction?" With a distant look in his eyes, Gus explains that "when two elements come together -- boom, spontaneous combustion." When Frank, Eleni and Buzz enter, Gus jumps up and asks where Harley went. Buzz says she's at church. Gus asks if she's "praying for a new family?" Marina hides a smile.
Harley pedals a stationary bike at the gym, listening to a headset. Ray says hello and Harley asks about the ice pack on his jaw. Ray passes it off as no big deal - "Tony and I were fighting over the ketchup bottle again." He leaves, but Harley looks concerned. She pedals faster and is startled when Gus appears in front of her. She removes the headphones as Gus asks, "Trying to get away? 'cause you're gonna have to go through me first." Harley is speechless. Marina busses a table, crawling underneath to pick up silverware. Eleni and Frank sit down and discuss Harley's poor decision-making skills. Eleni asks if Gus is really as bad as his reputation implies. She thinks Harley is "glowing." She and Gus have "that look we used to have." She reminisces about how wonderful things used to be. She asks, "What happened?" and apologizes for her mistakes. She was hoping that they could try again, but she doesn't see that look in Frank's eyes any more. Marina listens from under the table. Frank wishes they could, for their daughter's sake, but "I don't think we can get that back, and neither do you." Hearing the desperation in their voices, Marina wipes her eyes.

At the Marlers', Holly assures Ross that her daughter will come around, although she doesn't agree with her son-in-law's willingness to let Blake go to Chicago. They should be working things out, face to face. Blake has trust issues and the more distance between the two of them, the more likely she is to feel she has the upper hand. Ross insists the Writers" Convention is not an excuse for Blake to get away, but that she really wanted to accept her award. Holly suggests Ross follow and bring his fiancée home. Blake needs Ross to pursue her so that she feels she is his first and only priority. Holly says Blake is testing him, but Ross disagrees; Blake is not playing games, she's grown up. But Holly knows her daughter and insists that what Blake says and what she means are two different things. She hands Ross the phone and urges him to call her. Ross dials, but there is no answer. He leaves a message, "I miss you already," but feels he's pushing things by calling so soon after her departure. Ross asks what if Holly is wrong and Blake really does want time alone? She"d be furious if Ross came after her. Holly argues that Blake needs to feel wanted. Ross sits on the couch, prepared to wait "for as long as it takes for her to come back to me. And she will, Holly. I know she will."

At the docks, Blake can't believe Tory faked her death. Tory smirks, commenting on the trouble in Marler paradise. She tells Blake she's "baaaaack." She adjusts the gun in the holster of her police uniform, explaining how easy it was to fake her suicide. That pitiful note was so convincing. She had gone to the docks and waited for that fisherman to witness her jumping into the lake. Although, she hadn't expected him to jump in after her. Good thing she's a good swimmer and got away from him. She even wrapped an earring in her scarf and planted it at the bottom of the lake for the divers to find. She watched as Ross told Frank it belonged to her with such a look of anguish in his eyes. Blake corrects her - that wasn't anguish, that was relief. No one exactly mourned Tory's passing; they all thought she was a loser. Tory threatens Blake with the gun, but doesn't pull the trigger - they have "things to talk about." Tory wipes her tears as she asks Blake to trade notes on how Ross is in bed. They can learn a lot from each other, so she'll spare Blake's life for now. "You're gonna help me make you expendable, Blake. So I can have Ross all to myself." Blake can't believe Tory expects her help in getting Ross. Tory says all she has to do is " be yourself." With that, Tory takes off her police cap, revealing a wig of short, red hair - just like Blake's. Blake stares into this twisted funhouse mirror with disgust. Tory explains that since she's been "dead," she's had time to "watch" Blake; to really study her. She saw her at the Country Club dancing with Edmund and making a drunken spectacle of herself. Tory admired the way Blake's hair looked that night, "Sometimes I almost understand what it is Ross sees in you ALMOST." She asks for Blake's opinion of her hair - she's thinking of dying it permanently. Blake thinks she's "totally lost it." When the sound of Blake's cell phone breaks the tension, Tory aims the revolver at Blake's hands reaching for her purse, "Don't even think about it." Tory pulls the phone from Blake's grip, "Oh look at that. It's Ross. Too bad you're out of range." Blake lunges for the phone, falling on top of it, screaming into the receiver, "Ross, Tory's alive, Tory's alive!!" Tory takes the phone, "He's not there." She says it's another sign that Blake and Ross are not meant to be. Blake had her chance, but Ross didn't want her, and she couldn't hold on to him. Blake suggests, "Maybe I don't want him. He betrayed me. Maybe history will repeat itself and he'll betray you, too." Only then will Tory know Blake's suffering. Blake subtly drops a credit card bearing her photo onto the floor. Blake turns around and spots a fishing harpoon hanging on the wall. Her tone echoes her hope as she thanks Tory for luring her to the docks. She was on her way out of town for a writers" convention, but that was only an excuse to get away from Ross. She needed to sort out her doubts, but now, Tory has helped her come to a conclusion without having to leave town. "It's over." Ross ruined their relationship so he's all Tory's now. She points to the cell phone and suggests Tory call Ross and give him the good news. They can celebrate together. Tory is hesitant, but looks down at the phone, debating whether to dial or not. Blake turns and grabs the harpoon, flailing it's sharp end in the air. She screams for Tory to put her hands up and get moving. "You've hurt Ross and I for the last time!" Tory starts toward the stairs, "Settle down. Just don't hurt me." Tory looks up and pulls down on a rope, releasing a trap door under Blake's feet. Blake falls down a shaft and lands in a heap on the ground below. Tory peers down from her lofty perch, satisfied.

In the gym, Ray repeats the bad news, "Cat lost the baby weeks ago." Tony is in shock, "The baby's gone?" He can't believe Cat would lie about that. "That's why you wouldn't marry us. You knew that Catalina was lying to me!" Ray doesn't say any more - Tony needs to talk to Catalina if he wants answers. Tony reminds his brother of the sacrifices he's made - giving up Marah, marrying Cat "for NOTHING!" He is livid, accusing Ray of letting him ruin his life by keeping his silence. "Who the hell ARE you?!," Tony screams before punching Ray in the face. Ray falls, holding his bleeding mouth. Tony calls him a traitor and orders him to get up. He looks as if he'll strike again, but hugs Ray instead, crying.
Ray sits next to a now calm Tony. "I was gonna be a father, Ray. I had dreams for this kid." However, he had a sinking feeling all along that Cat was lying. "She suckered me. She knew the kid was the only thing I cared about." Ray tries to justify Cat's behavior, saying she was scared. Tony tells him not to defend her, "What she did is so unforgivable." Tony continues, "She never loved that baby. Never." It was only a means to an end for her. He gets up, realizing why Cat was so anxious to get him into bed - if she got pregnant again, and Tony found out about her lies, he still wouldn't leave her out of duty to his child. He takes off his wedding band as Ray suggests an annulment. Tony won't hear it - neither the church nor the law will dictate how he is going to handle this. He drops the ring, saying he knows exactly what he has to do. Ray physically tries to stop his brother, afraid he'll hurt Catalina. "Don't do anything foolish! Stay away from her!," he screams as Tony pushes him away and runs out.

In the bedroom of the Santos house, Catalina calls to Marah who lays unconscious on the floor. She kneels down, begging Marah to open her eyes. She touches Marah's head where it struck the column. She pulls back a bloodied hand. Cat screams for help, but the house is empty. Cat starts to panic, but is somewhat relieved when she finds Marah's pulse. "This isn't my fault. You should have never come up here." Cat starts to dial the phone but stops herself, "They'll blame ME. Tony's going to blame me, too." She runs into the hallway and sees a familiar face, "Thank God you're here - you have to come help me!" She goes back to Marah and pleads for help - they need to get Marah to a hospital, but not in Springfield. She assumes this person can make all the right calls. As Cat kneels over Marah, the gloved hands of Cat's savior lift up an angel statue (a wedding gift from Maria) and carry it toward Catalina. Cat tells a still unconscious Marah, "I'm married to Tony now. You have to accept that, so just stay away." As Cat looks up, she is struck over the head and falls to the ground next to Marah.

The gloved hands feel for a pulse, then retrieve the necklace from the carpet. The hands lift the angel again, this time over Marah's motionless body.
Downstairs, Tony enters, screaming for Catalina. The living room is dark and deserted. Tony looks around, confused and heads upstairs, still calling for Catalina. As Tony's screams come closer, the hands lower the statue, then hesitate. Tony enters the room to find Marah and Cat laying on the ground. Blood drips from Cat's forehead, the statue lays strategically placed near Marah's bloody hand. Tony stares in disbelief at the tragic scene before him.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Gus tries to show Harley his sensitive side by making up stories about his past. Harley sees that he is lying, but admits that she cares for him anyway and they wind up kissing in the church gym. At the Santos mansion, Tony assumes that Marah killed Catalina. Marah comes to and is horrified to learn that Catalina is dead and assumes that Tony is responsible. Tony calls Romeo for help and he and Marah prepare to leave, but are trapped when they hear police sirens. Frank, in the middle of explaining to Marina why he and Eleni are separating again, leaves for the Santos mansion and calls Harley to join him. Maria lets the cops in, admitting that she called them after hearing a violent fight between Marah and Catalina. At Company, Edmund confronts Beth with the news that their divorce isn't legal if she was Lorelei when she signed the papers and therefore, she owes him money. Ross calls Blake's hotel and orders champagne. His plans to surprise her are cut short when Phillip and Beth show up to ask for his help to fight Edmund. Blake finds herself trapped in a locked cell which Tory has prepared for her. Tory checks Blake's voicemail and learns that no one will be looking for Blake because she is supposed to be in Chicago, but she does realize that some one needs to check into the hotel room.

Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Holly interrupts Reva and Josh, who are planning their wedding, to tell Reva about a breaking story at the Santos mansion. Reva heads out and Ben arrives to alert Josh that he thinks Marah may be in trouble. Josh takes off to find her. Rick and Mel discuss their relationship and Mel reveals that she loves him. Rick's pager goes off before he can respond and they rush off to the hospital. Meanwhile, Frank, Harley and Gus assess the scene of the murder and Tony tells them to just read him his rights. Maria walks into the room and is shocked to find Tony in handcuffs, warning Marah to be careful of what she says to the police. Josh arrives, assumes that Tony is guilty and accompanies Marah to the hospital where Reva has been waiting and worrying. Marah is examined while she fills her parents in on what she remembers. At the Santos mansion, Maria is upset that Tony was arrested. She tells Romeo that the police have the wrong guy and she calls a family meeting. At Towers, Cassie remembers that she still owns Hart's farm and Richard agrees that it would make a wonderful home for them.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

Michelle approaches Ross about representing Tony but he explains why he doesn't think he can represent a guy like him. Maria tells herself that she will not let Tony pay for someone else's crime. As she anxiously considers what to do, Maria suddenly suffers a stroke. Inside, the Santos family is unaware of the danger their "abuela" faces. Hearing about Michelle trying to hire Ross, Carmen decides to hire Cass Winthrop from Bay City and once again refuses to accept Danny's claim that Michelle's a Santos. Michelle worries that Danny is being drawn back into the seamier side of his family. Danny finds Maria on the ground and orders Romeo to call for an ambulance. An upbeat Tory brings some food to her caged Blake and boasts about her plans for Ross. She then turns on a surveillance monitor for the upstairs room. Blake notices that a security guard has found the credit card she left behind. The guard calls Ross who hurries to the building by the docks. Tory is furious when she realizes what Blake has done. Hoping to outdo the attention being given to the plans for the restoration of the lighthouse, Olivia seeks help from Alan in rehabbing the Beacon Hotel. He agrees to help her only if she'll move in with him.

Friday, April 19, 2002

"I'm right here, Ross," Blake cries at the monitor. Her pleas for help are answered by her captor, "Shut up. He can't even hear you." Holding onto the bars, Blake ignores Tory, "But he can feel me."
Up above, Ross stares at Blake's lost and found credit card and calls her name. Blake watches, hopeful of being saved, "Ross, I love you. Find the trap door. I'm right here." Ross tells the watchman that it's funny, but he thought for a moment he smelled Blake's perfume. The watchman comments that sometimes he thinks he smells rum. They walk over to the trap door, where the watchman explains that rum-runners used to have a bunker down below during prohibition. Ross reminisces about Blake's photo on the card - it reminds him of the way she looked on their wedding day. He snaps out of his reverie, realizing he has to pick up Clarissa at dance class. As he leaves, Blake screams, "No!!" Tory smiles, mocking the desperation in her prisoner's voice. She admits, with Ross so close, she was a little nervous, but, "True love wins out every time." Tory frowns, saying she and Blake have a lot in common, and under different circumstances, they could have been close - "like sisters." Blake suggests an "evil twin." Tory does her best impression of Blake's sarcasm and smiles as she dons Blake's jacket, "It looks a lot better on me." She starts to leave, saying she's "going home." Blake panics, realizing what she means.
Anything to escape, Blake tries to pry a stone from the foundation. A wedding photo lies behind it. Blake reads the note attached, "Dear Blake, Did you really think I wouldn't check for loose stones?" Disgusted, Blake removes the post-it, revealing Tory's face where hers once had been. Blake screams in frustration and sits on the bed, crying.
Using Blake's keys, Tory opens the Marlers' front door, "Ross, darling? I'm home." Grinning like a kid in a candy store, she goes to the desk and pretends to write a letter, signing it "Tory Marler." Continuing her fantasy, she goes to the door and greets imaginary guests as Ross's doting wife. After offering cocktails, she closes the door and leans against it, all smiles. "That's right, Ross, your little Tory is right where she belongs."
In the master bedroom, Tory smells a pillow, then borrows a dress from the closet. She lounges on the bed, "Soon we'll be spending every night together... right here in each other's' arms." Clarissa appears in the doorway. Ross calls after her in the distance. Tory approaches the little girl and presses her finger to her lips, "Shh."

In the interrogation room, Tony is silent. He remembers seeing Catalina laying on the floor of their bedroom, Marah at her side with blood on her hands, the angel statue laying next to her. Harley tries to put the pieces together, "there was an argument, one thing led to another. We get it." She slides a pen and paper across the table, but Tony does nothing. Gus is frustrated, and starts to lead Tony out when Harley asks one final question, "Why did you do it?" Tony asks why anybody does anything - "for love." Harley ponders the thought as Gus and Tony leave the room.
Gus locks Tony in a cell and returns to his desk to discuss the case with his partner. They place Tony at the murder scene, they have motive, etc. A conviction is in the bag. The Captain approaches their desks and asks about a call he received the other day involving two of his officers and "indecent exposure." He warned them about "fraternizing." He drags Gus by the arm into the interrogation room.
Inside, Gus explains what happened in Pennsylvania. The Captain reminds him that the Tory Granger case was closed, and they went to her hometown without proper authorization. Gus says he's still trying to get used to Springfield's procedures. The Captain is angry, knowing Harley is well aware of the procedures. Trying to protect his partner, Gus admits he lied to Harley in order to get her to go. "You LIED to a superior officer?!," the Captain raves. Gus takes the blame. The Captain asks him to continue his story. When their car broke down, there they were, a man and a woman, all alone in a crisis. Inevitably, they pulled together. He promises that nothing happened, but if it had, it never would again. "So you just have the hots for Detective Cooper, but you don't have feelings for her. Is that what you're saying?" Gus points a finger-pistol at him as if to say, "You got it."
Harley paces, talking to herself, "Indecent exposure! How could I be so stupid?!" She wonders out loud what is going on in the interrogation room - is Gus being forced to resign? Harley fears the worst and promises to get Gus out of this. She heads for the interrogation room, "This time let ME do the talking." She enters the room next door and watches Gus and the Captain through a one-way mirror. "So it's just sex?," she hears the Captain ask. He almost wishes it were more than that - then he could respect it. He says Harley is the senior partner and therefore will face stricter punishment. Harley holds her head. Gus says he is the one at fault and Harley doesn't deserve to be penalized. The Captain doesn't buy it, knowing Gus hasn't told the whole truth. Gus gives in and sincerely tells his boss that he loves his work, but he only took the job to be with Harley. "She's the best partner a guy could ask for." After listing her favorable attributes, he admits he'd take a bullet for her. "The truth is, I love her. I'm head over heals in love with her." From the other side of the glass, Harley is touched by his words. Gus offers to turn in his badge - it's not important because he loves Harley more.

At Cedars, Reva assures Josh that their daughter will be ok. They enter Marah's room where Josh reminds her to stay away from the Santos family. This incident only proves his theory - they're dangerous. "Catalina was Murdered -- it could have been you." Marah says it was her fault and Tony is innocent. Josh wonders why Tony doesn't say so. He is "the prime suspect in a murder case," and doesn't see how his daughter can stand by him. Marah says it's the same as when Josh stood by Reva when she was on trial and no one believed her. Josh insists that was different - Reva was innocent. Marah says Tony is too, and he needs her. They love each other. Reva referees and offers to go to Company for take-out. When she leaves, Ben arrives and asks Josh for a moment with Marah. Josh leaves them alone. Marah hugs Ben and cries. Ben apologizes, "I could have stopped it, but I didn't." Marah is confused. Ben never thought things would go this far. He knew Cat was up to no good, but he kept his mouth shut, and now she's dead. He takes the blame. Marah asks if this is about her and Tony. Ben screams, "This isn't about Tony!" He is about to confess when Josh enters and asks if Ben can come back later. He kisses Marah on the cheek and leaves. Marah wants to clear the air with her father about Tony. Josh admits he's being overprotective - it's his job as a parent. He wishes Marah were still a little girl. They hug. Marah sincerely tells Josh that she knows Tony and he'd never kill anyone. Josh wonders why Tony didn't call the police. Marah guesses he was scared, but all she knows is they need to find Catalina's murderer and "get them to talk."

Reva finds Harley at the police station and asks to see Tony - she has to know if he is worthy of Marah's faith in him. Harley grants her a reluctant "Five minutes." Inside Tony's cell, Reva says that Marah has a concussion and has "been through hell," implying Tony is to blame. She tells him that it may be hard to believe, but she has been in his shoes. "Do you love my daughter?," she asks. Tony looks her straight in the eye and says, "I care for Marah more than my own life," he would do anything for her. Reva reminds him that he chose Catalina and in doing so, hurt Marah again. However, Marah still loves him and is vowing to stand by him no matter what. She asks Tony if that's the kind of life he wants for the woman he loves, "waiting -- maybe forever." He says it isn't. Reva knows he loves her daughter and trusts he'll, "do the right thing by her." She calls for a guard and leaves. Affected by Reva's words, Tony asks an officer for his one phone call.
Handcuffed, Tony is lead to a phone. He dials Marah's cell. She wakes up in her hospital room and answers. Tony says he has to see her. She gets up, determined; no one will stop her.
Reva and Josh return with food and find Marah dressed and about to leave. She explains that Tony called and wants to see her. Josh angrily says no and orders her back to bed. Reva asks Josh to let her go, "If you were in jail, would anybody stop me from seeing you?" Reva hugs Marah and tells her to get a cab. When Marah leaves, Reva hugs Josh. He stares at the door, worried. Reva reminds him that Marah can make he own decisions now, but Josh doesn't trust Tony Santos; he's hurt his daughter too many times. Reva says all they can hope for is a happy ending.
Marah arrives at the police station and asks for Tony. She is pointed toward his cell. She stands outside and sees him laying on the cot. He sees her and sits up, relieved.

Maria, in a wheelchair, is led down the hallway by a doctor. The family follows. As she tries to speak, Romeo asks the doctor if the paralysis is permanent. He is told it depends on the severity of the stroke, and they will need to run further tests. The doctor wheels Maria off. Danny asks Romeo if he knows why Maria called the family meeting, "aside from the obvious" (Tony's arrest). Romeo says, "Nobody tells me anything," as he follows after Maria and the doctor. Danny looks unsure.
After her tests, Romeo assures Maria, "I got Tony's back." She is wheeled back to her room. Danny pulls Michelle aside and says he's going to stay with his grandmother for a while. Michelle reminds him that Abuella did try to have him killed. He knows it doesn't make sense, but he just has to do this. Michelle understands and goes to find Ben.
Finding him in the lobby, Michelle asks how Marah is. Ben says she has a minor concussion and will be ok. He feels terribly guilty about all that's happened. He and Cat did all they could to keep Marah and Tony apart. He knew about Cat's miscarriage and never told Marah. Michelle realizes that's why Marah tried to break up the wedding. Ben says Tony found out the night Cat was murdered. Ben didn't want Marah to find out because he loves her. He just wanted her to look at him the way she looks at Tony. Now, he has to live with Cat's death. He wonders how Michelle manages to "play nice" with the Santos family. Michelle loves Danny, although "playing nice" has been more and more difficult lately.
Danny finds Michelle in the lobby and asks what's wrong. Michelle is reeling from Ben's bombshell - Cat lost the baby weeks ago and lied to Tony about it so he'd marry her. Danny admits he knows, but with all the confusion, he never had a chance to talk to his wife about it. Michelle is worried, "It shows Tony had motive." Danny agrees, but is more concerned about Abuella. She can't speak or move, but it seems like she's trying to say something...

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