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Alex agreed to donate bone marrow to Jack. Nora proved that she cared for Troy. Viki planned to divorce Ben. Jen was jealous after Cristian comforted Natalie. Keri didn't believe that her father had been behind the charges filed against her.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 22, 2002 on OLTL
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Sexual tension underlies Natalie and Al's angry exchange. Jordan does her best to seduce Ben. Nora learns more about the real Troy. Gabrielle fails to keep Blair occupied in order to prevent Blair from discovering the truth about Jack.

Seth tells Max that Al masterminded the plot against Seth, but Max grows distraught when Al arrives and confesses to the crime. Al considers moving into the same building as Jen and Cristian. Jessica wants to talk with Natalie about the Roxy/Allison situation. Allison gleefully reads a news account of Roxy's arrest for attempted murder. Todd convinces Alex to return with him to Llanview.


Jessica is at Llanview Police Department and sees her and Roxy's picture in the newspaper about Roxy's arrest and that the fact that Jess is going to give her $100,000. She and Seth have a plan to see whether it was Alison or Roxy that ran them off the road so they had the story planted in the newspapers about the $100,000 to see if Alison would return to Llanview. They are setting Alison up to see if she comes back for money and if so it proves she was the one that tried to kill them. Hank asks Jessica if she is sure she wants him to let Roxy out of jail to see if plan works. Jessica agrees to have the police to let Roxy out.

Alison is at airport; Alex stole her tickets; when she woke up the next morning saw the news article about Roxy getting $100,000. She calls Roxy at home and tells her their plan worked; Roxy tells her to never call there again. Meanwhile Jessica is there when the call comes in (Hank and Antonio are bugging Roxy's phone) and heard the conversation.

Natalie comes to the jail to ask Roxy if she really tried to kill Jess and Seth. Roxy tells Nat that she did not do that; Alison set her up. Nat and Roxy get into an argument about Nat's upbringing and Nat tells Roxy that Jessica still does not know all the truth. Nat starts reminding Roxy about a painful incident that happened when she was 7 years old but Roxy calls for guard and Nat leaves.

Keri goes to see Max at Break Bar to ask him for suggestions for list of friends for R.J.'s birthday party; Shawna walks in and asks why she is there to hit on some new students? Shawna is taunting Keri about R.J. and is proceeding to tell Keri about how R.J. set her up; Max overhears and calls R.J. to come over to Break Bar right away. When R.J. gets there he threatens Shawna to leave Keri alone. R.J. leaves to wash his hands; Shawna comes back in to Break Bar and tells Keri that R.J. was the one who set up the scheme to get her fired from the University. Keri seems stunned; R.J. returns and has heard what Shawna told Keri.

Blair is at the hospital when the Doctor lies to her and tells her Jack is iron deficient. He tells her Todd should be there before anything else is discussed. Blair tells the Doctor she does not know where Todd is. When Todd returns to hospital; he has a scheme to take a trip and leave Jack behind (for treatment). He and Blair argue. Todd finally wins and the Doctor tells Todd Jack needs treatment immediately. Todd tells him not to worry, he found a donor.

Meanwhile Todd has returned with Alex to Llanview to be Jack's donor; they go to Gabrielle and Bo's place (Bo is out of town); Todd tells Gabrielle that Alex will stay with her while Bo is gone. Both Alex and Gabrielle have a fit. Todd leaves Bo's place with Alex, Gabrielle and Nigel there. Alex and Gabrielle get into a fight and Alex pins Gabrielle down threatening to strangle her if she does not tell her what Todd wants with her. Gabrielle calls Nigel to come back to Bo's place to help her handle Alex; only Alex manages to escape from Nigel and Gabrielle.


Todd leaves the hospital, reassuring himself that Jack will be alright. He calls Gabrielle and Nigel to let them know that the blood test for Alex is on it's way. They are busy complaining about their prisoner until they realize she's gone. They look around frantically, fearful of what their fate will be when Todd finds out. In the meantime, Alex arrives at the Buchanan mansion, daydreaming about how Asa will welcome her with open arms. She figures her response should be less than nice. Inside, Asa is complaining to Renee about how she is poisoning their son against him because she wants to get back at him. Viki told him that Ben wants nothing to do with him. She denies this, telling him she's never been more happy and confident with herself.

At Llanfair, Niki sprays her eyes to get them red so that she can pretend that she has a cold. Viki rebukes her and as Niki retorts, Ben overhears. When he asks who she's talking to "Viki" says herself. When she said, "he won't be around forever" she was merely speaking about Asa, she lies. She pretends to sneeze when Ben gets close and he starts to think that maybe there's a problem, she seems to be avoiding him. Just then the phone rings and it's Renee asking him to get over to Asa's right away. After he goes, Niki continues with her plan to get rid of him and makes a phone call. Rae calls to check on Viki and her relationships with Nat and Ben. "Viki" goes on about how she's her old self again and everything is just splendid. Rae suspects that something's up. Jordan arrives to see Viki.

Jen wakes up next to Cris but realizes that she can't go to class-she has nothing to wear except for her wedding dress. As Cris gets ready to leave, she asks him to pick up some clothes at her dad's place.

At Llanview U. Natalie hears Chad going on about Jen and Al's wedding. Shawna has to chime in that everything is Nat's fault. Nearby, Antonio, who has arrived to give flowers to Rae for helping Keri out, chats with Hank who admits that he'd love to prosecute Shawna. Antonio assures him that he will make sure there's no more trouble. He encounters Shawna just as she is about to mouth off about Keri. She finally admits that R.J. is the one who paid her to lie.

Keri questions R.J. about Shawna but her dad claims that Shawna is not telling the truth. She asks him if he really wanted her to leave Llanview. Keri tells him that she can understand why Shawna would have done what she did but why would R.J.? He insists that it's because he told Shawna off that she lied but Keri isn't sure what to believe. R.J. continues to claim that he wanted to help her out, that he didn't want to separate her from Antonio. Keri steps out for a moment and just then Antonio shows up, telling R.J. that he knew he was behind it all along. When he discloses that he heard it from Shawna, R.J. can only smugly say that Shawna is a known liar (though Antonio indicates that R.J. suffers from the same affliction). Antonio knows it's true, so that he could get her to California and away from him. Keri returns and wants to know what the men are saying.

Todd arrives at Bo's and blows a fuse when he learns that Gabby has lost Alex. At the Buchanan mansion, as Alex rings the doorbell, Nigel grabs her from behind and tries to pull her away. They tussle and by the time Asa gets to the door, they're gone. Back at Bo's apartment, Todd threatens Gabby but Nigel finally turns up with a handcuffed Alex in tow. She demands to know the truth as Dr. Shiller also shows up, asking who the potential donor is. Alex flatly states that she won't go through the procedure again and when she learns that Todd's infant son has the same illness as Starr, she can only wish him well. Todd offers her lots of money and announces that he'll tell Jeb Stuart where she is if she doesn't come through.

Natalie pays Jen a visit to apologize after Jen thanks her profusely for telling the truth. Once Nat admits that she knew about Al for months the two begin to argue. Nat will only say that she had reasons for not saying anything sooner. She wants to make it up to Jen but Jen doesn't want to hear anything and throws her out of the apartment, yelling that no one wants her around. Previous, similar comments from other conversations playing in her head, Natalie stops and breaks down.

Renee suggests that perhaps Asa misunderstood what Viki said but he is insistent that he didn't. As Ben arrives, he states that he prefers to see his loyal son Bo. Renee explains to a perplexed Ben that Viki told Asa that Ben wanted nothing to do with him.

"Viki" adamantly explains to Jordan that she needs to try to seduce Ben again. Jordan is confused; Viki wants him caught? She tries to pry the reasons from Viki who won't say. She'll give her a substantial fee though. Ben returns and wants to know why Jordan is there.

Cris goes to see Rae who excuses him and Jen from class and gives them permission to make up the test. He stands up for Natalie, saying she shouldn't be totally blamed for what happened due to her childhood. After all, she did come through for him.

Asa arrives to visit with Bo.

Cris finds a crying Natalie outside of his apartment.

Thursday, APRIL 25

At the university, Shawna and her friend lampoon Al's wedding. While Al watches, Shawna positions herself in a wheelchair and asks her friend to marry her. They continue on until Shawna reveals the secret that she can walk. (The new) Rae notices the painful look on Al's face and orders the girls to stop. She offers her help to Al and that if he needs to talk to someone...Al's says that he doesn't need a shrink and tells her, "I only need Jen back in my life." She asks him if he realizes that it's over. He says yes and she hands him one of her business cards. Once Rae leaves, Al tears up the card.

Natalie hovers outside Cris' loft after her fight with Jen. Natalie recalls what Jen said and her conversation with Viki (Niki). Natalie breaks down and begins to cry and Cris finds her. He comforts her and she explains how no one loves her. Her mother, Seth, everyone. She cries on his shoulder and tells him that Roxy is right; she isn't worth anyone's time. Cris disagrees and gives her another hug. Jen opens the door of the apartment and looks angrily at the two.

Ben finds Jordan (Private Investigator) and Viki sitting together. He firmly asks Jordan why she is here and that she needs to leave. Viki explains that this was all her idea. Jordan came to Llanfair to apologize for her behavior at Crossroads. She continues that Jordan told her about what really happened and she is okay with it. The PI volunteers to leave and Ben comments on how understanding Viki was with the situation. Viki says, "How could the girl resist, seeing how attractive you are." Ben says, "Well then, why did you treat Asa the way that you did last night?"

At Bo's apartment, Asa knocks on the door while Todd and Gabrielle try to figure out what to do. Alex believes that Asa will save her from Todd and cries out for Asa's help. The Doctor realizes that Alex is not a volunteer donor. Before the Doctor can ask any further questions, Todd covers Alex's mouth and drags her and Nigel to the balcony outside. Gabrielle stays behind and lets Asa in. He spots the doctor and accused Gabrielle of turning Bo's apartment into a "love nest." The doctor denies the allegation and begins to explain the true reason he is here, but Gabrielle stops him. She explains that he is a doctor, but here for Al. She wanted to discuss his medical condition with a doctor, or past medical condition. Meanwhile, Todd struggles with Alex. She decides to use her high-heeled shoes to stab Todd in the toe. However, she misses and snags Nigel. Nigel yelps in pain.

Kerri overhears part of Antonio's conversation with R.J. Kerri admits that Shawna told her about R.J. putting her up to the claim, but she doesn't believe it. It's just another way to ruin her life because she failed Shawna's essay. And once Antonio left, R.J. let Shawna "have it." Kerri firmly says that R.J. would never do anything to hurt her.

Natalie notices Jen staring at her and tries to leave in a hurry. Jen asks her if she has been out here the whole time waiting for Cris. Natalie disagrees but Jen says, "I know what you're after, or who you're after." Natalie explains that she's not after Cris. If she were, why would she have told Cris about Al's ability to walk? Cris backs up her story and tells Jen that Natalie was really upset about her mother. Natalie finally escapes and Jen presses Cris more about their conversation and their relationship. She reminds him of Jessica's story about both him and Natalie becoming well acquainted. He tells Jen that they never slept together, only made out. They were both upset at the time and Jessica just got the wrong impression. Jen forgives Cris and they profess their love for each other. Jen changes out of her provocative shirt for her visit to Statesville to meet Lindsay.

Viki blames her early behavior toward Asa on his rudeness. She agrees that she will leave and go apologize to him now. Ben realizes that he has to leave for something also. Once Viki is alone, she paces back and forth for a way to get rid of "Benji." She finds a pair of keys near the alcohol stand and calls Jordan. Jordan attempts to rid herself from the job but Viki reminds her that the job is not over yet. They agree to meet at the Break Bar to talk.

Kerri and Antonio make out on a couch at the university. She thanks Antonio for overcoming the differences between R.J. and himself.

Todd tries to cover Nigel's mouth but he makes too much of a noise. When Asa begins to investigate the cries, Todd lets go of Nigel. Nigel emerges from the balcony and he tries to explain why he is here. Gabrielle wings another story about how she wanted to "woo" Nigel away from Asa to become a servant for her. Asa says that he sent out a search party for Nigel, so why were you hiding then? Nigel reveals his hidden fear of Asa and if Asa found out that he was about to leave... Asa accepts the story and begins to leave. However, he stops short and smells around. He describes a horrible smell that reminds him of the perfume Alex sprays herself with.

Natalie arrives at the Break Bar and talks with Chad. She says, "My day can't get any worse." Suddenly, Al walks in and she says, "never mind." Al reveals that he is only here to see his father. Chad announces that Max isn't here and Al leaves to come back later. Natalie takes this opportunity to go wash the smudged mascara from her face after crying. Viki walks in and notices the cute bartender. She begins to flirt with Chad and orders some Scotch. Chad guesses that she might be working on a story for THE BANNER and expresses his interest in journalism. Viki continues to flirt and says that he can call her anytime and she can hook him up for an internship at the newspaper. Viki retreats to the other side of the bar and Natalie emerges from the bathroom. She sees her mother and Chad describes how her mother just hit on him. Viki notices Natalie and gives an uncomfortable wave. Natalie walks over and tries to start a friendly conversation. Jordan walks in and Viki becomes distracted and blows up at Natalie.

Asa believes that Gabrielle must have sprayed herself with a similar perfume. He figures that she must be trying to con him and it won't work. Asa begins to describe how terribly horrible a woman Alex is. "So low that she makes a rattlesnake look like a giraffe," etc. Asa finally leaves and takes Nigel with him. Alex emerges in tears and wishes that she could have respect and admiration. Todd reminds her that if she donates her bone marrow, everyone will respect and admire her. She finally agrees, only if she also receives $1,000,000 for her charitable donation. Todd agrees and the doctor questions if she is a suitable donor. Todd says that Alex was also Starr's donor, so she can also be Jack's. The Doctor says, "not necessarily."

Cris wishes Jen goodbye from their loft. After she leaves, Al approaches Cris outside. Cris tells him that Jen isn't here and no one wants to speak to him. Al says that he isn't here to talk to them, just to check out the available loft next door.

The doctor calls a worker from the hospital that takes a sample of Alex's blood for analysis. After he leaves, Gabrielle and Todd have a powwow outside. He reminds Gabrielle that Alex cannot know that Jack is "adopted" because she will have a field-day telling Blair. Meanwhile, inside, Alex is on the telephone: "Oh hi Blair. I just wanted to be the first one to tell you how happy I am that I will be giving another one of your children bone marrow."


Ben troubles Sam with important news about Nellie's medical history.

Jen visits Lindsay in prison and is extremely upset to learn that Jen returned to Cristian. Sam further upsets Lindsay with the announcement of Nora and Troy's romantic involvement. Nora invites Troy over for dinner after presenting him with a gift. Ben confronts Nora about Sam.

Todd realizes that Alex never spoke to Blair, but Starr picks up Alex's message. Todd learns that Alex and Jack's cells match perfectly. Starr calls Todd with a Todd asking about Alex's message.

Niki tells Jordan her new plan to get rid of Ben, and Niki uses Ben's keys to raid the hospital drug cabinet, but Ben catches her. Natalie remains unnerved by "Viki's" behavior. Natalie literally gets in the middle of Al and Cristian's brawl.

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